Recorded by Noel E. French.

July 1987

Ardmulchan means the height of Mealchu. The church is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

Ardmulchan Church is situated on a beautiful elevated bank of the Boyne and commands a view over one of the most scenic parts of the Boyne Valley.

All that remains of the medieval church of Ardmulchan are a square ball tower and the shell of the church.

It is said that to save the church bell from the plunders of the reformation that it was thrown into a deep pool in the Boyne.

Ardmulchan was united to Paynestown parish and is now part of the parish of Yellow Furze.

For more history see “Navan by the Boyne” by Noel E. French.

When I visited the graveyard it was badly overgrown and some burial slabs were completely covered.  I may not have discovered all the burials.  Proposals to clean up the graveyard were made in June 1987 but it will probably take a couple of years to complete the job.  It will probably be worth a visit again then to check that all burials are recorded.


BEGGAN – IHS Erected by Peter Beggan of Navan in memory of his infant son Joseph who died in 1859.  Also his son Peter who died 14th May 1874 aged 5 years.    Elizabeth who died 13th Jan 1879 also his wife Bridget Beggan who died Feb’ry 1883 aged 44 years also the above Peter Beggan died 4th Nov 1898.

BENNETT – Erected by John Bennett in memory of his son Michael who died 31st Aug 1889 aged 27.  The above John Bennett died 13th Feb 1901 aged 78 years also his grandson John Joseph Tierney died 21st Sept 1905 aged 6 years also his wife Margaret Bennett 23rd Oct 1908 aged 75.

BLUNDELL – Of your charity pray for the soul of Francis Blundell Esq who died on the 17th day of March AD 1856 aged 64 years.  Rest in peace. (Coffin shaped tomb)

BRENNAN – See Collins Patrick.

See Tully Charles.

BURKE – See Clusker.

CAFFREY – Of your charity pray for the soul of James Caffrey, Wilkinstown who departed this life 8th Aug 1869 aged 66 years.  Also his children Alice Curtis nee Caffrey 8th Sept 1847 aged 21 years.  John Caffrey 17th March 1848 aged 19.  Thomas Caffrey 22nd Dec 1867 aged 27.  Bridget Caffrey died Jan 13th 1881 aged 76 years.  Also John Caffrey died 20th March 1902 aged 52 years.

CAFFREY – This stone was erected by Patrick Caffrey in memory of his father Owen Caffrey who departed this life the 19th Nov 1778 aged 84 years also his mother Mary Caffrey alias Lamb who died July 10th 1772 aged 42 years.

CAREY – In loving memory of Mary Carey, Dean Hill died 11th April 1942 aged 49 years.  Her Husband Matthew died 28th Dec 1955 aged 75 years. Elizabeth Carey, Hayestown died 2nd Sept 1964 aged 76 years.  Her husband Patrick Carey died 6th June 1973 aged 86.  Gerry Duffy died 21st Feb 1978 aged 58. R. I. P.  (Stone mason – A. Gibney Mullingar).

CARROLL – In loving memory of our dear father and mother.  James Carroll died 6th Aug 1890 aged 38 years.  Catherine Carroll died 10th May 1917 aged 64.  Also our dear sister Catherine Carroll died 22nd Jan 1932 aged 44 years.  Also James Mc Cullagh died 15th of June 1934 aged 56 years.

CARTEN – Here lyeth ye body of Richard Carten who departed this life April 16th 1752 aged 63 years  R. I. P.  Erected by Matteias Carten.

CLARKE – This stone was erected by Peter Clarke of Navan in memory of his father Laurence Clarke who dep’d this life the 15th Jan 1800 aged 60 years.  Also his sister Mary Clarke who departed this life the (15?)th of January 1801 aged 22 years.

CLUSKER – Here lyeth the body of Lu… Clusker who dyed Nov… 3… 1735 aged 48 years also the body of Mary Clusker alias Burk who dyed Mar… 7th 1749 aged 44 years.  This stone was erected  by their son John Clusker.

COLLINS – In loving memory of Patrick Collins, Yellow Furze died 4 November 1935.  His daughter Alice Kuss died 19 Feb 1924.  Mary Brennan died 22nd December 1941 her husband Patrick died 10th April 1965.  Their daughter Nancy died 10th July 1944.  Their son Patrick died 24th March 1965.  R. I. P.

COLWELL – This stone was erected by Mathew and Patr. Colwell in memory of their mother and father and some of their children.  Here lieth the body of William Colwell who died March 25th 1814 aged 32 years.  Richard Colwell who died Feb 9th 1814 aged 30.

CONNELL – Erected by James Connell in memory of his beloved father who departed this life the 20th Sept 1803 aged 65 years.  Also his mother Catherine Connell alias King who departed this life 28th Dec 1803 aged 68 years.  (Very overgrown with ivy).

CONWAY – Conway (broken modern cross).

COOGAN – Erected by Mrs. Coogan of Hayestown in memory of her mother and father. John and Margaret Kelly, her brother Richard Kelly.  R. I. P.  (Modern – stone mason  R Coffey).

COUGHLAN – (Stone split with top missing) his dearly beloved ….er Philip Coughan who departed this life 22nd of Dec 1821 aged 73.  Also his uncle John Coughlan who departed this life 15th Feb’ry 1817 aged 75.  Of his beloved sister Judith Madden who departed this life 12th Feb’ry 1858 aged 70 years.

CREAVEN – Erected by Ellen and Mary Creaven in memory of their father John Creaven who died in 1866.  Of their brother John who died 1867.  Their sister Julia Cully who died 1877.  And their brother Thomas who died in 1880.  Also of Kate Creaven wife of the above who died 15th June 1887.

CULLY – See Creaven Ellen

CURTIS – See Caffrey James.

DUFFY – In loving memory of Margaret Duffy died 12th July 1969.  Also James Dowd  R. I. P.

DUFFY – See Carey Mary.

DUIGNAN – Erected in memory of Ann Duignan, Cainstown, Navan died 28th Nov. 1920.  Also Mary died 1st April 1923 and John died 17th June 1949.  Kate died 23 Feb 1957 and Bartholomew died 2nd Oct 1893 aged 73 years. R. I. P. (Stone mason J. Rennix)

EDWARDS – Here lies the body of Martin Edwards died June ye 30th 1745 aged 73 years. Also his wife Margaret Murphy who died March ye 1744/5 aged 75 years.

FAGAN – Erected by Bernard Fagan of Ardmulchan  in pious memory of his father John Fagan who died in June 1830 aged 70 years and of his mother Bridget Fagan who died in Aug 1840 aged 55 years.  Also of his brother Patrick who died in March 1875 aged 60 years.  Also of his sister Eliza who died in Jan 1887 aged 45 years.  Ann Fagan, Bridget Fagan, Laurence Fagan died 31st Aug 1899.  Bryan Fagan 28th Apr 1909. Patrick Fagan died 14th Feb 1910.  Queen of the Holy Rosary pray for them. May they rest in peace.

FARRELL – Erected by James Farrell of Ardmulchan in memory of his beloved son James who died Mar 18th 1883 aged 24 years.  Also his two sons who died young.  Pray for the repose of the soul of the above James Farrell who died Feb 11th 1906 aged 80 years.  Also his son William who died June 4th 1909 aged 39 years.  His son Laurence who died 4th Jan 1916 aged 50 years.  His wife Catherine Farrell who died 19th Jan 1917 aged 82 years.  May Farrell died 4th April 1940 aged 19 years.  Her parents Brigid died 22nd May 1961 aged 63.  Stephen died 21st July 1972 aged 79

R. I. P.

FARRELL – (Modern marble plaque bolted to an older stone). Also the Farrelly Family, Yellow Furze. R. I. P.

(Old stone)  (? This stone was erected ?)  by Fergus Farrell in memory of his wife Anne Farrell who departed this life the 4th of May 1785 aged 52 years.  Also their daughter Mary who died Dec 23rd 1780 aged 20 years.  May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

FARRELL – See Swift Anne.

FAY – See Skelly Robert.

FLANAGAN – See Reilly Patrick.

FLINN – Erected by John Flinn in memory of his wife Catherine Flinn who departed this life the 20th of Aug 1813 aged 32 years.

GARTLAND – See Mangan John 

GIBNEY – (Grave slab).  The following persons by name Gibney are interred here. Patrick merchant of Navan aged 75 years died in 1777.  Also his wife Ellen.  James their son aged 76 years died in 1807.  Also Bridget his wife.  Also Michael Esq. of Do (rm?)stown their son aged 44 years died in March 1804.  Also Anne his wife aged 58 died May 6th 1818.  Also Sir John Gibney (late of Brighton) …..Also John Ryder….. maternal grandfather.

GOGARTY – See Nulty Patrick.

GOUGH – Here Lyeth the body of Thomas Gough who departed this life the 14th July 1791 aged 38 years and two of his children.  Also his mother aged 67 years deceased the 20th Dec 1791.  Also his father Patrick Gough who departed this life the 10th January 1793 aged 60 years.  May their souls rest in peace.

GRANT – Erected by (Bryan?) (Grant?) in memory of his father Lawrence (Grant?) who died the 15th Aug 178(3) aged 71 years and his mother …..Grant who died 2(2) of Dec 1794 aged … years.  Also Lawrence brother of the above who departed this life the 15th Oct 1807 aged 47 years.

HARLEN – IHS Erected by Thomas Harlen of Bective in memory of his father John Harlen who died Dec 25 1869 aged 75 years.  Also his mother Mary Harlen who died young.

HEALY – Erected to the loving memory of Mary Healy who died 22 July 1882 aged 32 years her son Tom died 22 Oct 1882 aged 2 years. Her husband Christopher died 25th Aug 1920 aged 80 years and his brother Thomas died 6th June 1900 aged 54 years.  R. I. P.

HUGGINS – Erected by Mr. James Huggins in memory of his beloved wife Alicia who died 29th May 1860.  Also his two children William and Anne who died young.  Here also are interred the remains of his father and mother.

HUGHES – See O’Hagan Hugh.

KELLY – In loving memory of Anne Kelly, Macetown, Navan died 7th April 1923.  Her husband Patrick died 25th Dec 1935. Their daughter Annie died 17th May 1952  

R. I. P. (Situated just east of ruined belfry).

KELLY – (Cross within iron railings) Erected by Nicholas Kelly of Navan in fond memory of his beloved wife Catherine who died 21st May 1897.  Scared Heart of Jesus have mercy on her.  Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of the above.  Nicholas Kelly who departed this life 21st Sept 1902 aged 82 years.  Also the soul of Nicholas Kelly Jnr. died in America 28th May 1885.  And Dr P. J. Austin Kelly died at Kent, England, 3rd January 1901 R.I.P. (right hand side).  Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Edward B Kelly who died 28th of March 1910, Mary Kelly who died 7th December 1913.  Agnes M. Kelly who died 13th Feb 1946.  (left hand side). Also Dr. Andrew J. Garvy Kelly who died 11th June 1907. O Holy Cross under thy shadow I will rest.  Sacred heart of Jesus I trust in thee.

Kelly – See Coogan.

KERNAN – IHS Erected By Andrew Kernan in memory of his beloved brother John Kiernan who departed this life February the 27th AD 1817 aged 19 years.  Also his father Walter Kiernan who departed this life April 13 AD 1821 aged 56 years.  This token of our filial love is in memory of his dear father.

KING – This tomb was erected by James King of (Mooelowr?) in memory of his most affectionate father John King who departed the 30th June 1782 aged 7(?).  His mother Anne King … the15th…. 47 years.

KING – Erected by James King in memory of his father Patrick King who departed this life Jan 12th 1798 aged 76 years.  Also his mother Anne King who departed this life June 3rd 1794 aged 66 years.  Also in memory of Patrick King, Railway St., Navan who departed this life 19th June 1892.  Also His daughter Jane King who departed this life the 22nd of May 1886. 

KING – Erected by Silvester King of Balsoon in memory of his father Richard King who departed this life the 18th of November 1777 aged 75 years.  Also his son John King who departed this life the 20th July 1807 aged 22 years. 

KING – IHS This stone was erected by Thomas King for his posterity.  He… lyeth the body of Thomas King who departed this life August ye 4th 1722 aged…

KING – See Connell James.

KUSS – See Collins Patrick.

LAMB – See Caffrey Patrick.

LAWLOR – In Loving memory of Daniel Lawlor, The Lotts, Brownstown died 24th Feb 1952 aged 73 years.  Also his wife Mary died 12th April 1977 aged 80 years.

LINCHEY – Here lieth the body of Peter Linchey who departed this life October ye 5th 1756 aged 23 years. Also ye body of William Linchey who departed…

LYNCH – IHS Erected AD 1815 by Barth’m Lynch of Mullaghskerry in memory of his ancestors.  Here lyeth the remains of his son John Lynch who departed this life the 16th of May 1812 aged 4…

MC CANN – See Morgan Robert.

See Weldon James.

MC COY – In loving memory of Francis McCoy, Hayes died 19th March 1974.  His wife Catherine died 29th April 1967.  Their son Patrick died 9th July 1930.  Their daughter in law Rose McCoy died 20 August 1944.  R. I. P. (Stone mason – S. Gibney Mullingar).

MC CULLAGH – See Carroll James.

MC EVOY – Erected by William McEvoy of Drury St. Dublin in memory of his beloved wife Anne who died 9th Sept 1891 aged 37 years.  Also her beloved father William Smyth who died 3rd Nov 1874 aged 68 years and her beloved sister Alicia who died 14th of June 1886 aged 18 years.

MC GAVISK – Erected by Mary McGavisk of Cullen, Slane, in memory of her beloved husband George McGavisk who died 13th August 1888.  Her son Peter died 19th November 1888 and her daughter Margaret who died young.  Her father and mother in law Henry and Mary McGavisk who are interred here.  Also the above Mary McGavisk died Nov 18th 1917 aged 80 years and her daughter Anne died April 10th 1924.  Her son Patrick died 3 September 1946.  His wife Bridget died 2 Feb 1952. Her son George died 5th June 1959.  His wife Julia died 2nd January 1959 aged 74 years. R. I. P.  (Stone mason – F. Whyte, Chord Rd., Drogheda).

MACKEN –IHS Sacred to the memory of Mrs Mary Macken, Newrath who died 5th November 1864 aged 65 years.  Also of Thomas Macken her husband who departed this life 7th September1875 aged 81 years and their children Michael and Julia who died young.  Erected by Joseph and Patrick Macken as a tribute of sincere affection to the memory of their beloved parents, brother and sister R. I. P.  (Stone mason – Farrell and Son, Glasnevin.  Left hand side).  Also pray for the soul of Patrick Macken who died 9th Jan 1895 aged 59 years.  O Adorable heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Joseph Macken, Newrath, who died 22nd Feb 1908 aged 75 years and his wife Mary who died 16th Oct 1918 aged 79 years.  (Right hand side).  Also pray for the souls of Michael J. Macken, Newrath House, Slane who died 25th August 1941 and his wife Georgina M. Macken who died 6th October 1941.  Their daughter Catherine Moughty who died 1st November 19… R. I. P.

MACKEN – Erected by Mr Michael Macken of Slane in memory of his beloved wife Mrs. Ellen Macken who died 5th May 1870 aged 70 years.  Also their beloved daughter Julia who died young.  Pray for the above Michael Macken who died 23rd Jan 1892 aged 82 years.  On their souls Sweet Jesus have mercy R. I. P.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Thomas P. Macken who died May 7th 1928. Also Dorothy C. Macken died 18th Jan 1977.

 MC LOUGHLIN – In loving memory of George McLoughlin who died 28 May 1921 and his daughter Jane died 20 June 1928 and his wife Christina died 14 June 1930 R. I. P.

MC NALLY – This stone was erected by John McNally of Deanhill in memory of his father John McNally who departed this life Nob’r ye 8th 1783 aged 90 years.  Also his mother Magaret McNally who departed this life January ye 14th 1764 aged 73 years.  Also James McNally who departed this life July ye 4th 1786 aged 19 years.

MC NALLY – Erected by John McNally of Navan in memory of his father John McNally who died Jan  23rd 1881 aged 65 years.  Also his wife Jane who died Feb’ry 16th aged 62.  Also his brother Richard who died April 1st 1866 aged 12.  Also his brother Patrick who died young.  Also his sister Julia who died 6th October 1926.

MC NALLY – Erected by Michael McNally of Navan in memory of his beloved Julia Mc Nally who died on the …th of Dec 187(?). aged 28 years. ……… son Patrick … 3 years …… Oct 187(?). ….. daughter who died on Nov 1858 aged 25 years. Patrick McNally and Bridget McNally who died 185(6?) … his brother James ……….. of May 185(?).

MADDEN – See Coughlan Philip.

MANGAN – Erected by John Mangan in memory of his father Francis Mangan who died on the 29th of Aug 1871 aged 62 years.  Frank Mangan son of John died 13th Oct 1944.  Also buried here are his wife Catherine (nee Smith) of Windtown died 11th Jan 1951 and his two sisters Bridget died 25th Feb 1941.  Annie died 21 Nov 1956.  Gui ar Sean 0’Managan, Baile na Gaoithe, An Uaimh, a deag 16 u Feabhra 1985 in aois a 68 nbliana agus ar a bhean Eilis nee Gartland a fuair bas ar an 25u Feabhra 1986 in aois a 61 bhliain. R. I. P.

MC MANUS – Erected by Owen McManus in memory of his father Patrick McManus and his uncle Alexander McManus and family ( 1900 circa or pre).

MARTIN – In loving memory of Olwyn Mary Hope beloved daughter of Anthony and Sheila Riddell Martin died 25th Feb 1952.

MEGANNON – IHS Here lieth the body of Richard Megannon of Sinseltown who departed this life April 3rd 1753 aged 41 years.  This stone was erected by his son John Megannon.

MONGERY – IHS In loving memory of Christopher Mongery who died 5 March 1953 and his father William died 17th June 1946.

MORAN – In loving memory of the Moran Family, The Locks, parents Edward and Anne, sons Stephen and Edward.  Daughters Julia, Mary and Kathleen and her husband John 0’ Hare. R. I. P.  (Modern).

MORGAN –This stone was erected by Robert Morgan in memory of his father Thomas  who departed this life Nov 1760.  Likewise his mother Elizabeth Morgan alias McCann dec’d Feb 1766.  May their souls rest in peace.

MOUGHTY- See Macken Mary.

MULLEN – (Grave slab covered with soil and roots) James Mullen who died June 10th 1841 aged 26 years.  Michael Mullen died 20th July 1845 aged 28 years.  Patrick Mullen died 21 November 1856 aged 19 years. All sons of Thomas and Anne Mullen.

MURPHY – In loving memory of Julia Murphy Bailis Athlumney died 6th Dec 1940 and her husband Peter died 5th Sept 1944 and their infant grandson Peter R. I. P. (Stone mason F. Rennicks Flowerhill).

MURPHY- See Edwards Martin

See Skelly Robert.

MURRAY – Patrick and Elizabeth Murray, Dunmoe died 19th Feb 1962  R.I.P. (Small metal cross).

NAVAGH – (Large tomb with small Grecian temple on top).  Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Jane Navagh, Athlumney died 9th April 1923.  M.J. Rogers daughter of the above died 8th Feb 1931.  Chris Navagh died 15th Jan 1932  R. I. P.

NULTY – Erected in memory of Patrick and Ellen Nulty, Newtown, Slane and their children.  Also Peter and Mary Gogarty, Farganstown, Navan (circa 1900?).

0’BRIEN – See 0’Hagan Hugh.

O’CONNOR – In loving memory of Farrel O’Connor who died 14th Feb 57.  R. I. P. (Timber cross modern)

O’ HAGAN –Pray for the soul of Hugh O’Hagan MD RN.  Born Septr 11th 1816 died June 2nd 1860.  And of Anne 0’ Hagan his wife died 25 Feb 1910 in her 85th year.  And her mother Mrs Maria O’Brien Dec 9 1876 aged 93 years.  Hugh J. O’Hagan March 26 1901 John O’B 0’Hagan July 19th 1916 sons of the above.  Mary C. Hughes nee O’Hagan widow of Col. J.H. Hughes MD RAMC died 12th May 1917.  Ellen Francis 0’Hagan died 9th July 1929.  Mary Josephine Hughes died 23 March 1931  R. I. P.

O’HARE – See Moran

O’KEEFE – Faith Hope and Charity.  Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Francis O’Keefe born at Blackrock, Co. Cork 27th June 1849.  Died at Navan 17th Oct 1889.  (Situated just north of the ruined belfry).

REILY – Here lyeth the body of William Reily late Hay… who departed this life Jan ye 16th 1737 aged 70 years. This stone was erected by his son Patt.

REILY – Here lyeth the body of Patrick Reily of Haystonne who departed in ye 80th year of his age.  Also his wife Mary Reily who departed this life ye 16th day of July in ye year 175(3)? in ye (88) year of her age.

REILLY – This stone was erected by Patrick Reilly in memory of his beloved wife Bridget Reilly alias Flanagan who departed this life Nov 17th 18(1)?3 aged 65 years.

RODGERS – Erected by Anne Rodgers in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Rodgers who departed this life 16th of Feb 1846 aged 7(0)? years.  Also her daughter Anne Rodgers who departed this life 15th March 1854 aged 26 years.  Also her grandson Peter Rodgers aged 4 years and also of her son Bernard Rodgers of Balbriggan who departed this life the 20th of August 1865 aged 50 years.

ROGERS – Erected by Joseph and Michael Rogers of Navan in memory of their beloved father Bernard Rodgers who departed this life in the year 1870 aged 50 years. Also their uncle Patrick Rogers who died in the year 1861 aged 52.  Joseph Rogers died April 9th 1900 aged 60 years.  Also his wife Jane who died 11th Oct 1900 aged 40 years.

ROGERS – See Navagh Jane.

RYDER – Gibney Patrick.

SHEARER – In loving memory of Robert Shearer who died 4th May 1897 to the inexpressible grief of his loving wife Anne Shearer.

SHERIDAN – Pray for the soul of Charles Sheridan died 15th Jan 1943 R.I.P. (Metal cross).

SKELLY – This monument was erected by Robert Skelly of Blackwater Mills, Navan in rememberance of his beloved wife Ann who departed this life on the 2nd day of February 1838 as also of his beloved children Eliza, Jane, Margaret, Susan who died young.  Also of his daughter Anne the beloved wife of Peter Murphy Esq of Harold’s Cross of Dublin who died on the 1st day of Oct 1847.  Here also are interred the remains of Mrs Skelly’s uncle and aunt John and Eliza Fay of Blackwater Mills and their family.

SMITH – ……1772 aged 79 years. His mother Jane Smith who departed this life the 4th of February 1774 aged 81 years. R.I.P.

SMITH – See Mangan John.

SMYTH – See Mc Evoy William.

SWIFT – Erected by Anne Swift alias Farrell in memory of her father John Farrell who died . . . January . . .1796 . . .63 years. . . .mother.

TAAFFE – In memory of Robert Taaffe Esq, Ardmulchan House born 31st March 1789 died 11th June 1854.  Also of Catherine Isabella his wife who died Dec 10th 1875 aged 80 years.  Pray for the soul of John Robert Taaffe of Ardmulchan House.  Born March died July 1886 R.I.P. (Table grave slab surrounded by iron railings. Inscription surmounted by a coat of arms).

TIERNEY – See Benett John.

TIMMINS – This stone was erected by John Timmins in memory of his father Richard Timmins who died May ye 8th 1794 aged 57.  Also his son Patrick Timmins died May 27th 1796 aged 18 years.

TULLY – IHS Gloria in excelsis Deo.  Erected by Charles Tully and John Brennan in memory of his beloved wife Judith Brennan late of Ardbraccan who died 24th febry 1839 aged 21 years.  Kathleen Tully, “The Lotts,” Brownstown died 4th Feb 1960 aged 60 years.  Her husband James died 11th Oct 1974 aged 83 years.

WELDON – Pray for the soul of James Weldon died Jan 19th 1876 aged 82 and his son – in – law William Mc Cann died June 5th 1890.  Also his wife died Jan 15th 1899 and their children James, Thomas, Mary and Catherine also Annie Mc Cann who died March 3rd 1927.  Also Agnes Mc Cann who died May 10th 1932.  Also Bridget and Teresa.  Joseph died Jan 25 1936. Elizabeth died Sept 6th 1941.