Recorded by Noel E. French,

July 1987

Ardsallagh,  “the height of the sally willows” is situated on the left bank of the Boyne near Bellinter bridge.  St Finian of Clonard founded a monastery here and later the Lords of Navan, the Nangles built a church either on the site or nearby.

The chancel of the church dates from the 13th century and measures 24 feet by 15 feet.  A road screen or choir arch separates the chancel or sanctuary from the nave.  The nave was rebuilt (or built) in the 15th century.

In 1612 Bishop Montgomery’s visitation found the chancel repaired but the church in ruins.

Ardsallagh parish was then united with the parish of Navan.  Cannistown church is now a National Monument.

See also JRSAI,  51,  1921,  125  Leask Churches 11,  145,  Navan by the Boyne by Noel E. French.


BOLAND – See Carr Patrick

BOYLAN – John Boylan died 8 Dec 1959 (North of church).

BRENNAN – Brennan, Academy St.  (Modern Metal Cross).

BYRNE – In loving memory  of Jane, wife of Patrick Byrne died Nov 26th 1890 aged 80 years.  Also the above Patrick Byrne died April 20th 1896 aged 85 years.  Also Marcella died Oct 17 1877 aged 27 years.  Peter and Mary who died young.  Children of Patrick and Jane Byrne.  Also for the soul of Patrick Byrne died August 22nd 1922. And……….Mary Byrne died May 27th 1941.  R.I.P.

BYRNE – In loving memory of Larance Byrne, 35 Emmet Tce, Navan 16th Jan 1964.  his father Thomas died 16th Jan 1930.  And his mother Kate died 26th Jan 1924.  His brother Patrick died 27th April 1960.  Also his sister Maggie died 2nd June 1900 R.I.P.

BYRNE – See O’Connell Kathleen

CARR – IHS This stone was erected by Patrick Carr who departed this life March 15th  1788 aged 60 years.  Law’ce Farrelly died the 4th of August 1852 aged 22 years.  Bridget Farrelly died the 24th of June 1856 aged 64 years.  Thomas Boland died the (8)th of Octr 1858 aged 56 years.  And his wife Anne Boland died the 2nd of April 1872 aged 58 years. (Gravestone now laid flat in nave of church ruin).

CORBALES – IHS This stone and burial place belongeth  (Hen)ery Corbales and his family.  Here lieth his two children John and Peter June ye 14th 1749.

CREGAN – Erected by Christopher Cregan, Navan Commons in memory of his father, mother and brother.  Also his daughters Ann Cregan who died Febry 2nd 1872

aged 17.  His wife Margaret died Dec 1916.  The above Christopher died Jan 1922.  Margaret (his daughter) died Dec 1935.  (Stone mason Pettigrue Navan.  East of  church ruin).

CREGAN – See Fitzpatrick Philip.

CUNNINGHAM – Here lieth the body of Michael Cunningham who departed this life May the 1st 1796 aged 84.  Erected by his son Michael Cunningham.

DALTON – IHS Erected by Peter Dalton of Navan in memory of his grand father and grand mother Patrick and Julia Foley.  Of his daughter Mary who died on the 23rd of April1859 aged 15 years.  Of his wife Mary Dalton who died on the 19th  Feby 1866 aged 40 Years.  Of his mother Julia Dalton who died on the 1st July 1871 aged 80 years.  And of his father Matthew Dalton who died 16th  July 1871 aged 92 years.  Also the above Peter Dalton who died on the 6th June 1873 aged 58 years.

DORAN – See Foley James.

DOWDALL – In loving memory of Christopher Dowdall, Cannistown died 17th July 1965 aged 66.  His infant daughters Margaret and Frances.  His mother Margaret died 22nd  November 1932.  His uncle Charles Downs died 23rd June 1939.  His wife Maud Dowdall died 23rd March1978 aged 75.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason S. Gibney Mullingar.  In nave of Church).

DOWDALL – In loving memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Dowdall died 29th February 1960 aged 62 years.  Christie Dowdall died 8th March1932 aged 65 years.  Mrs. Kate Doyle died 1941.  John Dowdall Kilcarne died 20th April 1964.  Erected by John Dowdal. R.I.P.  (Stone mason  Oliver Rennix Navan).

DOWNES – See Dowdall Christopher.

DOYLE – See Dowdall Elizabeth.

FARRELLY – See Carr Patrick.

FITZPATRICK – IHS Here lieth the body of Philip Fitzpatrick who departed this life May 17th 1757 aged 70 years.  Also his wife Ieain Cregan who departed life December 4th 1757 aged 52 years and John Fitzpatrick died February ye 14th 1754 aged 39 years.  This stone was erected by Simon and Laurence Fitzpatrick.

FOLEY – Erected in loving memory of James Foley died 30th July 1905 aged 77 years.  Also his niece Annie Agnes Doran died 15th January 1945 age 78 years.  R.I.P.

FOLEY – IHS.  In loving memory of Mary Foley, Cannistown died 29th January 1948 aged 87 years.  Her son John died 8th June 1975 aged 80 years.  His wife Kathleen died 13th May 1977 aged 76 years.  R.I.P.

FOLEY – Gloria in Excelsis Deo IHS.  This stone was erected by Mathew Foley in memory of his father John Foley who departed this life the 20th of February 1807 aged 45 years.  Also his brother Patrick Foley who died the 27th July of 1815 aged 30 years.  James Foley died the 30th April 1826 aged 27 years.  His mother Mary Foley died the 16th April 1828 aged 60 years.  Inscribed also in memory of himself Mathew Foley who died February 16th 1859 aged 69 years.  Also his daughter Kate Smith who died September 23rd 1874 aged 20 years.  Also Mary Foley his wife who died December 31st 1883 aged 68 years.  Also his son John Foley who died the 31st October 1906 aged 68 years.  James Foley died 19th August 1916.  His brother Francis Foley  died 30th November 1925.  His son Francis Foley died 29th January 1932.  Also his wife Teresa Foley died 10th March 1933.  Rest in Peace.  Amen.              

FOLEY – See Dalton Peter.

GEE – See Tweedy.

HEGARTY – Erected in loving memory of James Hegarty who died 10th February 1878.  Also his son Thomas who died 23rd  December 1892.  And his wife Jane Hegarty who died 30th July 1918.  Also James Hegarty who died 12th March 1936 aged 61 years.  Also Mary J. Hegarty died 26th August 1943 aged 74 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone Mason – Rennicks Navan).

KEATING – In loving memory Julia Keating died 26th November 1960 aged 80 years.  Also her husband James died 2nd April 1963 aged 89 years.  Erected by her son Vincent.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason Oliver Rennix.  North of Ruin)

KEATING – In memory of Patrick Keating died July 15th 1930. Also his wife Anne Keating.  His father and mother Thomas and Elizabeth Keating R.I.P.  (Stone mason  J. Bennett Navan.  North of the ruin)

KENNEDY – Erected by Thomas Kennedy, Gainstown  in memory of his father Owen Kennedy.  Also his sister Alicia and the above Thomas who died 19th May 1914.  R.I.P.

LYNCH – Pray for the souls of Patrick and Anne Lynch, St. Finians Terrace, Navan.  Their daughter Lily and sons Patrick and Thomas.  R.I.P.  Erected by Bridie Lynch.  ( Modern metal cross – East Church)

MC DERMOT – Here…. body of…..memory……..departed…… aged 60.  Also his son………departed……… 3 aged 32 years ………… erected by TH ……… Mc Dermot.   (In nave of church ruin  –  badly eroded)

MC LOUGHLIN –  Under thy shadow oh Holy Cross we rest content, of your charity pray for the souls of Mary Elizabeth the beloved wife  of Eugene Mc Loughlin, Shanghai Villa, Sydenham, Kent who died at Belmont, Navan 28th July 1888 aged 25 years.  On whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy. (North of ruin  –  inside the railings of the Nicolls plot

MC LOUGHLIN  –  See Nicolls P.J

MITCHEL  –  Erected by William Mitchel in memory of his father Jas Mitchel who died April 5th 1846 aged 75.  Also his mother Anne Mitchel who died July 6th 1840 aged (65).

MOLLOY – See Nicolls Patrick Joseph.

MOLOWNEY – IHS  William Molowney in memory of his sons William and John who died in the years of 60 and 61 (North of ruin. Not 1960 and 1961.  Probably 1860 and 1861?)

MOORE – Goria in Excelsis Deo IHS Erected by Patrick Moore of Navan in memory of his father Richard Moore who departed this life Dec the 18th 1782 aged 58 years. 

MURTAGH  –  This stone was erected by Luke Murtagh for his children, Mary Murtagh who departed December ye 25th 1726 and Henry Murtagh who departed December ye 25th  1726.

MURTAGH  –  Erected by Thomas Murtagh of Knockumber as a token of affection for his departed friends and relations.  Particularly his father John Murtagh who departed this life 9th March 1791 aged 53 years.  Also his mother Ellenor Murtagh departed this life the 4th of December 1822 aged 70 years.  May they rest in peace.

NICOLLS – Erected by Patrick Joseph Nicolls M.D.,  and his wife Elizabeth of Belmont, Navan.  Sacred to the memory of their beloved child Agnes Elizabeth who died on the 22nd of November 1857 aged 5 years.  Also their daughters Mary aged 3 years and Josephine aged 8 years.  Also her uncle L. Molley and her mother E. Williams who died the 17th January 1878.  Here lieth the remains of the above named P.J. Nicolls M.D. who died 23rd April 1887 aged 77 years.  Also the remains of their daughter E. Mc Loughlin who died on 28th July 1888 aged 24 years. Also John P. Nicolls surgeon who died 15th March 1890 aged 34 years.  James Arthur Nicolls died 28th March 1897 at Rosdohen, Kenmare aged 40, R.I.P.

O’CONNELL – In loving memory of Kathleen O’Connell, Commons Rd, Navan.  Died 13th June 1967.  Also her parents John and Rose Byrne.  Her brothers Laurence, Thomas, John.  Her husband John O’Connell died 23rd March 1979. R.I.P.

O’HARA – In loving memory of Mathew O’Hara, Ardsallagh, died 20th Feb 1923.  His wife Elizabeth died 4th Dec 1957.  Their daughter Tony died 12th Feb 1969.  Their son Gussie died 16th April 1971.  Peggy O’ Hara died 2nd March 1983 R.I.P.  (F.  Rennicks, Flowerhill, Navan – stone mason.  In the chancel of the ruined church).

REILLY – IHS In loving memory of Bridget Reilly, Cannistown died 24th October 1943 aged 68 years.  Her son Tom died 8 Dec 1934 aged 28 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason – Rennicks Trim – North of ruin).

ROWE – IHS In loving memory of Josephine Rowe, Boyne Hill, Navan. died 24th Jan. 1972.  Her husband Thomas Rowe died 1st Sept 1979.  R.I.P. (Stone mason –  Rennicks, High St, Trim. In the nave of ruin).

SHEILDS – Gloria in Excelsis Deo. IHS Erected in memory of Patrick Sheils departed this life 21st May 1816 aged 71 years.  Also his wife Mary Sheilds who died Aug 20th 1818 aged 75 years.  And sons Bryan and John who departed this life.  Also Judith Sheils who died 11th August 18(2)?5 aged 47 years.

SHERIDAN – In loving memory of Thomas Sheridan, Grange, Bective, died 7th Aug 1965.  Also his wife Bridget died 19th Jan 1939.  R.I.P. (In nave of ruin).

SMITH – See Foley Mathew.

TWEEDY – Here lyeth the body of Robert Tweedy died August the 24th 1744 aged 60 years.  Also Jane Tweedy who died Jan’ry the 4th 1749 aged 60 yr.  Also Jane Gee died May the 11th 1795 aged 65 years.  Erected by Thos and Ellinor Gee.

WILLIAMS – See Nicolls Patrick J.