Recorded by Dr. Beryl F. E. Moore & Mrs. Maguire


Arodstown Church and graveyard are situated on the top and sides of a motte.  2 esker ridges run north – south blocking the view on the east and west sides.  The graveyard is enclosed by a good stone wall and is quite  small.  Only the south wall of the church survives as Elderberry trees have undermined the east wall and recently caused it to collapse.

Arodstown castle which had a barrel-vaulted lower storey was removed in recent years.  Arodstown house is a very old farmhouse and was the home of a branch of the Trimblestown Barnwalls but a Williams lived in it at the time of the Ordnance Survey of 1836.  In the field to the west was a cottage residence called Curraghmore in which another Williams brother lived.  Recently I found graves of these Williams in Balsoon graveyard.  There are only 9 inscribed Tombstones though a number of other graves have carved Church stones at their heads.

Inside the Church ruins at the SE corner…

1)  BARNWALL SLAB 1740-42 …. Large slab (7x3ft.) lying on the ground and much covered by grass until we cleaned it off.  Several old accounts tell how the Rev. George Barnwall made this grave for his brother who died in 1740 and 2yrs. later died himself as the result of a fall from his horse a few hundred yards away at Arodstown crossroads.  A heap of stones was gradually erected by passersby saying a prayer and throwing a stone on the spot.  In 1840 this heap of stones got so big that it interfered with the use of the road and was removed by order, I was informed years ago.  This slab is very worn and the inscription which is around the edge is impossible to read except for a couple of words at the W side …  “lyeth the body ….. late of …..”

On the S side of the church…

2)  WALSH 1941-43 …. Small marble slab and curb overgrown with grass.  “In memory of Patrick Walsh Arodstown who died 6 Dec. 1941 and his wife Jane died 15 Feb. 1943”

3)  GARRY KILGRAIGUE 1913-71 …. Modern well-kept limestone headstone and curb.  “In loving memory of Margaret Garry Kilgraigue died 3 July 1961 aged 75 yrs.  James Garry Jenkinstown died 4 Feb. 1929 aged 83 yrs.  His wife Anne died 4 April 1932 aged 63 yrs.  His daughter Bridget died 30th June 1913 aged 16 yrs.  His brother Michael Kilgraigue died 26Feb. 1938 aged 84 yrs.  Thomas Garry Kilgraigue died 21 April 1971.  RIP”.

4)  Garry 1838-60 …. Tall narrow limestone slab with a lamb on a cross inside curb and well-kept.  “Erected by Andrew Garry in memory of his beloved father Mr. Bryan Garry who died 16th Novr. 1859 aged 80 yrs. And of his beloved Mother Mrs.Mary Garry who died 10th Aug. 1860 aged 73 yrs.  Also of his sister Rose Garry who died 14th March 1838 aged 20 yrs.”

5)  BARRY 1958-68 …. Small modern marble stone inside a curb (similar to 2).  “In loving memory of Bridget Barry Arodstown died 16th Dec. 1958 aged 65 years.  Her husband Alex died 4 Dec. 1968 aged 81 years”.

6)  Connoly 1751-73 …. Old stone lying down against the south wall of the ruined church near the east and much covered in grass.  At the top is a full Sunburst with Cross, IHS and Cherub’s head inside.  A spray of leaves on each side ending in a tulip-like flower.  “Here lieth the body of Robt. Connoly who died March the 17th  1773 aged 78 yrs.  Also his wife Jane Connoly Novmbr 1. 1751 aged 40 yrs.  Here lieth 7 of their children.  Erected by Peter Connoly.  Also his son Robt.”

7)  O’HARA 1779-94 …. Old plain limestone Tombstone with semi-circular Sunburst over a Cross IHS and heart pierced by 2 barbs.  A double border is carved between this motif and the inscription.  “This stone is erected by John O’Hara of Summerhill in memory of 4 of his children interred here.  John O’Hara died July 1779 aged 14 yrs.  Elinor died Augt. 20th 1791 aged 18 yrs.  2nd John May 8th 1794 aged 11 yrs.  Jams died July 4th 1794 aged 18 yrs.”

Outside fallen east wall of Church under Elderberry shrubs…

8)  COSTELLO 1772-89 ….  Old heavy stone with a large Cherub’s head with outstretched  wings on each side at top.  “this Stone was erected by Willm Costello in memory of his father Simon Costello who depd this life Augt 20th 1772 aged 58 years.  Anne Costello his mother died in the year 1779 aged 58 years.  Anne Costello his mother died in the year 1779 aged 58 years.  James Costello his brother died in the year 1789 aged 45 years.  May their souls rest in peace.”

9)  COSTIOLO 1801 …. Presumably Costello is meant.  A very old type of stone with some fine carving tilting to the north under an Elderberry shrub.  Semi-circular Sunburst around Cross IHS and Heart pierced by 2 barbs.  A row of leaves between this motif and the inscription, and under it a row of diamonds.  “This stone is erected by Richd Costiolo in memory of his wife Catrina Costiolo alias Fagan who died Novr 6th 1801 aged 52 yrs.

ARODSTOWN CROSS … This stone was discovered by me in 1966 outside the S door of Arodstown Church and Mr. Etienne Rynne helped me to raise it.  Recently it has been brought to Moynalvy Church and erected there.  Mr. Rynne dated it as 1565.

THE STONE VASE-LIKE VESSEL …. Has also been brought to Moynalvy Church.