Crossakiel Church of Ireland Cemetery

Recorded by Noel French

Bayley – See Kinkeade

Booker – In memory of Martha, beloved wife of Richard Thomas Booker, who died 6th July 1915 aged 69 years. And also of Richard Thomas Booker,  who died  9th November 1916 aged 77 years. Also of Eli Wm Booker, last surviving member of the family, who died 15th February 1924 aged 83 years.

Booker – Sacred to the memory of Worship Booker of Crossakiel who departed this life on the 9th day of December 1864 aged 84 years. His end was peace. Also his wife, Elizabeth, who died 31st March 1856 aged 64 years.

Booker – Sacred to the memory of Worship Booker, died 24th February 1962 aged 79 years. And of his wife, Maude, died 21st May 1974.

Bratt – Dr. Torjorn (Peter) Bratt. Born on 5th May 1890. Deceased on 22nd March 1984. The last scion of the family, Bratt of Hoglunda of the Swedish House of Nobility, Nr.49.

Butler – The Hon & Rev’d Pierce Butler, third son of the Earl of Carrick and Rector of this parish, died at Charlesfort, 22nd May 1808 in the 27th year of his age. (Hon. Rev. Pierce Butler was rector from 1806 to 1808)

Daniell – Sacred to the memory of Michael Daniell, Esq. of Bellview, who departed this life on 1st February 1802 aged 73 years. Also his eldest son, Capt. John Daniell of Bellview, formerly of the 17th Light Dragoons or Royal Lancer, who departed this life on 15th May 1840 aged 73 years.

Darling – In loving memory of Charles Darling, who died 5th November 1914 aged 74. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Darling – James Darling died 24 November 1865 aged 75 years. Susanna, his wife, died August 23rd 1877 aged 70 years. Both were converted to God early in life, served the Lord Jesus for many years. Departed in great peace to be with Him.  Eliza, their daughter, died May 1853 and Matilda Weir, their daughter, died November 1863. Both in the Lord.

Garitin – Here lieth the body of Jane Garitin, aged 3 years, who died at Newgrove 3rd October 1831.

Jameson – see O’Neill.

Kinkeade – Mrs. Margaret Kinkeade of Clonmellon consecrates this tribute of affection to Mrs. Margaret Bayley, her mother, who died September 1st 1789 aged 76 years and of Mr. Thomas Kinkeade, her husband, December 3rd 1794 aged 70 years.

Ladley – This stone was erected in memory of Charles Ladley who died August 16 1779 aged 79 years. Also his wife, Mary Ladley, alias Nelson, who died 1792 aged 71 years.

McCormack – Erected in loving memory of Thomas McCormack, of Drumcree, Westmeath, who departed this life 12 September 1935 aged 83 years. Also his wife, Margaret Ann, died 7th November 1941 aged 83 years. “Until the day breaks”

Nelson – see Ladley

O’Neill – Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Dorothea O’Neill, wife of the Revd. John Thomas O’Neill, Curate of this parish and daughter of the late Joseph Jameson, Esq, Acc. General to the court of chancery, who after many years of painful indisposition which she bore with patience truly Christian departed this life 30th December 1829 aged 29. Long to be lamented … by friends for the many .. which in the … and by the poor of the parish and neighbourhood for compassion, kindness and liberal charm (John O’Neill is recorded as curate in 1826)

O’Neill – In loving memory of George O’Neill who died 20th April 1881 aged 71 years and of Mary, his wife, who died 16 March 1892 aged 75 years. Also their son, William O’Neill J.P. who died 2nd March 1920 aged 70 years. Rev. Worship B. O’Neill, who died 6th November 1927 aged 86. Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord.

Rountree – In loving memory of Daryl Rountree, Deerpark Farm, died 9th December 1990 aged 20 years. “We keep our deepest memories within our hearts for ever.”

Rowley – In memory of Georgina Rowley of Sylvan Park who died 2nd April 1868 aged 72 years. A perfect woman, nobly planned, to warn, to comfort and command, and yet a spirit still and bright, something of an angel light.

Rowley – In memory of Standish Grady Rowley, of Sylvan Park, Co. Meath. Born February 18, 1934, died May 1, 1924. Not my will but Thine be done.

Shekleton – Buried in this plot are Samuel Shekleton, who died 8th September 1947 and Sarah Jane Shekleton, who died 28 January 1972.

Wade – In memory of Francis Hoey Wade, Lieutenant 55th Reg. who died of fever at Cherat, near Peshawur, on 9th September 1872 aged 29 years. This tablet was erected to the memory of their dearly beloved friend and comrade by his brother officers.

Wade – Sacred to the memory of Robert Wade, of Clonabraney, who died at his house in Dublin on 9th March 1830 in the 81st year of his age.

Watt – In loving memory of Henry Gilbert Watt, who died June 26th 1912, aged 25 years. Also John Frederick Watt, who died 22nd March 1913 aged 28 years. Their mother, Mary E. Watt, who died March 22nd 1923, also their father John Watt, died March 16th 1932.

Weir – see Darling

Wilson – In memory of William J. Wilson, Boltown House, Kells, who died October 5th 1934 aged 67 years. His wife, Ethel, died 8th November 1969 aged 86 years. William Arthur Wilson, only son of James and Jean Wilson, died 18th September 1972 aged 12 years.