Recorded by Lucy McCullen 1991

Photo: D. Bridger


Crossmacole graveyard is situated on the north-west side of the parish.  It is bounded on the north by the parishes of Pricetown, Timcole and Rathfeigh; on the south by Kilmoon parish; on the west by Rathfeigh parish and on the east by the townlands of Curraghtown and Roadmain.  It is about 7 ½ miles from Drogheda and 14 ½ miles from Dublin.

Historical note:

Crossmacole was most likely the site of an early celtic establishment.  During the suppression of the monasteries, the abbot of Duleek was in possession of Crossmacole, one of four small religious houses in Dunboyne parish:

Kilbraynan, Salestown, Portrane and Crossmacole, it stood as a convent of which some walls still remain.  The Knights Hospitallers had property in the parish, possibly Cushingtown (Crossmacole), but never a preceptory.  In the Llanthony Charters, the abbot of Duleek was also in possession of Crossmacole.


It has variously been recorded as:









Burials without monuments:

Several unmarked stones are scattered around the graveyard in R1, R7 and R8, and also inside the walls of the church.  With help from the Dowlings of Roadmain and Mrs B Wall of Cavinhill, it was determined that three more names could be included in the recording; Smith (R1), Hogan (R8) marked by an iron cross, and Mannis (R7).

In March 1939, a scheme was undertaken by Meath County Council, recording burials in local parishes.  In Crossmacole however, the black book which contained these recordings, has since been lost, possibly for some ten or twenty years.

Written sources:

Medieval Religious Houses in Ireland – Gwunn & Haddock

Llanthony Charters

Dowdall Deeds

O.S. Field Book 1835-1836

History of Duleek – Enda O’Boyle

Monastican Hibernicus

Occupations listed:

Occupations mentioned among the inscriptions were:

Cooper, Farmer and Undertaker.


There are several people who helped in the work of compiling this report and to whom I wish to thank most sincerely;  Mr. John McCullen for his assistance in transcription;

Mr Paul Tritschler for helping with the Ball inscriptions;  Mr Enda O’Boyle, local historian, for some background history;  May and Lizzie Dowling, Roadmain for assistance with unmarked graves.


ADAMS – (side of church, loose stone).  This stone was erected by Hh Adams and posty January 1787.

AUSTIN – Austin Family RIP erected by Marie.

BALL – Erected in memory of Richard Ball of Moorside County Meath, who died 11th January 1890 aged 78 years.  Loving heart of Jesus have mercy on him, and of his beloved wife Mary Agnes who died 4th April 1914 aged 87 years.  Also of their son William Henry who died  18th Decr 1905   and of their grandson James Ivan Richard son of George J Ball Readsland, who died 13th February 1912 aged 1 year.

Also of Mary Ball dearly loved wife of Richard Ball of Reynoldstown who died 24th December 1925 aged 60 years.  And also of the above named Richard Ball who died 12th Jan. 1941 aged 80 years. R.I.P.

Also of Agnes Ball daughter of Richard Ball of Moorside who died 23 Nov 1921 aged 60 years.

BALL – Erected by Laurence Ball of Wintergrass Anno D. 1805 underneath are deposited the remains of his son Nicholas who departed this life the 1st of October 18-4 aged 16 years.  Also Catherine Ball wife of Laurence Ball of Wintergrass who died 14 April 1848 aged 70 years and the above named Laurence Ball who died 24 May 1858 aged 82 years.  Also their children Margaret Ball who died 20th Sept 1863 aged 60 years, and John Ball of Readsland Co. Meath who died 1872 aged 68 years and Mary his wife who died.  Also Patrick Ball of Wintergrass who died 4th May 1893.

BERMINGHAM – In loving memory of Jane Bermingham, Coolfore, Ashbourne who died at Navan on July 31st 1893 aged 60 and of her son Patrick Bermingham who died 29th June 1902 aged 39.  Also Jane Bermingham who died on July 11th 1943.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls. R.I.P.

BRADY – In loving memory of Francis Brady Primatestown died 2nd April 1954.  His wife Kate died 10th March 1971.  Their sons Christopher died 30th Nov 1950.  Peter died 5th Oct. 1964.  Patrick died 30th Oct 1990.

BRADY – See O’Brien

BRENNAN – Erected by Catherine Brennan Cushingtown, in memory of her parents, her son Francis died 29 July 1936 her brother Thomas Fowler died 5th Feb 1936.  Her husband Patrick died 20 June 1946.  The above Catherine died 18 Jan 1970.  R.I.P

BYRNE – See McDanel

CADDELL – In memory of the Caddell Family Primatestown.

CAFFREY – (inside church).  In loving memory of John Caffrey Cushenstown, died 16th Aug 1938.  His father Laurence died 1902. R.I.P.

CANNING – In affectionate rememberance of our dear parents Patrick & Jane Canning Cushenstown, who departed this life Dec 28th 1909 aged 63 yrs and May 19th 1911 aged 59 years.  Also their daughter Elizabeth Canning who died Jan 26th 1899 aged 11      yrs.  Also their son John died 12th Dec 1945.

CANNING – Erected by James Canning Cushenstown in loving memory of his wife Martha who died Dec 11th 1911 aged 26 years.  The above James who died 30th June 1955.  His daughter-in-law Nora died 1 July 1953.  His son Patrick (Sonny) died 3rd Nov 1979 aged 67 yrs.

CARROLL – Erected by Patrick Carroll of California in memory of his beloved Father Mathew Carroll of Riverstown Co. Meath who died May 6th 1862 aged 95 years.  Also his two brothers William who died March 4th 1877 aged 61 years, and Richard of

Cushenstown who died March 25th 1896 aged 82 years.  And also Mrs. Anne Carroll wife of the above Richard who died Feby 2nd 1910 aged 87 years, also their daughter in law May Carroll who died April 19th 1930 aged 66 and her husband Matthew who died Augt 10th 1936 aged 83 years.  Requiesant in pace

CARROLL – (inside church).  This stone was erected by Peter Carroll of Glasmahonouge in the city of Dublin.  Undertaker, in memory of his father Edward Carroll who departed this life the 4th September 1757 in the 70th year of his age, also his mother Ann Carroll

who departed this life the 10th August 1768, also many of his family.  Requiescant in pace.

CLARKE – See Walsh.

CLINCH – IHS.  This stone erected by John Clinch of the city of Dublin to his wife Elinor Clinch           also Mulligan and her posterity for ever who departed this life the 26th day of April 1751 aged 40 years.  This burial place belongeth to Christopher Mulligan of the city of Dublin, Cooper and his posterity for ever.

COOGLAN – See Wogan

DOWDALL – Erected by Edward Dowdall of Crossmacole in memory of his mother Mary, who died 29 June 1868 aged 73 years.  Also his sister, who died 24 March 1892, aged 70 years.  And the above Edward 3 June 1901 aged 81 years.  Also his brother Christopher who died 15 Dec 1902 aged 80 years.

DOWLING – In loving memory of John Joseph Dowling Crossmacole.  Who died 20 Dec 1923   aged 23 years and his father Nicholas who died 21 July 1932.  Also his mother Christina who died 31 Dec 1944, their son Peter died 17 April 1982.  May the sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.

DOWLING – Erected by Peter Dowling of Hawkinstown in memory of his father Patrick also his mother Margaret.  His brother Thomas who died 2 April 1886 and his wife Eliza who died 10 November 1891.  Also the above named Peter who died 24 May 1899. Aged 84 years.   And his sons Patrick who died 13 Feb 1919 and Martin who died 24 Aug 1966.  Peter died 15 March 1967, both interred in Ardcath Cemetery.  Catherine wife of the above Martin died 19th Feb 1982.  R.I.P.

DOWLING – In memory of Peter Dowling R.I.P.

DOWLING – In loving memory of Thomas Dowling Coolquay, The Ward who died 1st Nov 1979 aged 67 years.  His daughter Margaret who died 1st June 1955 aged 9 years.

DOWLING – IHS In loving memory of Peter Dowling Hawkinstown Garristown died 16th Dec 1954 also his wife May died 9th Aug 1959 his daughter Alice died 15th Feb 1976.  R.I.P. 

DOWLING – In loving memory of Ann Dowling Moorpark died 2nd Sept. 1982 aged 37 years.  Rest in Peace.

DUFFY – In loving memory of Richard Duffy, Rivertown, who died 9th March 1962,

aged 92 yrs.  His wife Catherine who died 26th Sept. 1975 aged 96 yrs.  R.I.P.

DWYER – In loving memory of Joseph Dwyer, Ballinlough, Beauparc, died 7 Dec 1913 and his wife Mary died 25 May 1905.  Also their daughter Sara Nash died 23 Dec 1968.  Also Michael Nash died 28 July 1982.

FARRELL – Erected by Margaret Farrell and family Felistown, in loving memory of her

husband Thomas who died 27 May 1918.  The above Margaret died 18 March 1922.  Their granddaughter Annie Sheridan died 19 June 1937.  Their  daughters Josephine died 5 Jan 1968 Julia died 24 June 1981.

FORDE – In loving memory of Christopher Forde, Kilmoon, died 3rd Jan 1973.  His

Parents Chrictopher and Emily.  His sister Lily.  Sweet Jesus have mercy.

FOWLER – See Brennan

FOWLER – In loving memory of Thomas Fowler Kilmoon died 22nd Feb. 1916 aged 104,

His wife Bridget died 20th Oct. 1927 aged 76 years.  Their son Thomas died 6th July 1953 aged 75.  His wife Elizabeth died 14th Dec 1983 aged 87. R.I.P.  Erected by their sons.

GARGAN – In loving memory of James and Bridget Gargan Rathfeigh. Also John Daniel

and William Gargan Piercetown.

GAVIN – In memory of Michael Gavin died 12th Dec 1880, of his father Thomas and Eliza

Gavin and his sister Mary.

GOUGH – Erected by James Gough of Cruiserath in memory of his beloved wife Alice

Gough who departed this life Oct 18th 1860.  Also his three children who died young.  Catherine, Peter & Patrick.  Also the above James Gough who departed this life 7th Jan 1875.

GOUGH – In loving memory of Alicia Gough Moneyhill died 18th April 1972. Aged 65 yrs.

Her husband John died 26th July 1984 aged 90 yrs.

JORDAN – See Lynch

KAVANAGH – In loving memory of Andrew Kavanagh Cushenstown who died 14 June 1892 aged 71 years and his wife May who died 9 Feb 1915 aged 75 years also their daughter Margaret McCormack who died 8 May 1939 their son Andrew died 30 Jan 1945, his wife Bridget died 13 Dec 1974. R.I.P.  Their grandsons William died 27 Jan 1958 Patrick died 9 April 1987, Granddaughter Josephine died 8 July 1989.  Their daughter Catherine died 10 April 1962, their son Patrick died 2 April 1956.

LAWLES – Of your charity pray for the soul of Margaret, wife of James Lawles who died at Drakerath 19 June 1877 aged 78 yrs.  The above named James Lawles who died 14 May 1888 aged 83 yrs,   John O’Brien died 2nd Oct. 1952.

LYNCH – Erected by William Lynch of Kilcrea in memory of his beloved wife Jane Lynch

alias Jordan who departed this life 22nd June 1828 aged 35 years.

MC CORMACK – See Kavanagh 

MC DANEL – Erected by Charles McDanel in memory of his father William McDanel and

mother Catherine Byrne and son Richard McDanel and daughter Jane McDanel and posterity.  1796.

MC GOVERN  – In loving memory of Bernard McGovern died 17th Sept 1929.  His sister Bridie

died 13th Dec 1928.  Their mother Ellen died 27th Feb 1957 and her husband John died 28th Nov 1962.  Also their daughter Mary Woods died 1st Jan 1970.  And her husband William died 8th May 1984.  R.I.P.

MC GOVERN – In loving memory of Bernard & Margaret McGovern.

MC GOVERN – In loving memory of Patrick McGovern died 21 July 1935.  His son Bernard died 14 Dec 1949.  His wife Lissie died 9 Aug 1954.  His brother in law James Wall died 7 Sep 1907.  His daughter Jane died 11th May 1960.

MAHEN – In loving memory of Michael Mahon Primatestown Ashbourne died 24th Jan 1964

His wife Josephine died 25th May 1984 their infant granddaughter born & died 3rd August 1967.

MOONEY – In loving memory of Matthew Mooney Cushenstown who died 12th Nov 1983 aged

62 yrs.  Rest in Peace.

MULLIGAN – See Clinch 

NASH – See Dwyer 

O’BRIAN – This stone was erected by John O’Brian in memory of his beloved parents there lieth the bodies of William O’Brian who departed this life the 21st of  December 1749 aged 60 years and his wife Mary Brady died 17-9 aged 34.

O’BRIEN – See Lawles 

O’BRIEN – In loving memory of Kate O’Brien died 30th Oct. 1896.  Her husband John

O’Brien died 23rd April 1907.  His mother Mary O’Brien died 1810.

O’BRIEN – In loving memory of Thomas O’Brien died Aug 1936 and James O’Brien

died 26th June 1946


            Patrick                         O’Connor

            28th Oct 1920              Patrick

            Bertha                         4th March 1986

            5th Jan 1968                

            Baby Eileen                 sadly missed

            Patricia                        by the family

            8th July 1945

O’CONNOR – In loving memory of Lawrence O’Connor Cushingstown died 10th February 1942, his daughter Mary Teresa died 10th August 1952, his wife Mary Jane died 19th November 1953.  Erected by their son Nicholas.

O’CONNOR – Erected by members of the Fr Mathew OFSC Sacred Thirst branch of St. Patricks League of the Cross attached to the Church of Our Lady of the Angels Church St. Dublin.  In memory of their respected Vice President Thos. O’Connor who from the formation of their sodality was a most zealous worker in the cause of total abstinence.  He departed this life on the 9th day of July 1891 regretted by all who knew him. R.I.P.

O’REILLY – Cherished memories of Charles B O’Reilly Moorepark Cushinstown who passed

away 3rd April 1986 and his grandson John died 18th Sept 1989.  Till we meet again.

PENTONY – Erected by Michael Pentony, Cushenstown.  In loving memory of his daughter Kate who died Nov 9th 1897 aged 26 yrs.  His dearly beloved son Patrick who died March 4th 1898 aged 24 yrs.  His daughter Annie who died Oct. 21st 1905 aged 21 yrs.  The above Michael died April 5th 1919 aged 78 yrs.  His wife Kate died Jan 3rd 1928 aged 82 yrs.  His son William died Feb 9th 1938.  Michael died Feb 17th 1951 aged

86 yrs.  Margaret died 21st Jan 1953 aged 74 yrs.  James died 1st March 1969 aged

83.  On whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy.  St. Patrick & St. Anthony pray for them.

PLUNKETT – Erected by Patrick Plunkett, Moore St, Dublin, in loving memory of his wife Mary who died 7 March 1932 and their three children who died young.  In whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy.  R.I.P.

PLUNKETT – Erected in memory of Patrick Plunkett of Hawkingstown, who died 2 April 1888 and his daughter Mary Wogan who died 16 Aug 1886 also his grandson Patrick Wogan who died 8th Aug 1890 aged 5 yrs. And also his wife Rose who died 23rd

March 1914 and his son John who died 18th May 1921.

REILLY – Erected by Phillip Reilly Cushenstown in memory of his beloved father who died 6th Nov 1868 aged 70 years.  Also his dear mother Rose Reilly who died 20th May 1875    aged  74 years.

REILLY – In loving memory of Philip (Phil) Reilly Adamstown Garristown died 22nd Sept 1945 aged 36 years. Also his wife Margaret (Mag) died 11th June 1985 aged 71 yrs.

RUSSELL – In loving memory of Patrick Russell died 19th May 1926 aged 26 yrs.  His father Patrick died 17th Feb 1927 aged 52 yrs.  His mother Bridget died 24 August 1940

aged 70 yrs.  Their son Thomas died 5 Jan 1978 aged 80 yrs.  James Russell died 7 Jan 1980 aged 73 yrs.  His wife Mary died 10 Jan 1980 aged 66 yrs.

RUSSELL – Mary Russell died 21st May 1986

SHERIDAN – See Farrell

TIERNEY – In loving memory of Patrick Tierney Primatestown died 13-11-1938.  His wife Mary 28-4-58,  their grandchild Kathleen 1-11-45, their sons Andrew 28-7-60,

Richard 14-3-68, his wife Bridget 29-6-32, their son William 4-7-78.  R.I.P.

WALL – See McGovern        

WALL – In loving memory of Mary Wall died 11th July 1940 aged 64 yrs.  Her husband

Christopher died 27th Feb 1947 aged 81 years. Also their sons Patrick died 8th May 1961 aged 61 yrs, and Christopher died 5th June 1990 aged 78 yrs.

WALL – Dear Lord Jesus have mercy on the souls of our dear father Christopher Wall 28 Queen St. Dublin died 6th Aug 1924 aged 64 yrs.  Also our dear mother Catherine

died 26th July 1943 aged 79 yrs and their daughter Christina died 22nd Oct 1899 aged 5 yrs.

WALL – Pray for the soul of John Wall Cushenstown who died 8th Dec 1874, also his wife Mary Wall who died Oct 4th 1896 and 4 of their children who died young.  And their son James who died May 19th 1898.  Sweet Jesus have mercy on their souls. Erected by their children.

WALL – In loving memory of Christopher Wall Riverstown died 28th May 1961 aged 57 yrs.  His wife Mary (Dolly) died 10th Jan 1989 aged 82 yrs.  R.I.P.  Erected by his loving wife and family.

WALSH – Erected by Patrick Walsh Hawkinstown in memory of his father William who died 11 Oct 1875 aged 65 and his mother Bridget who died 15 Aug 1905 aged 82.  His

brother Francis died May 31st 1918.  The above Patrick died Oct 17 1922.  Also the Clarke family.  R.I.P.

WHITE – Erected A.D. 1825 by Peter White of Portlester in memory of his beloved wife Mary who departed this life 2nd Octr 1818 aged 47 yrs also his son Thos. who died 8th Nov. 1820 aged 21 yrs.  Also five of his children who died young.

WOGAN – See Plunkett 

WOGAN – IHS.  Thomas Wogan Esq of Kilmon Farmer and Mary Cooglan his wife who dyed both In Feb 1762 lye buried here to whose memory James Richard Wogan has fixed this stone.

WOODS – See McGovern 

YOURELL – Erected by Mary Yourell Irishtown, The Ward in loving memory of her husband John J who died 14 Dec 1918.  The above Mary died 26 May 1966.