Dervor Graveyard, Carnaross

Recorded by Tony Coogan, Gerry McMahon, Paddy Woods and Larry Lynch.

Derver Graveyard – Photo by David Hughes.

Dervor Graveyard is located in Edenburt townland, Co. Cavan which borders the townland of Dervor, Co. Meath. It is called Dervor graveyard. The cemetery was closed to new burials in 1973.  

Bradley – see Comaskey.

Cahill – Pray for the soul of James Cahill, who died September 1737. Also Cathy Cahill, died 7th December 1752 aged 19 years.

Carroll – Erected by Peter and Anne Carroll of Edenburt, in memory of their father, Matthew and Nicholas. Matthew departed AD 1860 aged 80 years. Nicholas Carroll departed AD 1826 aged 76 years.

Clarke – Remember O Most Glorius Virgin Mary, Patrick Clarke, died 23rd November 1937 aged 71. His wife, Mary, nee Farrelly, Carnaross, died 17th February 1973 aged 78 years. His brother, Michael,  and wife, Alice,  and their son Thomas. His sister, Anne and his grand … infants Philip and Anne. His parents Ellen, nee Connell, Dervor, died 19th February 1898 aged 72. And Philip, died 26th October 1904 aged 97. His uncles, aunts and cousins, Clarke and Connells interred in adjoining graves.

Comaskey – Erected by James Comaskey in memory of his father, Peter Comaskey, who departed 26th June 1799. Also his mother, Mary Comaskey, nee Bradley, died 6th April 1800 aged 60 years.

Comaskey – This stone was erected by Brian Comiskey in memory of his wife, Jean Comiskey, who died 1st July .. aged 5.

Connell – Pray for the soul of John Connell, who died September 16th 1762 aged 57.Also for Margaret Farrelly, his wife, died 12th October 1760.

Connell – In memory of Peter Connell, Dervor.

Connell – see Clarke

Duffy – Erected in memory of Captain Jack Duffy, of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, of Edenburt, who died 11th October 1910 aged 89 years. Erected by his comrades and friends.

Farrelly – Here lieth the body of Charles Farrelly who departed this life 27th April 1734. This stone was erected by his son, Edmond.

Farrelly – Charles Farrelly departed this life 29th November 1739 aged 20 years. This stone was erected by Matthew Farrelly for his son.

Farrelly – This stone was erected by Farrell Farrelly in memory of him and his parents. Here … both .. the body of his son, who departed 15th May 17.. in the 18th year of his age. Also Laurence Farrelly 17th September 1876 and Patrick Farrelly 3rd January 1894.

Farrelly – Lord have mercy on the soul of James Farrelly, who departed December 1784 aged 88. Also his wife, Mary, died 11th June 1811 aged 60. Erected by their beloved son.

Farrelly – Erected in memory of Laurence Farrelly, died 1st November 1840. His father, Luke Farrelly, died 16th January 1842.His wife, Katherine, died 22nd October 1871. Also his mother, Elizabeth, alias Farrelly, who died June 17th .. aged 34.

Farrelly – see , Clarke, Connell

Fitzsimons – Erected by Michael Fitzsimons, Temple Gillin, in memory of his beloved son, Patrick, who departed this life, 6th October 1837 aged 27. Also his affectionate father, Andrew Fitzsimons, late of Fartagh, Co. Cavan, aged 66 years.

Fitzsimons – Erected by Peter Fitzsimons, 5 St. James Avenue, Dublin, in memory of his parents, J. .. died 6th December 1909 aged 79. Brigid Fitzsimons died 22nd .. 1929 aged 94 years. His brother, James, died 22nd September 1906 aged 25 years. Matthew died 22nd October 1932. Patrick Fitzsimons 15th April 1934. On their soul sweet Jesus have mercy.

Fitzsimons – Here lieth the body of James Fitzsimons died 22nd April 1739 aged 60 years.

Healy – see Tormay

Keegan – Pray for the soul of William Keegan died 7th March 1734 aged 70. Erected by Patrick Keegan.

Lynch – Erected by Laurence Lynch in memory of his father, Michael Lynch, who died 25th April 1825 aged 66 years. Also his mother, Bridget Lynch, who died 30th November 18.. aged 80. Also his sister Judith Lynch who died 18th November 1817 aged 27 years.

McDermott – Erected by John McDermott, in memory of his mother, sister and Farrelly family, Rathendrick. Mrs. May McDermott died 26th September 1896 aged 70. Nannie died 17th April 1903 aged 35. Mrs. Julia Robinson died 17th July 1938 aged 71.

Madden – Erected by .. Madden in memory of his father, John Madden, who died .. December 1814 aged 78.

Moynagh – Erected by Patrick Moynagh in memory of his father, Christopher Moynagh, who died 3rd December 1796 aged 92. Also his mother, Anne, alias Reilly, who died 20th October .. aged 80. Also his son, Thomas, died 3rd April 1797 aged 16 years.

Mulvany- Erected by Dr. Mulvany in memory of his father, Patrick Mulvany, who died 4th March 1901 aged 82 years. His mother, Rose Mulvany, died 8th January 1881, aged 56 years. His grandfather, Henry Mulvany, died 3rd December 1856 aged 72 years. His grandmother, Ellen Mulvany, died 13th August 1864 aged 78 years. His brother, Henry.

Mulvany – Pray for the soul of Katherine Mulvany who departed this life 7th January 1767  aged 52 years. Erected by her son, Michael McCabe.

Pigott – Anne Pigott departed this life 11th January 1938. Erected by her employer, Colonel Roland Gurjine, DSO, of Folkington, Sussex, in grateful remembrance and recognition of many years of service and her love for his dogs.

Reilly – Pray for the soul of Mary Reilly, who departed 26th May 1770 aged 37. Also Peter …

Reilly – see Moynagh

Robinson – see McDermott.

Smith – Of your charity pray for the soul of James Smith who died 25th June 1844 aged 22 years. Also his father, Patrick, died 13th November 1852 aged 64. Anne Smith died 5th December 1864 aged 27. Erected by Rev. P.A. Smith, Norwolk, CT, America.

Smyth – This stone was erected by Patrick Smyth in memory of his posterity 1803 and in memory of his father, Laurence Smyth, who departed 7th July 1797 aged 70 years.

Tormay – Erected by the Widow Tormay of Ballaghinea, in memory of her mother, .. Healy, died 28th October 1821 aged 651 years. Also her sister, Katherine Healy, died March 1807 aged 32. Also her brother, James, died 7th April 1837 aged 56 years.

Tormay – Erected by the Widow Tormay of Ballaghinea, in memory of her husband, Farrell Tormay, who died 12th October 1829 aged 86 years. Also her son, Matthew, died 25th December 1812 aged 26. Her son, Patrick, died 4th July 1836 aged 25 years.