Dowth Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions

Recorded by Dr. Patrick J. Shortall

From: Journal of Old Drogheda Society 1998

Blake – Inscribed to the memory of Mrs. Frances Blake y John, sixth Lord Viscount Netterville who was her affectionate brother.

Bourke- In loving memory of Anthony Bourke, Newgrange, who died 17th Feb 1963 and his dear wife Bridget who died 29 June 1963. Their son, Patrick, died 21 July 1983 aged 59. RIP.

Bowden – See McCormick

Boylan – Erected by Richard Boylan of Dowth in memory of his son, James Andrew, who died 3 March 1890 aged 26 years. Also his daughter Catherine who died young. And his daughter Cecilia who died 12 March 1893 aged 16 years. The above Richard died 28 November 1910 aged 90 His wife Mary died 8 August 1907 aged 87. Their son Richard died 28 November1947. Their daughters Mary Anne died 13 December 1946, Alice McQuillan died 23 March 1948, Margaret died 6 Oct 1949, Elizabeth died 30th December 1956

Boylan – See Donegan  

Boyle O’Reilly – Seagan Baoighil O’Raghallaigh. Gaiscidheach, file, cainteoir, Fior-Ghaedealach gradagh cludhamail. D’Fulaing gear-chradh on bPreatan Mora r son Eireann. Bi suil aige I gcomhraishe o chroidhe do behith curthain san mball-so go direach ameasc na gcnoc agus na machairi in ar togadh e and da thug se searc a chleithe. A De tabhair suamhneas siorruidhe da anam om mheaduig se clu a thire. Amen. John Boyle O’Reilly born at Dowth 28th June 1844. Died at Hull, Boston, Mass, USA. 10 August 1890. RIP.

Brien – Erected by Mary Drew, Dowth, in memory of her mother, Alice Brien, who died 1854. Her father, Hugh Brien, who died 1864. And her brother, John Brien, who died 1893.

Byrne – Erected by Patrick Byrne in memory of his father, Edward. He died in 1801 aged 80 years. His mother died in 1795 aged 72 years. Also his wife, Jane Byrne, died the 12th May 1805 aged 52 years. Four of his children died young. Also the above Patrick Byrne who died 2nd October 1813 aged 61 years.

Carolan – In loving memory of Anne Carolan, Windmill Road, Drogheda, died 2nd December 1938. Her husband, Paddy, died 19th March 1977. Their grand–daughter Monica died 6th Jan 1948 aged 3 months.

Cartin – Erected by Valentine Cartin of Drogheda in memory of his father, Valentine Cartin, aged 72 years. Also of his mother, Elizabeth Cartin, aged 52 years and three of his children who died young. Also of his daughter, Elizabeth Cartin aged 10 years. And also here lieth the body of the above named Valentine, who departed this life 1st of March 1820 aged 46 years. RIP. Amen.

Clancy – In loving memory of Peter Clancy died 22 September 1928. His wife, Jane, died 15 November 1945. Also Mary Cole, Dowth, died 10 June 1978. Her husband, William, died 28 June 1984. RIP. We will always love and remember you. Patsy, Nano and family.

Cole – see Clancy

Connor – This monument was erected by Mary Connor of Slane in memory of her beloved husband, Thomas Connor, who departed this life 15 March 1828 aged 40 years. RIP.

Devin – Erected AD 1862 by Thomas Devin of Dowth in memory of his beloved father, George Devin, who died 17th August 1825 aged 67 years. Also of his mother, Judith Devin, who died 20th May 1855 aged 84 years. And also of his sister, Catherine, who died 1836 aged 22 years. And his daughter, Mary Devin, who died young. His wife, Anne, died March 7th 1868. And the above Thomas, who died January 6th 1878. Also their son, John George Devin died 22 June 1927. His wife, Angela, died 18 September 1937. Their son, Thomas, died 21 March 1965. Mary Josephine Devin died 1st February 1979 aged 89. James Devin died 12th February 1984 aged 94. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Dixon – In loving memory of Ellen Dixon, Newgrange, who died 25th November 1948 aged 62 years. Her husband, Patrick, who died 24 July 1962. RIP.

Donegan – Erected by Alice Boylan of Dowth, in memory of her beloved mother, Bridget Donegan, who died 2nd June 1836 aged 80 years. Also her brother, Peter Donegan, who died 12th July 1818 aged 25 years. And also her beloved father, Richard Donegan, who died 25th March 1812 aged 60 years. Here also lie her sister, Mary Donegan, who died in the year 1800 aged 18 years.

Donoghue – See Heston

Drew – see Brien

Drumm – In loving memory of Elizabeth Drumm, Balfaddock, Slane, who died 24 July 1956. Her husband, Patrick, died 25 January 1973. RIP.

Dunn – Here lyeth the body of Lucy Dunn, wife of William Dunn who ….

Elcock – Erected by Thomas Elcock, Dowth, in affectionate remembrance of his beloved brother, James, who departed this life 15th December 1872 aged 65 years. Also in memory of his father, Luke Elcock, who died in the year 1826. Also Mary, his mother, who died in February 1863. And of his brother, Patrick, who died in Drogheda, October 20th 1863 aged 43 years. RIP.

Elcock – Erected by Mr. Thomas Elcock, Dowth, in remembrance of James and Mary Elcock, of the Mill of Dowth. Also their children, Bridget, Margaret, Luke, Mary and Anne.

Farrell – IHS.  In loving memory of Alfred Farrell, Dowth, who died the 11th August 1943. His wife, Anne, died 27th December 1953. And their son, Charles, died 25th May 1944.Their daughter, Elizabeth Emily, died 23 January 1992. RIP.

Farrell – IHS. Erected by Edward Farrell of Dowth in memory of his daughter, Mary Farrell, who departed this life the 9th February 1818. Also of his father John Farrell, who died 3rd November 1816 and also of his son, Thomas Farrell, who departed this life 7th January 1810.

Grimes – In loving memory of Michael Grimes, Newgrange, died 13 March 1952 aged 53 years. And his wife, Anne, died 16 August 1983 aged 82 years.

Hand – In loving memory of John Hand, Dowth, who died 18 June 1946. His son, Patrick J. died 10th October 1940. Also his mother-in-law Catherine Hanratty, died 19 February 1940. And his loving wife, Mary Anne, died 5 June 1992. RIP.

Hand – In loving memory of John Hand, Dowth, who died 17 January 1965. RIP. Always remembered by his loving wife and daughter.

Hanlon – IHS. Underneath are deposited the remains of the late Very Rev. Doctor Hanlon, Pastor of Slane, who finished the course of his earthly career after a tedious indisposition  which he bore with only Christian resignation on the 11th day of July 1823 in the 67th year of his age. In this exemplary clergyman were united every virtue that could render him agreeable to God and pleasing to man. He combined in his person the piety of the saint and the learning of the scholar. He lived esteemed and died regretted.

Hanratty – In loving memory of Edward Hanratty, Grangegeeth, Slane, died 10th March 1941 aged 46. His son, Joseph, died 1935 aged 6. His parents and sister, Katie. His wife, Catherine, died 6th November 1983 aged 81. His wife, Catherine, died 6th November 1983 aged 81. RIP. Erected by his dear wife and family.

Hanratty – See Hand

Heston – In loving memory of Rose Donoghue, died 3rd February 1941. David Heston died 19th May 1942. John B. Heston died 21st October 1973. Patrick Heston died 17 September 1980. RIP.

Hickey – Erected by Robert and Anne Hickey, Dowth, in loving memory of their grandparents and parents. Also their daughter, Rose. The above named Robert, died 4 August 1973. And his wife, Ann, died 2 March 1964.

Hoey – See Walsh

King – Erected by Mr. John King, of Mell PLG, to the memory of his beloved wife, Mrs. Rose King, who departed this life the 24th day of November 1860. Her many amiable qualities endeared her to all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance through life and her death was deeply deplored by her many friends but especially the poor to whom she was a liberal benefactress. May she rest in peace. Amen.

Long – See O’Hanlon

Markey – IHS. This burial place belongs to Thomas Markey where lies his wife, Alice Markey, who died December 17th 1764 aged 61.

Martin – IHS. This stone and burial belongeth to Luke Martin, of Dowth and his posterity. Wherein lieth his father, John Martin, aged 100 and also his mother. Anno Domini 1769.

Merryman – Here lieth the body of Thomas Merryman, who died December the 7th 1760 aged 40 years. Also the body of Mary Merryman, who died May the 1st 1775 aged 27 years.    

Mooney – In loving memory of Peter Mooney, Dowth, died 20th November 1991 aged 78 years. Rest in Peace.

Mooney – In loving memory of Patrick Mooney, Dowth, died 2nd June 1943 aged 75. And his wife, Bridget, died 14th June 1946 aged 64. Their son, Michael, died 5 March 1968 aged 58. RIP.

Mullen – In loving memory of Peter Mullen, Dowth, who died 21 September 1966 aged 51 years. RIP.

Munnelly – In loving memory of Michael Munnelly, Newgrange, died 13 February 1951. His wife, Bridget, died 25 January 1960. Their son, Anthony, died 31 July 1954. RIP.

McCormick – Erected by James McCormick of Mell, in memory of his beloved wife, Catherine, who departed this life the 25th September 1855 aged 60 years. Also the remains of James, son of the above named who departed this life 5th December 1847 aged 7 years. Also the remains of Widow Bowden, mother of the above named, Catherine McCormick, who departed this life June 1831 aged 70 years.

McDonnell – In loving memory of Laurence McDonnell, Dowth, who died 1 February 1957 aged 49 years.

McManoman – In loving memory of Anthony McManamon, Mellifont, Collon, who died 5 February 1988 aged 65 years. Rest in peace.

McQuillan – See Boylan

Netterville – Pray for the repose of the soul of Robert William Netterville of Cruicerath in the County of Meath, Esquire, whose remains are here deposited. He departed this life at Brussels in Belgium, on the 12th day of July in the year of Our Lord 1834. This monument is erected by his son, Arthur James Netterville of Cruicerath. RIP.

Netterville –  see Blake

Norris – This stone was erected by James Norris of Oldbridge. Underneath lieth the body of his father Peter Norris, who departed this life February 2nd 1769 aged 69 years.

O’Hanlon – See Hanlon

O’Hanlon – IHS. This stone is erected by John Long of Drogheda to the memory of his beloved wife, Margaret O’Hanlon, whose remains lie here with those of her departed kindred. Benevolent, charitable and compassionate during the course of her mortal life, she died truly regretted by her friends the 14th July 1799 aged 42 years.

O’Hanlon – IHS. This burial place belongs to Michael O’Hanlon, Lugher, and his family. Here lieth the body of his son, John O’Hanlon, deceased August the 23rd 1766 aged 19 years.

O’Leary – In loving memory of Anne O’Leary, daughter of the late Joseph O’Leary, Barrister-at-law and Vice President of Queen’s College, Galway, died 23 July 1903 aged 63 years. RIP. Erected by a few of her old friends.

Reilly –  In loving memory of John Reilly, Newgrange, who died 26 December 1970. His wife, Sarah, who died 17 December 1971. Their son, Patrick, who died 3 December 1972.

Reilly – In loving memory of Margaret Reilly, Dowth, who died 29th October 1956. Her husband, died 12 April 1949. Their daughter, Kathleen, died 11 February 1937 aged 23 years.

Rogers – IHS. Sacred to the memory of Michael Rogers, of Mary’s Street, Drogheda, who died 2nd of May 1878 aged 64 years and his wife, Judith, who died March 6th 1894 aged 80 years.

Smith – In loving memory of Sarah Smith, Dowth, who died 23 February 1970 aged 80 years. Her husband, James, died 28th February 1972 aged 94 years.

Smith – In loving memory of Daniel Smith, Newgrange, died 9-4-1949. His wife, Annie, died 11-4-1958. Their daughters died Ellen (Dolly) 18-8-1939, Evelyn (Eva) 29-1-1978. Their sons, Michael, died 29-9-1943, Peter died 8-2-1985.

Smith – In loving memory of Patrick Smith, Knowth, died 4th December 1973 aged 86. Also his wife, Catherine, died 30th March 1977 aged 79 years. RIP.

Smith – Peter Smith died 8-2-1985

Smith – Mrs. Lily Smith died 13th January 1938.

Smith – In loving memory of Margaret (Peggy) Smith, Monknewtown, who died 28 December 1962 aged 36 years. Annie Smith died 9 May 1965. Her husband, John, died 18 August 1963. Their son, John Joseph (Jackie) died 12th December 1993 aged 80 years. RIP.

Walsh – In loving memory of Thomas Walsh, Knowth, who died 11 November 1964. His wife, Annie, died 21 January 1979. Her sisters Rose Hoey, died 18 March 1978 and Catherine (Katie) died 2 April 1982. RTP. Erected by his wife, Annie.