Drinadaly Graveyard

Gravestone Inscriptions in alphabetical order. Very overgrown. Noel French.

ANDREWS – In loving memory of Christopher Andrews, Kilmurray Ave. Trim, died 28th November 1966 aged 72 years. His wife, Sarah, died 27th February 1995 aged 89 years. Their son, Christopher, died 11th July 1948 aged 21 years. John J. Cullen, brother of Sarah, died 19th August 1975 aged 76 years. William Andrews, son of Christopher and Sarah, died 21st July 2004 aged 54 years.

ANDREWS – In loving memory of Peter Andrews, Kilmuray, Trim, 1st March 1938-10th  July 2011.

BIRD – In loving memory of Michael Bird died 22 June 1932 aged 84. His wife, Catharine, died 17 January 1940 aged 85. Their son, Thomas, died 18 May 1938 aged 50. Also Michael died 23rd August 1961 aged 67. Catherine (Cissie) died 4th March 1966 aged 81. Mollie died 14th September 1976 aged 89. Josie died 24th March 1959 aged 62, Trim. Christy died 9th July 1974 aged 83, Dublin. Sr. Vincent died 12th February 1968 aged 74, England. Sr. Aquinas died 20th November 1978 aged 89, England. Sr. Francis died 28th October 1980 aged 82, England.

BLIGH – In loving memory of Mary Bligh, Waterloo Lodge, died 28 December 1940 aged 39 years. Her daughter, Sheila, died 13 October 1960 aged 22 years. Also Patrick Bligh died 7 July 1948 aged 5 months. Also Mrs. Pauline Bligh died 13 November 1987 aged 45 years. Johnny Bligh died 11th February 2018 aged 86 years. Denise Phelan, Monasterboice, died 15th April 2018.

BRADY – Brady.

BYRNE – This stone was erected by Christan Byrne in memory of her husband, Edward Byrne, who departed this life December 4th 1761 aged 38 years.

BYRNE – IHS This stone was erected by Peter Byrne in memory of his father, James Byrne, who died February 22nd 1795 aged 84 years. Also two of his children Christopher and Anne. May they rest in peace.

CAHILL – Pray for the soul of Teresa Cahill died 1899 aged 89. John P. Hanly died 1925 aged 83. Teresa Hanly died 1883 aged 36. Bertie and Andrew died 1883. Teresa Tina died 1901 aged 19. Joseph died 1923 aged 50. Madeline died 1932 aged 63. Madeline Hanly, nee O’Reilly, died 17th July 1954 aged 70. Her husband, Angus Hanly, died 16th November 1958 aged 83. Interred at Ferrybank Churchyard, Waterford. Refurbished by David Dickenson of Waterford, 2012.

CAREW – Pray for the soul of Patrick Carew who died 17 March 1897 and for his mother, Anne and wife, Bridget.

COLLWELL – IHS This stone was erected by Bryan Collwell in memory of his father, Matthew Collwell who departed this life December the 3rd 1750 aged 70 years. Lord have mercy on his soul. Amen.



DONOGHUE – In loving memory of Anne Donoghue, Drinadaly, Trim, died 2nd June 1982 aged 67. Paddy Donoghue died 15th April 2009.


DOUGLAS – In loving memory of Thomas Douglas died 18th March 1941. And his beloved wife, Jane, died 6th December 1947. Rest in Peace.

FARRELL – Erected by Owen Farrell, Harcourt Lodge, Trim, Co. Meath in memory of his father, Edward Farrell died April 18th 1875 aged 77 years. Also his uncle, Owen Farrell, died August 11th 1879 aged 74. Also please pray for the soul of said Owen Farrell, Harcourt Lodge, Trim, died October 12th 1926 aged 75 years. Mary Farrell died 27 March 1934 age 84. May they rest in peace with God. Amen.

FARRELL – Erected in memory of Owen Farrell died 8th August 1879 aged 74 years. His brother, Edward, died 19th April 1875 aged 77 years.

FARRELL – In loving memory of Matthew Farrell, Drinadaly, Trim. Died 13 November 1949 aged 66.  Also his father, Edward Farrell, died 31 October 1917 aged 58. And his mother, Mary Farrell, died 12 March 1932 aged 83. His twin brother, John Farrell died 12 September 1953 aged 79. RIP.

Matt died 6 February 1980. Peter died 10 June 1982. Edward died 26 August 1997. Rest in Peace.

FAY – In loving memory of Lill Fay, died 22nd August 2004. Rest in Peace. We hold you close within our hearts and there you shall remain.

GARRY – In loving memory of Thomas Garry (Carnisle) died 3rd November 1950 age 73 years. His wife, Catherine, died 19th December 1980 age 92 years. Their son, Thomas, died 3rd September 1955 age 26 years. Patrick Garry died 29th November 2000 age 77 years. RIP.

GARRY – Erected in memory of Patrick (Pat) Garr, Portlester, died 11th March 1999 aged 92 years. Also his parents Mary Garry, Crossinstown, died 19th January 1909. John Garry died 21st December 1963 (Interred in Ballivor) Rest in Peace.

GUNNING – In loving memory of Matt Gunning, Drinadaly, died 9 June 1999 aged 76. His mother, Alice, died 19 September 1944. His father, Patrick, died 6 March 1960. His sister, Nancy, died 25 January 1948. And her baby son, Patrick. Elizabeth (Betty) Gunning, wife of Matt, died 6 April 2007 aged 84. Erected by their family.


KEATING – To the memory of William Keating, a native of Co. Tipperary, who departed this life March 31st 1829 aged 70. This token of affection is placed over his remains by his daughter, Mrs. Jane Walker of London.

MC GARRY – Sacred to the memory of Michael McGarry, Shanco, who died 9th January 1888 aged 91 years. And of his wife, Bridget, who died February 1855 aged 28 years. His son, Michael McGarry, died 24th June 1924. His wife, Bridget, died 27th March 1948. Their son, Harry, died 27th May 1963. Also uncles and aunts. RIP.

NEWMAN – In loving memory of Christopher Newman died 10 March 1901 aged 65. His wife, Bridget, died 5 December 1928 aged 73. Also their daughter, Margaret Newman died 11 October 1941 age 46. Their son, Patrick, died 16 April 1967 age 79. Katie Newman died 10 November 1886 age 97.

O’RAFFERTY – In loving memory of Patrick O’Rafferty died 11 November 1944. Also his wife, Elizabeth, interred in Kildalkey.



RUSSELL – Lord have mercy on the soul of Thomas Russell, Harcourt Lodge, who died 9th January 1879 aged 79 years and his wife, Catherine J., who died 6th March 1871 aged 69 years. Also their sons, Robert, who died 11th March 1866 aged 28 years. William J. who died 16th June 1878 aged 34 years. Also their daughters Mary E. Duignan who died 28th November 1887 aged 57 years. And Kate M. Russell, who died 12th March 1891 aged 50 years. Also Louisa Mary, wife of William Russell, who died 7th February 1882 aged 33 years. And their granddaughter Kathleen Russell who died 13th April 1875 aged 3 months. RIP.