Recorded by Beryl F.E Moore & Mrs. Josephine Maguire 1974

Drumlargan graveyard is round and has a diameter of about 55 yds.  It has a wall around it but unfortunately the recent storm blew down 2 large trees which have broken down big areas of this wall. There are only 10 burial places with lettered tombstones and none on the north or east sides of the ruined church.


BRADY – Modern white marble stone with simple cross engraved on top. “In loving memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Brady, Garadice, nee Bruton, Whitehall, Westmeath died 15th June 1937 aged 34 yrs”.

BUTTLER – Old dark stone much sunk in the ground and leaning forward.  Cross and IHS but no sunburst.  “Here lyeth Ye body of Thos buttler who depd Ye 30 July 1729 aged 48 years”.

CARR – Old dark stone of very plain type.  Sunk in the ground and tilting very much forward.   Sunburst, cross & IHS.  On each side is a plant (not in a pot) with a flower like a tulip.  “Erected by Patr … Carr in memory of his father John Carr who died March the 27. 1768, aged 57 yrs., also his mother Mary Carr who died Octr. the 11th 1781 aged 58 yrs”.

DALY – See Scully Michael

GOGARTY(?) – Old dark stone with sunburst cross and IHS in centre of top, on each side a finely carved dove with a large olive branch in her mouth.  The right side (viewer’s) of this stone has all flaked off so it was only the words on the left side we could read.  “This stone was erected by Pa …. and James  Go…. In memory ….” We thought the name might have been Patrick and Gogarty.

GOWRAN – Very thick old dark stone, tilting to south and sunk in the ground on the south side.  sunburst around IHS with a cross over it.  “Here lieth the body of Mary Gowran who died April the 91781 aged 48 yrs.  Also her son John died June the 16th 1784 aged 21 yrs.  Erected by Edwd. Gowran”.

MC ENTEER – Broken stone tilted to the north and sunk in the ground, full sunburst with cross, IHS and the heart pierced by 3 barbs.  A floral design on each side.  “Here lieth the body of Richard McEnteer who died April the 16th 1764 aged 65 yrs. and also his wife Margaret McEnteer who died Sept. the 20. 1755 aged 55yrs.  Erected by Thomas McEnteer “.

MAGEE – Slab heeling to south and east with sunburst and faint remains of IHS and heart.  A floral design to each side of it.  “This stone was erect’d by Patrick Magee in memory of his mother Marget Magee who …… 1782 aged 72 yrs and his daughter Elizabeth … Nov. 18th  ……”

RICHARDSON FERRANS – Plain Cross with inscription on east face of the base. “Erected by G ? Richardson Ferrans July 20th 1908 in memory of his 4 children”.    

SCULLY – Stone broken in 2 pieces.  Full sunrise with cross and IHS and heart transfixed by 3 Barbs.  “This stone was erected by Michael Scully” on one stone and on the other “in memory of his father Michael Scully who died January the 26th 1766 aged 70 years.  Also Darby Daly died …”  The end of the inscription can’t be seen.

Church Ruins …. East end is represented by a grass-covered ridge some 7 yds. and 2 ft. high.  West end is comprised of a wall 7 or 8 ft. high and 7 yds. wide.  It has a small window.  The length of the church is 17 yds and seems to have been a simple one chambered building.  It must have had north or south doors as the west end has no door.  A dome shaped vault was constructed in the west end of  this little church rising 3 – 4 ft. above floor level, so must have been constructed after services ceased to be held in Drumlargan church.  In recent times this vault has been broken open.