Dulane Gravestones, Carnaross

Recorded by Tony Coogan and Gerry McMahon 2006

Beggy – see Brien.

Boylan – In loving memory of James Boylan, Dulane, died 16th June 1965. His mother, Catherine, died 31st December 1908. His father, Bernard, died 1st July 1912. Also his three young children. His brother, Thomas, died 25th June 1966. Julia Boylan died 10th April 1978, aged 75 years.

Bradley- In loving memory of Bridget Bradley, Cannon Street, Kells, died 28th February 1910 aged 70. Also her husband, James Bradley, died 17th November 1918, aged 84.

Bradley – Memento Mori, Gloria in Excelsis. Erected by Edward, John, James and Matthew Bradley of Fegat as a tribute of respect to the memory of their beloved father, James Bradley, who departed this life 6th May 1820, aged 78. Also their sister, Mary Bradley, who departed this life, 27th December 1805, aged 13 years.

Bradley – Erected by John Bradley of Fegath, in memory of his brother, Paddy Bradley, departed this life April 1835, aged 35 years. Also his beloved mother, Mary Bradley, who departed this life, March 1810, aged 65 years. Also his brother, Philip Bradley, who departed this life April 1850, aged 74 years. Also James Heary, who departed this life October 1855 aged 40. Also his son, James Bradley, who departed 14th May 1862 aged 18 years.

Bradley – This monument was erected by John Bradley, in memory of his wife, Mary Bradley, alias Farrelly, who departed this life 19th January 1792, aged 53 years and then of their children. Also Bridget Bradley, alias Connin, the above John’s mother, died 1740, aged 32 years.

Bradley – Here lieth the body of Nicholas Bradley, who departed this life 7th April 1781, aged 87. Also Eleanor Bradley, alias Brady, his wife who departed this life 1st January 1784, aged 63. This monument was erected by their sons, Thomas, Patrick and Jerome.

Bradly – Sacred to the memory of Patrick Bradly of .. of the parish of Loughan, who departed this life 20th January 1792, aged 70 years.

Brady – see Bradley

Brien – Erected by Anne Brien, in loving memory of her father, Michael Brien, Cakestown, died 22nd February 1894. Also her mother Mary Brien, died 23rd September 1897, brother James died 7th June 1899. Her niece, Nanny Beggy, died 22nd February 1896.

Brien – see Smyth

Broder – Here lies the body of Thom Broder, son of John Broder, who departed this life 10th February 1740 aged 86 years.

Broder – Here lieth the body of Margaret Broder, who departed this life 3rd July 1752, aged 27 years.

Carolan – In loving memory of Patrick Carolan, Wilkinstown, died 9th January 1963. His wife, Tory, died 24th July 1972. Also his parents, brothers and sisters.

Carpenter – In loving memory of Johnny Carpenter, Oakley Park, Kells, died 9th November 1987 aged 53 years. His wife, Birdie, died 3rd November 1991, aged 60.

Carpenter – In loving memory of Thomas Carpenter, Oakley Park, died 10th April 1976, aged 89. His wife, Katie, died 11th March 1982, aged 80.

Carpenter – In loving memory of Laurence Carpenter, Dulane, died 28th June 1971. His daughter, Anne. Also his parents, John and Mary Carpenter. His wife, Christina, died 16th March 1995, aged 88.

Carpenter – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick Carpenter, Knockglass, Kells, died 28th August 1977, aged 87. His wife, Helena, died 12th December 1993, aged 89.

Carpenter – In loving memory of Annie Carpenter, Abhaile, Knockglass. Died 10th April 2008. Rest in peace.

Clinton – In memory of William Clinton, Balreask, who died 17th June 1919 .. Erected by his wife, Anne Clinton.

Connin – see Bradley

Cornmeadow –  see Molloy

Corrigan – Erected by Annie Corrigan, in memory of her beloved husband, John Corrigan, late of … Departed this life 19th January 1844, aged 40. Also his mother, departed this life, 1819, aged 45. His father, departed this life 1825, aged 56 … died aged 9 years.

Corrigan – see Rourke

Cruise – See McGrane

Cuddy – In loving memory of Margaret Cuddy, Dulane, died 7th April 1955. Her husband, John, died 22nd March 1969.

Cunningham – Sacred to the memory of William Cunningham aged 20 years. Michael Cunningham, aged 76 years, Anne Cunningham aged 60 years, Pat Cunningham, aged 73 years. Michael Cunningham died 24th February 1853, aged 60 years. Michael Cunningham died 4th April 1884, aged 69 years.

Curran – In loving memory of Edward Curran, died 17th September 1972. His children, Lillian and Edward. Also his wife, Lil, died 12th December 1985. Cissie Gurreen died 18th March 1991. His brother died 28th December 1995 aged 84.

Daly – In loving memory of Bernard Daly, The Carrick, Kells, died at Loughcrew 11th September 1893. His wife, Katherine, died 31st March 1908. Their children, Rose, died 20th October 1866 aged 1 year. Honoria died 7th June 1879 aged 20 years. John died 27th June 1900 aged 40 years. Matthew, Patrick and Mary died in the USA.

Daly – Peter Daly, Bective Street, died 4th April 1931 aged 58 years. His beloved wife, Ellen, died 17th November 1934 aged 54 years. Their children, Patrick, died 31st October  1896 aged 7 days. Patrick died 27th January 1907 aged 4 years. Patrick H. died May 1906 aged 2 years. John died 19th May 1907 aged 8 years. Robert died 18th February 1912 aged 4 years. Mary B. Hale died 25th April 1954, interred Mount Jerome. Mary Kate Daly died 10th September 1953 aged 95 years. Michael Daly died 10th September 1994.

Daly – In loving memory of William (Willie) Daly, died 30th December 2007, age 93.

Dunne – In loving memory of the Dunne family, Normanstown and Marvelstown.

Dunne – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of John Dunne, Balreask, died 3rd February 1902. His wife, Mary, died 9th February 1944. Their baby grandchild, Kathleen O’Rourke, died March 1924. Also their son, Michael B. died 14th November 1974. Edward F. died 26th October 1983. Agnes Dunne, Balreask, Carlanstown, Kells born 1st November 1896, died 1st October 1993.

Dunne – Erected by Patrick Dunne, John Street, Kells, in loving memory of his daughter, Mary, died 18th January 1905, aged 23. Pray for the soul of the above named Patrick Dunne, died 5th March 1912. Also of his wife, Margaret Dunne, died 21st March 1921. Also his daughter, Annie, died 26th October 1926.

Duffy – In loving memory of the Duffy family, Maperath, Kells.

Farrelly – In loving memory of Michael Farrelly, Oakley Park, died 28th April 1971. His daughters Mary, Nancy and Josephine. Also his wife, Kathleen, died 18th December 1964, aged 83.

Farrelly – In loving memory of Patrick Farrelly, Knockaranny, died 26th December 1963, aged 56. His wife, Margaret, died 5th May 1988.

Farrelly – Erected by Rev. Philip Farrelly PP, Moynalty, in memory of his beloved sister, Mary, her husband, Patrick Mullen of Lawerstown. Their parents, brothers, sisters, friends. She died 10th June 1847.

Farrelly – see Bradley

Flood – Michael Flood died 15th June 1872, aged 59. Mary, his wife, died 25th June 1876, aged 68. Erected by their son, John H. Flood, N.H., USA.

Fox – see Smyth

Gerathy – This stone was erected by John Gerathy in memory of his son, Philip, who departed this life 19th July 1817 aged 24 years.

Govern – Erected by Michael Govern, in memory of his father, Cormac, who departed 9th September 1797, aged 8? years. His wife, Katherine Govern, alias Smith, departed this life19th February 17…, aged 65 years. Also his daughter, Elizabeth Govern, who departed 5th
February 1817 aged 20 years. Also his son, John Govern, who departed 6th May 1813, aged 6.

Griffin – In loving memory of James Griffin, died 8th May 1932. Bridget Sheridan died 1st April 1938. Edward Griffin died 29th November 1957. Mary Griffin died 2nd May 1961. Also Anne (Nancy) Duffy died 17th April 1986.

Guerin – In loving memory of Michael Geurin, Williamstown, Kells, died 24th October 1980 aged 79. His wife, Rosie, died 17th April 1994, aged 84.

Gurreen – see Curran

Hall – In loving memory of John Hall, died 19th February 1919, aged 50 years. Also his wife, Margaret Hall, died 31st October 1926 aged 60. Their daughter, Mary, died 23rd June 1923 aged 23 and their son, Arthur, died 19th February 1933, aged 29 years.

Kegley – In sad and loving memory of Jane Kegley, Williamstown, died 2nd June 1932, aged 80 and Anne Morris, Newrath, Kells, died March 1932 aged 40. Mrs. Mary Murray died 25th April 1947.

Kelly – This stone was erected by Patrick Kelly in memory of his father, James, aged 50, who departed this life 1797. His mother, Bridget. His father Matthew departed this life 1815, aged 59.

Kinsella – Lord have mercy on the souls of John Kinsella, his wife, Mary. Their daughter, Christina, and sons William and John.

Lynch – In loving memory of Edward Lynch, Cakestown, and his wife, Rose, daughters Mary and Kate and son John, died 16th March 1976.

Lynch – In loving memory of Rev. Eugene Lynch PP Dunshaughlin who died 11th April 1885 aged 52. And of Thomas B. Lynch, Maperath, who died 11th April 1963 aged 88 years. And his wife, Julia, who died 14th January 1973 aged 81 years. His son, Hugh, died 6th July 1984 and Rev. John F. Lynch died 5th October 1995 aged 69. Interred in Korea.

Lynch – Sacred to the memory of Katherine and Thomas Lynch, late of Rahood, over whose remains as the last tribute of filial affection, their son, Patrick Lynch, of Gravelstown has erected this monument AD 1825.

Lynch – This monument was erected by Patrick, Conar, Luke and Hugh Lynch as a testimony of gratitude to their departed friends and relatives.

Lynch – In loving memory of my parents James and Anne Lynch, also daughter Katie. Their son, Philip, died 7th January 1912, daughter, Bridget, departed 11th July 1942, aged 45. Michael Lynch departed 14th February 1939, wife, Nellie, departed 21st June 1939, daughter, Susan, died 28th January 1975.

Lynch – see McBride

McAnnoy – Erected by Daniel McAnnoy in memory of his father, William, McAnnoy, who departed 14th March 1811, aged 70. Also his mother, Katherine, who departed June 1792, aged 48. Also his daughter, Katherine, departed January 1792, aged 34.

McBride – Erected by Michael McBridge, in memory of his father, Conner McBride of Drumharren, departed 29th September  1819, aged 77, also his mother, Rose McBride, alias Lynch, who departed 24th July 1811, aged 67 years. His brother, Edward McBride, departed December 1793, aged 17 years. Also his brother, Brian McBride, who departed 19th October 1807, aged 28 years. Also his father, Matt McBride, who departed 29th March 1811 aged 32 years.

McDonald – In loving memory of Peter McDonald, Mahonstown, died 13th February 1967, aged 41. His wife, Elizabeth, died 2nd February 1972, aged 82.

McDonnell – Erected by Richard McDonnell of Kells. His father, Edward and his brother, Matthew, who departed August 1824. Also as a tribute of respect to the memory of his dearly beloved wife, Mary, with the loss of whom it was the will of providence to inflict on him, 13th August 1837 in the 39th year of her age, and his son, Richard, deceased 14th December 1837 in the 7th year of his age. Mary McDonnell died 16th August 1885, aged 56 years. Richard McDonnell died August 1886.

McGrane – This stone was erected by John McGrane, in memory of his father, George, who departed 18th August 1760, aged 79. Also of Elizabeth, alias Cruise, wife to George, who departed this life, 30th May 1766, aged 62 years. For him and his posterity pray for their souls.

McNally – Erected in loving memory of Annie Nally, died 28th June 1999. Also James, who died 20th October 1980. Also John died June 26th 1948.

McNally – In loving memory of our dear mother, Anne McNally, Gravelstown, died 13th October 1957. Her son, John, died 30th June 1948. James died September 1922. Her husband, Joseph McNally died 2nd August 1961. Her daughter, Elizabeth Lilly O’Reilly died 9th December 1979. Thomas McNally died 28th December 1983.

McNamee – In loving memory of James McNamee, died 17th June 1904 and Catherine McNamee died 13th September 1933. James McNamee died 10th September 1943. Kathleen Tobin died 30th November 1966.

Manning – In loving memory of the Manning family, Whitecommons, Dulane, and all deceased members interred in Kells, Dublin and London. May they rest in peace.

Martin – This stone was erected by Bernard Martin in memory of his son, Michael, who departed this life October 1876, aged 16.

Molloy – In loving memory of Matthew (Mattie) Molloy, Archdeaconry, Kells, died 9th April 1990, aged 82. His wife, Ellen, (Nellie), died 15th March 1996, aged 77. Their daughter, May (Maureen) died 27th July 1959, aged 16 years. Their grandson, Baby Patrick, born an angel 28th August 1996. Their granddaughter, Baby Alex, died 10th December 1997, aged 14 days. Their granddaughter, Amber Rose, born an angel 7th November 1998. Rest in peace.

Molloy – In loving memory of Gerry Molloy, Dulane, died 16th August 1970. His wife, Julia, 31st January 1989.

Molloy – In loving memory of John Molloy, Carlanstown, died 1st April 1974, aged 73. His wife, Margaret, died 20th January 1978, aged 78. Also their son, John 1938-1973, James 1929-1992, interred in England. Terry 1948-1993, interred in Moynalty. Daughter Rose Cornmeadow died 7th July 1995 interred in Moynalty and his parents and brother, Andy.

Molloy – In loving memory of Michael Molloy, Dulane, died 18th April 1972. His wife, Nora, died 4th August 1979. Their son, James, died 21st November 1982, interred in Ashford, Kent. Their daughter, Norrie Reilly, Normanstown, died 6th September 1985.

Morris – See Kegley

Morrissey – In loving memory of John Morrissey, Mullaghea, beloved husband and father, 8th July 1955- 9th November 2004.

Mullen – In loving memory of Thomas Mullen, Cakestown, died 19th April 1976. His son, Thomas Mullen, died 7th February 1989.

Muldoon – In loving memory of Mary Muldoon, Normanstown, died 10th April 1953. Also Bridget Muldoon.

Murray – See Kegley

Nevin – Mary Nevin 1950.

Nevill – Catherine Nevill, alias Warren, died June 1825, aged 46.

Nulty –  Erected in memory of John Nulty, late of Staholmog, who departed this life 7th September 1806 in the 77th year of his age. He was the noblest work of God and an honest man. This tribute of esteem has been erected by his sorrowful wife, Judith Nulty.

O’Donoghue – see Reilly

O’Reilly – see McNally

O’Rourke – See Dunne

Rattigan – In loving memory of Michael Rattigan, Oakley Park, died 29th May 1934. His wife, Mary, died 20th November 1950.

Reilly – Erected by his family in memory of Charles Reilly, Oakley Park, died 12th June 1895 aged 93. May he rest in peace. His beloved wife, Mary, died 23rd December 1896 aged 80.

Reilly – Erected by Charley Reilly to the sacred memory of his father, Thomas Reilly, Piercetown, died 6th February 1910. Mary O’Donoghue died 1st April 1961.

Reilly – Treasured memories of our beloved son and brother, Peter Reilly, Oakley Park, Kells, died 5th March 1992 aged 30.

Reilly – In loving memory of Nicholas Reilly, Carlanstown, died 20th January 1966.

Reilly – In loving memory of Liam Reilly, Oakley Park, Kells, died 21st December 2000, aged 70 years.

Reilly – see Molloy

Rourke – Erected by Christopher Rourke, in memory of his mother, Mary Rourke, who died 18th May 1885 aged 45. Jane Rourke died 26th December 1885 aged 11. Anne Corrigan died 26th January 1892 aged 50. Patrick Rourke died 18th May 1900, aged 78. Margaret Smyth died 18th June 1940, aged 29. Her daughter, Theresa, died aged 7.

Sheridan – Here lieth the body of Thomas Sheridan, who departed this life 15th February 1780, aged 84. Also his wife, Catherine, who departed this life 2nd April 1780 aged 78.

Sheridan –  see Griffin

Skelly – Erected by John Skelly of Kells, in memory of his son, James Skelly, who departed 19th March 1907, aged 37. Also his brother, Terence Skelly, who died 7th November 1903, aged 77. Above John Skelly, died 19th June 1909, aged 81. Also his wife, Mary Skelly, died 30th September 1912, aged 82. Also his son, John, died 20th September 1915 aged 44.

Smith – In loving memory of my parents, Patrick and Mary Smith, Mullaghea. Also my dear uncle Daniel.

Smith – This stone was erected by John Smith of Mapes Bridge in memory of his father, Philip, departed this life 7th February in the year of Our Lord 1855, aged 80.

Smith – In loving memory of Richard Smith, Baltrasna, died 28th April 1933.

Smith – In loving memory of Michael Smith, Oakley Park, died 28th March 1976. Also his daughter, Carmel Anne, died 13th January 2005.

Smith – Erected by James Smith, in memory of his father, Patrick Smith, of Turkstown, died February 15th 1847, aged 50.

Smith – See Govern

Smyth – This stone was erected by Ira Smyth of Maperath in memory of his ancestors and posterity. His father, Thomas Smyth, died May 1752, aged 77. His mother, Winny Smyth, alias Fox, died May 1745, aged 60 years. Her son, Patrick, died May 1778, aged 27 and his daughter, Bridget, died March 1789, aged 24 years. Also Patrick Smyth, Balreask, died 23rd April 1875, aged 69. Also his wife, Bridget Smyth, died 18th June 1881, aged 83 years. Also his daughter, Anne Brien, died 15th October 1883, aged 53.

Smyth – see Rourke

Tobin – Erected by Patrick Tobin, Turkstown, in loving memory of his wife, Theresa, died May 1911, aged 63 years. In sad and loving memory of Patrick Tobin, died 18th April 1919 aged 85. Rose Anne Tobin died 19th November 1959. Christy Tobin died 25th February 1970.

Tobin – In loving memory of Thomas Tobin, Oakley Park, died October 1918. His wife, Margaret, died 1911. Their son, Thomas, died 1944 and daughter-in-law Kathleen died 30th November 1966. Also her husband, Francis, Graveltown, Carlanstown, died 14th May 1975. Their son, James, died 1st May 1996. Erected by Francis Tobin.

Tobin – see McNamee

Warren – see Nevill

White – In loving memory of William White, died 27th April 1951. Mrs. Annie White, died 22nd July 1937. Mary White died 5th June 1941. John White died 17th August 1942.

Yore – Here lieth the body of Garret Yore, who died AD 1759, aged 70. Also Laurence Yore, his son, who died 1st September 1784, aged 69 years. Erected by George, Peter, Mick and Christopher.