This is another graveyard in Co. Meath which is rich in ancient monuments and these are of great importance since the Church of Ireland registers  for the parish were destroyed in 1922 and the Catholic registers (unlike many in the Diocese of Meath) only date from  1852.

Within the old church and in the burial ground between it and present arch

KELLY  Sacred to the memory of Richard Kelly late Lieut. Colonel in the 34th …  who departed this life on the 7th January 1840 at Weston in the Co. ..ath in the 68th year of his age… This stone was placed here by his sorrowing Family as a small Tribute of Affection and to record their loss.  Also to the memory of Anne Kelly widow of the above named Richard Kelly and daughter of the late Francis Thomas Esqr who departed this life on 30 of September 1861 aged 82 years.

WARREN  IHS Erected by John Warren , Mount Hanover, to the memory of his beloved …her Richard Warren who departed this life 21 August 1821 And of his mother Mary Warren who died 1810 And also his brother Joseph Warren who died 1849.  Also the above John Warren and his wife Catherine Warren Also his … Michael Warren who died May 28 1908 Also his wife Mary who died April 4 1922.  Michael Warren died August 3 1931 aged 12 years.

CAFFERY  IHS  Erected by Peter Caffery of Duleek.  In this family Burial Place lieth the remains of his son James Caffery who died the 25th day of January 1792 aged  .. year.

James Caffery  late Balbriggan died June 1866 aged 68 year and his wife …therine died January 1872 aged 69 year and two of their children and … and Son died young. … John Caffery died August 1867 aged 64 years.

CAFFERY  IHS  Erected by Thomas Caffery of Duleek in Memory of his wife Catherine who departed this life 16 January 1812 aged 48.  Also of her son Tho Ownes ..ed 6 June 1804 aged

9 year.  Also the remains of the above Thomas Caffery died June 2 1814 aged 46 years.  As a Partner Parent and Child or Friend her Duty Affection and Virtues ..end.

CAFFERY  IHS  Here lieth ye Body of Thomas Caffery who departed ys life March ye 4 177 (sic) Aged 70 years and his wife Allice O Burn who died May ye 4th 1718 aged 70 years.  Also ye Body of Mary Collier who died May ye 4 1751 aged 60 years.  Richard Caffery died 1751.  Erected by James Caffery

CAFFERY  IHS  This Burial Place belongeth to Peter Caffery of Duleek and his Posterity. Here lieth four of his children and the Body  of Ann Elliott for whom this stone was Erected who departed this life the 14 of February Anno Domini 1777 aged 26.

COLEMAN  IHS   Erected by Simon Coleman of Smithstown Co.Meath in Memory of his father John Coleman who died in 1840 aged 36 years   Also Elizabeth his beloved wife who died in 1861 aged 55 years.

COLEMAN  IHS  This Stone was Erected by Thomas and James  Coleman of Drogheda for them and their Posterity.  Here lieth the Body of Margaret Coleman wife to the above James Coleman who departed this life the 24 of July 1775 aged 43 years.  Also here lieth the Body of George Coleman son to the above Thomas Coleman who departed this life the 9 of August 1777 aged 22 years.  Also here lieth the Body of his brother Patrick Coleman who departed this life the 23 of October 1777 aged 14 years.

COLEMAN  IHS Erected by Richard Coleman in memory of his father Simon Coleman who departed this life 30 March 1800 aged 44 years.  Also the wife of the above Simon Coleman who departed this life 30 July 1803 aged 43 years and two of their children who died young.

COLEMAN Here lieth the remains of Mr. Richard Coleman of Drogheda who departed this life 1st December 1816 aged 30 years.  Died on the 18 June 1821 in the 30th year of his age James Simon Coleman merchant Brother to Richd Coleman both of Drogheda.

PURFIELD  (Crest, Arms and Motto)  This Stone and Burial Place belongeth to Richard Purfield and his Posterity who Departed this life the 16 of Feby in the year of our Lord 1733 Aged 53 years.

CAVENAGH  IHS  Erected  by Richard Cavenagh of Drogheda in Memory of his Daughter Catherine who died 3 September 1837 aged 16 years  Also of his Mother  Catherine Cavanagh alias Purfield who departed this life 21 August 1812 aged 55 years.  Christina Wall, Duleek, died 6th April 1935 aged 65.  Her Husband Michael died April 22 1951 aged 81.

HATCH  Erected in dear Memory of Mark Hatch of Duleek died June 27 1823 loved husband of Jemima Hatch and their children  Richard Charles died ..arch 13 1891, Nicholas Stephen Killed in France July 1st 1916.  Minnie died 20 1919, Mark Pendry, Captain A.V.C. died December 30 1922.

HATCH   Erected by William Hatch, Duleek, to the memory of his father John Hatch who departed this life December 8 1876 aged 82 years.  His uncle Nicholas Hatch died May 18 1863 aged 50 years and of his uncle Charles Hatch died Decemeber 10 1860 aged 50 years.  Also of his mother Elizabeth Hatch who died February 5 1883 aged 58 years.  Also of his Brother Nicholas Hatch who died March 14 1901 aged 54 years.  William Hatch born 22 June 1848, died 18 November 1912.

CALLAGHAN  IHS  Erected by John Callaghan in Memory of his Father Matthew Callaghan  …e of  Bellewstown who departed this life the 12th of Sept 1808 aged 65 years.  Also in Memory of the soul of Matthew Callaghan died November 13th …87.  Also his wife Maria died December 28th 1883.  His brother James died 18 February 1911.  His daughter Katie died February 1st 1895.  His son James died ..27 1907.   His son Thos died November 23 1933.

RUSSEL This Stone was erected by John Russel of Beaumount in Memory of his …ther and of his Brothers Likewise of his children Margaret Russel who departed this life the 18 of January 1796 aged 24 years.

MOONEY  IHS  Erected by Robert Mooney of Duleek in Memory of his father Patrick Mooney who departed this life 26 November 1834 aged 65 years And of his ..other Patrick the same time aged 18 years.  And also of his Mother Alice …ooney who departed this life 17 June 1842 aged 60 years.  Also of his brother …hard Mooney who died 25 January 1898 aged 80 years. And Catherine ..fe of Richard who died  20 April 1891 aged 57 years Also his Nephew Robert who died 11th April 1902 and his Neice Alice who died 16 August 1905 Also … Nephew Richard who died 7th December 1907 and Neice Rose Anne who …d 10th October 1908 aged 35 years and Katie Molloy who died 16 December 1913 aged 43 years.

WALSH  IHS   Requiescant in Pace.  This stone and Burial Place belong to Nicholas ..alsh of the city of Dublin, linen draper and his Family In the Beneath ..ound lieth the Body of the said Nicholas Walsh who departed this life the …st day of December 1768 in the 66th year of his age.

COLEMAN  IHS  Erected by Thomas Coleman of Davidstown and his Brother Christopher ..leman for them and their Posterity And in Memory of their Father Christopher Coleman who departed this life 12 December 1790 aged 62 years.