Recorded by Noel E. French

July 1987

Dunmoe castle and church is situated about a mile from Navan on the banks of the Boyne.  Both castle and church are now in ruins.

Dunmoe is a parish and townland in one.  The medieval church of Dunmoe may have been the Manor church of the occupants of the castle.

Simon Rochfort, first Norman Bishop of Meath gave the nominating power of the church of Dunmoe to St. Thomas’s Abbey in Dublin.  They appointed a vicar to look after the parish and paid his salary out of its income.

The castle at Dunmoe was based on the castles of the 12th and 13th centuries but probably was not built until the 15th Century.

The Darcy family were Lords of Dunmoe and the crypt on the south side of the church belong to that family.

George Darcy Lord of Dunmoe is supposed to have entertained King James the night before the battle of the Boyne and King William the night afterwards.  It appears that he did change his loyalty from James to William as he managed to retain his lands and escape prosecution.  This exchange of loyalty was the inspiration for a couplet,

                        “Who will be King I do not know

                        But I’ll be Darcy of Dunmoe.”

Dunmoe castle was burned in 1799 and abandoned.  A portion of the roof remained for nearly thirty years afterwards.

See also “Navan by the Boyne” by Noel E. French.


BRENNAN – IHS Erected by Rose Brennan of Navan in memory of her husband James Brennan who died in February 1855 aged 53 years.  Of her son Michael Brennan who died in feb’y 1846 aged 21 years.  And of her son James Brennan who died on the 18th of feb 1870 aged 36 years. Rose Brennan died Jan 1887.  Philip Brennan died Sept 1891.  Ellen Brennan died 1901.  Renovated by Rose Buffe 1949.  (This stone is in the ruin of the old church).

CASSERLY – Here lyeth ye body of Thomas Casserly who departed this life the 5th day of Aprel in the year 1722 (in ruins of the church).

DARCY – Erected by John Darcy in memory of his mother Mary Darcy who died 12th June 1881 aged 47 years and of his father Patrick Darcy who died 4th of July 1885 aged 50 years.  His brother Eugene Michael who died  9th of Feb 1898 aged 25 R.I.P.  (Stonemason Burnell Carrick.  In the ruins of the church).

DARCY – Here lyeth the body of Mrs Mary Darcy who departed this life ye 10th of June 1726 aged (1?)6 years.  Likewise the body of Mr. John Darcy who died October ye 12th 1740 aged 20 (in the ruins of the old church).

MC CANN – IHS Erected by Mary Mc Cann in memory of her husband Nicholas Mc Cann who departed this life March 24 1805 aged 80 years.  Also his brother Thomas departed May 17 1805 aged 76 years.