Recorded by Gerry Mahon & Tony Coogan September 2005

QUAIL – In loving memory of William F. Quail, Fletcherstown, died 9th August 1962, aged 76.

………. – In loving memory of James ………, died July 3rd 1943, aged 64 years.  His wife Katie died 28th October 1982, aged 90 years.  Their son Patsy died 15th December 1999, aged 75 years.

FINNEGAN – In loving memory of John Finnegan, Williamstown, died 29th May 1943. His wife Bridget died 23rd May 1973.  Their son Michael died 31st October 1958.  Patrick Traynor died 20th March 1989.  Mary Traynor died 26th July 2002.

TRIPP – In loving memory of George Tripp, died 20th December 1942.  Anne Tripp died 30th December 1965.  John Quail died 15th July 1950, aged 81 years.  Rose Quail died 5th July 1962.  Nephew Albert McCue died 4th June 1992.

MOORE – In loving memory of Thomas Moore, Knightstown, died 10th November 1941, aged 62 years.  Also his wife Rose Moore, died 21st June 1953, aged 61 years.  Mrs. Bridget Moore died 31st December 1944, aged 97.  John Reid died 30th July 1958, aged 37.  Also Peter Moore, died 2nd September 1960.

MARTIN – Jesus have mercy on the soul of Thomas Martin, Fletcherstown who died 18th April 1941.  Also his daughter, Gretta Reilly, died August 14th 1948.  Also his wife Margaret, died 19th March 1950.  Also their son Michael, died 24th November 1974.  Also Mrs. Maisie Doyle, died 2nd December 1981.

CALLAGHAN – Erected in memory of Anne Callaghan, Knightstown, died 4th December 1940.  Also his son Nicholas Callaghan, who died 6th January 1958.  And her daughter, Anne Colfer who died 14th April 1959.  May Callaghan died 4th November 196?, aged 60 years.

SWAN – Erected in loving memory of John Swan, Clongill, who died 15th April 1941, aged 36 years.  Annie Swan, Clongill, died 7th May 1957, aged 49.  James Swan, Clongill, died 14th February 1963, aged ? years.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.

O’CONNELL – In loving memory of May O’Connell, Knightstown, who died 22nd October 1943.  Her son John died 6th March 1956.  Her son Hugh died 27th January 1957, and his wife Kathleen died 11th September 1964, and their son Philip died 1st November 2004.

ALLEN – In loving memory of Mary Allen, Gibbstown, who died 21st February 1969, aged 62 years.  Her husband Matthew died 29th June 1981, aged 84 years.

CARBERRY – In loving memory of James Carberry, Knightstown, who died 5th June 1951.  His brother Patrick died 1961.  Thomas Carberry died 26th April 1973.  His wife Jane died 10th March 1975.

DOLAN – In loving memory of Eamon Dolan, Knightstown, Wilkinstown, died 8th January 1997, aged 78.

CAFFREY – In loving memory of Mrs. Margaret Caffrey, Knightstown, who died 27th April 1966.  Also her brother John who died 4th June 1957.  Her husband James died 8th September 1980.  Mary Caffrey died 15th July 1984, aged 83.

SWEENEY – In loving memory of Patrick Sweeney who was electrocuted on July 21st 1941 at the Pigeon House, aged 41.  May he rest in peace.  And his wife Mary died 1st March 1989, aged 90 years.

ROSS – In memory of Bridget Ross, who died 15th July 1942.  Also Simon Ross died 22nd September 1944.  Patrick Ross died 23rd January 1952.

CARR – In loving memory of Isobel Carr, Clongill, who died 24th September 1999, aged 88 years. Also deceased members of the Carr family 1945 – 1955.

BOYLE – In loving memory of Mrs. Grace Boyle, Clongill, who died 26th January 1946, aged 69 years. John Boyle died 19th July 1951, aged 78.

PRICE – Erected to the memory of Jack Price, Knightstown, lifelong friend of the Kenny family.

JOHNSTON – In memory of Vincent Johnston, died 16th February 1951.

FITZSIMONS – In memory of Christopher Fitzsimons, Fletcherstown, died 18th December 1985, aged 88, and his beloved mother Rose.

FARRELLY – Erected by Patrick Farrelly in memory of his mother Elizabeth, who died 9th December 1948.  Patrick Farrelly died 24th December 1987, aged 78 years.  Also his wife Rose-Anne who died 22nd January 1988, aged 82 years.

MC DERMOTT – In loving memory of Mary McDermott, Wilkinstown, who died 30th June 1945.  Her husband William, died 30th January 1952.

RYAN – Treasured memories of a loving husband David Ryan, 4 Kennedy Crescent, Navan, who died 22nd March 1997, aged 34 years.

MOORE – In loving memory of Thomas Moore, Knightstown, who died 10th January 1977, aged 58.  Also his wife Cissie, who died 18th June 1999, aged 73.

MOORE – In loving memory of Kit Moore, Clogherhead, Co. Louth & Knightstown, who died 27th May 1980, aged 50 years.  Also his infant son Rory, died 15th January 1971.  In loving memory of Jack Moore, Donabate & Knightstown, who died 11 January 1991, aged 74.

MOORE – In loving memory of Paul Moore, 43 Clusker Park, Navan, who died 15th June 1980 following an accident, aged 25 years.  His father Kevin died 5th October 1996, aged 70 years.

NEWMAN – In loving memory of Sgt. Des Newman UN, Knightstown, Wilkinstown, died 19th May 2000, aged 55 years.

FLOOD – In loving memory of John Flood, Clongill, died 24th January 1970.  Also his wife Julia died 1st April 1993.  Their son Patrick (Patsy) died 1st May 2003.

O’ SHEA – In loving memory of Patrick O’ Shea, Clongill, died 28th September 1966, aged 96. His wife Margaret, died 31st March 1977, aged 85 years. Also their son John died 14th February 1987 aged 73 years. Their son Liam, died 7th June 1997, aged 64 years.

SMYTH – In loving memory of John Smyth, Fletcherstown, died 31st July 1965, aged 75 years. Also his wife Bridget, died 31st May 1969, aged 80 years. Also their son Sonny, died 25th May 1986, aged 69.

MC CANN – In loving memory of Michael McCann, Fletcherstown, died 28th January 1963, aged 80 years. His wife Mary died 26th August 1957.

BLAKE – In loving memory of Harold H Blake, Clongill House, Wilkinstown, who died 18th January 1969, aged 76 years.

WHITE – Patrick John White aged 3 years, died 28th May 1971 result of a road accident in England.  Beloved son of Patrick and Mary White, brother of Andrew.  His mother Mary died 11th September 2000, aged 58 years, sadly missed by her friends.

CLARKE – In loving memory of Joseph Clarke, Wilkinstown, died January 22nd 1957. Also their son Gerard, died December 1st 1945, aged 7 ½ years.  His wife Teresa, died 6th January 1972.  Michael died 24th July 1990.

GOGARTY – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Christopher Gogarty, Cardrum, who died 14th March 1949.  Also their niece Rose-Mary Tormay, who died 1st July 1951. Agnes Tormay died 12th October 1974.

MC GAHEN – In loving memory of John McGahen, died June 6th 1936.  Also his wife Julia, died May 27th 1952.  Also for the soul of Mrs Sheila McGahen who died 17th March 1956.  Also her husband John died 11th October 1975.  In memory of Peter McGahan died 10th January 1978.  Jane McGahen died 24th April 1989.  Patrick McGahen died 29th April 2003.

MC CAUL – In loving memory of Dolores McCaul who died 20th April 1953, aged 3 ½  years. Also her father John died 7th March 1994, aged 86. His son John died 6th September 2001, aged 45.

SUGRUE – In loving memory of Ellen Sugrue, Clongill, died 15th February 1993. Also her husband Patrick died 12th November 1957. Their son Dan died 1st March 2001. Their daughter Ann (Nancy) died 26th July 2002.

BRADY – In loving memory of Nora Brady, Clongill, Navan who died 25th December 1964. Also her beloved husband Patrick died 26th December 2001.

MC DONALD – In loving memory of Dr. James A. McDonald, Wilkinstown, who died 11th July 1975. Medical Officer, Castletown for 40 years.  Also his wife Barbara McDonald, died 13th May 1976. Also Mary (Minnie) Branagan, died 6th November 1976.

MARTIN – In loving memory of William Martin, died 6th June 1975. His wife Rose died 7th February 2000.

SOMERVILLE – In loving memory of Bridget (Delia) Somerville, Wilkinstown, died 17th September 2002, aged 79.  Her husband Henry (Harry), died 9th December 2003, aged 74 years. Their daughter Elizabeth died 3rd October 1959.

LEE – In loving memory of Margaret Lee, Clongill, died 27th March 1958.  Her husband John died 21st November 1932, interred in St. Michael’s Abbey, Ballinskelligs, Co.Kerry. Their son John died 15th January 1966.

CAMPBELL – In loving memory of Patrick Campbell, Knightstown, died 29th August 1957. His wife Bridget died 14th January 1963.  Her son Eugene died 11th March 1958.  Charles died 6th October 1975.  Patrick died 31st July 1984.  Frank died 19th June 2001.  Erected by their loving families. Terence Campbell died 23rd January 1986.  Peter Campbell died 24th October 1989.

MEEHAN – In loving memory of Patrick John Meehan, Sunnybank, Wilkinstown, who died 16th August 1964. Their loving son Patrick died 23rd December 2003, aged 72 years.

BRADY – In loving memory of Denis Brady, Arch Hall, Wilkinstown, who died 20th February 1955, aged 79. His son Dennis Brendan, died 5th October 1988, aged 64.

GARGAN -In loving memory of William Gargan, Wilkinstown who died 26th February 1968.  Also his wife Mary Anne, died 28th August 1979.  Tommy Carney died 19. 12. 2000, aged 73 years.

HALFORD -In loving memory of William Halford, Clongill who died 28th November 1979, aged 71 years.  His father Joseph died 5th January 1974, aged 77.

LEE -In loving memory of  Nicholas Lee, Clongill, died 27th March 1978 and his wife Jane, died 14th January 1979.  Erected by their loving daughter.

MC GUINNESS -In loving memory of Elizabeth McGuinness, Fletcherstown who died 3rd December 1973, aged 73.  Thomas McGuinness died 18th August 1991, aged 70 years.  Pat McGuinness died 23rd May 2000, aged 77.  Tommie, a beloved husband, dad and granddad always in our hearts.

MAHON -In loving memory of Bridget Mahon,  Mountainstown, died 1st February 1972.  Her son Tom died 24th November 1986.

MC CARTHY -In loving memory of Charles McCarthy, Knightstown, died 27th February 1964, aged 99.  His wife Mary died in the USA, 6th December 1946.  Their son in law Patrick O’Reilly died 15th February 1976, aged 84.  Also wife Maura, died 23rd May 1979, aged 80.

GORMAN –Sacred heart of Mary have mercy on the soul of Mary Gorman,Knightstown who died 3rd August 1978, aged 43.  Her husband Patrick died 6th August 1990, aged 62 years.

REILLY – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Maria Reilly, late of Longsight,  Manchester and Leggan House, Castletown who died 11th October 1994, aged 66 years.  Also her husband James Charles (Jim) Reilly, born 12th February 1923, died 3rd May 2000, aged 78.

COLWELL-In loving memory of Gerry Colwell, Arch Hall, died 31st April 1983.

CAWLEY-In loving memory of John Cawley, Clongill, died 11th January 1984, aged 85.  His wife Bridget, died 13th January 1984, aged 82.

SMYTH -In loving memory of Bernard Smyth,  Fletcherstown, died 2nd April 1988,  aged 68 years.  His wife Bridget, died 26th September 1994 aged 85.

CROHAN -In loving memory of Patrick Crohan, Wilkinstown, died 4th March 1994, aged 75.

FLANAGAN -In loving memory of John Flanagan, Fletcherstown, died 25th August 1980, aged 70 years.  His son Martin, died 4th May 1989, aged 31 years.  His son Eugene, died 4th February 2002, aged 49 years.  His wife Elizabeth (Lizzie) died 4th July 2003, aged 81.

CAROLAN -In loving memory of Mary Carolan, Clongill, died 8th August 2001, aged 79.

BRADY -In loving memory of Margaret Brady, Glackenstown, died 30th September 1997, aged 89.