Sir Francis Hopkins, the second Baronet, who was born in 1813. The family were buried in Rathmore where there are a number of memorials. The family had a residence at Rochfort in Westmeath.

Sir Francis acquired Tudenham Park (Rochfort Park) Mullingar in 1836 from the Landed Estates Court. His sister and heiress, Anna Maria, was married to its previous owner, Nicholas Loftus Tottenham. In his will Francis left the property to his sister. Mr. Hopkins of Mitchelstown had a hunting pack in the eighteenth century. In 1832 a number of packs amalgamated to form the Meath Hounds, based at Mitchelstown with Mr. Hopkins as master. Sir Francis served as High Sheriff of Westmeath.  In 1835 Mitchelstown was described as a good house of three stories and basement, the residence of Francis Hopkins. The townland was the property of the Earl of Darnley. Sir Francis was a traveller and visited the Shah of Persia in 1835. In 1839 Sir Francis Hopkins took part as a knight in a medieval tournament at Eglinton, Scotland.  Bryan Seery was tried for the attempted assassination of Sir Francis in 1845 and executed at Mullingar following a second trial in 1846. It was quite a controversial trial at the time. Sir Francis died in Maderia in 1860 and the title became extinct. His eldest son, William succeeded him at Mitchelstown.