George Lyndon Bomford

His second son, John Francis succeeded him at Oakley Park.  John Francis Bomford married Elinor Jane Bolton in 1866. In the 1911 census John Francis and his family were living at Oakley Park. John Francis died later that year and is buried at Kells. Their eldest son was George Lyndon Bomford J.P. At the age of eighteen George was sent to America where he spent a period as a pony express rider in Texas. George joined the Land Commission in 1895 on his return from the United States. In 1911 there was a very bad thunder storm when eighteen cows were killed by lightening whilst sheltering in the wood to the east of the house. George served during the First World War as a captain. His sister, Elinor May, married Hugh Constable, grandson of the landscape painter, John Constable. George died in 1951 and is buried at Kells. His eldest son was Lt.-Col. George Warren Bomford. From 1917 to 1947 George Warren served with the Indian Army. George Warren served in the First and Second World Wars. He arrived back at Oakley Park as a Colonel in 1948. After he sold Oakley Park he lived in Malta and Italy.