Glenmore 1870

In 1770 Dixie Coddington leased a house and twenty acres to his nephew, also named Dixie, this property may have been Farm, later known as Glenmore. Glenmore belonged to the Oldbridge Estate and had gardens, parklands and outbuildings. The house is facing the river. From its elevated site it had a wonderful view over the Boyne Valley. Most of the floors have gone from the original structure, as well as the roof, although an extension is in slightly better repair.

In 1802 Joshua William Coddington was born at Glenmore so family were there at that time. On 1 August 1824 a lease for lives was granted by Nicholas Coddington, Oldbridge, Co. Meath to William M. Smyth of the house and lands of Farm, Co. Meath. Rent: £227.10.0 stg. p.a.

The 1836 Ordnance Survey name books  recorded that Farm was a good house with a well planted demesne. The Ordnance Survey map from 1836 shows just the main building with a few outhouses, while that of 1913 shows a more extensive  layout including outbuildings and walled gardens.

Nicholas Coddington died at Farm on 31 August 1837 aged 72 and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Henry Barry. In 1831 the lady of Mr. H. Coddington, Maria,  was delivered of a daughter, Maria Anna, at Farm. In 1834 a son W.H. was born at Farm.  In 1836 Henry Joshua was born at Glenmore. In 1847 Henry Barry Coddington of Farm was listed as a magistrate for Meath. In 1866 Henry Joshua died at Oldbridge House so the family were there by then.

In 1854/5 Oldbridge House was rated at £65 while Glenmore was rated at £35.  Glenmore was rented  by Blaney T. Balfour of Townley Hall  in 1854/5.

In 1869 Captain Gilbert Nicholson of Glenmore and his gardener, Mr. Guilfoyle, swept the first place in hollyhocks, gladiolas, cut roses and displays of fruit and flower stands at the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland’s summer and autumn shows. In 1876 Gilbert Nicholson held 493 acres at Glenmore.  He was born 1835, the son of John Armytage Nicholson of Balrathbury, Kells, J.P., D. L, High Sheriff of Meath 1827.  Gilbert was a noted doctor, M.D. Dublin 1863 and associated with the Meath Hospital. Gilbert died 1 August 1901 at about age 66 in Glenmore, Drogheda.

In the 1901 census Glenmore is listed as having 18 rooms, the head of household was Captain Gilbert Nicholson, late Captain 9th Lancers and also resident  was  his nephew,  Robert Alexander, Land Agent. Servants  in 1901 included: Butler: Robert Spence, Footman: Samuel Irwin, Nurse: Katherine Davidson, Nursery Maid: Eugene Hayward, Cook: Annie Bryan, Kitchenmaid: Lucy Harris, Housemaid: Florence Glancy, Housemaid: Mary Jane Caulfield

In the 1911 Glenmore is listed as having 20 rooms and was occupied by Matilda McDonnell, her sister, Margaret, aunt Rose and cousin Alexander Pilkington. Glenmore Servants in 1911 included: Elizabeth Meaney, aged 25, RC, born Meath, Maid; Margaret Cumisky, aged 26, born Meath, RC, Maid; Mary Kavanagh, aged 31 Laundress, born Tyrone, RC, Laundress; Annie Colgan, aged 24 born Kildare, RC House Maid; Bridget Mary Ryan, aged 21, Born Kildare RC Kitchen maid.

The christening party for Nicholas Coddington was held in Glenmore. Glenmore and the surrounding lands left Oldbridge ownership after 1984.

Glenmore marked as Sheephouse on Taylor and Skinner’s map 1777

1836 Ordnance Map

1913 OS Map

Glenmore 1984

Glenmore 2000

Photos – Mike Searle