Recorded by Noel E. French July 1987

This church has various names – Member, Rememberance Church, Teampall

Cuimhne or Kilcuimhne.

This was the first church in the Athboy area.  There is a story that it was here that Saint Patrick remembered where he left his books after one of his journeys. Saint Patrick visited Tara and Teltown which were important druidic and celtic centres so it is highly likely that he visited the druidic centre at Tlachtga outside Athboy.  However the druids held onto some influence and the church was built on the periphery of the druidic centre.

The church stands on the south eastern slope of the Hill of Ward.  All that stands at present is the west gable.  There is a small window and above that what appears to be a small belfry.  It is approximately 20ft high.  The remains of the church measures 54 feet by 17 feet.

The church stands in a graveyard about 150 yards from the road.  The yew trees which grow in the graveyard can be seen clearly from the road.

See “A Short History of Athboy” by Noel E. French.


AHERN – We have loved her in life. Let us not forget her in death.  Erected by Patrick and Helena Ahern in loving memory of their beloved daughter Lillie Mc Menamin who died 10th  Nov 1915.  Also her mother Helena Ahern who died 19th  March 1919.  Feast of St. Joseph.

ALLEN – Erected by James Allen in memory of his father James Allen died 7th Oct 1935 aged 79 years.  Also his mother died 5th  March 1936 aged 83 years.  Also her child Richard aged 4 years.  Mrs Mary Anne Coyle died 12th April 1944 aged 59 years.  James Allen died 13th  Feb 1947 aged 57 years.  R.I.P.  Kate Allen died 17th  Feb 1969.  (Stone mason – J. Bennett Ardbraccan).

ALLEN – This stone was erected by Richard Allen of Causestown in memory of

his beloved wife Ellen Allen who departed this life December 23rd  1867 aged 42 years.

BOHAN – In loving memory of Mrs Anne Bohan, Clonfane died 28th  Feb 1926.  Jane Bohan died 11th  Nov 1928.  John Bohan died 4th  Sept 1953 aged 82 years.  R.I.P.

BOLAND – In loving memory of Mrs Margaret Boland, 92 East Road, Dublin died 7th  April 1938 aged 70 years.  Robert Boland died 25th  June 1952 aged 87 years R.I.P.  Erected by her husband Robert Boland.  (Stone mason J. Bennett Ardbraccan).

BUTTERLY – Erected by Mary Butterly in memory of her parents, brother and

sisters Mary Anne Butterly died 5 May 1967 R.I.P.

CASSIDY – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of John Cassidy Brookside, Athboy who died 24th  Oct 1882.  His wife Francis died 21st  Nov 1915 and their child Mary aged 3 years.  Annie Franis Cassidy died 22nd Dec 1945.  Frances Ward died 27th  Jan 1958.  Catherine Ann Cassidy died 2nd  Feb 1963.  Erected by their sorrowing children.  R.I.P.

CASSIDY – See Dunne James.

CLOCHIRON – IHS Here lieth the body of Henry Clochiron who departed this

life ye 29th  of  January 1723 aged (51 or 15) years.  Also ye body of Cathrn….

COMMONS – Erected by Cornelius Commons to the sacred memory of his wife

Catherine Commons who died 18th  July 1908 aged 77 years.  The above Cornelius Commons died 20th  Jan 1911 aged 92 years.

COYLE – See Allen James

CROSBY – This monument was erected by James Crosby of Allenstown for himself and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Crosby alias Kiain his mother who departed this life June the 20th  1754 aged 50 years.  Also his father Patrick Crosby who departed November 15th  1779 aged 86 years. Also Elizabeth Crosby alias Dooley his wife who died April 24th 1800 aged 58 years.

CROSBEY – Erected by Mary Crosbey of Grange in memory of her beloved

husband James Crosbey who departed this life the 23rd  of  Febr 1865 aged 37 years.

CUNNINGHAM – IHS –  Of your charity pray for the soul of Luke Cunningham who

died on 21st  of September 1855 in the 70th  year of his age.  Also his wife Frances who died 1876. Also William Ward died 20 Nov 1912.

CUSACK – In loving memory of John Cusack died 17th  Oct 1939.  Also his daughters Kathleen died 28th  Oct 1940.  And Rose died 23rd  Jan 1943.  His wife Catherine died 10th  June 1977 R.I.P.

DALY – Erected by Matthew, Joseph and Michael Daly to the memory of their brother James Daly, Athboy who died 4th  April 1894 aged 27 years.  Their mother Margaret Daly died 26th July 1894 aged 68 years.  Their father James Daly died 8 Jan 1899 aged 75 years and their sister Jane Daly died 2 Dec 1902 aged 48 R.I.P.

DONOHOE – IHS Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the deceased parents, wife

and relatives of Peter Donohoe, Dunsany, Co. Meath 1921 R.I.P.  ( Stone masons

Burnell Carrick).    (To the east of the remaining wall of the ruined church ).

DOOGAN – Here lyeth the body of John Doogan who departed August 20th  1770 aged 80 years.  Also his wife Margaret Doogan departed July 4th  1787 aged 78 years.  Also his son…

DOOLEY – See Crosby James

DUNNE – In loving memory of James Dunne late of Hill of Ward.  His wife  Catherine.  Their son Patrick.  Their daughters Catherine, Anne, husband

Michael and his parents James and Jane Cassidy, Gillstown.  R.I.P.  (Modern.

stone mason Rennicks Trim).

FARRELLY – Philip Farrelly died 31st  July 1939.  His wife Julia died 11th Jan 1927. Their daughter Margaret died 10 Dec 1958.  R.I.P.

FEAGAN – Erected by Edward Feagan of Stonestown in memory of his beloved

father James Feagan who departed this life April 13th  1784 aged 53 years.  Also his brother Andrew who departed this life January 19th  1824 aged 53 years.  Also the body of Edward Feagan who departed this life the 21st December 1826 aged 72 years.

FINN – Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of John C. Finn died 18th Sept 1931 aged 71 years and his wife Elizabeth Finn died 15th  May 1934 aged 62 years R.I.P.

GILROY – See Kavenagh William

HESNAN – In loving memory of Mrs Mary Hesnan, Hill O Ward died 22nd  Nov

1934. James Hesnan died 22nd  Jan 1935.  R.I.P.

HIGGINS – Thy will be done.  In affectionate memory of our dear parents Edward Higgins, Athboy who died 29th April 1903 aged 60 years.  Also his devoted wife Kate who died 24th Nov 1915 aged 71 years. Also their daughters Lissa died 6th Dec 1946  R.I.P. and Mary died 9th  Oct 1947.  Loo died 15th  Sept 1950 (right hand side). And their son James died 24th  May 1954.  (Stone mason – C.W. Harrison & Sons Dublin).

KAVENAGH – In loving memory of William Kavenagh died 4th April 1952.  His

father John died 4th March 1922.  His mother Margaret died 14th Nov 1924.  His nephew Michael Gilroy died 11th Feb 1935.  His wife Mary died 24th  Sept 1956  R.I.P.

KIAIN – See Crosby James.

LAMB – In loving memory of Catherine Lamb, Athboy died 23rd March 1933 aged 38 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone masons J. Rennix Navan).

MC CORMACK – In fond and loving memory of our dear father and mother James

Mc Cormack, Derrylangan, Athboy who died 28th Nov 1927. Also Mrs Annie Mc

Cormack who died 27th Oct 1947.  Also their son and daughter who died young.  Also their son John died 7th August 1965.  Also Bridget Mc Cormack died 14th March 1968. R.I.P.

MC CORMACK – Pray for Thomas Mc Cormack.  R.I.P.  (Modern wooden cross).

MC DANNEL – IHS Thomas Mc Dannel died May 12th 1768 aged 80 years.

MC KENNA – Erected by James Mc Kenna in memory of his father Patrick

Mc Kenna who departed this life June 12th 1827 aged 84 years.  Also two of his children and his brother Owen Mc Kenna who departed his life Dec 14th 1831 aged 44 years.

MC KENNA – (Grave slab) Gloria in Excelsis deo.  Of your charity pray for the soul of Michael Mc Kenna who departed this life January the 23rd  1852 aged 75 years.  And for that of his daughter Catherine Mc Kenna who died March the 11th  1848 aged 25 years.  Also his wife Mary Mc Kenna who departed this life Oct 12th 1856.

MC KENNA – See Mac Cionnaith (after Mc Namee).

MC MEMANIN – See Ahern Patrick.

MC NAMARA – See Ward James.

Mc NAMEE – In loving memory of Margaret Mc Namee, Gillstown, Athboy died 14th January 1971 aged 96.  Her husband James died 22nd Aug 1935 aged 61. Their

daughter Masie died 22nd April 1934. Their sons James died Feb 1974,  John died 27th July 1974,  Michael died 15th Jan 1984.  R.I.P.

MAC CIONNAITH – (Mc Kenna).  My Jesus Mercy. I n dil cuimhne Mhichil Mhic

Cionnaith d’eag 18ad La d’Abrain 1929 agus a mhna Brid d’eag 29adh la de

Mhean foir 1912.  A Mhac Sean d’eag 29adh la d’eanair 1970.

MULLIGAN – In loving memory of John Mulligan his wife Catherine.  Their sons John and Michael and daughter Mary.  Also Margaret R.I.P. (Modern stonemasons Rennicks Trim).

MURPHY – Pray for the response of the soul of George Murphy, Athboy Died 27th

December 1940.  His wife Elizabeth died 8th January 1938.  Their children George died 13th May 1913.  Annie Rose died 24th July 1918.  James died 6th Dec 1938. His brother Terence died 29th Jan 1936.

MURPHY – In loving memory of John Murphy, Hill of Ward, Athboy died 28th Feb

1932.  Also his wife Catherine died 9th Aug 1971.  R.I.P.

MURTAGH – (A grave slab within iron railings with two yew trees growing over it).  Erected by Jane Murtagh of Athboy in memory of James and Anne Ward.  The former died March 19th 1835 aged 56. The latter June 1st 1854 aged 68.  Also in memory of her most beloved son James Murtagh who died May the 16th 1856 aged 32.  Jane Murtagh died May the 23rd 1864 aged 61.  John Murtagh, Castletown, Athboy died 6th March 1892 aged 67 years.  May they rest in peace. Amen.

MURTAGH – Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Sacared to the memory of Patrick Murtagh

of Jamestown who departed this life 16th Oct. 1837 aged 64 years.  Also his beloved wife Rose who departed this life 3rd March 1834 aged 53 years.  And their daughter Mary who departed this life 15th  Sept 1839 aged 32 years.  Also John Murtagh who died March the 5th 1856 aged 32 years.  This stone was erected as a tribute of affection to their memory by the children of the above named Patrick and Rose Murtagh.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason F Hynes Ft. Glasnevin Dublin).

MURRAY – Erected by Annie Murray in loving memory of her parents John and

Catherine and their children.  (Stone dating from 1900?).

MURRY – This stone was erected by Peter Murray in memory of his daughter

Rose Murray who departed this life June the 25th 1824 aged 20 years.  Lord

have mercy on her.

NEWMAN – Erected by Thomas Newman, Athboy in sad and loving memory of his

dear wife Julia died 20th July 1931 aged 68 years.  Also the above Thomas Newman who died 20th Feb 1939.

O’REILY – Erected in memory of Rev. William O’Reilly, Derrylangan, Athboy.  Pat O’Reilly, John O’Reilly, Mary O’Reilly.  Mrs Jeanie O’Reilly, Bernard O’Reilly died 30th Aug 1969.  Erected by Bernard O’Reilly.

SHERIDAN – In memory of Patrick Sheridan died 11th Feb 1954. R.I.P. (Metal cross)

SHERLOCK – Pray for Patrick Sherlock died 22nd June 1933.  (Metal cross).

SHERLOCK – In loving memory of Patrick Sherlock, Wardstown, Athboy died 19th Jan 1941.  Mary Sherlock died 14th Jan 1969.  Laurence Sherlock died 22 Nov 1974.  R.I.P.

SHERLOCK – In loving memory of Peter Sherlock, Sherlockstown died 27th Aug 1937.  His son Patrick died 22nd June 1933.  Also his wife Elizabeth died 13th Aug 1964.  His son Joseph died 22nd May 1958. (Elizabeth and Joseph interred in the new cemetery Athboy). R.I.P.  Erected by his family.

SMITH – Erected by Annie Smith in loving memory of her husband Laurence Smith, Derlangan died Jan 20th 1933 aged 56 years.  The above Annie died 4th Dec 1954 aged 79 years.  Christopher Smith died 10th Nov 1953 aged 72 years.

SMYTH – IHS Of your charity pray for the soul of Julia Smyth, Durlangan died July 4th 1890 aged 32 years.  Also the soul of Christopher Smyth died Jan 1874 aged 74 years.  And for the soul of Margaret Smyth died June 1869 aged 60 years.  The souls of William and James Smyth and the soul of Mrs Lane.  Erected by Francis Smyth Durlangan in memory of his wife and parents.

STANLEY – Erected by John Stanley in memory of his father…… Stanley who

… the 15th 1785 aged 68 years.  Also his brother William Stanley departed May…45 years…… Thomas Stanley who departed April 9th 1798 aged 19 years and 7 more of his children who are interred here. John Stanley died July 4th 1823 aged …..

STANLEY – Lord have mercy on the soul of Kate Stanley, Ballardin who died 19th June 1918 and also her father and mother. Her sister Mary. Her brothers Thomas, Owen, Michael and William and her nephew Thomas Stanley.

SURMAN – Pray for the soul of Mrs Mary Surman died 17th July 1964 aged 61 years.  R.I.P.  Erected by husband and family.

TUITE – Erected by Thomas Tuite in memory of his father E. Tuite who departed Nov the 11th 1824 aged 74 years.  His mother who departed this life December the 18th 1832 aged 94 years.

TUYTH – Pray for the soul of Olive Tuyth who departed this life Nov 16 177(0) aged 47 years.

WARD – Erected by James Ward of Athboy in memory of his father John Ward who

departed this life April 28th 1776 aged 78 years.  Also his wife Catherine Ward alias McNamara who died May 24th 1776 aged 76 years.  Mary Ward who died March the 7th 1784 aged 19 years. Also James Ward Junr who departed this life March the 19th 1835 aged 56 years.  May they rest in peace.

WARD – Of your charity pray for the repose of the souls of Michael Ward, Athboy who died 23rd Dec 1897 aged 58 years and of John Ward who died 16th June 1907 aged 81 years.

WARD – This stone was erected by Thomas Ward in memory of his wife Mary Ward who died Decr 24th 1784 aged 39 years.

WARD – See Cassidy John.

WARD – See Cunningham Luke.

WALSH – Erected by Mary A. Walsh in memory of her beloved husband James who

died 25th Jan 1919 aged 62 years.  Also his father and mother Catherine and Thomas Walsh and of his brother John.