Compiled by Eileen Hewson FRGS Kabristan Archives


The memorials included in this book were surveyed in 2009/9 and pre- 1940.  The ones after this date have been ignored unless they form an integral part of the inscription.  There are some exceptions, inscriptions of historical interest and graveyards seen not to be ‘at risk’, then all the memorials have been noted.  Other memorials from written sources are indicated.

Kells is a market town near the River Blackwater on the N3 between Navan and Virginia.  The name Kells is from the Anglo- Norman name Kenlis originally a corruption of the Irish Ceannannus.  The town is well-known because of its connection with St. Columcille who founded a monastry here which was responsible for The Book of Kells now in Trinity College Dublin.

In 804 Kells was given to Columcille the musical ‘without battle.’  Three years later Iona worn out with constant attacks from the Vikings decided to move so Abbott Cellach took the unprecedented step and transferred the Order’s headquarters to the comparative safety of Kells.  However it was a case of out of the frying pan into the fire as later that year Kells lost its church (finally completed 814) when it was plundered by the Norsemen.  The monastry seemed to have been specifically targeted by the Norsemen as it was attacked four times between 920 and 1019.  Kells was again devastated by Diarmaitt MacMurrough (1170) by Hugh I de Lacy (1176) and by Edward Bruce (1315)

In the 12th century the Rule of Canon Regular of St Augustine was adopted by the Columban monks and a priory dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary was built somewhere to the west of the town however this has now disappeared.  There was also an Augustinian Crucifers’ Hospice of St John the Baptist, this is presumed to be on the site of today’s St John’s Cemetery.  In 1152 a synod was held at Kells overseen by the Cardinal Paparo, the papal legate and Christian, the Bishop of Lismore former Abbott of Mellifont Abbey, aimed at suppressing the smaller bishoprics ( including Kells) and establishing the dioceses of Armagh, Cashel, Dublin and Tuam. 

There are still some remains of the monastry standing, a Round Tower, St Columcille’s House and the High Crosses including the Market High Cross which stands outside the Heritage Centre and was once used as a gallows by the British in 1798.

Kells was hard hit by the famine in 1845, the staple diet of the Irish, the potato had produced a good harvest earlier in the year but the second crop was a disaster riddled with blight which turned the potatoes into an evil smelling mush.  The parish priest predicted that few families would have a potato to eat by Christmas Day.  In 1846 the blight struck again and once again the potato yield was rotten.  Cholera broke out and it was announced in the House of Commons on Feb 19 1846 that 15,000 people in Ireland were dying of starvation every day.  In 1848 the harvest was good and the famine was declared over.

This book is intended for the family historian who finds the archives in libraries, churches and genealogy web sites difficult to access.  However, it must be remembered even though great care is taken transcribing the memorials, some errors may occur as time erodes the stones which sometimes makes the accuracy of some of the inscriptions doubtful.  The addition of square brackets round words indicate that the word or number has been presumed.

St Columba Church of Ireland

The church stands on a site of a former Colomban monastery which became a cathedral church in 1152.  The present church was built in 1778 by Thomas Taylor, earl of Bective, a Cromwellian, at the cost of £2021.  In 1783 he added the spire of the bell tower which were designed by Thomas Cooley who also planned the Dublin City Hall.  The stone mason was John Walsh.  Hugh Brady the Anglican Bishop of Meath rebuilt the church including the present bell tower in 1878.  During Cromwell’s era the church was used as a stable for his soldiers’ horses.  Nowadays the church holds a facsimile copy of The Book of Kells and a history of the site.  There are the remains of four medieval High Crosses in the graveyard which was surveyed by the author in 2008.  The memorials in the church are from written sources.

DALTON(Plaque from former lectern) The Bible and brass lectern in this church are a memorial to MajorGustavusTuiteDaltonwho died 20th January 1879 and are the gifts of his family.

DYAS – (South window depicting ‘Angels and women at the tomb’ 1915) “Why seek ye the living among the dead.  He is not here but risen”.  Erected by Hilda Dyas in memory of her beloved husband HenryMortimerDyaswho died August 25th 1915, aged 57 years.

HEADFORTTo the memory of Thomas, 2nd Marquess of Headfort, who departed this life Decr 6th 1870 in his 84th year.  This tablet is erected by his children in fond remembrance of the best most loving of fathers.  “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”.

HEALY(Facsimile copy of The Book of Kells.  Gift of the Healy family.  The donor of the case is unknown).  To the Glory of God and in loving memory of JohnHealyLLD, Historian and Antiquarian, Archdeacon of Meath, Rector of Kells, 1887-1917.

HEALY(North window depicting ‘A Good Wife’ Proverbs 31:27 and ‘Armour of God’ Ephesians 6:11, 1916).  “She looketh well to the ways of her household. Put on the whole armour of God. To the Glory of God & in loving memory of Mary, wife of the Rev John Healy, Archdeacon of Meath, who died Feb 28 1913, aged 63 years.  Also of their son GuyBambantHealy, Lieut Royal Munster Fusiliers who was killed in action March 11th 1916, aged 33 years.

MCCORMICK(Sanctuary window depicting an Angel) Sine Timore.  To the Glory of God and in loving memory of JohnHughGardinerMccormickof Williamstown, Co. Meath.  Captain Royal Warwick Regt.  He was mortally wounded in action Oct 19th 1914 and died the same night at a Convent Hospital in German hands at Menin, aged 28 years.  Fear God and keep his Commandments.  John Mccormick of Monkstown, Dublin, bought Williamstown plus 127 acres from Richard Shortridge in January 1912 for £3000.  The deceased was the son of Sam S. and Emily McCormick, Shandon, Monkstown, Dublin.

McKeever – (Reredos behind font and formerly behind the alter in Kishine Church).  To the Glory of God and in loving memory of my dearly loved husband JohnRankinMckeever of Gravelmount, Navan, died 11th November 1940.

MILLSThis memorial of the ReverendWilliamMills, Curate of this Parish, in days both few and evil was erected by his sorrowing flock for a continual remembrance of that Gospel which he preached and of the life which he led by the faith of the Son of God warning everyone night and day and adorning the doctrine of God his Saviour in all things.  “Here where his light did shine before me to the Glory of God, his body now resteth in hope till in the Resurrection of the just he shall shine as the sun in the kingdom of his Father for ever”. He departed this life March 3rd 1848, aged 36 years.

RINGWOOD (Pulpit) This pulpit was erected to the memory of  H. VictorMayne

RingwoodBA TCD, Irish Imperial Yeomany, by his many friends as a token of affection and regret at his early death .He died while serving his Queen and Country at Bulawayo, South Africa, February 9th 1901, aged 27 years.  A good solider in Jesus Christ.

RINGWOOD(Reading desk) To the Glory of God and in loving memory of H.VictorMayne  Ringwood Born 24th May 1873 died 9th February 1901.  Erected by his sorrowing family. He shall receive the crown of life.

ROTHWELL (Choir stalls) To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Emily, Louisa Florence and Helen A. Rothwell  daughters of Thomas and Louisa Rothwell, Rockfield, Kells, 1968.

ROTHWELLIn memory of Richard Rothwell Esq., JP DL, of Rockfield, who died August 13th 1853.  Also of Elizabethhis wife daughter of the Rev Thomas Sutton, Rector of Clongill who died November 24th 1871.  “We sorrow not even as others which have no hope.  For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleeps in Jesus will God bring with him”.  1 Thess.4.13&14.  RichardRothwellowned 3161 acres of land.

ROTHWELL – (Electric light) The Electric Light in this church was installed September 1931.  To the Glory of God and in loving memory of LouisaC.H.Rothwell,  widow of Thomas Rothwell DL, of Rockfield.  “The path of the just is as they shining light”.

SMYTHUnderneath are interr’d the RevdJamesSmyth 27 Years Archdeacon of Meath, who died November 1759, aged 78.  And Catherine his wife, daughter of Dr John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam who died in May 1733, aged 52.  Their children have caused this monument to be erected to the memory of the best of parents.

STOPFORDIn memory of RobertEdwardStopfordRN, Lieutenant Commanding HM Gunboat Starling drowned in the China seas July 19 1863, aged 27.  By his 1st order preferring the lives of others to be his own.  Erected by the young men of Kells and friends who knew and love him.  “His mourners rest in hope until the sea shall give up its dead”. HEB.VI.13.  The memorial was originally in Moynalty Church of Ireland.

TAYLOURThe limestone and Kilkenny marble monument in the shape of a casket was erected in 1736 and commemorates the RightHonSirThomasTaylour Baronet, ‘one of His Majesty’s most Honourable Privy Council in the Kingdom of Ireland,’ died August 9 1736.  His wife Ann Lady Taylour died in 1710.  The family descends from Thomas Taylor who came to Ireland in the 1650s from Sussex to oversee the campaign expenses of the Cromwellian forces on behalf of Parliament.  He later became a cartographer.

War Memorial World War 1.  In grateful memory of :-

2nd Lieutenant F.S. Carroll, Royal Inniskilling Fus.

Private J.Glancy, Northumberland Fus.

Lieutenant G. B. Healy, Royal Munster Fus.

2nd Lieutant O.W. Holmes, Royal Inniskilling Fus

Private F.Jennings, Royal Irish Regiment.

Captain J.H.G. McCormick, Royal Warwickshire Regt.

Captain H.T.Radcliffe, Leinster Regiment.

Captain C.A.Tisdall, Irish Guards.

Who died for King and Country in the Great War 1914-1919.  “I am the Resurrection and the Life”.

CARROLL – 2nd Lieutenant Frederick Stanley Carroll died on 21st November 1916, aged 20 years.  He was the son of James Carroll, Kells, Co. Meath.  He is buried in the Caterpillar Cemetery, Longueval. 

Glancy – CorporalJ.Glancydied 17th April 1918, aged 29 years. He was the son of Bartley and Jemma Glancy of Ballinlough House, Kells, Co. Meath.  He is buried in the Lussenthoek Military Cemetery.  

HEALY – LieutenantG.B. Healydied on the 11th March 1916.  He is buried in the Taveta Military Cemetery.

HOLMES – 2ndLieutenantO.W.Holmesdied on 16th August 1917. He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial.

JENNINGS – LanceCorporalFredJennings died on 1st July 1916, aged 19 years.  He was the son of Jane Jennings of Ruston, Wykeham, York.  He is remembered on the Thievpal Memorial.

MC CORMICK- Captain J.H.G.McCormicksee separate memorial.

RADCLIFE – Captain H.T.Radcliffenot found.

TISDALL – Major Charles Arthur Tisdalldied on 1st Sept 1914 aged 39 years.  He wasthe son of the late Captain John K. Tisdall and the husband of Gwynneth Mary R. Tisdall.  He is buried in the Guards Grave, Villers Cotterets Forest.

War Memorial World War 11.  To the Glory of God and in memory of:-

CharlesPowellBomford, Flying Officer RAF.

RichardLyndonBomford, Lieutenant The Rifle Brigade.

GeorgeTrevorLowry, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps.

MichaelWilliamKnoxTisdall, Sergeant RAF.

DanielAnthonyTraill , Sergeant RAF.

Of the Parish of Kells and Balrathboyne who gave their lives in the War of 1939-1945.

BOMFORD – Flying Officer Charles Powell Bomford died on 9th June 1940, aged 25 years.  He was the son of Captain Charles Francis Bomford and Dorothy Maud Bomford of Ballycornmon, Co. Tipperary.  He is buried in Torcy-le-Petit Communal Cemetery. His brother also died see below.

BOMFORD – LieutenantRichardLyndonBomforddied 29th May 1944, aged 22 years.  He is buried in Cassino War Cemetery.

PrivateGeorgeTrevorLowrydied 25th December 1941, aged 25 years.  He was the son of George Herbert and Margaret Lowry BA LLB (Trinity College Dublin) Barrister at Law (Kings Inns Dublin), Resident Magistrate, Victoria, Hong Kong.  He is remembered on the Sai Wan Memorial.          

Sergeant Michael William Knox Tisdalldied on 31st July 1940, aged 37 years.  He was the son of William George Robert and Elizabeth Beatrice Tisdall of Kells Co. Meath. BA (Cantab).  He is buried in Postling (SS Mary and Radigund) Churchyard.

Sergeant Daniel Anthony Traill – died on 13th May 1943, aged 23 years.  He was the son of Alexander F. Traill and Margaret Traill (nee Rathborn) husband of Francis Leslie Traill (nee Denny) of Newburgh, Fife.  He is buried in Driffield Cemetery.

WOODWARDSacred to the memory of RevdCharlesWoodward DD, Rector of Ardee, Co of Louth, whose truly benevolent disposition, many estimable qualities and amiable conduct in every relative duty in live, rendered him sincerely beloved by all who knew him.  And his early death deeply lamented.  It is pleased God to call him to everlasting happiness in a moment without previous suffering or pain on the 9th Jany 1793, aged 53 years.

Also to the memory of his first wife EstherWade who died 5th Aug1776, aged 30 years.  And their son BenjaminWoodward, who died 29th July 1776, aged 11 years.  Likewise to the memory of his second wife ElizabethMinchinwho died December 1778, aged 44 years.  Their children have caused this monument to be erected in grateful remembrance of the best of parents.

RevdCharlesWoodward(1740-1793) was the grandfather of the architect BenjaminWoodward (1816-1861) who in conjunction with Thomas Deane designed several buildings in Dublin.  Born in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, the son of CaptainCharlesWoodword(1781-1864) who was a major in the disbanded Royal Meath Militia, he was descended from the first BenjaminWoodard who came to Ireland in Cromwellian times and was granted 450 acres of land including the castle at Drumbarrow near Kells.  After the Restoration his estate was confirmed (1668) and the land holdings were increased to 1000 acres.  The younger Benjamin‘s grandfather was a minister in the Church of Ireland and inherited Drumbarrow in 1761.  Charles eldest son Henry built a new house on the land at the time of his marriage in 1808.  He was active in local politics and held the position of High Sheriff from 1808 to 1809.


ARMSTRONGIn loving memory of my dear husband JamesF. Armstrong, Bective, Kells, who died December 30th 1935, aged 8(?) years.  Also to the dear memory of Isabelmuch loved wife of above who died May 18th 1932, aged 65 years.

ARMSTRONGIn loving memory of MetaGracetwin daughter of George Armstrong, Newrath, born 3rd June 1885 died March 12th 1915.  Also of GeorgeArmstrongwho died 1st May 1929, aged 83 years, And of his wife LetitiaAngelinawho died 11th August 1930, aged 83 years.  Also their son WilliamOdlumArmstrong, who died 2nd September 1976, aged 86 years.  Also his wife Nan (nee) O’Neill, who died 6th November 1979, aged 89 yrs.  In memory of James Armstrongof Newrath, died 26th March1879 aged 78 years and Mary his wife died 10th May 1893, aged 82 years.

BENNETT – SeeFarrelly and Bennett.

BOB(Tiny stone, hand carved) BobDec ye 25 (1750).  IHS.

BOMFORD – In memory of Alfred Bomford of Crodara, died 1880, aged 86 years and his loving wife Evelyn died (1870), aged 77 years.

BRADY – SeeCaldwellandBrady.

BROWNThis stone is erected by Henry Brown in memory of ThomasBrown, who departed this life Dec the 14th 1903, aged 49.   RobertBrowndied May ye 1778, aged 6 years.

BROWNEThis stone was erected by Mark Browne in memory of his brother PeterBrownewho died May ye 1778, aged 6 years.

CALDWELL andBRADY Erected by John Caldwell in memory of his loving wife AnneCaldwellalias Brady who departed this life Sept 22nd 1841, aged 40 years. Also her father JohnBrady, who departed this life June 13th 1820, aged 56 years.

CARROLLErected by their parentsGeorgeAlexanderCarroll born 29th April 1888 died 21st March 1910.  HesterMaryCarroll died 5th June 1887, aged 7 weeks and of FrederickStanleyCarroll, Second-Lieutenant , Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 28th Nov 1895, killed in action in France 21st Nov 1916 while trying to relieve some isolated men and is buried at Les Boeufs.  “(Better) love hath no man than this”.

CARROLLIn loving memory of JamesCarroll died 19th April 1926, aged 73 years. His wife MaryJ.Carroll died 13th Feby 1933, aged 72 years.

CHEEKE- In loving memory of MaryJosephineeldest daughter of Joseph Lowry and beloved wife of William A. Cheeke born 28th Dec 1875 died 24th Nov 1934.

CHEEVERS- In loving memory of Matthew Cheevers, (Circular P.D), died 17th Jan 1935.  His wife Juliadied 9th Sept 1973.  Their son OwenCheevers died 28th March 1971 interred in England.  RIP.

CLARKE and MARTINIn loving memory of Mrs Margaret Clarke, Canon Street, born 29th Oct 1929.  Daughters Catherine & Anna, sons John& Laurencedied 31st Oct 1985.  His wife Margaret Martindied 9th Nov 1986.

COLLINS -See Nelson, Reynolds, Collins and Curtis

CONNELL – Erected by Patrick Connell of Canon Street, Kells.  In memory of his beloved father PeterConnellwho died 16th June 1857, aged 75 years.  His brotherMichaelwho died 2nd Novr 1847, aged 26 years.  His brother Thomas who died 2nd Novr 1856, aged 25 years and his brother Peter who died 25th Novr 1857, aged 25 years.  Here also lie the remains of the above Patrick Connellwho died 10th July 1874, aged 57 years.  Also to the memory of Marywife of the above named Peter Connell who died on 26th day of February 1878, aged 90 years.

CREGAN – See Finegan and Cregan.

CURTIS – See Nelson, Reynolds, Collins and Curtis.

DALTON – In memory Of GustavusGeorgeTuiteDalton of Fenner, Co. Meath Esq born 5th March 1841 died 20th Jan 1879.

DEMPSEY – Here resteth the remains of Sylvester Dempsey Esqwho departed this life the 31st Dec 1817 in the 70th year of his age.  A man of a most steady friendship, unblemished integrity, extensive charity and universal benevolence of this frail memorial of imperishable regard as a record of the tenderest affection to his memory by his daughter Catherine Dempsey.  CatherineDempsey died 22nd Aug 1837 in her charity she bequeathed her entire property to further the education of the children of Kells.  She made possible the establishment of both the Sisters of Mercy, Primary School, Feb 1844, and Christian Brothers Primary School, Jan 1845.

DICK – In loving memory of John Dick,Rockfield, who died 31st Aug 1930, aged 86 years, Christina Lumsden his wife died 22nd July 1917, aged 71 years.  Johntheir third son who died 25th April 1920, aged 45 years.  Also Agnes I.Dickdied 21st April 1965, aged 81 years.

DOUGHERTY – In loving memory of Julia Doughertywho died 31st Jan 1909 and of Sophia Doughertywho died 30th April 1911 daughter of the late Joseph Dougherty, Moate House, Kells.

DOWLING – Affectionate remembrance of John Dowling, who departed this life Feb 18th 1876, aged 24 years.

DYAS -Sacred to the memory of James Dyas Esqrof Milltown, Co. Meath, who fell asleep in Jesus, August 20th 1885, aged 56 years.  Richard Dyas third son of the family died 27th March 1912, aged 56 years.

DYAS – In loving memory of JohnJoseph DYAS who died December 27th 1877, aged 23 years.  Also  Frances Mary Dyas who died May 19th (1862), aged 19 years and Jacob Dyas who died in New South Wales, February 18th 1896, aged 31 years. “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord”.

DYAS – Front.  In memory of Wm Dyas Esq… born the 4th Feby 1792 died March 12th 1868 aged 76 years. Margaret Dyaswife of the above died Augt 13th 1846, aged 44 Years.  Dora Dyassecond wife of the above died May 4th 1870, aged 79 years. J.E.Dyas, Fleet SurgeonRN, diedMay 26th 1877, aged 55 years.  Erected by Dr W. Dyas 1896.

Left.  To the memory of W.Dyas MRCS,died …. 7th 1900, aged 72 years.

FARRELLY – Erected by Thomas Farrelly, Ballintubber, of this parish in memory of his mother Margaret who departed this life 21st June 1807, aged 56 years and his father Hugh who died 15th Jan 1825, aged 72 years.  Also a special tribute to the memory of his dear wife Judith F.alias Allen who departed this life 16th March 1866, aged 64 years.

FARRELLYand BENNETT – In ever loving memory of our dear mother AnnaD.Farrelly, Carrick Street, Kells, who died 27th Jan 1929.  Also her son Patrickdied 1st Oct 1936 and his daughter AnnaP. died 17th March 1944 beloved wife of W. Bennett, Garda Siochana.

FFOLLIOTT – In loving memory of John A. Ffolliott Jp, Kells, who died 2nd June 1908, aged 58 years.

FINEGAN and CREGAN – Erected by John Clark Finegan of Navan, in loving memory of his dear wife Catherine Finegan who died July 17th 1884.  Also Peter Joseph Cregan his beloved stepson, son of the late Christ Cregan of Navan, who died March 22nd 1897, aged 15 years.

FITZPATRICK- See Parsons and Fitzpatrick

GARNETTIn memory of Samuel Garnettof Summerseat and Rosmeen, who died 19th May 1874, aged 67 years and of his mother Alice Garnettalias Ellard died 1814.  Also in memory of Martha Garnettloved and eldest daughter of the above …. (Rest covered in briars).  Samuel Garnettwas descended from Samuel Garnett of Williamstown and was a local landlord. He attended the local ploughing match in 1834. (Source Meath Herald).

GARNETTIn memory of William Garnettof (Dunorver) House, Moynalty, who departed this life on 25th Feb 1857, aged 48 years.  Also in memory of his wife Julia Garnett née Boyse who died at Larnaff Lodge, Thurles, 25th May (1889), aged 98 years and who caused the stone to be erected.  William Garnetta landowner was reported as having attended the ploughing match in 1845. (Source Meath Herald).

HANNONThis stone was erected by Thomas Hannon in memory of CatherineHannon who departed this life in the 69th year of her age 1780.

HEFFERNAN – Erected by Michael Heffernan in memory of his beloved brother Johnwho died 17th May 1854, aged 36 years. Also his mother Sarahdied 3rd June 1864, aged 75 years.  His brother Mathew died 15th March 1871, aged 46 years and also his father Michaeldied 26th May 1871, aged 94 years.

HILL – This stone was erected by Samuel Hill (for his) posterity.  Here lieth the body of SamuelHill who departed this life June the 3rd 1780, aged 37 years.  Also here entered the body of  MaryHill alias Crunan wife to the above Samuel Hill late of Drumbarough, departed this life April (the) 9th 1799 in the 36th year of her age.

JAMESIn memory of EdwardJames dearly loved son of Edward James and Jeannie Grand?on  Knight died April 7th 1926, aged 4 ½  years.

KEATINGHere lieth the body of Christopher Keatingand MaryDagon his wife who departed this life April the 8th Anno Domini 1716.

KELLYTo the memory of James Kelly who died 4th March 1865, aged 50 years. Martin Kelly, who died 5th July 1866, aged 15 years.  James Kelly who died 16th Oct 1868, aged 28 years and Martin Kellywho died 31st Jan 1876, aged 80 years.  Erected by Walter Kelly son of the above Martin James Kelly.

KIERNANOf your charity pray for the soul of Bryan Kiernan of Kells, who departed this life 12th Feb 1880 aged 64 years.  John Kiernanof Carlanstown, who departed this life 7th February 1929, aged 77 years.  Also his wife KateKiernan who departed this life 12th March 1937, aged (63) Years.  AnnieFrances Kiernan died 3rd Feb 1924.  Kathleen Kiernandied 20th Jan 1951.  Bryan Kiernandied 25th Mar 1965.  Bridgetdied 7th Aug 1969.  Charlesdied 29th Jan 1990. RIP.

LAPPIN – See Parsons-Lappin and Lappin.

LOWRY  – In loving memory of CharlotteLowry eldest daughter of Joseph Lowry born 23rd Nov 1881 died 7th (Oct 1887).    EdithMatilda second daughter born 30th June 1868 died 22nd March (1874).  ArthurErnestKilroyinfant son born 3rd June 1871 died 21st Dec 1871.   Also of EileenMary eldest daughter of AlbertLewisLowry, Bachelors Lodge, son of Albert Lowry born 1907 died 1982.

LOWRYIn loving memory of MaryJane wife of Joseph Lowry, Batchelor Lodge, Navan, born 8th Jan 1835 died 24th Jan 1913.  Also the above named JosephLowry born 21st March 1840 died 26th July 1913.

MC CANN – See McDonnell, McCann andSmith

MC CORMACKErected in loving memory of JohnMcCormack, Market Street, Kells, who died 5th Dec 1901, aged 70 years.  Also to the memory of ThomasMcCormack, 1ST Batt Irish guards killed in action at Cambrai, 30th Nov 1917, aged 28 years.

MC DONNELL, MC CANNand SMITH – Erected by Thomas McDonnell of New York.  In memory of his father JosephMcDonnelldied 23rd Sep 1884, aged 56 years.  His mother Alice McDonnell died  9th March 1898, aged 67 years, His sister SarahMcCanndied (21st Nov) 1885, aged 31 years.  His sister MaryAnneSmith died 22nd May 1904, aged 38 years. RIP.

MC ELHINNEY – In loving memory of ThomasMcElhinneywho died 28th May 1933, aged 63 years.  Also Nora McElhinneywho died 10th Oct 1912, aged 3 ½ years.  Also his wife Etheldied 3rd March 1943.  Their son Williamdied 9th Feb 1983, aged 71 years and his wife Gretta died 21st Nov 1992, aged 71 years.

MAGUIRE – In loving memory of our dear mother MrsMargaretMaguire, Suffolk St, Kells, died (28th Sep 1933).  Her husband PatrickMaguire died (21st May 1941).  And their loving children John, Patrick, Michael, Mary Ann, Thomas, Joseph Maguire died (13th September 1963).  Leo Maguiredied 2nd September 1992.  Philip Maguiredied 15th May 1992.  Elizabeth(Lil) Maguire died 4th Feb 1989.  Erected by their sorrowing children RIP.


MITCHELL – Bessie Scott Trowsdalebeloved wife and true helpmeet of Rev James Mitchell BA, Presbyterian Minister, Kells, departed (to be with) Christ 21st Dec 1912. (Long text)

MULLEN – See Swift and Mullen

NELSON – In loving memory of George (Will) Nelson of Kells, who died Dec 3rd 1903, aged 79 years.

NELSON, REYNOLDS, COLLINS and CURTIS – Front.  In your charity pray for the soul of AnneE. Nelson, Canon Street, Kells, in memory of her father JamesNelsondied 17th Nov 1836.  Also his mother Elizabeth Nelson died 30th Nov 1866.  Her sister Mary Teresa Nelson died 21st Feb 1891.  Her brother JohnNelsondied 18th May 1895.  Her brother Edward Nelsondied 13th July 1896.  Also his brother William Nelson died 22nd Dec 1908.  The above AnnieNelson died 22nd May 1912.

Right.  John Reynolds died 8th July 1903.  His wife Lizzie Reynoldsdied 20th May 1907.  Mary T Collins,Canon Street, died 26th Dec 1940.  LettyCurtisnee Sheridan (Canon Street) died 27th April 1995.  Also her husband Willie Curtisdied 30th Oct 1997.

O’BRIENIn ever loving memory of Mary O’Brien, Kells, died 22nd March 1907, also his daughter Minniedied 22nd March 1892. Also her husband Patrick O’Briendied 13th March 1915.  Felix Kevin O’Briendied 23rd June 1925, aged 16 years.  Mrs A.O.Briendied 14th Jan 1943, aged 72 years.

O’BRIENThis monument was erected by Owen O’Brien of Kells, for himself and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of Margaret O’Brienalias Smyth wife to the above Owen departed this life June the 19th 1770.

O’REILLYIn memoriam James O’Reilly,…. Kells, died 26th May 1908.  His wife Catherine died 29th Feb 1924.  And their son James died 6th June 1965, aged 17 years.  Their daughter Annadied 20th April 1928, aged 21 years and their son John who died 20th Jan 1930, aged 39 years.

PARSONS and FITZPATRICK Erected by Dr W. Parsons in memory of his father the late MrJohnParsons of Kells, Merchant, who departed this life 8th June 1848, aged 38 years.  Also his brother John who died young and his grandmother Anne Fitzpatrickwho departed this life in the year 1856, aged 72 years.

PARSONS-LAPPIN and LAPPIN – Alfred Parsons-Lappindeparted this life 7th April 1949, aged 37 years.  Dr William Parsons-Lappin died 10th Jan 1951, aged 82 years. Margaret Parsons-Lappin died 15th Nov 1962, aged 82 years.  Maeve Lappin departed this life 29TH March 1978.  DrHenry Parsons-Lappin departed this life 1st Oct 2001, aged 83 years.

PEACE – See Sparkes and Peace

RADCLIFF and PERKINS – (Stone is worn).  In memory of Maria Garnett relict of the Revd John Travers Radcliff, Rector of Kilmoon, died 13th Sept 1883, aged 63 years.  Also Elinor Garnett wife of John  Radcliff  esq. JP,  Wilmount, died 10th Feb 1875, aged 88 years.  Also of John Radcliffe of Wilmount, died 1st Nov 1881, aged 95 years.  Also John Thomas  and Richard sons of John and Ellen Radcliff.  Also Sally daughter of the above John and Ellen Radcliff and her sister Frances daughter of the above widow of Arthur Perkins.  Also GeorgeE.Radcliff of Wilmount, son of the above John and Ellen Radcliff died ….. March 1910, aged 77 years.  Elinor Garnettwas the daughter of the Revd. George Charles Garnett of Williamstown and Margaret Wade. She married John Radcliff in 1818 and was living at Wilmount by 1834.  This property formerly belonged to Elinor’s father.

REILLY – Here lieth the body of Edmond Reilly who departed this life April 10th 1766, aged 84 years.  Also hi wife Mary Reilly deceased Sept ye 27th 1772, aged 100 years.  This stone was erected by Philip and James their sons. Anno Domini.

REYNOLDS – See Nelson, Reynolds, Collins andCurtis

ROBERTSIn loving memory of Elizabethwife of Wm John Roberts and daughter of Geo Armstrong, Newrath, died March 20th 1950, aged 66 yrs.  Also WmJohn Roberts died 30th May 1977, aged 86 yrs.

RYAN Mrs Mary Ryan in memory of her beloved husband Mr Peter Ryan late of Maudlin Street, Kells, who departed this life on the 28th June AD 1849, aged 36 years. RIP.  And the above Mary Ryan who departed this life 6th March 1875.  Kate Ryan died 3rd May 1883.  Joseph Ryan died 4th March 1898.  BridgetRyandied 9th April 1900.  George Ryan died 23rd March 1908.  TeresaRyandied 12th Sept 1941.  Mrs Mary Ryan died 25th Sept 1942.  Peter W.E.Ryan died 20th June 1943.  Elizabeth Ryan, Syddenpath, Kells, died 22nd Dec 1945.  Also her husband William Ryan died 17th April 1952.  Joseph (Joe) (Ryan), Rosmeen, Kells, died 24th Sept 1989, loving and generous brother, uncle and friend.

SIDES In memory of  William Sides who died 25th Nov 1907, aged 91 years and his wife Isabella who died 28th May 1903, aged 81 years.  Also their daughter Isabellawho died 2nd Dec 1917, aged 57 years and their son Nathanieldied 4th April 1924, aged 57 years.

SMITH – See McDonnell, McCannand Smith

SMYTH – This monument erected by Jas Smyth in memory of his wife SarahSmyth alias (O’Neill) who departed this life 27th of Jan 1779, aged 27 years.  Also here lieth the body of Jas Smythhusband to the above Sarah who departed this life Feby 25th 1793, aged 47 years.

SPARKES and PEACE – In loving memory of Annie Kate dearly beloved wife of Frederick Sparkes ….. Street, Kells, died 8th Oct 1952. Also their daughter Dorothy Peacedied 2nd June 2000.

SWIFTErected by Sam Swift in memory of his father Henry Swift,.  His motherMary departed this life Sept 5th 1775, aged 55 years.  His father departed this life March 4th 1789, aged 65 years.  And one of their children Owen Swift died 10th Feb 1806.  His wife Juliadied 7th Aug 1879.  His sons Jamesdied 20th Jan 1888 and Peter died 27th July …. Mary Swift died 23rd June 1886.

SWIFT and MULLEN In loving memory of our dear father Henry Swift died 22nd June 1950.  Our dear Mother (no name) died Sept 25th 1924.  JaneMullendied 4th Feb 1984.  “Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls”.  Erected by their daughter

TEASEIn loving memory of Gladys Gibson June Tease who died 18th March 1937, aged 4 years and 9 months.  Also of her twin sister who died young and of their father Herbert T. Hamilton Tease died May 27th 1980, aged 82 yrs and mother Gladys died 28th November 1992, aged 87 yrs.  Parents of Doreen and Jay.

TREVITHICKIn loving memory of William Edward RobertsTrevithick, Head Gardner 1912-1929 to Marquis Geoffrey of Headfort, Kells.  Born Helston, Cornwall, UK, 20.3.1858 died Headfort, Kells,  10.2.1929, aged 70 years.  And his beloved wife Annie Mary(née Kent) born Ashton, Keynes, Wilts, UK, 10.3.1867 died Dublin, 16.9.1934, aged 67 years.  Erected by their children Richard John (Jack Trev) m Olga, Wembley, UK.  Lilian Mary m John Bomphray, Kilmarnock, UK.  William Edward (Bill Wet) m Bessie, Ruislip, UK.  And Peggy Evelyn m John Murphy, Dublin. And restored by his loving granddaughter Graine Trevitnick Murphy, Dublin, 23.10.2005.


St John’s Cemetery is situated in the town centre on the site of the early 13th century Priory of the Hospitallers of St John founded in Italy in 1113.  A medieval carved stone of a monk holding a sword was found there in 1972 indicating that the order was of a military nature.  The cemetery was surveyed by the author in 2009.

ANDREWSIn loving memory of Maria Andrewswho departed this life …. April 1908, aged 63 years and of her beloved husband William Andrews,…. Kells, who died 17th June 1909, aged 68 years.

BELL-In loving member of Matthew Bell, Canon Street, Kells, died 20th May (1910) and his wife Teresa died 14th Jan 1941 and baby Daughterdied (1941), aged 3 years (sic)

CARPENTER – See Graceand Carpenter

CARRY In loving memory of Patrick Carry, (Loyd, Kells,) 1864-1942.  His wife Catherine née Healy 1870-1928.  Their daughters Bridget1890-1968, Elizabeth 1890-1968.  Their son John1904-1915.

CASEY Jesus, Mary and Joseph have mercy on the soul of James Casey, Castletown Door, aged 70 years.  Also his beloved wife Catherine Casey and two of their sons.  Erected by their son James Casey AD 1877.   Patrick Casey, Drakestown, Castletown, KPaged 75 years, died 27th April 1961, aged 75 years.  His wifeAngeladied 2nd June 1998, aged 82 years.

CASTLES and LANE – In loving memory of Andrew Castles who died Feb 11th 1890 and his sons Jamesand John.  Mary Anne Lanedied March 24th 1927, aged 77 years.  Peter Lanedied 31st Dec 1927.

CONWAY -See Goodwin, Conwayand Hammond


DAVISand McCABEErected by Frederick Davis in memory of his mother MrsMary Davisdied Jany 1865, aged 70 years and his father Thomas Davis died Decr 1867, aged 78 years.  Mary Bridget McCabe, John McCabe,Thomas McCabe died 12 Jan 1894, aged 74 years.  Maureen McCabe died 4 October 2004. RIP.

DOYLESacred to the memory of AndrewDoyle, Market Street, who departed this life on the 13th Feb 1864 in the 60th years of his age.  This monument, is erected by his sorrowing widow.  “May the Lord Jesus have mercy on his soul”.


FLOODIn loving memory of … and of husband (sic) Mary A. Flooddied 18th Jan 1940, aged 76 years.

FOXErected by Michael Fox in memory of his beloved sister Mary Fox who died 13th Jan 1874, aged 55 years.  Also his beloved father Richard Fox and his brother Thomas Lilly Foxdied 1931.  Josie Foxdied 1932.  Bridie Foxdied 1935.  Thomas Fox died 1936.  Richard Foxdied 1937.  Joan Foxdied 1957.  Elizabeth Fox died 1962.

GOODWIN, CONWAYandHAMMONDRev Brother LouisGoodwindied 1880.

Rev Brother John Conwaydied 1st March 1886.  Rev Brother Henry Hammonddied 20th Oct 1890. RIP.  Erected by the Christian Brothers, Kells, 1977.

GREGAN – (Written record)  Oliver Gregandied February 7 1819, aged 56.

GRIMES, CORCORAN and MORTON –In loving memory of PatrickGrimes (Boolies, Balrath, Kells), died 22nd December 1943, aged 76 years.  His wife Jane Grimes died 18th June 1944, aged 75 years.  Kate Corcoran, (Church Street, Kells), died 13th Dec 1928, aged 48 years.  Their sons PatrickGrimes died 6th June 1972, aged 63, William died 8th Nov 1973.  Also their daughters Catherine Morton died 4th Dec 1991, aged 84 years, RoseGrimes, Boolies, Balrath, died 18th Jan 1963.

HAMMONDSee Goodwin, ConwayandHammond

HOEY –(Written record) Hugh Hoeydied 1775.  His son Thomasdied August 23rd 1779, age 22.

HUGHES –IHS. This stone is erected by James Hughes in memory of his mother Cathne Hughes alias Godey who died March ye 12th 1745, aged 50 years.

KELLYSee LaveryandKelly

KEYESSee MaguireandKeyes

KINGSee TinnellyandKing

LANESee DoyleandLane

LAVERYandFITZSIMONSElizabeth Lavert wife of James died 6th Feb 1922 and the demises of her surviving children who died John 15th Aug 1937, TheresaJan 4th 1948, James at Brisbane, 3rd Nov 1942, MargaretFitzsimons, Boksburg, Transveal, 3rd Oct 1956.  Sister Mary Ursula, Brisbane, 14th April 1943, Sister M.Evangelist, Sunderland, 9th July 1952, Sister Joseph,Dumanway, 22nd Oct 1955.

LAVERY and KELLYErected by Elizabeth Lavery in memory of her beloved husband James Laverywho died 24th March 1903, aged 70 years and of her son Hughwho died 27th March 1883, aged 20 years.  Also her son Eugene who died in Johannesburg, 19th Feby 1896, aged 20 years and her daughter RosannaKellywho died 20th Octr 1898, aged 30 years.  Also his mother SarahLavery, who died 13th April 1884, aged 86 years.  “On whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy”.

LYNCHIn loving memory of DanielLynch, Kilmainham, who died 17th June 1974.  His wife Brigidwho died 5th Dec 1974.  Their son Jack who died 18th Dec 1964.  Also Mary Lynch who died 19th May 1934.  John and Lena Lynch. RIP.

MC CABE – See Davis and McCabe

MC DERMOTT – …. McDermottdied in London, the 24th of …. …. and his beloved wife Annewent to her eternal rest on the 7th June (1830).

McDERMOTT and SMYTH Erected by Michael, Edward, Mathew and Pat McDermott.  In memory of their father (Bryan) who died Sept 21st 1835, aged 50 years and of their sister Elenorwho departed this life June the 21st 1839, aged 28 years and their sister Judith, who departed this life April 19th 1833, aged 26 years.

MichaelMcDermott died 3rd Nov 1885, aged 95 years.  BryanMcDermottdied 2nd June 1892, aged 32 years.  Elizabeth McDermottdied 26th June 1930, aged 54 years.

Joseph McDermottdied 15th June (1907), aged 78 years.  …… John McDermottdied 7th Jan 1951.  Bryan Smyth Died 14th Dec 1954.  Agnes Smythdied 12th Jan 1933.

McGRATHIn loving memory of Richard Mcgrathdied 23rd Jan 1938, aged 41 years.  His wife Anniedied 1st Sept 1975, aged 84 years.  Their loving sonDick6th Oct 1998 aged 67 years, RIP.  “The Lord is my Shepherd”.

MAGUIREErected by James Maguire, United States of America.  In memory of his beloved father James Maguire who died 16th Sept 1863, aged 65 years and his mother Julia Maguire who died 20th Decr 1859, aged 45 years.  Also his sister Ellen Maguire, who died 4th Jan 1867, aged 36 years. RIP.

MAGUIRE and KEYESIn loving memory of Mary Maguire,2 Church View, Kells, died 1st Feb 1916, aged 51 years.  Her husband Patrick died 5th June 1941, aged 82 years.  Their daughter Jane (Keyes) died 10th Nov 1948, aged 55 years.  Her husband Jamesdied 17th Aug 1954, aged 63 years.  Also interred Pat, Theresaand DollyMaguire.

MARSHErected by Margaret Marsh in loving memory of her dear husband JamesLewisMarsh died 3rd Oct 1933, aged 35 years.  Also his father RichardMarshVS,died 5th July 1901.  Also his mother KathleenMarshdied 13th Sept 1926.  Also the above Margaretdied 30th June 1975.  RIP.

MONAGHAN(Written record)  HughMonaghandied June 15 1720, aged 50.

MONAGHANIn loving memory of James Monaghandied 5th Aug1922, aged 46 years.  His sister Marydied 1st Aug 1943 aged 75 years and their parents Jamesand Julia.  Also JuliaMonaghanwife of the above James Monaghan died 31st March 1950, aged 77 years. Also their daughter Teresadied 8th Oct 1963, aged 53 years. Erected by their his loving wife and children.

MONAGHANIn loving memory of the MonaghanFamily, Kerry Hill. JohnMonaghandied March 1856 and WillieMonaghan died Dec 1869.  ThomasMonaghandied Feb 1937 and his wife Margaret died May 1931.  ThomasMonaghandied May 1962.   KathleenMonaghandied Oct 1969.  PatrickMonaghandied April 1985.  His wife Mary died Sept 1967 and baby daughter Lena.  Erected in 1856 by Willie and Thomas.

MONAGHAN(Written record)  TerenceMonaghandied May 6 1760, aged 65.


NEWMANErected by Mary Newman in memory of her beloved husband Thomas Newmandied June 2nd 1877, aged 79 years. Also of her son JamesNewman died Oct 18 1883, aged 35 years.

NOLAN – See Sweeney and Nolan.

O’HAREHere lieth the body of Anj O’ Hare who died May 3rd 1801, aged 67 years.  Also Elenor O’Harehis wife.

POWER(Pyramid shaped).  Erected by the members of the RIC Kells, in memory of Constable John Powerwho died 9th Jany 1886, aged 25 years.  After the death of Constable John Powerat Kells Barracks, a sample of water was sent for analysis from the barracks and found to be unsafe to drink.  Other samples one from Canon Street pump was found safe but water from the other at Maudlin Street was contaminated.

REILLYIn loving memory of Patrick Reilly, Meath Town, who died 14th Nov 1893.  His father HughReilly.  His sisterKateReillyand Brotherwho died young.

REILLYPatrickJ.Reilly, 8 Columba Terrace, Kells, died March 5 1936, aged 55 years.  RIP.

SMITHThis stone was erected by Peter Smith in memory of his son WilliamSmithwho departed this life Janry 11th 1804, aged 17 years.

SMYTH(Written record)JohnSmythdied 1810, aged 36.

SMYTH and SMITH Erected by Margaret Smyth of Grange, in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Smyth who died March 20 1886, aged 64 and her daughter Marydied 18 months. Also the above Margaret Smyth died June 24th 1903, aged 55.  Her son Williamdied 23rd Nov 1918, aged 38.  Also their son Patrickdied 9th May 1931, aged 57.  And John died 24th Jan 1950, aged 66.  Also Mary Anne Smith died 23rd Dec 1914 who under the shade of the Cross found peace and rest. RIP.

SMYTHErected by Nicholas Smyth in memory of his beloved father William Smyth died 15th Sept 1891, aged 75 years.  Also his brother Patk Smyth died 28th June 1867, aged 10 years.  The above Nicholas died 28th June 1912, aged 43 years.  Also his sister Mary who died 22nd Aug 1918.

SWEENEY and NOLAN Pray for the soul of James Sweeney, (Kells), died 22nd May 1933.  Julia Sweeney died 3rd March 1941.  Bridget Nolan died 2nd Aug 1935.  James Sweeney, (Evanstown), died 31st March 1970, MichaelSweeney, Maudlin Street, died 16th May 1981.  Annie Sweeney died 11th Aug 1986.  Elizabeth Sweeney died 31st July 1991.

TEVLINPray for the soul of John Tevlin, Kieran, died 5th May 1913 and his wife Mary Tevlin died on 26th Sept 1926.

TEVLIN Here lyeth the body of Patrick Tevlin of (Carlan), who died Aug 1779, aged 85 years.  Also Bridgethis wife died June 1771, aged 54 years.  Also their daughter Mary died 1st June 1772, aged 54 years.  Erected by their son Richd Tevlin. Also ….. (Rest of stone in ground)

TEVLINHere lyeth the body of RichdTevlin who died Feb 27th 1777 aged 37 years.  Also the body of (Jas) Tevlin who departed this life 11th June 1875 aged 77 years.  Also his beloved wife Elizath (sic) Tevlin who departed this life 6th Dec 1883, aged 77 years.

TEVLINThis monument was erected by Patrick Tevlin of …. as a tribute of respect to the memory of his mother Rose Tevlin alias Casey who departed this life January 29th 1779, aged 38 years.  Also his father Terence Tevlinaged 88 years.  Also his beloved wife Margaret Tevlin alias Bradley who departed this life July (7th) 1838, aged (84) years.

TINNELLY and KINGAnne Tinnellydied 23rd Sept 1913. MichaelKing,Bailieborough, died 16th Oct 1940.  Thomas Tinnellydied 1st Feb 1961.

WOLFE(Written record) – James Wolfedied January 1779.

St Columcille’s Cemetery

St Columcille’s Roman Catholic Cemetery was opened in 1910. Previously the burial took place in St John‘s Cemetery or St Columba’s Church of Ireland graveyard.  It is situated on the main Dublin road a little way from the town centre.  This beautiful and well-maintained cemetery has an impressive centrepiece consisting of large statues of Jesus on the Cross, with the Virgin Mary and Joseph on either side.  This is the burial plot of the local priests.  On Cemetery Sunday in August prayers are said and the dead are honoured at both the Roman Catholic cemeteries.  The memorial inscriptions were surveyed by the author in 2009.

ALLEN and SKELLY -(Left section rear).  In loving memory of  Mary Allendied Jan (24) 1924 and Patrick Allendied Dec 30th 1924.  Also ThomasSkellydied June 17 1929, His wife Mary A. Skellydied June 9 1964, aged 85 years.  Rosie Skellydied 25th May 1965.  Kathleen Skellydied 18th Sept 1983.

BARNWELLSee McEnaneyandBarnwell

BARRETT(Right section front). Erected by Edward Barrett in loving memory of his wife Elizabethwho departed this life 19th Aug 1930, aged 53 years and of EdwardBarrettdied Aug 1925, aged 80 years.  His son Edward died July 1926, aged 48 years.  Also Jane Barrettdied the 15th June 1934, aged 53 years.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.

BARRETT and MULLALLY – (Right section rear). In loving memory of JohnBarrett, Kenlis Place, who died 6th May 1963.  His wife Juliawho died 7th May 1973. Anne Mullally who died 23rd July 1986.  Lil Barrettdaughter of John and Julia who died 21st December 1998.

BIGGERSTAFFSee SweetmanandBiggerstaff

BLACK(Left section front).  Erected by his wife and children in memory of Samuel Black, Kilmainham, who died 22 March 1933, aged 52 years.  And his son Patrick Joseph died 2nd Dec 1956, aged (62) years. Anniedied 6th May 1972, aged 82 years.  Seamusdied 26th Nov 1984, aged 64 yrs.  PatriciaBlackdied 15th June 1985, aged 64 yrs.

BOLL(Right section rear). In loving memory of Michael Boll died 2nd April 1940.  Also his beloved wife Marydied 27th Oct 1959 and their son Patrickdied 16th March 1936.  RIP

BRADY(Left section front).  In loving memory of James Brady,(1 New Market St, Kells), died 5.2.1911, aged 5 years and Peter D. Bradydied 23.12.24 age 64 years.  Eleanor Frances Brady(Dwyer), died 30th July 1986, age 87 years and her husband Peter William Bradydied 2nd June 1988, age 65 years.  Their daughter Philomena Ann Bradydied 20th Aug 2007, age 66 years.  Erected by wife and family.


BRANGAN – (Right section front).  Sacred to the memory of  Dr PatrickBrangan, Headfort Place, who died 9th November 1977 and his beloved wife Gwendolinewho died 6th June 1973. RIP.

BRANGANandMACDONALD(Right section front).  Sacred to the memory of Doctor JohnBrangan , Headfort Place, Kells, who departed this life 14th Feb 1927, aged 55 years and his daughter Dr Eileen Macdonald, Wilkinstown, died 8th March 1938.  Also his wife Mrs Carolina Branganwho died 28th October 1948.

Baby Develter died 11th April 1967.  The Brangan family once owned a pharmacy in Headfort Place which got its name from the Headfort family who lived there before they built Headfort House.

BREEN – (Left section front).  In loving memory of my wifeSarah Breenwho departed this life at Railway House, Kells, 24th April 1921, aged 27 years.  PatrickBreendied 18th Dec 1945.

BUTLER(Right section rear).  In loving memory of Mary Butler,Castle Street, Kells, who died 6th Feb 1949.


CAFFREY(Left section front) – Sacred hear of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Bryan Caffrey,Rockfield, who died 13th Aug 1916.  Also his wife Bridgetwho died 16th May 1934 and Lucy Caffreywho died 13th Dec 1966.  Also William Caffreywho died 20th July 1967.  And Mary BridgetCaffreywho died 3rd Feb 1968.  Charles Caffreydied 6th Nov (1974).  Erected by his fond wife and loving children. RIP.

Jane Caffrey died 8th July 1984.  Mairead Caffrey died 9th December 2005.

CAFFREY and STARR(Left section front).  Pray for the souls of Philip Caffrey died 6th April 1934, aged 53 yrs.  Also his daughtersMrs Rosie Starr died 2nd April 1939, aged 27 yrs.  Nellie Caffrey died 4th Nov 1952, aged 37 yrs.  James Caffrey, Garden Rath, died Jan 26th 1971. John Caffreydied 18th May 1972.

CALLAGHAN and McNAMEE – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Patrick Callaghan, (Cakestown), died 15th August 1922, aged 72 years.  His wife Bridget.  His daughter JaneMcNameedied 31st December 1974, aged 79 years.  And her daughter MaureenMcNameedied 26th February 1993, aged 61 years.  Also her son CiaranMcNameedied 19th April 2006. aged 77 years. RIP.

CARBERRY( Left section front).  Erected in loving memory of ChristopherCarberry who died 19th Jan 1936, aged 77 yrs.  Also his son Christydied 16th Oct 1940, aged 45 yrs.  Also Richarddied 22nd Dec 1946, aged 54 years.

CAROLAN(Right section rear).  In loving memory of JamesCarolan, Carrick St, Kells, died 14th Oct 1924, aged 42.  His son Edward died 3rd July 1934, age 21.  His daughter Mabeldied 9th Feb 1943, age 32.  Also his wifeBridget died 14th March 1947, age 42.  Also their son James died 7th Aug 1976, age 67.  His wife Margaret died 1st July 1979. Daughter Phyllisdied 28th March 1981. RIP.

CAROLAN(Right section rear) – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of James Carolan, Farrell St, Kells, died 31st Dec 1927, aged 51 years.  His wife Bridget died 5th July 1949, aged 78 yrs.  His sister Rose Carolan died 17th Dec 1930, aged 72 yrs.  His sons Rev Patrick CarolanPP died 5th Sept 1950, Bernard Carolandied 30th Sept 1984, aged 90 years.

CARPENTERSee GraceandCarpenter.

CARRY(Left section rear).  In loving memory of Patrick Carry who died 3rd Jan 1913, aged 18 years.  Also his father Patrick Carrydied 19 Jan 1914, aged 74 years. RIP.

CARTYSee GroganandCarty.

CASEYSee GinglesandCasey.

CHEEVERS – (Left section front).  Erected in fond memory of HenryCheevers, Circular Road, Kells, who died 31st Aug 1940.  Also his wife MaryAnneCheeversdied 5th June 1946, aged 68 years.  Their son AndrewCheevers,  died 12 Oct 1974, aged 58 years. RIP.

COLLINS, LEE and CONNELL(Left section front).   Erected by Patrick Collins of Kells, in memory of his wife Roseanna died 2nd Sept 1913.  Her daughter Margaret Leeof Drogheda died 15th Nov 1918.  His son Philipdied 30th Jan 1945, aged 45. Also the above Patrick Collinsdied 13th June 1945, aged 90.  His daughter Josephine F. Connelldied 24th Nov 1966, aged 68.

CONNELL – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of Patrick Connell, Calliaghstown, did 21st March 1969, aged 88 years.  His wife Marydied 6th July 1940.  Their son Michaeldied 6th July 1961 aged 37 years, and daughter Jane.  RIP.  Erected by Annie & George McGuinness.

CONNELL (Right section front) – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of William Connell,Ballybeg, who died 4th Oct 1927, aged 80 years.  His wife Catherine died 19th Sept 1963.  Their son John died 23rd Dec 1970.  Their son Williamdied 21st Feb 1977.  Their son Frankdied 28th June 1978.  James died 3rd Dec 1991.  Patrickdied 23rd April 1992.  Their daughter Kathleen died 6th Jan 2002.

CONNELLSee Collins, LeeandConnell.

COONEY(Right section front).  Annie Cooke, ….,  Kells, died 7th …. 1924 and of her husband William Cooke who died 27th April 1938.

COONEY(Right section front).  Sacred to the memory of George Cooney, Kells, who died 14th Oct 1912, aged 82 years and his son Thomas died 28th Jan 1917, aged 36 years.  Also Mary Clarke Cooney wife of George Cooney, who died 20th Nov 1926, aged 68 years.  May Cooney died 20th Dec 1964, NanCooney died 15th Dec 1988.

CORRIGANSee RussellandCorrigan.

CORRIGAN and STEPHENS – (Right section rear).   Pray for the souls of JohnCorrigan, (Climber Hall), died 26th May 1940.  Also his son Eugene died 2nd March 1941.  His wife Anastasia died 14th Nov 1961.  Patricia Stephensdaughter died 7th May 1992.

CULLY and CUMMINS(Left section front).   In loving memory of NoraCully, Carrick St, Kells, died 25th March 1936.  Her mother Mary Ann died 25th Aug 1955.  Her father Richard died 21st Oct 1959.  Elizabeth(Maria) Cumminsdied 1st Aug 1946.  Her mother Bridie Cumminsdied 28th Feb 1999.  RIP.

CURTISSee Sheridan, CurtisandHarrington

DALY(Left section front).  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of JaneDaly died 15th Nov 1876, aged 40 interred in Dulane.  MaryElizabeth died 5th Jan 1911, aged 40 years.  MichaelDaly died 3rd June 1914, aged 78 years.  TomDaly died Jan 1917, aged 48 years, founder of the Meath Chronicle.  Michael Dalydied 23rd July 1917, aged 42 years.  Rev Patrick Daly PP died 4th May 1925 in his 63rd year interred Castlepollard.  Rose A. Daly died Dec 17th 1946, aged 72 years.  The Meath Chronicle was founded in 1897.

DONEGAN, FEENEY and DALY(Right section rear).  Erected by Nora Donegan, Circular Road, in loving memory of her husband Williamwho died 27 AUG 1957.  Her infant daughter Marie Dolores and her parents Thomasand Hanora Feeney her brother Thomasand her cousin Patrick Dalyof London, died 14 Sept 1935 and her brother Williamwho died 29 MAY 1977.  Nora Doneganwho died 15 March 1998.  Too much love to be forgotten sadley (sic) missed by her family.

DONAGH(Right section rear).  Jesus have mercy on the soul of  LaurenceDonagh, Bective St, Kells, died 9th Nov 1945, age 83 yrs.  Michael Donagh died 19th Dec 1936 aged 35 yrs interred Glasnevin Cemetery.  Anne Donagh died 30th March 1950, age 78 years.  Nicholas Donagh, Maudlin St, Kells, died 15th May 1973, aged 56 years.  Anne Donagh died 24th Oct 1931, aged 72 yrs.

DONNELLYSee HealyandDonnelly.

DOYLE(Right section rear).  In loving memory of Christopher Doyle ex DMP, died 4thJany 1919.  His wife Mary died 20th Jan 1943.  Their daughter Sr Marie De Lourdes (Annie) died 3rd July 1933 interred in Convent Cemetary (sic), Savanah (sic) Georgia, USA.  Their son Christopher T. died 26th Nov 1966.  Also Michael James died 13th April 1975.  George Dole died 20th Apr 1981.  His mother Elizabeth died 26th June 1981.  Her husband George Snr died 23rd Aug 1987.  Daughter Kitty died 30th J.. (Illegible)

DOYLE – (Right section front).  In loving memory of James C. Doyle died 5th Oct 1929, aged 75 years.  Also Elizabeth Doyle died 18th Dec 1933, aged 56 years and Andrew Doyle died 28th April 1934, aged 67 years. Erected by their sorrowing children.

DUFF(Left section front).  In loving remembrance of Vincent Duff died 1st October 1934, aged 39 years.  His wife Rose Anne died 12th March 1971, aged 79 years.  Also their son Vincent (Vinnie) died 31st May 1991, aged 68 years.

DUFFY(Right section rear).  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Margaret A. Duffythe dearly beloved wife of Eugene Duffy, (Carlanstown), who died on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 16th Jul 1917, aged 23 years.  Eugene Duffywho died 20th October 1946 and his wife Catherine who died 12th July 1962. RIP.

DUIGAN(Left section front).  In loving memory of Edward Duigan, Maudlin Rd, Kells, died 1st May 1931, aged 78 yrs.  His brother Thomasdied 26th Sept 1931, aged 60 yrs.  His wife Anniedied 4th Feb 1950, aged 86 yrs.  Their sons Edwarddied 21st July 1955, aged 51 years.  Johndied 14th Feb 1984.  Matthew died 7th August 1998. RIP.

DUNNE(Right section front).  In loving memory of Mrs Margaret Dunne, Riverdale, Kilmainham, Kells, who died Nov 16th 1938 and her husband JamesDunnewho died 10th March 1949 and their daughters Margaret Dunnedied 23rd June 1987, Bridget Dunne who died 15th Nov 1988, Marie Dunne who died 21st Oct 1995.

FARRELLYSee ManganandFarrelly

FARRELLYSee SmithandFarrelly

FEENEYSee Donegan, FeeneyandDaly

FINNEGAN(Right section rear).  In loving memory of M. A. Finnegan died 24th Feb 1943.  Joseph Finnegan died 9th April 1963.  Bernard Finnegandied 25th Jan 1935.  RIP.

FITZSIMONS(Left section rear).  In loving memory of Bartle Fitzsimons, Suffolk Street, Kells, who died 1926.  His wife Bridgetwho died 1921 (interred in Balrath).  Also their sons Patrickwho died 1912 (interred in Balrath), Bartlewho died 1918.  Bernardwho died 1947.  Johnwho died 1950.  Frankwho died 8th March 1961, aged 61 years and his wife Anne who died 11th December 1997, aged 96 years.  RIP.

FITZSIMONS and GAVIN(Right section front).  Front – “It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, That they may be loosed from sin”2. MACH. 12. 42.  In the name of Jesus pray for the repose of the souls of Mary J. Fitzsimons who died on October 6th 1916, aged 56 years.  Peter Fitzsimons who died on October 22nd 1920, aged 65 years.  Patrick Fitzsimons who died on August 26th 1828, aaged 65 years.  Patrick J. Fitzsimons died 3rd February 1940, aged 31 years.  Mary Fitzsimons died (11-6-1952), aged 96.  EthelFitzsimonsdied (25-11-1959), aged 62.  James C.  Fitzsimons died (26-9-1961), aged 66.  Raymond Fitzsimons died (30-4-1962), aged 39.  “Our lady of Mount Carmel, St Joseph and St Teresa, pray for them”. RIP.

Left – Teresa Fitzsimons died 19-5-1972 aged 82 years.  Thomas Fitzsimonsdied 20th Jan 1978.  Patrick G. Fitzsimons died 22nd April 1980, aged 54 years.  Godrey J. Fitzsimons died 12th September 1995, aged 70 years. Mary Fitzsimons died 9th October 2005, aged 79 years.

Right – Peter J. Fitzsimons died 14th June 1974, aged 52 yrs.  Evelyn A. Gavin (née Fitzsimons) died in London, 24th Feb 2001, aged 69 yrs.  John C Fitzsimonsdied in London, 14th Dec 2007, aged 79 years.  (Interred in Hertford Cemetery, England).

FLANAGAN – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of KatieFlanagandied July 26th 1931 and RobertFlanagandied 16th April 1918.  Also FrThomasFlanagan died 21st Nov 1941 and Margaretdied 14th Aug 1945.  JosephineFlanagandied 27th Sept 1960.  Josephdied 3rd May 1959.  Patrickdied 8th June 1961.  Johndied 24th Dec 1958.  Jamesdied 30th March 1971.  Josephdied 24th May 1989.

FOX – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of Mary Fox, Clover Hill, Kells, died 19th March 1931.  Her husband Johndied 21st February 1973. Their daughter Mollydied 17th October 1978.  Also their sons Jackdied 4th January 1969, Jim died 3rd November 1988, MattMarket St, Kells, died 17th November 2005 and his wife Elizabeth(Betty) died 12th August 2005. RIP.   “God took you from our home, But never from our hearts”.

FOX(Right section front).  MaryKate Foxdied 25th June 1911.  Her husband John Fox died 16th Jan 1913.  John Foxdied 18th Dec 1925, aged 5 years.  Bonaventure Foxdied 6th July 1932, aged 7 months, Thomas D. Fox died 4th July 1933.  Phily Fox died28Feb 1946, aged 17 years.  Patrick J. Foxdied 15 Feb 1958, aged  68 years.  Rosie Foxdied 21st Aug 1964, aged 71 years.  AgnesFoxdied 29th May 1986.  Dermot Pascal Foxdied 9th April 1993.  RIP.

GAVIN(Left section front).  Erected by Cornelius Gavin, Loyd, in memory of his  beloved wife Catherine who died 25th March 1911 and her son Williamwho died 19th May 1914.  Cornelius Gavindied 31st March 1918.  “Sacred hearts of Jesus have mercy on their souls”.

GAVINSee FitzsimonsandGavin.

GERAGHTY – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of my daughter MaureenGeraghty died 23rd Feb 1933, aged 17 years.  Also my son MattieGeraghtykilled in England, 17th August 1944, aged 23 years.  Erected by their loving mother Marydied 13th Feb 1969.  Francisdied 24th June 1988, aged 71 years.  His loving wife Nancydied 12th Oct 1998, aged 78 years.  Their baby son Francisdied 1957.

GINGLES and CASEY(Right section front.  FrontSacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Thomas Gingles,(Kells), who died on June 12th 1928, aged 84 years.  MrsCatherineGingleswho died on Feb 28th 1930, aged 72 years.  Their children SamuelGinglesand Jane Gingles. AndrewCaseydied 27th May 1950.  RIP. Left- Thomas P.Gingles died in US, Jan 1953, Mary Agnes Caseydied 1st Jan 1959.  LillyGinglesdied 4th Dec 1972.  Annie Ginglesdied 22nd Dec 1975.  William John Ginglesdied 8th Nov 1980.  MaryGingles died 3rd Jan 1987.                                 Right–ThomasF.Gingles died 27th Oct 2004.  The Gingles family once owned a fishmonger’s shop in Market Street.

GRACE and CARPENTER – (Left section front).  In loving memory of our dear mother Mrs Mary Grace,Church View, Kells, who departed this life on the 6th June 1926, aged 65 years.  Also her sons Michael who died on 8th April 1955, aged 52 years.  Richard died on Sept 2 1976.  Thomas Carpenter  died on March 22 1975. Also his wife Josephinedied 28th August 1983.  Erected by her children.  RIP.

GRAY(Left section front).  Pray for the souls of Stephen Gray,(Knockkelly), Kells, died Feb 22nd 1923, aged 68 years.  Also Kate Graydied 27th Feb 1933, aged 65 years.  Elizabeth Graydied 5th Jan 1939, aged 75 years.

GREENESee MahonandGreene.

GRIFFIN(Right section rear).  Erected to the memory of WilliamGriffin, (Balrath), died 25th April 1939.  John Griffindied 16th Feb 1971.  RIP.  Erected by his brother John.

GRIMES – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of Susan Grimes died 1933, aged 39 yrs.  Her husband Johndied 1962, aged 70 yrs.   Rest in peace.

GROGAN and CARTY(Right section front).  FrontSacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Anne Grogan who departed this life 24th March 1925, aged 72 years and her husband Michael Grogan who died 22nd March 1932, aged 87 years and their daughter Annewho died 24th Nov 1958. Please pray for the soul of Catherine Cartynée Grogan died 7th Sept 1959 and her husband Thomas Cartydied 6th Dec 1950.  Their daughter Maureendied 20th April 2006.                                                 LeftAlso RevM.B.CartySSC who died at Binalbagan, Negros, Philippine Isles, 16th June 1958, aged 37 years.  Also MonsignorT.Grogan, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, died 19th June 1963, aged 76 years.

GUITE – See Smyth and Guite.

HAHN – See Monaghan and Hahn

HARRINGTON – See Sheridan, Curtis and Harrington

HENNESSY – See Vaughan and Hennessy

HEALY and DONNELLY(Left section rear ).  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of James Healy, 2 St Colmcille’s Villas, who died 26th Oct 1983, aged 72 yrs.  His infant son Jameswho died 18th Aug 1955, aged 4 months.  His wife Kathleen(née Rogers) who died 28th Aug 1994, aged 83 years and her sister Eileen Donnellywho died 22nd Dec 2008, aged 84 years.  RIP.

HEALY and KELLY(Right section front).  Pray for the soul of MaryanneHealydied May 1933, aged 38 years.  Also her aunt Brigid Kellydied June 1939, aged 50 years.  Also Patrick Kellydied Jan 1968, aged 70 years.

HENNESSYSee VaughanandHennessy

HERAGHTY(Right section rear).  In loving memory John Heraghty,Kells, County Meath Brigade, died March 1928.

HOEYSee McPhilips, Plunkett, WoodwardandHoey

HOLLIDAY(Left section front).  In loving memory of Charles Holliday,Fr MacCullen Pk, Kells, died 12th July 1978, aged (7?) yrs, his brother Albert,aged 19 yrs, one of 655 people who lost their lives on the SS Ceramic the ship was sunk on  the 7th Dec 1942.  Their sister Maryaged 78 yrs, died 6th Jan 2004.  Charles‘s wife Lenaaged (70) yrs died 10th July 2007.  Their son Georgeaged 51 yrs died 14th May 2008.

HOPKINS(Left section front).  Erected by Edward Hopkins in memory of his father MathewHopkins, Kilmainham, Kells, who died 23 February 1923, aged 84.  His wife Mrs Rosanne Hopkins,who died 28th September 1935, aged 87 years.  Also their son Edward Hopkinsdied 22nd Nov 1957, aged 82 years.  And their daughter Annie Hopkinsdied 20th Jan 1971, aged 88 years. RIP.

KEELAN(Left section front) – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Catherine Keelan,Farrell Street, Kells, who died 9th Nov 1926.  Also his daughter Kathleenwho died 21st March 1921 aged 27 years.  James Keelandied 19th March 1933, aged 67 years.

KELLEHERSee LynchandKelleher.

KELLYSee HealyandKelly.

LEE(Left section front).  In loving memory of Richard Lee, (Hurdles), who died 16th Aug 1938, aged 75 years.  Also his wife AnnieLeedied 25th Dec 196?.

LEESee Collins, LeeandConnell

LOONEY(Left section front).  In loving memory of John Looney, Scurlogstown, Kells, died 25th Nov 1940, aged 73.  His daughter Gretta died 30th April 1928, aged 7 ½.  Also his wife Ellenwho died 28th Feb 1974, aged 76.  Also his son Johndied 2nd May 1985, aged 68.

LOWTH – (Left section front).  In loving memory of our parents John Lowth, Kilmainham , died 3rd May 1940 and Agnes died 19th April 1941.  Also their son Williamdied 27th Feb 1974.

LYNCH and KELLEHER(Left section front).  In loving memory of KittyLynchdied in April 1932, age 10 yrs.  His mother Sarah Lynchdied 5th March 1935, age 53 yrs.  Her father Michael Lynchdied 4th May 1954, age 74 yrs.  Jack Lynch died 4 June 1952, age 42 yrs.  Twins Bridget & Columbiadied Jan 1917, age 19 mths.  Helen Kelleher died 25 Feb 1946 age 4 mths.  JamesKelleherdied 28 March 1947, age 5 mths.  Their mother AlacoqueKelleher, Rugby, died 8th Oct 1963, age 43 yrs.  Her sister Sheila Lynchdied 5th March 1967, age 49 yrs.  Michael Lynchdied 23 June 1981.

MC EVOY(Left section front).  God have mercy on the souls of James McEvoydied 1932.  His wife Kate died 1936.  Their sons Thomas died 1927, Michael died 1973 and their daughters Katiedied 1974, Marydied 21st July 1987.  RIP.  Erected by their daughter Mary.

 MC ENANEY and BARNWELL – (Left section front).  In loving memory of OwenMcEnaney, Maudlin St, Kells, who died 27th July 1924, age 60.  And his son Eugene, Postal Staff, Navan, who died 10 June 1923, aged 29.  His daughter Margaretdied 18th Sept 1940.  His wife Marydied 14th Feb 1955.  His daughter Gertrude Barnwell died 30th April 1987.

MC MAHON – (Right section rear ).  In loving memory of RichardMcMahon  died 28th Aug 1932, aged 19 years.  MatthewMcMahon(father) died 24th Nov 1932, aged 58 years.  LaurenceMcMahondied 16th Nov 1938, aged 29 years.  PatrickMcMahondied 21st Aug 1950, aged 39 years. CatherineMcMahondied 10th Sept 1965, aged 85 years.

MCNAMEE – See Callaghan and McNamee

MC NULTY and SMITH – (Right section front).  In loving memory of Catherine McNulty died 17th Jan 1935.  Also John McNulty died 10th June 1936.  Also James Smith died 1st July 1945.  Catherine Smith died 26th March 1986.  Annie Smith died 4th July 1997.

MC PHILIPS,  PLUNKETT,  WOODWARD and HOEY –  (Right section rear).  In loving memory of Ellen McPhilips, Balreask, died 31st March 1939.  Her daughter Annie died 24th April 1951.  Her sister Anne Plunket died 21st November 1956.  Her husband Bernard died 1st July 1972.  Her daughter Kathleen died 24th November 1976.  Her son Hugh died 8th December 1983.  RIP.  Also their daughters Nellie Woodward who died in England.  Mary Hoey died in Dublin.

MAC DONALD – See Brangan and MacDonald

MAGUIRE – See Sheridan and Maguire

MAHON and GREENE – (Right section front).  In loving memory of our dear parents James Mahon, (Kilmainham), died Sept 2 1929.  Brigid Mahon died Nov 3rd 1934.  Son James Mahon died 1st June 1964.  Also his daughter Brenda Greene (née Mahon) died 17th April 1989.  Queen of the Rosary intercede for them.  RIP.  Also his son Seamus Mahon died 26th Feb 2002.  Erected by their children.

MANGAN and FARRELLY – (Right section front).  In loving memory MRS Ellen Mangan died 10th Sept 1929.  James Mangan died 10 April 1919.  Bridget Farrelly died 8th Dec 1923.  Mary Farrelly died 16-2-1953.

MARTIN – (Right section rear).  Erected in loving memory of James Martin, Canon Street, Kells, who died 24th April 1935.

MARTIN and REILLY (Right section front) –  In memory of Patrick J. Martin, Farrell Street, Kells, who died 1st April 1938.  Also his wife Anne died 11th Feb 1960 and their son-in-law Charles Reilly died 4th Sept 2003.  RIP.  The Martin family once owned a drapery store in Farrell Street.

MATTHEWS – (Left section front).  Erected by Margaret Matthews, Carnaross, in loving memory of her husband Thomas who died 5th March 1919.

MATTHEWS,  MULLEN and  SKELLY (Left section front).   Pray for the soul of Kate Matthews, Kells, who died 18th Dec 1911.  Also her son Frank Matthews who died 5th May 1918 at Lennoxbrooke.  Also Mary Lisa Mullen who died 15th April 1948 and William Mullen who died 17th July 1940.  William Justin darling infant died 16th Oct 1953Margaret Skelly died 4th April 1955.

MERCY CONVENT (1) – (Right section rear) – “Mary Mother of Mercy receiveth at the hour of our death”.

BREEN – Sister M.Gerard Breen died 30th Dec 1911.

CEELAN – Sister M. Francis Ceelan died 20th Aug 1932.

EGAN – Sister Bridget Joseph Egan died 2nd Feb 1936.  RIP.

KELLY – Sister Aloysius Kelly died 1st Aug 1924.

KILLEEN – Sister M. Conzanca Killen died 10th Aug 1920.

MC GRATH –  Sister M. Gertrude  P.McGrath died 20th Feb 1934.

MURPHY – Sister M. Evangelist J. Murphy died 20th Feb 1933. RIP.

RYAN – Sister M. Patrick Ryan died 4th May 1932.  RIP.

MERCY CONVENT (2) – (Left section rear).  “Suffer little children to come unto me, For their’s is the kingdom of heaven”.  In memory of Anna Mooney,  Mary Clonger,  Emily Breen,  Mary McGrath.  RIP.  Erected by the Sisters of Mercy, Kells.  It is presumed that the above children probably came from the orphanage first opened in the old Bective School for Boys by the Mercy Convent circa 1888.  When the building soon became too small, a country house was donated and with further funds from another benefactor the Sacred Heart Orphanage was opened in 1894 and it closed in 1981.  It was demolished two years later.

MONAGHAN and HAHN – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Michael Monaghan interred Nobber, died Feb 10th 1923, aged 25 years.  Elizabeth Monaghan died Dec 27 1929, aged 25 years.  Michael Monaghan died Sept 20 1945, aged 30 years.  Anne Monaghan died 6th Feb 1949, aged 80 years.  Anne Hahn died 22nd Oct 1969.

MOORE – (Right section rear).  Pray for the soul of Thomas Moore, Kilmainham, who died 23rd Nov 1925.  RIP.  Erected by his family.

MORAN – (Left section front).  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Emily  P. Moran died 6th Jan 1917.  Mary Moran died 20th May 1925.  Andrew Moran died 8th  Jan 1927John F. Moran died 11th Nov 1944.

MULLALLY – See Barrett and Mullally

MULLEN – See Matthews, Mullen and Skelly

MULVANY – (Right section rear).   In loving memory of Patrick Mulvany died 15th March 1931.  John Mulvany died 1st January 1950.  His wife Mary died 29th June 1965.  Also their daughters, Kathleen died 21st July 1986,  Eileen and Bridie who died in infancy.  Their son Patrick died 22nd December 2000.  RIP.

MURPHY- (Left section front).   Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Daniel F. Murphy died 21st Oct 1916.  Also his wife Mary AgnesMurphy died 5th Dec 1962 and their son Kevin Murphy died 31st Jan 1965.  Mary Theresa (Moyse) Murphy, died 12th July 1985.

MURPHY – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Patrick Murphy, (Church View, Kells) died April 10th 1955, aged 70 yrs.  Also Margaret Murphy died Nov 26th 1918, age 28 yrs.  RIP.

MURPHY and PANTER – (Left section front).  In loving memory of our dear parents Charlotte Murphy died 19th October 1925James Murphy died 17th November 1939.  Their son Vincent died 23rd August 1970.  Their daughter Mrs Mabel Panter died 23rd May 1979.

MURRAY (Left section front).  Erected by her children in memory of their mother Kate Murray, Coopers Park, Kells, who died 6 Aug 1914, aged 75 years.  Her son James died 18 Aug 1927 and her daughter Kate died 1 Dec 1960.  RIP.

NEWMAN- (Right section rear).  In loving memory of Thomas Newman, died 23rd Oct 1914.  His wife Bridget died 20th March 1939.  Their sons Hugh died 9th Nov 1953.  Patrick died 13th Jan 1971.  His wife Margaret (Peg) died 4th March 2008.  RIP.

NUGENT – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Patrick Nugent, (Kenlis Place, Kells), died 6th Jan 1928, aged 74 yrs.  His wife Margaret died 23rd March 1948, aged 62 yrs.  Their daughter Julia died 31st Oct 1966.  Also HughNugent died 1st Nov 1980.  His wife Margaret died 1st December 1989.

NUGENT – See O’Reilly and Nugent

O’BRIEN – (Left section front).  Mary O’Brien, Maudlin Road, Kells, died Oct 13th 1926.  Also her husband John O’Brien died April 27 1935.

O’BRIEN – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Patrick O’Brien, John Street, Kells, who died Jan 30 1911, aged 80 years and his wife Margaret who died Feb 6th 1911, aged 73 years.  Also his son Peter who is interred in St John’s Cemetery.  Also their daughter Juliet M. who died 18th May 1920.  Also Mary O’Brien who died 26th Feb 1939.

O’BRIEN and O’REILLY – (Right section front).  In loving memory of Edward O’Brien, (Scurlogstown), died 11th Sept 1920.  His wife Bridget died 23rd June 1944.   Their son Terence died 21st Jan 1965.  Molly O’Brien died 16th Jan 1983.  Rose Ann O’Reilly died 28th Jan 1949.  RIP.

O’REILLY and NUGENT – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Mrs Mary Anne O’Reilly, (Dulane, Kells), departed this life 29th June 1927, aged 65 years.  Also her son Michael O’Reilly departed this life 25th June 1963, aged 74 years.  Also his wife Bridie O’Reilly departed this life 10th Dec 1980, aged 73 years.  Patrick Nugent who died 4th Jan 1928.

O’REILLY and WARD – (Left section front).  In affectionate remembrance of PatrickO’Reilly who departed this life 3rd Nov 1919.  Erected by his wife Mary Rose O’Reilly who died 16th Oct 1920.  RIP.  Also Joseph P. Ward who died on the 13th Jan 1938, aged 56 years.  Also his wife RoseWard who died 1st Dec 1954.

PADDLE – (Left section front).  In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas Paddle who departed this life June 30th 1929.  Also Susan Paddle, Canon Street, died 11th March 1941.  Erected by his wife Susan.

PANTER – See Murphy and Panter

PLUNKETT See McPhilips, Plunkett, Woodward and Hoey


BRADY – Please Pray for Rev Patrick Brady CC. (No date)

DOOLEY – (1st Memorial).  Please Pray for the Very Rev Michael Dooley DD PP VG, Kells died 6th April 1919.

DOOLEY – (2nd Memorial) – Erected by the parishioners of Kells and Girley. In loving memory of Very Rev Michael Dooley DD PP VG, St Colmcille’s, Kells, who died on the 6th April 1919, aged 69 years.  Revd Dr MichaelDooley was on a visit to his sick sister, a nun from Loreto Convent at Navan, when he slipped on a polished floor, hurt his knee and died later in hospital.

FLYNN – Please pray for the Very Rev Donal Flynn PP VG, Kells, died 6th May 1935Revd Donal Flynn succeeded Revd Michael Dooley as parish priest but unfortunately he had poor health.  There was no doubt that he was an outstanding scholar and a man of much abilty. 

GINGLES – In loving memory of Rev John Gingles CC, who died 14th Nov 1918, aged 23 years.  May he rest in peace.  Father John Gingles had only recently ordained as a priest became ill from flu after Mass at Christian Brother’s Oratory and died on the following Friday.  The flu epidemic was raging at the time, unfortunately Father Gingles caught it off a patient and succumbed to the disease.

O’CALLAGHAN (1st Memorial).  In loving memory of Rev John O’CallaghanCC,  who died 25th Feb 1921.

2nd Memorial – Please pray for Rev John O’Callaghan CC, died 25th Feb 1921.

REILLY – (Right section front).  Erected to the memory of John Reilly, Brickfield, who died 3rd June 1934.  Also his daughter Kathleen died 22 Nov 1945.  His wife Catherine died 19th Oct 1963 and also their daughter Mary Alice died 22nd Feb 1994.  Thomas Reilly died 19th March 1997.  Ursula Reilly died 15th Dec 1994.  Myles Reilly died 14th Oct 1996Sister Gabriel Reilly died 23rd May 1993 in Johannesburg. SisterBernadette Reilly died 16th July 2002 in Mount Sackville.

ROURKE – (Right section rear).  In loving memory Mary Rourke, Farrelly Street, Kells, who died 25th March 1915.  Also his son  John died 25th Jan 1913, aged 21 years.  Also her husband Bernard Rourke who died 22nd April 1924.  Also their son Patrick died 4th May 1927 and their daughter Lill Rourke who died 15th Feb 1945.  Also their son Matthew died 18th Oct 1964 and their son Bernarddied (2nd) Feb 1973.  Also their daughter Evadied 29th June 1983.  “Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls”.

ROURKE – (Left section front).  Erected in a sad and loving memory of my affectionate husband John Rourke who died 18th Jan 1919, aged 68 yrs.  His wife Catherine who died 30th Sept 1936, aged 83 yrs.  Their sons Jack who died 17th Nov 1919, aged 29 yrs.  Michael who died 4th Aug 1965, aged 66 yrs.  “Oh sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on them”.  RIP.

RUSSELL and CORRIGAN – (Left section front).  Pray for the soul of Samuel Russell, Kells, buried in Nobber who died 23rd Oct 1901 and his wife Elizabeth who died 25th June 1913.  Also their son-in-law Edward J. Corrigan who died 31st Jan 1912 and their son John Russell died 25th Aug 1948, aged 74 years.

SHERIDAN – (Left section front).  Erected by Thomas Sheridan, Drogheda, in memory of his brother Joseph who died 1st March 1919 and his mother Mary who died 16th June 1919.

SHERIDAN – (Left section front).  Erected in loving memory of Thomas Sheridan, Suffolk St, Kells, died 30th Dec 1939.  Margaret Sheridan died 28th Nov 1961 and their son Thomas died 15th Sept 1973, aged 52 yrs.  Their daughter Annie (Dotie) died 25th Feb 1985.  RIP.

SHERIDAN, CURTIS and HARRINGTON – (Right section front).  Front – In loving memory of Mrs Josie Sheridan who departed this life at Maudlin Street, Kells, on February 23rd 1923.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul.  Also Iris Curtis died 1953, aged 3½ yearsJohn Sheridan died 22nd Jan 1952.  William J. Sheridan died 22nd April 1976, aged 53 years.  Kathleen Sheridan, Canon Street, Kells, wife of William J. Sheridan died 24th July 2005. 

Left – Greg Sheridan, Canon Street, died 5thNov 1997, aged 46 years. 

Right – Rose A Harrington late New York, died 7th Oct 1991.

SHERIDAN and MAGUIRE – (Left section rear).  In loving memory of Julia Sheridan also her husband Farrell Sheridan died April 1st 1920 and their grandsons Robert Maguire died Oct 16th 1928 and John who died Feb 2 1934.  Also Mary E. Sheridandied 23rd Dec 1934Mary Maguire and son Michael.

SKELLY – (Left section front) – Erected in loving memory of Michael Skelly died September 23rd 1924.  Also his wife Rose died August 23rd 1925, aged 54 & 53 years.  Mary B. Skelly died 13th Nov 1949, age 75 yearsValintine died 18th Nov 1949 age 71 years interred at Liverpool.  Michael died 4th May 1950, aged 73 years.  RIP.  Michael Skelly died 5th Nov 1973, aged 66 years.  His wife Rose died 7th Jan 2008 in her 93rd year.

SKELLY – See Allen and Skelly

SKELLY – See Matthew, Mullen and Skelly

SMITH (Right section front) – Pray for the soul of  Christopher Smith, (Newmarket Street, Kells), died 1st May 1960, aged 64 years.  Mrs Mary Smith, (Bective Square, Kells), died 17th September 1933, aged 39 years.  Ita Smithdied 2nd Dec 1989, aged 89 years.

SMITH – (Left section front).  In loving memory of our dear father JohnSmith, (Piercetown), who died Jan 28th 1929.  Also Charles Smith died 26th Nov 1937.  JamesSmithdied 9th June 1945 and SusanSmithdied 3rd Aug 1951.  Also JohnSmith died 13th Jan 1985.

SMITH – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of my wife Kate Smith, Maudlin Street, Kells, who departed this life 9th May 1900, aged 41 years.  Also my sister Mary Katewho died 1st Jan 1910, aged 18 years.  Also my father JohnSmith who died 18th Dec 1923, aged 69 years.  Charles Smith died 9th Oct 1950.

SMITH – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Lizzie Smith, Maudlin Road, Kells, who departed this life 6th June 1924.  Also her mother Bridget Smith who died July 31 1928.  Her brother Patrick Smith died 31st Dec 1955.  John Smith died 3rd Aug 1962.

SMITH – (Right section rear).  In loving memory of our dear mother Margaret Smith, Bective, Kells, died April 28 1927 and her husband Patrick Smithdied March 25th 1910 (interred [Ratoath] Cemetery ).  Also their son Robert died 22nd June 1963, aged 62 years and their son Michael died 10th Aug 1971.  Their daughters Margaret(Cissie) died 20th Jan 1978, Elizabeth died 19th Sept 1979.

SMITH  – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Mary Smith (née Crawley), Kells, who died 1936.

SMITH – (Left section front).   Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of MichaelSmith, Farrell St, Kells, who died 8th Aug 1914.  Also his brother Jim who died 5th July 1916.  And  AgathaMonica  who died 30th Jan 1932.  And their father PatrickSmith who died 5th April 1933.

SMITH – (Right section front).  In loving memory of  PeterSmith , …hill, Kilmainham, died 18th Jan 1941.  His wife Catherine died 18th Oct 1923.  Their daughter Rose Anne died 8th Aug 1929 and their son Richard died 14th Aug 1963 and his wife Annie died 7th Oct 1979.

SMITH and FARRELLY – (Left section front).  In fond remembrance Philip Smith, [Kestown], Kells, who died 11th April 1936, aged 66 years.  Rose  Farrelly who died 4th Aug 1939.  Mrs Mary K. Smith died 3rd Jan 1947.  Jenny Smith died 1st April 1959. Also Philip Smith died 9th Feb 1972.

SMITH – See McNulty and Smith

SMYTH – (Left section front).  Front – In affectionate remembrance of a loving wife and mother KatieSmyth, Ethelstown, Kells, who died 18th Feb 1920.  From her sorrowing husband and children.  And on her darling son Joe.  Killed in action in Athboy Barracks 7th Sep 1922.  Also Christopher Smyth died 27th September 1938.  Their beloved daughter Eileen died 17th May 1947.

Right – Teresa died 1st July 1970.  Christopher died 28th Feb 1972.  Rosaleen died 23rd Feb 1981.  Frances (wife of Christopher) died 27th Jan 1990.

SMYTH – (Left section front).  In loving memory of MarySmyth died 5th May 1925PeterSmyth died 18th April 1926.  LaurenceSmyth, (Ardbraccan), died 26th January 1981.  His wife Annie died 1st November 1985.

SMYTHE and SMITH – (Right section rear).  Front – IHS. In loving remembrance of our parents Rose Smyth, Kilmainham, died 15th June 1919, aged 82 years.  RIP.  Thaddeus Smyth, Kilmainham, died 22nd Dec 1919, aged 89 years.  RIP.

Right– In loving memory of  Patrick J. Smyth who died 16th May 1953.  RIP.  Lillie C. Smyth who died 26th July 1957Hugh Smyth who died 18th Nov 1956.  Rose Smyth who died 21st May 1980.

Left – And their daughter Margaret Smyth died 18th May 1946.  RIP.  John Smyth died 8th August 1950.  RIP.  Joe Smyth died 13th Jan 1958.

SMYTH and GUITE- (Left section front)  Front Erected by her sorrowing husband and daughters in loving memory of Mrs Margaret Smyth, Dalgeet, Balrath, who died 24th May1921. Also her son Christopher  killed in action in France, 31st July 1917 and interred at Artillery Wood Cemetery,  Ypres.  “Gone but not forgotten”.  Philip Smyth died 19th March 1929.  Patrick, Kiernan, (Springville), died 24th March 1958.  Margaret died 6th Aug 1978.  Their son Peter died 11th Sept 1996.

RightBridget Guite died 19th April 1929.

STARR – See Caffrey and Starr

STEPHENS – See Corrigan and Stephens

SWEETMAN and BIGGERSTAFF – (Right section front).  Left –  John Sweetman 1844 – 1936.  AgnesSweetman ( née Hanley) 1871 – 1936.  JohnWalterSweetman 1898 – 1961.  Olivia (Susie) Sweetman ( née Dudley) 1912 – 1993.  John OliverSweetman 1936 – 2005. 

Right –  AliciaBiggerstaff ( née Sweetman)  1910 – 1985John Biggerstaff  1910 – 2004.

TANHAM – (Right section front) –  In loving memory of MichaelTanham died 16th April 1935 and his wife Margaret died 4th Nov 1935.  Also their son James died 16th April 1976.  Their daughters Jody died 11th Feb 1996, Nan died 6th July 1996.

TEVLIN – (Right section front).  Please pray for the souls of Michael Tevlin,  (Newrath, Moynalty, Kells), 1856 – 1960.  Mrs Brigid Tevlin 1874 – 1949.  Patrick Francis Tevlin 1898 – 1924.  James Arthur Tevlin died 14th Oct 1968.  Maureen Tevlin died 11th April 1991, aged 91 years.

TOBIN – (Right section rear).  IHS.  In loving remembrance of our dear parents John Tobin, Hill Farm, Kilmainham, died 18th Aug 1936, aged 80 years.  Mary Tobin  8th May 1936, aged 73 years.  And their sons Thomas E. Tobin died 10th March 1952, Patrick Tobin 11th Sept 1962, John Tobin died 16th Dec 1969.  RIP.

TOBIN – (Left section front).  In loving memory of John Tobin died 1st July 1940.  Julia Tobin died 5th July 1946, Rosmeen.  Teresa Tobin died 4th Oct 1981.  Also John C. Tobin died 8th Dec 1982.  His sister Agnes died 30th March 1986.  His son Paul died 28th Nov 1996, aged 32 years.  RIP.

TORMAY – (Right section front).  In loving memory of Maureen Tormay died 5th March 1936, aged 22 years.  Her sister Lily died 17th March 1936, aged 12 years.  Their brother Stephen died 12th Nov 1939, aged 23 years and their dear father Robert (Bob)  died 22nd July 1969, aged 79 years and their loving mother Brigid died 13th March 1971, aged 80 years.  John Tormay son of Bob and Brigid  died 13th March 1971, aged 80 years.  JohnTormay son of Bob and Brigid died 23rd April 1989, aged 66 years.

TORMAY, BRADY and BYRNE – (Right section front).   Erected in loving memory of my dear wife Angela Tormay who departed this life 17th Dec 1945, aged 27 years.  Also Bridget Brady died 15th [Dec 1928] and her son ArthurByrne died 1st July 1938.  Marcella Tormay, Circular Road, Kells, died 27th Jan 1980, aged 98 years.

TULLY – (Left section front).  In loving memory of Philip Tully, Maudlin Rd, Kells, died 16 Jan 1933.  His wife Margaret died 11 Feb 1939.  Their son James died 29 Nov 1963.  Their daughters Julia died 6 June 1970.  Margaret ( Cissie ) died April 1985.  Their son Patrick (Sonny) died 17 Jan 1975 and his wife Barbara died 23 Dec 2005.

VAUGHAN and HENNESSY – (Left section rear) –  In loving memory of Michael Vaughan,  14 St Colmcilles Villas, Kells, died 26th October 1969.  His wife Mary died 20th November 2003.  Michael Vaughan died 24th February 1937.  His wife Mary died 10th November 1940.  Their grandson Oliver Hennessy died 6th July 1947.  “Rest in peace.  Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day”.

WAHLRAB  (Left section rear) –  In loving memory of James BasilWahlrab died 11th Feb 2005, aged 76 years, ex Hon Consul to Tanzania.  RIP.

WARD – See O’Reilly and Ward

WOODWARD – See McPhilips, Plunkett, Woodward and Hoey

WOODS – (Right section rear).  Front – In loving memory of WilliamWoods, Headfort Place, who died 10th April 1956.  His infant daughter Marie Therese who died 27th March 1927.  Also his wife Bridget who died 1st Jan 1963.  Also their son William P. died 8th July 1963 and their son Patrick J. Woods who died 24th December 1968Kevin  P. Woods who died 17th July 1978.  Thomas Woods died 24th July 1981.  John Woods 27-12-1921  12-3-1994.  Our mother Christina(Cissie) Woods  wife of William P. died 9th August 1997, aged 71 years.

Right – Sheila Woods born 9th Nov 1920 died 10th Mar 2005.  Our beloved brother Bernard who died 14th Mar 2007, aged 45 years.


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