Recorded by Tony Coogan and Gerry Mahon in March  April 2004

FITZSIMONS – In loving memory of Thomas Charles Fitzsimons, born 24th June 1931. Died 28th September 1997

LYNCH – In loving memory of Margaret (Peggy) Lynch, ——–, Kilbeg, died 1st May 2002, aged 77 years. R.I.P.  Too dearly loved to be forgotten.

MC CORMACK – In loving memory of John Philip McCormack, Robertstown, Carlanstown, Kells, died 27th October 1997, aged 54 years.  Deeply missed.

MC GOVEREN – In loving memory of my darling husband, Leo McGovern, cherished father and grandfather.  Departed this life, 12th July 1995. Carlanstown.

MC CONNELL – In loving memory of Joan Marie McConnell (nee Collins), beloved wife of Bruce C. McConnell, daughter of Una A. O’Reilly Collins.  Died April 12th 1996, aged 46 years, Santa Rose, California.

O’REILLY – In loving memory of James William O’Reilly, Kilbeg, Carlanstown, died 24th October 1998, aged 71 years.

CLARKE – In loving memory of Maurice Clarke, Marty, died 10th September 1994.  His brother John died 9th January 1995. Stephen died, 25th March 1996.

CASSIDY – In loving memory of Peter Cassidy, Horath Cottage, passed away 23rd March 2000, aged 86 years.

CASSIDY – In loving memory of Joe Cassidy, Ardlonan, died 2nd November 1992, aged 71 years.

CASSIDY – In loving memory of Peadar Cassidy, Horath House, died 4th July 2002, aged 73 years.

REILLY – In loving memory of Barthle Reilly, died 22nd May 1963 aged 78 years.  His wife Julia, died 30th March 1975, aged 75 years. Their son Jack, died 2nd August 1955, aged 24 years. Their daughter, Mary McGee, died 18th March 1983, aged 54 years.

HARTEN – In loving memory of John Harten, Kilbeg, died 2nd August 1950, aged 65 years. His wife Bridget, died 15th May 1974, aged 86 years.  Alice Harten died 28th November 1976, aged 51 years.

FITZSIMONS – In loving memory of Patrick Fitzsimons, Gravelstown, died 3rd June 1965.  His wife Anne died 27th March 1958.  Their son, Patrick Fitzsimons, died 26th May 1970.  Also his wife Susie died 14th December 1975. Erected by their son Patrick.

LAWLESS – Erected by James Lawless, in memory of his father, Nicholas Lawless, died 26th April 1879, aged 74 years.  Also his mother Catherine Lawless, died 6th August 1885, aged 68 years.  Mary Lawless died 5th September 1942.  Michael Lawless died, 14th January 1951.

REILLY – “Gloria in excelsis deo”. Here lies the remains of the late Mr. & Mrs. Reilly of Kilbeg.  Also John Reilly, who departed this life, 25th April 1820, in the 21st year of his life.  And Mary Reilly, who departed this life, 27th May in the same year, in the 17th year of her age.  Charles Farrell O’Reilly, Kilbeg House, Kells, died 31st December 1998, aged 75 years.

O’REILLY – In loving memory of Katie O’Reilly, Finly, Boston, U.S.A., 17th October 1994, aged 44 years.

O’REILLY – Erected to the memory of the late Charles O’Reilly, who died at Kilbeg, May 7th 1870, aged 75 years.  Also to the memory of his two daughters, Mary and Fanny, and of his three sons, James, Bryan and Patrick, all of whom died young.  This stone was erected by his son Farrell O’Reilly, as a small tribute of esteem to their memory.  His mother, Anne O’Reilly, died May 1878, aged 72 years.  Farrell O’Reilly, died 22nd July 1908, aged 60 years.  His wife Catherine Mary, died 12th May 1892, aged 45 years.  Their son James, died 14th January 1913, aged 23 years.  John O’Reilly, Robertstown, died 28th January 1901, aged 68 years. Their daughter, Catherine M. Brady, died 7th August 1912, aged 74 years.  Jack Valentine O’Reilly, died 27th April 1915, aged 34 years.  Charles Farrell O’Reilly, Kilbeg, Kells, died 27th April 1955.

O’REILLY – Pray for the soul of Frances O’Reilly, alias Duffy, wife to Mr. James Reilly of Kilbeg, who departed this life, 7th November 1808, in the 36th year of her age.  Also the said Mr. James Reilly, departed this life, January 24th 1819, in the 47th years of his age.  Valentine Reilly, Robertstown House, died 11th February 1964.  His mother, Mary O’Reilly, died 8th May 1975, aged 82 years.

FARRELL – In loving memory of Hugh Farrell, Mullingstogan, died 12th April 1965, aged 81 years.  His wife Bridget, died 17th April 1978, aged 89 years.  His sister Ann, died 19th October 1939, aged 50 years.  Also his son Hugh, died 3rd April 1984, aged 59 years.  His daughter Bridget died 20th September 1991.  His son Philip died 7th February 1996 and Patrick died, 21st April 1996.  His son Edward, died 9th January 1998, aged 72 years.

BRIEN – Erected by John Brien, in memory of his mother, Margaret Brien, alias Carlan, who departed this life, 14th August 1813, aged 50 years.  Patrick Brien, died 16th December 1867, aged 50 years.  Thomas Brien, died March 27th 1902, aged 54 years.

MURRIN – Erected by John Murrin, Flushing, New York, U.S.A., in memory of his mother, Catherine Murrin, who died 8th February 1874, aged 50 years.  Also his sister, Anne Rafferty, who died 4th October 1868, aged 26 years.  His grandfather and grandmother, Thomas and Ann are also here interred.

TRAINER – Erected by John Trainer of Boston, U.S.A., in memory of his father, John Trainer, who died February 1846, aged 62 years.  Also his brother James, died 12th September 1848, ages 24 years.  His mother Mary, died 25th December 1850, aged 68 years.  His nephew Philip, died 15th September 1859, aged 18 years. 

LOGAN – In loving memory of Patrick Logan, died 30th January 1941, aged 65 years.  His wife Rose, died 26th September 1955, aged 85 years.

DALTON – Erected to the memory of Michael Dalton, late of Ardlonan, Carlanstown.  Also his parents, brothers and sisters.

SMITH – Memento Mori. Erected by Henry Smith, Ardlonan, in memory of his son Patrick Smith, who departed this life 11th March 1839, aged 26 years.

SMYTH – Erected by Mrs. Ann Smyth, in memory of her beloved husband, Edward Smyth of Robertstown, who died 21st March 1859, aged 53 years.

BRADY – Erected by Edward and Richard Brady as a tribute of respect to their ancestors, particularly their father, Richard Brady, who departed this life, 22nd April 1826, aged 76 years, and Bryan Brady, who departed this life, 6th October 1838, aged 72 years.  Kate Brady, died 3rd February 1933.  Her husband, Patrick Brady, died 10th November 1934, and their sons, Patrick Brady, died 11th June 1936, James died, 31st December 1948. Edward died 11th January 1971.  Also Eugene McCormack, Robertstown, died 31st January 1961.

BRADY – In loving memory of my parents, John Brady, Normanstown, Carlanstown, Kells, died 19th March 1983, and his wife Elizabeth, died 22nd July 1993.

MURPHY – In loving memory of Ellen Murphy ___________, died 15th October 1963, and her husband Philip, died 31st October 1964, and their children, Cissie,Tommy and Paddy.

MURPHY – Erected by Ellen Murphy, Scollinstown, Navan, in loving memory of her husband, Patrick Murphy, died 16th October 1906, aged 36 years.  His wife, Ellen Murphy, died 17th March 1950, aged 75 years.

GIBNEY – Pray for the soul of Patrick Gibney, died 26th February 1902.  Also Catherine Gibney, his wife, died 10th April 1909, and their son, Patrick Gibney, died 11th July 1916.  Also their daughter, Julia Gibney, died 31st January 1943, and son Barry Gibney, died 15th July 1942.

LYNCH – In loving memory of Michael Lynch, Ardlonan, Kilbeg, Kells, died 21st January 1981, aged 99 years.  His wife Mary, died 29th June 1983, aged 87 years.  Their son James, died 15th February 1943, aged 19 years.

CURRAN – In loving memory of Hugh Curran, Pottle, __________ died 9th October 1925.  Erected by his family.

CASSIDY – This monument was erected by John Cassidy, in memory of his father, Cormac Cassidy, who left this life, April 30th 1803, aged 77 years. Also his mother Mary Cassidy, alias O’Brien, who departed this life, June 16th 1793, aged 58 years.

COOGAN – In loving memory of Joseph Coogan, died 15th June 1964, aged 62 years. His wife Kate, died 21st August 1983, aged 83 years.  Their children, Kathleen died July 1930, aged 13 months, Theresa died March 1932, aged 11 months, Benjamin died 1st June 1935, aged 9 months.  Thomas Coogan, died 21st November 1950, aged 78 years.  Their daughter Bridget, died 29th August 1994, aged 63 years.

O’BRIEN – Erected to the memory of Frank O’ Brien, Ardee, aged 92 years, who died 6th November 1923.  Also his wife Margaret died, and their children Patrick and Mary Anne.

KEAJELLY – Pray for the soul of Mary Keajelly, who departed this life, 16th January 1942, aged 36 years.

COONY – In loving memory of May and William Coony, died 3rd and 5th April 1915.  Also Rose and Patrick Coony, died 14th and 25th September 1933.  Philip Cooney, died 7th April 1932.  Also Kate Cooney, died 16th March 1978.  John Cooney, died 18th May 1987.  Bernard Cooney _________, died 6th February 1988.  Roseanne Cooney, died 18th November 1991.

O’BRIEN – In loving memory of Hal O’Brien, Kilbeg, died 5th May 1975 aged 88 years.  Also his wife Margaret, died 22nd March 1968, aged 79 years.  And their sons. Harry, died 6th September 1935, aged 13 years. Johnny, died 22nd December 1996, aged 70 Years.  Also Eugene and William O’Brien who are buried in London.

MURTAGH – In sad and loving memory of Rose Murtagh, Togherstown, died 23rd February 1947.  Her husband Edward, died 1951.  Their sons Patrick, died 18.7.69 and Michael, died 9.12.71.

MURTAGH – In loving memory of Patrick Murtagh, died 1952, aged 87 and his parents, brothers and sisters.

FARRELLY – Pray for the soul of John Farrelly, departed this life, March 23rd 1746, aged 24 years. This stone was erected by his father Charles Farrell.

Inside Church

MONAGHAN – Pray for Margaret Monaghan, died 5th October 1936, aged 76 years. Hugh Monaghan, died 9th May 1940, aged 44 years.

BALFE – Pray for the soul of Patrick Balfe of Bigstown in the County of Meath and parish of Sudan, died 20th November 1794, aged 66 years.  Erected by his wife, Margaret Balfe, alias Aulburn, and also his three sons, Richard, Patrick and Columb Balfe.

BALFE – Erected by Patrick Balfe ________________.

FITZSIMONS – Remember in your prayers, John Fitzsimons, died 21st September 1962, aged 58 years.

CURRAN – In loving memory of Peter Curran, died 19th May 1943.  His wife Julia, died 5th March 1941.  Their son Peter, died 25th March 1931, and their daughter, Margaret Cahill, died 12th July 1942.  James Curran, died 4th June 1971.  Annie Curran, died 17th August 1975.  Patrick Curran, died 19th September 1978.  His wife Ellie, died 3rd January 1999.  In loving memory of Bennie Curran, died 15th April 1984.  His brother Tommy, died 25th September 1993.  His brother Phil, died 5th May 1997.

O’BRIEN – In loving memory of Christopher O’Brien, Gravelstown, died 16th January 1976.  His wife Margaret and his parents Michael and Celia O’Brien.  Also his brother James, died 18th December 1972.  Hugh died, 10th November 1977.

KIELY – In loving memory of John Kiely of Carlanstown, who died 27th December 1886, aged 48 years, and his beloved wife Anne, died 26th September 1902, aged 69 years.  Also their daughter, Mary Anne Kiely, who died 27th May 1840, aged 27 years and their son Francis Kiely, who died April 30th 1917, aged 47 years.  Their son Patrick died, July 21st 1922, aged 58 years.  Also Thomas Kiely, died October 28th 1938, aged 69 years.

TIMMONS – Erected in loving memory of Thomas Timmons, died October 16th 1911, aged 79 years.  Also his son Michael, died March 12th 1915, aged 44 years, and his wife Elizabeth, died November 3rd 1922, aged 36 years.  Also his daughter Bridget, died July 31st 1928, aged 56 years.  Thomas died, 25th October 1944.  Patrick died, 20th October 1957.  Mrs. May Gaughran died, 26th June 1950.  Catherine Timmons died 10th December 1970.   Rose Timmons died, 15th August 1979.  bridget Timmons, Carlanstown, died 13th February 1937.  Her husband James, died 18th January 1952.  Their sons, Michael died, 14th June 1951.  Owen died, 1st June 1967.  Patrick Died, 25th August 1967.  James died, 9th September 1970.  Patrick Timmons died, 25th August 1967.  His wife Margaret died, 16th June 1978.

MEEHAN – In loving memory of Thomas and Mary Meehan, Horath.  His brothers, James and Patrick Meehan.  Their sisters May Anne and Ellen Meehan, Margaret Muldoon and Catherine Mannering.

REILLY – In loving memory of Peter Reilly, Normanstown, died 13th December 1952, aged 49 years.  His wife Kathleen (nee Larkin), died June 13th 1992, aged 74 years.  His mother Annie, died May 1948.

CLARKE – In loving memory of James Clarke, Kilbeg, died 28th September 1969.  His wife Mary Clarke, died 22nd March 1972.  Their daughter Theresa Barthley, died 22nd August 1990.  Their sons, James Clarke, died 22nd December 1993.  Paddy Clarke died, 27th August 2001.

FITZSIMMONS – In loving memory of Bridget Fitzsimons, Carlanstown, died 7th December 1945.  Her husband Michael, died 7th June 1948.  Their son Thomas, died 31st January 1947.  Their daughter, Bridget Downey, died 11th September 1947.  Mary Anne Stevenson, died 20th June 1967.  Mrs. Dympna Hughes, died 23rd February 1970.  Mrs. Margaret Lynch, died 24th April 1974.  Annie Fitzsimons, Gravelstown, died 13th January 1989.

LYNCH – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Michael Lynch, Toherstown, son of Edward and Margaret Lynch, died 18th March 1995.

FITZSIMONS – Cherished memories of Anne Fitzsimons, from her family.

KELLY – Sweet Jesus have mercy on a dear mother, Mrs. Annie Kelly, died February 4th 1952, aged 63years.  Also her husband, Matthew Kelly, died 28th October 1966, aged 82 years.

REILLY – In loving memory of Christopher Reilly, Togherstown, died August 24th 1952, aged 81 years.  His wife Mary Reilly, died 3rd November 1963, aged 81 years.

GAFFNEY – In loving memory of James Gaffney, Girley, died 16th December 1954, aged 77. His wife Rose, died 20th June 1961, aged 79 years.  Their son Owen, died 18th October 1974, aged 59 years.  Bernard Gaffney, Milltown, died 1st April 1970, aged 78 years.

GAFFNEY – In loving memory of Owen Gaffney, Gravelstown, died 22nd November 1906, aged 65 years.  Also his wife Ellen, died 23rd November 1914, aged 60 years.  Rose Gaffney, died 24th May 1943.  Lena Bennet, died 31st August 1953.  Owen Gaffney, died 24th June 1958.  Thomas Gaffney, died 30th May 1939.  His wife Alice, died 5th February 1981.  infant, Owen Gaffney, died December 1918.   Patrick Gaffney died March 1937. Also infant son John, died 1920.

GAFFNEY – In loving memory of John Gaffney, died 6th March 1962.  His wife Sarah, died 16th October 1967.

WALLACE – In loving memory of John Wallace, Gravelstown, died 11th November 1968.

DOUGHERTY – Edward Dougherty of Staholmog, died this life, December 29th 1831, aged 48 years.

BENNET – This monument was erected by John and Theresa Bennet of Emlagh, in memory of their father, Sylvester Bennet, who departed this life, November 17th 1795, aged 57 years.

O’SULLIVAN – Pray for the soul of Turlough O’Sullivan, who departed this life, October 5th 1739, aged 72 years.

TULLY – This stone was erected by Peter Tully of Moynalty for him and his posterity.

TULLY – In loving memory of John Tully, Deerpark, Carlanstown, died 1st May 1945. His wife Anne, died 7th September 1960.  Their son Edward, died 29th December 1919. Their daughter Kathleen, died 28th October 1942.  Mary Anne died 1915.  Joseph Luke Reilly (grandson), died November 1950.  Their daughter Elizabeth Tully, died 19th October 1990.

FARRELLY – Pray for the soul of John Farrelly, who departed this life, March 23rd 1746, aged 24 years.  Have mercy on his soul.  This stone was erected by his father Charles Farrelly.