Recorded by Curragha I.C.A.


The notion of recording the inscriptions on the gravestones in Kilbrew came about two years ago when we heard of I.C.A. Guilds in other parts of the country undertaking this type of work.  Fás has assisted in doing recordings in larger cemeteries – Trim, Longford, etc.

We hope it will be of use to future generations researching their roots.  We have tried to be as accurate as possible, but it was a difficult task, so please forgive any errors.

The numbered chart of graves which accompanies this record is only a rough guide.  It shows 47 graves whereas 42 are listed in the record.  We believe there are many more graves covered by rough grass etc.  The oldest legible headstone is that of Matthew Begg who died in 1740 aged 65. He was born in 1675.

The ruins on the right are reputed to be the vault of the Gorge family but rumour has it that the remains were removed to Ratoath Cemetery and the vault is now empty.  When or why this happened we were unable to ascertain.  Any suggestion welcomed.

On the left are the ruins of an old Church or Monastery.  No stonework is visible but we feel sure that excavation would reveal foundations etc.  Some markers on old graves are obviously decorative stones – possibly windows from the old Church.

The Cemetery is surrounded on all sides by a stone wall.  We have been told that there is evidence of burials outside the walls – possibly during the famine.

The Patron day of Kilbrew Parish is 1st February – the feast of St. Brigid. 


1)  NOLAN – in loving memory of William Nolan, Ashbourne.  William Nolan, Kilbrew, Ashbourne died 1954 also his wife, Alice died 1932  and their sons – Christopher – died 1927  Larry – died 1942.

2)  SHERRY – In loving memory  of  Annie Sherry died 3rd April, 1950.  Her daughter Mary – died 21st November, 1945 and her husband John – died 12th May, 1957.  Also her daughter Kathleen Brehony – died 20th December 1954.

3)  CONNOR – In memory of Christy Connor, Kilbrew died 15th June, 1915 aged 83.  Michael Marmion – died 24th January 1933 aged 25  Elizabeth Marmion died 22nd July 1943 aged 80  her husband John – died 21st September, 1961 aged 88.

4)  CONNOR – Erected by Christopher Connor in memory of his beloved sons Patrick  – died 21st March 1915 aged 57 years  James – died 12th January 1944 aged 29 years  The above Christopher died 30th October 1936 aged 74 years  His wife Bridget died 10th March 1951 aged 81 years  John died 22nd September 1962 aged 62 years.  This is an unusually long grave.

5)  CARR – Erected by Christopher Carr, Kilbrew in memory of his wife Delia died 12th February 1955 aged 64 years.  Above Christopher died 1980 (not recorded on headstone).

6)  Small stone – illegible inscription.

7)  No Inscription

8)  No Inscription

9)  MORGAN – IHS This stone was erected  by Patrick Morgan of Kentstown in memory of his deceased father who departed this life 3rd June 1786 aged 76 years.  Also his mother Catherine Morgan – alias Koonan who departed this life 19th February, 1779.  His children.  Also the body of the above Patrick Morgan – died 8th April 1800.

10)  BEGGS – this stone was erected by Patrick Beggs of the City of Dublin in the memory of his beloved mother Marcella Beggs who departed this life 25th September 1813 aged 33 years  Also one of his grandchildren who died young.

11)  O’BRIEN – Bridget O’Brien of Curraha departed this life 24th March 1951 aged 72 years.  Also Kathleen her daughter died 29th May 1911 aged 1 year.  Daniel Patrick O’Brien died 14th January 1959 aged 84 years.  Mrs. Cecelia Maguire, daughter, died 28th July 1962 aged 50 years.

12)  MC GRATH – In memory of Christopher McGrath died 23rd April 1968  His parents and his brother Peter.

13)  KINSELLA – Erected by Nicholas Kinsella Crickstown, Co. Meath in memory of his beloved parents.  His mother Catherine Kinsella die 28th September 1866 aged 40 years Christopher Kinsella died 28th September 1882 aged 72 years.  Also his sister Catherine Kinsella died 9th April 1910 aged 49 years.  His aunt Marcella McGinn died 12th June 1912 aged 82 years.  His brother Patrick Kinsella died 12th 12th June 1918 aged 56 years.  Also his mother and father Nicholas and Catherine McGinn who remains lie here.

14)  CLEARY – In loving memory of Peter Cleary, Lagore, Ratoath died 29th March 1956 aged 34 years.  Also his mother and sister Kathleen, Curraha and his father Peter died 13th February 1960

15)  MORGAN – Here lyth the body of ——- ? James Morgan 1770 God rest ———— .

16)  WARD –I.H.S.  Here lyth the body of William Ward who departed this life 14th April 1750 aged 58   Born 1692

17)  BEGG – This stone was erected by Thomas Begg in memory of his deceased parents Matthew Begg who departed this life 16th June 1740 aged 65 years.  Also Elizabeth his wife who departed this life February 1748 aged 75 years.  Likewise Anne Begg wife of the above Thomas who died 27th Sept. 1764 aged 53 and their children.  Also Marge Begg aged 34 years.

18)  Small stone – no inscription.

19)  Small stone – no inscription

20)  Iron Cross

21)  Tall narrow stone – no inscription. 

22)  Good stone – some lettering discernable.

23)  ARCHIBOLD – Here lieth  the body of Patrick Archibold of Kilbrew who departed this life 3rd January 17478 aged 61 years – born 1687.  Also the body of Anne Archibold alias Callan who departed this life 12th January 1747 aged 46 years – born 1701.  This stone was erected by their sons Thomas and Walter Archibold the 6th April 1764 .

24)  FITZPATRICK – In loving memory of Julia Fitzpatrick, Kilbrew who died 20th November 1942  Her son-in-law John McGuinnes died 26th August 1962  James Fitzpatrick died 22nd October 1975.

25)  FITZPATRICK – Stone to the left of Fitzpatrick stone (24) is probably to the memory of Joseph and Teresa Fitzpatrick – children of the above Julia, who died young also John Fitzpatrick husband of Julia.  

26)  O’DONOHUE – Erected by Charles O’Donohue  of Curraha, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.  In memory of his beloved wife Mary Anne O’Donohue who died 15th October 1890 aged 56 years.  The above named Charles who died 14th June 1908 aged 85 years and their sons Thomas who died 29th November 1912 and John who died 1st December 1916.

27)  COLFER – Richard Colfer died 28th September 1954 – aged 3 years.

28)  COLFER – In loving memory of Elizabeth Colfer, Kilbrew who died 31st March 1972 aged 81 years.  Her husband Martin died 8th September 1973 aged 89


29)  Surround only – no stone.

30)  Stone only – no inscription

31)  KENNEDY – Here lieth the remains of James Kennedy of Capel Street in the city of Dublin who departed this life —- May 1802 aged 67 years.

32)  WOODS –  In loving memory of William Woods, aged 13 years died 14th March 1932.  

33)  WOODS – In loving memory of William Woods, Ashpark, Garristown who died 18th April, 1964.  Margaret Woods who died 19th December, 1993 aged 97 years.

34)  WOODS – In loving memory of Edward Woods, Loughlinstown who died 30th January 1971.  His wife Mary Kate who died 24th September, 1992.

35)  Small decorative stone – could be from Church

36)  Small stone – – no inscription.

37)  DUNCAN – In memory of Peter Duncan and Margaret his wife.  Also their children John who was lost at sea Charles who is buried in Mount Jerome, Dublin.  Richard, Maria and Margaret who are interred with their mother in Ratoath graveyard.  Thereis no date on this headstone but probably dates from the mid-1800’s

38)  ROBERTS – Erected by Robert Roberts of this Parish to the memory of his mother Margaret who died 21st January 1839 aged 67 years.  And to his father Richard who died 27th February 1848 aged 73 years.  Also to two of his brothers Henry and William who died in the prime of life and to his brother, Edward who died at ? Bulchowyn in the Parish of St. Harmon ? Radnorshire, South Wales on 21st March 1851 in the 29th year of his age.  BE  YE ALWAYS READY.

39)  MULCAHY – In loving memory of Patrick J. Mulcahy, Kilbrew House who died 4th April 1932.  And his wife Maude who died 9th November 1940.  Their daughter Margaret who died 7th  December 1987.  Also their daughter Bridget Mary died 20th December 1990 aged 92.

40)  GUINEY – In loving memory of Mary Guiney who died 3rd June 1930.  Also her son John who died 2nd January 1957 and her daughter Kathleen died 26th October 1972.

41)  HAMILTON – In loving memory of Marcella Hamilton Kilbrew who died 23rd May 1957.  Her husband James died 12th December 1980.  Their daughter Lily Flynn who died 16th January 1981 William Flynn, Kilbrew died 23rd June 1986.

42)  WALL – In loving memory of Marion Wall beloved wife and mother, of Slane Lodge, Townley Hall who died 25th May 1990 aged 71 years.     

There are many illegible headstones and otherwise unidentifiable graves in Kilbrew Cemetery.

Burial records for Kilbrew, Kilmoon and Crickstown Cemeteries are available from 1830 onwards at Curragha Parochial House.  Earlier church records for Curragha Parish are held at Ratoath Parochial House.

Some years ago The Meath Heritage Centre in Trim collected Birth, Marriage and Death records in the Parish.  These are available at the Heritage Centre Trim and are a valuable aide to family research.

Francis Stewart, the well known writer, lived for some years in The Reask, Dunshaughlin.  In August 1960 his mother died in Navan Infirmary and was interred in Kilbrew Cemetery on 28th August 1960.  Her name was Mrs. Elizabeth Clements, wife of Henry Clements.  There is nothing to indicate her grave but it’s most likely to be on the right of the entrance gates.  Francis Stewart died in 2000 and is interred in Co. Clare.

There was a small church on the left of the entrance.  It was razed to the ground in 1895.  On the right is the ruin of the Gorge family vault.  The vault was abandoned and the remains removed to the Church of Ireland Cemetery in Ratoath in the 1920’s.

It is said that the old coach road passed by Kilbrew Cemetery and on to Kilmoon, with a change of horses at O’Donohue’s Forge in Curragha.

NOTE:- There are probably many inaccuracies in this documentation due to the nature of the work.  Please forgive us.