Kilkeeran Gravestone Inscriptions

Kilkeeran is a very well kept graveyard andhas many interesting headstones.

The gravestones inscriptions are arranged in alphabetical order and were recorded in the summer of 2012.

The earliest gravestone that I could uncover was to the Cvghan (possibly Cavanagh) family, dating from 1720, but there were a good number of families with memorials for the 1700s: Aspel, Brangan, Connor, Cvghan, Dempsey, Fitzgerald, Gaffney, Glennan, Grehan, Killen, Murphy, Whelan.

Aspel – Have mercy O Lord on the soul of Marcela Aspel alies Doyle who dept. this life August the 1 1794 aged 30 yrs. Also her husband, James Aspel, who dept. this life August the 16th 1821 aged 65 years. To her 2 sons Michael and Thomas Aspel. Michael departed this life November the 6th 1821 aged 42 yrs. Thomas dept. this life December 16 1824 aged 36 years. Erected by Anne Foxe alies Aspel in memory of them.  

Bracken – Pray for the soul of James Bracken, Ballinabrackey who died 21st Dec 1939. His wife, Margaret, died 4 March 1948? Andrew Bracken died 1 March 1958. And Joseph Bracken died 1st Dec 1959. His wife, Mary, died 22 June 1962.

Brangan – I.H.S. Erected by Edw. Brangan in memory of his wife Margaret Brangan, alias Calleghan dept. Feby. ye 17 1798 aged 59 years. And his mother, Ann Brangan, alias Owens, dept. March  20th 1754 aged 70. And his brother Jno. Brangan dept. Feb. ye 20th 1759 aged 28 years. And his … Thomas Brangan dept. October 24th 1763 aged 84. And brother, Richard Brangan, dept. Oct. ye 10 1797 aged 74.

Brennan – Pray for Elizabeth (Lizzie) Brennan, Ballinabrackey. Died 7th Feb 1956 aged 69 years. Her husband, John, died 5th Feb 1966 aged 80 years. Their daughter, Mollie, died 11 Nov 1986 aged 82. Rest in Peace.

Brennan – In loving memory of Joseph Brennan, Ballinabrackey, died 26th November 2000. And his parents interred here. Also his family members interred in Castlejordan.

Brennan – My Jesus Mercy.  IHS. In loving memory of Mary (Babs) Brennan, Toor, Ballinabrackey, died 6th January 1992. Her parents, James and Mary Ann Brennan. Brother, Patrick Brennan. Sisters, Nellie and Rose Brennan. Uncle and Aunt, John and Margaret Brennan. R.I.P.

Brennan – In loving memory of Mary Brennan, Toor, died 28th Oct 1918 aged 53 years. Christopher Brennan died 21st Dec 1940 aged 86 years. Rita Mitchell died 5th Dec 1944 aged 2 weeks. Mary Mitchell died 30th April 1966 aged 68 years. Bernard Mitchell died 16th May 1980 aged 80 years. R.I.P.

Carey/Carry – I.H.S. O’Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Carry alis Sally who dep.t Feb.y the 6th 1806 aged 40. Erected by her husband Pat Carey in memory of her.Requiescat in pace.

Carew – In loving memory of Edward Maria Carew. The above died 15July 1905. His wife, Maria, died 10th Oct 1913. Their son, James, died 11th Feb 1951. And Thomas died 19th May 1948. Elizabeth Carew died Feb 29th 1960. Patrick Carew died Jan 5th 1965. R.I.P. Erected by their son, Patrick.

Carew – In loving memory of Joseph (Joe) Carew, Ballinabrackey, died 1960. His wife, Kathleen, died 1980. Their two children, Theresa and Philomena, who died in infancy. Rest in Peace.

Carew – In loving memory of Michael Carew, Ballinabrackey died 17th June 1982 aged 82 years. R.I.P.

Cash – In loving memory of Michael Cash, Tullamore, died July 1961 aged 70 years.

Connor – O Lord have mercy on the soul of Hugh Connor who dept this life July 21st 1774 aged 55 years. Also his wife Jane Connor alias Delany who dept March the 2nd 1802 aged 89 yrs. Erected by … (Rest buried)

Cooney – In loving memory of Peter Cooney, Toor, Ballinabrackey, died 28th October 1974 aged 64 years. His wife, Catherine (Kitty), nee Meehan, died 14th December 2002 aged 88 years. His father, Nicholas, died 24th February 1941 aged 75 years. His mother, Sarah, nee Brennan, died 6th February 1950 aged 89 years. And all other family members interred here. Rest in Peace.

Coyne – Erected in loving memory of Mrs Margaret Coyne, Ballinabrackey, died 17th Nov. 1955 aged 63 years. Her husband, James Coyne, died 26th Mar 1966 aged 75 years. R.I.P.

Coyne – In memory of our dear parents, Peter and Ann Coyne, who died in 1914. Also their son, Thomas Coyne, who died Jan. 12 1958. R.I.P. Erected by Thomas and James Coyne in 1954.

Coyne – Erected by Paul Coyne in memory of his grandparents, parents and brother. In loving memory of Anne Coyne, Gernonstown, Slane, died 8th November 1995 aged 80 years. Rest in peace. In memory of Bridie Coyne died Sept 1932. Her sisters. Angela died Sept 1937. Maimie died July 1950. Until we meet again. Love Peggie Family and Annie.

Coyne – In loving memory of Brigid Coyne who died 25th April 1929 aged 56 years. Her brother, William, who died 15th January 1931 aged 51 years. Their brother, Thomas, who died 9th March 1934 aged 62 years. Carrick, Castlejordan. Rest in Peace. Coyne.

Cvghan – I.H.S. Here lise the body of Thadey Cvghan who departed this life December the 15 1720.

Dalton – This stone is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Dalton, Castlejordan, who died Oct. 1892 aged 36 years. Also Michael Dalton who died 23 April 1925. And Mary Dalton died 24 April 1925. Their son, Michael, died 23 Mar 1948. His daughter, Bridget, died 23 Oct. 1932. Grandchild, Margaret Mary, died Jan 18 1949. Michael Dalton died 1 Oct 1990 aged 69 years.

Dempsey – O good God I humbly beg of thee to have mercy on the soul of Rose Dempsey who dept. this life 16th Dec. 1794 age 29. Erected by her husband John Hiinan?  Here lieth his posterity

Duignan – In loving memory of Mary Duignan who died 16 December 1928. Her husband, John, died 17 September 1936. Also her son-in-law, John Connolly, died 11 December 1946. And her son, Joseph, died 4 June 1963. Her daughter, Elizabeth, died 7 October 1965.

Dunne – In loving memory of Tom Dunne, Colehill, died 31st March 1920 aged 77 years. His wife, Kate, died 14th Nov 1929 aged 76 years. Mary Dunne died 17 Nov 1942 aged 66 years. Her husband, Tom, died 30th June 1956 aged 75 years. Their son, Jack, died 1st Oct 1978 aged 66 years. His sister, Mary Dalton, died 12th Jan 1990 aged 70 years. R.I.P. In loving memory of Shauna and Mary died 29th June 1992

Dunne – In memory of a loving husband and father, Tom Dunne, Colehill, born 15th October 1914. Died 28th August 2001. Rest in Peace.

Ennis – In loving memory of Lillie Ennis, Ballinabrackey, died 4 Dec 1967 aged 24. Her niece, Therese Quinn, died 9 Aug 1968 aged 2 years 9 months. Her mother, Mary Catherine Ennis, died 23 June 1995 aged 87 years. Her father, James Ennis, died 6 April 2000 aged 93 years. R.I.P.

Ferrarelli – Treasured memories of a loving husband Vincenzo Ferrarelli, late of Colehill, died 8th August 2005 aged 58 years. Rest in Peace.

Fitzgerald – (Ere)cted by Thos Fitzg(erald) in memory of his wife…and his son William, who died January 22 1786.

Fitzgerald – Here lyeth the body of William Fitzgerald, uncle of Richard Fitzgerald of Baltinoran Esq, who departed ye 10 day Feby 1745 aged 89 years.

Flinn – In memory of John Flinn who died 27th October 1870 aged 49 years. Also his mother, Anne Flinn, died 4th March 1866? aged 61 years. Also Anne Flinn, wife of the above John Flinn, who died 21st April 1902 aged 64 years. And their four sons; William, John, Joseph and Andrew who are interred here. This stone was erected by the above John Flinn’s widow and brother; Anne and Alexander Flinn.

Gaffney – Erected by Catherine Gaffney, Baltigeer. In loving memory of her husband, Patrick Gaffney, who died Feb 27th 1892 aged 82 years. Also her grand-niece, Margaret Collins, died Dec 15th 1884 aged 3 years. Thomas Collins died July 13th 1900 aged 68 years. Also the above Catherine Gaffney who died Jan 8th 1904 aged 88 years. Anne Collins died 25th May 1937 aged 83 years. Joseph Collins died 24th August 1948 aged 59. Mary Kate Collins died 8 June 1957 aged 59.

Gaffney – I.H.S. Here lies John Gafney of Carrick who died the 27th of June 1741 aged 40 years. His wife, Catherine Fitzgerald, Baltinoran, died Jan 9 1748 aged 51. Edith Carew of Garr wife of Patrick Fitzgerald Gaffney died April 7 1775 age 59. John Carew Gaffney, their eldest son, died Jan 9 1776 age 28.  Patrick Fitzgerald Gaffney of Carrick died Oct 2 1796 age 70. Judith Flanagan of Rahue, wife of John Carew Gaffney, died Sept 4 1803 age 61. Patrick Flanagan Gaffney of Baltinoran died Jan 3 1854 age 68. His wife Margaret Hevy of Baltinoran died New York U.S.A. Jan 9 1877 age 79. Primogenital Record.

John Hevy Gaffney of Baltinoran. Born December 3 1827. Died August 20 1907. His son, Patrick Gaffney, born June 27 1956 died May 5 1907. Lizzie, wife of E.C. Gaffney, died April 18 1908 aged 34. Anna Scully Clery of Carrick, wife of John Hevy Gaffney, born Aug 28 1822, died Sept 11 1887. Their third son, Michael Clery Gaffney, born Oct 2 1854, died Feb 6 1905.

Geoghegan – In loving memory of Andrew Geoghegan, Carrick, Castlejordan who died 16th December 1949 aged 78 years. His wife, Elizabeth, died 18th April 1958 aged 84 years. His daughter, Kathleen, died 10th January 1931 aged 17 years. His sons, Andrew died 16th July 1978 aged 71 years and John died 30th April 1979 aged 69 years. R.I.P. In loving memory of Sr. Lelia Geoghan who died in South Africa.

Geoghegan – In loving memory of Ann Geoghegan, Toor, died 20th Oct 1917. Also her husband, Thomas, died 11th Nov 1925. Their son, Thomas, died 13th April 1962. R.I.P. Erected by their daughter, Mary.

Geoghegan – In loving memory of Ellen Geoghegan, Carrick, who died 20 Dec. 1930 aged 72 years. Mrs. Margaret Swords who died 21st Feb. 1932 aged 75 years. Mrs. Evelyn Swords died 2nd May 1970 aged 68 years. Richard Swords died 28th February 1982 aged 82. R.I.P. 

Gilloway – Gilloway, James Aidan passed away 16th May 2004. His wife, Mary, passed away 9th July 2005. Rest in Peace.

Glennan – Have mercy O Lord on the soul of Edwd Glennan who dept. this life Decmbr 4th 1817 aged 77 yrs. Also his wife Elizbth Glennan who dept Nov 15th 1796 aged 44 yrs. Erected by their son Christopr Glennan. May they rest in peace.

Glennan – Erected by Thomas Glennan in memory of his father, Michael, who died 5th Decr 1866 aged 82 years. And of his mother, Margaret, who died 6 June 1846 aged 54 years. And of his brother, Michael, who died 18th May 1845 aged 19 years. And of his sister, Ellen, who died 5th June 1846 aged 34 years. Also the above, Thomas Glennan, died 15th July 1893 aged 71 years. And his wife, Mary Glennan, died 31 Jan. 1871 aged 35 years. Also Mrs Eliza Glennan died 28th Sep 1935 aged 64 years. And Michael Glennan died 30th Jan. 1946 aged 77 years.

Grehan – I.H.S. This erected by Dolly Grehan alias Flinn in memory of her husband, James, who died April 19 1751 aged 30 yrs. Also Catherin, daughter of the above. Also 2 more of her children died June 1751.

Grehan – I.H.S. Erected by Thos F. Grehan of Ballinabrackey in loving memory of his grandparents; Richard Grehan who departed this life 29th April 1867 and Anne 18th Feb 1879. Also his uncle and aunts. Ellen Grehan died 6th May 1952. Her husband, Thomas, died 14th February 1961. Their son, Richard, died 9th October 1979.

Grehan – In loving memory of Maureen Grehan, Ballinabrackey, Kinnegad, died 31st August 2008. Rest in Peace. In loving memory of Rita Grehan, Ballinabrackey, died 28th January 2010. Rest in Peace.

Groome – In loving memory of Mrs. Ellen Groome, Ballinabrackey, died Nov. 1960. Her husband, James Groome, died March 1947. R.I.P.

Heavey – In loving memory of John Heavey, Ballinabrackey, died 16th Nov 1945 aged 49 years. His wife, Elizabeth, (Lil), died 11th July 1999 aged 86 years. Their sons; Patrick died 4th Oct 1964 aged 28 years. Thomas died 19th June 1981 aged 43 years. R.I.P.  Heavey.

In loving memory of John Heavey,  his wife, Mary and their son, Peter. Rest in Peace.

Hughes – Erected by Michael Hughes of Cappaboggan in loving memory of his wife, Elizabeth, who died Nov 20th 1887 aged 68 years. Their son, Christopher, died May 12th 1892 aged 34 years. The above, Michael Hughes, died Feb 12th 1893 aged 82 years. Thomas died 20th March 1925. William died 31 Dec 1931. Mary Hughes died 21 April 1950. Michael died 21 July 1969.

Hughes – In loving memory of William Hughes, Baltigeer, who died 20th May 1959. Also his parents, Peter and Maria. Uncles and aunts. Bridget Hughes, wife of William, died 15th Jan 1990 aged 75 years. R.I.P.

Kelly – In loving memory of the Kelly family, Ballinagelshia, Ballinabrackey. Thomas Kelly died 30th December 1919 aged 35 years. His wife, Margaret (nee Carew), died 28th September 1939 aged 62 years. Their children; Mary Teresa died 11th January 1918 aged 9½ years, Thomas died 20th December 1921 aged 9½ years. Edward died at birth. Rest in Peace.

Kelly – In loving memory of Tom Kelly who died 8th Dec 1986. Walter (Watt) Kiernan who died 7th April 1997. Rest in Peace.

Kerogan – I.H.S. This stone is erected by Mary Kerogan in memory of her husband …. ( rest buried, from 1700s)

Kiernan – In loving memory of Richard Kiernan, Baltinoran, died 29 Nov 1906 aged 67. His wife, Catherine, died 3 Nov 1919 aged 76. Their son, John, died 15 March 1937 aged 53. His wife, Mary, died 13 June 1935 aged 40. Their son, John, died 8 April 1939 aged 13. Rest in Peace.

Killen – This is erected by William Killen in memory of his father, James Killen, who died Oct 28 1775 aged 63 yrs. Also his mother, Judith Killeen, alias Wheelaughan, died Novb. 12 1781 aged 68 yrs. 

Larkin – Nicholas Dermot Larkin died 7 April 2010. R.I.P.

Laughrey – This stone is erected by Margaret Laughrey in memory of her father, John Dempsy, and all their posterity. Dated March 16th 1800.

Lynam – Pray for the parents, brothers and sisters of Thomas Lynam, Castlejordan, died 19th March 1969 aged 94 years. Also his wife, Alice Lynam, died 6th March 1957 aged 75 years. R.I.P.

Lynam – In loving memory of William Lynam, Kildangan, died 20 Apr. 1969 aged 64 yrs. His parents, Mary Anne Lynam and James Lynam. His wife, Veronica, died 29th Sept 1995 aged 77 years

Lynch – In loving memory of the Lynch family. Killiskillen.

Lynch – In loving memory of Margaret Lynch, Carrick, died 15th June 2005 aged 83 years. Also her brother, James Ennis, died 27th April 2006 aged 77 years. Also their dad, Joseph Ennis, died 31st January 1934 aged 54 years. Rest in Peace.

McCann – In loving memory of Patrick McCann, Corbetstown, died 19 Oct 1936 aged 80 years. His wife, Catherine, died 11 Feb 1948 aged 78 years.

McCloskey – Sacred to the memory of Patrick J. McCloskey, Killiskillen died 5 Jan 1953 aged 69 years. His daughter, Maureen, died 5 Feby 1928 aged 17 years. And son, Thomas, died 28 July 1942 aged 23 years. Also Mrs Bridget McCloskey, wife of the above, died 14  June 1957 aged 73 years. Denis McCloskey died 9 June 1974. R.I.P.

Mc Cormack – In loving memory of Thomas Mc Cormack died Feb 9 1946 aged 68 years. Mary Anne Mc Cormack died Dec 16 1978 aged 92 years. Eileen D. McCormack died Feb 8 1990 aged 67 years. R.I.P.

Meehan – In loving memory of Anne (Nannie) Meehan, Cinnamon Lane, Poole, Dorset, England, who died 4th March 2006 aged 93 years. Rest in Peace.

Mitchell – In loving memory of Patrick Mitchell, Kildangan, died 21 March 1942. His wife, Delia Mitchell, died 20 Feb. 1924. Their daughter, Mary Ann Mitchell, died 25 Jan 1944. Erected by Patrick Mitchell. R.I.P.

Monahan – Sacred to the memory of Charles Monahan, Ballinoran, who departed this life 4th Jan.y 1840 aged 62 years. His wife, Mary Monahan, died 1865 aged 85 years. Also John Monahan died 1908 aged 85 years. His wife, Julia, died 1895 aged 49 years. And Charles Monahan died 1939 aged 76. His wife, Rose, died 1951 aged 78. Their daughter, Bridget, died 1935 aged 22. Also John Joe died 1941 aged 17. His mother, Katie, died 1955 aged 70.

Moore – I.H.S. In loving memory of Peter Moore, Kildangan, Kinnegad. 30-6-1928 10-9-2008. R.I.P.

Morrin – I.H.S. Erected by John Morrin in memory of his father, George Morrin, who departed this life Feb.y the 4th 1814 aged 66. Also his brother, George Morrin, died Jan.y the 26th 1815 age 22 years. John Morrin died 15 March 1944 aged 77 years. Requieseat in pace. Also his wife, Mrs Mary Morrin, 2 June 1958? Aged 91 years? Also her son, Thomas Morrin, died 21 April 1962. Elizabeth Murrin died 29 Oct 1986 aged 83 years.

Montgomery – Erected by Mrs. Anne Montgomery of Ballinabrackey in memory of her husband, Mr. Bernard Montgomery, who died March 26th 1857 aged 72 years.

Mulligan – Erected by Anne Mulligan of … in memory of her husband James Mulligan who dep.t this life July the 25 1845 aged 63 years. And also in memory of his father and mother William and Anne Mulligan.

Murphy – Here lieth the body of Thomas Murphy who departed Feb 10th 1731 aged 68 years.

Murrihy – In loving memory of Rose Murrihy (nee Heavey) Limerick and Ballinabrackey died 5th February 2007 aged 61 years. Her dear sister, Veronica, died 18th February 2010 aged 67 years. Heavey.

Petit – Erected by Richard Petit in memory of parents, brothers and sisters.

Quinn – In loving memory of Harry Quinn, Toor, Ballinabrackey, who departed this life April 8th 2005 aged 74 years. Rest in Peace.

Quinn – Erected in memory of Michael Quinn died August 24th 1895. Also his wife, Anna,  died Jan 26th 1874. And his son, Michael, died March 9th 1881. R.I.P.

Quinn – In loving memory of Thomas Quinn, Baltinoran, who died 24th July 1966 aged 64 years. His wife, Mary, who died 21st March 1979 aged 80 years. Their son, John, who died 30th July 2002 aged 62 years. Interred in England. Rest in Peace.

Rochford – In loving memory of John Rochford, Killiskillen, Kinnegad, who died 13th March 1959. His wife, Mary, who died 12th January 1977. Their son, Christy, who died 9th November 1996. Their daughter, Mary (Molly), who died 14th May 1997. Rest in Peace. Erected by Tommy Whelehan. Rochford.

St. George – I.H.S. This was erected by Molly St. George in ….. (Rest buried,  from 1700s)

Tyrl – Erected by Mathew Tyrl in memory of his wife, Catherine Tyrl, who departed this life in the year of 1800 age 60 yrs. Requiesce in pace.

Walsh – In loving memory of Thomas Walsh who died December 3 1892 aged 85 years. And his wife, Bridget, died Feb. 23 1901 aged 85. Also their children; Thomas died July 16 1874 aged 15. Nannie died Nov 22 1875 aged 18. Mary, daughter of Andrew and Margaret Walsh, died April 22 1897 aged 14. Erected by Mrs. Fannan, U.S.A. R.I.P.

Walsh – In memory of Margaret Walsh, wife of Andrew Walsh, died January 7 ? aged 54 ?

Also the above, Andrew Walsh, died 16 June 1920 aged 77.

Whelan – I.H.S. Have mercy on James Whelan, 1780.