Recorded by Rosemary Ardolina and Frank Kelly 2001

Within the present day boundaries of the Old Killyon Graveyard and just a few yards from Lady Well is the ancient church of St. Liadhan.  The church is now in ruins.  The east wall which contains an arched window opening and a small portion of the north and south walls remain.  Along the end of the north wall are two steps which comprise the entrance to the church.  To the left of the steps is a holy water font, its basin smoothly carved into the stone.

Located within the grounds of Killyon Manor, the boundaries of this burial ground once included Lady Well.  Now a barbed wire fence encompasses only 3 sides of the graveyard.  Local folklore recounts that the monks from Donore Abbey choose this site for a “daughter house” owing to the fact that it was a secluded spot and a mere day’s walk from the “mother house” in Donore.  According to legend, a priest was inspired to dig for water during the celebration of Mass.  This provided the site with fresh water which the “daughter house” had lacked up until that time.

Several yards south of the Old Killyon Graveyard and Lady Well flows the River Deel and across the River the Killyon Manor House is within shouting distance.

Old Killyon Graveyard contains many uninscribed rough stones as well as boxwood bushes which were used as grave markers by those who could not afford to purchase a headstone.  One such grave is located in the southeast corner of the graveyard.  A large bur trimmed boxwood marks the grave of Michael Keegan, father of Katie Keegan Doyle who now lives in Ballivor.  The grave, also covered by small white stones continues to be maintained by Mrs. Doyle and her family.  Michael Keegan was the brother of my great-grandmother, Delia Keegan.

Josephine Murtagh Canty, a Kildalkey resident, says that her ancestors are also buried in this graveyard but thus far no marker containing the Murtagh name has been discovered.  It would be valuable if others who knew of ancestors interred here would provide information such as names and approximate dates of death.  And for those current residents of the surrounding areas who recognize their ancestors among these pages, we would be delighted if you could contact the compliers (Frank Kelly of Kildalkey or Rosemary Ardolina of Queens, New York) so that the information you provide regarding your forbearers can be preserved for future generations.

Considering the small size of this graveyard, it would not take much to put it in the attractive condition which those interred here deserve.  When I visited Old Killyon Graveyard in January 2001 the holy water font was undisturbed at the entrance to the church as it had been for hundreds of years.  Nine months later it was overturned and broken.  The repair of fences would contribute greatly to keeping out the sheep and rams and cutting back the grass and shrubs would very likely uncover additional headstones.

The first headstone listed below is located within the chancel and contains a list of Dominican Friars who were re-interred there.

1)  IMD Christians To God your daily Homage Pray for the following fathers Pray.

Rv. Vincent Cusack died June 5, 1737 age 72.

Rv. James Dalton D.D. died May 9, 1743 age 84.

Rv. Francis Lynagh P.P. & P.G. died Ober 28, 1750 age 99.

Rv. Mich. Wynne P.G. died May 5, 1758.

Rv. Jas. Flinn V.G. Rathum died March 17, 1775 age 54.

Rv. Thos. Miffsey P.P. & P.G. died Oct 1, 1786 age 97.

Requiesant in Pace

This monument was erected at his expense in pious remembrance of the above brethren by the Rev. Michael Fleming P.P., Vicar-Forane of Meath P.G. and Prior of Donore, April 17, 1787.

2)  DUFF – Alice Duff erected this stone in memory of her husband Mathew Duff late of Kilcock died Dec 31, 1790 age 37 years.  His father James & Mary his mother & his children viz Patrick & Thos.  May they rest in Peace.

3)  MURRAY –  Erected by Richard Murray in memory of his father Darby who departed this life March 11, 1804 age 69 years and of his mother Mary Murray who departed this life May 10, 1792 age 36 years.

4)  BIRMINGHAM – This erected by James Bermingham in memory of his wife Elizabeth Birmingham alias Murry who departed this life (6) May 1777 age 55 years. Also his two daughters.

5)  FLANAGAN – Erected by Bridgid Flanagan, Donore, in loving memory of her parents Patrick & Margaret Flanagan.  Also her brother John who died Oct 20, 1899 age 66 years.

6)  FLANAGAN – Sacred to the memory of John Flanagan died 21 Aug 1867 age 64 years for the last 9 years of his life he faithfully discharged the duties of teacher of the Ballinbarna National School in this neighbourhood.

7)  HERBERT – Erected by Richard Herbert in memory of his father Thomas Herbert who died March?, 1782 age 80 years.

8)  O’NEILL – Erected by Michael O’Neill of Rossin in memory of his father Bartholomew O’Neill who died 15 Oct 184(6) age 47 years.  Also the remains of his beloved uncle the Rev’d Michael O’Neill who died 24 Jan 1824 age 38 years & his grandmother Mary O’Neill who died 25 April 1810 age 54 years.

9)  O’KEEFE – In loving memory of Minnie O’Keeffe, Cloneycovan, Ballivor d 6 Feb 1979. Also her brother John.

10)  HANNIN – (Headstone is part of the wall of the church) Erected by Simon Hannin of his beloved wife Catherine who departed this life on the 16 Oct 1856 age 68 years.  Her father Mr. Christopher O’Reilly of Ballerstown who departed this life on the 7th March 1852 age 84 years.

11)  DUNN – (Just outside the iron fence) Erected by Sarah Dunn alis Lyas in memory of her husband Thomas Dunn Feb 21, 1782 age 45 years.

12)  DUNN – Erected by William Dunn in memory of his son Martin Dunn who died June 30 age (18) months & his Rosieriety (?) 1764.

13)  QUERK – This stone is erected by Mary Querk alis O’Brian in memory of her dear husband John Querk who departed this life 1753 age 55 years. Requisant in Pace.

14)  DUNN – Erected by Patrick Dunn in memory of his beloved father John Dunn died ? 18, 1785.  Also in memory of his beloved children Patrick Mary & Mich’l Dunn.

15)  WHEELIAUGHAN – This erected by Cormick Wheeliaughan in memory of his daughter Bridget who died July 9, 1762 age 15 years.

16)  WHELIAGHEN – The body of Cormue’r Wheliaghen lies here with his ancestors since the year 1773 age 69 years.  Requisant in pace.  Erected by his son Thomas Whelighen.

17)  LEECH – Here lies the body of Jane Leech who died June 4, 17?6 age 4(1) years.  Erected by his son Patrick Leech.  May he rest in peace.  Also Peter Leech 1812 age 72 years.

18)  HICKEY – (Top of headstone contains shamrocks and hearts) Erected to the memory of Peter Hickey who died May 12, 1869 age 28 years. Also the infant children of George Hickey.  Upon whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy.

19)  MC CABE – Have mercy on the soul of James McCabe who died 1st April 1806 age 55 years.  His wife Ann Dixon 19 Nov 1827 age 71 years.

20)  ENNIS – William Ennis departed Dec 20, 1757 age 52 years.  Also Catherine his wife departed Dec? 1758 age 50.  This was erected by her son Andrew Ennis.

21)  DAVIS – Erected by _—iard Davis in grateful memory of his parents Patrick Davis who departed this life Feb 16, 1839 age 59 years.  Also his mother Mary Davis who departed this life Mar 4, 1829 age 49 years.  Also his daughter Mrs. Mary Doran who died Dec 5, 1856 in the 21 year of her age.

22)  DAVIS – Erected by Ellen Davis in memory of her beloved husband George Davis of Killyon who died 24 Oct 1866 age 42 years.  Richard d Ju___ 1866 age 62 years.

23)  DAVIS – Erected by Rich’d Davis in memory of his father & mother. Also his son Ja’s (?) age 22 and his daughter James d March 8, 1796.

24)  FARRELL – Erected by Simon Farrell who died Mar 20, 1741 age ……..

25)  STAPLETON – Remember not thou …. God of truth for (just as) follies of your youth (Salv).  Erected by Thos Stapleton in memory of his father James Stapleton who departed this life ye 30 Sep 1796 age (64) years.

26)  CULLEN –  Momento  M—-  This stone was erected by Mary Cullen in memory of her husband Patrick who departed this life Nov 20, 181(7) age 26 years.  Also their children who died young.

27)  CURRAN – Erected by Thos. Curran in memory of his son Patrick died June 1781 aged 12 years.

28)  LYNCH – This stone erected to the memory of Elener Lynch departed this life Mar 1786 aged 76 years.

29)  CUSACK – Erected by Christopher & Patrick Cusack of Monemore in memory of their beloved parents who died 19 Feb 1892 age 81 years.  His wife Bridget Cusack died Dec 23, 1886 age 77 years.

30)  O’BRIEN – Erected by ….. r­­-n Obrien alias Cusack in memory of her husband Mark O’brien d Dec 1, 1771 age 40 years.

31)  LEECH – Erected by Matthew Leech in memory of his father (Joseph) (Remainder submerged below ground level)

32)  COLLYN – Erected by Laurence Collyn in memory of his father Patrick Collyn who departed this life 23 Oct 1776 age 51 years.  Also his brothers and (remainder submerged below ground level).

33)  CULLEN – This monument erected by Peter Cullen in memory of his father Nicholas who departed this life 15 Mar 1800 age 60 years.  Also his wife (remainder submerged below ground level).

34)  BERMINGHAM – Erected by ? ———- Ann Bermingham alias (Foliad) April 17, 1800 age 46 years.  (Remainder illegible)

35)  HEVEY – Son John Hevey departed this life 1 ? 1809 age 23 years.  Also lies here more of his children.

36)  GLENNON – Erected by M. Glennon in loving memory of his father Mathew Glennon who died 12 Jan 1908 age 84 years & his mother Mary Glennon.  Also his children James died 19 Oct 1900 age 1 year & 9 months.  Mary died 19 Oct 1900 age 4 months.  Mathew died 29 May 1902 age 8 months.  John died 17 Dec 1907 age 10 years.  Bridget died 23 Jan 1908 age 4 years.

37)  GLENNAN – Erected by Mathew Glennan in memory of his deceased friends & relations. Also his father Thomas Glennan departed Mar (1)4, 1797.

38)  DUNN – Gloria in excelsis Deo. Erected by Edward Dunn in memory of his father who departed this life Jan 5, 1805 age 65 years.  His sister Ellen Dunn died Aug 15, 1812 age 52 years & his brother John Dunn died 23 Mar 1820 age 18 years.  Also his children who died young.

39)  SCOT, CARNY – This monument was erected by Catherine Magh…  in memory of her father James Scot & his family.  Also Mary Carny age 65 years.  James Carny departed this life March 1835 age 45 years.  Anne Carny departed this life Apr 185(4) age (6)0 years.  May they rest in peace.

40)  BRYAN – Erected by James Bryan in memory of his wife Rose Bryan who departed this life Apr 18(17) age (37) years. Also his son John Bryan departed this life (May) 16, 1797.

41)  FEAGAN – (Top of headstone broken off) in memory of his father John Feagan who departed this life Mar 19, 1800 age 66y.  Also his mother Christ’n Feagan alias Malone departed this life Mar 16, 1800 age 66 years.  Also his brother Robert Feagan departed this life Mar 19, 1791 age 22 years.  Also his sister Mary Daly alias Faegan departed this life Nov 30, 1792 age 32 & his brother James Faegan (broken here and lower section found behind large boxwood bush near back fence) departed this life Sep 20, 1801 age 23 years.  May they rest in peace, amen.

42)   (In front of large boxwood near back fence). Draw near dear friends & cast an eye, Pray for us, Prepare to die. Read her thy doom & know thou must one day like us return to dust. T.F. & his family.

43)  MC BRIDE – Erected by Mathew Mc Bride in memory of his beloved mother Mary McBride who departed this life June 16, 1862 age 82 years.  Also his brother Francis who died May 2, 1866 age 66 years.

44)  DUNN – Erected by Jas Dunn in memory of his wife Meary Dunn alias Feagan departed Aug ye 9, 1797 age (2)4 years.  Thou glorious queen of heeve my Reaglions (?) of light _____ for the sour of that ________ Rest in peace.

45)  QUIN – Erected by Marc Quin in memory of her husband John Quin who departed this life? 1802 age 77 years.  Also her son Patrick who departed this life Oct the 20 179(8) age 21 years.  Also her son Mathew who departed this life Jan the 26 1803 age 26 years.

46)  NEARY – Erected by Edward Neary in memory of his wife Elizabeth Neary who died July 28, 1898 age 46 years.

47)  BROWN – (Broken stone) son Alex Brown, nowmer in Drogheda has erected this stone.

48)  KELLEY – Erected by Patrick McBride in memory of Laurence Kelley who departed May the 10, 1793 age 60 years.  His daughter Ann Kelly departed Mar 16, 1794 age 25 years.  Also his wife Julia Kelly alias McNally departed (Mar) 8, 1788 age 52 years.

49)  O’SHAUGHNESSY – Erected by Edward O’Shaughnessy & children in loving memory of Mrs. O’Shaughnessy died 29 Jan 1898 age 57 years.  Edward O’Shaughnessy died 20 Aug 1918 age 80 years.  Johanna died 29 June 1941.  James died 6 Dec 1942.

50)  CONLON – (Metal cross & piece of slate. The metal cross contains a hand written inscription) In loving memory of Elizabeth Conlon who died 11 Jan 1953 & her husband Patrick of Derryconnor, Ballivor who died 4 May 1957. May they both rest in peace.

51)  Metal cross – no inscription.

52)  SHURLOCK – (Located in the middle of a large boxwood beneath the opening of the church) Erected by Peter Shurlock in memory of his father & mother & brother.  Also his son Mathew Shurlock who departed this life Oct 12, 1845.

53)  KEEGAN – Erected in memory of Elizabeth Keegan who departed this life on Dec 7, 1859 age 73 years.

54)  DIXON – Erected by Mich’l Dixon in memory of his wife Margaret Dixon alias Malone departed this life May 2, 1797 age 67 years.


Bermingham Elizabeth 4

Bermingham Ann  34             

Bermingham James 4                         

Brown Alex 47                                  

Bryan James  40

Bryan Rose  40

Bryan John  40

Carney Mary  39                    

Carny Anne  39

Carny James  39

Collyn Patrick 32                   

Collyn Laurence 32                

Conlon Patrick 50      

Conlon Elizabeth 50

Cullen Peter 33                      

Cullen Nicholas 33                 

Cullen Mary 26

Curran Patrick 27

Curran Thomas 27

Cusack Christopher 29

Cusack Patrick 29

Cusack Bridget 29

Cusack Vincent Rv. 1

Dalton James Rv. 1

Daly Mary 41 

Davis Richard  23

Davis George  22

Davis Ellen  22                       

Davis Jane  23

Davis Ja’s  23                                     

Davis Patrick  21

Davis ___ iard  21

Davis Mary  21

Dixon Mich’l  54

Dixon Margaret  54

Dixon Ann  19           

Doran Mary  21

Duff Thos  2  

Duff Mary 2   

Duff Pat 2

Duff James 2  

Duff Mathew 2

Duff Alice  2  

Dunn Mich’l. 14

Dunn John 38 

Dunn William 12

Dunn Thomas 11

Dunn Edward 38

Dunn Patrick 14

Dunn Ellen  38

Dunn Meary 44

Dunn Jas 44

Dunn John 14 

Dunn Martin 12

Dunn Mary  14

Dunn Sarah  11

Ennis Andrew  20

Ennis William  20

Ennis Catherine  20

Faegan James  41

Farrell Simon

Feagan Christ’n  41

Feagan Robert 41 

Feagan John 41

Feagan Mary 41

Flanagan Patrick 5

Flanagan John 5

Flanagan Bridgid 5

Flinn Jas Rv. 1

Folaid (?) Ann 34

Glennan Mathew 37

Glennan Thomas  37

Glennon M. 36

Glennon Mary 36

Glennon James 36

Glennon John  36

Glennon Bridget  36

Hannin Catherine 10

Hannin Simon  10

Herbert Richard 7

Herbert Thomas 7

Hevey John  35

Hickey Peter  18

Hickey George  18

Keegan Elizabeth  53

Kelley Laurence  48

Kelly Ann  48

Kelly Julia  48

Leech (Joseph ) 31

Leech Matthew  31

Leech James  17

Leech Peter 17

Leech Patrick  17

Lyas Sarah  11

Lynagh Francis Rv. 1

Lynch Elener  28

Magh – Catherine 39

Malone Margaret  54

Malone Christ’n  41

McBride Mathew  43

McBride Patrick 48

McBride Mary 43

McBride Francis  43

McCabe Ann  19

McCabe James 19

McNally Julia  48

Metal Cross  51

Miffsey Thos Rev. 1

Murray Richard 3

Murray Darby 3

Murray Mary 3

Murray Elizabeth  4

Neary Elizabeth  46

Neary Edward 46

O’brian Mary 13

O’brien Mark  30

O’Keefe John  9

O’Keefe Minnie  9

O’Neill Mary  8

O’Neill Bartholomew  8

O’Neill Michael  8

O’Neill Michael 8

O’Reilly Catherine  10

O’Reilly Christopher  10

 O’Shaughnessy James  49

O’Shaughnessy Edward  49

O’Shaughnessy Mrs. 49

O’Shaughnessy  Johanna  49

Obrien rn  30

Querk John  13

Querk Mary  13

Quin Patrick  45

Quin Mathew  45

Quin Marc  45

Quin John  45

Scot James  39

Scot Catherine  39

Shurlock Mathew 52

Shurlock Peter  52

Stapleton Thomas  25

T.F  42

Wheeliaughan Cormick  15

Wheeliaughan Bridget   15

Wheliaghen Cormuer  16

Whelighen Thomas  16

Wynne Mich. Rv.  1


Ballerstown   10

Ballinbarna   6

Cloneycovan, Ballivor  9

Derryconnor, Ballivor  50

Kilcock  2

Killyon  22

Monemore  29

Mowner, Drogheda  47

Rathum  1

Rossin  8


Gilsenan, Marjarie and Ward, Una, eds. Killyon – A Window on the Past