Recorded by John McCullen in1980, updated 1987 with Ruth McCullen


Kilsharvan graveyard is situated along the south side of the road running from Duleek (2 ½ miles) to Julianstown on a bank overlooking the river Nanny.  It is enclosed on all sides by a wall, with gates to the main road and also to the adjacent property of the

Shorter family whose gardens and woodlands form the eastern, southern and western boundaries of the graveyard.  The ruins of the old church from which the townland takes its name are situated in the middle of the graveyard.

Historical note

The church was dedicated to Saint John the Baptist – “the bitter tongued one”, thus giving the name Cill Searbhain, and most probably dates from the twelfth century, when several churches and foundations were established in the locality by the Normans.  The Augustinian Monastry at Colpe, erected by Hugh de Lacy in 1182 was endowed with, amongst others, the tithes of the church at Kilsharvan.

Bishop Dopping in his visitation (1682-1685) describes the Church as “unrepaired since 1641” and also notes that all records of the church, bells, furniture, glazing. etc. are “wanting” .  He mentions that the churchyard is not fenced in. The Ordnance

Survey Field Name Books 1829 records the Patron Day of Kilsharvan as June 11.   “The parish, partly in Lower Duleek and partly in Upper Duleek, contains 2096 acres 2 roods, 12 perches statute measure, divided by the river Nanny to give blocks of 1528 acres and 568 acres, 40 acres are planted and 100 acres woodland. One half of the total area is in tillage and the other in pasture.”  There are “several Gentlemen’s Seats and the ruins of an old church in a burial ground”.

Samuel Lewis in his Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837) records the parish as containing 487 inhabitants of which 169 are in the Hamlet, which contains about 30 houses.  He remarks “ Here is plenty of limestone and on the Nanny water are extensive bleach works, the property of A. Armstrong, Esq. (ancestor of the Shorter

family), contiguous to whose tastefully laid out grounds are the picturesque ruins of the old church, the burial ground of which is still used”.  Tradition suggests that the mill has been here since the sixteenth century – part of Kilsharvan House and a tulip tree in the garden dating back to the 1500s, when the house was the miller’s residence.  In the “Bleach Field” is an interesting stone “sentry box” to keep “an eye” on the bleaching linen.


It is variously recorded as:



KILKARVAN – Inq. temp. Henry 8.

KILLCARVAN – Down Survey.

KILCARVAN – Civil Survey.


The 144 inscriptions were recorded in 1980 by the author and updated in 1987, with assistance from Ruth McCullen.  Several fallen headstones were restored with help of members of the Mullen family and an annual cemetery devotions instituted with the

help of Fr. Finian O’Connor, PP, St Mary’s, Drogheda.  The continuance of this ceremony on an annual basis by V. Revd. J. C. O’Reilly, PP, and Revd. P. Tully, PP, and Canon James Nelson has led to some refurbishment of the graveyard.  A record of burials since March 1939, when such a scheme was started by Meath County Council, is in the care of the Boyle family, who live nearby in Beamore.  All of the memorials were legible as to name but other details were weathered beyond understanding in two cases.  Two others were broken, one of them severely, and the occupations

mentioned were Currier, Dairyman, Educational Commissioner, Merchant, Military and Surgeon.  There were three iron crosses with no name mentioned, and the oldest person noted was 105 years (Mary Flinn – d. 1922).  In addition, two large plots with

decorative railings were understood to belong to the McCann family, Beamond and the Sheridan family, New Haggard, but have no identification.  McCann built the Beamond Mills in 1880 and the original owner was John McCann.  It was afterwards owned by his sons John and later Joseph.  This was a famous and thriving producer of oatmeal for all of the 19th century, with special connections in the American market.

Burials without Monuments

The Register shows 127 burials since 1939. Names occurring which are not already marked by monuments are: Bann (P3), King (P2), Lynam (P2), Martin (P8), Reilly (P9), Sherlock (P6) from Bellewstown, Collins of Shallon (P5), Connor of Cushenstown (P5), Cooney of Duleek St. (P5), Drogheda, Coyle of Drogheda (P5), Dollard of Mary St. (P1), Murtagh of John St. (P5), O’Connell of Cooperhill (P8), Smith of Ongenstown (P8).

Earliest Dates

A small stone to John Cofee died March 1734 is the earliest inscription.  Harford (1741), in the church, is the second earliest inscription but has suffered some flaking in recent years.  What remains is noted.  However Dalton records that the monument is “to Elinor, daughter of Richard Alymer and wife of John Harford, Esq. of New Hazzard obiit 1741”.  He also mentions “that the aisle and choir of the church are divided by a fine semi-circular arch and distinctly traced the former measuring 50’x18’, the latter 33’x16’, the entrances are by circular arches, and the side windows are square, deeply recessed with mullions and tracery and having a bold projecting label moulding”.

Note on Inscriptions

Each inscription is numbered and those prefixed by (C) are inside or immediately affixed outside the church ruins; those prefixed (McD) are in the McDonnell plot.  Solitary names occurring are referred to the number of the family headstone on which they occur.  Plot numbers (1-12) is also given to correspond with the map

which is taken from the Register.

History and Rumour

There is a mistaken belief that the notorious highwayman Michael Collier, alias “Collier the Robber” was buried in this graveyard.  This is not the case.  Collier was buried by candlelight on the morning of 14th August, 1749 in the Chord cemetery in

Drogheda and his grave is unmarked to this day.  Moving to more factual history, the McDonnell plot contains the remains of John McDonnell, a famous surgeon in his day, 1796-1892, who on Friday, January 1, 1847 used ether as an anaesthetic for the first time ever in Ireland.  He amputated the arm of Mary Kane, an 18 year old girl from Co Meath, in a Dublin hospital, thus becoming the first surgeon outside the United States to use this method.

Written Sources

Bishop Dopping’s Visitation 1682-1685, Riocht na Midhe 15, 1971.

O.S. Field Books – 1829.

Samuel Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)

History of Drogheda – Dalton, 1863.

Diocese of Meath – Dean Cogan, 1862

Personal letter to author from late Dr. Beryl Moore, 1981.

Register of Internments – Meath County Council – 1939 onwards (for Kilsharvan).

Directory of County Louth – George H. Bassett, 1886.

Drogheda Independent – 1916. (Life of Michael Collier).

McDonnell, Father and Son” – Dr. Peter Froggatt – Journal. Irish College of Surgeons.


I am indebted to Miss Ruth McCullen for assistance in transcription; to Mrs. Louisa Shorter and Miss Lucita Shorter for assistancewith the McDonnell inscriptions and to Mr. Patrick Moss for someoral tranditions, Mrs. Ita Cotter (nee Boyle) for the use of  theRegister of Internments, Revd. Fr. Gerry Rice for advice on sourcematerial, and Nichola Sweeney, for typing the draft.


1)  (McD)  ARMSTRONG P 11 (Wallplaque) – In memory of the beloved children of Andrew Armstrong of Kilsharvan and Catherine his wife, daughter of Doctor James McDonnell of Belfast.  Rose Charity born 4th  Feb. 1822 died 4th  May 1853.  Emily Jane born 17th Jany 1817 died 28th Decr1865.  Catherine Ann born 28th July 1818.

died 24th July 1869.  George Andrew born 30th Oct. 1824.  Killed in battle in India 21st  Dec. 1845 and interred at Ferozopore.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

2)  ARMSTRONG (Headstone) P11 – In memory of Andrew Armstrong and Catherine Armstrong his wife and their daughters Rose Charity Armstrong born 1822, died 1853, Emily Jane Armstrong born 1817, died 1865 and Catherine Anne Armstrong born 1818, died 1869.  And of their only son George Andrew Armstrong killed at the battle of Fetrozan in India 1845.

15)  AYERS P 1 – See CARROLL

3)  BARNES P 8 (Iron Cross) – IHS In memory of Patrick Barnes died 1902. R.I.P.

4)  BLACK P 5 – Erected AD. 1818 by Daniel Black of Shallon in memory of his father Patk Black who departed this life the 10th  April 1800 aged 67 years.  Also of his aunt Mary Farley alias Black who died June 1804 aged — (submerged).

5)  BLACK P 5 – Erected by Michael Black Colpe in memory of his father

Michael who died Sept. 1st 1859 aged 56 years.  And his wife Rose who died Jan. 23rd   1885 aged 82 years.  Also their son James who died Jan. 3rd 1889.  Also his wife Anne who died July 21st 1901 and Daniel son of the above Michael who died Jan. 7th 1902.  Thomas Black died 12 Dec. 1917, his wife Lucy died 20 Nov. 1918, their son Daniel died 17th Feb. 1949, his wife Julia died 19 Nov.1918, and his son Edward died young.  Also Rose Rath died 10 Mar. 1931.  Requiescant in Pace.

6)  BLACK P 5 – In loving memory of Theresa Black, died 23rd  Jan.  1947.




7)  BOYLE P 5 – Erected Ad 1844 by James Boyle of Rahaulin in memory of his mother Jane who depd this life 1st June 1828 aged 75 years.  Also his father Patk who depd this life 15 March 1840 aged 95 years.  Also his son Christr who died 10 March 1846 aged 13 years.  His wife Catherine who died 4 Feb. 1866.  The above James who died 11 May 1876.  Their son Patrick who died 17Aug. 1895 and his wife Jane who died 24 Jan. 1910.  Their son Patrick who died 25th  March 1937.

8)  BOYLE P 8 – In memory of Michael Boyle Kilsharvan who died 31 July 1910 aged 84 years, his wife Margaret who died 9 April 1916 and their granddaughter Agnes V Dillon who died 11 May 1927, their son Patrick died 23rd June 1949, his wife Alice died 12th Nov. 1934.  Their son Michael Boyle died 6th July 1985.  R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife.

9)  (C) BRANGAN P 12 – Erected by Julia Brangan.  Dardistown in memory of her mother Catherine Reilly, her brothers Philip and Patrick Reilly, and her sisters Mary Farrell and Annie Reilly.  The above Julia died 14 Oct. 1936.  Her daughter-in-law Mary Brangan died 5 Sept. 1959, her husband Patrick died 24 Aug.1965. R.I.P.

10)  BRANNEN P 7 – This stone was erected by Alice Brannen in memory of her mother Catherine Brannen who departed this life on the 7th of June 1792 aged 56 years.  Also of her father James Brannen of Beamore who departed this life on the 7th Sept. 1792 aged 58 years.  Also her brother James Brannen died January the 20th 1800 aged 28 years.

11)  BURKE P 5 – Erected by Anne Burke Kilsharvan in memory of her husband Peter who died Sept. 5th 1885, their daughter Kate who died April 6th 1888, also their son James who died Oct. 15th 1869.  R.I.P.

12)  CAFFRY P 9 – Erected by Henry Caffry in memory of his father James Caffry who departed this life the 10th of March 1835 aged 77 years.  Also his daughter Mary who died young – – – also of his mother Mary Caffry who died 19th Janry  1837 aged 77 years.  Also the above Henry Caffrey who died March 1883 aged 83 years.  His wife Catherine died June 1878 aged 85 years, his daughter Mary McGrath died 28th March 1885, her son Joseph died Feb. 1896.  Peter died 1896.

90) (McD)  CAIRNS – See McDonnell P 11

13)  CAMPBELL P 5 – This stone was erected by Ann Campbell in memory of her beloved husband James Campbell late of Drogheda who departthis life the 19th of May 1796 aged 52 years.  Also 3 of their children.  Also her brother Mathw  Kearn who departed this life 1st of March 1796 aged 40 years.  Requiescant in Pace.  Amen.

115.  CAMPBELL – See Rochford P 4.

72.  CAROLAN – See Ludlow P 7.

14)  CARRELL P 7 – This stone and burial place belongeth to John Carrell and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of his son James Carroll who departed this life 19th Nov. 1824 aged 80 years.  Here lieth the body of his wife Magret Carrell who departed this life the 6th of January 1770 aged 55 years.  Here also lieth the body of Alice Carroll wife of the above James who died 17th March 18-3, aged 72 years.

14)  CARROLL – See Carrell above. P 7.

15)  CARROLL P 1 – AD Erected 1864 by Simon Carroll of Platten in memory of his father Jas Carroll.  He died April 28th 1828.  Also his Bridget Ayers wife of Daniel Carroll.

16)  CARTIN P 7 – Erected by Matthew Cartin in memory of his father Laure Cartin who died the 24th of December 1789.  Aged 63 years.  Also his mother Jane Cartin died 8 of April 1794, aged 60 years.

17)  CARTIN P 7 – Erected by Laurence Cartin in memory of his wife Bridget who died the 2nd May 1790 aged 40 years.  Also 3 of his children who died young.  Here also lieth the body of the above Laurence Cartin who departed this life the 3 – – – 1805 aged 63 years.  Requiescant in Pace.  Amen.

18)  CLARKE  P 7 – Erected by Laurence Clarke of Plattin in memory of his father Laurence Clarke who died Decthe 28th 1812 aged 61 years.  Also of his mother Bridget Clarke who died July the 16th 1821 aged 55 years.  Also 2 of his children died young.

19)  CLARKE P 7 – Erected by Owen Clarke Cross of Platten in memory of his father Jo- – Clarke who departed this life Jan. 22nd 1816 aged 52 years.  Also 2 of his children who died young.

20)  CLARKE P 7 – Erected A.D. 1863 by James and John Clark, Bellewstown Hill in memory of their father Peter Clark and also of their mother Mary Clark who died 4th June 1863.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.

21)  COFEE P 3 – Here lies the body of John Cofee who died ye 28th of March 1734 aged 61 years.

22)  COLIER P 4 – Here lies ye body of Patrick Colier who died March the 9th 1762 aged 62 years.  Erected by his son Patrick.

23)  COLLINS P 5 – This stone and burial place beloneth to John Collins who departed this life May 25th day 1789 aged 70 years.  Here also are interred his son Bartholomew and family and his grandson John and family.  Also the remains of John Collins of Shop Street, Drogheda who departed this life on the 6th of July 1874 and his sons Michael who died 18th Sept. 1901, Maurice who died 23rd June 1903 and James who died 11th Jan. 1923, Anne wife of the above John who died 25th Jan. 1897, their daughter Matilda who died 5th Nov. 1929 and Tilly daughter of the above James who died 14th June 1930 and Gertrude wife of James who died 8th Aug. 1969.

24)  ( C )  CONNOLLY P 4 – Erected by James Connolly of Platten in memory of his son James who died 18th July 1841 aged 8 yrs., his daughter Catherine died DECr  1851, his son John died Dec. 1851.  The above James died 7th June 1860, his daughter Anne died 5th Dec. 1861.  His wife Mary died 20th August, 1870, also his son Patrick Connolly who died 15th August 1902, and Bridget, wife of Patrick, who died 21 Jan. 1916.

25)  CONOLY P 6 – This stone was erectd by Richard Conoly in memory of his son Patrick Conoly who dethis life March ye 19, 1775, aged 33 years. Also his daughter Anne Conoly depard  this life in ye 25th years of her age Febry ye – 1750.

26)  COUGHLAN P 2 – Erected by Bridget Coughlan in memory of her beloved husband James who died 18th March 1938. R.I.P.

27)  COURTENAY P 8 – Gloria in Excelsis Deo  “Momento Mori”.  Erected by Thomas Patrick and Richard Courtney (Carns), in memory of their sister Julia who died 26th Aug. 1861.  Their father John who died 26 March 1862 and their mother Alice who died 26th June 1870.  Also their brothers James who died 14 Feb. 1873 and William who died 6 Oct. 1902.

28) COURTNEY P 1 – In loving memory of Thomas Courtney 46 Brookwood Park, Artane died 10 April 1978, aged 62.  His uncle James (Jeff) died 4 Dec. 1958 aged 84.

29)  COURTNEY P1 – In loving memory of the Courtney family, Colliers town, Bellewstown.

30)  COYLE P 9 – Erected AD 1814 by – Coyle in memory – – – – 0- – – – – – – –

Coyle who departed this life 27th March 1843.  Aged 78 years.  (This stone is just to the northern side of the Church and is flaking badly).

31)  CRINION P4 – In loving memory of Jane Crinion, Bellewstown, died 13th May 1937 and her mother Catherine Crinion, died 28th April 1952. R.I.P.  Erected by the Black family.

38)  CURTIS – See Dullaghan P 8

140)   DARCY – See Walsh P 3

32)  DARDIS P 3 – I.H.S.  This stone was erected by John Dardis of Templebar of the city of Dublin, merchant, where lieth the body of his father Henry Dardis who departed this life the 1st of July 1780 aged 80 years also the remains of his wife Catherine Dardis who departed this life the 17th of January 1781, aged 85 years.  May they rest in Pace. Amen.

33)  DELANY P 11 – Erected by Mary Delany of Hilltown in memory of her beloved husband Jerimiah Delany who died 8 Feb. 1890.

34)  DILLIN P 5 – This stone and burial place belongeth to Jams Dillin and his wife Elce Dillin.  Here lieth the body of the above James Dillin who departed this life November the 20th 1765, aged 47 years.

35)  DILLON P8 – In loving memory of William Dillon, Crufty died 5 Oct. 1943, his wife Catherine died 1 Nov. 1944. R I. P.

8)  DILLON  – See Boyle p 8.

84)  (McD) DOBBS – See Mc Donnell P 11

72)  DOHERTY – See Ludlow P 7

36)  DOYLE P 7 – This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick Doyle of the City of Dublin who departed this life 29th day of Novbr 1782 aged 46 years.  Erected by his wife Ann Doyle.

37)  ( C ) DOYLE P 12 – Erected by John Doyle of Cooperhill in memory of his father Patk.  Doyle who died 17 March 1791 aged 58 yrs. – also his mother Judith who died 12th Jan 1811 aged 78 yrs. – and three of his children who died young – also his son Patrick who died 26th May 1842 aged 29 years.  Also the above John Doyle who died 7th July 1844 aged 76 years.  Also the above John Doyle who died 7th July 1844 aged 76 years.  Also his daughter Judith Kelly, who died 12th Nov. 1847 aged 39 yrs., his son Henry who died 8th Sept. 1848 aged 32 years., his wife Rose Doyle who died 10th Jan. 1853 aged 78 years.  His sister Ellen died 1 Sept. 1852 aged 82 years., and his son John died 25th Dec. 1874 aged 59 years.

38)  DULLAGHAN P 8 – Erected by Bridget Dullaghan of Drogheda in memory of her husband James Dullaghan who departed this life in April 1796 aged 66 years.  Also her brother in law Thomas Curtis 24th April 1765 aged 50 years.  Here also lieth the body of Elizabeth Curtis wife of the above Thos Curtis who departed this life the 6th Jany 1779 aged 54 years.  Here also lieth the body of James Dullaghan of Duleek who died Feb. 11 1874 aged 94 years.

39)  DULLAGHAN P 11 – Erected by Ellen Dullaghan Mary St. Drogheda in memory of her three beloved sisters Kate McKay died Nov. 23rd 1909, Mary Ann Dullaghan died Aug. 19th 1910 and Elizabeth Dullaghan died Sep. 6th 1919.

40)  DUNNE P 9 – Erected by Richard Dunne of Donore in memory of his father Richard who died 1st May 1844 aged 50 years.  His mother Katne died March 22 1881 aged 66. Alice Dunne. Patrick Dunne died 10th April 1979. Requiescat in pace. Amen.

4)  FARLEY – See Black P 5

9)  FARRELL – See Brangan P 12

41)  FARRELL P 8 – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Matthew Farrell, Balgeen who died 18 Sept. 1895 aged 89 and of his wife Ann Farrell who died 18th April 1885 aged 65 and of  their children Mary died 25th June 1865 aged 21.  Thomas died 7th April 1880 aged 25.  James died 24th May 1883 aged 41.  Anne died 22nd April 1893 aged 46.  Patrick died 3rd May 1928 aged 72.  Margaret M. wife of Patrick died 9 Dec. 1960 aged 90.  Erected in memory of their beloved parents by Patrick and Rev.  Matthew Farrell 1896.  T. H. Dennany – Glasnevin.  Pray for the souls of Matthew Farrell, died 1801, and of James Farrell, died 1838.  R.I.P.

42)  FARRELL P 8 – In memory of Mary J. Farrell of Crufty died 1 Jan. 1925, her husband Nicolas died 5 Dec. 1925, their daughter Margaret Mullen died 16 May 1964, her daughter Mary died 18 March 1948.  Andrew husband of Margaret died 14 Sept. 1965.

43)  FAY P 9 – Erected by John Fay, Bellewstown in memory of his father James Fay who died the 11th of August 1872, also his mother Catherine Fay who died the 15th December 1870.

114)  FINNEGAN – See Rice P 11.

44)  FINNEGAN P 7 – To the memory of Mathw Finnegan who died in Febr. 1823 aged 33 yrs.  Also of his Father and Mother Peter and Mary Finnegan.  This stone was placed here by his wife and brothers James and John Finnegan and also the above named James Finnegan who died 10th Septr 1827 aged 46 years. Requiescant in Pace.  Amen.

45)  FITZHARRIS P 5 – Of your charity pray for the soul of George Fitzharris Kennetstown who died Jan. 17th 1875 aged 62 years.  Also his beloved wife Elizabeth who died March 15th 1860 aged 30 years.  Jane G., beloved wife of George FitzHarris Junr Macetown who died April 21st1895 aged 29 years.  Anna who died 12th Oct. 1920 aged 12 years and Agnes who died 28Nov. 1920 aged 9 years beloved children of Thomas Fitzharris, Kenetstown and the above named Thomas Fitzharris who died 28 Dec. 1927 aged 69 years.  Have mercy on them O Lord.  Also his son Thomas who died 22 Jan. 1933 aged 26 years, and his wife Mary Anne who died 7 Oct. 1960 aged 86 years.  Also their daughter Elizabeth who died 12 March 1966 aged 58 years.  Pray for the soul of George Fitzharris, Macetown who died 16 Feb. 1937 aged 77 years.

46)  FITZPATRICK P 7 – Erected by Willm  and James Fitzpatrick in memory of their father who departed this life the 1st May 1808 aged 46 yrs.  Also to their mother.  She died the 24 Aug. 1812 aged 47 yrs

47)  FLINN P 8 – Erected AD 1798 by Michael Uriel of the town of Drogheda Currier in memo of Bartholomew Flinn who departed this life 7th December 1789 aged 70 years.  Here also lieth two of the above Michael Uriels children who died young.

48)  ( C ) FLYNN P 12 – Erected by Richard, James and Christopher Flinn, Kilsharvan in memory of their Father Nicolas who died 3rd Novr   1844 aged 72 years.  Also their brother John who died 14th April 1852 and their sister Catherine who died 25th February 1857.  Also their Mother Mary who died 6th May 1860.  Also his sister Anne Flynn who died 30th Decemr   aged 35 years.  Also the above Richard Flynn who died in February 18th 1903 aged 84 years.  His sister Mary who died 22 March 1922 aged 105 years.  And Mary daughter of the above James who died 2nd Jan. 1928.

Requiescant in Pace.  J. Maginn Drogheda. 1951.

49)  ( C ) FLINN P 12 – Erected by Mrs. Bridget Flinn of Drogheda in memory of her belovd husband Richard Flinn who died 14th Augst 1849 aged 64 years.  Also her daughter Mary who died 18th June 1847 aged 11 years.  And of her son Richard who died young.  Here also lieth the remains of the above mentioned Mrs. Bridget Flinn who departed this life the 31st December 1869 aged 73 years.

50)  FLINN P 6 – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Peter J. Flinn, Bellewstown who died 7th Jan. 1929 and Mrs. Mary O’Connor who died 4th June 1931, and Mary wife of Peter who died 21st Oct. 1945.

48)  FLYNN – See Flinn P 12

51)  FOLEY P 2 – Erected in memory of Mary Foley who died 10 Dec. 1861.  Her son Patrick who died 4 Nov. 1877 and her daughter Catherine who died 10th Feb. 1890.

52)  GAUGHRAN P 8 – In loving memory of Michael Gaughran, Platten died 29 Nov. 1934 and his wife Catherine died 10 Dec. 1955.  Their son Thomas died 4 Feb. 1973. R.I.P.

53)  (C) GEERY P 12 – Momento Mori.  Erected by Margaret Geery of Bellewstown in memory of her husband Michael Geery who departed this life 10th Oct. 1801 aged 62 years.  Also her daughter Margery Geery who died 7th Oct. 1801 aged 37 years.  And also her son John Geery of Dublin who died 5th May 1824 aged 56 years.

54)  GOUGH P 3 – In loving memory of Hugh Gough, Rosnaree who died 21st Oct. 1962 aged 82 years, his wife Elizabeth died Sept. 13th 1964 aged 77 yrs., their daughter Elizabeth died 14th April 1931 aged 2 years.

55)  GUGERTY P 8 – Erected by John Gugerty of Bellewstown in memo of his wife Elizabeth who departed this life the 12th of March 1809 aged 23 years.  Also of the above John Gugerty who departed this life the 4th of March 1827 aged 69 years.

129)  HAMMEL – See Taaffe P 5

56)  (C) HARFORD P 12 – This monument —————– Erected by —————–

Harford ——————–.  Esq. wife of Sr John Harford who died – the 26th 1741 aged 37 years and two of their children. (See introductory note).  (This stone is of soft sandstone and is flaking badly).

57)  HOEY P 1 – Erected by Kate Kelly in memory of her father Patrick Hoey of Ongenstown who died June 1881 aged 72 years. R.I.P.

58)  HORISH P 4 –  This stone and burial place belongeth to John Horish and his posterity.  Where lyeth 4 of his children.  Here lyeth his father Owen Horish who died in May 1757 aged 96 years.  His wife Rose Horish who died in April 1752 aged 60 years.  Renewed by Mary Smith, Mary St. in memory of her beloved Mother Mary Anne Smith  who died 19th Dec. 1899 aged 70 years.

59)  HORRIS P 11 – In loving memory of Michael Horris, Kennetstown who died 8 Dec. 1907, his wife Mary who died 3 Jan. 1935 and their daughter Kate who died 7 July 1903.  Their sons Michael who died 1 Dec. 1952, John who died 15 Oct. 1953.  Thomas who died 8 Aug. 1959.  Joseph who died 1 April 1974.

60)  IRWIN P 9 – In memory of John Irwin, Plattin Rd., died 13 May 1877, his wife Margaret died 15 March 1905.  Their son George died 14 June 1946 and 5 children died young.

13)  KEARN – See Campbell P 5

61)  KEEVINS P 7 – Erected by Patrick Keevins in loving memory of his daughter Minnie who died 30 March 1905 and his wife Jane who died 25 Dec. 1905.  The above Patrick who died 20 Nov. 1927 interred in Milltown cemetery, Belfast.

72)  KEEVINS – See Ludlow P 7

37)  KELLY – See Doyle P 12

57)  KELLY – See Hoey P 1

62)  KELLY P 8 – Erected by Thomas Kelly of Drogheda in memory of his son Christopher Kelly who died the 3rd April 1807 aged 19 years.

63)  KELLY P 9 – Erected by William Kelly, Duleek St. in memory of his father Christopher Kelly who died 14 Aug. 1848 aged 46 years and of his brothers Thomas who died young and Patrick who died 15 February 1869 aged 24 yrs.  Also his Mother Anne who died 13 March 1882 aged 75 years.  May they rest in Peace. – Chord.  Drogheda.

64)  KELLY P 7 – Erected by Mrs. Anne Kelly of Magdalen st. Drogheda in memory of her beloved husband Michael Kelly who departed this life the 5th May 1858 aged 39 years.  Also their son Thomas Kelly who died 9th April 1874 aged 22 years.

65)  KELLY P 7 – Erected by James Kelly of Newtown in memory of his son Patk who died 7th Oct. 1826 aged 20 years.  Also his son Nichs Kelly who died Nov. 1825 aged 11 years.  Also his son Micl. Kelly who died 3rd March 1839 aged 31 years.  Also the above James Kelly – died August 1848 aged 75 years.  His wife Mary Kelly died June 22, 1852 aged 85 years.  Their son Thomas Kelly of Balthray who died 31st January – aged 66 years.

66)  KELSH P 8 – Erected by George Ogle, Drogheda in memory of his Uncle James Kelsh, Gormanstown who died 8 March 1904.

67)  KENNY P 5 – In loving memory of Elizabeth Kenny, Ardcath who died 1 March 1861, her husband Patrick Kenny who died 13 Feb. 1886 and their children Marcella, died 6 Nov. 1873; John, 15 March 1874; Luke, 18 Feb. 1886; Katie, 11 Jan. 1908; Ellen, 13 Jan. 1919; Willie, 7 March 1929, also his wife Sarah who died 4 May 1929.

68)  KENNY P 5 – Erected by Edward Kenny, Chord road, Drogheda in memory of his Mother Mrs. Mary Kenny who died Feb. 5th 1890 aged 70 years and his sister Mary Anne who died April 20th 1866 aged 19 years.  Also two children who died young. R.I .P.

69)  KUSE P 10 – This stone and burial place belongeth to James Kuse of Drogheda and erected by his wife Catherine Kuse Anno D. 1763.  Here lieth the body of the above James Kuse who deceased Sepr the 9th 1762, aged 45 years.  (This stone lay along the roadside wall and was broken in several pieces).

70)  Larkin P 2 – Erected by James Larkin, Carns in memory of his father and mother James and Alice Larkin also his wife Alice Larkin and his loving daughter Alice Ann Larkin who died 27 April 1912 aged 17 years.  Also his nephew Patrick Larkin, Bellewstown who died 30 Nov. 1931.  Whose wife Catherine died 8 Jan. 1952.

71)  (McD) LONGFIELD P 11 – In memory of Elizabeth Penelope Longfield – eldest daughter of Andrew Armstrong of Kilsharvan and wife of the right honourable Montfort Longfield, born 1814, died 1882 and of the right honourable Montfort Longfield, born 1802, died 1884.

72)  LUDLOW P 7 – Erected by Patrick and Thomas Ludlow of Bellewstown in memory of their father Christopher Ludlow who died 14 August 1891 also their brother Michael died 27th March 1887 and the above Patrick died 4 July 1902 their mother Bridget died 30 Nov. 1902.  Also Jane wife of the above Patrick who died 26 Jan. 1928.  Their sisters Jane Keevins died 25 Dec. 1905.  Rosanne Doherty died 11 June 1948.  Maggie Carolan died 2 March 1949.  Their brothers John and Christopher died in U.S.A.  The above Thomas died as Nazareth House, Bishopstown, Swansea 19 April 1956, aged 81. R.I.P.  T. H. Dennany                                                                                     Glasnevin

73)  (C) LYNCH P 3 – Erected by Andrew Lynch of Oldbridge in memory of his father and mother also his brother and sister who died young.  R.I.P.

74)  LYNCH P 1 – Erected to the memory of William Lynch died 27 July 1909.

75)  MC ANASPICK P 3 – Erected Anno Domini 1814 by John McAnaspick of Beamore in memory of his beloved wife Margery who departed this life the 30th of November 1813 aged 43 years.  Also 6 of his children who died young.  Here also are interred the remains of the above named John McAnaspick who depd this life the 7th Octr 1828 aged 63 years.  Also of his son in law Pk Sweeny who died 8th April 1822 aged 25 years.

76)  MC CABE P 7 – This stone was erected by James McCabe of Drogheda.  Here lieth his Father Thomas McCabe who departed this life January the 17th 1795 and aged 77 years.  And also his wife Bridget McCabe and also his Uncle Patrick McCabe and their posterity.

77)  MC CANN P 8 – Erected by Mathew McCann in memory of his mother and sister.

78)  MC CANN P 11 – (Large ornamental railed plot – no inscription – see note on McCann’s of Beamond – millers.)

79)  MC CANN P 11 – In memory of Thomas McCann Black bull who died 1927 also his father and mother who died 1898. R.I.P.

88)  (McD) MC CAUSLAND – See McDonnell. P 11

MC CULLEN – See Taaffe. P 5.

80)  MC CULLEN P 8 – In memory of James McCullen Beamore who died on the 18th Novr 1877 aged 60 years, and Anne, his wife who died on the 1st of January 1853 aged 22 years.  Here also are laid Annie McCullen Beamore  who died 20th June 1915 and her son Henry Vincent who died 25th March 1917, James who died 2nd June 1957, his wife Annie who died 4th Dec. 1957.  Her grandson Peter who died 25th June 1947, John A., father of Peter, who died 27th Oct. 1967.  Anthony J. who died 5 Nov. 1970, his wife Johanna who died 3 Jan. 1978, Kathleen (Dolly) wife of John, who died 16th Jan 1980.  “NON SIBI”

This monument has been erected by Patrick, only child of the above James and Anne McCullen who died 22 May 1938, aged 86 years. R.I.P.

81)  MC CULLEN P 8 – In loving memory of Henry McCullen Beabeg died 9 March 1960.  His mother Elizabeth died 1921 his wife Agnes and infant child died 15 August 1929, his sister Rose Anne died 29 May 1949 his brother John died 1931, his brother Patrick (Mile House) Mary Anne wife of Patrick and their sons Harry and Francis his brother Thomas died Nov. 1960 and Esther wife of Thomas died 1973.  May they rest in peace – Amen.

82)  MC CULLIN P 8 – Erected A.D. 1963 by James and John McCullen of Beabeg in memory of their beloved father Patrick who died 2nd Sept. 1863 aged 78 years.  Also Anne the beloved wife of the above named James McCullin who died 1st Jan. 1853 aged 22 yrs. and also their grand and great grandfathers who are here interred.  The children of the above Patrick McCullin buried here are James who died 18th Nov. 1877.  Mary Sheridan who died 31st Dec. 1883.  John who died 22 Jan 1887.  Jane who died 30th Mar. 1892 Henry who died 24 Apr. 1903 children of Henry here buried are James who died 31st Aug. 1898. May they rest in peace – Amen.

83)  MC DONNELL P 9 – Erected by Anne McDonnell in memory of her beloved husband James McDonnell who departed this life the 27th Novr 1797 aged 33 yrs.  Also of her daughter Catherine who died 29th  Novr 1807 aged 16 yrs. And also of the above named James his Father and Mother Patk and Catherine McDonnell.  Also the above named Anne who died in March 1830 aged 60 years. 

84)  (McD) MC DONNELL (High Cross) P 11 – Underneath this cross reposes the body of the right Honble Sir Alexander McDonnell Bart, sometime resident commissioner on the board of National Education for Ireland and eldest son of the late Dr. James McDonnell of Belfast.  He died Jany 21 1875 aged 80.  Immediately in front of this cross lies all that was mortal of Dr. John McDonnell 2nd son of the said Dr. James McDonnell.  He died Janry 20th 1892 aged 96 and of Charity his wife, daughter of the late Revd. Robert Dobbs.  She died April 6 1890 aged 86.

85)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 (High Cross) – To the memory of Barbara McDonnell daughter of Hugh Montgomery Esquire of Benvarden in the County of Antrim and the wife of the Right Hon. Alexander McDonnell.  She died at Kilsharvan 1865.  In the 75th year of her age.  Her unerring sense guarded as it always was with great Christian graces of Faith, Charity and Humbleness made her an example to all who knew her, of a wise and holy life. – “Blessed are the pure in heart.  They shall see God”.

86)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 – Sacred to the memory of Alexander McDonnell born 18th Dec. 1929 died 4th Dec. 1904.  “I shall lay me down in peace and take my rest”.

87)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 – In memory of Robert McDonnell, MDFRS of 89 Merrion Square Dublin second son of Dr. John McDonnell of 32 Upr. Fitzwilliam St. and grandson of Dr. James McDonnell of Belfast.  Born 16th March 1828 died 6th May 1889.

“In the light shall we see light” 36th psalm 9th verse.

88)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 – Also of Susan Isabella Elizabeth McDonnell, wife of Robert McDonnell MDFRS and daughter of Sir Richard B. McCausland of Brimbawn in the County of Mayo.  Born 1st July 1850 died 12th July 1891.  “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”.  5th Chap. St. Matthew 8th verse.

89)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 – Here lie the remains of Randal William McDonnell Esq. Q.C. son of John McDonnell Esq. M.D. grandson of James McDonnell Esq. M.D. buried inn Laide Churchyard, County of Antrim.  Born 1832 died at Bournemouth 5th Jan. 1875.  “Enter not in Judgement with thy servant, O Lord for in thy sight shall no man living be justified”.

90)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 – In memory of Rosanna daughter of the late William Cairnsof Cultra in the County of Down Esq. and wife of James McDonnell of 32 Upper Fitzwilliam St. Dublin Barrister at law.  She died on the 11th April 1872 aged 42 years and is buried beneath this stone together with her two infant children Rose Charity and Frances Catherine.  “Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman that feareth the Lord she shall be praised.  The Lord hath given, and the Lord hath taken away”.

91)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 (Wallplaque) – Lieut. Col. J. McDonnell 5th Battalion Leinster Rgt. Attached 1st r. Inniskilling Fus.  Killed in action 29-9-18.  Above is the original cross erected on the grave of Col. John McDonnell 5th Battalion Leinster Rgt. Attached ——- .   On the 29th September 1918 in the Reservoir Cemetary YPRES. And was bought from there when this permanent stone was erected in 1924.  Lt. Col. John McDonnell of Kilsharvan was the only child of the late Dr.Robert and Mrs. McDonnell who were buried in this enclosure.

92)  (McD) MC DONNELL P 11 (Wallplaque) – In loving memory of Robert Edward McDonnell VIIIth  K.R.I. Hussars of Kilsharvan son of Lt. Col. John McDonnell, died of wounds at Barce, North Africa February 16th 1941. Aged 26 years.

93)  McENTAGGART 9.10 – Erected by ……… Completely weathered.  This stone is adjacent to road, at entrance gate.)

94)  MC GINN P 10 – I.H.S.  Erected AD 1823 by Thomas McGinn of Bellestown in memory of his Father and Mother and his sister who died young.

95)  MC GOVERN P.4 – Erected by Patrick McGovern of Drogheda in memory of his son John McGovern who departed this life 23rd August 1808 aged 16 years.

96)  (C) MC GRANE P 3 – This stone erected by Patrick and James McGrane of Julianstown to the memory of their beloved Mother Mrs. Jane McGrane who departed this life the 10th of Jan. 1835 aged 43 years.  Here also lie the remains of her son the above named Patrick McGrane who departed this life the 4th January 1837 in the 27th year of his age.  Also the above James McGrane who departed this life the 23rd of October 1850 aged 37 years.

12)  MC GRATH – See Caffry  P 9.

39)  MC KAY – See Dullaghan P 11.

97)  MC KOWNE P 1 – Erected by William McKowne in memory of his wife Mary McKowne who departed this life 11th Dec. 1800 aged 60 years. Also his son Edward McKowne who died 5th March 1801 aged 29 years. And also his daughter in law who died 13th of Decr 1818 aged 40 years.

98  MC NALLY P 6 – HIS.   Nichs McNally his burial place and his posterity 1765.  Here lyeth Jass McNally, his wife and 2 of his Childn .

99)  MATTHEWS P 6 – Erected by Christina Matthews of Shallon in loving memory of her parents, brother and sisters and the above Christina died 22 Sep. 1967.

100)  MATTIN – Erected by John Mattin in memo of his father Loghlin Mattin – who died Decm. 1788

101)  MULLEN P 9 – Erected by John Mullen in memory of his wife Catherine who died 5th Dec. 1888

42)  MULLEN – See Farrell P 8.

102)  MULLON P 5 – This stone was ered Meary Mullon undernh lies ye body of Michael Mullon 1773.

103)  MURPHY P 7 – In loving memory of Michael Murphy, Coolagh Bridge who died 12th March 1921.  Also John Murphy died June 24 1909.  R.I.P.

104)  MURPHY P 7 – In loving memory of Matthew Murphy, Congress Avenue died by accident, Beamore rd. 26 Oct. 1937.

105)  MURPHY P 7 – In loving memory of Thomas Murphy, Congress Avenue died Jan 1944.

106)  MURTAGH P 4 – In memory of Marcella Murtagh, Cooperhill died July 30th 1889 aged 4 years and in everlasting memory of Mrs. Mary Sheridan died 21st Oct. 1947.

50)  O’CONNOR – See Flinn P 6

66)  OGLE – See Kelsh P 8

107)  RAFFERTY P 6 – In loving memory of Thomas Rafferty, Shallon who died 21st March 1939, his wife Mai who died 10th Sept. 1967, his parents John and Mary Rafferty, his brother John, his sons Reginald died 26th March 1974 and Jackie 18th Jan. 1976.

5)  RATH – See Black P 5

108)  REDDY P 7 – Erected by Patrick Reddy, The Carns in memory of his father Hugh who died Jan. 1891, his mother Mary who died 21 March 1898 and his son William, who died 13 Sept. 1903.

109)  REGAN P 7 – I.H.S.  Erected by Peter Regan in memory of his wife Margaret Regan who died in April 1823, 26 years.

110)  REID P 8 – Erected by Patrick Reid, Lisdornan in memory of his father John Reid who died Jan. 3 1871, his mother Ann who died Nov. 30 1896 and his brother Michael who died July 26 1899.

111)  REID P 8 – In loving memory of Richard Reid, Smithstown died 26th Dec. 1945 aged 72 years, his wife Catherine died 4th June 1971 aged 87 years. Their son Richard (Dick) died 27th Aug. 1984.  Rest in Peace

9)  REILLY – See Brangan P 12

112)  REILLY P 3 – Erected Anno Domini 1801 by Owen Reilly of Gaffneypark in memory of his father Matthew Reilly who departed this life the 15th day of Janu. 1800 aged 39 years.

113)  REILLY P 8 – HIS.  Erected by Mary Reilly in memory of her husband Jas Reilly of Drogheda.  Dairyman, he died June the 10th 1818 aged 63 years.  May he rest in peace


114)  RICE P 11 – Erected AD 1815 by George Rice Gormanstown in memory of his father and mother.  Maria Rice departed the 13th of January 1827 aged 18 years.  Chris Rice departed the 24th of June 1829 aged 16 years.  Patk Rice died 18th May 1832 aged 21 years and his grandson Joseph Finnegan died 24th Aug. 1914 aged 68 years.

115)  ROCHFORT P4 – Erected by Nicholas Rochfort in memory of his son John Rochfort who departed this life the 7th Jan. 1801 aged 16 years.  Renewed by Mich1 Rochfort in memory of his Father and Mother.  Renewed by Elizabeth Campbell in memory of her mother Catherine Rochfort Sheill who died 4th Feb. 1877 aged 77 years.

116)  ROONEY P5 – Erected by Jane Rooney, Shallon in memory of her Father Thomas Rooney who died 14th Nov1847 aged 73 years.  Also her mother Bridget Rooney died 12th Jan1848 aged 71 years.  Also her sister Catherine died Augst 1843 aged 25 years.  Also her sister Mary died May 1844 aged 33 years.  Also her brother John died Octr 1844 aged 31 yrs.  Also her brother Thomas died March 1845 aged 19 yrs.  Also her brother Christopher died Septr 1845 aged 27 years.

117)  ROONEY  P11 – In loving memory of Mary Rooney, Killtown who died 5 March 1901 – erected by her affectionate husband and children.

118)  RYAN  P11 – In loving memory of Stephen Ryan, Platten died Jan.17th 1921.  Also his wife Annie died Oct. 18th 1931 aged 71 yrs.  And his son James died 1907 aged 6½  yrs.  Also his son Bernard died Jan. 6th 1937 aged 43 years.

119)  SARSFIELD P3 – In loving memory of Mary Sarsfield, Patrick St, Drogheda who died 17th June 1867 also her husband Patrick Sarsfield who died 2nd May 1884 aged 76 years and their three children who died young. (This stone is broken).

120)  SAVIDGE P 5 – Erected by Arthur Savidge of Lisdornan in memory of his beloved father Arthur Savidge who departed this life on 25th of January 1895 in the 69th year of his age.

115)  SHEILL – See Rochfort  P 4

82)  SHERIDAN – See McCullin P8

106)  SHERIDAN – See Murtagh  P4

121)  SHERIDAN  P11 – (Ornamental railings) – of New Haggard.

122)  SHERRY   P11 – Erected by Thos. and William Sherry in loving memory of their father Owen who died 11th Jan1876,  their grandmother Mary Sherry who died 6th Aug. 1883, their sister Rose Bluntwho died 16 Jany 1900.  Their mother Mary died 2 Jan. 1930. The above William died 16 Feb, 1937.  His son, Owen died 26 June 1938, his wife Esther died 13 May 1947, the above Thomas died 10th Oct. 1947,  his wife Elizabeth died 18 Feb.1960.  Their sons William died 8 June 1961, James died 29th Nov. 1962.  R.I.P.

123)  (McD) SHORTER  P 11 – In loving memory of Richard Nicholas Shorter, Kilsharvan, died 20th Jan. 1984, aged 77 years.

58)  SMITH  P 7 – See Horish  P 4

124)  SMITH – This stone and burial place belongeth to James Smith of James Street, Drogheda.  Here lieth four of his children – April 30th 1780

125)  SMITH  P 7 – Erected by Mathew Smith of Mell Lane, Drogheda in memory of his wife Mary Smith who departed this life the 6th May 1803, aged 57 years.  Here lieth six of his children.  Here also lieth his father James Smith who died 1788 also his Mother who died 1770.  Here also lieth his brother Phillip Smith who died Augst 1797.

126)  SMITH  P 7 – Erected A.D.  1822 by Andrew Smith of the town of Drogheda ———– for him and his posterity.

75)  SWEENEY – See McAnaspick  P 3

127)  SYNNOTT  P 6 – In loving memory of Patrick Synnott who died 6th Nov. 1943 aged 52 yrs.  His wife Margaret died 5th Sept. 1980 aged 86 yrs.  Also his parents Matthew and Julia Synnott. Rest in Peace.

128)  TAAFFE  P 5 – Erected by Christr and Patk Taaffe of Platten in memory of their mother Mary Taaffe who departed this life 23rd Sept. 1813 aged 66 years.  Also their sister Judith who departed this life 4th May 1815 aged 38 yrs.  And also their father Matthew Taaffe who died 12th August 1816 aged 70 yrs.  Also their brother Thos. Taaffe who died 12th June 1828 aged 37 yrs.  Also Judith daughter to the above Patk Taaffe.  She died March 25th 1846 aged 18 years.  Also his daughter Ann McCullenotherwise Taaffe who died 1st Jan. 1853 aged 22 years.  And his wife Anne Taaffe who died 25th June 1869 aged 73 years.  The above Christr Taaffe departed this life August 17th 1873 aged 86 years.   Also his brother John Taaffe who died 16th January, 1874 aged 76 years.   The above named Patrick Taaffe died 27th January 1886 aged 94 years.  Requiescant in Pace.

129)  TAAFFE  P 5 – Erected by Mr. Patrick Taaffe, Orel Duleek in memory of his mother Elizabeth who died March 1st 1865 and his father William who died March 17th 1869, also three of their children and Mary Hammeltheir niece who died young.

130)  TAAFFE  P 5 – O Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Bridget beloved wife of Patrick Taaffe, Newtown Duleek who died 18th March 1904 and his daughter Kate who died 16th Jan. 1888 also his son Thomas who died Feb. 22nd 1905 and the above Patrick Taaffe who died Nov. 25 1907, also his son Patrick who died 22nd Nov. 1916 also his son John who died May 15th 1925 and his wife Mary died Aug. 2nd 1924, his daughter Margaret died Oct. 11th 1941, his son William died March 14th 1943.  Jane Taaffe died Sept. 16th 1944 – beloved wife of William, their infant grandson, Gerrard, died Sept. 9th 1962.

131)  TALLON P 3 – Erected by Richard Tallon, Bellewstown in memory of his twin children Nicholas and Mary Tallon  who died 6 Feb. 1892.  Pray for the soul of the above Richard Tallon who died 5 July 1922 aged 74 years and his wife Mary who died 11 Sept. 1925 aged 62 years.  Their son John who died 4 October 1971 aged 73 years, his wife Norah who died 4 Dec. 1973 aged 73 years.  Their great grandson John died 4 June 1965 R.I.P.

132)  (C) TEELING  P 12 – Erected A.D. 1804 by ChristTeeling of Bellewstown for him and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of his Father John Teeling who departed this life the 29th Novr 1789 aged 76 years.  Here also lieth the body of Margaret Watters alias Teeling, sister to the above Christr who departed this life the 18th Decemr 1803 aged 34 years.  John Teeling died 15th August 1853 aged 50 years.  Christr Teeling died 6th July 1863 aged 20 years.  Judith Teeling died 5th August 1888 aged 74 years.  Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

133)  (C) TELLING   P 12 – In memory of Patrick and Mary Teeling, their son Joseph 3 Nov. 1926, his wife Elizabeth 13 Dec. 1926 their son Brendan 9 June 1928.

134)  TEEVANS  P 7 – In loving memory of the Teevans Family, Bellewstown. R.I.P.

135)  (C) TIERNAN P – Erected by Laurence Tiernan of Platten Junr. In memory of his father Laurence Tiernan who departed this life the 15th July 1802, aged 75 years.

136)  (C) TONGE  P 12 – This monument erected by Chas. and Edwd Tonge sons of the deceasd Phillp Tonge Novembr 14 1772.  Here lieth the body of Phillp Tonge of Shallon who departed this life 10th of June 1765 aged 64 years. – – his eldest son Chas Tonge who departed this life – Aug. 177- aged 42 years.  Also the body of Mr. James Tonge who departed this life the 8th day of December 1791 aged 5- years.  Here also lieth the body of the above Edward Tonge of Shallon in County Meath who departed this life the 16th day of September 1812 aged 77 years.

37)  TOWNLEY  P 8 – Erected by Nicholas Townley, Hilltown in memory of his dearly beloved Father Joseph Townley who died 30th Sept. 1890 aged 52 years.  Also his Mother Mary Townley who died 8th June 1896 aged 47yrs.  His brother John who died 20 August 1924 aged 36 years.  The above named Nicholas who died 10th May 1933 aged 60 years and his brother Joseph who died 6 March 1940 aged 63 years.  Also Mary wife of above Nicholas who died 29 June 1946 aged 69 years.  Alice wife of the above Joseph who died 25th July 1960 aged 77 years.

138)  TRAYNOR  P 5 – Erected by Patrick Traynor, Julianstown in memory of his mother Elizabeth who died 17 Aug. 1893 and his father Michael who died 25 Dec. 1927, his brothers Michael died 9 Dec. 1929, John died 2 Jan. 1940 and his sister Elizabeth Boshelldied 23 Jan. 1940

47)  URIEL – See Flinn P 8

139)  WALSH  P 5 – This stone was erected by Mary Walsh of Shallon in memory of her Beloved Husband Patrick Walsh who departed this life the 11th day of May 1810 aged 35 years.  Also of his Father and Mother.

140)  WALSH  P 9 – Erected by Peter Walsh in memory of his daughter Mary Anne who died 6th March 1885 and his son James who died 6th April 1885, also his father and mother-in-law, James and Margaret Darcy.

132)  WATTERS  – See Teeling P 12

141)  WATTERS  P 9 – Patrick Waters +

142)  WHEARTY  P 1 – In loving memory of Peter Whearty, Bellewstown who died 15th Aug. 1931 and his wife Elizabeth, died 17th March 1946.  R.I.P.

143)  WOODS  P 6 – IHS.  In memory of Bridget Woods died 15th Aug. 1888.  R.I.P.

144)  (McD) WOODS  P 11 – In loving memory of Senta Woods, Kilsharvan. Widow of Lt. Col. J. McDonnell, born 7th Sept. 1894 died 9th May 1969.