Landowners in County Meath 1876

Taken from Land Owners in Ireland – Return of owners of land of one acre and upwards – Presented to both Houses of Parliament. Original publication to be found here And another copy here

We have disregarded the roods and perches of the lands occupied.

Population in 1871                  95,558

Inhabited houses                     18,814

NAME                                                ADDRESS                             ACREAGE

Adams, the Misses                  Dublin                                                             349
Adlercron, Geo. Reps. of,       Killiney, Co. Dublin                                        407
Adlercron, John L.                  Killiney, Co. Dublin                                       373
Allen, Rev. Thomas                Drogheda,                                                       277

Allen, Thomas                         Cordooey, Kilmainhamwood                             8
Allen, William                         Cordooey, Kilmainhamwood                             8

Alley, George                          Dublin                                                               24
Alley, Japhet, Reps. of            Dublin                                                               13
Armstrong, Andrew,               Drogheda                                                        318

Reps. of

Armstrong, Elizabeth              Kingscourt                                                        56
Armstrong, James                   Newrath, Kells                                                106
Armstrong, John T.                 15 Lower Dominick St., Dublin                     527
Athlumney, Lord                    Somerville, Co. Meath                               10,213
Atkinson, Edward                  Ashfield, Kilmainhamwood                           185
Atkinson, Edward                  Glencullan Castle, Co. Limerick                      41
Auchmuty, Mary, Rep.           No address                                                      302     

Aungier, Mark                         17 Lower Dominick St.,                                 824
Austin, Peter                           Slanduff, Navan                                             264

Bailie, Richard                        Culmore, Derry                                               215     

Balfe, John                              Julianstown, Co. Meath                                   13
Balfour, Blaney T.                  Townley Hall, Drogheda                             1,453
Balfour, H. B.                         Townley Hall, Drogheda                                    6
Ball Captain A. W. Shirley     Causestown, Navan                                        369
Ball, Laurence                         Bellewstown, Co. Meath                                201

Ball, Miss                                28, Clare St., Dublin                                       529

Ball, Mrs.,                               Dublin                                                               36

Ball, Richard                           Clonmellon                                                      130

Bannon, Peter                         Duleek, Drogheda                                               5

Barbidge, John W.,                 Clonee, Ballivor                                               50

Barker, Henry O.                    6, Gardiner’s Row, Dublin                             746

Barlow, Arthur                        North George’s St., Dublin                             500

Barlow, James                         101, Lower Mount St., Dublin                       577

Barlow, John                           Sybil Hill, Co. Dublin                                  1,118

Barlow, Rev. Wm. Edwd.      Bath, England                                                 270

Barnes, John Coote                 69 Stephen’s Green, Dublin                            564

Barnes, Rositer                        Court of Chancery, Dublin                             115

Barnes, William Arthur           Westland, Moynalty                                       464

Barnewall, Sir R. Bart             No Address                                                     134

Barnewall, Richard                 Ballardan, Trim                                               544

Barnwall, Thomas                   Bloomsbury, Kells                                       2,782

Barnwell, Charles                    Dublin                                                             272

Barry, Henry                           8 Pembroke Rd, Dublin                                    18

Barry, Robert                          Ardrums, Agher, Enfield                                198

Battersby, Col. F. Reps of      Dublin                                                             284

Battersby, Dr. F.                     15 Warrington Place, Dublin                          137

Battersby, Francis                   Baltown, Kells                                                            128

Battersby, Dr. G.                    Wellington Row, Dublin                                   20

Battersby, George                   Dublin                                                             576

Battersby, John L.                   Bobsville, Crossakeel                                      226

Battersby, Robert H.               Lakefield, Crossakeel                                     329

Battersby, W. A.                     No Address                                                     481

Beahan, Owen, Reps of          Palace St., Drogheda                                       55

Beaufort, Rev. William           No Address                                                     221

Bellew, Lord                           Barmeath, Co. Louth                                      204

Benson, John                           Baggot St., Dublin                                          386

Beresford, Rt. Hon. and         Palace, Armagh                                                21

 Most Rev. Marcus Jervais     

Berry, Francis R.                     No Address                                                       80

Berwick, John R.                    Coolfadda House, Bandon, Co Cork                             7

Bishop, John                           Dunboyne, Co. Meath                                                    9

Blackburne, Francis W.           Galtrim House, Bray                                       691

Blackburne, Margaret             Tankardstown, Slane                                      604


Blackburne, W. F.                   Golbourne Ho., Bray                                      580

Blacker, J. R. Reps of                         No Address                                                     340

Blackwood, Hon.and              No Address                                                  1,374

Rev. W.S.

Blake, James                           High Street, Trim                                             46

Blake, John                             Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     4

Blake, Philip                            Ladyrath, Navan                                             226

Bligh, Major F. C.                   40 Lower Dominick St. Dublin                      491

Bobbett, Patrick                      Clonee, Co. Dublin                                         122

Bobbett, William                     Crickstown, Ashbourne                                    92

Bolton, Francis G.                   Bective, Navan                                            3,516

Bomford, George                    Oakley Park, Kells                                       2,436

Bomford, John                        Ferns, Kilcock                                                 871

Bond, Willoughby                  Farragh, Longford                                       1,525

Booker, Mr.                             Kells, Co. Meath                                             185

Bor, E. J.                                 Ballindooley, Edenderry                                 108

Bourne, Richard E.                 Ashbourne, Co. Meath                                    279

Boylan, Thomas                      Hiltown Ho., Drogheda                               2,914

Boyle, Mary                            Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     1

Boyle, Owen                           Commons, Navan                                               1

Boyle, Patrick                         Commons, Navan                                               1

Boyle, William                        Commons, Navan                                               9

Boyne, Lord                            Burwarton, Shropshire, England                  2739

Boyne Navigation Co.                        Athlumney, Navan                                              7

Brabazon, Burton                    Dromiskin, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth       331

Brabazon, George P.A.           Longford Ho., Duleek                                                232

Brabazon, H., Reps of                        Castlebellingham                                                 3

Brabazon, James, Reps of       Mornington, Drogheda                                   910

Brabazon, Rev. John               Rehan Glebe, Ballycumber                             615

Brabazon, Rev., William M    Swinford, Co. Mayo                                       642

Brabazon, William, Reps of    No Address                                                       15

Braddish, William                   No Address                                                       63

Bradley, John                          Dowdstown, Wilkinstown, Navan                   20

Bradley, Patrick                      Mooretown, Navan                                         405

Brady, Bridget                                    Market Square, Navan                                      19

Brady, D. F                             No Address                                                       61

Brady, Mary                            Robinrath, Navan                                              20

Brady, Rev. Mazarin               Randalstown, Navan                                      299

Brady, Patrick                         Dunboyne, Co. Meath                                                    3

Brannigan, Thomas                 Shop Street, Drogheda                                     64

Bredin, Alexander                  Portadown, Co. Down                                                  67

Bredin, Robert E, jun.             97th Regiment, Portadown                              158

Brennan, Geo., Reps. of         No Address                                                     392

Brennan, Robert                      Leeds Woollen Hall,                                       870

Corn Market, Dublin

Bridge, John                            No Address                                                     160

Brodigan, Francis                    Pilltown Ho., Drogheda                                  726

Brophy, William                      London                                                             92

Browne, Anthony                   Elm Grove, Ballincor                                   1,017

Brunton, Francis                     Anna Cottage, Strand, Clontarf                     208

Bruton, Michael                      Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     2

Bryan, George                         Jenkinstown Castle, Kilkenny                                 3,055

Buchanan, Mary                      Market Square, Navan                                      20

Buller, Lady Elizabeth            5, Old Palace Yard, London, S.W                  470

Bunbury, Col., Reps of           Co. Carlow                                                      429

Burrowes, Sir E.D.,                 Ballymore –Eustace, Co. Kildare                   247

Burrowes, T. A., Reps of        No Address                                                  1,248

Bury, Charles                          Woodville, Robertstown                                 167

Bury, John                               No Address                                                     274

Bulter, Mrs.,                            Trim, Co. Meath                                              235

Butler, Thomas                        Priestown House, Co. Dublin                         509

Butler, Whitwell                     Staffordstown, Navan                                                381

Byrne, James                           Commons, Navan                                               4

Byrne, Patk., Reps of              West Street, Drogheda                                     10

Byrne, Thomas                        Commons, Navan                                               1

Byrne, William C.,                  Boranstown, Garristown, Co. Dublin               24

Caddell, Robert                      Harbourstown, Balbriggan                           1,372

Cairnes, John E.                      Drogheda                                `                       761

Cairnes, Thomas P.,                Stameen Ho., Drogheda                              1,175

Cairnes, William H.,                Dublin                                                             259

Caldwell, Andrew G.,                        88 Upper Dorset St, Dublin                            484

Caldwell, Charles B.,              England                                                        1,661

Caldwell, William B.,             England                                                           122

Callaghan, Mrs.,                      London                                                             34

Callaghan, Thomas                  Commons, Navan                                               1

Carew, Laurence                     Kildangan, Kilcock                                         449

Carew, Thomas                       Kildangan, Edenderry                                                301

Carleton, Christopher              Littlerath, Trim                                                293

Carleton, David                      Craystown, Kilmessan                                    307

Carpenter, Thomas                  West Street, Drogheda                                       2

Carter, W. H, Reps. of                        Donadea, Kilcock, Co. Kildare                      166

Carty, Thomas, Reps of          Drogheda                                                     1,094

Casey, Edmond                      The Donahies, Raheny, Co. Dublin                404

Casey, James                           Market Square, Navan                                      84

Cassidy, Thomas                     Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     3

Cemeteries, Committee           Glasnevin                                                          47

of, Dublin Catholic

Chadwick, John and Francis   Drogheda                                                            5

Chaloner, Richard                   Kingscourt, Moynaulty                                2,100

Chamberlain, Tankerville,W   4, Longford Place, Monkstown                      588

Chamberlain, William             Crewhill, Maynooth                                        218

Chambers, E.C., Reps of        No Address                                                  1,048

Chapman, Sir B., Bart             Killna Castle, Clonmellon                               241

Chapman, William                  Southhill, Delvin                                          1,386

Chester, Finlay                        Williamstown, Castlebellingham                    347

Chester, Miss, Henrietta         Cartown, Drogheda                                        434

Church Temporalities,             Dublin                                                          2,919

         Commissioners of.

Clarke, John                            James St., Drogheda                                       109

Clarke, Owen                          Possextown, Nobber                                       385

Clements, Theophilus              Rathkenny House, Tullavin                            632

Clifden, Viscount                   Gowran Castle, Kilkenny                               500

Cliffe, Anthony                      Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford                              276

Cliffard, David L.,                  Ennistown, Kilmessan, Navan                        200

Clinton, Joseph                       Archdeaconry, Kells                                           6

Cloncurry, Lord                      Lyons, Co. Kildare                                         306

Clouston, Robert                     Ballynagarvey, Navan                                     415

Coates, Arthur                                    Pemberton, Wigan, England                           204

Coates, Matthew, W.,             Bridestream, Maynooth                                  741

Coates, Saml., Reps. of           No Address                                                     470

Coddington, Eleanor              Oldbridge, Drogheda                                      850

Coddington, Henry, B.,          Oldbridge, Drogheda                                   2,604

Coddington, Mrs.,                  No Address                                                         6

Coddington, William              Oldbridge,                                                       642

Coghill, Sir John J.,                 Castletownsend, County Cork                    1,269

Colclough, Reps.of Carthy     No Address                                                     714

Colgan, Maria                         Kilcock                                                            111

Colgan, Mark                          Castlerickard                                                   624

Colgan, T.,                              Dublin                                                               33

Collins, Rose                           Trim                                                                   25

Commissioners of the             Town Hall, Kells                                             501

town of Kells

Commissioners of the             Market House, Trim                                        762

town of Trim

Connell, Patrick                      Glinn, Summerhill, Co. Meath                        139

Connolly, James                      Dublin                                                             602

Conyngham, The Marquis       Slane Castle, Slane, Co. Meath                    7,060

Cooper, Henry                                    Cooperhill, Co. Meath                                                410

Cooper, John                           MountGranville, Drogheda                             135

Corballis, Miss E.                    The Manor, Ratoath, Co.Meath                      167

Corballis, James H.,                The Manor, Ratoath, Co. Meath                     941

Corballis, John R.,                   Milltown, Co. Dublin                                      951

Corballis, John R.,                   Ratoath                                                        1,182

Corballis, William H.,             The Manor, Ratoath, Co. Meath                     579

Corbally, Hon., Mrs.,              Corbalton Hall, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath     5,033

Corcoran, Jane                                    Broadford, Moyvally                                        12

Cornelle, Mrs. Anne                Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus                        147

Cornwall, John                        Castleparks, Slane                                             54

Corporation of Drogheda       Drogheda                                                        121

Corrigan, John                         Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          1

Cosgrave, Frederick                5, Upper Rutland Street, Dublin                     241

Costello, Richard                    Kilglin, Kilcock                                                 56

Cowley, Patrick                      Batterstown, Co. Meath                                     2

Cowley, William                     Ratoath, Co. Meath                                          20

Cox, Ambrose                         Dublin                                                               42

Coyle, Thomas                        Kilmoon, Ashbourne                                           7

Cramer, Oliver                        Dublin                                                             306

Crawford, A. S.,                     Belfast                                                             754

Crawford, Wm. S., Reps of    Crawfordsburn, Co. Down                                 1

Cregan, Christopher                Commons, Navan                                               2

Cregan, Michael                      Commons, Navan                                              1

Crosthwaite, Leland               Bellville, Donnybrook                                     112

Crozier, William                      40, Mountjoy Square, Dublin                             8

Cruise, Dr. Richard F.,            3, Merrion Sq., West, Dublin                          340

Cullen, James                          Liscarton, Navan                                             745

Cullen, Michael                       18, James’ St, Liverpool                                 221

Cullen, His Eminence             59, Eccles St, Dublin                                   1,101

  Paul, Cardinal, (In Trust)

Cullen, Paul                             18, James’ St., Liverpool                                221

Curry, Charles                         Bridge St, Navan                                                1

Curtis, Andrew                       Commons, Navan                                               2

Curtis, John, Reps. of             Flemingstown Naul, Co. Dublin                         1

Cusack, John M.                     Dublin                                                             186

Cusack, Sir Ralph S.,              24, Rutland Sq., Dublin                               1,229

Cusham, Thomas                     No Address                                                         1

Dalton, G. T.,                          Kells                                                                412

Daly, Edward                         Mullingar                                                         164

Daly, John                               Cultrummer, Dunshaughlin                               14

Daly, Robert Bedford             Laurence St, Drogheda                                   179

Daniel, Robert George            New Forest, Tyrrellspass, Co                          515


Darcy, Thomas L.,                  Galtrim, Summerhill                                        191

Dardice, Christopher               Staholmog, Carlanstown, Kells                          3

Darnley, Earl of                      Clifton Lodge, Athboy                              21,858

Davis, Richard                                    Trim                                                                   14

De Bath, Sir Henry P.,            London                                                        1,407


Decies, Lord                           Bolam House, Northumberland                      979

Delaney, Thomas                    Johnstown, Dunshaughlin                               106

Delany, Edward                      Portain, Batterstown, Co. Meath                    207

Delany, Edward                      Woodstown, Culmullen, Dunshaughlin          112

Delany, John R.,                     Grennanstown, Athboy                                  265

Delany, Marks,                        Knockmark, Dunsany, Navan                           22

Delany, Marks,                        Dunmow, Navan, Co. Meath                          104

Dempsy, Catherine                 Dublin                                                               10

De Ros, Lord                          Strangford, Co. Down                                             1,271

Devine, Anne, Reps of           St. Helen’s, England                                           1

Devine, Patrick                       Duleek St, Drogheda                                          8

Devlin, Thomas                       Santry, Co. Dublin                                            23

Dewhurst, Daniel                    Plantation, Kingscourt                                                269

Digges, Mrs.,                           131, Rathgar Road, Co.Dublin                           3

Dillon, Sir John, Bart              Lismullen, Navan                                         3,209

Dillon, John                             Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          2

Dillon, The Misses                  Rathmines, Co. Dublin                                     82

Dogget, Richard                     Mooretown, Ardcath                                          1

Donagh, Francis                      Newtown, Drogheda                                      301

Donaldson, Richard                Hartstown, Clonmellon                                1,321

Donnelly, James                      Longwood                                                        54

Donovan, J. T.,                        Parsonstown, Slane                                         642

Donovan, William S.,              Trinity College, Dublin                                       1

Dooley, Samuel, Reps of        Moorechurch, Julianstown                              201

Doran, Sarah O’ Farrell,          Dublin                                                             713

Dorchester, Lord                     London                                                           628

Dowd, Margaret                     Shop Street, Drogheda                                     20

Dowling, Christopher             Dunleek                                                             92

Dowling, Rev. J.,                    Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath                           160

Dowling, John                         Duleek                                                             86

Doyle, Richard                        Walterstown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath                71

Doyne, Philip                          Foxhall, Kilkenny                                           180

Drake, A. S.,                           Rathvale, Athboy                                            352

Drake, Richard                        Batterstown, Skreen                                       255

Drapers’ Company, The          London                                                           563

Duffy, John                             Mooretown, Ardcath                                          1

Dunne, Daniel                         No Address                                                     311

Dunne, Laurence                     Piper Hill, Clonee                                            465

Dunne, Patrick                                    Carrollstown, Trim                                          673

Dunsany, Lord                                    Dunsany Castle, Dunsany, Co. Meath         3,988

Dyar, Alexander                     Huntsville, Alabama, America                          46

Dyas, Joseph H.,                     Athboy                                                            816

Dyas, Nathaniel H.,                Athboy Lodge, Athboy                               1,237

Dyas, Nathaniel H.,                Platten, Drogheda                                           118

Eden, Alice Julia                     Hawkshurst, Kent, England                           129

Edgeworth, Rev. Essex          Kilsmewley House, Edgeworthstown                        296

Egan, William                         North King St, Dublin                                                  96

Egginton, Robert                    Painestown, Navan                                         543

Ellison, Mrs                             No Address                                                     514

Ennis, Bartholomew               Collierstown, County Meath                          373

Ennis, John                              Athlone                                                        1,573

Ennis, Nicholas                       Claremount, Julianstown                                165

Essex, Earl of                          London                                                        1,303

Evans, Geo. William,              11, Summer Hill, Dublin                                   21

Reps of

Everard, Mat,                          Thurstianstown, Slane                                       53

Everard, Nugent T.,                Randalstown, Navan                                   2,311

Everard, Patrick                      Thurstianstown, Slane                                       53

Fagan, Matthew                      No Address                                                       51

Farrell, Christopher                 Porterstown, Maynooth                                    49

Farrell, Francis A.,                  Thornhill, Bray                                                573

Farrell, James                          30, Merrion Square, Dublin                         1,673

Farrell, John Arthur                 Moynalty                                                      4,084

Farrelly, Philip             Marvelstown, Carlonstown, Kells                      4

Fay, Mary                                Cannon Row, Navan                                          1

Fay, Thomas F.,                      Ulster Bank, Trim                                           213

Fearis, Maj.-Gen., Wm.,          United Service Club, London                           83

Fegan, Edward                       Kilglin, Kilcock                                                 70

Ferguson, John                        Summer Hill                                                    137

Ferguson, Hamilton                Crumlin, Co. Antrim                                         30

Ferguson, R.,                           No Address                                                     208

Fetherston, Rev. John,                        Dublin                                                             348

Reps of

Fetherston, H., Richard S.,     Rockview, Killucan, Co. Westmeath              439

Filgate, Charles                       Ashcreigh, Ballinasloe                                    826

Fingall, Earl of,                       Killeen Castle, Dunshaughlin                      9,589

Finglis, William                       Gormanstown, County Meath                                        1

Fitzgerald, Peter N.,                No Address                                                     793

Fitzherbert, Thomas                Blackcastle, Navan                                      2,011

Fitzpatrick, Thomas                Trimgate St., Navan                                            1

Fitzsimons, John                     6, Little Britain Street, Dublin                        102

Fletcher, Rev. J. J.                   Malahide, Co. Dublin                                     252

Flood, Peter                            Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     1

Flood, Thomas                        Mooretown, Ardcath                                          3

Flynn, Henry                           Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     2

Flynn, Margaret                      Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     1

Forbes, A. K.                          Alfred H. Wynne, Agent, Collon                1,140

Forde, William                        Kilcairne, Navan                                             452

Forster, James F.,                    Swords House, Swords, Dublin                     301

Fowler, Robert                        Robinstown, Enfield                                    8,026

Fox, James George, Hubert    Killaghy Castle, Mullinahone,                        307

                                                Co. Tipperary

Fox, Luke L. B.                      Longford, Co. Longford                                560

Froode, J. N.                           41, Bushfield Avenue, Donnybrook               522

Gainsford, Lieut-Colonel,       The Grove, Dunboyne, Co Meath                  113

Gannon, Edward J.,                Stephen’s Green Club, Dublin                     1,007

Gannon, N., Reps. of,             Lara, Kilcock                                                  211

Gardiner, Rev. William,          No address                                                   1,253

Gargan, Edward,                    Ardcath, Co Meath                                         330

Gargan, Joseph,                       Drakerath, Carlanstown, Kells                        907

Gargan, Patrick,                      Newtown, Bellewstown                                 303

Garnett, Cope,                                    Monkstown, Co Dublin                                    92

Garnett, Louisa,                      Killineer, Drogheda,                                         87

Garnett, Mary,                                    Greenparks, Dunshaughlin                              362

Garnett, Mrs H.,                      Greenparks, Dunshaughlin                              152

Garnett, Miss,                         Willmount, Kells                                             116

Garnett, Richard,                    Somerset, Clonee                                         1,195

Garnett, Samuel,                     Arch Hall, Navan                                         1,336

Garnett, William Stawell,       Williamstown House, Kells                         3,014

Gasteen, John                          No address                                                          8

Gasteen, John,                         Corballis, Kildalkey                                        167

Gearty, Hugh,                         Augheraskea, Dunshaughlin                               6

Gearty, James,                         Cultrommer, Culmullen                                    16

Gearty, Thomas,                      Merrywell, Dunshaughlin                               122

Gernon, Henry C.,                  Athcarne Castle, Duleek                                 321

Gernon, Thomas, Reps. of.     Athcarne Castle                                              191

Gerrard, The Misses                No address                                                          9

Gerrard, Thomas,                    Boyne Hill, Navan                                       4,748

Gibbons, Ellen,                       Commons, Navan                                               3

Gibney, Bridget,                     Trim                                                                     7

Gibson, E.,                              Dublin                                                             245

Gibson, Edward,                     23 Fitzwilliam Sq, Sth., Dublin                      811

Gifford, Lousia,                      No address                                                      206

Gilsenan, John, Reps. of,        Liscarton, Navan                                               34

Godley, John,                          Dublin                                                               11

Goff, Captain,                         Roscommon                                                      11

Goff (Minors),                                    No address                                                      193

Goodban, Anne &                  14 Kidbrook Villias, Blackheath,                   251

Rev. Charles Landon              Ashford Cottage, Barnstaple

Goodman, John F.,                 Eccles Street, Dublin                                        30

Gore, Admirl,                          Agent – Paul Askin, 40 Lower                       472

                                                Sackville St, Dublin

Gore, Henry,                           Plantation, Kingscourt                                                  19

Gormanstown, Viscount,        Gormanstown Castle, Co Meath                 9,468

Goslin, Mrs                             Vesey Place, Kingstown                              1,250

Gough, George,                      Corrig-avenue, Kingstown                              265

Gough, Robert,                       Roscommon                                                    253

Gough, William,                      Commons, Navan                                               6

Governors of Simpson’s,        Great Britain Street, Dublin                            654


Governors of Steevens’          Dublin                                                          1,120


Gowran, W.A., a Minor          No address                                                          9

of Chancery

Gradwell, Ellen,                      Platten Hall, Drogheda                                   615

Gradwell, Richard,                 Dowth Hall, Drogheda                                   845

Graham, William                     Cromore, Doneraile, Co Cork                           91

Grattan, Henry, Reps. of        Celbridge Abbey, Celbridge                           926

Gray, Mrs. Anne,                    Blackhall, Batterstown, Co Meath                   24

Gregg, Rev, Tresham,             Dublin                                                               57

Green, Miss,                            55 Waterloo Road, Dublin                              207

Greene, Henry, Reps. of,        Dunboyne, Co Meath                                     440

Greene, Mrs.,                          Gaulstown, Duleek                                         303

Grierson, Philip,                      Kilcarbery, Clondalkin,                                   210

                                                Co Dublin

Griffin, Mrs.,                           Ballynaskea, Endfield                                       58

Grogan, Rev. John,                 No address                                                      460

Grote, Joseph,                         Newcastle-on-Tyne, England                      1,080

Halligan, Rev. Patrick,            Ballivor, Athboy, Co Meath                             24

Hamilton, C.W.,                      Hamwood, Dunboyne                                                352

Hamilton, Eliza, Reps, of,       No address                                                      634

Hamilton, Francis,                   Rathdrum, Co Wicklow                                      8

Hamilton, Hans H.,                 28 Fitzwillaim Place, Dublin                           911

Reps. of,                                 

Hamilton, Henry A.,               Whitestown House, Balbriggan                      277

Hamilton, Ion Y.,                    Sheephill, Co Dublin                                       246

Hamilton, Rev. James,            Ballymacoll, Dunboyne, Co. Meath            1,535

Hamilton, John E.,                  1 Eden Park, Kingstown, Dublin                      39

Hamilton, Richard F.,             Frankford, Rathdrum                                      287

Hamilton, R.T.,                       Local Government Inspector                          276


Hamilton, T. R.,                      Vesington House, Dunboyne                          280

Hanbury, Hugh,                      Tiffernock, Trim                                              574

Hanbury, Samuel,                   Dalystown                                                       120

Handy,            Alexander K.,             Park, Kinnegad                                               267

Hannigan, Anthony,               Luckington, Dalkey, Co Dublin                     167

Hardman, Robert,                   Tenelick, Co Longford                                       7

Harlin, Patrick,                        Castletown, Navan                                           82

Harpur, George,                      Killineer, Drogheda                                        229

Hart, Charles C.,                     Killiney, Co Dublin                                         324

Hart, Thomas, Reps. of,          Moattown, Kildalkey                                          2

Hartley, Richard W.,               Beechpark, Clonsilla, Co Dublin                 1,298

Hatch, John,                            Duleek, Co Meath                                           159

Hawkins, James,                     20 Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin                 252

Hawkshaw, Col., Reps. of,     Dublin                                                             153

Headfort, Marchioness of,      Eaton Square, London                                                133

Headfort, Marquis of,             Headford House, Kells                                7,443

Healey, Robert,                       Carnacop, Navan                                            206

Heeny, James, jun.,                 Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          3

Heeny, John,                           Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          5

Heeny, Richard,                      Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          2

Heffernan, Margaret,              Baltinoran, Kinnegad                                          1

Heffernan, M., Reps. of,         No Address                                                     429

Hegarty, Christopher,             Commons, Navan                                               2

Hegarty, James,                       Commons, Navan                                               5

Henderson, George,                Dunshaughlin, Co Meath                                    2

Henn, William P.,                    10 Ely-place, Dublin                                       358

Henry, Alex, Reps. of,            Rathesker, Co Louth                                       738

Henry, Arthur,                                    Lodge Park, Straffan, Co Kildare                  323

Henry, Thomas E.,                  169 Middle Abbey st, Dublin                         233

Henzell, Jane Anne,                Coolnahinch, Moynalty                                  206

Hewetson, Amelia Sarah,       Merton, Enniscorthy                                       129

Hewitt, Lady, Reps. of,          Dublin                                                             379

Hill, Frances,                           No address                                                      421

Hill, John, Reps. of,                Clonmellon                                                      112

Hilliard, Michael,                    Watergate St, Navan                                           1

Hinds, John T.,                        37 Westmoreland St, Dublin                          369

Hodgens, Henry,                     Beaufort House, Rathfarnham                     1,729

Hodson, Sir George,               Hollybrook, Bray                                            367

Holmes, George, Reps. of,      Stoneyhurst College, England                                    235

Homrigh, John Van.,               No address                                                      107

Hone, John,                             Ashton Park, Monkstown                                 44

Hone, Nathaniel,                     Malahide, Dublin                                         1,618

Hope, Edward,                       Clondaleeves, Killucan                                   985

Hopkins, Jane,                         16 Middle Mountjoy St, Dublin                     246

Hopkins, Jane,                         Julianstown, Nobber, Co. Meath                    367

Hopkins, Mr.                           31, Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin                  510

Hopkins, Mrs,                         No address                  –                                     74

Hopkins, Mrs. Mary,               Quarry Bank, South Staffordshire.                   93

Hopkins, William,                   Mitchelstown, Athboy,                                   427

Horan, Rev. Edward,              Johnstown, Navan,                                           21

Howard, Jane,                         Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey.                                69

Howard, John and                  Mooretown, Ardcastle            .                                     13


Howard, Sir Ralph, bart,         Belgrave Mansions, Grosvenor.                      292

Reps. of.                      Gardens, London, S.W.

Howard, Robert,                     Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey.                                80

Howard, William N.,              7, Prince Edward Ter., Blackrock.                  356

Howth, Earl of,                       Howth Castle,Co. Dublin.                           2,061

Hudson Richard,                     Baillinteer, Co. Clare.                                       21

Hughes, Peter,                         Victoria St., Belfast.                                         29

Hussey, Anthony,                   Weston, Naul, Co. Dublin.                             105

Hussey, Edward,                    Rathkenny, Slane, Co. Meath.                     2,917

Hussey, Malachi S.,                Weston, Naul, Balbriggan.                           4,100

Hutchinson, Col. C. S.,           Seafield House, Donabate.                             809

Hutchinson, Miss S.,               Galway                                                            483

Hutchinson, Sir W. S., bart     County Galway                                               652

Ireland, Lydia Barbara,           Leeson Park, Dublin,                                      521

and Seymour, Mary Anne       Geraldine St., Dublin

Irwan, Bridget,.                      Legavoreen, Drogheda,                                      6

Irwin, Edward. (In                  Hotel, Kingscourt,                                           86


Irwin, James,                           Hardwick St, Dublin,                                      243

Jackson, Gordon,                    Lisnahoe, Kingscourt,                                     400

Jackson, Thomas, jun.,            Lisnahoe,  Kingscourt,                                      96

Jackson Thomas sen.,              Lisnahoe, Kingscourt                                      278

Jameson, John J.,                     St. Marnock, Malahide, Co. Dublin            4,092

Jameson, Thomas                    182, Great Brunswick Street, Dublin             232

Jebb, Rev. John                       No address                                                      945

Jebb, The Misses,                    Dublin.                                                            626

Jiles, Patrick                            Moyfin, Longwood,                                         66

John, William,                         Belfast .                                                           125

Johnston, Eliza M,                  Wanestown, Dunsany, Navan.                    1,503

Johnston, Mrs,                         Parc-na-Grier, Loughlinstown.                         72

                                                Co. Dublin.    

Johnston, Mrs,                         No address                                                        30

Joly, Jasper R.,                        33, Rathmines Road, Co. Dublin.                1,346

Jones, Gilbert P.,                     Bellvue, Clifton, England,                              975

Jones, John C.,                        Naher, Belturbet,                                            479

Jones, Patrick.,                        Trim                                                                 297

Jones, Theobald.,                    22, Leeson St, Dublin.                                                216     

Kavanagh, Catherine.,            Commons, Navan.                                              7

Kavanagh, George                  Kingstown.                                                     286

Kavanagh, Patrick,                  Commons, Navan.                                              9

Kavanagh, Mrs. Thos.,            Commons Navan,                                             13

Kearney, Patrick J.,                 Miltown House, Clonmellon                        2,374

                                                Co. Westmeath.

Kearney, Thomas.,                  Wallerstown, Moynalty                                      8

Keating, Geo., Reps of           Dublin.                                                            253

Keeffe, Marcus.,                     Laracor.                                                               7

Keiran, Nicholas,                    Eccles Street, Dublin.                                       33

Kellett, John,                           Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey.                              180

Kellett, Richard,                     Ballynakill, Enfield.                                        390

Kellett, Rich,. Reps of.           Barleyhill, Kingscourt                                     760

Kelly, Eleanor,                        Clontarf, Co. Dublin                                       117

Kelly, Francis James.              Thomastown, Duleek,                                     146

Kelly, Mrs. Margaret,              Painestown, Navan,                                        115

Kelly, Margaret M.,                Rathmullan, Drogheda,                                   134

Kelly, Maria,                           Seneschalstown, Slane,                                   457

Kelly, Martin,                          Greenogue, Ashbourne, Co. Meath                    7

Kenna, Patrick,                       Larch Hill, Kilcock.                                        730

Kennedy, Bryan,                     Rathcore, Enfield,                                           293

Kennedy, Patrick,                   No address                                                      936

Kennedy, Patrick J.,                Dunboyne Castle, Dunboyne                          330

Kennedy, Richard,                  Drogheda,                                                         17

Kennedy, Thomas,                  The Mills, Trim,                                               417

Kent, William J.,                     Trommon, Rathmolyon,                                  103

Keogh, Catherine E.,              Turner’s Buildings, 43, Upper                        604

                                                Rathmines, Dublin

Keogh, George,                       50, Westland-row, Dublin                              491

Keogh, Mary Anne,                Turner’s Buildings, 43, Upper                        250

                                                Rathmines, Dublin.                                        

Keogh, Thomas,                      3 White’s-lane, South Burgh-quay                 147


Keoghan, Patrick,                   Knockumber, Navan,                                          7

Kiernan, Francis                      Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey                               216

Kimmins, Henry,                     Dublin,                                                            100

King, Bryan,                           Kilmurry, Trim                                                125

King, Margaret,                       Crickstown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath               188

Kingston, Mrs. Jane,               No address                                                   1,166

Kinshella, John,                       Peldonstown, Navan,                                      445

Kinshella, Laurence                Knockharley, Navan                                       458

Knaggs, George,                     West Street, Drogheda,                                  22

Ladley, Essy,                          Kilmainham,    Kells,                                         81

Lambert, Gustavus W.,           Beauparc, Slane,                                             512

Landy, Bridget,                      Crickstown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.                14     

Landy, Kate,                           Westfield Cottage, Kells,                                 66

Langan, Frederick H.,             Mount Heavy, Hill of Down.                         929

Langan, John,                          Bartramstown, Ardcath,                                   88

Langan, Mrs.,                          Bellewstown, Co. Meath,                                   5

Langan, Richard,                    Bellewstown,                                                  240

Langan, Robert,                      Kiltale, Dunsany, Navan,                                  74

Langdale, Charles,                  The Abbey, Celbridge,                                    486

Langford, Lord,                      Summerhill Castle, Summerhill                    2,231

                                                County Meath.

Lansdowne, Marquis of,         Berkeley Square, London, W.                               12,995

Larkin, Philip,                         Red Bog, Dunshaughlin.                                    1

Leathley, Rev. J. F.,                No address                                                      157

Lee, Thomas,                           Kildare,                                                           269

Leeson, Hon. Robert               England                                                             82

Leeson, Sir William,                London,                                                          252

Lefroy, Mrs.,                           Dublin,                                                            773

Leinster, Duke of,                   Carton, Moynooth,                                      1,044

Leland, Francis W.,                 Beltichburne, Drogheda,                                 239

Lennon, Charles,                     Newcastle, Enfield,.                                       266

Leonard, John,                                    27, Rutland Sq., North, Dublin.                     694

Leonard, Richard,                   Kilmore, Co. Meath.                                       210

Leslie,  John,                            Glasslough, Monaghan.                               2,344

Levinge, Anna,                       No address                                                      446

Levinge, Marcus H.,               Enniscoffey, Miltownpass.                             421

Levins, Thomas N.,                 Newtown, Bellewstown                                 105

Lewis, Harvey John,               24, Grovenor Sq., London.                               90

Lewis, Henry O.,                    Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan.                              173

Lightholder, George,              Knockumber, Navan.                                        10

Little, Hon, Judge,                  New Brighton, Monkstown.                           437

Littledale, W. F.,                     3, Sydenham Villas, Bray.                                12

Local Government Board       Custom House, Dublin.                                    52

Logan, Nicholas, R.,               Smithstown, Dunshaughlin.                            294

Longfield, Wm. & Thos.,        Ashgrove, Queenstown, Co. Cork.                 975

Loughran, Mary,                     Gaskinstown, Duleek.                                         2

Loughran, Pat & John,            Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          1

Louth, Lady,                           Louth Hall, Ardee, Co. Louth.                       161

Lube, William F.,                    30, Mountjoy Square, East, Dublin.               130

Luby, John Henry,                  Lake View, Kingscourt.                                  497

Lusi, Countess                                    No address                                                      555

Lynch, David,                         Belphere, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath.                  64

Lynch, Miss                            Belphere, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath.                  26

Lynch, Philip J.,                      14, Suffolk St, Dublin.                                   346

Lynch, Thomas J.,                   Belphere, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath.                  75

Lynch, Thomas  R.,                 Headfort Place, Kells.                                     122

Lyons, John C.,                       Leddistown, Mullingar.                                  397

McArdle, Eliza,                       No address                                                        74

McArdle, James,                     Commons, Navan.                                              1

McArdle, John,                       Commons, Navan.                                              2

McCabe, Bryan J.,                  Doghty, Rathoath, Co. Meath.                         56

McCabe, Felix,                        Kingstown, Co. Dublin.                                    26

Macann, James, Reps.of.        Drogheda.                                                    1,072

McCann, James,                      Castlemartin, Navan.                                      676

McCann, John,                        Beaumont, Duleek.                                           73

McCann, Joseph,                     Herberton, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.                 276

McCartney, George, Reps.of  Lisanore Castle, Co. Antrim.                          310

McCartney, Margaret,             Balrath, Drumconrath.                                      85

McCausland, Rev. Marcus      Birr, Parsonstown, King’s County.                 221

McConkey, Robert,                Stagreenan, Drogheda.                                     74

McCourt, John,                       Boolies, Duleek.                                                41

McCullen, John,                      Painstown, Co. Meath.                                     26

McCullin, James,                     Benbeg, Drogheda.                                           55

McCullin, James,                     Duleek St, Drogheda.                                       27

McDermott, Thos., Reps. of,  Wicklow.                                                      1,125

McDonnell, Francis                 Dunferth, Enfield, Co. Kildare.                      310

McDonnell, Jane,                    Gaskinstown, Duleek.                                         1

McDonnell, Richard,              Gaskinstown, Duleek.                                         1

McDougall, William,               No address                                                      122

McDougall, William,               No address                                                          9

McEvoy, Edward,                  Tobertynan, Rathmoylan.                            2,411

McEvoy, Maria,                      Stagreenan, Drogheda.                                     52

McEvoy, Peter, Reps. of,        Drogheda.                                                       117

McEvoy, Thomas,                   Balmarino, Drogheda.                                       79

McGrath, C. B.                       49. Denzille St.,Dublin.                                    39

McGrath, Edward,                  Drakerath, Carlonstown, Kells.                          8

McGrath, John,                       Kilmainham, Kells                                            56

McKay, William,                     14, Stephen’s Green, North, Dublin.              754

McKeever, Jane,                     Stephenstown, Navan.                                                269

McKenna, Arthur H.,              Dieppe, France.                                               474

McLaughlin, Dr.,                    Sydney Parade, Dublin.                                      5

McMahon, Patrick,                 Cormeen, Bailieborough.                                  64

McManus, James,                    No address                                                      267

McManus, Marcus, Reps of    No address                                                      367

McNally, James,                      Tullaghmedan, Dunsany, Navan.                      20

McVeigh, Ferdinand,              Drewstown, Athboy, County Meath.          2,270

Madden, John T.,                    Ninch, Balbriggan.                                          255

Madden, Nicholas,                  Branganstown,Summerhill, C o. Meath.           16

Magan, Mrs. E. G.,                 Killyon, Hill of Down, Co. Westmeath.      4,418

Magennis, Charles,                  Commons, Navan.                                              2

Magennis, Michael,                 Commons, Navan,                                              1

Magill, James, McGillicuddy Beafort, Killarney, County Kerry,                   386

Magrane, Patrick,                    Commons, Duleek,                                             3

Maguire, A. R.,                       Dublin                                                             417

Maguire, James,                      Common, Duleek,                                               1

Maguire, Lieut-Colonel John  Newgrange, Drogheda,                                   290

Maguire, Patrick,                     Fowlerstown, Bellewstown.                             38

Maher, James,                         Roestown, Dunshaughlin, County Meath.     907

Maher, John,                           Ballinkeel, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.           528

Maher, Patrick,                        Clownstown, Tara, Navan                              606

Maher, William,                      1. St. John,s Terrace, North Circular Road.    577

Mahon, James,                         Kilmainham, Kells,                                            8

Mahon, Michael,                     Red Bog, Dunshaughlin.                                    3

Mahon, Philip,                         Kilmainham, Kells,                                             7

Maley, Michael,                      4, Fitzwilliam Sq, East Dublin.                         44

Malone, Eliza,                         Fosterstown, Trim.                                              9

Malone, Patrick,                      Trim,                                                                  29

Malton, Isabella,                     16, Great Cumberland St, Hyde Park,                     2,883

                                                London, W.C.

Mangan, Michael,                   No address                                                      524

Mapas, Talbot,                        England                                                           352

Marsh, George,                       Moate, Co Westmeath,                                   201

Martin, Catherine,                   Commons, Duleek,                                             1

Martin, John,                           Gardiner St, Dublin,                                         90

Martin, Rev. Thomas,             Trim, Co, Meath,                                               45

Martin, Thomas,                      Flemingtown, Ratoath, Co. Meath.                172

Marthy, William,                     No address                                                      652

Massereene, Lord,                   Oriel Temple, Collon                                    2,045

Masterson, Hanna, J.,              1. Capel Street, Dublin(Office)                      450

Mathews, James,                     Mount Hanover Ho.,Drogheda.                      968

Mathews, John,                       Mount Hanover, Drogheda,                                2

Mathews, Rev. Thomas,         James St, Drogheda,                                         48

Mathews, Thomas,                  Annagor, Co. Meath,                                      298

Mathews, Patrick,                   Annagan, Drogheda,                                         24

Maunsel, Geo, Woods                        10, Merrion Sq., South, Dublin.                      319

Maxwell, J. W.,                       Downpatrick,                                                  172

Maxwell, Robert P.,                Downpatrick,                                                  739

Mayne, Miss Mary,                 9. Belvidere Pl., Dublin.                                 189

Mayne, Rev. Wm. J.,              Dublin,                                                              43

Mayo, Earl of,                         Hayes, Navan,                                              2,360

Meade, John,                           Rooskey, Drumconrath,                                  105

Mealia, Nicholas,                    Fodeen, Tara, Navan.                                          5

Meath, Lord Bishop of,          Ardbraccan House, Navan,                               70

Meldon, Charles H.,                25, Rutland Sq., North Dublin.                      106

Metge, Peter Ponsonby,          Athlumney, Navan      .                                   788     

Metge, Rev. William               Banbridge, Co. Down                                       24

Michell, Mrs                            Pulteney, Bath, England                                 377

Miller W.R                              3 Ashford Ter, Ballsbridge, Dublin                 96

Mollan, John, MD                   Fitzwilliam Sq, Dublin                                    368

Molloy, Richard                      Trim,                                                                    9

Moloney, William                   Thurles, Co. Tipperary                                    608

Monaghan, Patrick                  Commons, Navan                                               2

Montgomery, Alex, S.                        Kilmor House, Balliver, Kells          2,199

Montgomery, John                  No address                                                        30

Moore, Emily, Reps. of           Naas, Co. Kildare                                           236

Moore, Rev. Henry,                Julianstown, Co. Meath                                    18

Moore, James, O                     Carlow, Co. Carlow                                        697

Moran, James                          Fowlerstown, Bellewstown                              32

Moran, John, Reps. of             Fowlerstown,Bellewstown                                 6

Moran, Patrick                                    Julianstown, Co. Meath                                      4

Morgan, Patrick                      Commons, Navan                                               1

Morgan, William                     Flowerhill, Navan                                               2

Mountford, Archibald,           Dublin                                                               59

Mullen, Catherine                   Drumcondra, Dublin                                         56

Mullen, Michael                      Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          1

Mulvey, Margaret                   Red Bog, Dunshaughlin,                                    2

Munkettrell, Anne                   57 Percy Pl. Dublin                                           88

Murland William, J                 Fitzwilliam-Sq, Dublin                                 1,167

Murphy, Mrs. Anne                Banbridge                                                       200

Murphy, Christopher               Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath                                 11

Murphy, Francis                      Kilcairne, Navan                                             268

Murphy, George. F                 The Garage, Dunsany, Navan                         505

Murphy, James                        No address                                                        30

Murphy, J.S                             Cork                                                             1,196

Murphy, O’C, S                      Braymount, Laracor                                        372

Murphy, Patrick                      Gaskinstown, Duleek                                          3

Murphy, Richard                     Trevet Grange, Dunshaughlin                         165

Murphy, Thomas                     Dunshaughlin, Co.Meath                                110

Murphy, Thomas                     Mooretown, Ardcath                                          1

Murphy, William                     Mount Merrion, Stillorgan,                          2,660

                                                Co. Dublin

Murphy, William                     Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath                               130

Murray, Arthur. G                   Ashfield, Slane                                               674

Murray, Captain                      Cookstown, Enniskerry,                                 185

Murray, Christopher                Commons, Navan                                               1

Murray, Rev. F. A                   London                                                             58

Murray, Mrs                            Tanderagee, Rathmolyon                                  31

Murray, Richard                      Commons, Navan                                               1

Murray, Thomas                      Tanderagee, Rathmolyon                                  10

Murray, William                      Dundalk                                                              4

Murray, William                      Dalystown, Trim                                               32

Murtagh, Bernard                   Knockumber, Navan                                           2

Murtagh, Judith                      Knockumber, Navan                                           6

Murtagh, Mary                        Knockumber, Navan                                           1

Naper, James Lennox              Lough Crew, Oldcastle                              18,863

Neary, O.P                              Drogheda                                                          68

Netterfield, Moses, Jun.          Ballyconnell, Co, Cavan                                   18

Netterville, Lord                     Dublin                                                             417

Neville, Rev. Wm A               No address                                                      386

Newman, Henry                      Kilmainham, Kells                                            28

Newman, James                      Kilmainham, Kells                                            26

Newman, Mary P                    Kilmainham, Kells                                              5

Newman, Matthew                 Kilmainham, Kells                                              6

Newman, Patrick                    Kilmainham, Kells                                              5

Newman, Thomas                   Kilmainham, Kells                                            21

Newman, William                   Kilmainham, Kells                                              9

Nicholson, Christr. A              Balrath, Burry, Kells                                    7,693

Nicholson, Gilbert                   Glenmore, Drogheda                                      493

Nicholson, Rev. Wm               Wycombe, Newbury, Berks.                           686

Nicholls, Patrk. J. M. D          Belmount, Navan                                              28

Nicholson, William N             Balrath, Bury, Kells                                        232

Nixon, Mrs                              Dublin                                                               84

Norman, Alexander C             Rutland Square, Dublin                                    84

Norman, Thomas Lee              Corballis, Ardee, Co Louth                            886

Norris, Edward M, Reps. of   England                                                           171

Nugent, C E                            Swansbourne, Winslow, England                   526

Nugent, George                      No address                                                   1,013

Nugent, Sir John, Bart                        No address                                                      400

Reps, of

Nugent, Lady                          Ballinlough Castle                                           283

Nugent, Richard                     32, Charing Cross, London, S. W.                  211

Nulty, Right, Rev. Dr             Mullingar                                                           83

O’Beirne, Edmond                 Headfort Place, Kells                                        52

O’Brien, James                        Howth, Co. Dublin                                           38

O’Brien, Jos.P                         Bonnianstown Hse., Duleek, Co. Meath        127

O’Brien, Miss                          Bennettstown, Dunboyne                                   2

O’Connor, Denis                     Corrig-av, Kingstown                                     287

O’Connor, Capt. George        Royal Artillery, 16th  Brigade, India               342

O’Ferrall, Edwd. More,          Monasterevan                                               2,598

Reps. of

O’Ferrall, Right Hon               Ballyna House, Enfield                                   380

Richard More,

Ogle, Arthur                            No address                                                        88

Ogle, William, A                     England                                                           599

O’Grady, Mrs. M                    No address                                                        57

O’Hara, William                      Dublin                                                               77

O’Leary, H, Reps. of              Bachelors Walk, Dublin                                    24

O’Reilly, Anthony                  Mullingar, Co. Westmeath                              138

O’Reilly, Anthony                  Baltrasna, Oldcastle                                     1,536

Reps. of

O’Reilly, D. C                         Boyne Lodge, Trim                                         123

O’Reilly, Edward                   Gregg’s Navan                                                446

O’Reilly, Edwd. Sterling,       Woodfort House, Kingscourt                           91

O’Reilly, Farrell                      Kilbeg, Carlanstown, Kells                             344

O’Reilly, Hugh, Reps. of,       Rathaldron, Navan,                                         243

O’Reilly, James W.,                88, Lower Gardiner St., Dublin.                         5

O’Reilly, John                         Moynalty                                                         266

O’Reilly, Laurence                  No address                                                      176

O’Reilly, Louisa                      No address                                                        46

O’Reilly, Richard,                   Sackville Street, Dublin                                  704

O’Reilly-Dease, Matt,             Drogheda, Co. Louth                                      184

Osbourne, Charles W.             Rosnaree, Slane,                                              689

Osbourne, Francis C.              Smithstown, Julianstown.                               717

Osbourne, Henry St. George  Dardistown Castle, Julianstown                     970

Oswald, Mrs.                          Rathkeale, Co. Limerick                                     1

Owens, Anne,                         Commons, Navan,                                              7     

Palles, Christopher,                 Dublin,                                                            353

Palmer, William,                      Dromahair, Co. Leitrim,                                  130

Patrick, Mrs. Eliza,                  No address                                                      251

Patten, Rev. F., A.M.,             No address                                                      148

Pentland, George H.,              Blackhall, Termonfeckin                                 457

Pentland, Dr. Henry,               Maudlin Street, Kells,                                       33

Pentony, Patrick,                     Commons, Navan                                             10

Pentony, Thomas                    Platten, Co. Meath                                            38

Pepper, Blundell,                    Lancashire, England,                                      526

Pepper, Thomas St.George     Ballygarth Castle, Co.Meath                        1,884

Perrin, William                        Northumberland, Dublin                                   11

Pierce, William                        Clonycavan, Ballivor                                      296

Plunkett, George                     Arrigal, Nobber                                               110

Plunkett, James                       Trim                                                                   81

Plunkett, Jos.                           Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                   21

Pollock, Arthur                       21st Fusileers, Hythe,                                      848

Pollock Louisa,                       Oatlands, Navan                                               65

Pollock, Maria                         Mountainstown, Navan                               1,174

Potterton, Rev. John               No address                                                      377

Reps. of

Potterton, John                        No address                                                      127

Potterton, Thomas                   Moyrath, Kildalkey                                         966

Potterton, William                   Kildalkey                                                        422

Powell, Nathaniel R.               Newtown Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin          182

Pratt, Edwina Rebecca,          No address                                                        89

Pratt, Mervyn,                         Cabra Castle, Kingscourt                             1,014

Preston Rev. Arthur                Kilmeague, Naas, Co. Kildare                        826

Reps. of

Preston John Joseph                Bellinter, Navan                                           7,415

Preston, Nathaniel F.              Swainstown, Dunsany, Navan                     1,234

Preston, Hon. Thomas             Silverstream, Balbriggan                                 166

Purcell, Rev. Francis               Tradley, Lichfield, England                         1,217

Purdon, Henry                                    Ballynakill, Enfield                                         395

Purdon, Philip E.                     Kilcooley, Trim                                                 63

Quinn, Elizabeth                     Commons, Navan                                               1

Quinn, Sylvester                     Commons, Navan                                               2

Quirke, Edward                      Montebello, Newtown Ave., Blackrock         186

Radcliff, Henry                       Meadsbrook, Duleek, Co. Meath                    405

Radcliff, John                         Wilmount, Kells                                              911

Radcliff, Thomas                    Wilmount, Kells                                              539

Rafferty, Michael                    Ratoath, Ashbourne, Co. Meath                       22

Railway Co.Dublin and          Amiens Street, Dublin                                                463


Railway Co.,Dublin                Broadstone, Dublin                                         368

and Meath

Railway Co., Midland                        Broadstone, Dublin                                         435

Great Western

Railway Co., Navan                Broadstone, Dublin                                         135

and Kingscourt

Ramadge, Henry                     Clare Street, Dublin                                        116

Ramadge, Smith                     Woodhouse, Newry                                        909

Rathbourne, Henry T.             Belturbet, Cavan                                             157

Rathburne, John                      Annesbrook, Mullagh,                                    217

Read, Phillip,                          Co.Clare                                                            57

Reddy, Thomas                       Commons, Duleek                                              1

Reeves, Edward                      Stephens Green South, Dublin                         28

Reeves, Robert                        17, Merrion Sq, East, Dublin                          252

Reid, Ignatious                       Ballymacoll, Dunboyne, Co. Meath               147

Reilly, Anne                            Baskinagh, Kildalkey                                        34

Reilly, Charles                         Knockbrack, Co. Dublin                                   52

Reilly, Farrell                          Kilbeg, Carolanstown                                     322

Reilly, Mrs Frances                 Mullingar, Co. Westmeath                              204

Reilly, Hugh                            Baskinagh, Kildalkey                                        59

Reilly, Luke                            Commons, Duleek                                              3

Reilly, Patrick                         Killeen, Dunshaughlin                                        2

Reilly, Patrick                         Riggans, Dunshaughlin, Co.Meath                   95

Reilly, Peter                            Peircetown, Kilcock                                        146

Reilly, W.A.A                         No address                                                      356

Rennie, Mrs                             Grangend Commons, Dunshaughlin                 63

Reynell, Richard,                    Killynan, Killucan                                           152

Reynell, Samuel A.                 Archerstown, Killucan                                 1,519

Rich, George W.                     No address                                                   1,294

Rippon, Mrs                            Glenbawn, Co.Wicklow                                 260

Roberts, Thomas L.                 Dormstown, Navan                                         505

Robinson, William H.             Todd and Burns, Dublin                                 129

Rochford, Michael                  Kilcock                                                              89

Rochford, Francis                   Cunaghstown, Cullmullen, Dunshaughlin      125

Roe, Joseph                             Stoketown, Laracor                                          32

Rooney, Edward                     Sutherland, Ratoath, Co.Meath                      540

Rooney, James                        Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     2

Rotheram, Edward                 Crossdrum, Oldcastle                                  5,046

Rotheram, George A.              Kilbride Castle, Trim                                      262

Rotheram, George S.              Fairy Hill, Blackrock                                    1,701

Rotheram, Morgan F.              Belview, Crossakiel                                        725

Rothwell, Thomas                   Rockfield, Kells, Co.Meath                         3,167

Rotten, Col. Grey,                  No address                                                      661

Rotten, John                            Royal Artillery Sheffield                                911

Rowley, Henry                        Maperath, Kells                                               684

Rowley Hon.H. L.                  Carlton Club, London                                  1,492

Rowley Hon. Richard             No address                                                   1,144

Rowley, Standish G.               Sylven Park, Crossakeel                               1,165

Russell, Earl                            37, Chesham Pl, London S W.                    3,167

Russell, Mary                          Fringestown, Navan                                        164

Russell, Thomas                      Thurstianstown, Slane                                     117

Rutherford, Mrs                      Moorestown, Ardee,                                       117

Ryan, James                            Newtownmoyaghy, Kilcock                             50

Rynd, R. F., Reps of               Ryndville, Enfield                                       1,426

Sadlier, Rev. Francis               Hyde Park, London                                        518

Sallary, Charles                       Platten, Drogheda                                             41

Sandford, Rev. Samuel           Killdollary, Co.Cork                                         14

Saunderson, Rev. J. W.           Killeshandra                                                    324

Scott, Rev. Charles B.                        Deansyard, Westminster                             1,390

Scriver, William B.                  33, Stephens Green North, Dublin                   70

Shannon, George W.               17, Ormond Quay, Dublin                                  3

Shaw, Major Wm. Alex,         Inch Ho., Balbriggan                                      644

Shaw, William J. A                 Travellers Club, London                              1,673

Sheel, Robert                          19, Upper Sackville St, Dublin                         56

Sheffield, Earl of                    England                                                        1,085

Sheppard, Harriett                  No address                                                        85

Reps. of

Sheridan, Mrs                          Bettystown, Co.Meath                                   439

Sheridan, Rev. John                Lough Sheelin, Oldcastle                                124

Reps. of

Sheridan, John E                     Macetown House, Tara, Co. Meath                295

Sheridan, Richard                   Oldcastle, Co. Meath                                        86

Sheridan, Thomas B.               17, Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin                86

Sherlock, David                      Dublin                                                             181

Sherlock, Patk & John                        Duleek St, Drogheda                                          7

Shields, James                         Poles House, Kingscourt                                   76

Sillery, Henry                          Slane,                                                              199

Sillery, Miss                            No address                                                        74

Simpson, Richard A.               Elmgreen, Castleknock, Co.Dublin                601

Singleton, Henry S                  Hazlyheath, Hants, England                           508

Singleton, H,C                                    Aclare, Drumconrath                                   4,877

Singleton, Sydenham              No address                                                      257

Smith, Anne                            Commons, Navan                                               1

Smith, Currell B (jun)             Bazni, Lucca, Tuscany                                                222

Smith, Edward T,                   Croom, Co. Limerick                                      531

Smith, John                             Red Bog, Dunshaughlin                                     1

Smith, Michael,                       Commons, Navan                                              1

Smith, Moore,                         Toome House, Toomebridge Co. Antrim       463

Smith, Patrick,                                    Rosemount, Bailieborough                             187

Smith, Richard J,                    Simmonscourt, Donnybrook                           686

Smith, St, George,                  Greenhills, Drogheda                                      297

Smith, St Geo Reps of            Greenhills, Drogheda                                       84

Smith, St George W.,              Newtown Ho, Carlanstown, Kells                  342

Smith, Lieutenant Col             Annesbrook, Duleek                                       981

            Stephen H,

Smith, Thomas                        Greystones,                                                     190

Smith, William                        Mullafin, Duleek,                                            117

Smith, William B                    Barbavilla, Co. Westmeath                             478

Smith, William E                     Glanneagh, Drumcree,                                    223

Smith, Captain Wm. F                        Mullafin, Navan,                                             551

Smyth, George Charles,          Queensborough, Drogheda                             761

Smyth, Henry                          No address                                                        23

Smyth, Luke                           Market Square, Navan                                                122

Smyth Ralph                           Newtown, Termonfeckin                                  60

Smyth  Richard A.,                 Lara, Portarlington                                        1,220

Smyth Richard A.,                  25 Portarlington Pl, Dublin                               26

Smyth Thomas                                    Ballinagall, Mullingar                                      452

Smyth, William E                    Glanmore, Drumcree, Westmeath                   425

Snell, Mrs. E. S,                      27, Broadwaterdown,                                     298

                                                Tunbridge Wells, Kent                                               

Society Incorporated,             No address                                                        15

Somerville, James                    Ross, Mountugent                                           346

Soran, Michael                                    Garballagh, Duleek,                                        393

Standish, Henry,                     Rathbeggan, Batterstown, Meath                   868

Stanhope, Mrs. R,                   Parsonstown Manor Batterstown                   367

Stronge, H, L.                         Probate Court, London                                   671

Sullivan, Francis,                     Navan                                                              164

Sullivan, Francis,                     Athlumney, Navan                                          308

Sullivan, Rev. William,           Dublin,                                                                          46

Sullivan, William,                    Kilberry, Navan,                                             473

Supple, David W                    Dunshaghlin, Co. Meath                                     4

Supple, William. R,                 Janeville, Dunleer, Co. Louth                             4

Swan, James,                           Skreen, Tara, Navan                                            8

Swanzey, Rev. James              Dublin,                                                                        118

Sweetman, John,                     Drumbarragh, Kells                                         549

Sweetman, Mrs,                      Maryborough, Queens County,                      953

Swift, Godwin M, Reps of     No address                                                      882

Synge, Francis,                        Dublin                                                               25

Taaffe, John,                           Smarmore Castle, Ardee,                                691

Taaffe, John R                                    Ardmulchan, Navan                                        724

Taaffe, Stephen,                      Glenkieran, Ardee,                                          205

Tabuteau, Joseph                     Dublin                                                             243

Tallon, James,                          Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath                                   7

Tandy, Thomas,                      Jonesbrook, Clonmellon                                  623

Taylor, J.J.,                              Swords, Co. Dublin                                        105

Taylor, General Richard          Ardgillan, Castle, Balbriggan                      1,304

C.H.                                        .                             

Taylor, Robert,                        Corballis, Julianstown                                         7

Taylor, Right Hon.                 

Thomas E.                               Ardgillan, Castle, Balbriggan                      7,135

Teernan, Patrick,                     Listoke, Drogheda,                                           57

Tighe, Anne                            Commons, Navan                                               1

Tisdall, John                            Charlesfort, Kells, Co. Meath                      2,653

Tisdall, William,                      Balbrigh, Navan,                                             152

Thomond, Marchioness,          England,                                                       1,779

Reps of.

Thompson, Charles W.            Holywoodrath, Cloughran Huddart               439

Thompson, George W             9, Hume St, Dublin                                           70

Thompson, Thomas,                Hollywood Rath, Co. Dublin                         323

Thompson, Thomas H,            95, Lower Leeson St, Dublin                          638

Thompson, William,                Liverpool, England,                                        190

Thompson, William,                Rathnally, Trim                                            2,154

Thunder, George,                    Kingstown, Navan,                                         206

Thunder, Michael                    Lagore, Dunshaighlin,                                  1,065

Tobin, Nicholas                       Skreen, Tara, Navan                                          25

Trench, Rev. William              Liverpool,                                                        170

Trimleston, Lord,                    24, Park Le., London, W                             3,025

Trinity Collage, Dublin,          No address                                                      345

Trustee Blue Coat                   Dublin                                                             586


Trustees of Edward Bligh:      40, Lower Dominick Street Dublin             5,289

   Hamilton Charles William,

   and Hamilton, Arthur.

Trustees of Geo. Ball.             Dublin                                                             136

Trusteesof Thos. Bligh,           40, Lower Dominick Street, Dublin              2,154

Trustees of G. Hamilton         Chester Place, Chester Square, London        1,333

Trustees of La Nauze,             15, Molesworth Street Dublin                                    197

Trustees of Netterville                        Dowth, Drogheda                                             86


Trustees of Poor of St Johns,  Drogheda,                                                         23

Trustees of Thomas Charlton, Court of Chancery Dublin,                             329

Trustees Royal College of       Maynooth                                                        438


Trustees of South                    Drogheda                                                          27

Commons Fund

Trustees of T.T. Taylor            North Georges St., Dublin                              272

Tucker, Martin                                    Petersville, Moynalty,                                     421

(In Chancery)

Tuite, Mrs. F.,                         No address                                                      104

Tuite, Thomas,                                    Granard, Co. Longford                                     70

Twohill, Jeremiah,                   Dublin                                                             141

Tyrrell, James,                         5, Dawson St, Dublin                                     990

Tyrrell, John,                           No address                                                      283

Urquhart, Pollard,                   Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath,                       558

Vandeleur, Richard J.             Baden-Baden, Germany                                 598


Van Homrigh, John                 Upper Mount St., Dublin                                465

Reps of,                                  

Vaux, Lord,                            Rosmead                                                         677

Verdon, Thomas                     18, James’s St., Liverpool.                              221

Verschoyle, Lt,-Col. H.          No address                                                      257

Verschoyle, Mrs,                     Eden Square, London,.                                1,137

Vigors, Mrs. Julia,                   No address                                                      306

Wade, Rev. Edward,              Derby England,                                               206

Wade, Robert C.,                    Clonabraney, Crossakeel.                             4,160

Wade, Thomas,                       Shrubbery, Kilcock,                                        158

Wade, Thomas F.,                   Pekin, China,                                                   314

Wade, W.B.,                           Clonabraney, Co, Meath                                   14

Walker, Alexander,                 Bellair, Moynalty,                                           119

Walker Charles,                       Baskinagh, Kildalkey,                                     141

Walker. G.,                              Gardiner St. Dublin                                          60

Walker, George                       Bonmahon, Pilltown                                         27

Walker, Gerald                        Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey                               222

Wallace, Rev. Thomas            19 Leeson St, Dublin                                        48

Waller, James Noble,              Allenstown, Navan                                      2,687

Walsh, James                           Commons, Navan                                               1

Walsh, Jane M,                        Balrathe, Navan                                                29

Walsh, Peter                            Mooretown, Ardcath                                          5

Walsh, Richard                       Dublin                                                             536

Walsh, Samuel                        21 Longwood Ave, Dublin                             306

Walsh, Rev. Spencer               Clonard Glebe, Hill-of-Down                             8

Walsh, Thomas                        Larch Hill, Kilcock, Co. Kildare                     275

Walsh, William                        Stadalt, Julianstown                                        445

Ward, Christopher,                 Norman’s Grove, Clonee, Co.Meath                84

Ward, John                              Gunnock, Clonee, Co. Meath                             5

Ward, William,                        Fieldstown, Oldtown, Co. Dublin                    11

Wardell, John                          Thorncliffe, Rathgar, Co. Dublin                    123

Waring, Lucius                        Lisburn                                                            429

Warner, Mrs. Patience             Dublin                                                             267

Warren, Anne                          Drummiskin, Duleek                                       164

Warren, Charles                      Commons, Duleek                                              2

Warren, William                      Leggan Hall, Bellewstown                             168

Webb, Noah                            Belleville, Tara, Navan                                        6

Wellington, Captain                Parsonstown, Wicklow                                   226

Westenra, Captain J.J.,            United Service Club, Dublin                       2,164

Whelan, James                        Mount Tallant House, Harold’s Cross,

                                                Co. Dublin                                                      475

White, John                             Painestown, Dunshaughlin.                              16

White, George,                        Painestown, Dunshaughlin                                 1

White, The Misses,                  Brighton, England                                          168

White, Samuel                         Painestown, Dunshaughlin                                 2

White, Thomas                        Painestown, Dunshaughlin                                 2

White, William                        Nenagh, Tipperary                                            36

Whitshed, Miss E,                   Collon House, Co. Louth                             2,470

Whitty, Jeremiah G.                Castleblayney.                                                   53

Wilkinson, John                      Newtown, Trim                                               158

Wilkinson, John                      Curtistown House, Kilmessan, Navan            368

Wilkinson, John                      Trim, Co. Meath                                              274

Wilkinson, Mrs.                       Baronstown, Tara, Navan, Co, Meath                          71

Wilkinson, Mary                     United States, America                                       7

Wilkinson, Peter                      Skreen Castle, Tara , Navan, Co. Meath         586

Wilkinson, Robert,                  Ringlestown, Kilmessan, Navan                     124

Williams, James Lewis,           Boyneview, Navan                                         422

Williams, John             Arodstown, Summerhill, Co. Meath               296

Williams, John Kerr                Arodstown, Summerhill, Meath                       97

Williams, Maria Jane,              49, Clarinda Park East, Kingstown.                 76

Williams, Mrs. R.                    31, Lower Gardiner St, Dublin                       114

Williamson, Miss M. A.          Longford.                                                        154

Wilson, Edward                      Belgrave Square, Monkstown                         454

Wilson, Elizabeth                    9 Lower Mountjoy St., Dublin                       153

Wilson, George                       Oberstown, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath              304

Wilson, John                           Ruisk, Dunboyne, Meath                                668

Wilson, Rachel                        Proudstown, Tara, Navan, , Meath                   41

Wilson, Reps. of,                    1, Capel St, Dublin                                           20

Wilson, Thomas,                     Oberstown, Tara, Navan, Meath                       41

Wilson-Slator, G.W.,              Belleville, Tara, Navan                                    582

Winter, James S.                     Aghar, Enfield.                                            1,640

Wisdom, Obadiah, Reps of    No address                                                      216

Wogan, Simon,                       Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath                                   1

Woods, George                       Milverton House, Balbriggan                       1,585

Woods, George,                      Celbridge, Co. Kildare                                    244

Woods, Hans H.                     Milverton, Balbriggan                                  2,572

Woods, John                           Mornington, Drogheda                                     42

Woulfe, Stephen                     Dublin                                                             448

Wybrant, Robert                     Dublin                                                             294

Wynne, James                         25, Earl St, Dublin                                          185

Young, Anna S.                      Philpotstown, Navan                                      548

Yourell, John                           Philpotstown House, Trim                              227

Yourell, John J.                       Caulstown, Dunboyne                                                  63

Yourell, Mary                          Piercetown, Dunboyne                                     12

Yourell, Mary Anne,               Quarryland, Dunboyne                                   245

Yourell, Patk. Reps of,           22 Smithfield, Dublin                                     140

Yourell, William                      Piercetown, Clonee, Co. Meath                        28