Recorded by Dr. Beryl F E Moore 1977

MACETOWN GRAVEYARD is not square but rather wedge shaped, the longer sides being 50 ft and the shorter ones 35 ft.  The north and east sides have steep sloping sides which suggest that they were once part of some fortification.  This graveyard is close to the Macetown castle, a little behind it and to the south of it in a field close to the road.  The Church is said to have been built by Sir Christopher Chevers.  Some authorities say the patron day is 15th August and the dedication The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary but Cogan says it is an Anglo-Norman Dedication and dedicated to St. Nicholas.  The measurements of the Church are 16 yds long by 5 yds wide and is completely covered by ivy.  Some of the west tower fell recently.  The east window was rectangular, tall and with a rounded top.  The west window was a small rectangular one.  Tradition says that Sir Christopher Chevers was buried inside this Church and the Chevers’ carved and inscribed fireplace lintel was found when a grave was being opened in the Church and was described by Lord Walter Fitzgerald in the Memorials of the Dead year 1899.  It has been apparently lost again for no one seems to know where it is now.  There are very few headstones and they are only inside the Church or outside the east window, but several carved stones mark sites on graves elsewhere.

Headstones inside the church beginning at east end.

1)  CHENEY 1756 – Tabletomb with 4 well carved pedestal stones.  “This Monument was erected by Mifs Elizabeth Cheney Sr and Miss Elizabeth Cheney Jn In honor of the

memory of their dear relatives – whose bodies lie here interred. VID

Andrew Francis Cheney departed this life Novr 17th 1756 aged 8-years. 

James Cheney Esq departed this life July 26th 1778 aged 78 years. 

Oliver Cheney Esqr departed this life Nov 28th 1786 aged 62 years. 

Catherine Bradston departed this life Nov 29th 1787 aged 64 years. 

Miss Helena Cheney departed this life Jan 17th 17..8 aged ..6years. 

Bradston Cheney Esqr departed this life March 11th 1796 aged ..6 years. 

Miss Mary Cheney departed this life March 30th 1796 aged 84 years. 

James Cheney Esqr departed this life on the 1.. of Feb. 1802 aged 78 years.

Mifs Elizabeth Cheney Junr departed this life Jan. the 2..180.. aged 69 years. 

Mifs Elizabeth Cheney Senr departed this life Jan 11th 1811 age 8.. years

2)  WHITE 1867 – Ringed cross with Lamb of God in centre.  “Erected to the memory of Thomas White of Painstown who died 29th June 1877 aged 55 years.  And his beloved wife Anne who died 9th April 1882 aged 51 years.  And his children Mary died 1867 aged 21 years.  Rose died 1882 aged 30 years.  George died 1867 aged 23 years R I P”.  At left bottom T H Dennany.  At right bottom Glasnevin.

3)  WHYTE 1946 – Concrete ringed cross with a loose brass plate on which is the following inscription “In loving memory of Kit Whyte Painstown who died on the 20th March 1946 aged 88 years R I P”.

It will be noticed that the first ‘S’ in Miss in No.1 is written as an ‘F’ e.g. ‘Mifs’.  The name of the family buried in No.2 is spelt ‘White’ but the family in No.3 spell their name ‘Whyte’.

Row of headstones beyond the east window beginning at the north end

4)  DEMPSEY 1954 – Fancy iron Cross, “Bridget Dempsey (Gibbstown) died Feb. 24th 1954 R I P”.

5)  DEMPSEY 1934 – Limestone slab with ringed cross at top and flaming heart in centre.  “In loving memory of Patrick Dempsey who died on November 15th 1934 aged 64 years.  Also his wife Bridget died Feb 24. 1954.  Their son Pat died 9.1.1943”.  R I P at bottom.

6)  DEMPSEY 1915 – Slab with Cross at top, IHS and inscription in an inset.  “In loving memory of Edward Dempsey who died 28th May 1915 aged 42 years”.

7)  DEMPSEY 1847 – Ringed cross at top and flaming heart in centre of a limestone slab.  “In memory of Ann Dempsey died 1847.  Pat Dempsey died 1885.  James Dempsey died 1915.  Mary Dempsey died 1927.  Emily Dempsey died 1930”.

Grateful thanks to Miss A M Quinn and Mr R D Haworth for their help.