Recorded by Tony Coogan and Gerry Mahon

September 2002

Martry Graveyard

In the Middle Ages, Martry was a parish. It consisted of Martry townland and six others including Allenstown.  There were medieval churches in both Martry and Allenstown townlands and graveyards beside each.  Allenstown may have been the earliest.

The church in Martry graveyard was dedicated to St. Brigid and was possibly built in the early 13th century. The Darcys were the local landlords and had a castle on Castle Hill adjacent to the church.  A manorial village may have existed here as well.

Prior to 1540 the church was under care of the Knights Hospitallers who were based at Kilmainham, Kells.  After the Reformation the building became a Protestant establishment but from then on it gradually fell into ruin.

The Tisdall family replaced the Darcys as the local landlords in 1668 and they remained in the area until 1967.  Family members are buried here.  Charles Tisdall built the boundary wall in 1745.  Another landlord family, the Wallers of Allenstown House, are buried within the church walls.

FSt.Brigid’s ChurchB




Section A

MC CARTNEY – This stone was erected by Richard McCartney of Martry in memory of his son Tisdall McCartney who departed this life July ye 20th 1774.

MITCHEL – Pray for the souls of John Mitchel died 1st November 1926 aged 58 years.  Also his wife Annie died 16th June 1944 aged 70 years and their sons James died 3rd January 1967 aged 66 years; Richard (Dickie) died 20th April 1967 aged 62 years.  Their son John died 9th March 1972.  Also Patrick died 10th March 1979 aged 74 years.  Also their ancestors.  R.I.P.

BOYLAN – Here lies the body of Bryan Boylan deceased November 4th 1752 aged 52 years.  Erected by his son Michael Boylan.

BOYLAN – Erected by Mary Boylan, Ongenstown in memory of her father Patrick who died 15th of September 1863 aged 60 years.  Her mother Fanny died 1st January 1888 aged 74 years.  Also Owen Boylan who died 16th February 1958.

BOYLAN – Erected by James Boylan, Jersey City, USA in memory of his father Owen who died 26th January 1883 aged 75 years.  His mother Anne died 9th April 1884 aged 64 years. His brother Michael died 6th March 1866 aged 28 years.  His nephew Patrick died 14th March 1907 aged 19 years.  Also the above named James Boylan died October 1st 1912 aged 62 years.  Michael Boylan died 3rd May 1971.  His sister Elizabeth died1th March 1974 aged 72 years.

NOWLAN – This stone was erected by John and James Nowlan.  Here lieth the body of Patrick Nowlan son of James Nowlan who departed this life February 17th 1756 aged 8 years.  Interred here Mary Nowlan alias McGlew wife of said John Nowlan who departed this life Juneye 7th 1764 aged 37 years.  Also the body of said John departed this life  December 29th 1801 aged 88 years.  Also the body of Thomas, son of said John who departed this life April………

MARTIN – In loving memory of Margaret Martin, Martry died 10th June 1981 aged 76.  Her husband Patrick died 11th January 1982 aged 84.  Their daughter in law Rose Martin died 5th May 1989.  R.I.P.

CALLAGHAN – This monument was erected by Laurence Callaghan in memory of his father James Callaghan who departed this life 7th December 1789 aged 75 years.  Also his mother Catherine Callaghan alias Nowlan who departed this life 16th April 1783 aged 64 years.

NOWLAN – Interred here lieth the body of Rev. Father Luke Nowlan who departed this life 4th December 1777 aged 32 years.  This monument was erected by his father John Nowlan and brother Valentine.

GALLAGHER – Erected by Mary Gallagher in memory of her mother Anne Gallagher who died 20th February 1905.  “May Jesus have mercy on her” “Holy Mary, pray for her”.

NI UIDHIR – I nDil cuimhe ar Siobhan Ni Uidhir, fuair bas 1912 aois 45 bliana.  Sean Mac Uidhir fuair bas 1912 aois 9 bliana.  Padraig Mac Uuidhir fuair as 1912 aois 11 bliana.  Concubhair Mac Uidhir fuair bas 1933 aois 88 bliana.  Aine Mhic Neill rugadh Mac Uidhir, fuair bas 4u Nollag 1934 aois 48 bliana.  In memory of George Joseph Hatley dearly beloved father of Pauline 21.4.1920- 15.10.1999.  “Peace, Perfect Peace”.

CONNAUGHTY – This stone was erected by Michael & Dan Connaughty in memory of their father Matthew Connaughty departed this life February 15th 1783 aged 57 years.  Also his mother Mary Connaughty alias Carty died January 11th 1785 aged 55 years.

NEWMAN – Erected by Hannah Newman in memory of her dear husband Henry Newman who died 5th May 1891 aged 55 years.  “On his soul, Sweet Jesus Have Mercy.”

Also his father John Newman died 28th February 1875.  His mother Bridget Newman died 26th September 1880.  James Newman, The Hill, Kilmainham, died 28th October 1911 aged 37 years.  Anne Newman, Gardenrath, died 18th April 1936 aged 66 years.  Also Hannah Newman died 26th September 1955, aged 69 years.

DONLON – Sarah Donlon died 8th February 1855 aged 36 years ……. Rathmore.

CAREY – In cherished memory of a loving husband and father Liam Carey, Martry, died 20th June 1987 aged 62 years.  His loving wife Kathleen died 30th April 1990 aged 64 years.

KELLY – Erected by Thomas, James and Christopher Kelly in memory of their father Thomas Kelly departed this life January 28th 1893 aged 78 years.  Also their sister Anne Kelly departed this life December 20th 1893, aged 33 years.

DONNELAN – Here lieth the body of John Donnelan who departed this life March 17th 1777 aged 65 years.  Erected by his son Peter.

DYAS – Here lieth the body of William Dyas who departed this life 1st March 1718 in the 75th year of his age.  Which stone was erected by his son Richard who departed this life July 16th …. aged 73 years.  Also his wife Catherine Dyas alias Ladly who departed this life June 24th 1763 aged 70.

LADLY – This stone was erected by Richard Ladly of Kells over his ancestors and for himself and posterity.  His mother Lucy Ladly alias Jones, departed this life August 1752 aged 36 years.  His father William Ladly departed this life September 18th 1799 aged 81 years.

MONAGHAN – Erected by Owen Monaghan in memory of his father Patrick Monaghan died 18th January 1878 aged 70.  His mother Bridget died 15th October 1879 aged 60.  His sister Mary died 2nd December 1917 aged 70 and his brother John died 17th March 1919 aged 70 years.

MURTAGH – In loving memory of Michael Murtagh, Durhamstown died 12th October 1947.

——— – Pray for the soul of Phillip…who died in the year 1718 and in ye 59th year of his age.

EVANS – In loving memory of Anne Evans who died 24th May 1937 and Mrs. Bridget Clerkan who died 11th July 1935.

NEWMAN – Erected by Henry Newman, Brickfield in loving memory of his parents.  John Newman died 18th January 1936.  Mary Jane Newman died 10th May 1944.  Also his sister Alice Newmann.  The above Henry Newman died 15th December 1949 aged 54 years.  Hannah, infant daughter of John and Anne Newman, Kilmainham died 18th October 1946.

MC GRATH – Erected by John McGrath, Kilmainham in remembrance of his beloved wife Margaret McGrath who departed this life 26th December 1889 aged 63 years.

NEWMAN – In loving memory of John Newman died 31st January aged 75 years.  His wife Margaret died 11th February 1951 aged 85 years.  Their son Henry died 5th April 1926 aged 37 years.

NEWMAN – Erected in fond remembrance of our dear parents.  James Newman died 9th  March 1909 and Anne Newman died 3rd October 1916.  “On whose Souls, Sweet Jesus have mercy.”

WOODMAN – In loving memory of John Douglas Woodman, Martry, died 25th March 1998 aged 80 years.  “My Jesus, Mercy.”

CURTIS – In loving memory of Thomas Curtis, Martry died 9th November 1984 aged 63 years. “Sacred hearts of Jesus have mercy on his soul.”

THORNTON – In loving memory of Thomas Thornton, Martry House, died 24th December 1992 aged 85 years.  Baby David died 1980.

BRENNAN – In loving memory of Thomas Brennan died 15th November 1976 aged 68 years.  His wife Bridie died 24th March 2002 aged 89 years.

GAUGHRAN – In loving memory of Mary Gaughran, Ballybeg, died 28th November 1979.  Also William Gaughran died 17th July 1982.

Section B

NEWCOM – Here lieth the body of John Newcom who departed this life January ye 1st 1757 aged 50 years.  Also his wife Catherine Newcom alias Cahill died August ye 6th 1765 aged 34 years.  Erected by her son James.

GIBNEY – Erected by Elizabeth Gibney in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Gibney who died March 19th 1881 aged 79 years.  Of her dear children who died young.  Of her brother in law Patrick who died 14th December 1871 aged 86 years.  Thomas died 28th April 1887 aged 87 years.

TOOLE – Here lieth the body of William Toole who departed this life May ye 6th 1735 aged 45 years.  Also his wife Catherine Toole alias Coyle deceased March ye 3rd 1766 Aged 90 years.  Erected by their son Andrew.

SHERIDAN – Gui ar anam Lillian Josephine Sheridan do fuair bas 3u October 1918 ar aois 17 bliana.  Go ndeanta Dia trocaire ar a hanam .  A tuismitheori Micheal O Sioradain agus a bhean Eilis.  Agus Micheal O Sioradain thuas, d’eag ar an naoi la Aibrean 1935; a bhean Eibhlis and a inion Caitlin.  His daughter Mary B. Mitchel died 12th December 1966.  Her sister Anne Ward died 14th June 1981 aged 901/2 years.

MALLON – Erected by James Mallon in memory of his father James who died 24th November 1889 aged 66 years.  Also his mother Catherine died 14th January 1914 aged 87 years.  Also his brother Tom died 27th February 1927 aged 64 years.  Also the above James died 17th October 1933.  Anne Mallon died December 1948.  Owen Mallon died February 1961.

BRIEN – This stone was erected by Thomas Brien in memory of his father and mother, brother and sister, departed in the year 1810.  Here lieth the body of the above Thomas Brien who departed this life 15th November 1810 aged 71 years.  For him and his posterity.

GARRY – Here lieth the body of Thomas Garry who died 25th December 1790 aged 87 years.  Erected by his son James.

FARRELL – Erected by Mary Farrell in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Farrell died aged 60 years in 1873, and her children who died young.  Mary Farrell died June 8th 1886.

KEARY – Erected by Thomas Keary in memory of their father Luke Keary died October 24th 1806 aged 75 years.  Also his mother Elizabeth Keary alias Rooney who died February 15th 1813 aged 87 years.  Also his sister Anne Keary who died April 24th 1800 aged 28 years.  Also here lieth the remains of the above Thomas Keary departed 18th January 1857 aged 91 years.  Also his beloved wife Anne Keary departed this life 31st August 1804 aged 82 years.

DOONY – Here lieth the body of Hugh Doony who departed this life 29th March 1756 aged 22 years.  Also his sister May aged 19 years.

SMYTH – Sacred to the memory of Michael Smyth who departed this life on 7th December 1821 in the 62nd year of his age.  This stone was erected by his disconsolate widow and family as a small but grateful tribute for his faithful discharge of all the religious qualities to a husband father.

HODGINS – Erected by his sorrowing mother, sisters and brothers in ever loving memory of Alexander George Hodgins who departed this life on 26th January 1919 aged 19 years.   “In my father’s house there are many mansions.”  “Weep not for me, I am free from pain, my earthly suffering oer, I hope to meet you all again on a peaceful happy shore.”

HODGINS – In memory of our dear parents Anne Hodgins and William Hodgins.  Anne Hodgins died 24th July 1977 aged 65 year.  William Hodgins died 15th May 1960 aged 58 years.

HODGINS – Erected by his sorrowing wife and children in loving memory of my dear husband James B. Hodgins who departed this life, 3rd August 1903 aged 42 years.  His daughter Sarah Kalterman died 12th June 1935.  “Forever with the Lord”.

GRANT – Erected by his sorrowing family in sad and ever loving memory of our dear Daddy Tommy Grant who was taken away on 13th November 1931.  Mary Anne Grant, wife of Thomas Grant died 4th May 1937.  Their son James died 2nd May 1937.  “In death not divided; blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Section C

COOGANIn ever loving memory of Patrick Coogan, Hudlestown, died 21st September 1966.  His wife Rose died 16th March 1974.  Their sons William 25th June 1978, Patrick died 24th August 1980, and his wife Anne, died 22nd September 1985.

MALLONIn loving memory of Thomas Mallon, Ongenstown died 13th March 1960 aged 69 years.  Also his wife Kathleen died 14th August 1965; and infant grandson interred 15th May 1967.

COOGANIn loving memory of Mary Coogan, 2 Woodview, Navan died 22nd September 1999.

MALLONErected by Edward Mallon, Ongenstown, in memory of his father James Mallon who departed this life November 19th 1838 aged 54 years.  Also his mother Margaret Mallon who departed this life January 20th 1848, aged 59 years.  Also Laurence Mallon who departed this life May 26th 1846 aged 22 years.  Also Judith Fitzsimons who departed this life, April 1850 aged 31 years.  Edward Mallon died 29th June 1860 aged 50 years.  His wife Mary Mallon died August 1870 aged 70.  Their son James Mallon died 9th September 1909 aged 65 years.  His son Edward Mallon died 19th June 1896 aged 19 years.  Also his son Laurence Mallon died 13th July 1915 aged 32 years.  Mary Mallon died 15th October 1926.  Kathleen Mallon died 6th February 1945.  Also James Mallon died 31st May 1960.  Joseph Mallon died 28th July 1970 R.I.P.

BOYLEHere lieth the body of John Boyle, late of Martry who departed this life the 4th day of May 1709 in the 87th year of his age.

LOGANErected by Michael Logan in memory of his father Conor Logan who died March 26th 1877 aged 56 years.

SULLIVANThis stone was erected by James Sullivan in memory of his son William Sullivan who departed this life 15th December 1814 aged 25 years.

RUFFELErected by Anne Ruffel in memory of her son Thomas Ruffel who died 16th May 1808 aged 21 years.

LYNCHIn loving memory of Norah Lynch, Johnsbrook, Fordstown, Navan died 18th February 1981 aged 71 years.  Also her husband Matthew Lynch died 17th March 1958 aged 77 years.  Also Cait Ni Iceadha 1890-1980.

OLOINSIGHGui orainne a Iosa ar son Padraig o Loinsigh, Sroith Sean, d’eag an 3u la Eanair 1932 in aois 79, agus ar a mhnar Caitrin, deag 22u la Nollaig in aois 86.  Ar a inion Eibhlin d’eag Lunasa 15 1891 agus i 5 bliana d’aois.

OLOINSIGHGo ndeanto Dia trocair ar Padraig O Loinsigh, oglach de Phoblact Eireann. Briogard Ath Cliath 1916-1922, d’eag Meitheamh 2u 1948 in aois 52 bliana agus anam a dhearthair Maitiu fuair bas 17u Marta 1858.  Maire Ni Loinaigh agus Seosamh O Loinsigh d’eag 1961.  Eibhlin Ni Gliasan d’eag 1969.

LYNCH – Erected by Patrick Lynch in memory of his father Conor Lynch departed June ye 1st 1754 aged 97 years.  His mother Anne Lynch alias Byrne departed April 5th 1765 aged 101 years.

LYNCH – Erected by Joe Lynch, Cloverhill, Kells in memory of his family.  James died 1897, Patrick died 1900, Kate died 1903, Michael died 1910.  Mrs Lynch died 1922.  Anne died 1937.  Thomas died 1962.  His uncles Joe and Thomas died in the U.S.A.

OLOINSIGHPadraigh O Loinsigh a thog an leach seo I gcuimhne a athar Conchubhair O Loinsigh a fuar bas sa bhliain 1754 in aois a 97 bliana.  I gciumhne a mhathair Aine a fuair bas sa bhliain 1765 in aois 101 bliana agus I gcuimhne a mhic Padraig a crocadh in Ath Troim so bhliain 1769 in aois 21.  An dochtuir Seamus O Loinsigh, seandoir agus Teachta Dala, Atha Cliath 1933-47 a fuir bas sa bhliain 1954.

NEVELL – Here lieth ye body of Margaret Nevell, alias Smyth departed ye April 3rd 1770 aged 60 years.  Erected by her son John Nevell.

SMITH – Her lieth the body of . . . .Smith who died . . .  .  Also his . . .  his children . . . May 7th 1769 . . . .  aged 68 years. Erected by their son Charles.

WATTERS – In loving memory of Rosalie Watters, Ballybeg, Kells died 1st June 2000 aged 44 years.

BENNETT – In loving memory of Michael Bennett, late of Castlemartin who died 23rd November 1951.  His wife Mary who died 30th June 1974.  His father John who died 12th June 1920.  His mother Anne who died 26th March 1931.  His daughter Bridie who died 28th May 1993 aged 57 years.

MCCREAGHHere lieth the body of Walter McCreagh who departed this life July 28th 1739 aged 71 years.  This stone was erected by his son Peter.  Also ye body of Catherine Smyth.

DARDIS – Pray for ye soul of Patrick Dardis who died December 18th 1761 aged 57 years.  Also his father and mother and his son Walter Dardis departed this life January 12th 1806 aged 58 years.

SMITH – This stone was erected by Nicholas Smith in memory of his grandfather Charles Smith who died August 30th 1790 aged 87 years.  Also his grandmother Anne Dardis who died April 19th 1757 aged 60 years.  Also his uncle Nicholas Smith who died February 19th 1745 aged 27 years.  Also his father John Smith who died January 25th 1790 aged 70 years.  Also his mother Mary Reilly who died November 17th 1789 aged 66 years and three of their children.  Also her lieth the body of the above named Nicholas Smyth who departed this life 22nd March 1805 aged 52 years.

SMITHErected by John Smith in memory of his father Terence who died April ye 16th 1746 aged 67 years.  Also his mother Judith Smyth alias Sheridan died April 22nd 1779 aged 77 years.

SMITH – Erected by Patrick Smith in memory of his wife Marcella died 5th September 1957 aged 73 years.  His mother Margaret died 19th November 1891.  His sister Bridget died 6th January 1915 aged 32 years.  His father Bernard died 15th July 1915 aged 80 years.  His brother Joseph died 6th February 1958 76 years.  The above Patrick died 2nd February 1962 aged 82 years.

SMYTHErected by Marcella Smyth in memory of her beloved husband Philip Smyth died May 19th 1888 aged 62 years.  Also his uncle Philip Smyth died November 7th 1882 aged 100 years.  Also his wife Anne Smyth died June 23rd 1873 aged 64 years.  Also Margaret Smyth died November 19th 1891 aged 50 years.  Also her daughter Bridget died January 6th 1915 aged 30 years.  Also Bernard Smyth died July 15th 1919 aged 80 years.

SMITHHere lieth the body of Thomas Smith who lived in Allenstown and departed this life July ye 10th 1741 aged 54 years.  Also his daughter Catherine departed June ye 11th 1753 aged 22 years.

MURRAYErected by Thomas, Matthew and Philip Murray in memory of their father Patrick Murray departed 21st November 1794 aged 64 years.  Also their mother … Murray aged 51 years and departed June 1st … Mary Murray wife of Matthew Murray departed November 9th 1830.

FOLEYErected by May and Annie Foley, Albany, New York, USA in memory of their parents, Michael Foley, Knockumber died 26th May 1903 aged 80 years.  His wife Bridget Foley died 24th June 1873 aged 47 years.  Their daughter Catherine died 19th October 1869 aged 4 years.

HEALY – Erected by Patrick Healy died August 14th 1783 aged 70.  Also Matthew his son died October 28th 1772 aged 24 years.

FOLEYThis stone was erected by Laurence  Foley in memory of his father Patrick died 16th May 1781 aged 65 years.

CAVANAUGHHere lieth ye body of Walter Cavanaugh departed this life May 28th 1750 aged 71 years.  This stone was erected by his son Peter.  Also the body of Catherine Cavanaugh alias Smyth wife of the above Peter.

Section D

MURPHY – In loving memory of William Murphy who died March 23rd1895, aged 70 years.  Also his wife Julia Murphy who died March 24th 1908 aged 69 years.  Also their son Thomas who died March 24th 1886 aged 19 years.  Erected by their loving children.

COOGANErected by James Coogan, 6 Railway Terrace, Drogheda in loving memory of his wife Bridget who died 26th August 1879 aged 35 years, Also his son Edward who died 3rd March 1902 aged 18 years.  His wife Anne who died 31st July 1907 aged 55 years.  His son James who died 18th April1908 aged 32 years.

GILSHENANErected by Pat Gilshenan, Liscartan in memory of his brother John who departed this life on 7th June 1837 aged 22 years.  Also his wife Catherine Gilshenan, alias Reilly departed this life… May 1832 aged 37.  Also his mother Mary Gilshenan who departed this life April 19th 1833 aged 67 years.  Also his father Thomas Gilshenan who departed this life 13th October 1860 aged 99 years.  The above Pat Gilshenan departed this life 19th May 1866 aged 61 years.  John Gilshenan died 7th July 1869.  Also Thomas Gilshenan died 6th September 1903 aged 52 years.  Also Mary Gilshenan died 30th November 1912.

COOGANSacred to the memory of John Coogan of Navan who departed this life 8th December 1899 aged 45 years.  This stone was erected as a small token of respect by his colleagues and well wishers to whom he endeared himself by his upright character and sterling disposition who gained him hosts of friends in every shade of his life.

SPRINGANHere lieth the body of Patrick Springan who departed this life on June ye 25th 1757 aged 63 years.  This stone was erected by his son Pat.  Also his son Michael Springan who departed this life …. 1766 aged 30 years.

REILLYThis stone was erected by Anne Reilly in memory of her father Brian Reilly who departed this life August 28th 1775 aged 72 years.  And her mother who departed this life May 22nd 1778 aged 68 years.  Also her daughter Catherine Gearty who departed this life December 27th 1789 aged 18 years.

TALLONErected by James Tallon, 1920 in memory of his beloved parents, brothers and sister.  Also his sons John and James.  Also Patrick, died 31st October 1935.  His wife Bridget Tallon died 29th July 1946.  The above James Tallon died 24th May 1947.

SMYTHThis tomb was erected by Laurence Smyth, Owen, Matthew, Michael and Peter Smyth

OBRIENErected by Patrick O Brien, Kilmainham in memory of his father Owen O Brien died February 12th 1892.  His mother Jane O Brien died April 2nd 1899.  His brother Richard died October 27th 1873.  John died April 13th 1878.  Michael died 1917.  His son Owen died January 22nd 1907 and his sister Rosanne Donnelly died 18th June 1930 and the above Patrick O Brien died 24th December 1940.  Also his son Patrick Joseph O’Brien died 3rd March 1957 and sister Mrs Mary Kelly died 15th November 1957.  Anne O Brien died 4th January 1965.  Nicholas O Brien died 4th March 1963.

LIGHTHOLDER – Here lieth the body of Nicholas Lightholder [?] who departed 10th April . .. . .  aged 75 years.

MCCORMACKIn loving memory of James Mc Cormack, Neilstown died 1930 and his wife Rose died 1968.  His father Patrick died 1957.  Thomas died 1858.  His daughter Margaret died 1st February 1993.

MCCANAErected by Dennis Mc Cana in memory of his beloved parents . . . . . .

SMITHSacred to the memory of Mary Smith who died 21st June 1863 aged 14 years.  John Smith died 26th June 1865 aged 18 years.  Patrick Smith died on 15th February 1864 aged 35 years.  Anne Smith died 26th October 1864 aged 31 years.  May they rest in peace.  This stone has been erected by Mrs Patrick Smith, Devoted wife and affectionate mother of the above.

OBRIENIn loving memory of Jane O Brien, Kilmainham who died 24th June 1992.  Her brother Nicholas O Brien.  Their aunt Mary Kelly.

DARDISPray for the soul of …. aged 71 years.  David Dardis deceased 1761.  Also his father and mother and also here lieth the body of his son Walter Dardis departed this life January 12th 1806 aged 58 years.

Section E

DARDISIn loving memory of Patrick Dardis, Ballybeg, died 1st January 1966, aged 77 years.  His beloved wife Maureen died 26th February 1999 aged 84 years.

WATTERSIn loving memory of Patrick Watters, Ballybeg, died 16th May 1983, aged 85 years.  His wife Margaret died 27th November 1983 aged 66years.

SMITHIn loving memory of Nicholas (Nickie) Smith, Matry, Kells died 12th June 1995, aged 79 years.

TALLONIn loving memory of Nettie Tallon, died 18th July 1968, aged 58 years.  Her brother Thomas died 14th December 1977 aged 75 years.  Their brother Michael died 9th February 1995 aged 82 years.  Brigid, wife of Thomas, died 13th September 2000 aged 87 years.

HARTErected by Patrick Hart, Ballybeg in loving memory of his sister Kathleen, died 10th January 1962. Also their brother Patrick Hart died 19th January 1974 and Mrs Amy McRedmond, died 4th April 1972.  Interred in Dean’s Grange.  Mary Jane (Molly) Hart died 8th May 1989.

LOWRYIn loving memory of Bridget Lowry, Dormstown, 18th  August 1950 aged 30 years. Her …..James, died 1st November 1996 aged 79.

Section F

WALLERWilliam, youngest son of William Waller, esquire, died unmarried, January 16th 1781 aged 32 years.  Catherine, eldest daughter of William Waller and widow of James Noble esquire, died March 19th 1791, aged 58 years.

WALLERJohn Waller of Allenstown, died 6th February 1713 aged 74 years.  Robert Waller of Allenstown, son of John, died AD 1731 aged 59 years.

WALLERWilliam Waller of Allenstown, second son of Robert died 2nd October 1796, aged 86 years, and Ann Maria his wife, daughter of the Rev. James Smyth, Archdeacon of Meath, died 17th February 1798 aged 76 years.

SMITHIn memory of Tommy Smith, Martry, Kells died 20th December 1987 aged 69 years.  Also his parents, brothers and sisters.

SHERIDANErected by John Sheridan in loving memory of his wife Eliza Sheridan who died 20th December 1940 aged 44 years.  Also his brother, Joseph died 25th February 1948.  The above John Sheridan of Martry died 10th November 1949.

VAHEYIn loving memory of Michael Vahey, Martry died 21st December 1974 aged 22 years.  His grandparents Mary Lynskey died 29th May 1967.  Her husband Brian, died 24th May 1968.

VAHEYIn loving memory of Pat Vahey, (Martry), died 25th September 1944, aged 52 years 

“Se an Tiarna mo aorre, ní bhiedh aon ni de dith orm”

COOGANIn loving memory of Mrs Margaret Coogan, Charlesfort, died 23rd September 1973.  Also her husband, William, Old IRA, died 24th August 1981.

KINGIn loving memory of James King, Durhamstown died 5th August 1973.  His sister Annie, died 24th February 1973.  Also their parents Nicholas and Jane King.

KINGIn loving memory of James King, Durhamstown died 6th January 1948.  His wife Catherine died 16th October 1935.  Their son Thomas died 12th February 1962.  His wife Kathleen died 18th December 1961.  Kathleen King, daughter in law of the above Thomas & Kathleen died 23rd April 1968, aged 33 years.

Section G

DURKANIn loving memory of James P. Durkan, New York and Martry.  Died 15th May 1992, aged 78 years.  His sister Annie Hall, Kent & Martry, died 9th August 1997.  Her husband Ted interred in Kent. R.I.P.

DURCANIn loving memory of Michael Durcan, Martry, died 5th April 1996, aged 83 years.  His wife, Mary Ellen, died 13th April 1999, aged 78 years.

DURCANIn cherished memory of our loving daughter, Claire Durcan , died 18th January 1972 aged 2 ½ years.

BOGGANSIn fond memory of Pat Boggans, Martry, died 26th August 1971, aged 83 years.  His wife Mary, died 22nd September 1987, aged 86 years.

MARLEYIn loving memory of Michael Marley, died 16th July 1968.

KEARYIn loving memory of Patrick Keary, Martry, ambulance driver to Meath County Council.  Died 14th Nov. 1955.  Also James, died 28th January 1963 and Mary Keary died 21st February 1967.  Betty Keary, Martry, died 17th Sept. 1970 aged 63 years.  Also William Keary died 1st Dec. 1978 aged 90.

TISDALLErected in memory of James Tisdall born 7th Feb 1826. Died 9th June 1879.

MALLONIn loving memory of Mary Mallon, Castlemartin, died 28th June 1960.  Her husband Patrick Mallon died 24th Dec. 1965.  Their son Kevin died 9th Nov. 1993 aged 61 years.  Their daughter Josephine Rennicks died 19th June 2001, aged 75 years.

CALLAGHANIn loving memory of Edward Callaghan died 3rd April 1930 aged 65 years.  His wife Mary died 21st January 1964 aged 79 years.  Their daughter Bridget died 27th Sept 1921 aged 17 years.  Teresa died 13th Sept. 1952 aged25 years.  Kathleen, beloved wife of John, died 7th January 1983.  John died 6th June 1997 aged 76 years.

FARNANErected by John Farnan in memory of his son James Farnan, died 20th May 1900 aged 25 years.  Also Rose Farnan died 30th Dec. 1902 aged 27 years.  Also their father John Farnan died 9th May 1923.

BRADYIn loving memory of John Brady, Grange, Donaghpatrick, died 23rd January 1958 aged 23 years.  Also Kate Hamill, died 7th August 1953 aged 84 years and his father John died 8th April 1966 aged 65 years.  His mother Anne Brady died 19th March 1999, aged 95 years.

TISDALLIn loving memory of Henry Chichester Tisdall, son of John Tisdall of Charlesfort, who died on the 6th August 1908 was suddenly called to rest from his labours, aged 59.  Also of Isabella Frances Tisdall, daughter of the late John Edward Vernon died 18th Sept 1915 aged 67. “We look for the saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

TISDALLJohn Tisdall of Charlesfort died 7th March 1892 aged 77 years.  This cross is erected in loving memory by his widow & children.  “What doth the Lord require of Thee, but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God”  MicahBy his side lies Isabella, his beloved wife of 54 years, daughter of the Honourable George Knox, greatly loved and respected.  She entered into her rest on 31st January 1895 aged 81.  “In sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection.”

TISDALLIn loving memory of Vernon Archibold Tisdall, Vice Admiral RN, of Matry House.  Died 14th September 1924, aged 74 years  “I am the resurrection and the life, sayeth the Lord”.

MOSERTo the memory of Eliza, wife of Charles Moser and granddaughter of John Knox Tisdall 1909-1955.

TISDALLElizabeth, wife of William Tisdall of Charlesfort, died 7th Sept 1940.  William George Robert Tisdall D.L., Charlesfort died 20th November 1954.

TISDALLOliver Raphael Tisdall of Charlesfort, born 2nd April 1899, died 25th February 1964, a beloved physician.  Also his wife Christina, born 29th February 1902, died 8th April 1979.

SHERIDANErected by James Sheridan, Martry, in memory of his wife Kate Sheridan who died 9th June1913 aged 47 years.  Also his wife Mary Sheridan who died 25th February 1922, aged 32 years.  James Sheridan died 12th Nov 1943 aged 76 years.  His son in law John Smith died 13th Sept. 1973.

NUGENTIn loving memory of Patrick Nugent, Ardbraccan, died 9th May 1966 aged 74 years.  His wife Catherine died 10th February 1988 aged 96 years.  Also their son Jon Harry, who died young.

COOGANIn loving memory of Patrick Coogan, Phoenixtown, died 6th March 1935, aged 26 years.  Also my son Thomas, died 18th August 1937 aged 24 years.  Also my wife Margaret died 16th November 1946 and John Coogan died 9th May 1957 aged 83 years.  His son James died 26th August 1966.

COOGANErected by James Coogan, Martry, in loving memory of his wife Winifred Coogan died 2nd January 1958 aged 66 years.  Also her son William, died 28th March 1962, aged 45 years.  Also in loving memory of the above James Coogan died 24th Oct 1973, aged 92 years.

WILMOTThis stone was erected by Sarah Wilmot in memory of her dearly beloved daughter Annie, who departed this life 7th October 1902 aged 28 years.  Also said Sarah Wilmot, died 9th December 1914, aged 92 years.  Her daughter Sarah Hodgins, wife of James Hodgins of Faughan Hill, died 8th Nov. 1947.  Ben Hodgins (carpenter) grandson of Sarah, 1945-2000.  “Fare above rubies”“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, they rest from their labour”.

HAWKINSIn loving memory of William Hawkins, Allenstown Dairy, who died 22nd Nov 1929.  “Faithful unto death”Also his son Robert Edward, aged 3 years.

OSULLIVANIn fond remembrance of Daniel O Sullivan, his wife Margaret Agnes and their infant son Edmond.  Also their son Denis Francis and daughter Nora.  St Agnes pray for them.

REILLYErected by John Reilly, Grange in memory of his mother Kate Reilly died 17th May 1907.  His father James died 19th April 1909.  His sister Mary Jane, died 15th Sept 1927.  His brother Patrick died 20th August 1953.

KEARNEYIn loving memory of Julia Kearney, Castlemartin died 17th July 1952.  Also Stephen Kearney died 4th July 1970 and his wife Mary died 23rd March 1969.

SHERIDANIn loving memory of Bryan Sheridan, Martry, died 14th Sept 1936.  His wife Bridget died 1st April 1959.  Their son Thomas died 12th February1953.  Also his wife Mary died 27th August 1963.  Annie Sheridan died 27th Dec. 1968.  Patrick Sheridan died 7th April 1974.  James Sheridan died 4th Dec. 1987.

HUGHESIn loving memory of my wife Margaret Hughes died 12th Dec. 1932 aged 49 years.  Also Veronica Joan, died 15th April 1930.  Olive died June 1925, and Charlotte Anne died August 1914, also George Hughes died 4th April 1955, aged 80 years.  Also his son George, died 13th May 1985 aged 76 years.  His wife Margery died 11th February 1992, aged 80 years.

In memory of our beloved son, Desmond George, died 17th July 1976, aged 27 years. “Not lost but gone before.”

Section H

DONAGH – Erected in loving memory of Nicholas Donagh, Ballybeg died 8th October 1883.  Also his wife Elizabeth died 9th January 1910 and their son Patrick died 21st October 1890.  Also their daughter Anne died 23rd December 1942.  Bridget Donagh died 27th October 1952.

POWERMarian Power died 27th September 1889 aged 78 years.  Anna M. Hammond nee Power died 25th January 1900, aged 49 years.  Kate M. Power died 23rd March 1917 aged 83 years.  Mary Cullen died 10th January 1886 aged 75 years.                                                                                                               

CALLAGHANErected by Christopher Callaghan in memory of his father …. Callaghan, late of Martry died 27th September 1795 aged 65 years.  His mother Mary Callaghan alias Lynch who died September 13th 1793 aged 56 years.

MULVANYThis stone was erected by James Mulvany of Volvenstown as a token of his love and duty to the memory of his deceased parents.  Here lieth the body of his father Patrick Mulvany departed this life 28th October1800 aged 68 years.  Also his mother Mary Mulvany alias Martin, who departed this life 28th January 1778 aged 51 years.  Underneath lieth the mortal remains of the above James Mulvany departed this life 18th January 1811 aged 75 years

MULVANYThis stone was erected by James Mulvany of Volvenstown as a token of his love and duty to the memory of his deceased parents.  Here lieth the body of his father Patrick Mulvany departed this life 28th October 1800 aged 68 years.  Also his mother Mary Mulvany alias Martin, who departed this life 28th January 1778 aged 51 years.  Underneath lieth the mortal remains of the above James Mulvany departed this life 18th January 1811 aged 75 years.

MULVANYHere lieth the body of Thomas Mulvany of Martry who departed this life November 28th 1779 aged 74 years.  Also Judith Mulvany alias Smyth died January 10th 1761 aged 54 years.  Also Mary Mulvany alias Martin deceased January 28th 1778 aged 34 years.  This stone was erected by her husband Patrick Mulvany and their son James.

MCGUINNESSPray for the soul of Mrs Kate McGuinness, Castletown who died 24th November 1950.  Erected by Joseph McGuinness.

MARAErected by …. Mara in memory of his daughter Mary Mara who died September 21st 1822 aged 13 years.

MCEVOYIn loving memory of John McEvoy died 20th December 1977.  Also his parents and sister.  Thomas McEvoy died 12th March 1979.  Harry McEvoy died 8th March 1983.  Brigid McEvoy wife of John died 14th May 1991.

MCEVOYPray for the repose of the soul of Bridget McEvoy, Martry, died 9th September 1930.

GERAGHTYErected by Mary Geraghty, Ballarden in loving memory of her mother Mary who died 29th September 1893 aged 74 years.  Also her brother James died 26th April 1909, aged 65 years.  Also Mary Geraghty died 6th December 1910 aged 64 years.  Also her sister Mrs. Julia Clerkan died 6th September 1920, aged 71 years. 

“Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on them.”

MULVANYErected by Edward Mulvany of Martry in memory of his parents Thomas and Mary Mulvany and wife Kitty.  Also his mother, an affectionate wife Christina, who departed this life the 29th day of August A.D. 1773 aged …. years.

Church Interior

TISDALLIn memory of Rear Admiral Archibold Tisdall, son of Michael Tisdall, Charlesfort, born 5th September 1786, died 28th April 1854.

TISDALLIn memory of Michael Tisdall who purchased the Manor of Martry in 1668, died 1681.  Anne, his wife, daughter of the Rev. William Barry.

TISDALLWilliam Tisdall died 1725 and Frances his wife, daughter of the Honourable Robert Fitzgerald P.C.  Michael Tisdall died 1726 and Catherine his wife, daughter of the Right Honourable William Palmer, Charles Tisdall died 1757 and Hester his wife, daughter of Oliver Cramer.  Michael Tisdall died 1794 and Johanna his wife, daughter of Arthur Blennerhassett.  Charles Arthur Tisdall died 1835 and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John Vernon and many other members of the Tisdall family are interred here.

TISDALLIn memory of a truly valuable and worthy Charles Tisdall.  This monument was erected by Mrs. Hester Tisdall, otherwise Cramer, his wife.  He was a most affectionate husband, tender parent and sincere friend; ardent lover of his country without desire of popularity; charitable without ostentation; indulgent landlord and benevolent to mankind; beloved and esteemed by all good men and is now universally and sincerely lamented.  Departed this life 27th June 1757, aged 37 years.

WALLERHere lieth the body of John Waller departed this life 6th February 1715 in the 74th year of his age.  Also the bodies of John and Anne, his grandchildren.

WALLERAnne Maria Waller, widow of James N. Waller of Allenstown, entered into rest September 17th 18912(?) aged 70 years.  “In thy presence there is the fullness of joy.”