Recorded by James Garry 1987-88

Mornington (alias Marinerstown) – Introduction by  Michael Ward

Mornington in the barony of Lower Duleek, which with Colpe, constituted the medieval parish of Colpe-cum-Mornington, was a separate parish in its own right prior to the Norman invasion.  The present orthography was established as a result of the creation of the titles Baron and Earl of Mornington in 1746 and 1760.  In the thirteenth century the place was called Villa Marinarii or Marinerstown after its proprietor Robert le Mariner.  In 1234 Walter de Lacy granted lands of the “town of Mariners in Ireland near the port of Drogheda to God and the Abbey of St. Mary of Furness in England and the abbot and monks serving God there”. (Cal. Gormanston Register 8).

In the Inquisitions of Elizabeth the name appears at Marinerston and Maryverston and in the Book of Forfeitures of Charles 11 as Mornanstowne.  The county map of 1812 gives the name as Mornington. The name Normanston which appears in the State of Ireland anno 1598 (p. 93 n.) is probably a copyists error.  The Civil Survey of 1654 lists John Draycott, Irish Papist, as one of the proprietors of Mornanstowne.

The modern Irish name as given in Ainmneacha Gaeilge na mBailte Poist is Baile Ui Mhornain.  This replaces Baile M’Ernain and Baile Mo Ernain, which appeared on road signs and agrees with the form given by O’Donovan in the Ordnance Survey Name Books.  Hagan in Onomasticon Goedelicum lists Baile Ui Mhornain and Baile M’Ernain.  Both O’Meachair in his History of Meath and Gibney in his East Meath Report (1939) use Baile na Mairnealach.

Sitric, the Dane defeated the Irish in a battle at Mornington in 1032 with a loss of three hundred men.

In 1603 King James granted to Sir George Carew, vice chamberlain to the queen “the tithes of the fish of Mornanston in the parish of Colpe”.  During the siege of Drogheda in 1641 several engagements took place in and about Mornington.  These are detailed at length by D’ Alton in his History of Drogheda.

There is a slab inserted into the north wall of the ruined pre-reformation church in the graveyard adjoining the Star of the Sea Church, recording the fact that in 1794 James Brabazon of Mornington appropriated a plot of ground there for his burial place.  No record exists of the erection of the first post-reformation church which is shown as a small rectangular building on the 1837 map.  The present church, soon to be replaced, was erected in 1841.

Mornington was one of the earliest seats of the Wellesley family and it remained in their possession until the estate was broken up and disposed of in 1816.

Prior to the advent of the National Schools, Miss Brabazon gave gratuitous instruction to one Protestant and seven Roman Catholics in a mud-walled schoolhouse at Mornington which she had built at her own expense.

At the base of a hill called Cnoc Ban in the “Glen” is a well dedicated to St. John which was visited up to the turn of the century by people seeking cures for eye and ear ailments.  Buttons, pieces of clothing and other personal items were hung on an elder bush overhanging the well.  Local tradition claimed that the herbs growing around the well had the virtue of curing coughs, skin infections and deafness.

The two stone structures at the Boyne mouth, known as the Maiden Tower and the Lady’s Finger have been described in detail by Wilde and D’Alton and references to their maintenance appear at intervals in the old records of Drogheda Corporation.  The tower was built as a watch tower and a beacon for ships during Elizabeth’s long was with O’Neill.


A survey in 1987-88 showed 198 stones of which, only 168 had inscriptions.  The other 30 are of different materials (see list at the end), and have no identification whatsoever.

The inscriptions are listed in alphabetical order as they were on 31st August 1988.

There are 130 different Surnames – the most common are, Campbell, Kelly, Lynch, Mathews, Reynolds, Boylan, Long, Stafford, Smith, McCann, Verdon, King, Heaney and Brodigan in that order.

Occupations recoded include – ten Ships Captains, a Seaman, a Servant, a Merchant, a Baker, a Knight, a Surgeon etc.

Four causes of death are noted, and attention is drawn to five Iron Crosses, which were made in the Drogheda Foundry – two which are stamped with “Drogheda Ironworks” and the Star and Crescent.  

Also listed are 59 different Place-names – from Annagor to Whitefields, a list of the earliest stones and a delightful obituary of Capt. Denis Lyons.

A special piece on the German Airmen, should help to dispel the myth and folklore, which still exists in Mornington and Donecarney – “that one of them is still buried there”.


Drogheda Independent: Lyons Obituary, 18th June, 1938.  Details of inquests on the Airmen.  2nd Nov., 1940.

German War Graves Commission in Ireland.  39 Offington Park, Sutton, Co. Dublin.


Fr. Patrick Dillon C.C. for permission to publish these inscriptions.  

Bridge Weir, who pointed out the location of the German grave.  

Mary McDonnell for drawing of the Foundry Cross.

Occupations on the Mornington Inscriptions

BAKER                                                             Michael Kelly, 1852.

D.M.P. (Dublin Metropolitan Police)                John Teeling.

“Drogheda Independent” 1912.                        Thomas H. Clancy


EARLS OF MORNINGTON                           James Brabazon Esq. 1794.

J.P.                                                                     Peter Verdon.

KNIGHT                                                           Sir Gerald Burke, Bart.

MERCHANT                                                    Michael Duff, Drogheda. 1832.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 Peter Boylan, Baltray.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 William Boylan, Baltray, 1832.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 John Boylan, Baltray, 1945.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 Patrick Long, Mornington.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 Denis Lyons, Newfoundwell, 1938.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 James Lyons, Newfoundwell, 1927.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 Joseph Lyons, Newfoundwell, 1945.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 John Owens, Drogheda, 1839.

SEA CAPTAIN                                                 Richare Owens, Drogheda, 1856.

SEAMAN                                                          Michal Kelly, 1836.

SERVANT                                                       Francis Johnson, 1899 (Faithful

                                                                          Servant at the Glen for over 30 years).

SURGEON – ASSIST                                     Bernard James Finegan, 2nd Queens.


WORKER IN COCA-COLA                          Peter Sheeran, 1985.

Causes of death (specified)

Following an accident                                      Jimmy Cusack, 1974

Lost at sea                                                        John H. Garvey, 1943.

Lost on sea                                                       John Coyle, no date.

Scarlartina                                                        Emily Verdon,1841, age 2 years and 8


Place names on the Mornington inscriptions

Annagor.                                                Mornington

Balthray.                                                Mornington –

Baltray            .                                                          Borough of

Beatystown.                                                   Glen.   

Bettystown.                                                   High Street.

Clogerhead.                                                    Coney Hall Road.

Clope.                                                             New Road.

Colpe East.                                                     Sea Side.

Donacarney.                                                   St Josephs.

Donecarney.                                                   St Nicholas Villas.

Dunecarney.                                                   The Garra.

Drogheda.                                                       Tower Road.

Drogheda –                                             Mosney.

         Chord.                                           Mount Granville.

         Donore Road.                               Mount Hanover.

         Duleek Gate.                                 Mulaghard.

         Freeschool Lane.                           Narrow Way.

         Glenview.                                      Newtown.

         James Street.                                 Ninch.

         John Street.                                   Painstown.

         Marsh. The                                    Piltown.

         Mell.                                              Stagreenan.

         Newfoundwell.                             Stameen.

         North Road.                                  Stameen House.

         Pearse Park.                                   Tullyallen.

         Scarlet Street.                                Whitefields.



Howth. (Harbour House)


Laytown –

         Kings Square.


2 IRON CROSSES – Made in the Foundry, with “ Drogheda Ironworks” and the Star and Crescent, on the back :-

“I.H.S. Pray – Died. R.I.P.

“Anne Whearty, 1879”.

3 IRON CROSSES – Similar to above with no “Drogheda Ironworks” or Star and Crescent, said to be also made in Foundry :- 

Patrick McQuillan. 1898.

Owen Reynolds. 1897.

Patrick Reynolds. 1902.


Cullin. 1717.

Bellew. 1738.

Boylan. 1761.

Raffter. 1766.

Campbell. 1772.

Boyle. 1785.

Brabazon. 1794.

Duff. 1794.

Ryan. 1794.

Read. 1799.


During the Second World War (1939-45) a number of German Airmen

were washed ashore on the East Coast.  One of these was found on the strand at Mosney, 26th October, 1940.

At the inquest in Julianstown Garda Station he was identified – from his belongings – as Horst Felber of Poumern, Germany, aged 20 years.  On his person were found, French and German banknotes, some francs, photographs, a watch and on the breast of his flying jacket, an Iron Cross, dated 1939. His identity number was 7312/49.  He was interred in Mornington.

During the same week another airman was found washed ashore at Clogerhead.  He was Walter Hoppmann of Tilberg, aged 20 years.  His belongings consisted of, a penknife, cigarette lighter, a nailfile, an identity card, a disc with the number 7312/48.  He also had an Iron Cross, and a dark blue overall flying jacket with zipp fasteners.  Both he and Felber were wearing an airfilled life-saving jacket with compressed air pump and mouthpiece attached.

Hoppmann was interred in the Co. Board of Health Graveyard at St Mary’s, Drogheda, which is a nice way of saying that he was buried in “Bullys Acre”.  The German Minister to Ireland attended both funerals and laid funeral wreaths on the graves. These were bound with red sashes, bearing the German Swastika.

In March 1941 the German Legation sought permission from the Meath County Council for exhumation of Felber.  This was not granted, probably because the war was still on.

During the years 1959 to 1961 Germany, with the support of the Irish Government, built a special cemetery for the German War Dead buried in Ireland – at Glencree, Co Wicklow. In 1960 Felber was exhumed at Mornington and Hoppmann was taken from “Bullys Acre” and both re-interred in Glencree.

The site of the German Airmen’s grave in Mornington, is still pointed out.  It is a single, kerbed in cement, next to the path, beside the railed-in Sherlock grave.


BELLEW – Here lieth the Body of James Bellew who departed this life the 7th day of Dec. 1738 aged 64 years.  Also the Body of his wife Catherine who died the 10th Aug. 1754 aged 79 years. 1759.  

BIRD – In loving memory of Patrick Bird, Pearse Park 2 Dec. 1962 aged 67 years.  His daughter Angela, 29 Oct., 1926 aged 4 years.  Mary Agnes, died 26 Dec 1926.

BOWEN – Momento Morti.  Erected Anno Domini 1803 by William Bowen in Memory of his father and mother also Mary and Catherine Bowen, his postertyes.

BOYLAN – Erected by Capt. Boylan of Baltray in memory of his father Capt. William Boylan who departed this life the 5th of August 1832 aged 30 years.  Also to the Memory of his niece Kate Boylan who died January 28th 1860 aged 1 month.  And also to the memory of his sister Catherine Freeman who departed this life the 23rd of March 1861 aged 28 years.  William Joseph Boylan died 1st July 1869 aged 7 years and 10 months.  Capt William Boylan, brother of the above Peter died Jan. 16 1879.  Also Capt John Boylan, who died 23 Oct 1945 aged 81 years.  Mary Catherine Boylan, daughter of the above who died 1st March 1982 and her brother John Francis Boylan who died 14 May 1984 aged 75 years.  May they rest in peace.

BOYLAN – Erected by Thomas Boylan of Balthray in memory of his wife Margaret Boylan, alias Tallon, who departed this life 24th Nov. 1810 aged 58 years.  Also his son Christopher Boylan who died the 6th Sept. 1809 aged 19 years.  Also James Boylan, son of the above Thomas Boylan who departed this life the 19th Oct 1958 aged 72 years.

BOYLAN – This stone and Burial Place belongeth to Patrick Boylan and Posterity. 1761.

BOYLAN – This stone and Burial Place belongeth to Thomas Boylan and Posterity. 1761.

BOYLAN – Sacred to the memory of Eva the beloved wife of Nicholas Boylan of Drogheda who departed this life the 17th June 1840 aged 22 years.  Also their infant daughter Mary Anne.

BOYLAN – See Reddy.

BOYLE – 785.  This Stone and Burial Place belongeth to William Boyle of Dunecarney and his Posterity.  Here lieth the remains of Patrick Boyle of Whitefields and Alice his beloved wife. She departed this life the 5th of Dec. 1810.

BRABAZON – The Burial Ground of James Brabazon of Mornington Esq.  Chosen by him Jany 1794.  Allied by the male line to the Earls of Meath and by the Female line to the Earls of Mornington.  (Plaque on the north side of ruined gable).

BRANAGAN – Erected by James Branagan of Bettystown in memory of his daughter Margaret who died 3rd April 1832 aged 18 years.  Also his son Peter who died 5th March 1833 aged 15 years.

BRANIGAN – See Mackin.

BRAY – In loving memory of Peter and Elizabeth Bray.  His son James.  His brother Michael and his sister Mary.  His daughter Kathleen M. Vallely, died 22nd Oct 1966.

BRODIGAN – In loving memory of Patrick Brodigan, died 30th June 1965.  His daughters, Anne, 3rd Sept. 1944 and Patricia, 2nd Jan. 1944.  His parents Thomas and Jane and brother Thomas.  Also the Kelly family who are interred here.

BRODIGAN – In loving memory of Patrick Brodigan, died 21st March 1978 aged 63 years.  His parents John 14th Jan 1944 and Kate 2nd Sept 1967.

BUTLER – Erected by Catherine Butler of Mornington in memory of her husband Michael Butler who died 29th Oct. 1874 aged 78 years.

BURKE – See Matthews.

BYRNE – In memory of James Byrne died 26 Jan 1970 aged 92.  His wife Margaret, died 16 Nov. 1968 aged 82 years.  And his daughter Josie Halpenny 15 April 1979.

CAFFREY – See McEvoy

CAMPBELL – Erected by Thomas Campbell, Bettystown, in memory of his father Patrick Campbell who died Oct 1870 aged 60 years. And his mother Eliza Campbell 2nd Feb 1870 aged 64 years.  Also his sister Bridget who died young.

CAMPBELL – Erected by Larry Campbell, Mornington in memory of his father and mother, James and Margaret, his brothers James and Patrick and his three daughters.  The above Larry died 15 Sep 1944.  His wife Catherine died 17 April 1953.  His son James and his grandsons Tony and Thomas Felix Campbell died 27 Oct 1976.  Laurence Campbell died 21 Oct 1980 and Agnes Campbell 6 Aug 1981.

CAMPBELL – Here lies the body of Michael Campbell who departed this life April 15th 1772 aged 83 years.  Also his wife Jane Campbell who departed this life August 17th 1775 aged 80 years.  His son James Campbell of  Bettystown.

CAMPBELL – In loving memory of Rose Anne Campbell, Mornington, died 23rd Jan. 1976 aged 76 years.  Her husband Patrick, 27th Oct 1979 aged 85 years.

CARR – In memory of Patrick Carr Mornington, died 26 July 1905 aged 87 years.

CARROLL – In loving memory of Eliza Carroll, 9 April 1939.  Her son Michael 17 Feb 1956.

CASSIDY – See Doolan.

CLANCY – Pray for the soul of Lucie C. beloved wife of Thomas H. Clancy. “Drogheda Independent” died 21 May 1898 aged 27 years.  The above named Thomas H. died 25th Dec. 1912 aged 48 years.  And their daughter Helen Ursula Jones died 23rd June 1944 aged 47 years.  And her husband Thomas F. died 28th Sept. 1960. (The newspaper title is written like its early mast head).

CLINCH – In loving memory of my dear wife Maisie Clinch 23rd August 1971 aged 56 years.  Her husband Patrick (Paddy) 2nd June, 1983 aged 69 years.

CLINTON – See Lynch.

COGAN – In loving memory of Julia Cogan, Donacarney died July 1942.  Also her dear husband Matthew, died Sept 1958.  R.I.P.

COLLIER – Double grave with white wooden cross, no inscription.  Surname on flower pot.

CONNOR – Erected by John Connor of Mornington in memory of his only daughter Anne who died on 2nd day of January 1873 aged 17 years.  Also his son John Connor who died young.

CONNOR – Have mercy on the soul of Joseph Connor, late of John St. Drogheda who died May 6th 1878 aged 79 years.

CORRIGAN – Erected by Edward Corrigan of Mornington in memory of his wife Anne who died Sept 18th 1938 aged 60 years.

COYLE – Erected by Patrick Coyle in Memory of his father who departed this life Dec. 1832 aged 81 years.  Here also lies the body of the above Patrick Coyle who departed this life 29th July 1857 aged 53.  Marann Coyle died 26th Sept. 1872.  Also John Coyle who was lost on sea.  His daughter Julia Owens who died 14th July 1884.  Also his wife Bridget who died 17th Dec.1892.

CULLIN – Erected by John Cullin for Catherine his wife who departed this life 11th  Nov. 1717 aged –  .

CUSACK – Jimmy Cusack, Mornington, who died 16th Feb.1974 aged 21 years, following an accident.  His nephew Conor.  His father James, 6th May 1987.

CRILLY – In memory of Francis Crilly, Mornington who died 27th March 1916.  R.I.P.  (An Iron Cross).

CUNNINGHAM – See Sherlock.

DAY – This stone was erected by Thomas Day of Mornington where lies his stepson, James Harlin, 1781.

DEERY – Small Modern stone with one word and R.I.P.  (Recently added) Patrick Traynor, Donacarney, 14th May 1986.

DEERY – See Keegan.

DIDMOND – Erected by Emily Didmond, Mell in memory of her mother Alice who died March 1898.  Her brother Robert died May 1903 and Thomas, Nov. 1908.

DONEGAN – Erected by John Donegan. Stameen in memory of his father William Donegan, died March 31st 1894 aged 75 years.  Also his sister Margaret died Oct. 22nd 1869 aged 16 years.  The above John Donegan 27th Nov. 1942 aged 72 years and his wife Margaret 20 May 1954 aged 77 years.  Great Grand Daughter Jacinta McArdle 14 Feb 1976 aged 4 years.  Their son William 2 Nov 1976.

DOOLAN – In loving memory of James Doolan, 27th March 1931.  His wife Catherine, 26th Dec. 1965.  Their daughters Alice 7 Sep 1923. Mary Cassidy 18 July 1942. Their Son-in-law Richard Cassidy 16 Jan 1973.  Their daughter-in-law Bridge 23 May 1977.

DOOLIN – Erected by Edward Doolin, Mornington in memory of his father John who died Nov 1894 and his mother Mary Ann who died March 1918.

DUFF – Underneath are deposited the remains of Michael Duff.  Merchant.  Drogheda, who departed this life 11th January 1823 aged 70 years

DUFF – This is the Burial Place of Patrick Duff of Beatystown and his family 1794.  Here lieth the Body of the above Patrick Duff who departed this life the 4th May 1796 aged 76 years.  Also the Body of his wife Elizabeth Duff who departed this life the 3rd of February 1817 aged 93 years.

DUGGAN – William Duggan, 28 Glenview, Drogheda, 23rd Sept. 1962.  His wife Bridget, 24th Oct. 1968.  Their son William who died young.

FANNING – Erected by Thomas Fanning, Ninch, Laytown, in memory of his father and mother James and Annie Fanning and his brothers John and James.  Also his uncle John – Also his brother Hugh who died 5th July 1922.  And his wife Anne 26 Nov. 1926.  His son William. 4 March 1948.

FARREN – Erected A.D. 1821 by Mrs. Jane Farren for her husband Thomas Farren – (badly flaked stone).

FINEGAN – See Verdon

FINIGAN – See Owens

FLEMING – Erected by Peter Fleming, Stagreenan in memory of his father and mother, his sisters and brothers.

FLOODY – Patrick Floody, 4th Nov. 1964 aged 77 years.  His wife Dora, 29th Jan. 1987 aged 92 years.  Their daughter Mary, 1932, aged 9 years.

FOX – Erected by Peter Fox in memory of his wife Catherine Fox who departed this life 23rd Nov. 1850 aged 56 years.  Also his daughter Rose 21st May 1828 aged 26 years.

FREEMAN – See Boylan.

GARVEY – In loving memory of John H. Garvey, Harbour House, Howth, lost at sea5 March 1943. His father Patrick 26 Sept 1953.  His mother Mary Hilda. 16 April 1971.  Sweet Jesus have mercy on them.

GARVEY – In fond and loving memory of John Garvey, Mornington who died 1st Nov 1907 aged 27 years.

GORMAN – In loving memory of Mona Gorman, Clogerhead, died 9th July 1950 aged 53 years.

GOUGH – Erected by James Gough, Mornington, in memory of his Mother Mary Gough who died Jan. 28th 1869.  Also his father John Gough who died Oct 24 1885. And his two brothers, John and Patrick.  The above James died 11th Dec. 1919.

GREENE – In loving memory of Mary Greene, Donacarney who died 27th Oct. 1973.

HALPENNY: – See Byrne.

HALPIN – In memory of the Halpin Family, Narrow Way. R.I.P.

HAMMOND – Sacred to the memory of James Hammond son of Thomas Hammond of Drogheda who departed this life the 5th of April 1848 in the 20th year of his age. (Large slabe on four legs just inside the ruined gable).

HAMMOND – n loving memory of Anna E. Hammond, Mornington died 22 Nov. 1946.  Her husband Henry died 19 Dec 1949.

HAMMOND – 21st April 1831.  It pleased Almighty God to take unto himself, Mary, the beloved wife of Thomas Hammond of Drogheda in the 34th year of her age.

HARLIN – See Day.

HARRIS – Erected by Nicholas Harris and his wife Alice, Scarlet Street, Drogheda in memory of his father Nicholas Harris, 2nd May 1882.  And his mother Ellen, Feb. 1894 and their daughter Bridget Josephine, 10th Dec. 1885 aged 15 years.

HEANEY – This Stone was Placed here by Mrs. Jane Heaney in memory of her beloved husband Mr. Philip Heaney who died 2nd Jan. 1876.  Also of their children who died young.  Here also lies the remains of the above named Jane Heaney who departed this life October the 29th 1884 aged 79 years.  (This stone, along with some others are all together, lying flat, enclosed by an Iron railing).

HEANY – Erected by James Heany of Mornington in memory of his two children Michael and John, the former departed this life October the 10th  1825 aged 29 years, the latter Aug. 16th 1817 aged 30 years. Here also is interred his daughter Bridget who departed this life the 15th Aug. 1841 aged 46 years.  And his wife Anne who died 15th May 1815 aged 97 years.  The above Mr. James Heany who died 10th March 1852 aged 99 years.  Also Miss Rose Heany who died 15th May 1884 aged 90 years.

HUGHES – See Mackin.

IRWIN – Erected by James Irwin in memory of his father and mother Henry and Bridget Irwin.  And his Henry 1st June 1889 aged 9 years.  Also his sister Annie and the above named James, and his wife Elizabeth, and their sons, Patrick 4th May 1945 and James, 27th Sep. 1948.  (The stone is signed by F. Whyte. Chord. Drogheda).

JOHNSON – Erected in memory of Francis Johnson of Colpe who died 20 Dec. 1899 aged 52 years.  Faithful Servant at the Glen for over 30 years.

JORDAN – See Lyons.

JONES – See Clancy.

KAVANAGH – Eileen Kavanagh who died on April 27th 1948 aged 38 years.

KEEGAN – Mary Keegan (nee Deery) North Road, Drogheda, 22nd Sept. 1981 aged 72 years.  Her husband James, 26th Nov. 1981 aged 74 years.

KELLY – Erected by Mary Kelly, Freeschool Lane Drogheda to the memory of her son Thomas Kelly, 14th Feb. 1891 aged 38 years.  The above named Mary Kelly, 26th Jan. 1899 aged 84 years.

KELLY – Erected in 1805 by Nicholas Kelly of Painstown in memory of his father-in-law Patrick Kelly and his Posterity.  Also his son Michael Kelly, Seaman, who departed this life, Oct. 1836 aged 26 years.  Also Patrick Kelly, son to the above who died 11th August 1847 aged 52 years.  This tribute to his memory by his brother Matthew Kelly.

KELLY – Erected by Michael Kelly, Baker, of James Street, Drogheda to the memory of his father Laurence Kelly who died the 16th March 1852 aged 60 years.  Also his daughter Mary Kelly who died the 7th of June 1862 aged 26 years and his son Laurence who died young.

KELLY – See Brodigan.

KELLY – See Souhan.

KELLY – See McKone.

KEENAN – See Rooney.

KENNEDY – James Kennedy, Bettystown, 16th Oct. 1938.

KING – Erected to the memory of George King, Sea Side, who died 28 Jan. 1907.  His wife Catherine 23 Nov. 1908 and their son James 5 April 1907.  Also their son-in-law Michael Mackin, 31 Dec 1933.

KING – In loving memory of John King who died on May 16 1930 aged 84 years.  Also his son Laurence who died Nov. 26th 1914 aged 23 years.  Also Margaret King who died 18th April 1941 and her son James King, 6 Jan. 1943.

KING – In loving memory of John King, Kings Square, Laytown, 23rd Dec. 1951 and his wife Jane. 22nd Jan. 1965.  Also their daughter Mary Bridget, 12th  Nov. 1943 and their son Christopher, 16th Sep. 1969.

LONG – This Stone was erected by Patrick Long of Drogheda. 1780.

LONG – Erected to the Memory of Bridget the beloved wife of Captain Patk Long of Mornington who departed this life the 15th July 1830 aged 50 years.

LONG – This Stone was Erected by James and Michael Long in memory of their father and mother with 11 of their children. 1781.

LYNCH – Erected by Joseph Lynch, Coney Hall Rd, in loving memory of his parents John and Mary Ann Lynch.  Also his brothers Richard, John, James, Michael and Peter. (18).

LYNCH – Erected by Bernard Lynch, Mornington in memory of his father Bryan Lynch, died 1851 and his mother Elizabeth, April 17th 1887.  Also his wife Helena, 21st May 1898 aged 33 years.  And his sons William, 24th March 1911 aged 21 years.  And Patrick Joseph, 6th March 1929 aged 37 years.  And Kevin, 12th Aug. 1930 and John 20th Jan. 1934 and Brendan who died young, the above named Bernard Lynch died 18th June 1932 aged 88 yrs.  And his wife Margaret 15th Aug. 1953.  Their daughter Norah Clinton, 23rd April 1969.  James J. Maguire, 10th Sept 1978.

LYNCH – Cherished Memories of our dear Mam and Dad, Mary Lynch “St. Josephs” Mornington who died 30th April 1957.  And Christopher Lynch who died 15th Feb. 1968.  Their baby daughter Enda who died in infancy.  His sister Polly lynch who died 16th  June 1975.

LYONS – In loving memory of Mary Ann, daughter of the late Capt. James Lyons of Newfoundwell, Drogheda who died 4 Feb 1927 aged 73 years.  And her brothers, Capt. Denis Lyons who died 14 June 1938 aged 80 years.  Also Capt. Joseph Lyons died 16 Jan. 1945 aged 80 years.  Their niece Anne Jordan, 23 Jan 1978.  “The Anchorage”.

LYONS – To the memory of John Lyons of Bettystown who died 10th Sept 1941.  His wife Alice, 17th March 1963.


“The Anchorage”, Mornington

“The death of Capt. Denis Lyons occurred at his residence on Tuesday night last.  One of three brothers, who from an early age adopted the sea as their profession, all of them becoming masters with wide experience of navigation in all the seven seas.  In the early days of sail he served before the mast, along the coasts of the Americas and with his keen mind was such that he learned something new from everywhere he went.  His memory was remarkable; he could name every man from Drogheda who had gone to sea in the past forty or fifty years, and in most cases knew what had become of them.  When steam spoiled the romance of the sea, he captained many famous ships and his later years were spent on the Drogheda – Liverpool service, in charge of such well-known vessels as the “Colleen Bawn”, “Tredagh”, “Iverna”, the new “Colleen Bawn” and the “Melifont”. He had retired from the sea several years, but never lost his abiding interest in everything connected with the life.  He watched the development of the Port of Drogheda, and from time to time, in letters to the Press, gave very valuable advice on technical navigation matters, upon which his knowledge was vast and his conclusions reliable.  A steadfast and lovable little gentleman; a man whose nobility of character was written on his face; whose search across the vast horizons of the immense seas, had brought him that tranquillity of soul, which is better happiness than power, or wealth, or fame, those who were privilged to be his friends, shared, when talking to him, some of his mental peace.  They will miss him. 

He has gone on his last voyage, his port of call, the haven of Peace.  God be with him”.  “Drogheda Independent” 18th June 1938.

MACKIN – Erected A.D. 1859 by Thomas Mackin of Liverpool in memory of his beloved father and mother Matthew and Margaret Mackin.  Also his brothers and sisters who lie underneath awaiting Joyful Resurrection.  Also his sister Margaret Branigan who died 9 April 1868.  Also his brother-in-law Luke Branigan, 28 Feb 1893.  And also his niece Bridget Hughes who died 3 July 1897.  And Julia Woods who died 22 Sept 1907.  Newfoundwell.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.

MACKIN – Pray for the soul of Thomas Mackin who died 18th Dec. 1871 and of his brother Matthew Mackin who died 25 December 1891. Also his sister Julia Mackin who died 13 October 1895 and also of his nephew John Branigan who died 5 December 1897.

MACKIN – See King.

MAGILL – Erected by Bryan Magill of Drogheda in memory of his beloved wife Mary Magill, alias Wild, who departed this life 19th Sept 1819 aged 33 years.  Also two of his Children who died young.

MAGRANE – I.H.S. in memory of Christopher Magrane, died 1901. R.I.P. (An iron cross with no Star and Crescent

MAGUIRE – See Lynch

MATTHEWS – Erected by Bridget Matthews of Mullhaghard in memory of her husband Michael Matthews who departed this life the 19th June 1809 aged 76 years.  Also of her son James Matthews who died 19th August 1809 aged 38 years. (Inscription built into the East ruined gable wall).

MATTHEWS – In memory of James Matthews, Mornington who died April 3rd 1886 aged 68 years.  And his wife Margaret who died June 4th 1881.  His brother Patrick who died in America.  Also his father John and his mother Catherine and his brother Edward and his two children.  Julia and John who died young.

MATHEWS – This Monument was erected by Patrick Mathews of Colpe for him and his Posterity where underneath lieth two of his children.  Anne an infant and Philip who died 5th Feb. 1811 aged 9 years.  Here also lieth the body of the above Patrick, died 27 Oct. 1816 aged 81.  Also James Mathews of Mount Hanover died 29th Oct. 1873.  Peter. 26th Aug 1882.  The sons of James, James Duff of Mount Hanover died 9th June 1879.  Patrick died 9 Dec 1895.  Thomas Michael of Annagor, 10 March 1895.  Helena, daughter of James died 18 Nov 1907.  Elizabeth, wife of Patrick of Mount Hanover died 10 Feb 1930.  Also Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth and wife of Sir Gerald Burke. Bart. 27 June 1918.

MORAN – Erected by John Moran of Drogheda in memory of his father Patk Moran who died on the 20th of Sept 1830 aged 79 years.  Also his mother Jane Moran, 14th of July 1832 aged 67 yrs.  And his wife Catherine who died 29 May 1859 aged 56 yrs.  The above named John Moran died 10 March 1880 aged 87 yrs.  His grandson Francis Joseph Moran, Mornington, died 8 June 1928 aged 47 years.  Also Margaret, wife of Francis J. Moran died 12 Jan 1960.  Their son Frank, 1 Sept 1983

MULLEN – In loving memory of Jack Mullen who died on 10th Dec. 1945 aged 78.

MULLEN – Erected by Thomas Mullin of Borough of Mornington to the memory of his father John Mullin who died 27th Dec 1843 aged 87 years.

MULLINS – To the memory of Mr. Cornelius Mullins of Whitefields, who dying on the 10th day of July 1888, left the Parish of St. Mary’s. heir to his Possessions.  Also his wife Ellen who followed him to the grave after an interval of one month.

MURPHY – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick J. A. Murphy, died 24 Nov. 1906 aged 29 years.  Also his father Patrick Murphy died on Holy Thursday 4 April 1912 aged 72 years.  And his mother Ellen Murphy, 30 Sept 1924 aged 80 years.  His sisters, Mary Josephine Murphy, July 29th 1951 and Genevieve Murphy Reid. Aug. 13 1953.

MURPHY – The Murphy Family, Mornington.

MURTAGH – In memory of John Murtagh, died 31 Oct 1972 aged 65.  Erected by his wife Kathleen.

MC ARDLE – See Donegan.

MC CABE – In loving memory of Hugh McCabe, Donacarney who died 20th Feb 1974 and his wife Anne (Nan) died 31st Jan 1984 aged 89.  Also his father Hugh and his mother Elizabeth, of Donacarney.  May they rest in peace.

MC CANN – Erected by Thomas McCann, Bettystown in memory of his father Joseph who died 24 Jan 1888.  His mother Jane who died 6 April 1881 and his son Christopher who died 29 Sep. 1913.  The above Thomas died 14 Nov. 1944 and his daughter Annie, 17 March 1948.  His wife Kate, 30 Nov. 1948.  His son Joseph, 1 Dec. 1957.  Thomas, 4 July 1965.  His daughter Mary Jane, 8 Oct 1973 and Margaret wife of Joseph. 3 Dec 1974.

MC CANN – Erected by Thomas McCann, Bettystown in memory of his father Patrick who departed this life Nov. 1811 aged 35 years.  His beloved mother who departed this life August 1834 aged 50 years.  The above Thomas McCann died 12 July 1893 and his wife Mary McCann who died 6 June 1895.

MC CLUSKEY – In loving memory of Ita McCluskey, Mornington who died 7th May 1959 aged 8 years.

MC CULLOUGH – Erected by James McCullough of the Marsh, Drogheda in memory of his beloved father Thomas McCullough who departed this life 7th December 1853 aged 60 years.  Also his mother Margaret who departed this life 21st August 1860 aged 62 years.  Also the above named James, 1st January 1874 aged 42 years.

MC CULLOUGH – In loving memory of the McCullough Family, Mornington. R.I.P.

MC DONALD – See Stafford.

MC DONOUGH – Charles McDonough, Donacarney, 21st Jan. 1959.  His wife Bridget, 12th April 1966.  Their daughter Rita died in infancy.

MC ENTEGART – Erected by Elizabeth McEntegart, Newtown in memory of her husband Thomas who died the 7th of Nov. 1860 aged 59 years.  Also her son Patrick McEntegart. 24 February 1864 aged 26 years.  Of your Charity pray for the soul of the above Elizabeth McEntegart who died on the 14th July 1879 aged 70 years.

MC EVOY – In loving memory of James McEvoy, died 2 Aug. 1953.  His daughter, Dolly Caffery, died 19 Jan 1963.  His wife Margaret McEvoy died 18 Feb. 1975.

MC EVOY – Bridget McEvoy, 18-7-1943.  Her husband Joseph, 28-7-1982.

MC KENNA – In loving memory of John McKenna, Mornington who died 7th Sept. 1925.  His wife Bridget, 30 March 1926.  Their son James 13 Sept. 1900.  Their daughter Lizzie who died 11 Jan. 1906.  Bridget, 19 March 1946 and their son John, 4 Nov. 1941.

MC KONE – ……. father and mother Michael and Julia McKone.  Also his children, namely, Richard, Thomas, Patrick, Joseph, Maryann, Eliza and Julia Kelly.  Also his beloved wife Mary Kelly who departed this life Nov. 9th 1879. and the above named Michael Kelly who died Sept. 5th 1885 and his son John, 14th Jan. 1923.  His wife Rosanna, 31st Jan. 1935.

MC MAHON – In loving memory of Peter McMahon who died 25th December 1907 aged 23 years.  Also Patrick McMahon who died 16th November 1909 aged 32 years. (A broken Iron Cross lying in the grass).

MC MAHON – Margaret McMahon, Tower Road, Mornington, 18th Aug. 1943.  Her husband Bernard, 28th Jan. 1951.  Their son Michael (Mixie) 18th Oct. 1986.  Also Bridge McMahon.

MC QUILLAN – Peter McQuillan, Piltown, 2nd May, 1967.  His wife Mary, 10th Aug. 1977.

MC QUILLAN – I.H.S. In memory of Patrick McQuillan died 1898.  R.I.P.  (An Iron Cross but has no Star and Crescent).

MC TEGAT – Erected by Owen McTegat for him and his Posterity.  Her lie the remains of his wife Catherine who departed this life 19th of December 1807 aged 78 years.  Also his brother John died 10th of Jan. 1809 aged 64 years.  His son Thomas, 27th November 1857 aged 54 years.  Also James who died 6 March 1839 aged 19 years.  Also Peter Jan. 1849 aged 39 years.  Also Margaret wife of said Thomas who died April 1853 aged 77 years and Patrick, 31 Jan. 1867, aged 60 years.

OWENS – This Tomb is erected by Mr. John Owens of Drogheda in memory of his beloved wife Mary who departed this life the 11th of August 1824 aged 31 years.  Underneath are deposited the remains of Captain John Owens the above named, who departed this life the 14th of March 1839 and his affectionate daughter Mrs. Marianne Verdon of Dundalk, who departed this life the 9th of January 1846.  Also his son Captain Richard Owens who departed this life the 20th of February 1856 and his daughter Mrs. Catherine Finigan who died 9th March 1859.

OWENS – See Coyle.

PLUNKET – Erected by Thomas Plunket of Bettystown in memory of his son John who departed this life 26th Aug. 1822. aged 16 years.                                                                                                                                                       

PLUNKET – Erected by Joseph Plunket in memory of his father Peter Plunket, Mosney who died March 25th 1892.  Also his sister Bridget who died Sept. 1877, and his mother Margaret Plunet who died May 6th 1902.  Also the above Joseph Plunket who died May 11th 1910 and baby Noel

RAFFTER – Here lies the Body of Lawence Raffter who departed this life 27th Jan. 1766 aged 65 years.

READ – Erected by … Read in memory of her husband Edward Read who departed this life 1st June 1799.

REDDY – Erected by Anne Reddy of Mountgranville in memory of her father Patrick Boylan who died 13th September 1839 aged 69 years.  Of her husband Patrick Reddy who died 6th August 1849 aged 30 years.  Her mother Agnes Boylan, 17 November 1878 aged 90 years.  And the above named Anne Reddy who died 1st October 1883 aged 66 years.  Anne Maria Reddy, 17 March 1935 aged 44 years.

REDDY – Erected by Bridget Reddy in memory of her husband Patrick Reddy, Mell, Drogheda, who died July 12th 1898 aged 48 years.  Also Bridget, relict of the above Patrick Reddy who died in Dublin, Dec. 30th 1924 aged 66.  James, 4th son of the late Patrick and Bridget Reddy who died in Dublin, 30th Jan. 1925 aged 35 years.

REID – See Murphy.

REILLY – In loving memory of our dear parents James Reilly, Mornington who died 22nd March 1962 aged 74 years.  Alice died 7th March 1976 aged 81 years.  R.I.P.

REYNOLDS – In loving memory of John Reynolds, Mornington died 26 Nov. 1958.  His wife, 7 Dec. 1965.  Their daughter, Gabrielle, died 24 July 1943.  Their son Gerard, died 24 April 1944.

REYNOLDS – I.H.S. In memory of Owen Reynolds, Mornington died 1897.  R.I.P.  (An Iron Cross with no Star and Crescent).

REYNOLDS – In memory of Patrick Reynolds, died 1902.  R.I.P.   (An Iron Cross with no Star and Crescent).

REYNOLDS – Sacred to the memory of Mary Reynolds, died 6 July 1906 aged 11 yrs.  And her sister Martha, who died 21 April 1907 aged 22 yrs.  Sadie Reynolds, died 15 January 1978 aged 80 years.  Her husband John L. Reynolds died 7 Oct 1979 aged 76 years.

REYNOLDS – In loving memory of Margaret Reynolds who died 27th Nov. 1923.  Her son James died 24th Jan. 1908.  Her daughter Kathleen, died 24th Jan. 1944.

REYNOLDS – Erected by John Reynolds in memory of his mother Margaret who died 12 Feb: 1915 aged 80 years.

REYNOLDS – In loving memory of Mary Reynolds who died 7th Jan. 1954.

REYNOLDS – In loving memory of Christina Reynolds, New Road, 13th April 1971.

REYNOLDS – Cherished Memories of our dear daughter, Julie Reynolds, who died 31st May 1984 aged 11 years.

REYNOLDS – In loving memory of Margaret, 21st September 1985 aged 55 years

ROCHE – Pray for the soul of Elizabeth Roche of Tullyallen, who died August 24th 1893 aged 62 years.  Erected by her son Luke.

ROE – R.d. Roe (These are the only words on this badly weathered stone).

ROE – Erected by Simon Roe of Duleek Gate, Drogheda in memory of his father and mother John and Margaret Roe.  Also his son John who departed this life 17th Oct. 1828 in the 18th year of his age.  Also the above named Simon Roe who died 22 June 1850 aged 50 years.  And his sister Jane Roe, and his wife Rose and his son Thomas who are interred here.

ROONEY – Thomas and Ann Rooney and family late of Bettystown Cross.  Their son-in-law James Keenan, 17th March 1907.

RUSSELL – Pray for the souls of Jane Russell, Donecarney who died Jan. 17th 1900 aged 18.  And her mother Jane who died Nov. 15th 1911 aged 70.

RYAN – In loving memory of Una Ryan died 10th Aug. 1976.  R.I.P.

RYAN – This Stone was Erected by Thomas Ryan of Mornington in memory of himself and his Posterity. 1794.

SHEEHY – Sacred to the memory of Patrick Sheehy, Stameen. 11 Jan. 1908 aged 62 years.  His wife Margaret, 25 Jan. 1948.  Their daughter Mary, 5 June 1969.

SHEERAN – James Sheeran, 20th May 1979.  His wife Catherine, 18th Aug. 1969.  His father Joseph, 10th Dec. 1924.  His mother Bridget, 17th March 1935.  His son Peter, 17th Oct., 1985.  (Small Plaque) Peter from his work-mates at Coca-Cola.

SHERLOCK – Erected by Thomas Sherlock of Stameen House in memory of his Grandfather and Grandmother, Thomas and Margaret Cunningham and of his uncles James and John Cunningham, all of said place.  Here also lies the Body of Kate, the beloved wife of Thomas Sherlock. Esq. of Stameen House, Drogheda, who died 9th Feb. 1861.  Here also lie the mortal remains of the above named Thomas Sherlock who departed this life 14th February 1868 aged 81 years.

SOUHAN – In loving memory of Christopher Souhan, Painstown died 10th August 1975.  James Souhan, 1931.  John Kelly, 1927.  Roseanna Kelly, 1935. R.I.P.

SMITH – Erected by James Smith, Mornington in memory of his father Patrick who died Jan. 6th 1856 aged 67 years.  And his mother Rose who died Feb. 18th 1859 aged 63 years.  Also his sister Eliza, who died April 3rd 1894 aged 60 years and his wife Kate who died 12th August 1904 aged 64 years.  Also her husband the above James Smith who died 9th April 1906 aged 74 years and his grand child Marie Smith, 18th March 1942 aged 19 years.  His son Patrick, 3rd March 1953 aged 83 years.  Bridget, wife of the above Patrick. 7th June 1973 and their Daughter Catherine, 3rd Sept. 1980.

SMITH – Edward Smith, Bettystown,11th July 1963 age 71 years.  Erected by his wife Annie.  

SMITH – In loving memory of Eugene Smith,  High St, Mornington 1st Nov. 1972 aged 6 years.

SMITH – In loving memory of Elizabeth (Lilly) Smith, Mornington who died 26th Dec. 1983 aged 68 yrs.

STAFFORD – In loving memory of Patrick Stafford who died Jan. 20th 1873 and his wife Bridget who died March 17th 1880.  His son, Thomas. Oct. 30th  1893.  His children Elizabeth and William who died young.  Also his daughter Bridget McDonald, Feb 10th 1917.

STAFFORD – Erected in memory of Catherine Stafford, Laytown, died 24th Feb. 1943.  Her daughter Kitty Stafford died 26th Nov. 1926.  Her daughters, Reta Stafford, 10th Jan. 1911.  Annie died 11th March 1952.  Her husband James, 30th April 1950.  Her sons, Michael, 3rd Aug. 1954.  Francis, 2nd March 1976.  Her daughter Susan, 4th July 1981. (Stone by W. Gogarty, Donore Road).

STAFFORD – In loving memory of James Stafford, Donacarney, died 8th Sep. 1964 aged 65.  His wife Margaret died 10th Nov. 1977 aged 73 years.

SWEENEY – Our darling daughter Nicola Sweeney, 12 St. Nicholas Village, 20th July 1987 aged 10 years.

TAAFFE: – In loving memory of Patrick Taaffe died 21 March 1963.  His wife Nora, died 26 Jan. 1961.  His father, mother and brothers, Michael and John.

TAAFFE – In memory of Aiden Taaffe, 5th Oct. 1948 aged 3 ½ years.

TALLON – See Boylan.

TRACY – Large Kerbed plot with one stone and name.

TRAYNOR – Patrick Traynor, Donacarney, 14th May 1986.

TRAYNOR – See Deery.

TUITE – In loving memory of William Tuite, died 8 Dec. 1970.  His wife Molly, 9 April 1982.

TEELING – Erected by John Teeling, D.M.P. in memory of his father Thomas who died 16 Feb. 1898 aged 59 years.  His mother Alice who died 27 June 1921 aged 85 years, and his brother Patrick who died 2 March 1935 aged 58 years.

VALLELY – See Bray.

VERDON – Beneath this stone are interred the Children of Peter Verdon of Drogheda.  John, died an infant, 30th Jan. 1837.  William John, an infant, 8th April 1838.  Also James, 12 years. Peter, 9 years. Ann Catherine, 8 years.  Maria Sophia, 7 years.  Emily, 2 years and 8 months who died of Scarlatina, December 1841.  And Bernard James Finegan, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, 2nd Queens Own, who died January the 4th 1868.  Also Kate the beloved wife of the above Peter Verson, Esq. J.P. who died 19th June. 1875.

VERDON – Of your Charity pray for the soul of Peter J. Verdon who departed this life October 25th 1879 in the 34th  year of his age.  And of Michael J. Verdon, his brother, who departed this life May 19th 1881 aged 41 years.  Pray of the soul of Clara beloved wife of Peter J. Verdon. died April 11th 1896.

VERDON – See Owens.

WALSH – Mary Walsh died 1st May 1909 aged 81 years.

WARD – In loving memory of Laurence Ward, Mornington. 26th Jan. 1938.  His wife Kathleen, 22nd Feb. 1976.  His mother Mary, 26th Feb. 1935.  His grand daughter Joan died in infancy.  Also baby Daniel Ward.

WARD – In loving memory of Michael Ward, died 29th Nov. 1951 aged 73 yrs.  His wife Margaret, 23rd Aug. 1973.  Their infant daughter Concepta.

WARDICK – See Young.

WATTERS – In loving memory of Bridget Watters, died 22nd May 1961.  Her husband Thomas, 7th Nov. 1966.  Also their infant daughter Alice.  R.I.P.

WEIR – Three wooden crosses on concrete bases.  Belonging to the Weir Family.

WHEARTY – I.H.S.  In loving memory of Anne Whearty, died Sept. 1879. R.I.P.  (An Iron Cross with “ Drogheda Ironworks” and Star and Crescent on the back).

WHEARTY – In memory of Patrick Whearty, The Garra, Mornington, 1875-1952 and his wife Margaret, 1885-1957.  Requiescant in pace.

WHEARTY – Margaret Whearty.  1885-1957.  R.I.P.

WHEARTY – In loving memory of Thomas Whearty, Colpe East, died 13 Feb 1966 aged 67 years.  R.I.P.

WILD – See Magill.

WILLIAMSON – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Robert Williamson who died 5th Nov. 1918 aged 27 years.  A devoted son dearly loved.

WOODS – See Mackin.

YOUNG – Erected in loving memory of Francis Young who died 11th May 1930 aged 73 years.  Also Margaret Wardick who died 24 May 1925, aged 32 years.  R.I.P.