Tithe Defaulters 1831 – Moymet Parish – 31 names  – The names in these records are of those who refused to pay the tithe and whom were recorded by the Church of Ireland clergy. The Tithe Defaulter Schedules are held in the National Archives, Bishop St, Dublin in Official Papers Miscellaneous Assorted. For Meath only the records for Moymet parish survive. The schedule for Moymet was compiled in December 1831.

Image: The Tithe Collector.

Allen, William, Trimleston.

Bell, Mathew, Clonfane.

Brady, John, Kilbride.

Brenan, John, Moymet.

Callaghan, Bryan, Clonfane.

Barney, Derham, Moymet.

Douglas, James, Moymet.

Fagan, John, Moymet.

Farrelly, Michael, Moymet.

Fay, John, Clonfane.

Field, Richard, not a defaulter.

Flood, John, Kilbride.

Gannon, James, Moymet.

Gannon, Thomas, Iskeroon.

Herbert, Kate, Moymet.

Hughes, Thomas, Clonfane.

Keely, John, Iskeroon.

Kelly, John, Moymet.

Kenna, Patrick, Iskeroon.

King, John, Clonfane.

King, Richard, Clonfane.

Lynch, Peter, Clonfane.

Mackison, James, Clonfane.

Nevil, James, Moymet.

Newham, Thomas, Moymet.

Reynolds, George, Clonfane.

Reynolds, James, Clonfane.

Rooney, James, Moymet.

Rooney, Patrick, Moymet.

Steven, Patrick, Moymet.

Tuite, Rev. M. P.P. Moymet Parish, not a defaulter.

Vaughan, James, Athboy.

Victory, Laurence, Clonfane.