Recorded by Tony Coogan & Gerry Mahon

September 2004

BELL – In loving memory of a dear husband and daddy.  Arthur Thomas Bell, Tullaghanogue, Trim, died 26th March 1991, aged 66 years.  “In heavenly love abiding”.

BELL – In loving memory of our dear parents, Mary Bell, Newtown, died 28th July 1988, and John Bell, died 24th January 1989.  “The Lord is my shepherd”. Aunt Winnie Faulkner died 1st December 1990.

PORTER – In loving memory of James Porter, Billywood, died June 1946.  His wife Isabella died November 1957.  “Abide with me”.

MC QUAID – Isabel McQuaid, Billywood, died 10th February 1981.  Her husband Aurther William 1905 – 1977.

STRONG – In loving memory of our dear mother, Harriet Strong, Billywood, Moynalty, who departed this life 18th July 1967, aged 88 years.

ROUNTREE– In loving memory of Isaac Rountree, Curraghtown, born 1876 – died May 26th 1943.  His wife Mary Frances nee Lloyd, born February 14th 1887, died February 10th 1969.  His son Isaac Lloyd Rountree, born November 26th 1914, died February 9th 1997.  His wife Georgina Margaret nee Bannon, born July 8th 1920, died November 7th 1999.  “ Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life”.

FAULKNER– William Faulkner, Billywood, Moynalty died 3rd December 1960.

CLARKE – In loving memory of Isabelle Clarke, Loughan, Kells called to rest on 25th November 1962.  Her husband, John David Clarke called to rest 15th September 1964. Dearly loved.

MC ALEESE – James McAleese.  1930 – 2002.

SIMMONS – In loving memory of Robert Simmons, Robertstown, died 16th June 1941.  His wife Elizabeth, died 25th January 1956.  Their grandchildren Isabella and Elizabeth Simmons, died 31st January 1937.

BARTHOLOMEW – Sacred to the memory of Cyril Hargreaves Farquharson Bartholomew who entered into rest at Williamstown, Kells on 11th October 1922, aged 32 years.  Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Nina Bartholomew nee Smerdon, Williamstown, born March 25th 1895, died December 24th 1949.

CHALONER – Sacred to the memory of Claud Chaloner, Kingsfort, Moynalty, died June 21st 1917, aged 79 years.  Also Henrietta Anne, his wife died April 18th 1927, aged 79 years.

CHALONER – In loving memory of Claudius Willoughby Chaloner, born 1882, died 1963 of Kingfort and Cherrymount in Moynalty parish. “Underneath are the everlasing arms”.

SMITH – In loving memory of Margaret Smith, died 16th April 1954, aged 66.  Edward Smith died 19th August 1969, aged 86 years.  Their daughter Peggy Smith died 6th June 1973, aged 54 years.  All late of Ballynamona, Kells

BELL – Erected by Christopher Bell in loving memory of his wife Georgina Bell, died 21st May 1928.  Also his father John Bell, died 8th November 1912 and his mother Martha Bell, died 4th April 1913.  Also in memory of his daughter Bertha, died in Ipswich 14th February 1933, aged 22 years and his dear father Christopher, died 3rd November 1953, aged 76 years.  “Safe in the arms of Jesus”.

MC KIERNAN – In loving memory of Harriet McKiernan nee Bell who died 31st August 1991, aged 79 years.  “Thy will be done”.  Erected by her brother and sister (Bennett, Kells).

O’NEILL – In loving memory of Mary O’Neill, aged 65 years.  Called home on November 26th 1962.  A devoted friend and help to Mr and Mrs Thomas McCloughry and their family for 50 years.

CLARKE – In memory of Ethel Clarke, Knockgrenny, Moynalty, called home on 24th January 1963, aged 60 years.  Her husband Isaac, called home on 5th June 1964, aged 70 years.  “Peace, perfect Peace”.

BELL – In loving memory of Thomas Bell, Dulane, died 15th May 1935.  His wife Elizabeth died 9th May 1951.  Their daughter Frances McGillick, died 26th March 1967.  Their son James, died 14th March 1970.  Eugene McGillick, husband of Frances died 2nd December 1987.

MC GILLICK – In loving memory of Josephine McGillick, Gravelstown, died 11th November 1968, aged 62 years.  Her husband John, died 28th June 1981, aged 72 years.  Their son James, died 23rd April 2001, aged 69 years.

WALLER – In loving memory of Mary Waller, beloved wife of Rev. Robert Warren, Rectory, Moynalty, died November 29th 1915.

SMITH – In loving memory of Thomas Smith, esquire, Drumlane, Co.Meath, died 8th October 1900, aged 76 years.

HUNT – In loving memory of Jane Hunt, born 6th May 1836, died 29th May 1914.

HUNT – In emory of my dear sister Martha Hunt, who died at Moynalty Rectory, 25th December 1905, aged 64 years.

BEATTIE – In loving memory of Rev. John Beattie, LLD, TCD, Rector of Moynalty, born 3rd September 1836, died 11th June 1907.

ROUNTREE – In loving memory of William Rountree, Rantavan House, Mullagh, who died December 1925.  His daughter Hannah died in 1900.  His son William died 1934, his wife Elizabeth died June 1945.

LILLIE– Lillie died…..

Died February 1854.

BARNES – This stone covers the remains of Caleb Barnes esq. of  Mahonstown.  A man of unshaking loyalty, extensive charity, universal benevolence.  He lived the life of the righteous and with pious submission and Christ-like resignation yielding up his soul to God on 20th December 1811, aged 66 years of his age.  ““May my end be like his”.

BARNES – Sacred to the memory of John Marshall Barnes, captain in his Majesty’s 16th Regiment of Foot and Adjutant of the Royal Meath Militia.  Adorned by many estimable qualities in private life and after spending his early years in the service of his king and country he yielded up his soul into the hands of his maker on the 27th day of July 1829 in the 46th year of his age.  Sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who knew him.  His sisters Alicia and Jane have caused this stone to be erected in grateful remembrance of the best of brothers.

MURTAGH – In loving memory of Ted Murtagh died 22nd December 1977.

DOWNEY – In loving memory of John Downey, died 23rd June 1966.  Bridet died 11th September 1948.  Baby John died 1942, baby Charles died 1948.   Jim and Helena Naulty.

O’REILLY – In loving memory of Elizabeth O’Reilly, Newtown, died 26th October 1909, aged 66 years.  Also her daughter Emily, died 6th January 1901, aged 18 years.  Also her husband Patrick, died 23rd October 1916, and his son Joseph, died 10th November 1931.

CALLAGHAN This stone was erected by Brian Callaghan over his father James who died 1776, aged 80 years.  Matthew, son to James died 1762, aged 30 years.


CALLAGHAN – Sunburst.  This stone was erected by ……………………… in memory ……………….  Patrick Callaghan.

ROURKE – Here lieth the body of John Rourke who died November 1774, aged 78 years.  Also his son ……… 1783, aged 23 years.  Thomas his son died October ……., aged 32 years.  Erected by Margaret his wife.

SHERIDAN – This stone was erected by Brian Sheridan in memory of his father Denis Sheridan, who died July 8th 1848, aged 72 years.  Also his brother James Sheridan, died February 1st 1853, aged 43 years.  And his sister Bridget who died June 2nd 1853, aged 45 years.

SHEILDS – Sacred to the memory of Rev. Wentworth Sheilds, 28 years, rector of this parish, who departed this life 20th June 1829, aged 72.

GERAGHTY – In loving memory of Patrick, Anne, Bill, John, Katie, Tommy Geraghty.  Also their nieces Kitty Geraghty and Josephine Clarke.  R.I.P