Recorded by the Meath Heritage Centre with Noel E. French 1993


Newtown Graveyard is a large exposed graveyard overlooking the Boyne and filled with an abundance of trees and wildlife.  Steeped in history it houses the ruins of a cathedral and small parish church.

The graveyard was undulating so the south side of the graveyard was the most practical to set out our baseline.  The north baseline had to be stepped due to the irregular shape of the graveyard and the slopes encountered.  The west baseline cut directly through the cathedral.  All offsets for trees, graves, paths and marker stones were taken from these relevant baselines.  Each gravestone was numbered, sketched, photographed, measured and all inscriptions and carvings were recorded. We also researched the historical background of the graveyard and we put together a nature report on the flora and fauna within the graveyard.

An inked plan was produced and included all buildings, trees and graves.  Photographic records can be seen on request at the Meath Heritage Centre.

We wish to record our thanks to the Right Reverend Monsignor Sean Kenny P.P.  V.G. and Tom Dempsey of the cemetery committee for permission to record the inscriptions.

The inscriptions are set out in alphabetical order based on the first name which appears on the monument.  Where additional surnames occur, these are crossed referenced to the name under which the inscription is recorded.  The numbers at the end of each inscription refer to the plan of the graveyard.

Some stones were particularly difficult to read and it is advisable that each researcher check the inscriptions themselves where possible.

Newtown History

Simon de Rochford, first Norman Bishop of the diocese of Meath, founded a priory here about the year 1206 for the canons regular of the congregation of St. Victor.  He also erected the church into a cathedral, which he dedicated to the honour of St. Peter and St. Paul.  The original church extended westwards.  Large sections of the walls were demolished by the “Big Wind” in the 19th Century.  The position of the high altar is preserved, as well as some details of the roof and of the stairways leading from the monastery.

There is a legend relating to this old cathedral.  A great treasure hoard was supposed to be concealed under the altar, guarded by two sleeping Bishops, and one night a crowd of some hundreds assembled to dig for it. The police however, who doubted the purpose of the assembly, interrupted the excavations and the treasure was not disturbed.

In the ruins of the small parish church in the graveyard is the tomb erected to the memory of Sir Lucas Dillon, Chief Baron of the Exchequer in the reign of Queen Elizabeth and the trusted friend of Henry Sidney.  It is an altar tomb with an effigy of Sir Lucas and his wife, Lady Jane Bath, showing them dressed in Elizabethan costume.  The placing of the sword between them probably led to the local name for the tomb, “The Jealous man and woman.”  The slabs of the Tomb surrounds are obviously cut by the carpenter.  Represented are the coats of arms of Meath families related to Dillon and Bath.  The west end depicts the couple’s family.  Pins are left here on the top of the tomb by people who seek a cure for warts.

At the south west corner of the cemetery we see the ruins of the abbey of the canons Regular of St. Victor, some stonework has been unearthed and preserved in the corner of this area. Water was supplied to the monastery by gravity through ground pipes under the Boyne from a well near the junction on the Dublin road.

We are reminded of the antiquity of this site also by the name of the townland adjacent – Lackinash which in old Irish means cemetery.


Trim, Co. Meath:  Hussey (W.G) and J Roche edd

Ecclesiastical buildings of Trim:  Richard Butler

Trim: Kelly, Rev. Joseph P.

Some notices of the castle and of the abbeys and other religious homes at Trim:  Richard Butler. 

Gravestone Statistics

(a) The oldest recorded gravestone dates back to 1713, and is in memory of Bess Fox. (137)

(b) The oldest recorded person buried in the graveyard and recorded on a gravestone was a man called William Moran who departed this life 1st May 1826, age 106 years.  (158)

(c) The youngest person buried in the graveyard and recorded on a gravestone was Elizabeth Anderson who departed this life the 16th of March 1870, aged 8 days.  (283)


1700                45       

1800                198                                         

1900                402


  0- 10     YEARS                   28

10- 19     YEARS                   23

20- 29     YEARS                   39

30- 39     YEARS                   30

40- 49     YEARS                   35

50- 59     YEARS                   45

60- 69     YEARS                   71

70- 79     YEARS                   80

80- 89     YEARS                   53

90- 99     YEARS                   10                               

100-110  YEARS                   01

UNKNOWN                          112


REVEREND, Merchant, Private, Aircraft man, Sergeant, Rifleman, M.D., N.T. (National Teacher), Doctor, Brewer, Baker.


Trim, Navan, Athboy, Dublin, England, Ballivor, Oakstown , Rathcore, Kilnagross, Clonmellon, Borris, Clonard, Cloneymeath, Athlone, Carverstown, Kildalkey, Rathnally, Drumree, Belfast, Stamullen, Rome, New York, Chile, California, Germany, Nock Mills.


Rennicks, Trim;  T.H. Dennahy, Glasnevin;  T. Reid, Donore;  Gerrard, Navan;  Bennett, Ardbraccan;  Cullen, Naas;  C.W. Harrison & Sons;  Courdney S. Thomas, Dublin;  Lyons, Edenderry;  D. Scally & Sons, Glasnevin;  Joe Reilly, Navan;  Fitzpatrick & Molloy , Glasnevin;  Burnell, Carrick;  Martin Drum;  Fergus Rennicks, Navan;  T & O Rennicks , Ardbraccan;  Coates, Dublin;  Kennedys, Tullamore;  O Mahon, Glasnevin;  Peter Horan, Tullamore;  Wade, Berkley St., Dublin.


(No 178)


In the parish church of Newtown – Clonbun stands the remains of the tomb of Sir Lucas Dillon and his wife Lady Jane Bathe, daughter of James Bathe of Athcarne and Drumcondrath.  The recumbent figures of Sir Lucas in Renaissance armour and his wife in Elizabethan gown surmount the tomb.

This tomb is known locally as the tomb of the jealous man and woman because the two figures do not touch each other at all.  And also the sword of state separates the figures.  Sir Lucas Dillon remarried later.  Local folklore says that you can leave a pin in between the two figures and as the pin rusts away your warts disappear.

The tomb measures 6ft. 9ins in length four feet wide and four feet high.  On the South side the Arms of Dillon, Bathe and Barnewall families.  On the West end of the tomb is a relief sculpture showing the marriage of Sir Lucas and Lady Jane with their hands on the Gospel Book and their attendants and families on each side of them.  Above the scene are the shields of the Dillon and Bathe families with an inscription “Deus God”.  The East end was to contain an inscription.  Lodge gives the wording which is in the form of an obituary to Sir Lucas.  Dean Butler was going to restore the inscription but the workmanship proved so poor that whatever was done wore off very quickly.

Sir Lucas Dillon was the son of Sir Robert Dillon who was speaker of the House of Commons and Attorney General to Henry V111.  Sir Robert received a grant of the lands of the monastery of Newtown at the dissolution of the monasteries.  Sir Robert’s brother Thomas was Prior of Newtown in 1511. 

Sir Lucas followed in his father’s footsteps and became Attorney General and Speaker of the House of Commons to Queen Elizabeth 1.  .He also became chief Baron of the Exchequer.

(No 147)

These stones erected by Dean Butler are known locally as “Bishop Logans “Tomb.

(No 135)

A slab marks the burial place of Rev. Thomas King.

  1. FAY
  7. DALY
  10. O’REILLY
  11. BROGAN
  12. CLARKE
  14. MAHER
  16. O’REILLY
  20. LYNAM
  21. CAHILL
  24. GIBNEY
  25. MC KEON
  28. TULLY
  29. TULLY
  31. DAVIS
  32. DAVIS
  35. NO NAME
  36. HARTE
  37. NO NAME
  38. BLAKE
  39. HINEY
  40. COX
  41. MOONEY
  42. NO NAME
  43. FAGAN
  45. HUSSEY
  47. MC KEON
  49. KEAN
  50. MC KEON
  51. DUNN
  52. GILL
  53. NO NAME
  54. BOYLE
  56. BROGAN
  57. KING
  58. NO NAME
  59. NO NAME
  60. BEATTY
  61. LANGAN
  62. NO NAME
  63. CLARKE
  64. MURRAY
  65. NO NAME
  66. NEARY
  67. WHELON
  68. DUIGAN
  70. RYDER
  71. DUFF
  72. DUFF
  73. KEEFE
  74. SHERRY
  75. LANE
  77. CANTY
  78. BLAKE
  79. UNION
  80. MELIA
  82. MC CANN
  83. MC CANN
  84. MC CANN
  85. BUTLER
  86. MELIA
  87. NO NAME
  88. MC CANN
  89. NO NAME
  91. MURRY
  92. NO NAME
  93. JORDAN
  94. DALY
  95. NO NAME
  96. NO NAME
  97. CURRY
  98. FAGAN

100. NO NAME

101. SMITH

102. NO NAME

103. NO NAME

104. NO NAME



107. DALY

108. CLARK






114. KING

115. POTTS


117. NO NAME


119. MORAN


121. DUFF






127. ELLET

128. FAY

129. BRAND

130. NO NAME

131. BYRNE




135. QUINN

136. NO NAME

137. MAXAN



140. NO NAME

141. NEARY

142. DORAN


144. MORAN


146. LOGAN

147. NO NAME

148. SMYTH

149. DUNNE


151. NO NAME


153. NO NAME




157. SMITH

158. MORAN

159. FLOOD

160. NO NAME


162. KAIN



165. LYNCH






171. NO NAME

172. DOWD


174. REGAN


176. KELLY

177. ROE

178. NO NAME

179. DARCY


181. NO NAME




185. AGNEW




189. NO NAME








197. QUINN


199. NO NAME


201. DUNN



204. LALOR

205. NO NAME

206. LOYD

207. CARR

208. NO NAME


210. DUFFY


212. NULTY






218. NO NAME


220. SMITH


222. NO NAME

223. DALY





228. NO NAME

229. CASEY



232. LYNCH

233. LYNCH



236. REGAN



239. GINTY

240. NO NAME

241. REGAN


243. LYNCH






248. NO NAME


250. FAGAN

251. DORAN


253. SHORT

254. ROE

255. NO NAME

256. NO NAME




260. NO NAME

261. HEALY


263. NO NAME


265. DOLAN


267. DEVEY

268. MELIA



271. NO NAME



274. NO NAME

275. NO NAME





280. MC GREW

281. O’DARE

282. BIRD



285. O BRIEN

286. HEALY



289. FEELY


291. HEALY

292. O REGAN


AGNEW – William H. Agnew.  Belfast.  Died Nov 1918 aged 34.  (Headstone 185)

ANDERSON – In loving memory of Edward Anderson, 12 Loman St. Trim, died 31st May 1979 aged 75 yrs.  His wife, Margaret, died 19th June 1983 aged 81 yrs.  Also his sister, Bridget.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 18)

ANDERSON – Erected to the memory of Elizabeth Anderson, died 16th March 1870 aged 8 days.  Jane Anderson, died 30th Nov. 1874 aged 1 and a half years.  Mary Anderson, died 2nd Dec 1874 aged 3 years.  Ellen Anderson, died 29th May 1875 aged 7 years.  Elizabeth Anderson, died 11th Oct 1876 aged 33 years.  Matthew Anderson, died 23rd April 1890 aged 15 years.  James Anderson, died 6th Sept. 1915 aged 73 years. James Anderson, died 6th Sept. 1915 aged 73 years. Christopher Battersby, died 11th Feb 1885 . Also his wife, Jane Battersby, died 22nd Aug 1934.  R. I. P.   (Headstone 283)

ANDERSON – In loving memory of Ellen Anderson, Crowpark, died 23rd May 1937 aged 59 yrs. Her husband, Henry, died 11th April 1945 aged 66 yrs.   Their son Henry, died 11th Jan. 1977 aged 69 yrs.  His wife, Ellen, died 22nd Nov. 1988 aged 73 yrs.

Anderson. R. I. P.  (Headstone 19)

ANDREWS – See Gorman (Celtic Cross 258)

BAGNELL – Here lieth the body M Bagnell ……….. Who dept this life ……9 ………  ……… (Broken slab 191)

BARRINGTON – In memory of John Barrington, of Caulstown, Drumree, who died 5th May 1941 and his sister, Mary, who died 14th March 1943.  (Headstone 113)

BATTERSBY – See Anderson (Headstone 283)

BEATTY – In loving memory of James Beatty, Effernock, Trim, died 11th July 1967.  And his wife, Rose, died 5th October 1963. R. I. P.  (Headstone 60)

BIRD – In memory of Patrick Bird, died 8th Jan 1953.  His wife, Rose, died 1st Aug 1963. R.I.P  (Headstone 282)

BLAKE – (East) Erected by Thomas Blake, of Trim, in memory of his beloved wife, Bridget, who died 26th Novr 1870, aged 60 years.  Also his daughters, Anne who died 30th June 1840, aged 11 years and Marianne, who died 21st May 1841, aged 4 months.  Also the above Thomas Blake, who died 27th March 1873, aged 73 years.  And his son Daniel, who died 14th March 1877, aged 32 years.  R. I. P.  Michael Blake, died 17th May 1922.  His wife Mary Kate Lalor (nee Blake), died 14th June 1968. Late of Mill St.

(North) Also James Blake, died 3rd June 1884, aged 48. R. I. P.

(South) Mary Josephine Blake, the beloved child of Peter & Mary Blake, of Trim, who departed this life 15th Octr 1880, aged 14 months.  Also the above Peter Blake, who died 26th July 1884, aged 46 years. R. I. P. (Headstone 38)

BLAKE – (East) Lord have mercy on the soul of Daniel, the dearly beloved husband of Ellen Blake of Trim, who departed this life on the 30th day of Sep. 1876, in the 56th year of his age.  Also their beloved daughter, Annie, who died on the 20th May 1867, in the 9th year of her age.  And their beloved son, Daniel died on the 12th June 1876, in the 3rd year of his age.  Also the above Ellen Blake, died 13th July 1887, aged 52 years. R.I.P.

(North) Daniel, died 22nd Nov 1881. Aged 4 years.

(South) Emily, died 15th Nov 1881. Aged 6 years.  (Headstone 78).

BLAKE – See Plunkett (Headstone 106)

BOYLE – See Brogan (Headstone 54)

BRACKEN – Erected by John Bracken, in memory of his beloved wife, Margaret, who departed this life 27th July 1867 aged 29 years.  And of their infant son, James, who died 21st April 1862, aged 4 months.  Also the above John Bracken, who depd this life 11th April 1889, aged 75years.  (Headstone 249)

BRADSHAW – In loving memory of Georgina Bradshaw, who fell asleep in Jesus, 29th July 1911 aged 82 years.  Erected by her fond sister, Amelia, the beloved wife of George MacManus M.D., Trim.  Also the above Amelia MacManus who departed this life to her three surviving sons great sorrow, 18th Oct 1916, aged 87.  Also their son, Fred died 31st March 1941, aged 70 yrs.  His daughter, Kathleen, died 18th June 1970.  Also his wife Rose died 19th Oct. 1980.  RIP.  (Headstone 293)

BRAND – Here lieth the body of Matthew Brand, son to Henry Brand and Elizabeth Brand of Trim, who departed this life ye 6 day of Novb 1751 age 3 years.  (Headstone 129)

BRENNAN – Here lieth the body of Mary Anne Br…… who departed this life the 3rd Day of Novr 1790 aged … years ….. Requiesed in Pace.  This monument was erected by her father Edm. Brennan for himself and his posterity.  (Tablet 198)

BRENNAN – This stone was erected by Silvester Brennan in memory of his two sons, James who died the 17th of Dec 1800, aged 34 years & Owen the 1st of March 1803, aged 27 years.  (Headstone 33).

BRENNAN – Erected by Thomas Brennan, Rathnally, in memory of his mother, Anne Brennan, who died 21st Sep 1896.  Also the above named, Thomas Brennan, died 29th March 1918 aged 55 years.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 2)

BRENNAN – See Rodgers (Headstone 254)

BRISCOE – Pray for the soul of Mr. Paul Briscoe of Trim, who depd this life the 26th of May 1797.  Requiesant in pace.  (Headstone 122)

BROGAN – This stone was erected by Mrs. Elizabeth Brogan of Butter stream, in memory of her beloved husband, Francis Brogan, who departed this life Sept 29th 1838 aged 67 years.  Also the remains of their son, Francis, who departed this life on the 24th of June 1827 aged 18 years.  Also his sister, Bridget Brogan, who departed this life March 10th 1839 aged 57 years.  And their son, John Brogan, who departed this life on the 19th April 1872 aged 49 years.  Also his wife, Mary Brogan, who died July 1st 1883 aged 53 years.  R.I.P.  Also Mary, dearly loved daughter of James Brogan, Butter stream, who died  March 13th 1896 aged 29 yrs.  Also the above Elizabeth Brogan who died August 8th 1862 aged 82 years & her daughter, Catherine Boyle, died July 13th 1903 aged 87.  Margaret Brogan, the beloved wife of James Brogan, Butter stream, who died Jan 13th 1904 aged 87 years.  Also the above James Brogan died March 5th 1907.  Also Francis, eldest son of the late James Brogan, who died 3 Dec 1925.  Requiescat in Pace. Christina Brogan died 25th March 1936. James Brogan, Butter stream, Trim who died on the 30th Aug 1936 aged 76 years. Kate Brogan who died 23rd Aug 1939 aged 77 years. (Headstone 54).

BROGAN – In loving memory of Elizabeth Brogan who died 9 June 1946.  Her son, Bengeham, who died 6 May 1920.  James Brogan who died 7 Feb 1952.  Michael Brogan who died 12 Nov 1983.  R. I. P.  (Celtic Cross 287)

BROGAN – (East)  Pray for the soul of Mary Josephine Brogan, eldest and dearly loved daughter of John and Rosanna Brogan of Moatown, who died June 10th 1902 aged 17 and a half years.  Also Rose Mary who died Oct 15th 1887 aged 6 months.  And Francis Joseph who died April 15th 1900 aged 13 months.  And their eldest son, Edward, who died April 14th 1912 aged 28 years.  Also the above John Brogan, who died Oct 12th 1912 aged 54 years.

(North)  Also the said Mrs Rosanna Brogan who died 7th March 1936 aged 77 years. Her son, Andrew, died 10th Sept. 1971.

(South)  Mollie Brogan, wife of Andrew, died 1 Feb 1975.  Their son-in-law Desmond McCormick, died 17 Nov. 1985.  (Celtic Cross 11)

BROGAN – Erected by Michael and Daniel Brogan in memory of their beloved father, Michael Brogan, who died 29th March 1871, aged 74 years.  Also their mother, Anne Brogan, died Nov 1864 aged 70 years & the above Michael Brogan, died Sep 5th 1883 aged 44 years.  His wife, Elizabeth, died Nov 20 1899 age 60. R. I. P.  (Headstone 56)

BROGAN – Lord have mercy on the soul of Michael, the dearly loved husband of Bridget Brogan, High Street, Trim, who died May 12th 1904, aged 45 years.  Also their daughter, Kitty, died June 15th 1904, aged 5 years.  The above Bridget Brogan who died 10th May 1950, aged 89 years.   Margaret Brogan died 24th June 1973 aged 75 yrs. R. I. P.  (Celtic Cross 288)

BROGAN – This stone is erected in memory of Patrick Brogan of Trim who died the 1st day of February 1858 aged 85 years.  Also his daughter, Anne, aged 33 years.  And also his beloved wife, Anne Brogan, who departed this life on the 18th day of January 1865 aged 82 years.  His son, Richard, who died 29th Jan 1877 aged 53 years and his daughter, Mary, died 16th Feb. 1883 aged 75 years.  (Headstone 234)

BROGAN – Sacred to the memory of Thomas Brogan, Trim, who died 17th Jan 1893 aged 70 years and his wife, Margaret Brogan, died 27th May 1885 aged 65 years.  Erected by their daughter, Rose.  Also her brother, James Brogan, died 26th April 1899 aged 40 years.  (Headstone 227)

BUTLER – In loving memory of Catherine Butler, The Maudlins, died 14th Aug 1957.  Her Husband, Michael, died 29th Jan 1936.  Her sister, Mary Anne Dunne, died 2nd Oct 1958.  (Headstone 85)

BYRNE – In memory of Peter Byrne, Dowdstown, Kilcairne, Navan, died 1-12-1959 aged 76.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 131)

BYRNE – See Kiernan (Cross 55).

BYRNE – See McCann (Headstone 82).

BYRNE – See McCann (Headstone 84).

CAHILL – In loving memory of Maureen Cahill, died 29th July 1935.  Also her father, Edward, died 14th Jan 1939.  Her mother, Catherine, died 29th April 1943.  Her brother, Edward, died 2nd Jan 1959.  Jim Cahill died 1982. R. I. P.  (Headstone 21)

CALLAGHAN – In loving memory of Andrew Callaghan, St John’s, Trim, died 11th Feb 1921.  Also his wife, Bridget, died 18th May 1946.  And her sister, Jane Daly, died 11th Aug 1936.  Also Eugene Callaghan who died 8th October 1955.  Also Jane Callaghan who died 5th March 1970.  Mary Callaghan died 28th July 1979. R.I.P. (Headstone 244B)

CALLAGHAN – In loving memory of John Calllaghan, Haggard St., Trim, died 12th July 1983 aged 65 yrs.  His parents, Bernard and Mary. R. I. P.  Erected by his wife & family. Callaghan.  (Headstone 224)

CALLAGHAN – Erected by Patrick Callaghan of Trim in memory of his father, Bryan Callaghan, who departed this life Sept 27th 1887 aged 39 years.  Also his wife, Anne Callaghan, died 7th Dec. 1934.  the above Patrick, Bridge St. Trim died 20th Feb 1949 aged 78. R. I. P.  (Headstone 26)

CALLAGHAN  – See Colgan (Headstone 244A)

CALLANAN – Here lyeth the body of James Callanan of Trim who departed this life Novr the 18th 1766 aged 37 years.  Also two of his children Pau and James.  (Headstone 90)

CANTY – Erected by Helena Canty in memory of her husband, Patrick Canty of Trim, who died 19 Oct 1917, aged 75.  The above Helena Canty who died 22nd June 1945.  Their daughter, Margaret Matile, died 17th Nov 1980.  Her husband, Paul Matile, died 23rd April 1978.  Rose Canty, daughter of the above Patrick and Helena, died 22nd May 1983. R. I. P.   (Celtic Cross 77)

CAROLAN – John Carolan died May 1907.  His wife died Jan. 1923.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 202)

CARR – Erected by John Carr of Navan in memory of his father, Terence Carr, who departed this life 5th Dec. 1828 aged 52 years.  Also his mother, Anne Carr, who depd this life 5th day Decr 1852 aged 79 years.  (Headstone 207)

CARROLL – Erected by Bridget Carroll in memory of her mother, Bridget Carroll, who died 2nd July 1883 aged 54.  Also her brother, Thomas, died 17 June 1894 aged 27.

(Headstone 13)

CARROLL – In loving memory of Mrs Ann Carroll (South Commons, Trim) died 14th Nov 1926.  Also her husband, Christopher, died 8th May 1931.  And their sons, Thomas, died, 15th May 1962.  Also Michael died 24th Dec. 1965.  Mary, wife of Michael, died 12th July 1979.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 193)

CARY – See Mangan (Headstone 139).

CASEY – See Fagan (Headstone 229).

CHESHIR – See Reilly (Headstone 266).

CLARK – Here lieth ye body of Ann Clark, daughter to Pak & Catherine Clark, who departed this life………….  (Broken Headstone 108)

CLARKE – In loving memory of Matthew & Mary Clarke, 28 High St., Trim.  Maureen Clarke died 17th March 1947.  Michael J. Clarke died 11th July 1958.  Kathleen Clarke died 24th July 1962.  Their grandson, Anthony Culleton died 2nd Aug 1960.  Miceal Clarke, 12 Ashling Place Navan, died 3rd March 1981.  Matthew died 21st May 1989. 

R. I. P.  (Cross 63)

CLARKE – See Lube 12.

CLINCH – Here are interred the mortal remains of Mrs Barbara Clinch, alias Morres, who depd this life April 29th 1855. R. I. P.  (Slab 192)

COLGAN – Erected by Thomas Colgan, Carverstown, in loving memory of his wife, Marcella, died 21 Nov 1920 aged 33 years. Her father, John Callaghan, died 7 April 1912, aged 80 years. R. I. P.  (Headstone 244A)

COMMONS – See Hanlon (Headstone 190).

COMMONS – See Sheridan (Headstone 175).

CONNELL – In fond remembrance of our dear father, Michael Connell, Trim, born 9th Dec 1843, died 24th Feb 1891.  Our loving mother Mary Frances, born  23rd March 1852, died 20th May 1894.  And our sister Annie, born 27th Oct 1883, died 16th April 1888.  Our aunt, Margaret Connell, died 23rd April 1906 aged 73 years. R. I. P.  (Celtic Cross 6)

CONNOR – In memory of Bernard Connor, died 27th March 1974….(Headstone 246A).

CONNOR – Pray for the souls of our dear parents, Bernard Connor died 7th Sept. 1971.  His wife, Elizabeth, died 8th June 1977.  Their son, Patrick, died 19th Oct. 1964.  Their daughter, Susan, aged 6 months. R. I. P. (Headstone 246B)

CONNOR – In loving memory of Patrick (Paudge) Connor, Blackfriary, Navan Gate, died 20th Dec. 1988 aged 74 yrs. R. I. P.  (Headstone 245)

CONNOR – In loving memory of Thomas (Tommy) Connor died 11th March 1961 aged 64 years.  And his loving wife, Kathleen (Kitty), died 16th Jan 1990 aged 72 years. R.I.P. 

(Headstone 246C)

CORBY – See Murphy (Celtic Cross 4).

CORCORAN – This stone was erected by Michael Corcoran of Townsend Street, Dublin, in memory of his most affectionate wife, Anne Corcoran, who depd this life 23rd of Decbr 1798 age 34 years & two of their children who died young.  Here also lie interred the remains of Richard Timbs who departed this life 10th March 1880 age 18 years.  (Headstone 76)

COX – In loving memory of Joseph Cox, Crowpark, Trim, died 13 June 1937 aged 55 yrs.  His wife, Christine, died 3 March 1964 aged 74 yrs. R. I. P. Cox.  (Headstone 40)

CULLETON – See Clarke (Cross 63).

CUNNINGHAM – See Wilton (Headstone 169).

CUNNINGHAM – In loving memory of Patrick Cunningham died 17th Oct 1945 aged 84 yrs.  His wife, Margaret, died 19th April 1947 aged 80 yrs.  Their sons, John died 25th Dec. 1968 aged 74 yrs.  Their daughter, Julia, died when 3 and a half years.  Patrick died 24th Jan 1973 aged 76 yrs. R.I. P.  (Headstone 195)

CURRY – This stone was erected by George Curry in memory of his father, John Curry, who depd this life April 12th 1770 aged 67 yrs.  Also his wife, Ann Curry, died Novr 1st 1773 Aged 80 yrs.  (Headstone 97)

DALTON – Pray for the souls of Frank Dalton, his wife Elizabeth, their sons Michael & Kevin.  Also Granfather & Aunt.  Erected by their children.  Their daughter, Frances, died 5th Jan. 1959.  Also Vincent died 11th Sept. 1971.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 143)

DALTON – Here lieth ye body of Revd Father John Dalton who departed this life Nov ye 27th 1752 aged 40 years.  (Headstone 143)

DALTON – In loving memory of William Dalton, The Maudlins Trim, died 14th Feb. 1932 aged 55 yrs.  His daughter, Catherine, died 7th Nov. 1986.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 235) 

DALY – In loving memory of James Daly, Kildalkey, died 16th July 1936 aged 72 yrs. R.I.P.  In memory of the Potts family.  (Headstone 107)

DALY – In loving memory of Kathleen (Kitty) Daly, Newtown, Trim, who died on 9th February 1969 aged 53 years.  Also her husband, Joseph Daly, who died on 3rd December 1983, aged 62 years.  (Headstone 223)

DALY – In loving memory of Mary Teresa Daly (6 Market Street, Trim), died 10th Dec 1925 aged 62 years.  Also her beloved husband, Andrew Daly, died 31st March 1939 aged 75 years.  Their son, Michael J. Daly, died 10th Dec 1951 aged 61 years.  Sweet Jesus have mercy on their souls.  R. I. P.  Erected by their son, Michael J. Daly, Brooklyn, New York.  (Cross 7)

DALY – Erected by the wife & children in memory of Peter Daly who departed this life 8th May 1901 aged 71 years.  Also his wife & family & his sister, Mrs Murray. R. I. P.  (Headstone 94)

DALY – See Callaghan (Headstone 244B).

DARBY – See Lynch (Headstone 243).

DARCY – In memory of Thomas Darcy, died 7th April 1941.  His wife, Bridgid, died14th April 1950.  Their sons, Walter died 1906.  Thomas died 8th March 1949, Leo died 25th Jan 1972, Eugene died 15th Feb 1974.  Their daughter, Eileen, died 13th May 1911.  Frank Darcy died 14th May 1992 aged 77 years.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 179)

DAVIS – Erected by Anne Davis in memory of her beloved brother, William Davis, died Oct 6th 1879.  Pray for above Anne Davis who died Nov 26th 1895 aged 80 years.  R. I. P. 

(Headstone 31)

DAVIS – Erected by Richard Davis, Trim, to the memory of his beloved son, Thomas C. Davis, who died 17th May 1868 aged 22 years.  Also his beloved son, John P. Davis, died 3rd May 1886 aged 42 years.  R.I.P.  Also the above Richard Davis died 23rd Nov 1889

aged 84 and his wife, Bridget Davis, died 5th March 1890 aged 72.  R. I. P.  (Celtic

Cross 32)

DELANEY – See Dowd (Headstone 15).

DEMPSEY – See Dowd (Headstone 15).

DEMPSEY – In loving memory of Francis Dempsey died 21st May 1973 aged 84 years, late of Clonbun, Trim.  His beloved wife, Helena, died 13th Feb 1978 aged 85 years.  Their daughter, Kathleen, died 26th Jan 1931 aged 10 yrs. R. I. P.  (Headstone 259)

DEVEY – (East) Erected by Mrs. Devey, Trim to the memory of her beloved son, Patrick John Devey, who died Aug 24th 1868.  Aged 33 years R. I. P.  (South) Thos Devey died Nov 27th 1882 aged 44 & his mother, Margt Devey, died Dec 7th 1882 aged 70.  (West) Eva Devey died March 27th 1902.  Francis J. Devey Nov 9th 1910 and their parents, Joseph Devey, died Jan 9th 1903, Mary Devey, Aug 4th 1930. R. I. P.  (Headstone 267)

DILLION – Here…… st the a.hes of his kindred are deposited.  The mortal remains.  Christopher Dillon Esq. a native of Trim but the last but the last 40 years a resident in the Borough of Athlone.  His life was alike remarkable for public utility and private worth.  Died 12th April 1836 aged sixty four years. Also lie the body of Mrs. C. Vizer, niece of the above, who depd. This life Jan 27th 1843 aged 21 years.  (Slab 163)

DOGGETT – In loving memory of Patrick Doggett died 7th Nov 1944 aged 19 years.  Also his father, Michael, died 2nd Dec 1974.  His mother, Mary, died 26th Dec 1982 aged 88 yrs.  Erected by his loving family.  (Headstone 123)

DOLAN – Erected by Bridget Dolan of Churchtown as a token of gratitude for her beloved son, Michael Dolan, aged 32 who departed this life on September the 23rd 1864.  Also for her beloved husband, Terence Dolan, who departed this life August the 23rd 1868 aged 74 years.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 265)

DONNELLAN – See Fay (Headstone134)

DONOHOE – Erected by Bernard Donohoe in memory of his wife, Rose Donohoe, died April 2nd 1895? Aged 33? Years.

DONOHOE – In loving memory of Frank Donohoe died 21st Feb 1969 age 70 yrs.  Also his wife, Kathleen, died 17th Feb 1976.  On whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy.  Erected by his loving wife & family.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 182)

DONOHOE – In loving memory of John Donohoe, (Castle St. Trim) died 29th Dec 1963.  His wife, Sarah, died 15th Jan 1982.  Erected by his loving wife, sons and daughters. R.I.P.  (Headstone 183)

DORAN – Erected to the memory of John Doran, Emmet Street, Trim, died 25th Dec 1953 age 81 years.  Also his son, Patrick, died 2nd April 1969 aged 60 years.  His daughter, Mary, died 12th Feb 1971.  His son, Thomas, died 22nd Feb 1976.  Teresa died 5th March 1983.  Elizabeth died 7th Aug 1991. R. I. P.  (Headstone 142)

DORAN – In loving memory of John Doran, Athboy Gate, Trim, died 24th March 1934 and his wife, Christina, died 10th Aug 1941 R. I. P.  (Headstone 251)

DOWD – In loving memory of my dear husband, Thomas Dowd, Castle St. Trim, died 9th November 1927 aged 75.  Also our dear children.  Also Mary, loving wife of Thomas Dowd, died July 28 1936.  Maurice Dempsey died 30 March 1955 aged 65.  Also his wife, Margaret, died 15 March 1961 aged 74 years.  Teresa Delaney, nee Dempsey, died 22nd Nov 1987. R.I.P.  (Headstone 15)

DOWD – In memory of Jack Dowd died 19th June 1990.  Deeply regretted by his family and friends. R. I. P.  (Headstone 172)

DRIMGOOL – This stone was erected by William and Jane Drimgool of Trim in memory of Ann Drimgool, their daughter, and two other of their children.  She departed this life the 6 day of March 1744 aged 15 years and 7 months.  (Slab 187)

DUFF –  Here lyeth the body of Andrew Duff deceased May Ye 3Rd 1759 aged 55rs.  This stone was erected by his wife, Ann Duff.  & also their son Thomas Duff departed this life January Ye 4th 1792 aged 53.  Headstone 72)

DUFF – This stone is a tribute to conjugal affection was erected by Luke Duff of North Earl St. in the city of Dublin.  Here rests in the hope of a happy immortality the mortal remains of Bridget Duff, his wife, who departed this life the 11th day of February 1821 aged 58 years.  (Headstone 71)

DUFF – This stone was erected by John Duff, Baker of Ye city of Dublin.  Here lieth Ye body of his wife, Catherine Duff, who depd. this life Ye 19th May 1744 aged 46 years.  Also two of her childrn.  (Headstone 121)

DUFFY – In loving memory of Nellie Duffy, Market St., Trim, died 28th July 1991 aged 87 yrs.  Her brothers, James died 1963, Christopher died 1972.  Her  parents, James & Annie Duffy.  Rest in Peace.  (Headstone 210)

DUIGENAN – (East) Erected by Henry Duigenan of Trim in memory of his beloved wife, Bridget Duigenan, who departed this life on 19th January 1873, in the 63rd year of her age.  Also his son Patrick, died 6th August 1881 aged 31 years.  And his son Simon Duigenan, died 31st July 1882 aged 29 years.  Also the above Henry Duigenan died 7th May 1886 aged 75 years.  Requiescant in peace. (North)  Also his son Christopher Duigenan, who died 13th March 1905 aged 59 years. His sister, Margaret, died 27 Oct 1926 aged 84, also Mary Duigenan, died 10th Feb 1941 aged 77 years.  R. I. P.   (South)  Patrick J. Duigenan died 21st July 1973 aged 73 years.  Brigid died 18th Feb 1982.  Mary J. Duigenan died 11th June 1988 aged 86 years. R. I. P.   (Headstone 69)

DUIGNAN – Gloria in excelsis Deo.  Erected by Simon Duignan in memory of his father, John Duignan, who died July 5th 1835 aged 75 years.  Also of his brothers, John Duignan who died April 18th 1819 aged 22 years.  Christopher Duignan, who died October 3rd 1840 aged 24 years.  His mother, Margaret Duignan, died December 18th 1863 aged 93 years.  Also his beloved wife, Mary Duignan, died December 1st 1871 aged 57 years and his daughter, Anne, died February 27th 1862 aged 9 years.  Requiescant in peace.

(Headstone 68)

DUNN – Erected by Mary Dunn in memory of her beloved husband, James Dunn, who depd. this life the 24th of July 1795 aged 42 years.  Also five of their children.

(Headstone 51)

DUNN – Erected by her son J.W.  Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Dunn.  May she rest in peace. Amen.   (Headstone 201)

DUNNE – Erected by Mrs. Dunne in memory of her parents, Owen & Margaret Fay.  Her brother, Patrick, died 22-03-1911.  Elizabeth Dunne died 17-08-1943.  Her  brother, Daniel, died 22-12-1949.  His son, Patrick, died 19-03-1956.  R.I.P.  (Headstone149)

DUNNE – See Butler (Headstone 85)

ELLET – Here lyeth ye body of ………. Ellet who departed this life April Ye 8th 1750 aged 52 years. Also Ye body of James Ellet, son of Ignatius Ellet who departed this life July Ye 8th 1759? Aged 24 years. This stone was erected by Ye said Ignatius Ellet.

(Headstone 127)

FAGAN – This monument was erected by his beloved wife, Catherine, to the memory of her deceased husband, John Fagan, Clonbun, who died April 29th 1894 aged 59 years.  Also the above Catherine Fagan who died 18th Sept 1920 aged 80 years.  Their daughter, Jane Casey, died 1st Sept 1961 aged 84 yrs. Her husband, Joseph Casey, died 23rd June 1963 aged 92 years.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 229)

FAGAN – (East) Erected in loving memory of Eliza Fagan, Trim, who died Jan 10th 1886 aged 54 years.  Also her beloved son, John, died Dec 19th 1885 aged 29 years.  Also her daughter, Mrs. Mary Plunkett, who departed this life 31st January 1922 aged 64 years.  Her husband, George, died April 27th 1927 aged 74 years.  R. I. P.  (South)  John died Aug 16th 1945 aged 51 years.  Michael died Jan 5th 1948 aged 48 years.  Elizabeth died Dec 14th 1952 aged 62 years.  James died Oct 27th 1956 aged 67 years.  Rose Mary died April 5th 1961 aged 73 years.  George Plunkett died April 27 1965 aged 67 years.  R. I. P.

(Celtic Cross 98)

FAGAN – Erected by Julia Fagan, Clonfane, in memory of her beloved husband, James Fagan, who died 19th Nov 1909 aged 69 years. Maf.p….. R. I. P.  (Headstone 250)

FAGAN – In loving memory of Mary Fagan born 1900 died 1962 aged 62.  Also her granddaughter, Ann Fagan, born 26th July 1945 died 6th Nov 1945.  R.I.P.  (Cross 43)

FAREL – See Whelon (Headstone 67).

FARNAN – Erected in memory of James Farnan (Haggard St Trim) died 30th Sept 1951.  Also his son, James, died 22nd Sept 1931.  His wife, Annie, died 6th May 1979.  R. I. P.  

(Headstone 217)

FARNAN – In loving memory of John Farnan died 27th May 1939.  His wife, Nora, died 18th Jan 1968. Their son, Thomas, age 27 yrs interred in Sandhurst, Surrey. R. I. P.

(Headstone 213)

FARNAN – Lord have mercy on the soul of Oliver Farnan died 2nd Aug 1968 age 45 yrs.  Erected by his loving wife, Joan, and daughter, Margaret. R. I. P.   (Headstone 216)

FARNAN – In loving memory of Patrick Farnan (Boyne Cottages, Trim) died 10 Aug 1945 age 56 yrs.  His wife, Teresa, died 26 Mar 1968 age 70 yrs. R. I. P.  Headstone 215)

FARNAN – In loving memory of Thomas Farnan, 2 Watergate St, Trim died 11th Feb 1951 aged 63 yrs.  His wife Margaret, died 2nd May 1976.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 215).

FARRELL  – Erected by Michael Usherry Farrell of Trim in memory of his son, Marks Farrell, who departed this life August the 8th 1772 aged 14 years.  (Headstone 81)

FARRELL – Here lies the body of William Farrell of Trim, who departed this life the 20th day of February in the year of our Lord 1769 aged 55yrs.  Also the body of his son, Richard Farrell, who depd this life 27th of Feb 1836 aged 67 years.  Also Jane, the wife of Richard Farrell, who depd this life the 14th October 1826 aged 44 years.  And their beloved son, John, who depd this life August 26th 1837 aged 26 years.  Requiescant in pace.  (Headstone 44)

FARRELL – See Fox (Headstone 22).

FAUGHLIN – See Hanlon (Headstone 190).

FAY – Margaret Fay. R. I. P. 1951.   In loving memory of Luke Fay died 8 Oct 1920.  Margaret Fay died 29. Nov 1950.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 1)

FAY – In loving memory of Christopher Fay, Maudlins, Trim, died 19th Jan 1958 aged 91 yrs.  R. I. P.  Erected by his son, Jim.  (Headstone 134)

FAY – See Dunne (Headstone 149).

FEELY – Erected by Margaret Feely, Central Hotel, Trim, in memory of her dearly loved husband, William John Feely, who died Oct 25th 1918 aged 41 years.  And their only son, Raphael Patrick Joseph, who died Sept 20th 1918 aged 7 months.  The above Margaret died 17th June 1943.  Mary Josephine Wallace (nee Feely) died 13th Aug 1981 aged 71 years.  R. I. P.  (Cross 289)

FINNEGAN – In loving memory of Michael, John, Larry, and Ann Finnegan. Loman St.  R. I. P.  (Cross 180)

FITZPATRICK – Erected for Christopher Fitzpatrick and his posterity.  He died March the 17th 1861 aged 72 years.  (Headstone 109)

FITZPATRICK – Dedicated by Mrs E. Fitzpatrick of Trim to the memory of her sister, Miss Anna Maria Taylor, who departed this life 24th March 1840 aged 80 years.  Also her son, Patrick William Fitzpatrick, who died when young. Requiescant in Pace.  (Slab 196)

FLOOD – Mary Flood of Trim died 12th April 1894 aged 68 years.  Mary Smyth died 29th Dec 1893 aged 27 years.  (Headstone 159)

FOX – Erected by Richard Fox of Ballivor in memory of his parents Michael and Catherine of Trim.  Also of his sisters, Mary Farrell and Kate Fox and of his children, Edward and Lizzie who lie interred beneath.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 22)

FOX – See Maxan (Headstone 137).

FREEHILL – Erected by Mr. M. Freehill, Trim, to the memory of his beloved children.  Frank died 11th Jan 1855 aged two and a half years.  Maria died 22nd Aug 1860 aged six and a half years.  Anna M. Died 26 Nov 1861 aged four and a half years.  Emily A. died 21 Nov 1862 aged 5 months.  (Monument  161)

GALLAGHER – Erected by Mrs Margaret Gallagher, Trim, to the memory of her beloved son, Rev. Francis Gallagher C.C., Stamullen, who died 12th April 1883 in the 40th year of his age and 14th of his Sacred Ministry.  (Cross 270)

GALLAGHER – Erected by Mrs Margaret Gallagher of Trim to the memory of her beloved husband, Patrick Gallagher, who died 16th November 1869 aged 50 years, and also of their daughters, Bessie, who died 29th January 1875 aged 24 years and Mary Anne who died 5th May 1847 aged 2 years and Cellie who died 4th February 1862 aged 4 years.  Mary Rose Gallagher died 10th Dec 1932 aged 72 years. R. I. P.   (Headstone 277)

GANNON – This stone was erected by Edward Gannon in memory of his father and mother, Catherine Mullone, who departed this life 3rd April 1792 aged 69 years.  Also three of her children.  (Headstone 120)

GAUGHAN – Erected by Michael Gaughan in memory of his father who died 29th July 1875.  (Broken headstone beside East Wall of Cathedral ruin)

GAUGHRAN – In loving memory of our dear father, Bernard Gaughran, Castle St, Trim, who died 23rd May 1928 aged 51 years.  Also our dear sister, Kathleen (Kitty), died 17th Aug 1934 aged 15 yrs and our dear mother, Elizabeth Gaughran, died 20 Oct 1952 aged 75 yrs.  Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on them. R. I. P.  (Headstone 227)

GAUGHRAN – Pray for the soul of Christopher Gaughran Trim who died 16th Nov 1918 aged 29 years.  R. I. P.   Erected in fond remembrance by his comrades of the 200 Siege Battery R. C. A.  (Cross 209)

GEOGHEGAN – In loving memory of parents Thomas and Kate Geoghegan, late, 7 Railway road, Trim, also brother Sean, Aunt Rosie R. I. P.   (Headstone 30)

GIBNEY – Erected by Mrs Mary Gibney of Trim in memory of her husband, Thomas Gibney, who depd this life on the 2nd of January 1837 aged 48 years.  Also her daughter, Mary Gibney, who departed this life August the 17th 1838 aged 13 years.  Underneath lieth the remains of the above named Mrs Mary Gibney who departed this life on the 13th October 1847 aged 47 years.  (Headstone 24)

GILL – Erected by Anthony Gill, in memory of Michael Lloyd who departed this life 12th day of September 1873 aged 76 years.  Also his beloved wife, Mary Lloyd, who departed this life 28th day of April 1851 aged 56 years.  May their souls rest in peace.  (Headstone 52)

GILSENAN – In loving memory of Margaret Gilsenan, Newtown, Trim, who died 13th June 1966 aged 83 years. Also her mother, Anne Gilsenan, died 2nd Dec 1920 and her aunt, Mary Smyth, died 21st July 1936 R. I. P.  (Headstone 99)

GINTY – Erected by Margaret Ginty in memory of her mother, Katherine.  Margaret, died 7 April 1976 aged 92 years.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 239)

GOGARTY – In loving memory of Catherine Gogarty, Castle St, Trim, died Aug 21st 1926 and her husband, John, died July 31st 1950 (Holy Year). May they rest in peace.  (Headstone 34)

GORMAN –  Erected by her husband and children in loving memory of Kate Gorman died 13th March 1944.  Also her son, Bernard, died 7th June 1954.  Husband of the above, Michael Gorman, died 10th April 1957.  Also their son, Michael Gorman, died in New York 14th Sept 1959.  Patrick Gorman died 30th Sept 1968.  Agustine Andrews died 1st May 1969.  R. I. P.  Mrs Kathleen Andrews died 10th March 1989 aged 83 years.  (Celtic Cross 258)

GRIFFITH – See Melia (Headstone 80).

HANLON – In loving memory of Mary Hanlon, nee Commons, died 20th Jan 1946 aged 19 yrs.  Thomas Faughlin died 1934 aged 21 yrs.  (Headstone 190)

HARTE – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Michael Harte died 17th Dec 1921 aged 44 years.  Also his wife, Ellen, died 25th Oct 1958 aged 83 years.  Their son Michael, died 27th Oct 1971 aged 72 yrs.  Eternal Rest Grant To Them O Lord.  (Headstone 36)

HEALY – In loving memory of our dear parents’ John Healy died 27th May 1955.  Mary Healy died 12th Feb 1961.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 261)

HEALY – In loving memory of Josephine Healy died 26th March 1921.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 286)

HEALY – Sacred to the memory of Patrick Healy, Bridge St, Trim, died 16th May 1946.  His loving wife, Bridget, died 12th Aug 1972 R. I. P.  Erected by his loving wife and children.  Cross 291)

HIGGINS – Erected by Edward Higgins, Trim, in memory of his beloved parents, James Higgins, died 18th March 1895 age 78.  Kate Higgins died 4th Aug 1878 age d51.  Also his sister, Bridget, died 21st Feb 1877 age 21.  Also the above Edward Higgins who died 13th April 1921 aged 63 years.  His wife, Margaret, who died 10th June 1954 age 70 yrs.  Their daughter, Rita, died 20th Aug 1956.  Frankie died 6th Aug 1985 R. I. P.  (Headstone 173)

HIGGINS – In joint and loving memory of Anne Higgins, wife of John Higgins, Clonmellon, County Westmeath, who died September 5th 1901, aged 73 years.  Also her husband, the aforesaid John Higgins of Clonmellon, who died March 2nd 1909 aged 85 years.  Requiescant in Pace.  (Headstone 272)

HINEY – In loving memory of Brendan Hiney, Beaumont, Dublin died 11th Aug 1980 aged 40 yrs.  His father, Patrick, died 3rd March 1988 aged 89 yrs.  Also his mother, Maud, died 15th Sept 1991 aged 92 yrs.  R. I. P.  Erected by his loving mother and father. 

(Headstone 39)

HUGHES – This stone the plain and unadorned tribute of filial affections is erected to the memory of James Hughes of Trim.  Merchant and beloved and revered father who departed this life on the 13TH Feb 1798 age 74 years.  Mrs Marg Hughes, widow to Jas Hughes decd, who departed this life the 19th Dec 1805 in the ……….  (Headstone 231)

HUSSEY – In loving memory of Bryan Husey died 21st Sept 1930 aged 75 years.  Also his wife, Margaret, died 18th June 1951 aged 94 yrs.  Christopher Moran died 28th Jan 1963.  His wife, Elizabeth, died 30th Jan 1981.  Erected by their daughters. R. I. P.  Hussey.  (Headstone 8)

HUSSEY – Erected by Michael Hussey in memory of his father, Edward Hussey, who departed this life Aug 20th 1860.  Also in memory of his mother, Catherine Hussey, died Feb 4th 1852.  Also his brother, John, died 18th March 1858 and his daughter, Mary, died 14th March 1892 aged 15 years.  Also the above Michael Hussey died 26th November 1904 aged 77 years.  Requiescent in Pace.  (Headstone 45)

HUSSEY – (A) In loving memory of Mary B. Hussey, Haggard St, Trim.  Died 2nd March 1953.  Her husband, William, died 29th June 1958.  Their daughter, Elizabeth A., died 28th June 1982 R. I. P.   (B) In loving memory of William (Bill) Hussey, Castleknock & Trim died 29th Nov 1984.  R.I.P.  Erected by his loving family. Hussey.  (Headstone 155)

HUSSEY – See Sherry (Cross 9).

JORDAN – In loving memory of John Jordan (Haggard St, Trim) died 4th Feb 1931.  Also his brother, William, died 30th Jan 1928 and their father, James, died 26th May 1926.  Also his son, Patrick, died 23rd Nov 1979, interred England.  His wife, Elizabeth, died 15th Jan 1982. R. I. P. (Headstone 93)

JORDAN – See Nugent (Headstone 105).


Erected by Stephen Kain, Trim in memory of his beloved son, Patrick Kain, who died Nov…………… 1835 aged 10 years. ( Rest is overgrown)  (Slab 162)

KAY – See Quinn (Celtic Cross 135).

KEAN – Erected by John Kean, Trim, in memory of his father, John Kean, who departed this life April 20th 1827 aged 51 years.  Also his mother, Rose Kean, who departed this life August 11th 1850 aged 65 years.  Also the above John Kean who departed this life 13th of November 1873 aged 49 years.  (Requiscat in Pace)  (Headstone 49)

KEARNEY – See Ledwith (Cross 23).

KEATING – See Mc Cann (Headstone 82).

KEEFE – Pray for the soul of Richard Keefe of Nockmills, trim who died Feby 7th 1872 aged 62 years.   (Headstone 73)

KELLY – Erected by Catherine Kelly in memory of her beloved husband, Peter Kelly, who died on the 14th of June 1864 aged 46 years, of his father, Paul Kelly, who died in 1852 aged 80 years.  Also his mother, Mary Kelly, who died in Septr 1852 aged 77 years.  (Requiescant in Pace).  (Headstone 176)

KENEDY – This was erected by Thomas Kenedy and Mary Kenedy to remember their father and mother.  (Headstone 150)

KEENAN – See Reilly (Headstone 170).

KENNEDY – Underneath lie the mortal remains of Mr Brian Kennedy of Kilnagross who died on the 19th of June 1834 aged 81 years.  Also his wife, Marcella Kennedy, who died 11th January 1844? aged 91 years. “Requiscant in Pace”  (Slab Table 112)

KENNEDY – Lord have mercy on the soul of Bridget, the dearly beloved wife of Bryan Kennedy of Rathcore, who departed this life April 22nd December 1864 aged 29 years.  Here also are interred the remains of the above named Bryan Kennedy who departed this life the 19th August 1880, aged 65 years.  R. I. P.  (Cross 116)

KENNEDY – Sacred to the memory of Mrs Eliza Kennedy who departed this life April 17th 1845 aged 39 years.  To perpetuate the memory of one who in the most exemplary manner fulfilled the various duties of her station, who was an affectionate wife, tender parent and a Munificent tho’ an unostentatious benefactress to the poor.  Erected by her affectionate husband, Mr Thos Kennedy, Kiln’gross. Here also lies the mortal remains of the above named Mr. Thos Kennedy who depd this life June 1st 1855 aged 61 years.  And also their daughter, Anne, who departed this life on the 2nd day of April 1862 aged 22 years.  (Requiescant in Pace)  (Headstone 111)

KENNEDY – Erected in memory of Mr James Kennedy, late of Trim, who died on 24th of August 1832 aged 35 years.  Joseph Kennedy died 10th April 1913.  (Headstone 110)

KENNEDY – Erected to the memory of Patrick Kennedy of Trim Mills who departed this life on the 19th day of February 1839? aged 76 years.  And Anne, his beloved wife, who departed this life on the 1st day of August 1865 aged 72 years.  Here also is interred their son, Thomas, who died 3rd June 1902 aged 79.  Pray for the repose of his soul and the soul of his wife, Mary Kennedy, who died on 4th March 1916.  May they rest in peace. Amen. Requiescant in Pace”  (Slab Table 118)

KERRIGAN – In loving memory of Patrick and Mary Kennedy (Boyerstown Navan).  Also their daughter, Bridget, and their son, Peter Kerrigan, died 20th June 1972 aged 64 yrs.  Also his wife, Annie 23rd Jan 1980 aged 74 yrs. R. I. P.  (Headstone 219)

KIERNAN – Erected by Matw Kiernan in memory of his three sons, Patk, Thos, Walter. Also Thos Kiernan.  (Headstone 124)

KIERNAN – In loving memory of William Kiernan, Athboy, who died May 4th 1901, aged 61 years and his mother, Anne Kiernan, died March 22nd 1887 aged 87 years.  Also Mary Byrne who died May 19th 1887 aged 51 years.  R. I. P.  (Cross 55)

KING – Erected by Eliza King, Athboy in loving memory of her son, Edward James King, died June 4th 1913 aged 33 years.  Also the above Eliza died 31st Dec 1939 aged 87 years.  (Cross 57)

KING – Erected  to the memory of Mr John King of Oakstown who depd this life on the 2nd of March 1862 aged 83 years.  Also his daughter, Jane, who departed this life the 20th January 1872 aged 31 years.  Also his wife Mrs. Anne King who departed this life on the 19th January 1875 aged 89 years.  Also his son, Mr Bryan King, who departed this life on the 15th September 1876 aged 55 years.  Winifred Rooney died 10th May 1925.  Francis Rooney, Clonfane, died 29th Oct 1983 aged 74 years.  May their souls rest in peace Amen.  (Slab Table 114)

KING – See Quinn (Celtic Cross 135).

KING – See Reilly (Headstone 266).

LALOR – In loving memory of Julia Lalor, Castle St, died 13th Oct 1924.  Her husband, George, died 29th Dec 1932.  Their daughters, Catherine died 17th Dec 1933, Mary Margaret died 16th Feb 1978.  Their son, Patrick, died 29th Jan 1992. R. I. P.  (Headstone 204)

LALOR – See Blake (Headstone 38).

LANE – Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for the souls of George Lane, died 15th April 1949 aged 68 yrs, his wife, Rose died 11th March 1966 aged 80 yrs. R. I. P.  (Headstone 75)

LANGAN – This stone was erected by John Langan in Memory of his father ……… Langan…………….this life …………..1782.  (Headstone 61)

LEAVY  – See Nugent (Headstone 105).

LEDWITH – (East) Erected by Robert Ledwith in memory of his brother, John Ledwith, who died June 1886.  Also in memory of his sister, Alice.  Also the above Robert Ledwith who died May 1910.  Also his daughter, Mary M. Kearney, who died 18th June 1914 aged 36 years.  R. I. P.   (South) Patrick Kearney, Emmet St, Trim, died 3rd Jan 1951.  (Cross 23)

LEDWITH – See Murray (Headstone 64).

LLOYD – See Gill (Headstone 52).

LOGAN – Here lyeth the body of Richard Logan who departed this life October the 1st  1767 aged 66 years.  This stone was erected by Catherine Logan in memory of her posterity.  (Headstone 146)

LOYD – This stone was erected by Michael Loyd in memory of his wife Margaret Loyd deceased January ye 1st 1761 aged 32 years.  Also Luke Loyd depd aged 80 yrs.  Also Michael Loyd depd this life 29th July 1831 aged 80 yrs.  (Headstone 206 located to the east of Reilly 211)

LUBE – In loving memory of the Lube Family.  Their daughter, Bridget Clarke.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 12).

Lynam – In loving memory of Catherine Lynam, Navan Gate, Trim, died 25th Feb 1942 aged 55 yrs.  Also her husband, Patrick, died 17th Jan 1955 aged 69 yrs.  Erected by their family.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 20)

LYNCH – In loving memory of Brona Catherine Lynch, Newtown, died 9th July 1992 aged 26 years.  Rest in Peace.  Semper Fidelis. (Headstone 165)

LYNCH – Underneath this tomb lyeth the body of Owen Lynch, late of Church Street in the City of Dublin, Merchant, who spent his days beloved and died regretted.  Departed this life the 13th day of August 1783? aged 55 years.  This stone was erected by his son, Thomas Lynch, now of church Street, Merchant in respect to his memory and for their posterity.  Also lieth the body of his son, John Lynch, who departed this life 2nd of April 1799 aged 37 years.  Here also lieth the body of his brother, Mathew Lynch, late of Trim who departed this life the 13th of September 1800 aged 6.. years.  Also James Lynch who depd this life Augt 20th 1844 aged 64 yrs.  Also his son Mat.  (Slab Table 232)

LYNCH – Erected by Patrick Lynch in memory of his father, Matthew Lynch, native of Trim, died March 19th 1844 in the 36th year of his age.  Also to his brother, James Lynch, native of Trim, died March 28th 1852 in the 13th year of his age.  And of his mother, Rose, who died 29th July 1905 age 90.  Also his sister, Mary Reilly, died 10th Nov. 1907 age 64.  (Headstone 233).

LYNCH – Erected by Margaret Lynch in memory of her beloved husband, Patrick Lynch, who died 15th Decr 1863 aged 55 years.  Also her beloved son, Thomas Lynch, who died in Malta 16th Decr 1884 aged 37 years.  Also the above Margaret Lynch died 15th Sep 1893 aged 75.  Mrs Julia Darby died 18 Dec 1924.  (Headstone 243)

LYNCH – See Melia (Headstone 268).

MAC AONGHUSA – MacAonghusa, Eilis, 1943 agus a fear cheile, Liam, 1946.

(Headstone 184)

MAC CANN – In loving memory of John P. Mac Cann, Athboy, who died 30th Jan 1894 aged 42 years.  Also his father, Patrick Mac Cann, who died 15th Jan 1892 aged 85 years.  His mother, Mary, died 12th July 1894 aged 70 years.  Mrs Elizabeth Byrne, widow of John Mac Cann, who died 26th March 1934 aged 71 years.  Robert Keating died 10th Jan 1936 aged 51 years.  Erected by his wife and children 1923.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 82)

MAC CANN – In loving memory of Mollie Mac Cann (Athboy) died August 21st 1947.  And of her stepfather, John Byrne, died Jan 28th 1942.  (Headstone 84)

MC CANN – Here lieth ye body of the Reverend Cornelius Mc Cann deceased January ye 8th 1773 aged 56 yrs.  (Headstone 88)

MC CANN – Erected in memory of John Mc Cann of Athboy who departed this life October the 21st 1834 aged 62 years.  Also his beloved daughter, Eleanor Mc Cann, who depd this life June the 5th 1828 aged 16 years.  Also his son, Thos Mc Cann, who depd this life Jany 9th 1837 aged 29 years.  Also his son, John, who depd this life at Rome, April 17th 1840 aged 23 yrs.  Also his daughter, Catherine, who depd this life July 19th 1841 aged 26 years.  Also his wife Eleanor Mc Cann, who departed this life Decbr 16th 1854 aged 79 years.  May they rest in peace, Amen.  (Headstone 83)

MC CARTHY – In loving memory of John McCarthy who died 9 August 1904 aged 18 years. R. I. P.  Sacred to the memory of Gertie McUllough died 4 February 1933 aged 19 years.  R.I.P.  (Cross 238)

MC CORMACK – 23221 Private Henry McCormack, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 21st July 1916 age 41.  Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on him.

(Headstone 27A)

MC CORMACK – And his wife Margaret died 11th March 1954.  Their son, Edward, died 14th Jan  1980.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 27B)

MC CORMACK – See Brogan (Celtic Cross 11).

MC CORMACK – In loving memory of Peter McCormack, Navan Gate, died 14th May 1927.  His wife, Mary Anne, died 16th Dec 1952.  Their sons, John died 17th Sept 1930, Richard died 29th April 1945 interred Germany.   Thomas died 9th June 1981.  (Headstone


MC CULLOUGH – See McCarthy (Cross 238).

MC GREW – In memory of Andrew McGrew, Trim and his wife Anne.  Their sons Andrew and Patrick and daughter Bridget. R. I. P.  On whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy.  (Headstone 280)

MC KENNA – In memory of John & Elizabeth McKenna and their children.  R. I. P. Erected by Bridget.  (Headstone 230)

MC KENNA – In loving memory of Patrick McKenna, 1 Sarsfield Avenue, died 28th Oct 1974 aged 68 yrs.  His son, Jackie, died 9th Jan 1986 aged 55 yrs.  His wife, Rose, died 29th Jan 1986 aged 76 yrs.  R.I.P.  Erected by Albert.  (Headstone 221)

MC KEON -Jesus Mercy Lady Help. Of your charity, pray for the soul of Kate, the dearly loved wife of Christopher McKeon of Trim, who died April 13th 1873.  Also the above Christopher McKeon died Dec 8th 1873.  And their children, Nicholas, Tessie, John, Chrissie & Eddie.  Also Thomas who died May 20th 1897 in his 39 year.  And Michael who died in California, May 4th 1918 aged 53 years.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 25)

MC KEON – Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  IHS. Erected by Mr Nicholas McKeon, Trim, in memory of his father, Maurice McKeon, who depd this life 21st Novr 1798 aged 70 years. Of his mother, Anne McKeon, who depd this life 19th Decr  1818 aged 66 years.  Also his beloved wife, Catherine, who depd this life 2nd Oct 1850 aged 52 years and their daughter Anne, who depd this life January 10th 1857 aged 34 years.  Also the above Nicholas McKeon who depd this life June 9th 1857 aged 66 years.  Reuiescant in Pace.  (Table 47)

MC KEON – Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Erected by Mrs Rose McKeon of Trim in memory of her husband, Mr Patk McKeon, who depd this life Oct 10th 1835 aged 62 yrs.  Also her daughter, Elizabeth, who depd this life Jany 8th 1837 aged 26 yrs.  The above Mrs Rose McKeon depd this life 11th August 1860 aged 71 yrs.  Requiescat in Pace. (Headstone 50)

MC LOUGHLIN – Pray for the soul of Margret McLoughlin, alias Mer…. Laughlin who deceased………… 8th 1780 agd 50 yrs…………….. husband ………  (Headstone 145)

MC MANUS – See Bradshaw (Headstone 293).

MC ULLOUGH – See McCarthy (Cross 238).

MACKSON – Here lieth ye body of Ellinor Mackson, alias O’Bryan, deceased March ye 14th 1753 aged 39 yrs.  (Headstone 138)

MAGUIRE – In loving memory of Lill Maguire died 12th July 1920. R. I. P.  (Headstone 290)

MAGUIRE – (Back) Erected by Michael & Chris Maguire.  (Front) In Loving Memory of Bridget Maguire, Haggard St., Trim, died 16th Nov 1983 aged 89 yrs.  Her husband, Patrick, died 19th Feb 1952 aged 67 yrs.  Also his brothers, Frank, Thomas, Michael, Edward and James. R. I. P.  (Headstone 194)

MAHER – Erected by William Maher, Castle St, Trim, in loving memory of his dear wife, Elizabeth M. (Tilly), died 24th May 1927 aged 33 years. R. I. P.  (Headstone 14)

MANGEN – Here lieth ye body of Bridget? Mangen, alias Cary, deceased August…….. 1755 aged 30 yrs. …………… ye stone was ercd by William Mangen. Hereby of ye deceased……………….  (Headstone 269)

MANNING – In loving memory of John Manning died Aug 1865.  His wife, Elizabeth, died Nov 1865. R. I. P.  (Headstone 269)

MANSHANDEN – In loving memory of Jacob Manshanden, Newtown, Trim, died 2nd Dec 1974.  R. I. P.  Manshanden.  (Headstone 168)

MARTIN – Erected by Anne Martin in loving memory of her husband, Thomas Martin, who died 29th Aug 1903 aged 69? Years and of her son, John, who died 20th March 1906 aged 26 years, and her daughter, Mary, who died 28th July 1906 aged 19 years.  Also the above Anne Martin who died 18th November 1935 aged 83 years.   (Headstone 247)

MATILTE – See Canty (Celtic Cross 77).

MATTHEWS – In loving memory of my dear wife, Ann Matthews, 14 Kinahan St, N.C. Rd, Dublin died, 17th July 1956 aged 77 years.  Also our dear children.  Kathleen died 7th March 1923 aged 15 yrs.  Mary Jane died 3rd Sept 1930 aged 23 yrs.  John died 6th August 1931 aged 21 yrs.  Bernard died 23rd July 1932 aged 20 yrs and Charles died 9th April 1955 aged 36 yrs.  My Jesus Mercy R. I. P. Erected by her loving husband, son and daughter.  (Headstone 225)

MAXAN – Edmond Maxan.  His mark. Pray for himself and his wife, Bes Fox who dyed 1713.  (Headstone 137)

MELIA – Thy will be done.  Sacred to the memory of our dearly beloved parents.  Catherine Melia died 17th Dec 1910.  Patrick Melia died 14th Dec 1915.  William Melia died 10th April 1938.  Mary Melia died 5th Feb 1959.  Their daughter, Kathleen Lynch (nee Melia), Oakstown died 23rd June 1991.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 268)

MELIA – In loving memory of John Melia, 21 Railway Road, Trim, who died 13th July 1957 aged 63 years.  His wife, Christina, died 7th January 1985 aged 71 years.  R. I. P.  Melia.  (Headstone 86)

MELIA – In loving memory of John and Rose Melia, St. Loman’s St, Trim and their sons, John, Patrick and Christopher and their daughter, Margaret.  Mrs Julia Griffith, 52 Haggard St, Trim died 8th Nov 1980. R. I .P. Melia.  (Headstone 80)

MITCHELL – (West Side) James Mitchell died in ye year 1730 age 40.  Will Mitchell died 1746 aged 22.  Elizabeth Mitchell died ……. 1770.  Bartholow Mitchell erected this stone. God.  (Headstone 133)

MONAGHAN – In loving memory of James Monaghan died 4th September 1922 and of his wife, Helena, died 20th Jan 1934. R. I. P.  Erected by their loving daughter Mary.  (Celtic Cross 200)

MOONEY – Jesus Mercy. Mary Help.  In memory of Comdt Patrick Mooney, Watergate St, Trim died 8th Oct 1948.  R.I.P.  Erected by his wife, sons and daughters.  (Headstone 41)

MOONEY – (A)  Per Ardua Ad Astra 4005159 Aircraftman 2nd Cl. J.P. Mooney, Royal Air Force 30th August 1946 age 24.  Always remembered by his loving brothers and sisters. R.I.P.  (B)  My Jesus Mercy.  In loving memory of Peter Mooney, Friarspark, Trim died 17th Jan 1940.  His wife, Helena, died 26th Nov 1942.  Their sons, Joseph died 30th Aug 1946, Peter died 20th March 1972, John died 18th Jan 1977, Thomas died 21st Oct 1978.  R. I .P. Erected by the Mooney family.  Mooney.  (Headstone 188)

MORAN – Catherine Moran.  (Headstone 119).

MORAN – Gloria in Excelsus Deo. Erected by Michael Moran in memory of his father, William Moran, who departed this life on the 1st of Mary 1826 aged 106 years.  Also his uncle, Michael Moran, who departed this life the 10th of Mary 1820 aged 55 years.  For them and their Posterit.  (Headstone 158)

MORAN – Erected by his loving wife and children to the memory of Thomas Moran, Emmet St, Trim, who died 15th October 1900, aged 43 years.  Also of his daughter Alicia, who died 12th September 1900 aged 13 months.  Also of his son, John, who died at Santiago, Chile, 5th March 1929 aged 42 years.  His son, James, died in London 18th July 1940 aged 42 years.  Mrs Mary Moran died 9th June 1947 aged 85 years.  R.I.P.  Catherine Moran died 9th June 1952.  Thomas Moran died 29th Dec 1956.  Mary Moran died 21 Feb 1968.  Margaret Moran died 25th April 1982.  (Cross 144)

MORAN – See Hussey (Headstone 8).

MORRES – See Clinch (Slab192).

MULLONE – See Gannon (Headstone 120).

MULVANY – In memory of ………husband, James Mulvany who departed this life June the 19th aged 59 years.  May he rest in peace. She? also departed this life November the 23rd 1819 aged 49 years.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.  (Slab 242)

MURPHY – In loving memory of my husband, Con Murphy, Shanloth, who died on the 27th February 1902 aged 29 years.  R. I. P.  (Cross 3)

MURPHY – Erected by James O Connell Murphy J.P., Breemount House in loving memory of his dear wife, Judith, who died Ascension Thursday 11th May 1893 aged 46 years and of their daughter, Jennie, who died 6th May 1900, aged 20 years.  Here also lie the remains of the above James O’Connell Murphy, who died 15th Sept 1900 aged 53 years.  Mary Corby, nee Murphy, died 4th March 1944.  R. I. P.  (North) Dr C. Corby, Summerhill, died 25th Sept 1960.  (Celtic Cross 4)

MURRAY – Sacred to the memory of Michael Murray of Cloneymeath who died 1st Novr 1865 aged 62 years.  His daughter, Mary, died 29th May 1878, aged 25 years.  Also his wife, Mary, died 19th Decr 1878, aged 66 years.  And his daughter, Alice Ledwith.  His sons, Patrick died 3 Aug 1921.  Laurence died 21 March 1932.  R.I.P.  This tribute of respect was erected to their memory by their loving children.  (Headstone 64).

MURRAY – See Daly (Headstone 94).

MURRY – Here lyeth the body of Simon Murry who departed this life Jan 24th 1798 aged 60.  To his Maker devout, To the poor liberal, To Mankind just. Requ in pace.  (Slab 91)

NEARY – Erected to the memory of Christopher  Neary, Newtown, Trim who departed this life 26th May 1875, aged 76 years.  Also his daughter, Honor, who departed this life 15th Jany 1874, aged 29 years.  Also his grandson, Christr Neary, who depd this life 2nd Jany 1881 aged 19 years.  Also John Neary who died 4th June 1896 aged 68 years.  Requiescant in Pace.  (Headstone 66)

NEARY – Erected by John Neary of Navan in memory of his father, Christr Neary, and his brother, Richard.  Also his mother, Elinor who deptd this life 22nd of Octr 1851 aged 88 years.  Also the above John Neary who departed this life 14th August 1855 aged 58 years.  Also his brother, James Neary, who departed this life 26th March 1857 aged 64 years.  Also Jane, sister to the above, who departed this life 17th January 1866 aged 55 years.  “Requiescat in Pace”.  (Slab 141)

NUGENT – Erected by John Nugent in memory of his father, Thomas Nugent, also his mother, Elizabeth Nugent, otherwise Jordan.  Also his son, Thos Nugent, who dep this life the 17th August 1783 in the 16th year of his age.  Also his wife, Margaret Nugent, otherwise Leavy, who departed this life the 11th day of June 1786 in the ….. year of her age …….Nugent …. of July.  (Headstone 105)

NULTY – 4221 Private P. Nulty, Leinster Regiment, 6th May 1915 age 21. (Headstone 212)

O BRIEN – In loving memory of O Brien family, Dublin. R. I. P.  (Headstone 285)

O BRYAN – See Mackson (Headstone 138).

O CONNELL – See Reilly (Celtic Cross 10).

O’DARE – 771 Sergeant J. O’Dare, Leinster Regiment 8th March 1916.  His daughter,

Mrs. Mary Thompson, Kilmore, died 27th Nov 1977 aged 78.  (Headstone 281)

O REGAN – In fond memory of Maurice O’Regan who died in Trim 17th May 1920 on whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy.  Erected by his loving wife and children.  (Celtic Cross 292)

O’REILLY – (East ) Sacred to the memory of Rebecca Mary, dearly loved wife of Francis J O’Reilly M.D. J. P. of Mornington, Trim, who departed this life May 28th 1885.  May she rest in peace.  And Francis John O’Reilly M. D., her beloved husband, died 17th Nov 1924.  R. I. P.  (North) Pray for the soul of O’Connell J. O’Reilly died 14th March 1958.  (South) Pray for the soul of John P. O’Reilly of Portlester, Ballivor, aged 62 years, died 1st Jan 1939.  And of Francis Mary O Reilly who died 12th October 1943.  Pray for the soul of Francis C. O’Reilly died 11 Oct 1951.  R. I. P.  (Celtic Cross 10)

O REILLY – Sacred to the memory of John O Reilly M.D. of Crow Park, Trim, also his daughter, Ellen Mary and his son, Andw Augustine, all of whom departed this life within a period of seven weeks.  Erected in affectionate remembrance by a sorrowing wife and mother AD 1868.  Requiescant in pace.  Amen.  Herein also repose the mortal remains of his son, James Christopher, who died 20th March 1870 aged 6 years, and of his devoted wife, Anna Maria O Reilly, who died 27th February 1888, aged 66 years.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 16)

PARKER – Pray for the soul of James Parker died 31st Oct 1869 aged 60 years.  Also his beloved wife, Rose Parker, died 2nd March 1899 aged 79 years.  Erected by their daughter, Kate Parker.  (Headstone 257)

PENTONY – (East) Pray for the soul of Mrs Rose Pentony of Beechmount, Navan, who departed this life Feb 11th 1889 in the 67th year of her age.  Erected by her loving husband, John Pentony.  Also the above John Pentony died 11th June 1894 aged 75.  Rose Pentony, daughter of John S Pentony, died 27th March1897 aged 6 months.  John S Pentony died 24th January 1910 aged 49 years R.I.P.  (South) Also Joseph Pentony, eldest son of John Stephen Pentony, died 30th Oct 1918.  Julia Teresa Pentony, wife of John Stephen Pentony, died 26th Jan 1925.  (Cross 48)

PEPPARD – Peppard.  (Cross 276)

PLUNKET – This stone was erected by Elizth Plunket.  Other wise Veldon, in memory of her husband, Luke Plunket, who departed this life ye 18th of Febry 1759 aged 52.  (Headstone 125)

PLUNKETT – This monument was erected by James Plunkett in memory of his father, Thomas Plunkett, who died Augst the 11th 1753 aged 52 years.  Also his mother Elinor Plunkett, alias Sheails, died July the 10th 1759 aged 55 yrs also his brother, John Plunkett, died Oct the 10th 1764 aged 31 yrs.  ………… Blake died aged ………… 19 yrs …………… also …………………..died …………… yrs.  (Headstone 106)

PLUNKETT – See Fagan (Celtic Cross 98).

POTTS – This monument was erected by James Potts for him and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of his father and mother and most affectionate … All ye who roll in worldly bliss repent and follow me to this.  (Front lying tilted down)  (Headstone 115)

POTTS – See Daly (Headstone 107).

PROCTOR – Erected in loving memory of Mary Mollie Proctor who died on the 22nd Jan 1937 aged 30? yrs.  Her husband, Patrick, died 6 April 1966 aged 82?  (Celtic Cross 167)

PROCTOR – In memory of my dear parents, Thomas Proctor and Elizabeth and their children Thomas and Bridget, South Common, Trim. R.I.P.  (Headstone 166)

QUINN – (East Side) Erected by Marcella Quinn in ever loving memory of her dear husband, Thomas Quinn N.T., who died at Clonard 17 March 1928.  Also her infant child.  Also her parents, Richard and Marcella King, Newtown. Rosanne Regan died 7 March 1945.  Marcella Quinn died 18 June 1957.  Matthew Regan died 27 Dec 1962. Lord Jesus receive their souls.  (South Side) Mary E. Regan died 10 Sept 1983.  Marcie Regan died 8 March 1990 aged 84 yrs.  (West Side) Thomas King died Jan 1934.  Rev. Thomas King died Oct 1929.  Mrs Marian King died 12 April 1956 aged 88.  Their daughter, Mary Patricia Kay, died 5 July 1967.  Dr. Martin King died 11 Aug 1977.

(Celtic Cross 135)

QUINN – In loving memory of Michael Quinn, Borris died 11th Nov 1918 aged 26 years. 

(Headstone 197)

REGAN – In memory of Patrick Regan, New Haggard, died 29 Nov 1910 age 79.  His wife, Mary, died 11th Dec1923 aged 86 years.  Rose died 18th April 1931.  Michael died 4 July 1938.  (Headstone 174)

REGAN – Erected by Philip Regan in memory of his wife, Rose Regan, who died 29th April 1927 aged 60 years.  (Headstone 241)

REGAN – Pray for the souls of Rose Regan (Haggard St, Trim) died 29th April 1927.  Her husband, Philip, died 29th Jan 1951 and their daughter, Elizabeth, died 24th Sept 1957.  Their son Philip died 31st March 1966.  Mollie Regan died 18 Nov 1973. R.I.P.

(Headstone 236)

REGAN – See Quinn (Celtic Cross 135).

REGAN – See Sheridan (Headstone 175).

REGAN – See O Reagan

REILLY – Ecce Agnus Dei.  Pray for the soul of Andw Reilly and Anne Reilly, parents of Mrs B. Waters, Trim.  Also for the souls of her brothers, Richd and Thomas Reilly and her sisters, Anne King and Jane Cheshir.  (Headstone 266)

REILLY – Erected by Margaret Reilly, Trim, in loving memory of her father, Michael Keenan, who died Nov. 2nd 1878 and her mother, Mary Keenan, died April 26th 1894.  Also her children.  Here also are interred the remains of the above Margaret Reilly, died 7th March 1930.  Her husband, John Reilly, died 16th April 1928.  (Headstone 170)

REILLY – In loving memory of Patrick Reilly, Emmet St, Trim died 3rd Jan 1914 aged 46.  Ellen Reilly died 30th March 1947.  Their son John Reilly died 10th Dec 1954.  (Headstone 164).

REILLY – Here lyeth the body of Phillip Reilly of Trim, Brewer, who departed this life 25 Janry 1792 aged 62 yrs also his daughter, Ann Reilly, who depd this life 20 Sept 1791 aged 21 years.  Erected by his widow, Catherine Reilly and his son, Thomas Reilly.  Boath of Trim.  (Slab 252) 

REILLY – In loving memory of Thomas Reilly died 8th May 1942.  His wife Mary Ann, died 28th March 1949.  Their  daughters, Margaret, died 17th March 1916.  Their son, Maurice, died 6th Feb 1928.  Mary died 28th Feb 1960.  Edward  died 28th March 1984.  Barney died 8th Maarch 1986.  R.I.P.  Erected by Edward Reilly.  Reilly.   (Headstone 211)

REILLY – See Lynch (Headstone 233).

REILLY – See Ryder (Headstone 70).

REILLY – See O’Reilly.

REYNOLDS – This stone was erected by Mrs Ellen Reynolds in memory of her beloved husband James Reynolds who departed this life March 27th 1841 aged 48 years. 

Requiescant in Pace.  (Headstone 155)

REYNOLDS – Lord have mercy on the souls of Peter Reynolds of Berfordstown died 30th March 1869 aged 60 years and his beloved wife, Anne Reynolds, died 8th Decr 1890 aged 69 years also his brother, Nicholas, died 9th Jan 1891 aged 90 years.  (Headstone 154)

REYNOLDS – Erected by Richard Reynolds of Whites Lane, Dublin . In memory of his beloved father, Michael, who died 1844 aged 64 years.  Here also are interred the remains of the above named Richd Reynolds who died October 26th 1880 aged 48 years.  (North) Also his Grandfather, John, and two uncles, Richard and John.  (South) And also his three aunts, Margaret, Anne and Ellen.  (Headstone 152)

RISPIN – In loving memory of John Rispin died 17th March 1945.  Also his wife, Anne, died 2nd June 1966.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 279)

ROBINSON – J Robinson R.I.P.  Johny Robinson R. I. P.  (Cross 17)

ROCHFORD – James and Moria Rochford and family.  (Heart 46)

ROE – Erected by Edward Roe of Trim in memory of his father, Patrick Roe, who depd this life on the 6th May 1864 aged 77 years.  Also his sister, Margaret, who depd this life on the 5th of January 1854 aged 19 years.  And his mother, Anne Roe, who departed this life February 26th 1873 aged 91 years.  Also his wife, Rose Roe, who depd this life 24th of March 1876.  Also the above Edward Roe depd this life October 26th 1877 aged 47 years.  Edward Roe died 19 Feb. 1958 aged 67? yrs.  His wife, Bridget Roe, died 24 Jan 1961 aged 57? years.   (Headstone 177)

ROGERS  – In loving memory of my dear father, Thomas Rogers, died 12 Sep 1926.  His wife, Teresa, died 28 Nov 1937.  Their son, Thomas L Rogers, died 12 Dec 1948.  Bridget Brennan died 29 July 1970.  Marcella Rogers died 7 Jan 1974.  Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on them. R. I. P.  (Headstone 254)

ROONEY – See King (Slab Table 114).

RUSILE – See Union (Headstone 79).

RYDER – This stone was erected by John Ryder of Baggot Street in the city of Dublin in memory of his beloved mother, Anne Ryder, who departed this life the 10th of October 1823 aged 71 years.  Also his affectionate wife, Jane, who departed this life the 8th March 1833 aged 58 years.  Also his son, Thomas, who departed this life on the 12th of March 1833 aged ? years.  Francis Reilly, Robinstown, died Aug 29th 1902 aged 13.  (Headstone 70)

SEFTON – In loving memory of Kathleen Sefton died 10th Jan 1945 aged 74 years.  Her husband, Patrick, died 1st Feb 1947 aged 75 years.  Rest in Peace.  Sefton.  (Headstone 278)

SHEAILS – See Plunkett (Headstone 106).

SHERIDAN – The monument was erected by Andrew Sheridan in memory of his wife and deceased friends.  His wife, Jane Sheridan, departed this life the 26th of October 1806 aged 60 years.  (Headstone 126)

SHERIDAN – (A) In loving memory of Thomas Sheridan, Effernock, Trim died 24th March 1990.  His wife, Kathleen, died 27th June 1962.  His mother, Kathleen Comons, died 7th April 1951.  His sister, Margaret, died 27th March 1936  R. I. P.   (B) Quisseparavit 3875 Rifleman M.J. Regan, Royal Irish Rifles, 5Th May 1915 age 20. 

(Headstone 175)

SHERRY – Erected by Julia Sherry in memory of her aunt, Mary Hussey, who died 13th Jan 1939 aged 82 yrs.  Her uncle, Andrew, died 2nd Dec 1923 aged 65 yrs.  Julia Sherry died 8th June 1981 aged 85 years.  R. I. P.  (Cross 9)

SHERRY – In loving memory of my parents, Pat and Jane Sherry, Dunlever, Trim.  Their sons, Luke and Peter.  William died 21st Nov 1979.  Lilie Sherry died 9th Sept 1981.  Jack Sherry died 3rd Oct 1990.  R. I. P.  Erected by Lilie Sherry.  (Headstone 74)

SHERRY – In loving memory of Sherry Family, Navangate, Trim. R. I. P.   (Headstone 132)

SHORTT – Erected by William Shortt in memory of his parents Patrick who died 10th Aug 1885.  Ellen who died 22nd March 1910.  R. I. P.  (Headstone 253)

SMITH – In loving memory of Edward Smith died 16th April 1915.  Also his wife Mary died 14th April 1950.  And his daughter, Alice, died 30th Jan 1972.  Also his brother, James, died 5th Sept 1942.  And his sister, Ann, died 17th Sept 1954.  Also his son, Edward Smith, died 19th Feb 1973.  R. I. P.   (Headstone 220)

SMITH – Erected in sacred memory to Nicholas Smith died 14th Oct 1833 aged 74 years.  Also his wife, Mary Smith, died 30th March 1834 aged 70 years.  Also Margaret Smith, died 17th April 1859 aged 49 years.  And her beloved husband, Patrick Smith, died 3rd May 1873 aged 81 years.  Also their daughter, Anne Smith, died 8th Nov 1909 aged 69 years and their son, Joseph Smith, died 28th Oct 1917 aged 84 years.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 101)

SMITH – Glory in Eexcelsis Deo. Erected by Willm Smith in memory of his father Michael Smith who departed this life Dec 26th 1827 aged 68 years.  Also his mother who departed this life Septr 26th 1843………….  (Headstone 157)

SMYTH – Sacred to the memory of Anne Smyth, Trim, who died March 4th 1901 aged 65 years.  Her husband, James Smyth, Trim, who died December 7th 1916 aged 76 years.  Erected by their son, Patrick.  (Cross 148)

SMYTH – See Gilsenan (Headstone 99).

SMYTH  – See Flood (Headstone 159).

TAAFFE – In memory of William Taaffe died 1915.  His wife, Catheran, 1922.  Also his daughter, 1902. And his son,  Thomas, 1931.  James died 1939.  (Headstone 264)

TAYLOR – See Fitzpatrick (Slab196).

THOMPSON – See O’Dare (Headstone 281).

TIMBS – See Corcoran (Headstone 76).

TOMLIN – R. I. P.  Tomlin Family, Mitchelstown, Trim.  (Wooden Cross 186)

TULLY – In loving memory of Michael Tully, 17 Railway Rd., Trim, died 3rd March 1963 aged 63 yrs.  And his wife Mary Ann died 21st May 1977 aged 74 yrs.  Tommy Tully died 4th May 1993.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 28)

TULLY – In loving memory of Peter & Rose Tully.  Also their son, Peter Tully, died on 27th Sept 1964.  R.I.P.  (Headstone 29)

UNION – This stone was erected by Abraham Union in memory of his wife Mary Union alias Rusile & one of her children who departed this life Aug 18th 1764 aged 26 years. 

(Headstone 79)

VELDON – See Plunket (Headstone 125).

VIZER – See Dillion (Headstone 163).

WALLACE – See Feely (Cross 289).

WATERS – (East)  Erected by Mrs Bridget Waters of Trim to the memory of her beloved husband, Bryan Waters, who died 22nd, Jany 1870 aged 74 years.  And of their daughters, Ellen, who died 16th Feby 1857 aged 14 years and Maria who died 4th March 1857 aged 19 years.  Also the above Bridget Waters died May 26th 1892 aged 86.  R.I.P.  (West) The Family Burial ground Mr Bryan Waters, Trim.  (Cross 272)

WATERS – See Reilly (Headstone 266).

WELDON – In loving memory of Agnes Weldon, her parents, brothers and sister.  R.I.P. 

(Headstone 284)

WHELON – This stone was erected by Andw. Whelon in memory of his father in law, Jn. Farel, who departed this life Aug 24 1759, aged 64.  (Headstone 67)

WILLIAMS – Pray for Sarah Jane Williams died 5th Feb 1924 aged 64.  Bridget Williams died 7th Feb 1924 aged 62.  R. I. P.   (Headstone 262)

WILTON – In memory of James Wilton, Newtown, died 1902.  His daughter, Margaret, died 19 April 1947.  Cunningham.  Margaret Cunningham died 21 March 1985.  Mary Cunningham died 4 August 1900. R.I.P.  (Headstone 169)

NO NAME – ………………….     …………….    …………………March 1866, aged….

(Fallen Headstone 35)

NO NAME – Illegible.  (Broken Headstone 37)

NO NAME – Not inscribed.  (Headstone 42)

NO NAME – Here lye …………. A..on of Trim ……………3 Aged ……………idped in sedy ……………erected by thire ………John..  (Broken Headstone 53)

NO NAME – Surround Only.  (Broken Surround 58)

NO NAME – Flat Marker Stone.  (Marker stone 59)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Headstone 62)

NO NAME – Here ………………………………      …………………………….

(Overgrown Headstone 65)

NO NAME – Erected ………… in memory of ……………… and children……….   His brother Richard who departed life…….the 27th 1848……….  (Broken Headstone 87)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Broken Headstone 89)

NO NAME – Inscription illegible.  (Headstone 92)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Headstone 95)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Broken Headstone 96)

NO NAME – Here  ……………  her………………  June 16th 1760. Also the body ………………this ………………………  (Headstone 100)

NO NAME – (Iron Cross 102)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Cross 103)

NO NAME – (Headstone 104)

NO NAME – No Inscription.  (Headstone 117)

NO NAME – No Inscription .  (Headstone 130)

NO NAME – (Headstone 136)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Slab140)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Broken Headstone 151)

NO NAME – Illegible.  (Headstone 153)

NO NAME – Illegible.  (Headstone 160)

NO NAME – Illegible.  (Headstone 171)

NO NAME – Inscription illegible.  (Tomb 178)

NO NAME – ………………………  ……………………… …………………………  ………………………  ……………………aged …………………   (Cross 181)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Cast Iron Ornamentation 189)

NO NAME (Unknown number of lines)  May she rest in peace, Amen.(Broken Headstone 199)

NO NAME – No inscription. – (Cross 205)

NO NAME – Inscription facing downwards.  (Headstone 208)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Cross 218)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Cross 222)

NO NAME – Totally illegible.  (Headstone 228)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Headstone 240)

NO NAME – Illegible.  (Broken Headstone 248)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Headstone 255)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Headstone 256)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Broken Headstone 260)

NO NAME – (Cross 263)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Headstone 271)

NO NAME – No inscription.  (Marker Stone with surround 275)

RICHARD BUTLER MEMORIAL – Has antiquae pietotis et arils reliquias olim ornamenta parietibus hujus esslesiak infinquendas curiavit R.B. Vicar de Trim. AD MDCCCXLII.