Recorded by Noel E. French August 1987

Ratoath parish is situated in south County Meath near the  Dublin border.

The parish was united in 1682 to Greenoge Killegland, Cookstown and Donaghmore.  In the early 1800’s Bishop Lewis O’Beirne tried to rectify the problem of non-resident clergy men.  He wrote of the Rector of Ratoath “he performs occasional duty and concealing from me that he was residing in England.”

The church of Ratoath was built in 1817 and the Glebe House erected in 1813.  This was due to the influence of Bishop O’Beirne.

There has been no resident vicar since in Ratoath since 1920.  Services were conducted in Ratoath until 1958.  In 1964 the church building was dismantled and the Belfry left as a landmark.

South of the church is a medieval knight’s effigy.  I could see no inscription yet there was in inscription in previous times.  There was a tradition among children that if you walked around it three times and then you measure yourself immediately afterwards you will never grow any bigger.

A portion of a nearby field was acquired by the parish to provide a new cemetery.  This cemetery dates from the 1950 and so I do not record any stones from this portion.

For more details see Ratoath by Very Rev. John Cogan P.P.

Monumental Inscriptions

BATES – In loving memory of Bryan younger son of Walter and Sophia Bates died 19th April 1932 aged 35 and of their only daughter Sophia Hilda (Ida) of Baltrasna died 17th Feb 1938 aged 34.  Also their beloved father Walter Bryan Bates died 12th Jan 1952 aged 92.  And their mother Sophia Bates died 7th June 1953 aged 90.  At rest.

BATES – See Bryan Walter.

BEATH – See Feeld Thomas.

BOURNS – (Grave Slab) IHS Sacred to the memory of Mr Richard Bourns of Ashbourne  Civil Engineer who departed this life 1(5?)th of March 18(55?) aged 46 years.  His sister Mrs Catherine (Henshion?) who departed this life 12th Dec 18(56?) aged …. years.

BOYLAN – Erected by John Boylan of Mountpleasant in memory of his beloved wife Jane Boylan who departed this life Oct 28th 1857 aged 49 years. Also his brother Thomas who died May 21st 1831 aged 26 years and his brother Christopher died Sept 13th 1859 aged 71 years.  And also his brother William died Oct 21st 1868 aged 69 years. Also the above named John Boylan died 16th Feby 1889 aged 78 years.

BRADY – IHS This stone was erected by Richard Brady of Ransford Street in the City of Dublin in memory of his father and mother James and Catherine Brady Formerly of Bradystown.  Also interred here is his beloved wife Elinor Brady who departed this life the 14th Dec 1802 aged 26 years.

BRENNAN – Brennan family.  R.I.P.  (Modern).

BRIEN –  In affectionate remberence of Thomas Brien the beloved husband of Jane E. Brien who died at his residence 27 Achill Rd, Drumcondra on the 6th June 1838 aged 74 years. Also the above Jane E. Brien died 1st April 1955 aged 85 years.

BRIEN – See Gilic Joseph.

            See Mc Cabe Patrick.

BROGAN – Erected by Mary Brogan of Cleveland, Ohio, USA in memory of her beloved father Patrick Murray who died 8th Dec 1885 aged 63 years.  Also his wife Mary Murray who died 10th Feb 1865 aged 64 years.  And also Mary Murray who died 8th April 1892 aged 60 years.

BRYAN – IHS This stone is erected in memory of Mr. Dennis Bryan late of the City of Dublin who departed this life March 5th 1789 aged 52 years and also Mrs Rose Bryan wife to the said Dennis who departed the 14th of  January 1789 aged 50 years.  With James and John Bryan sons of the said Dennis and several of their children.

BRYAN – Erected by Mrs L. Bryan of Baltrasna, Ashbourne Co. Meath in memory of her affectionate daughter Mrs. Lydia Williams who died 6th March 1872 aged 37 years.

BRYAN – Here lie the remains of Mr. Walter Bryan of Baltrasna who departed this life on the 5th day of July 1846 aged 60 years.  This stone was erected to his memory by his sorrowing widow in token of her sincere affection and regard for him.

 In memory of Lydia, widow of the late Walter Bryan of Baltrasna, Ashbourne Co. Meath who departed this life on the 5th of Feb1880 aged 93 years. Her end was peace. The good die ….

Inscribed by her affectionate grandchild Walter Bryan Bates.  And of his mother Hester Bates of Baltrasna who died 19th Nov 1909 aged 73 years.  Also of his father William Bates, Baltrasna who died 21 June 1918 aged 83 years.  Catherine Anne Bates died 28th January 1932 aged  68 years.

BRUEN – In loving memory of our dear mother Annie Bruen who died 30th May 1904 aged 43 years.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on her.  Also Gertrude Clarke who died 20 Dec 1914 aged 26 years.  And John Bruen who died 21 Aug 1924 aged 78 years.  R.I.P.  Erected by her children.

CAFFERY – Sacred to the memory of Patrick Caffery of Ratoath who died from the effects of a fall received in the hunting field 22nd February 1874 aged 36 years. Erected by a few of his many friends as a token of their esteem and regard.

CALLIN – IHS This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick Callin and his posterity.  Here lieth also his father and mother.  (Circa 1800).

CAREY – IHS Erected by Patrick Carey in loving memory of his brother Edward who died 16th Feb 1907.  (Near north wall).

CAUGHAN – In loving memory of John Caughan died 27th ….. 1941 aged 54 years. (badly eroded).

CAUL – Erected by John Gaul of the Naul in memory of his father Mr. John Caul of Paceland, Dunboyne who died 4th March 1862 aged 75years.  Respected and regretted by all who knew him.  Also his sister Mary Caul died 11th April 1872 aged 39 years and his mother Mrs. Bridget Caul who died 27th March 1876 aged 80 years.  Also the above Mr. John Caul who departed this life 30th of May 1881 aged 46 years.  May his soul rest in peace. Amen.  Also his brother Bartholomew died 18th May 1889 aged 60 years and his son Timothy  Caul who died 29th March 1903 aged 22 years.  Also his sister Julia Caul departed this life 11th Decr 1906 aged 78 years.

CAUL – This stone was erected by John Caul in memory of his beloved sister Alicia Duffy who died 5th May 1821 aged 44.  Also her son Thomas Duffy who died 13th Oct 1831 aged 24.  Also his sister Maria Gibney who died 24th Feby 1845 aged 58 and his brother –in-law George Duffy who died 15th June 1857 aged 87.  Also the above John Gaul died 2nd Feb 1868.  His daughter Rose Anna died 8th Sept 1871.  And his beloved wife Jane Caul died Nov 1877.  And also his son Robert died 12th June 1902.  Also his son Christopher died 25th Feby 1904.  Also his daughter Alicia Caul who died 25th Feby 1917 aged 82 years.

CHARTERS – In loving memory of Ralph Charters, Ratoath who died 4th May 1902 aged 77 and his wife Anne who died 10th Sept 1903 aged 69 years.  Also their children Lizzie who died 14th May 1884 aged 22 years and James, Robert and Henrietta who died young.  Also their grandson Ralph B. Charters who died 4th Feb 1906 aged 4 years. Also their nephew Henry Charters who died 18 Nov 1918 aged 39 years.  Their daughters Mary Anne died 2nd Jan 1924 aged 67 years and Emily died 19th Jan 1929 aged 63.  And Emily J. wife of James Richard Charters died 10th Aug 1931 aged 54. Also Jane died 18 Dec 1935 aged 69.  Dorothy daughter to James R. died 19th July 1938 aged 28 and Harriett died 17 Nov 1938 aged 63.

(Reverse of gravestone) Sarah Charters died 24 March 1941 aged 71 and James R. died 29Sep 1942 aged 70.

CLARKE – Erected by Mrs Anne Clarke of  Bodeen in memory of her father Thomas Murphy of Bodeen who died 22nd April 1865 aged 68 years.  Also her mother Eliza Murphy who died 20th Novr 1847 aged 48 years.  And her brother James Murphy who died 4th Jany 1893 aged 65 years.  Also her brother Richard who died 17th  July 1893 aged 57 years.  Also Elizabeth Clarke who died 20th April 1953 aged 64 years.  Also Mary Clarke who died 29th Nov 1953 aged 88 years.  R.I.P.

CLARKE – Thy will be done. In loving memory of our dear mother Mrs Anne Clarke, Bodeen, Ratoath, Co. Meath who died 28th March 1903 aged 64 years.  And of our dear father George Clarke who died 20th December 1904 aged 72 years.  Also of our brothers Michael who died 5th July 1904 aged 32 years and interred in Glasnevin cemetery, and John who died 13th Jan 1934 aged 73 years.  Also Thomas who died 1st April 1943 aged 79 and Joseph who died 26th Feb 1944 aged 77.

CLINCH – This burial place belongs to Peter Clinch’s posterity.  He departed this life Decem 27 1744 aged 73 years and was the first of this family layd in this ground. Also his son Thomas Clinch who died Augt ye 13 1760 aged 55.  Requieseant in pace.

CONLON – IHS Erected by William Conlon in memory of his daughter Mary Anne who died 28th Nov 1885 aged 18 years.  Also his son John who died 24th April 1894  aged 30.  And his son Joseph died 14 Aug 1894 aged 29.  His daughter Katie died 4th Dec 1897 aged 39 years.  Also the above named William Conlon of Grange 24th Feb 1900 aged 78 years.  And his wife Ellen Conlon died 25th Sept 1912 aged 81 years.  His son James died 17th Oct 1910 aged 47 years.  Richard Conlon died 2nd March 1923.  Bridget Conlon died 31st July 1942.  Kathleen daughter of  Jos Conlon born 28.3.1892 died 3.4.1976.   R.I.P.

CONNOLLY – See Duffy Matthew.

CONYNGHAM – Erected to the memory of the Rev. Launcelot King Conyngham, Rector of Ratoath by his affectionate widow.  He departed this life the (7?)th of April 1820 aged 49 years.  Beside him is interred his daughter ….IA Julia who departed this life the 18th Nov. 1820 aged 19 years.

CORBALLIS – IHS In memory of Sybil Mary Corballis wife of James Corballis, Ratoath Manor.  Daughter of Oliver …. Beadon of Greecheae…. Manor Taunton died 29th May 1918.  Eileen Mary Corballis her daughter who died …. 1918.

COUGHAN – IHS This stone was erected here by John Coughan for him and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of his son Thos Coughan who departed this life Jany ye 27th 1785 aged 26 years.  Here lieth also the body of his son Richard  Coughan who departed this life Dec the 21st 1786 aged 23 years.

CREAN – IHS Pray for the soul of Patrick Crean died 9th June 1947 aged 29 years.

CUMMINS – See Eiffe Eleanor.

     – See Hickey Mary.

DONNELLY – IHS Memento Mori.  This stone was erected by Anne Donnelly in memory of her beloved husband John Donnelly Gardiner, North Strand, County of Dublin who departed this life the 28th day of July Anno Domini 1807 aged 63 years. Also here lieth the remains of his father and mother Cullimn and Jane Donnelly and three of his children.

DONNELLY – In loving memory of Helena Donnelly, Ballyhack died 4-2-1952.  Her husband John died 26-1-1963.  Anthony died 26-12-1939 aged 25 years.  Nicholas died 7-8-1932 aged 22 years.  Nora died 24-7-1948 aged 1 year.  John Joseph Wall died 15-5-1938 aged 4 years.

DONNELLY – In loving memory of William Donnelly, Lagore Road died 5th Nov 1982 aged 76 years.  R.I.P.   Erected by his loving wife.

DONNELLY – In memory of the Donnelly family, Rackenstown.  R.I.P.  (Modern)

DOWDALL – See Keane Nuala.

DOWLING – IHS This stone was erected by Mary Dowling to the memory of her beloved husband Bryan Dowling late of Queen Street who departed this life Sept 20 1793 aged 44 years and two of their children and also James and Jane Sherlock her father and mother.  God rest their souls in peace.  Also John Sherlock died 3rd Feb 1933 aged 69 years.

DUFFY – In loving memory of Anastatia Duffy, Staffordstown House who died 26th April 1932.  Her husband John who died 19 Dec 1952.

DUFFY – Erected by Mrs Catherine Duffy in memory of her beloved husband Mr. Duffy who departed this life 2nd June 1837 aged  67 years.  Also her brother Garrett Rickard who died June 2nd 1835 aged 87 years.  And her niece Eleanor Flanagan who died 24th March 1835 aged 18 years.  Also Mrs Catherine Duffy of Ratoath who died 28th May 1841 aged 84 years.  Also Thomas Duffy of Glascarn who died 24 Jan 1876 aged 74 years.  (This is a 7ft tall headstone!!  North of church).

DUFFY – Erected by Matthew Duffy of the Rath in memory of his beloved wife Catherine Duffy who departed this life Novr 13th 1867 aged 45 years.  Also of the above named Matthew Duffy who died 23rd Dec 1869 also his brother Thomas Duffy who died 23rd Dec1892 aged 85 years.  His nephew Andrew  O’Neill died 15th Novr 1898 aged 80 years.  Also his daughter Julia Duffy who died 4th Oct 1927 aged 62 years.  And Mary Connolly died 2nd Dec 1935.  His son William Duffy died 11th Nov 1943.  R.I.P.

DUFFY – Erected by Mr Patrick Duffy in memory of his beloved wife Mary Duffy who departed this life 16th Dec 1849 aged 24 years.  And two of his children who died young.  Also the above named Mr. Patrick Duffy died 9th Nov 1880 aged 72 years. Also his beloved wife Mary Duffy died 11th April1894 aged 65 years.  Also his son Patrick Duffy died 19th Oct 1898.  And also his daughter Annie Duffy who died in America on 28th March 1906.

DUFFY – Erected by Patrick Duffy, Ballybin in memory of his father Matthew Duffy who died 13th November 1890 aged 76 years.  Also of his aunt Jane Duffy who died 9th February 1886 aged 82 years.  And of his sister Bridget who died July 1860 aged 6 years.  And his mother Margaret Duffy died 22nd May 1905 aged 78 years.  Also his daughter who died young.  Also his wife Margaret M. Duffy who died 29th March 1929 aged 67 years.  Also the above Patrick Duffy who died 11th December 1937 aged 83 years.  And his brother Thomas Duffy who died 15th March 1940 aged 79 years.  His son Dr. Timothy who died 31st Aug 1957 aged 60 years.

DUFFY – See Caul John.

DUNN – IHS Erected by Nicholas Dunn of Ratoath for him and his posterity.  Here lyethe the remains of his two brothers Bartholo’w Dunn who departed this life the 10th April 1808 aged 26 years.  Also Patrick Dunn departed this life the 24th of April1808 aged 23 years.

EIFFE – As a tribute of affection this stone was erected by Eleanor and Emily Eiffe in memory of their beloved parents William Eiffe who departed this life the 5th June 1823 aged 70 years and his wife Elizabeth Eiffe who departed the 29th July 1834 aged 59 years.  Also their sister Jane who died 3rd May 1826 aged 16 years.  And their niece Ellen Cummins who died 17th Aug 1832 aged 4 years.  Lizzie Cummins died May 16 1850 aged 10 years.  Catherine Cummins died May 22nd 1858 aged 52 years.  Have mercy O Lord on the souls of James Mc Auley who died 5th Oct 1870 aged 43 years.  And his wife Ellen died 12 Feb 1879 aged 64 years.  And their sons Joseph died in America 28 March 1891 aged 41 years and William died 11 April 1887 aged 37 years.  Also Luke who died 7th Oct 1887 aged 31 years.  And also their last surviving son James Mc Auley who died at his residence Ratoath on the 13 of January 1907 aged 55 years.

EIFFE – May the Lord be Merciful to the souls of Mr Luke Eiffe and of Anne his wife.  The former departed this life 14 June 1856 aged 85 years.  The latter died 7th April 1858 aged 50 years.  This stone is erected to their memory by an affectionate son James Eiffe of Ratoath.  Also the above named James Eiffe died July 16th 1878 aged 62 years. Also his wife Catherine who departed this life 22nd Sept 1889 aged 74 years.  Daniel Eiffe died 17 June 1950.  His wife Margaret died 10 April 1960 and their daughter May died 19th July 1977.

EIFFE – See Green Mary.

ELLIOTT – In loving memory of Thomas Elliott, Cabin Hill died 29 May 1937.  his mother Elizabeth died 4th Dec 1961.  his uncle Michael Elliott.  His grand parents Michael and Ann Elliott.

EVERARD – In memory of James and Annie Everard, Bradystown and their family.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason – N.Dogett – modern)  (North of church site).

FAGAN – Erected by Mrs Margaret Fagan of Ratoath in memory of her beloved husband Peter Fagan who died 22nd Septr 1864 aged 48 years.  Also three of her children Patrick, Margaret and William who died young.  Also their son-in-law Matthew Monahan who died 2nd Decr 1889 aged 52 years and the above named Margaret Fagan who died 29 Sept 1897 aged 83 years.  And Mary Clare only daughter of the above Matthew Monahan died 30th July 1899 aged 27 years.  His beloved wife Mary Monahan died 3rd April 1900 aged 50 years and James Fagan, Frankstown, Dunshaughlin died 13th Feby 1905 aged 96 years.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.  Also Bernard Monahan died 27th Sept 1923 aged 41 years.

FARCISON – this is the burial place of John Farcison.  IHS  (Circa 1800?).

FEELD – IHS Here lieth the body of Thomas Feeld who departed this life December ye 25th 1745 aged 76 years.  Also his wife Grizell Feeld aged 42 years.  Also Mary Feeld who departed this life Janry the 4th 1761 aged 60 years wife of John Feeld son to the above Thos Feeld who erected this stone.  Here lieth the body of Ann- Beath who departed this life August the 22nd 1763 aged 26 years.

FLANAGAN – See Duffy Catherine.

FORTUNE – Fortune and O’Brien Family.  R.I.P.  (Modern – stone mason – Moss).

FOTTRELL – Erected by Annie Fottrell in memory of her beloved husband Simon Fottrell who died 27th March 1884 aged 64 years.  And their daughter Bridget died 1847 aged 2 years and their son Simon died 28th Nov 1855 aged 7 years.  Also his wife Anne died 3rd Oct 1894 aged 84 years.

FOTTRELL – Sacred to the memory of Mary Fottrell, her parents and brothers, September 1892.

FRANKLIN – See Mc Cabe Margaret.

FULLAM – See Ledwige James. 

GALLIGAN – Erected by Philip Galligan in memory of his beloved father Matthew aged 70 and his beloved mother Catherine aged 60.  His brother James aged 27, his brother Owen aged 60, his sister Bessie aged 32 and his brother Matthew died 12th Nov 1881 aged 61.

GIBBONS – Erected by Michael Gibbons in memory of his beloved father Michael Gibbons who died 18th Augt1847 aged 45 years.  Also his beloved mother Alice Gibbons who died 22nd Septr. 1874 aged 60 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason – Farrell & Sons, Glasnevin).

GIBNEY – See Caul John.

GILLIC – IHS In loving memory of Anne Gillic, Mountpleasant died 16th Feb 1976.  Also her brother John died 25th Aug 1979.

GILIC – In memory of Joseph Gilic died 4th Sept 1940 aged 72 years.  Anne Brien died 18th July 1924 aged 82 years.

GILLIC – Sacred to the memory of Thomas Gillic who died January 7th 1878 aged 80 years and of his wife Catherine who died June 20th 1860 aged 60 years.

GRAY – O Lamb of god who takest away the sins of the world grant eternal rest to the soul of James Gray the faithful servant of Doctor O’Reilly, Ratoath 1860.  Requiescant in peace.  (Stone  mason Wade, Berkely St., Dublin).

GREEN –Erected by Mary Green in memory of her beloved husband Dominick Green who died 7th May 1859 aged 77 years.  Also their daughter Anne Eiffe who died 2nd Aug 1862 aged 26 years.

HARFORD – See Lyons William.

HICKEY – In loving memory of my beloved wife Mary Hickey, Navan Rd, Dunboyne died 5th Feb 1973.  Also my mother Jane died 26th Jan 1942 aged 77 years.  And my sister Catherine Nulty died 12th July 1948 aged 48.  Mary Cummins died 11th Oct 1956.  R.I.P. 

(Reverse) Erected by Thomas Hickey who contributed to the upkeep of this cemetery died 24–2–1973.  His sister Brigid died 4-12-1974.

HICKEY – See Redmond Bridget

JOHNSON – in affectionate rememberance  of William Stuart Johnston MD of Dunboyne,  second son of the Revn’d Henry Johnston of Ratoath.  He died on the 8th of May 1872 in the 36th year of his age.  The blood of Jesus Christ…….  And in memory of his three children Henry, John and William who died in infancy.  The Lord gave…………. Also Mary widow of the above who died the 14th of Novr 1890 aged 52 “for so he giveth his beloved sleep.”

KAVANAGH – IHS  Here lieth the remains of John Kavanagh of Kilbrew who depd this life Feb the 9th 1840 aged 71 years.

KEANE – In loving memory of Nuala Maura Keane died10th Feb 1950 aged 23 y ears also Patrick Dermod Keane died 16Aug 1939 aged 22 years and their grand parents Lawrence and Anne Dowdall, Ratoath.

KEOGH – In loving memory of Thomas Keogh died 31st July 1922 aged 68 also Catherine Keogh died 22nd Nov 1925 aged 70.  Erected by their sorrowing children.

LEDWIGE – IHS To the memory of James Ledwige who died Decb 12th 1788 aged 36 years.  Erected by his disconsolate widow Mary Ledwige otherwise Fullam the year of our Lord 1790

LOWTHER – Here lieth the body of Mrs Jane Lowther Relict of George Lowther Esq. of Kilrue.  Her charity ……….without ostentation, her piety……feigned.  Sincere in the Expe..…tion of a happy Emmoriality.  She departed this life Octr ye 20 1764 in the 70th year of her age.  (Plaque on the west wall of the bell tower).

LYNAM – see Robinson Thomas.

LYONS – IHS Erected by their children to the memory of William Lyons died 6th May1880 aged 76 years.  Also Bridget wife of the above died 27th July 1893 aged 86 years.  Also their daughter Jane Harford died 17th Decr 1895 aged 42 years.

MC AULEY – See Eiffe Eleanor.

MACABE – IHS Erected by Bryan Macabe, Darthogue in memory of his beloved wife Jane Macabe who departed this life 6th March 1903 aged 37.  Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on her soul.  Heart of Mary pray for her.  Also the above named Bryan who departed this life 23rd Novd 1922 aged 75.  R.I.P.  Also his daughter Agnes died 10th Sept 1936.  (One of three stones in a hollowed spot southwest of church site.

MC CABE – IHS Erected by Margaret Mc Cabe in memory of her beloved mother Bridget Mc Cabe who died 11th Septr 1860 aged 68 years.  Also in memory of her beloved sister Mary Franklin who died 25th September 1863 aged 26 years.

MC CABE – This stone was erected by Patrick Mc Cabe of Glascord in memory of his brother Bryan Mc Cabe who dept’d this life June 10th 1815 aged 65 yrs.  John 

Mc Cabe departed this life on the 3rd of Feb 1864 aged 62 years.  In life respected in death regretted.  May they rest in peace. Bryan J. Mc Cabe departed this life 4th Oct 1894 aged 88 years.  Holy Mary pray for him.  (Three stones in hollowed out spot southwest of church site).

MC CABE – IHS This stone was erected in memory of Patrick Mc Cabe and Anne Mc Cabe and their posterity.  Patrick Mc Cabe departed this life March the 16th1820 aged 65 years.  And Anne Mc Cabe departed this life the 9th September 1831 aged 60 years.  Mrs Honoria Moran departed this life on the 14th March 1863 aged 64 years.  Miss Alice Mc Cabe departed this life January 28th 1867 aged 60 years.  Mrs. Mary Bryan departed this life on the 22nd July 1884 aged 80 years.  Miss Ann Macabe departed this life on the 22nd September 1888 aged 60 years.  (One of three stones in  hollowed out spot southwest of church).

MC CORMACK – Erected by Patrick Mc Cormack in loving memory of my brother James who died 31st Aug 1887 aged 22 years.  Also my loving sister Katie who died 28th Feb 1888 aged 24 years.  Also my loving father Patrick Mc Cormack who died 25th Jan 1897 aged 64 years.  Also my loving mother Anne Mc Cormack who died 2nd Nov 1917 aged 86 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone Mason – P. Clarke  3 South Lott Rd.)

MC DONNELL – See Sheridan Hugh.

MC DOWEL – IHS Remember Death.  This stone was erected by Mary Mc Dowel of  Great Britain Street, Dublin in memory of her loving and beloved husband Bryan

Mc Dowel who departed this life the 29th of December 1788 aged 40 years.  Here lieth two of their children Joseph and Mary.

MC GRANE – In loving memory of Richard Mc Grane, Ratoath died 26th Aug 1955 aged 55.  His wife Annie died 22 Dec 1983 aged 81.  His brother Patrick died 21st Feb 1964 aged 72.  R.I.P.  Erected by their son John.

MC KEEVER – In memory of Thomas R. Mc Keever 1906 – 1970

MANNERING – In loving memory of Jacqueline Mannering, The Paddocks died 25th Aug 1982 aged 15 yrs.   (Stone mason – T. Cooney)

MANNERING – Mannering family.  (Modern – stone mason – N. Doggett, Donore)

MARMION – Mercy Jesus Mercy.  In loving memory of my dear wife Marmion died 11th Nov 1948 aged 66 years.  Also her dear husband Patrick died 22nd Oct 1966 aged 84 years.  Their grand-daughter Josephine died 5th Dec 1953.  Erected by their loving family.

MAYNARD – Iris Haida daughter of Percy and Haida Maynard of the parish died 1886 aged 6 months.

MONAHAN – See Fagan Margaret.

MOORE – In loving memory of John Moore (Sen.) died 2 Feb 1937.  Daughter-in-law Lena Moore died 2 March 1947 aged 37 years.  Grand daughter Betty died 4 feb 1940 aged 5 months.  R.I.P.

MORAN – Erected by Mrs. Jane Moran of Ratoath in memory of her beloved husband Peter Moran who died April 6th 1848 aged 62 years.  Also their son George Moran who died March 2nd 1861 aged 24 years.  R.I.P.  ( Stone mason Wade, Upr Berkeley St, Dublin).  Also the above Jane Moran who died Nov 5th 1876 aged 74 years.  Their son Michael Moran died 24th Feb 1910 aged 80 years.  And Mary Margaret wife of above Michael died 15th Novr 1908 aged 68 years.

MORAN – Erected in loving memory of my dear husband Joseph Moran J.P. Raystown, Ratoath who departed this life 18th Sept 1905 aged 78 years.  On whose soule sweet Jesus have mercy…..

MORAN – IHS Erected by Michael Moran of the town of Ratoath for him and his posterity.  Here lieth the remains of his father and mother James Moran dep’d the 10th of September 1769 aged 74 years.  Also Catherine Moran departed the 4th of January 1761 aged 64 years.  Also his brother Peter Moran dep’d the 8th of November 1797 aged 68 years.  Michael Moran died Septr 1819 aged103 years.  His wife Mary Moran died Septr 14th 1824 aged 70 years.   And their son James Moran died March 6th 1857 aged 74 years.  R.I.P.

MORAN – Erected by Peter and Nannie Moran, Blackwater, Ratoath in fond and loving memory of their son Dr.  Peter C.  Moran, Tara, Dunsany who died 11th Nov 1914 aged 39 years.  (North of church – Celtic Cross within railing with three other Celtic Crosses).

MORAN – Erected by Peter Moran, Blackwater, Ratoath in rememberance of his dearly beloved wife Nannie who died 20th July 1922 aged 70 years.  Also of their dearly beloved daughter Mary Gertrude who died 18 Dec 1918 and the above named Peter Moran who died 5th May 1955 aged 92 years.  His son Richard C. Moran , 27 Cremore Rd,  Glasnevin who died 25th January 1942 aged 54 years.   R.I.P.   (Stone mason – Farrell & Sons  Glasnevin) .  (North of church).

MORAN – IHS Sacred to the memory of Thomas Moran Esq. of Raystown, Co.  Meath who departed this life 9th of February 1847 aged 49 years.   May the Almighty receive his soul into everlasting glory.  Amen.  Also Mrs  Honoria Moran his beloved wife who departed this life on the 14th March 1863 aged 64 years.  R.I.P.

MORAN – In loving memory of William Moran, Raystown who died 1st July 1913 (Celtic Cross within iron railing with three other crosses).

MORAN – See Mc  Cabe Patrick.

MULLEN – Erected by Teres Mullen in memory of her beloved father Richard Mullen who departed this life March 22 1828 aged 88 years.   Also the above Teresa Mullen who died January 28th 1863 aged 70 years.

MULVANEY – In loving memory of Patrick Mulvaney, Jamestown died 1st of Oct 1960 aged 63 years.   His wife Bridget died 16th Sept 1961 aged 64 years.  Their daughter Nancy died 31st March 1944 aged 13½ years.  Their son Pat died 8th Nov 1985 aged 52 years.  R.I.P.  Erected by Babs and Angelo  (Ttone mason – T. Cooney Duleek Rd. Drogheda).

MURPHY – IHS Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Erected by Mrs Mary Murphy of Grange Trevet in memory of  her beloved husband Richard Murphy who died 18th Octr 1875 aged 73 years.  Also her son Thomas died 26th June 1877 aged 22 years.  And also her daughter Alicia who died 1st Feb 1970 aged 18 years.  Also Richard and Mary who died young.   Also the above named Mrs Mary Murphy who died 11th Dec 1888 aged 72 years.  Also Mrs. Margaret Murphy died 10th Nov 1901 Michael Murphy died 3rd Dec 1909.  And Mrs Louisa Murphy died 6th July 1907.  Matthew Murphy died 14th June 1911.  James Murphy died 7th May 1915.  Also her grandson James Murphy died 9th Dec 1917.  May the lord have mercy on their souls.

MURPHY – IHS This stone was erected by Paul Murphy of the City of Dublin, Blacksmith.  Here lyeth the body of Edmond Ratican and his wife – father and mother to Paul Murphy’s wife.  Also Mary Swords daughter to Paul Murphy and Paul Swords son to Mary Swords who departed this life March 21st 1776  in the 27th  years of her age.

MURPHY – See Clarke Anne.

MURRAY – Erected by Mary Murray in memory of her beloved husband Nicholas who died 24th Nov 1853 aged 59 years and the above Mary Murray died 5th March 1879 aged 68 years.

MURRAY – In memory of Nicholas Murray, Lough Bollard, Clane died 18th Sept 1977.  Rest in peace.

MURRAY – See Brogan Mary.

NOLAN – The Nolan Family  R.I.P.  (Wooden Cross Modern)

NULTY – See Hickey Mary.

O’BRIEN – See Fortune.

O’NEILL – See Duffy Matthew.

O’REILLY – See Gray James.

PLUNKETT – In loving memory of our dear parents Matthew and Mary Plunkett and their children Mary, Margaret and Alice.  R.I.P.  Erected by their loving daughter Alice.  (20th cent?)

RAFFERTY – IHS This stone  by Mrs Judith Rafferty of King Street, Oxmontown in the memory of her father Mr Michael Rafferty who departed this life Dec ye 10th 1781 aged 70 years.  Also her mother Mrs Bridget Rafferty who departed this life Dec ye 28th 1788 aged 67 years.  Also her brother Thomas Rafferty who departed this life April ye 15th 1792 aged 56 years.  Also Elizabeth Rafferty who departed this life April ye 28th 1788 aged 45 years.  Also John Rafferty who departed this life Decr 7th 1854 aged 33 years.  Thomas Rafferty departed this life 31st March 1860 aged 72 years.   Mrs Mary Rafferty departed this life July 20th 1863 aged 60 years.

RATICAN – See Murphy Paul.

READ – Here lyeth the body of Deale Read wife of Christopher Smith who dyed April 17th 1772.   (Up one side is carved)  Nicholas.

REDMOND – Jesus Mercy Mary Pray.   In loving memory of my beloved grandmother Bridget Redmond died 17th Aug 1923 aged 87.   Also my brothers Michael died 19th June 1906 aged 19.   Christopher Hickey died 28th May 1910 aged 22.   William Hickey died 20th Aug 1912 aged 11.   And my beloved grand father Thomas Redmond died 14th May 1883 aged 48.  R.I.P.  Erected by Thos Hickey.  (Stone mason Farrell & Son Dublin).

REILLY – IHS Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  Here  lieth the remains of Philip Reilly who departed this life the 9th April (1785?) aged 40 years.  Also those of his daughter Catherine Ring wife of Tho’s Ring who died 11th May 1800 aged (35?) years.

RICKARD – See Duffy Catherine.

RING – See Reilly Philip.

ROBINSON – Of your charity pray for the souls of Thomas Robinson died 8th July 1893 aged 66 years and of his wife Anne died 2nd Nov 1904 aged 64 years and of their sons John died 16th May 1899 aged 32 years.  Richard died 2nd Dec aged 54 years.  Also of their daughter Ellen Lynam died 18th Oct 1931 aged 53 years.  Bridget Robinson died 13th Feb 1945.  Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on them.

ROGERS – IHS Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick James (Jimmie) Rogers who died 27th Decr 1914 aged 17 years.  Dearly loved son of Patrick Rogers, Ratoath he was taken away ….also of Wilfrid Michael (Willie) Rogers son of Patrick Rogers who died 19th Feby 1919 aged 22 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason – Farrell & Son Glasnevin – faces west).

ROONEY – Erected by Edward Rooney in memory of his beloved uncle Christopher Rooney Esq. of Southern who died 19th Sept 1856 aged 80 years.  R.I.P.  (Faces west).

SHERIDAN – IHS Erected by Hugh Sheridan in memory of his beloved wife Bridget died 4th March 1883 aged 66 years.   Her father Frank Mc  Donnell. Her mother Catherine and her brother Christopher.

SHERLOCK – See Dowling Mary.

SHEVLIN – IHS  Pray for the soul of Thomas Shevlin,Porterstown who died 14 Sept 1939 aged 23 years.  R.I.P. (Stone mason – P. Gibney, Drogheda – north of church).

SHEVLIN – Pray for the soul of Thomas Shevlin Senior who died 10th November 1953 aged 81 years.  Also his wife Catherine who died 1st January 1967 aged 86 years.  R.I.P.  Erected by his wife and family.  (North of the church).

SWORDS – See Murphy Paul.

TIMMONS – Gloria in Excelsis.  Erected by James Timmons of New York in memory of his beloved father Thomas Timmons who died 24th   June 1870 aged 56 years.  Here also are interred his brothers John and Patrick who died at the respective ages of 19 and 7 years

TOOLE – IHS Erected to the memory of James Toole who died 22nd April 1827 aged 50 years.  Also his beloved wife Catherine died 16th June 1876 aged 95 years.  Also their beloved son Patrick Toole who died 24th Jan 1897 aged 77 years.   Also their son Thomas died 24th March 1898 aged 84 years.  And also Catherine Toole beloved wife of the above Patrick died 20th Augt 1910 aged 77 years.  Their beloved daughter Margaret  Toole died 13th Febry 1913 aged 43 years.  Also their son James Toole died 18th April 1916  aged 54 years.  May they rest in Peace.   (Stone mason – T.H. Dennany  Glasnevin)

(Reverse)  Also Simon son of Patrick Toole died 19 Nov 1931 aged 63 years.  Also Anne beloved wife of Patrick Toole Jr died 18th Feb 1935 aged 55 years.  And their daughters Katty died 9th Feb 1940 aged 26 years and Una died 20th June 1942 aged 25 years.   The above Patrick Jr. died 24th Oct 1949.

TOOLE – In loving memory of Thomas Toole, Crickstown, Curraha who died 10th December 1942.   His wife Sarah who died 5th May 1950.

TRACY – Erected by James Tracy of Ashbourne in memory of his beloved wife Mary who died 29th May 1864 aged 60 years.  Also their daughter Anne who died Febry 26th 1868 aged 38 years.

WALL – See Donnelly Helena.

WILLIAM – See Bryan L.