Recorded by Tony Coogan and Gerry Mahon April 2005

Wayside Cross erected in 1683

MADDEN – In loving memory of Hugh Madden, Robertstown, died 3rd September 1919, aged 101.  His wife Anne, died 3rd March 1924, aged 86.  Their daughter Brigid, died 1st November 1897, aged 25.  Their son Hugo, died 23rd August 1954, aged 75.  His wife Mary, died 4th December 1953, aged 78.  Hugh, son of Hugo, died 3rd September 1988, aged 76.

O’REILLY – In loving memory of Margaret O’Reilly, College, Nobber, died 23rd April 1939.  Also her parents, brother, sister, and relations.

KEELAN – In memory of Margaret Keelan, Kilbeg, died 9th April 1954.  Her husband James, died 18th December 1963

CLARKE – In loving memory of Ned Clarke, Thomastown, died January 1954.  His wife Mary Anne, died January 1952.  Their daughter Molly, died 2nd March 1978.  Also their son Christopher, died 2nd April 1982.

LYNCH – In loving memory of James Lynch, Carlanstown, died 12th December 1932, aged 63 years.  His wife Bridget, died 10th January 1937, aged 66.  Erected by their families.

FARRELLY – In loving memory of Eugene Farrelly, Ardamagh, died 26th April 1947.  His wife Margaret, died 6th November 1966.   Also their infant son Hugh.   Erected by their family.

CLARKE – In loving memory of John J. Clarke, Gravelstown, died 14th May 1969.  Erected by his wife Margaret.

MADDEN: Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Anne Madden, died 28th June 1914.  Also her sons- Michael died 9th July 1963.  James died 26th August 1965.  Anne, wife of James died 24th January 1961.  And their son James, died 3rd May 1976.  Erected by their children. 

REILLY – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Peter and Catherine Reilly, Arthur and Margaret Reilly and Frances.  Thomas O’Reilly died 2nd September 1950.  His wife Bridget died 11th October 1970.  Arthur died June 1915.  R.I.P.

KELLY – Erected to the memory of James Kelly, Crossguns, who departed this life 18th March 1891, aged 75.  Sweet Jesus have mercy on his soul.  Also to his infant son Thomas, and his beloved wife Isabella, who died 6th October 1900, aged 65 years.       T.H. Dennehy, Glasnevin.

CASSIDY – Erected by Philip and James Cassidy of Robertstown.  Also their sister Brigid.  In memory of their beloved mother who died July 5th 1888, aged 76.

COLLINS – In loving memory of Nannie Collins, Johnstown, who died 15th August 1891, aged 74.  Erected by their sons Patrick and Edward Collins.  P&H Mass, Drogheda.

FARRELL – IHS & Sunburst:  Erected by John Farrell of Robertstown as a testimony of esteem for his beloved children viz.  daughter Mary, who departed this life, June 18th AD 1831, aged 13 years.  Also his daughter Margaret who departed this life November 27th 1834, aged 20 years.

SMITH – In loving memory of Michael Smith, Chapel View, Kilbeg.  His wife Mary.  Their sons Patrick and Michael and daughter Mary J. Weldon and Annie Mullen.

MALLIN – IHS & Sunburst.  This stone was erected by Annie Mallin, alias Smith, widow of the departed James Mallin, and sons Patrick and James.  In memory of their father, James Mallin late of Kilmainhamwood, who departed this life, 24th November 1797, aged 42 years.

 MC GEGAN – Gloria in Excelsis. This stone was erected by Patrick McGegan in memory of his mother, Elizabeth McGegan, who departed this life, June 21st 1798.  Also his father, Patrick McGegan, who died April 6th 1774.

SMITH – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Thomas Smith,  Raffin who died 8th October 1868, aged 59, and his wife Anne, died 16th October 1904, aged 84.  Also their children, Maria died 17th April 1895 aged 37.  Thomas died 13th July 1895, aged 36.  Kate died 16th April 1900, aged 48.  Bryan died 7th February 1910, aged 54.  Patrick died 5th April 1914, aged 65.  Denis died 21st June 1916, aged 63.  Gerard, Navan

MC MAHON – In loving memory of James McMahon, Maio, Moynalty, who died 22nd March 2000, aged 90.  His sister Jane (Jenny), died 2nd December 1987, aged 81 years.  His brother Eugene, died 19th June 1977, aged 72 (interred in Glasnevin, Dublin).  Their father Patrick, died 2nd August 1952, aged 54 years.  Their mother Margaret, nee Farrelly died 31st March 1951, aged 84 years.  His uncle James, died 16th October 1940.

MC MAHON – In loving memory of —————- McMahon, Gravelstown, who died 30th May 1973, aged 79.  His wife Katie, nee Gallagher died 25th February 1981, aged 81 years, and their infant daughter Kathleen died 1941.  Also his parents, Mary nee Lynch, Maio, Moynalty, died 1915 and Patrick, died 21st July 1939, aged 76.  Fanny Martin, cousin of Katie, died 1953.  Also Baby McMahon, Knightstown, Wilkinstown, born an angel, July 1973.

MC MAHON – Pray for the soul of William McMahon, Gravelstown, died 20th May 1973

PLUNKETT – Erected by Francis Plunkett in memory of his father James, who departed this life May ye 1st 1766, aged 66.  Also in memory of his mother, Margaret Plunkett alias Clarke, who departed this life August 12th 1748.  Also his brother Garret Plunkett, died May ———.  The Lord have mercy on their souls.  Also the above Francis.

FITZPATRICK – This stone was erected by Michael and Thomas Fitzpatrick and Patrick Plunkett, in memory of Mary Plunkett, alias Fitzpatrick, who departed this life, June 2nd 1769, age 77.

SMYTH – In loving memory of my dear wife, Margaret Smyth, Robertstown, who died 4th May 1983, aged 61 years.  Her daughter Mary, who died 12th April 1969, aged 23 years.  Her husband Bernard, died 11th November 1989, aged 73 years.

SMYTH – In loving memory of John Smyth, Robertstown, who died 19th January 1975, aged 79.  His brother Michael, died 9th January 1945, aged 38.  His mother Mary, died 6th September 1947,aged 82.  His father Michael, died 7th April 1955, aged 84.  His niece Mary, died 12th  April 1969 aged 23.  Also Bridget, wife of the above John, died 8th September 1933, interred in Kilberry Cementery.  Erected by his Michael, R.I.P.

ROONEY – In loving memory of Joseph Rooney, Robertstown, died 9th June 1999, aged 50 years, and his wife Christine, died 10th January 1995.

ROONEY – In loving memory of my dear father, James Rooney of Robertstown , who died 30th October 1979, aged 84.  His daughter Susan McFarlane, died 16th October 1963, aged 27.  Mary Ebbs died 11th July 1985, aged 45 years.  His wife Susan, died 10th July 1992, aged 94 years.

FITZSIMONS – This stone was erected by James and Richard Fitzsimons of Robertstown in memory of Richard’s daughters Eleanor and Mary, both for them and their posterity 1799.  Also in memory of Patrick Fitzsimons who died April 20th 1799, aged 36 years.

GARTLAND – Erected by Patrick J Gartland in memory of his mother Mary, who died, 11th July 1891, aged 47 years.  His brother Thomas, died 10th July 1894, aged 19 years and his sister Julia, died 18th March 1879, aged 11 months.  Also Philip Gartland and his wife Brigid.  R.I.P.

HAND – Erected by Patrick Hand of Robertstown, in memory of his Daughter, Eleanor Hand, who died August 14th 1836, aged 24.  Also his father beloved son, James Hand, who departed this life 12th March 1837, aged 37.

TULLY – In loving memory of Farrell Tully, Ardamagh, who died 26th July 2002 aged 35 years.  Also his father John, died 16th April 2004, aged 93 years.

TULLY – Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick Tully, Ardamagh, who died June 1937.  His wife Margaret died June 1943.  Baby son, James.

GIBNEY – Erected in memory of Patrick Gibney of —– who died October 1817, aged 60 years.  His son Michael, died October 1817, aged 17. ———— .  Thomas died September 6th 1806, aged 37 years.  John died July 19th, aged 18.  For them and their posterity.