Recorded by Noel E. French

August 1987

Scryne takes its name from the Shrine of Columcille which was bought here from Iona for safety from the raids of the marauding Vikings.  However it was not even safe here, it was taken for ransom but later returned.

The church is situated on a hill east of Tara. The dedication of the church is to St.  Columcille and measures 70 feet by 22 feet.  Set into the wall of the church is the figure of an ecclesiastic holding a book and a staff.

In the churchyard is a cross known as Colmcille’s cross and it shows the crucifixion.  On a tombstone, to the east of the church is displayed the coats of arm of the of the Marwarde, Cusack and Plunkett families. 

BENNET – Erected by Christr.  Bennett of the City of Dublin in memory of his beloved parents and their posterity.  Here lies the bodies of his father, mother, brother Henry Bennett. May their souls…… (Circa 1750).

BENNETT – Erected by Philip Bennett in loving memory of his dear parents Patrick and Margaret Bennett also his dear uncle Philip.  (20th cent?).

BUTLER – (Broken column sited west of church ruins and inside an iron railing).  In memory of Whitwell Butler of Staffordstown aged 46 years whose early death was caused by a collision in the hunting field of Warrenstown near Dunboyne on the 16th day of November 1881.  This monument is erected by a wide circle of sorrowing friends who highly esteemed him for his personal qualities and who deeply deplored the accident which deprived them of a valued and popular associate.

CLARKE – IHS In loving memory of Father and Mother Gerald and Kate Clarke.  Mother died April 29th 1926.  Father died Feb 26th 1959.

CLUSKER – In loving member of Thomas Clusker died 17th Nov 1929 aged 52.  Also his wife Jane died 16th Jan 1955 aged 65 years.  R.I.P.  Erected by their daughter. 

CLUSKER – See Mc Glorey.

COLEY – Erected in loving memory by his affectionate mother to Captain John Thomas Coley AVD accidentally killed at Powal Pindi, India 20th June 1906 aged 36 years.  The Lord gave…. (Stone sited north east of church).

CRINION – In loving memory of Richard (Dick) Crinion, Ross who died 14th July 1942.  His mother Bridget who died 28 July 1918 and his father Richard who died 26 March 1926.

DORAN – Underneath lie interred the bodys of Laurence Doran obit August 1st 1788 aged 65 years Jane Doran otherwise Wood relect of the above Lawrence obit April 3rd 1799 aged 73 years.

DORAN – This burial place ……. Richard Doran ……. ye body of his moth ……. Rose Doran who died Decr ye 5 1725 aged 56 years.  Also his father Thos Doran 30(Dec?) 17(31?) aged 84 years. 

FARNAN – In loving memory of Patrick Farnan died 22nd March1986.  Also his parents James and Bridget.  Bothers Thomas and John. R.I.P.

FOX – Erected by Mr.  Edward Fox in memory of his beloved mother Mrs Bridget Fox who died 1st June 1870 age 39 years.  Also his father Mr. John Fox died 25 Oct 1873 aged 41 years.  May he rest in peace.

GANNON – IHS Here lyeth ye body of Michael Gannon who departed ys life January ye 20th 1757 aged 58 years.

GRITCHLRY – In memory of Patrick Gritchlry died 3 Dec 1966.  R.I.P.  (Modern metal cross).

HOEY – IHS This stone was erected by Paul Hoey in memory of his beloved father Matthew Hoey who died Sept 19 AD 1817 aged 61 years.  May he rest in peace.

LYNCH – IHS Erected by Michael Lynch of Carbalton in memory of his beloved daughter Anne Lynch who departed this life April the 7th 1837 aged 19 years.

LYNCH – In loving memory of Patrick Lynch, Kilmoon who died 8th July 1962 aged 78 years.  His son Seamus who died 16th Jan 1968.  His wife Anne nee Wall died 5th Feb 1981 aged 83.  R.I.P.  (Mason – Moss, Drogheda)

LYNCH – See Reynolds Matthew.

MC  GINNIS – IHS This stone was erected by Ann Mc Ginnis in memory of her son (Iocaugh?) who departed this life Jan 1st 1792 aged……..Also………

MC GLOREY – In loving memory of the Mc Glorey & Clusker family R.I.P.  (Modern)

O’ BRIEN – Erected by Joseph O’Brien in memory of his wife Bridget O’Brien aged 32 who died Sept 22 1805 and one of her children died young.

O’ CONNELL – In memory of the O’Connell Family R.I. P.  (Modern – stone mason – Rennicks Navan)

QUIRST? – (Grave slab half covered and eroded) IHS Here lieth the body of Lawerence Quirst of  ……. of Skreen …….. this life 1747 aged …….

REYNOLDS – Erected by Matthew Reynolds in memory of his loving wife Christina Reynolds nee Lynch who died 7th May 1932 aged 30 years.

ROTHWELL – Jane Rothwell died Jan 5th 1904 aged 89 years.  Erected by her son. (North west  of ruin). 

ROTHWELL – In memory of Charles John Rothwell, Staffordstown, Co. Meath who departed this life 11 June 1913 aged 71 years.

SMITH – IHS – Here lyeth ye body of Rebecca Smith alias Clas…sly who deceased ye 6th of A…. 1764 aged ……. by Ft …… her husband.

WALSH – IHS Here lyeth the bodys of Michael Walsh depd y’s life ……. aged 28 years.  Also ye body of James Walsh dep,d Jan ye 30 1743 aged 67 years.

WHARTON – (Broken tomb slab).  Here lie the remains of Geo. Wharton late of W………in the city of Dublin.  And he departed this life the 9th …….. 18(2?)9 aged (5?)7 years.  Here also …… remains of his respected father …… John and Elizabeth Wharton also brothers and sisters ……. beloved brother J(as) Wharton ……… this life the 30th day of ………..

WHITE – Sacred to the memory of Richard White who died 16th July 1883 aged 69 years.  Erected  in affectionate remembrance of him by his brother James White (table tomb).

WILSON – The Wilson Family, Proudstown House (table tomb).

WILSON – In loving memory of Thomas Wilson, Oberstown who died 5th May 1897. Also his brother Samuel Wilson died Feby 16th 1909.  Peace perfect peace, with loved ones far away.  (North east of ruin).

WILSON – Erected by William Wilson Esq. of Upper Canada, North America in memory of his beloved father George Wilson Esq. of Betty Villa House Co. Dublin who departed this life on ….. of Jan 1825 aged 44 years.  Also his son Marriot Wilson who died 27th (Sept?) 18(3?)0 aged 20 years.  And his daughter Me(h)eta Bella Wilson who departed this life 1st April 1835.   Also his son George Wilson who died 8th Oct 1890.  (Table slab).

WOOD – See Doran Laurence.