Recorded by Noel E. French,

August 1987

Stackallen church was situated in the middle of a field and may have been a manorial church. Lewis records in 1837 “The church is a neat plain edifice in good and permanent repair, built about 200 years since”.

Due to falling numbers among its Protestant congregation the church was closed and the church was demolished in 1959.

Tablets and interesting features were removed to Slane church. The south door dated from the 15th century.  A plaque with the Barnewall coat of arms which was over the door was also removed.  There were two tomb stones shaped like coffins which belonged to the 13th or 14th century.

For more information see “ Rathkenny A Local History “.

Rushwee church was built to serve the Roman  Catholics of the area. The churchyard there contains only about 10 graves which are all modern.


Barrett – Erected by James Barrett of Tankardstown in memory of his father John Barrett who departed this life on the 10th March 1799 aged 42 years and also his mother Ann Barrett who dept this life the 11th of March 1839 aged 65 years.  And also his sister Mary Barrett who dep’d this life the 15th March 1817 aged 17 years.

BARRETT – IHS   Erected by Luke Barrett in memory of his father James Barrett

who died on the 1st of Septr, 1859 aged 67 years.  His mother Anne Barrett died 23rd   Janry 1859 aged 62 years.  His brother John died on the 23rd Nov 1855 aged 26 years. His sister Anne died on the 1st Dec’r 1858 aged 28 years.  And his sister Christian died on the 31st August 1861 aged 24 years.  Also the remains of his sister Mary Barrett alias Kearney who departed this life on the 26th day of November 1862 aged 45 years.  The above Luke Barrett departed this life on the 10th day of June 1874 aged 42 years.

BLAKENEY – Here lieth the body of Bury Blakeney Esq, who departed this life May 22 1810 in the 71st year of his age.  Here also lieth the body of M(s) Charloue Blakeney who departed this life April 21st 1815 aged 28 years.

BOYNE – Lord see Prestige.

BRIDE – IHS Erected by Mrs, Eliza Bride in memory of her husband and children.

Thomas Bride died 26th March (18)75.  Julia Bride died 14th March (18)65. Annie   Bride died 17th June (18)66.  James  Bride died 11th Dec (18)71.  Maria Bride died 22nd March (18)72.  John Bride died 15th June (18)72.  Also the above named Mrs.Eliza Bride died 6th February 1878.  Also Thomas Bride Jnr, died June 6th 1881.  Also Francis J. bride who died in Australia 10 July 1885 R.I.P.  (West of church).

BRIDE – Erected to the memory of Mrs. Frances Bride of Chamberstown who died 20th November 1884. Also her husband William Bride who died the 21st March 1891.  Also their child Charles who died 21st Novr 1883 (West of church)

BROWNELL – Erected by Anne Maria Brownell in memory of her dearly beloved

husband Edward Brownell of Gormanlough who died 24th April 1890 aged 80 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the lord.  And the above Anne Maria Brownell who died 26th Nov. 1904.

BROWNELL – In memory of George Brownell of Stackallen who died 15th Jan 1880 aged 67 years.  Erected in affectionate remembrance by his sons.  Also Wm. Brownell his son died April 4th 1888 aged 37 years. Elizabeth wife to the above George Brownell who died 17th Sept 1902.  And their son Jervis Brownell who died 29th Sept 1935.

BROWNELL – erected by Jervis Brownell to the memory of his father Thomas

Brownell late of Stackallen who died on the 17th of February 1846 in the 64th year of his age.

BROWNELL – In loving memory of Jervis Brownell who died 29th Sept 1935 and

His daughter Sara Lucy Brownell died on the 9th Oct 1912.  Also his wife Leah Sari died December 4th 1939.  Safe in the Arms of Jesus .

BROWNELL – Erected by Michael Brownell, late Lighter Keeper to the memory of his beloved wife Jane who departed this life at her residence Stackallen on the 8th Nov 1876 aged 75 years….

BROWNELL – Here lieth the body of Thomas Brownell who departed this life the 10th of January 1774 aged 72 years.

BUCHANAN – ( Grave slab half buried)  This burial place belongs to Geo. Buchanan and his posterity.  Here lieth the body of Catherine his wife who departed this life Mar. ye 7 1752 aged 66 years.  Also ye body of ye said Geo. Buchanan who departed this life ye 6 of ….1756 aged 70 years.  Here lyeth the body of Sarah Buchanan only daughter of George Buchanan departed this life ……..1762 aged 46 years

Burke – Patrick Henry Anthony Burke, Major Rtd. Grenadier Guards husband of

Elizabeth of Stackallen Co, Meath.  Born 1913, died 1964. (North of church site)

(North west of church site is an iron railing with no visible marker.  A yew tree is growing out of it ).

COLELLO – (Grave slab west of church site).  This monument was erected by Robert Colello of Slane in memory of …… father …. Michael Annell Colello who departed this life on the 12 December Anno Domini 1759 aged 69 years.  Also his…… (Aernen?) Colello who departed this life 1 (?) February 1769 aged 25.  Also (two) brothers and two sisters who died young.  Also his mother…. Colello who departed this life on the 30th day Jan 1784 in the (7?) 8th year of her age.

DORAN – IHS   Erected by Richard Doran in memory of his wife Catherine Doran

who departed this life in the year of our Lord 1804.   (West of church site).

FARLEY –  See Mc Nerney Ann

FARRELL – IHS This stone was erected by Michael Farrell in memory of his

Posterity.  (Circa 1800).

FINNEGAN – IHS In memory of our dear mother Catherine Finnegan died 28th

Jan 1920.  And our dear father Andrew Finnegan died 2nd Aug 1932.  Also their son Patrick ex-RIC died 8th April 1960.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason –J.Rennicks Navan).

FLINN – IHS Memento Mort. Erected by John Flinn of Platin for him and his

posterity.  Here lieth two of his children who died infants.  Here also lie his sons Philip and Patrick.  Also his daughter Catherine who departed this life the 11th of May 1801 aged 22 years.

FLOOD – IHS Erected by Patrick Flood in memory of his father who departed this life on the 7th of Feb 1892.  Also his son Patrick aged 10 months.  R.I.P.  (West of church).

FLYN – Erected by Andrew Flyn of Curnihanstown  in memory of his beloved mother Catherine Flyn who died  October 28th 1836 aged 70 years.  Also his sister Judith Flyn who died 4th October 1813 and his father Charles Flyn who died 16th

D(ecember) 184(o?) aged 87 years.

FOWLER – Erected by John and Christopher Fowler in memory of their father

Richard Fowler died in 1781 aged 60 years.  Also their mother Mary Fowler died

1789 aged 50 years.  Also their brother Henery Fowler who died 1778 aged 30 years whose remains here lie interred with their ancestors.

FORDE – See Freke.

FREKE – Sacred to the memory of John Henry Freke, for more than twenty years rector of Stackallen who died 12th Sept. 1890 aged 79 years.  Also of his wife Selina Charity daughter of the late Rev. W. B Forde who died 29th April 1870 aged 46 years. “ And there will be no night there “.  (Inside iron railings – North west of church site).

GOODWIN – See Mc Nerney Ann.

GRIMES – Pray for the souls of the Grimes family R.I.P. (Modern metal cross west of church site)

HARDING – In loving memory of Patrick Harding, Johnstown, Slane who died 11th March 1967 aged 86 years.  His wife Alice died 18th Jan 1980 aged 90 years.  R.I.P.  (East of church site).

HOPKINS – Erected by F&W Hopkins in fond memory of their loving brother John Hopkins who died at Rockfield Nov 24th 1886 aged 26 years.  I am the resurrection and the life….

HOPKINS – Erected by Jane Stewart Hopkins to the memory of her husband John

Hopkins Esq, of Rockfield, Co. Meath who departed this life December 12th

1871 aged 76 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the lord.

HOPKINS – Sweet Jesus have mercy on the soul of Joseph Hopkins of Powerstown, Nobber who died on 28th May1921.  His wife Annie on the 18th march 1936.  Their deceased children Francis 4th Oct 1931, Edward 16 Nov 1941, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1944.   R.I.P.  (This is a small slab on the ground-could be a fallen headstone).

HOPKINS – Erected by W.H. Hopkins in fond memory of his loving brother Francis S. Hopkins who died at Rockfield December 21st 1891 aged 34 years.  Affection weeps but faith forbids a tear.

JOHNSTON – Sacred to the memory of Isabellan Johnston who departed this life June the 3rd 18(3?)3 aged 33 years.

KEARNEY – See Barrett James.

KEELEY – Erected by Pat Keeley of Stackallen in memory of his father and mother and several of his friends 1767.  Thomas Keeley died 20th April 1904. His wife Roseanne died 5th March 1947.  Their son Patrick died 2 May 1956.

KELLY – Erected by Rose Kelly of Legbon,  Drogheda in memory of her son John

Kelly who died 17 March 1797 aged 22 years.

LACY – IHS  Of your charity pray for the respose of the soul of Richard Lacy of

Navan who died on the 18th May 1866 aged 77 years and for the eternal rest of the souls of the members of his family who with him here await a happy resurrection.  R.I.P.  (West of church site).

LEECH – This stone was erected by George Leech to the memory of his father

Thomas Leech who departed this life the 4th day of July 17(5/7)7 in the 80th year of his age.

LYNCH – Erected by Margaret Lynch  in memory of her  father Henry Matthews

Who died 29th April 1878 aged 83 years.  Her mother Eliza died 9th Sept 1889 aged 78 years. The above Margaret Lynch died 2nd May 1928.  Her brother Patrick Matthews who died 30th Apr 1928.  Also Mrs Kate Lynch who died Jany10th 1939 aged 30 years.

MC NALLY – In loving memory of Mary McNally, Stackallen, Navan died 9th

December 1968 aged 90 years.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason –J. Rennicks, Navan)

MC NERNEY – Erected by Ann McNerney of Stackallen, Co.Meath in memory of her beloved mother Mary Farley who died 24th March 1856 aged 75 years.  Also her beloved father Thomas Farely who died 18th July 1837 aged 95

years.  Also her sisters Catherine Goodwin, Bridget and Julia Farely.

MAGUIRE – See O’ Neill John.

MATHEWS – IHS Erected by Patrick Mathews of Stackallan  (Circa 1800?.  West

of church site).

MATTHEWS – See Lynch Margaret.

MELADY – IHS Erected by James Melady in memory of his father and mother

Anthony and Jane Melady.  (Circa 1800?  Broken headstone ).

MORGAN – Here lyeth the body of Charles Morgan who departed this life ye 29th day of May 1748 aged 60 years.

NEVIN – Erected by Mrs Elizabeth Nevin of Stackallan in memory of her

Beloved mother Mrs Elizabeth Traynor who dept this life the 15th  Feby 1844 aged 72 years.  Also to her beloved sister June who departed this life on the 7th April 1817 aged 12 years.  Also to her beloved brother William who departed this life on the 1st of Nov 1817 aged 20 years.  The above Elizabeth Nevin  died 17th Janr’y 1889 aged 79 years.  Rest in the lord.   (West of church site).

O’NEAL – IHS  This stone and burial place belongeth to Oiun  O’Neal who departed this life the 28th of August 1747 aged 50 years.  Phelomy One(?)

O’NEILL – This stone was erected by John O’ Neill in memory of his father Henery O’Neill late of Gibstown who departed this life ye 10th day of Sept.1775 aged 55

years.  Also his mother Rose O’Neill alias Maguire who died the 4th July 1778 aged 45 years.

PRESTIGE – Erected by Samuel Prestige of Stackallen.  (West of church site beside next stone).

PRESTIGE – Erected by desire of the Right Hon, the Viscount Boyne to the memory of Samuel Prestige who during a period of nearly seventy years passed in the service of the Lords Boyne uniformly conducted himself with diligence and fidelity he departed this life 13th Feb 1834 in the 90th year of his age.

ROWAN – Of your charity pray for the souls of Grace Rowan who died 10th Dec 1881 aged 58 years.  And her husband Thomas Rowan of Stackallen who died 15th July 1882 aged 72 years.  Catherine dearly beloved wife of Lawrence Rowan died 19th July 1900 aged 29 years.  James Rowan died 1st Aug 1906 aged 50 years.  Also Lawrence Rowan who died 15th January 1930 aged 80 years.  Also Thomas Rowan who died 4th March 1949 aged 9 years.  R.I.P.  (West of church)

SELWAY – In loving memory of our dear mother Elizabethe Selway who died January 20th 1895 and her son John Young Selway died May 24th 1871.  I will give you rest.  Also her husband Joseph Selway who died 1st April 1898.

SULEVIN – IHS. Here lieth the remains of Wilm Sulevin who departed this life the 4th December in the year of Our Lord 1807 in the 36th year of his age.  Also his mother and father Thomas and Anne Sulevin.

SWIFT – This stone was erected by Owen Swift in memory of his father and mother and also his son William Swift who departed this life July the 7th in the year of Our Lord 1801 aged 33 years.  And also his daughter Judith Swift who departed this life June the 10th in the year of Our Lord 1794 aged 16 years.  (East of church site).

TRAYNOR – See Nevin Elizabeth.

WOODS – In loving memory of my dear mother Kate Woods died 22nd Oct 1900 and of my father Patrick died 2nd July 1920.  Also my brother William died 12th July1930 and of John died 24th Nov 1950.  Also Ellen Woods died 5th July 1922.  R.I.P.  Erected  by John Woods.  (West of church site).

WOOD – Patrick Wood departed this life April the 23rd 1737.  (Broken headstone).