Recorded by James Garry

Stagrennan Graveyard overlooks the River Boyne above the Mornington Road just a mile from Drogheda.  It is rectangular in shape and is slightly raised in the centre of a field.  There are some yew trees and a ruined gable, and the stones in general are in good condition.  To the east the fields slope up to the nearby Edenview and the river can be seen right down to the Inver Colpa.

Not many burials take place now and the laneway leading to the ground is overgrown.  The caretaker, Mr. Joseph Finegan of Balmarino, who died recently, had the register which shows that only ten burials took place from 1941 to the last one listed in November 1956. These were mostly from Marsh Road and Ship Street areas of Drogheda.  The inscriptions which follow are from all stones above ground on 31st December 1972.

BANNON – In memory of Patrick Bannon Greenhills, who died August 12 1928.  R.I.P.  This is an iron cross.

BRADY – In memory of Patrick Brady died 1901 R.I.P (An iron cross).

BYRNE – In loving memory of James and Mary Ann Byrne, R.I.P. (An iron cross). 

CAFFREY – Erected by Margaret Caffrey in memory of her father John who died 10th March 1898, and her mother Margaret, who died 6th March, 1904.

CLARKE – Erected by Margaret Clarke, Stameen, Drogheda, in loving memory of her husband Peter Clarke, died 13th May 1915, aged 58 years.  Her son John, died 19th December 1925.  Her daughter Margaret, who died young, also her brother Patrick McDonnell lost at sea 24th September, 1896.  (Beside this is a slate with roughly written Margaret Clarke 1900).

EARLY – Erected by Laurence Early, Ship Street, in memory of his mother, father and sister.

FARRELL – Erected by James Farrell of Drogheda in memory of his father and his brother. Also of his father’s mother-in-law.  May they rest in peace.

HEANEY – Erected by William Heaney of Stameen in memory of his son John, who died 24th August 1803, aged 19 years.

HILLEN – In loving memory of Alice Hillen who died 14th April 1917 .R.I.P. (This is an iron cross).

HOEY – Erected by James Hoey of Drogheda in memory of his father, mother and brother Patrick.

HOLLAND – Erected by Bridget Holland of John Street, Drogheda, in memory of her beloveth husband, Patrick Holland, who departed this life October the 4th 1887 aged 41 years.  Also his mother, Judith Holland, who departed this life September the 10th 1829 aged 65 years.

MARTIN – Gloria in excelsis Deo.  Erected AD to the memory of Richard Martin of Drogheda who departed this life 6th March 1889 aged 75 years.  Also his son Daniel who died 1st April 1841 aged 26 years.

MATHEWS – Erected to the memory of Peter Mathews of Drogheda died 12th March 1814 aged 56 years.

MULHOLLAND – This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick Mulholland Nailer of Drogheda.

MURPHY – Erected by Patrick Murphy for him and his posterity.

MC CONCHY – Beneath this stone lie the remains of Peter McConchy late of Stragrennan E. who departed this life the 7th day of March 1891 aged 75 years.

MC DONNELL – See Clarke.

SULLIVAN – In loving memory of Mary Sullivan who died March 23 1895, R.I.P. (This memorial is a slate).

TINLEY – Erected by Thomas Tinley in loving memory of his mother Margaret, who died December 11th 1901 and his father John died 1881.

O’BRIEN – Erected A.D. 1865 by Peter O’Brien of Marsh, Drogheda, in memory of his beloved wife Sarah who died on the 15th December 1864 and 2 of their children who died young.  Also his beloved parents and brother.

PURFIELD – 1831 erected by Bern-d Purfield.  (A broken stone, the only words visible are those above).