St Patrick’s graveyard is a relatively small graveyard enclosed by an old stone wall covered with ivy.  There are three gates of access and exit, two at the front of the church and one in the south wall.  Paths surround the perimeter of the graveyard.  There were approximately 200 monuments to be measured, plotted and photographed.  The first thing to do was to decide where to set out our baseline from which all our surveying would be done.

After a close inspection of the graveyard was completed we decided to run our baseline from the north western corner along the north boundary to the north eastern corner.  This was the best side to start as the string run was uninterrupted and the ground was level.

After setting the north baseline we used triangulation to get important points of the building i.e. corners.  The next step was to get offsets to the paths, boundary walls and trees.  Finally we used the baseline to plot the graves.  This process was repeated for the south, east and west, boundaries.  Each gravestone was numbered sketched, photographed, measured and all inscriptions and carvings were recorded.  We also did research into all the historical background of the graveyard and we put together a nature report on the flora and fauna within the graveyard.

An inked plan was produced, and included all buildings, trees and graves.

We wish to record our thanks to Very Reverend J.A.G. Barrett, Rector of Trim and Dean of Clonmacnoise for permission to record the inscriptions.  The project was made easy by the high standard of maintenance of the churchyard.

The inscriptions are set out in alphabetical order based on the first name that appears on the monument.  Where second surnames occur, these are cross-referenced to the name under which the inscription is recorded.  The numbers at the end of each inscription refer to the plan of the graveyard.

Some stones were particularly difficult to read and it is advisable that researchers check the inscription themselves where possible.

A brief history of St Patrick’s Cathedral and graveyard

St Patrick’s Cathedral located on Loman Street in Trim, is one of the oldest  Christian settlements in Ireland.  It may date back to the year 433 AD, when St Patrick arrived at the mouth of the Boyne and sent St. Loman ahead of him down the Boyne from Drogheda to set up a Christian settlement further upstream.  St. Loman arrived in Trim in 433, and a local chieftain, Feilimid is reputed to have given him permission to build a church where the cathedral now stands.

In pre-Reformantion days the parish church of Trim stood on the site and it was, according to historical records, “an imposing building”.  Today’s structure is also very old.  The tower of the church was built in medieval times probably in 1449.

In 1803 the church was restored, and shortened in length, and it took on the form now familiar to Trim people.  The tower is over 60 feet high and it was used as a watch tower during the emergency of 1798. At ground level, the tower is stone vaulted and serves as an entrance hall to the church.  Inserted into the walls are old tombstones.  During excavations around 1867 workers came across a gravestone face downwards with the inscription in old English type lettering.  This was the tombstone of John Ward, Rector of Trim, and is dated 1509.  Another stone in the hall was discovered in 1844 but unfortunately it was broken in three pieces.  It was the monument of Walter Martin and dated from the 16th Century.  Two notable tombs which are situated in the old Chancel are the tomb of John Gregg, Vicar of Trim who died January 21st 1629 and the monument of Walter Thombe 1458.  The latter tomb has an unusual feature – nine cup like depressions arranged in a square. What these depressions depict is not known but it is suggested that they represent the Holy Trinity.

The church’s interior walls are stone-faced.  The font which is really a piscina from one of the medieval altars of the church was moved from the old chancel into the new church around 1860. Various scenes are depicted – a fox making off with a goose, various monsters which are really the devil in disguise.  The coats of arms on the shaft are Butler, Royal Arms of England and the Royal Arms impaled with those of the De Burgo and De Mortimer.  The last coat of arms was used by the Duke of York, who must have been a considerable benefactor of the church in medieval times.

On the wall of the church is a clause from the will of Robert Briddock recorded on a wooden plaque.  This merchant, who had property in Dublin and Roristown, Trim, left the interest of £500 sterling to provide clothes for the poor freemen of Trim and also left money to provide for apprentices.  The church also benefited from the will as it received a loan from the funds when rebuilding was going on.

There are stained glass windows in the east and west walls of the church.  The window over the alter depicts ‘The Last Supper’.  At the other end of the church the stained glass depicts King David and the Good Shepherd.

The Bishop’s throne and chapter stalls, all of pine, were acquired from Elphin Catherdral, which was wrecked in a storm in 1957.  They were re-dedicated for use at Trim.

ST PATRICK’S CATHEDRAL by E.A. Conwell 1873 (Taken from The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaelogical Assciation 1873):

“The date of the foundation of St. Patrick’s Church, Trim, which next claims our notice, is a very early one.  In the ecclesiastical annals of Ireland the spot on which the present parish church of Trim stands dates far back as the site of a very early Christian church.  Tirechan, who lived in the seventh century, and wrote his life of St. Patrick from the mouth of his master, Bishop Ultan, of Ardbraccan, states, A.D. 433, that “Patrick came to Trim and built a church XXII years before the foundation of the church of Armagh.”__Ussher, “Prim.,”853.

Geraldus Cambrensis (“Top.Hib.,”2,45), says that in his time the Irish had no castles, and that they took refuge in their churches from the robbers, with whom the country abounded.  The tower of the church is well fitted and seems, with its crenellated and  battlemented belfry, to have been intended for a place of defence.  It is a solid castle-like building, 75 feet in height, and has been divided into six storeys, two of which are vaulted.  In 1798, the year of the Irish Rebellion, a sentinel was stationed on the top of this tower, for whose use the additional structure on its northwestern angle is said to have been erected.  In 1449 Richard, Duke of York, afterwards King Richard III., whilst in Ireland as Lord Lieutenant, resided some time in Trim; and he is supposed to have built this tower about that period.  From the outline of the great west window the body of the church would seem to be of the fourteenth century; and the square window still remaining in the south wall of the old chancel is evidently of the time of Edward II.  The present church, standing from the west to east, with the ancient tower on its north-western extremity, occupies the site of what had formerly been the pre-Reformation parish church of Trim, which, from the evidences still remaining, was undoubtedly a building of a far more imposing character than its modern representative.  The old chancel, the two side-walls abutted on the eastern side of the old tower, it must have measured 54 feet in breadth.  The length of the old chancel cannot now be ascertained, but its breadth externally is 27 feet 6 inches, and the walls are 3 feet in thickness.

The external dimensions of the present church are 87 feet in length, and 33 feet in width.  In the summer of 1867 the late Vicar, Rev. Charles J. Bayly, ably assisted by his curate, Rev. Alfred T. Harvey, organized a committee, consisting of the churchwardens and the principal parishioners, for the purpose of improving the church.  These improvements, which subsequently cost upwards of £1400 consisted in removing the old porch and unsightly gallery, substituting open pews for the antiquated ones in previous use, the insertion of new foliated windows set in cut stone, the erection of a vestry, a compartment for a organ, and a new chancel, forming a addition of 18 feet to the present church.

87: Medieval tomb in ruined chancel

GREGG AND GRIFFITH – “In the south-eastern corner of the old chancel there is a raised tomb of grey Ardbraccan limestone, measuring 6 feet 2 inches long, 3 feet 1 inch wide, and 5 inches thick, consisting of four fragments, the remaining piece, containing part of the name in the inscription, being lost.  Dean Butler had this tomb restored by bringing together the present fragments, which he found scattered in different places in the churchyard.  As in some of the preceding instances, the inscription here runs in a band all round the stone.  In this case a groove, 5 inches broad, was hollowed out, in which appears to have been laid a strip or sheet of brass, through which protruded from the solid stone the present raised letters, varying from 3 to 4 inches in height. It runs thus :- Here . lye . ye. Bodies  . of . John . Gre[gg . Dea]n . of . Lismore . and . First . Vicar . of . Trym . Who . dyed . Jan . 21 . 1629 . and . William . Griffith . next . Vicar . of . Trym . who dyed.

In 1622 Gregg was Vicar of Rathmolyon, as well as Vicar of Trim.  The inscription bears internal evidence that the monument was got up in the lifetime of, and very probably by, the second Vicar, wishing to be commemorated along with his predecessor. It will be seen, however, that there is no provision, or groove , on the stone for the continuation of the strip of brass, and the date of Griffith’s death has never been added.  He probably died during the troubles that succeeded 1641.” E.A. Conwell. 1873.

88: Tomb-slab in ruined chancel

THOUMBE – “In the south-western corner of the old chancel  there is a tomb-slab raised about a foot from the ground, of grey Ardbraccan limestone, measuring 6 feet 11 inches in length , 3 feet 7 inches broad, and 6 inches thick.  The inscription is incised round the margin of the stone; and it is very probable that the letters, which vary from 3 to 4 inches in height, were originally inlaid brass.

The style of the lettering is characteristic of the period to which the tomb belongs, and the inscriptions reads as follows :–Hic : jacet : [w]alterus : Thoumbe : de : Trym : qi : obit : XVIII : die : Junii : A : D : M : CCCC : LVIII. The initial letter [W] OF THE Christian-name is rubbed away ; and it is not to be forgotten that the original name of Trim (Ath-Truim) contained a U as well as an I. It  will be observed that the letters on the first three side of the inscription are rather widely set apart, which gives the concluding line a more crowded appearance. We may fairly conclude that this was the tomb  of an ecclesiastic as thirty-four years before the date on this stone, viz., in 1424, we find that–.

‘Walter Thoumbe, Clerk had the custody of all messuages, lands, &c., in Wodton, near Rathcarran, which were in the King’s hands, by reason of the death of Edmond, Earl of March, and the minority of his heir, Richard, Duke of York. Thoumbe was to pay 10s. a year rent.

“In the same year, with Richard Sidegreve and Christopher Barnewell, he had a commission to inquire concerning wards, marriages, reliefs, escheats, and other royal profits, in the countries of Dublin, Louth, and Drogheda; and concerning forfeitures, and the goods of felons, and concerning intruders into the possession  of the King of his predecessors, and concerning those who broke the Statutes of Kilkenny, or other Statutes, whether made in England or in Ireland; and concerning mortmain, or alienations without license.  “—Rot. Can. Pat. 3 Hen. VI.

About the centre of the lower extremity of the slab will be observed nine circular cup-like depressions, which are ground into stone, and are arranged in the form of a square. They are apparently coeval with the lettering of the inscription; but of their use or meaning we are unable to afford any explanation, unless, indeed, they may be supposed to be emblematic of the Trinity, always counting three, no matter in what direction they may be reckoned.”

E.A. Conwell. 1873.

90A: SLAB (Located in the wall of old chancel between 90 and 91. Very badly weathered. Now unreadable)

 “Into the interior of the north wall of the old chancel and immediately over the space between the sites in which the two last stones were dug up, Dean Butler, some years ago, inserted a very curious tomb-slab, of which the accompanying engraving is an accurate representation.  It is broken across, near the centre, and measures 6 feet 10 inches in length, 2 feet 8 inches in breadth at top, and is 2 inches narrower at the bottom.  From an examination of the material, it appears to be an artificially formed slab, consisting chiefly of concrete of lime, of a brown colour, thickly interspersed with wavy lines of some blue substance; and, when polished, of which in parts in the upper left-hand corner it still affords evidences, it must have presented a very beautiful speckled and mottled appearance.  In the portion of the stone is to be seen a small speck of metal exhibiting that shade of green peculiar to the so-called peacock ore of copper, from which we infer that the inscription may have been originally inlaid with that metal.  Around the margin ran two parallel grooves, each half an inch wide, which were evidently inlaid.  Between these grooves, forming a fillet of about three inches wide, ran the inscriptions, now in sunk letters; but which, no doubt, were originally filled with metal, and in Lombardic characters of the twelfth or thirteenth century.

At the top of the slab will be observed a hollow representing an ecclesiastical figure, over which is another depression in the form of a canopy with crockets and pinnacles, both evidently, when the monument was erected, filled with some metallic substances. Of the name of the ecclesiastic,  which is hopelessly lost, there are faint traces of such letters as WID, preceded by a cross, and the space for about six other letters, after which follow__Hic  : Rector  : et  : Arc [hilevites] hic : jacet : Ira : Dei : pacificetur : [ei]. In Dean Butler’s time the words “Archilevites” and  “ei” appear to have been complete and legible; and, of the former, he says that he “can give no other meaning than that of Archdeacon to the word Archilevites.”__(See Du Cange’s “Latin Dictionary,” ARCHILEVITA ).” E.A. Conwell. 1873.

92: Medieval slab in ruined Chancel

ASHE – “In the north-eastern corner of the old chancel, level with the surrounding green sward, is a flat stone, measuring 6 feet long, 3 feet 3 ½ inches wide and 5 inches thick, and covering a vault beneath.  The stone is from the quarry of Ardbraccan, about eight miles distant, and is apparently of about the date 1657.  It has been broken into pieces, as will be seen from the accompanying engraving all of which have been placed in juxtaposition, with the exception of that forming the left-hand lower corner of the slab, with which fragment is lost the commencement of the last three lines of the epitaph, which we have here ventured, on  supposition, to restore in brackets.  The upper portion of the stone is devoted to armorial bearings.  On a shield-a chief ermine, three pheons, impaling two chevronels for Ashe; with two crests – a griffin’s head on a coronet, and a squirrel for Ashe.  On the lower part of the stone, in raised letters about 2 inches high, was cut the inscriptions, which we propose to restore as follows :–

Love and age have joynd in one

To lay the [ese] two under this stone

Sir Tho [mas] Ash his Lady Elizabeth

[Unite Their] ashes in this house of death

[And  n]ow both having run their glasses

[They hop]e to be reviv’d from ashes.

The author, whoever he may have been, of these doggerel lines, appears to have had no higher object than to make wordy capital out of the names of Elizabeth and Ashe.

We learn from Patent V., Treasurer’s Office, that in 1617—

“James I. granted to Sir Thomas Ashe, of Trim, the rectories, churches, and chapels, of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Trim, and Kildalkey; and two parts of all the tithes and altarages of the town, rectory, or chapel of Clonard, parcel of the possessions of the late abbey or monastery of the Blessed Virgin in Trim.”

We learn from an Inquisition taken at Navan, 28th August, 1633, that—

“Henry VIII., by letters patent, dated 19th July, 34th year of his reign, granted for ever to Sir Anthony St. Leger, the site, circuit, and precincts of the monastery of St. Francis, called the ‘Observant, or Grey Friars of Trim,’ containing six meassuages, with their gardens; and these were afterwards conveyed to Sir Thomas Ashe, of Trim, who made them over, with the exception of the house called ‘the Shore House,’ and the town House in Trim to Francis (Aungier?), Baron Longford.”

Sir Thomas Ashe was returned as Member of Parliament for the borough of Trim in 1613; but we have been unable to ascertain the date of his death. The family of Ashe held property in different parts of the county, as will be seen from inspection of the Meath Inquisitions. One branch of the family, from the neighbourhood of Oldbridge, migrated immediately after the battle of the Boyne to the North, and settling in the vicinity of Magherafelt, in the County of Londonderry, soon became intermarried with the principal families in that locality.” E.A. Conwell. 1873.

180: In Porch of Church

WARDE – “In digging the foundation for the new chancel, which extended into the old chancel of the original St. Patrick’s Church, at the depth of about 5 feet below the present surface level of the grave-yard, a tomb slab, measuring 6 feet 2 inches long, 2 feet 7 inches broad, and 5 inches thick of dark limestone, was found, with its lettered side turned downwards, which prone condition of the stone may, in some degree, account for the beautiful condition of the lettering, which varies from four to five inches in height, being almost as sharp and perfect as on the day the inscription was cut.  This inscription, as will be seen from the accompanying engraving from a rubbing, runs in a scroll round the margin of the stone, in sunk letters, which have all the appearance of having been originally filled with brass.  In addition to having some of the words contracted, it will be observed that a portion of one letter is frequently taken as constituting a portion of the following one; and this, together with the fact of the characters being in old German of Gothic, rendered their reading difficult to be deciphered by an unpractised eye.  The inscriptions is of a period only a few years later than the introduction of printing into England by Caxton, in 1471; and the lettering is a beautiful specimen of the typography—our Old English, or Black Letter, uniformly Gothic—which prevailed from 1457, when printing was invented, until 1465.  It reads thus:– Hic jacet Johannes Warde, Decretorum Doctor, quondam hujus ecclesice Rector, qui obit XX V1 DIE Februarii An Di M D V1111”  E.A. Conwell. 1873.

181: In Porch of Church

Stone showing crucifixion, above which are two heads.

182: In Porch of Church

MARTIN – “Recently he has inserted into the interior of the north wall of the new vestry a curious tomb-slab, measuring 6 feet long, 2 feet 4 inches wide, and 4 inches thick; and which, on entering upon his vicariate, he found in his coach-house broken into three pieces.  It was dug up in the year 1844, in sinking a grave in the old chancel within two or three yards of where the Warde slab was found; and, for preservation, it was inserted by Dean Butler into the old porch, in taking away which, in 1868, it was broken, and left in the coach-house for safety.  Mr. Bayly having died soon afterwards, nothing more was done about it, until it had become considerably defaced.  We here present an engraving of it from a rubbing we took in July, 1871.  The inscription, in raised letters, with a comma after each word, reads: Hic, jacet, Walterus, Martinus, quondam, de, Trym, Burgensis, cum, parentibus, avis, et, proavis, suis, et, etiam, Jeneta, Delapatrick uxor, ejus, qui, obiit, mense, junii, anno, salutis, 1541.  Hic,quoque, jacet, Nicholaus, Martinus, filius, dicti, Walteri, et, Jenete, cum, uxore, sua,Katherina Aspoll, qui, obiit,  xxv., die,Junii, anno, domini, 1590, cujus, filius, walterus, Martinus, et, Jeneta, Gerry, ejus, uxor, hoc monumentum, fieri, fe[cerunt, &c.].  By the breaking across of the stone at this point of the inscription the last line is lost, which probably gave the date of the erection of the monument.  Commencing on the lower extremity of the cross, in raised letters, is the following curious legend, each word being separated from the next by a single point:– Hoc . est . signum . humbance. redemptions . et . insigne . Christianum . baptismate . datum . quo. mors. Christi . recolitur . et . diabolus . fugatur.  Then follows a form of rose, which is frequently met with on monuments; but the most remarkable feature in this part of the inscription is the Greco-Latin form of the words Christianum and Christi being used down to this period .  There was also a rasied inscription on the shaft of the cross, which is now illegible; and which may have only been, as was not unusual, the name of the sculptor.

On the right of the cross there have been two lines cut in sunk characters, thus indicating a different and later date for this part of the inscription.  The first line, we fear, is hopelessly lost; but, if it could be read as an hexameter, the following line, which is easily restored (astra . colunt . animce . corpor[a . terr]a. tenet) being a pentameter, the two lines taken together would make Latin Elegiac verse.  From the friable nature of the surface, which scales off almost with the slightest touch from the hard dark limestone slab beneath, we infer that the inscription, cross, &c., were originally formed by spreading a dark stone paste along the surface of the slab, on which a perforated brass plate, containing the inscription, &c., was pressed down, causing letters, &c., to exude through it; and, from having long lain buried, the metallic portion of the inscription became gradually eaten away and lost.

With the exceptions of the names of Martin and Garry, the descendants of the other names, Delapatrick and Aspoll, have long since disappeared from Trim and its neighbourhood.  The cross here figured is evidently intended to be emblematic of the armorial bearings of the Martins, whose crest was a star, here represented by the Blending of the St. Andrew’s with the Roman cross.  Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King-of-Arms, shows that the Martins of Galway descend from one of the officers who accompanied De Brugh in the first invasion of Ireland, temp.  Henry II.  That he was returned Crusader is manifest from the arms, which are stated (“Book of Pedigrees,” Vol. X.) to have been granted to Oliver Martin by King Richard I. in the Holy Land.

ARMS: AZ. a Calvary cross on five degrees arg. between the sun in splendour on the dexter limb, and the moon in crescent on the sinister or.

CREST: An etoile wavy of six points

MOTTO: Sic itur ad astra.”

E.A. Conwell. 1873.


Robert Briddock formerly of the city of Dublin, Merchant and late of Roristown in the parish of Trim and the county of Meath. Bequeated by his last will and testament as followeth viz item.  I give and bequeath unto four that are now or shall be hereafter decayed Protestants free men, that are or shall be hereafter inhabitants of the town and parish of Trim.  And no other and four of the decayed Freemens sons that are Protestants that inhabit or shall inhabit as a foresaid the interest of 500 pounds sterling for ever to be disposed of the followeth Viz to each of the four men, a coat, a breech of grey cloth lined with blue bays of sarge and a waistcoat of the same lining with brass buttons, a hat, two shirts, two cravats, two pairs of shoes, one pair of stockings, five shillings every Easter, five shillings every Whitsuntide, ten shillings every Christmas and four pence in bread to each man.  To the four boys five pounds every year, to put each boy to apprentice any trade that belongs to the woollen manufactory, as weaving, dyeing, pressing and a Bible and a common prayer book to each boy when he is put to apprentice and when in any year it happens that there are not four Freemens sons that are Protestants in the town and parish of Trim that are fit to be put out to apprentice, as aforesaid that then any other Freemens sons that are Protestants that live in any other parish shall be put out as aforesaid.  The Portrieve guardians Vicar and church Wardens of town of Trim for the time being I appoint to take care that the interest of the aforesaid 500 pounds be faithfully laid out to the true interest and meaning aforesaid the above said will was fulfilled by John Lord Bishop of Clogher and Mr. Robert Brady overseers by Mrs. A. Bigall Wilkinson also Briddock relict and Thos. Wilkinson of the City of Dublin Alderman.  The trustees give notice that for the future all applicants for binding Apprentices will be taken into consideration, on the Monday before Christmas, and that no apprentice will be bound under the age of 12 years, that all applicants to be put on the list of Briddocks Men when a vacancy occurs will be taken into consideration at Christmas, Easter and Whitsuntide.  That the Briddock Men to entitle themselves to be kept on the list must be constant attendance at noon service in church in their Briddock Dress.

Richard Butler Vicar

Trim                 (Harcourt Lightburne)             Church

Feb 1854         (George Mooney)                    Wardens

Roll of Honour

In proud and grateful memory of the men of Trim area who fell in the two great wars.


Lieut R. de Stacpoole Conn Rangers 2nd Lt. R.A. de stacpoole R.F.A. Lieut W.H. Potterton R.E. CPL McManus Jas DCM Leinster Regt.

PTE     Finnegan T                  “          “

“          Connor Jos                  “          “

“          Murphy Geo                “          “

“          Farrell Paul                  “          “

“          Halligan R                   “          “

“          Faughlin P                   “          “

“          Brogan W                    RD      Fus

“          McCormack H                        “          “

SGT.    Clarke P                      Irish   Guards

PTE     Foran J                                    “          “

“          Gogarty C                   “          “

TPR     Rochford Jos               5th RI Lancers

2nd Lt. G.G. Fowler 60th Rifles K.R.R.

2nd Lt. G.H. Purdon    “          “          “

2nd Lt. Hon G.C. Rowley”      “          “

PTE    Connor Jas       Leinster           Regt.

“          Rochford M    “                      “

“          Maguire A       “                      “

“          Halligan J        “                      “

“          Farrell Phil       “                      “

“          Nulty P            “                      “

“          Reilly J            “                      “

“          Bird M                        RD                  Fus

“          Carroll C         “                      “

GNR   Stone Jos                     RFA

“          Laughran C                   “

PTE     O’ Dare Jas                 R.I. Regt.

“          Barnard W      Northumberland Fus

PTE Kineally Jas Australian Army


Maj. D de Stacpoole               R. Marines       Group Capt. R.P. Reynolds R.A.F.

Gnr Mc Cormack                    R.R.A              FL/Off J.F. McKenna

Erected by Trim Branch British Legion and the relatives of the fallen.

External Tablets

(South facing wall)

This parish church was rebuilt Anno Dommi MDCCII. The Rt Hon.ble and Most Revered Thos Lewis Lord Bishop of MEATH.  Rector The Revd William Elliot Vicar.

(West Facing wall)

A.D. MDCCCLX.III  The clock placed in this Tower was erected in Memory of the Very Reverend Richard Butler, Dean of Clonmacnoise and Vicar of this Parish who’s Monument Stands in this church yard.

ABBETT – See Shierson (58)

ACHESON – In loving memory of Sarah, beloved wife of J.W. Acheson R.I.C., who entered into rest 26th Nov. 1898.  Also her two infant children, John & Olive.  “We who believe do enter into rest”.  (151 Headstone)

ALEXANDER – Sacred to the memories of the Right Hon.ble and Most Revd. Nathaniel Alexander D.D. Lord Bishop of Meath and Anne, his wife, whose bodies lie beneath the chancel of this church.  Nathaniel, Lord Bishop of Meath, eldest son of the late Robert Alexander of Boomhall in the County of Derry, Esq. was born on the 13th of August 1760.  Consecrated Bishop of Clonfert in 1801, translated to the see of Killaloe in 1804, in the same year to the see of Down and Connor, to the see of Meath in 1823 in which he presided for 17 years over an attached clergy.  He departed this life on the 21st of October 1840 in his 81st year.  Anne Alexander, the wife of the Lord Bishop, was the eldest daughter of the late Right Hon.ble Richard Jackson M.P. of Jackson Hall in the County of Derry.  She departed this life on the 1st of August 1837 in her 72nd year.  “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord” This tablet is erected by their surviving children as a mark of filial respect and a tribute to their Christian virtues.  (157 Tablet on internal wall. Moved here from Ardbraccan)

ALLARDICE – Mary Isabel, only and dearly beloved child of Wm. and Annie Allardice, died 5th October 1877 aged 7 years and 1 month.  “Weep not.  “She is safe in her Father’s house above in the home prepared by her Saviours love”.  (95 Headstone)

ALLEN – (North Facing) In memory of John Allen of Forsterstown, Trim died June 12th 1870 aged 72 years.  Elizabeth Allen his wife, died May 28th 1843, aged 34 years.  Also their son, Samuel Stewart Allen, died May 10th 1846, aged 10 years.  (South Facing) “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out”.  John VI Chap. 37 Ver.  (East Facing) Erected A.D. 1871  (7 Tomb)

ALLEN – Here lieth the body of Samuel Allen who departed this life August 29th 1773, aged 67 years.  (30(1) Headstone)

ALLEN – In the memory of ……. Allen Esq.r who departed ……. 1885 Aged 71. ……. Lieth of the above …… 25th 1851 Aged …… …… Allen wife of William Allen …… who departed this life. …………. Allen Esq.r who departed this ….. 18.. Many years secretary to …… this county. Aged 6..  (30(2) Slab)

ANDERSON – In loving memory of The Reverend Thomas Anderson MA. Incumbent of Trim parish 1923 – 1932 and formerly of Rathmolyon for twenty-five years.  A devoted friend and paster.  Beloved by his parishioners and esteemed by all his neighbours.  He entered into the fuller life 1st June 1932 in his sixty-eight year.  Well done good and faithful servant. St. Matthew.  (150 Headstone with surround)

ARMSTRONG – Here lieth the body of Doctor Armstrong who departed this life on the 20th day of March 1799 aged 78? Years.  (2 slab)

ASHE – In Ye ould chancel vault of this church is interd among his ancestors Ye body of Ye late Rev.d Dillon Ashe Doctor of divinity, Rect. of Galoon and vicar of Finglas.  To whose truly pious & virtuous memory. His afflicted wife Mrs. Elizabeth Ashe alias St. George has erected this monument.  He departed this life Ye 16th day of May. Anno. Dom. 1716 in Ye 48th year of his age.  (Galloon is a rectory and vicarage in the diocese of Clogher and Finglas is a vicarage in the archdiocese of Dublin)  (159 Tablet on wall)

ASKIN – Sacred to the memory of John Askin late of Ballyboy near Athboy in this county who departed this life on the 10th day of March in the year of our Lord 1851 aged 71 years. Also of Hannah Askin, his wife, who departed this life on the 1st day of January in the year of our Lord 1851 aged 71 years. Also of Hannah Askin, his wife, who departed this life on the 1st day of January in the year of our Lord 1858 aged 46 years.  This stone was erected by their children in grateful remembrance of such kind and affectionate parents. January 1859.  (78 Table Slab)

ATHEY – In loving memory of Canon Rowland Athey B.D. who died 19th October 1956 aged 58 years.  Rector of Trim and Bective and a member of the original chapter of the cathedral church of St. Patrick’s of Trim.  “Well done thy good and faithful servant”  St. Mark. XXV 21. (146(1) Headstone)

ATHEY – And his wife Winifrede. died 19th Feb. 1983.  (146(2) Headstone)

ATHEY – To the Glory of God and in memory of Canon Rowland Athey M.A. B.D. Rector of Trim and Beactive 1933-1956.  Presented by his friends.  (Book case)

ATKINSON – Erected to the memory of Elenor, wife of John Atkinson, who departed this life on the 26th October 1840, aged 32 years.  Also their second eldest son Jackson who died on the 27th April 1862 aged 32 years.  “We are confident I say and willing Father to be absent from the body and to be present with Lord”.  2nd Corintnian 5 chapter …V.  Dr James Atkinson late Asst. Surgeon of 3rd Buffs Third son of John Atkinson Esq.r died 29th November 1871 aged 34 years.  “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. Phil. 1. Chap. 21 V.  The above John Atkinson Esq.r departed this life 13th September 1872 aged 67 years and his brother Thomas who departed this life 25th March 1853 aged 51 years.  (99 Table Slab)

BAYLY – (South) To the dear memory of Charles James Bayly, Vicar of this parish, born September 9 ……., died July 11 1869.  The resurrection of the dead and the life of (East) The world to come. (West) I look for. (North) He fell asleep and is laid here in peace. Thanks be to God. Which cometh us the victory.  (Charles Bayly was Rector of Trim from 1862 – 1869)  (31 Coped Tomb)

BAYLY – In memory of the Rev.d Charles J. Bayly, Vicar of this Parish died July 11th 1869.  This pulpit and reading desk erected by Parishioners and friends 1870.  (Pulpit)

BECKETT – Erected by Samuel Beckett Esq. in memory of his mother Mrs. Mary Beckett who departed this life 31 January 1874 aged 70 years. Samuel H. Beckett died 3rd Dec. 1906 aged 70. Anne Beckett died 12th Feb. 1908 aged 74. Mary Beckett died 29th May 1910 aged 81. Jane Beckett died 27th Feb. 1911 aged 90. Margaret Beckett died 28th June 1918 aged 86. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to clense us from all unrighteousness. John. (19 Slab)

BEDDOES – Erected to the memory of Harriet Mary, Youngest daughter of Commander C.N. Beddoes R.N. …….. who died April 6th 1866 aged …  (27 Coped Stone)

BELL – Here lie the remains of Mr James Bell the affectionate father of Thomas and James Bell who caused this monument to be erected to his memory.  Died A.D. 1828 aged 94 on the 23rd day of July 1828.  Also the remains of his eldest son Thomas Bell Esq. M.D. to whose memory a tablet is raised in the adjoining church by his only brother at whose residence he died 30th Sep. 1839.  Aged 51 years.  (115 Table slab with panelled sides)

BELL – By the tomb of his beloved Father; lie the remains of Thomas bell Esq. M.D. of Cheltenham late of Demerara.  Having spent nearly thirty years in a foreign clime, distinguished by professional skill and untiring perseverance, he had return to the bosom of his family to pass the residue of life.  Alas! To him how short!  Diease deepseated and relentess blighted hope, and took him hence.  His last hour he anticipated with unexampled fortitude, trusting in the merits of his redeemer.  The several relations of son, brother, husband, father and friend, he sustained unchanging affection, and anxious devotedness to their welfare.  In memory of one in life beloved, in death lamented.  This tablet is raised by his only brother, James Bell, at whose residence he died Sep. 30th 1839 in his 51st year.

(171 Tablet on internal wall)

BIRNEY – In loving memory of Hannah Birney beloved wife of William Birney of Rathnally who departed this life on 5th August 1939.  Also her son, Arther, beloved husband of Louisa who departed this life on 29th April 1979.  “Forever with the Lord”. 

(143 Headstone surround)

BOYLE – ……wife to Michael Boyle.  Daughter to rev…… Ross Academy…. Isle of Man was a most affectionate wife and mother dept……  (83 Headstone)

BRASS – John Ernest Padwick Brass Commander R.N. born 3rd July 1899, died 6th April 1976.  Son of Captain and Mrs. Ernest Brass of Woldhurstlea, Sussex and dear husband of Evelyn.  “Home is the sailor.”  (126 Headstone)

BREDIN – In loving memory of Thomas Andrew Noble Bredin M.A. Rector of Trim Union and Dean of Clonmacnoise 1979 – 1989, died 29th January 1989, aged 61 years.  A beloved husband, Pastor and friend.  “In the secret of his presence they near him always dwell”.  (145 Headstone)

BROUGHAM – See Latham (166)

BUTCHER – To the dear memory of Samuel Butcher D.D. Bishop of Meath.  Born October 9th 1811.  Consecrated October 14th 1866.  Died July 29th 1876.  “Where I am, there shall also my servant be”.  (179 Tablet on internal wall. Moved here from Ardbraccan)

BUTLER – Here rest the mortal remains of Grace, wife of the Rev.d Robert Butler, who with humble faith and hope in her Redeemer departed this life on the16th of May A.D. 1844 in the 27th year of her age.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also here rest the remains of her father and mother the Rev.d James Hamilton and his wife Elizabeth.  (91 Tablet (Railing))

BUTLER – In memory of Harriet Butler who died March 28th 1889 and is laid in the same grave as her husband Richard Butler Dean of Clonmacnoise.  (162 Tablet on internal wall)

BUTLER – (South) Erected by his parishioners and friends to the memory of the Very Reverend Richard Butler Dean of Clonmacnoise, forty three years vicar of this parish where he was the generous benefactor, the sympathising friend and faithful pastor.  Born 14th Oct. 1794.  Died 17th July 1862.  (North) “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”.  Revelations XIV. 13V.  “The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”.  Proverbs IV. 18 V.  “He being dead yet speaketh”.  Hebrews XI. 4V.  (25 Tomb)

BUTLER – M.S. Viri Reverendi Ricardi. Butler Decani.  Clvanmacnoeensis. Necnon Hvivs. Ecclesiae. Per Annos. XLIII. Vicarii. Vixit Annos LXVII. Men. IX. Dies III. Et Decessit XVII Kal. Sextil. A.S. MDCCCLXII. (Richard Butler, was Rector of  Trim from 1819 to 1862 and Author of Trim Castle.  (161 Tablet on internal wall. Another Latin Memorial tablet to Richard Butler 163)

CARLETON – Erected by Christopher Carleton of Trim  in memory of his granduncle Naper Carleton who is interred here.  Anne, infant daughter of Joseph Carleton, died Dec. 1841 aged 15 months.  Christopher Carleton died Feb. 8th 1844 aged 85 years.  Joseph Carleton died Nov. 2nd 1868 aged 81 years.  Anne, wife of Joseph Carleton, died Dec. 30th 1870 aged 60 years.  David Naper Carleton died Aug. 14th 1884 aged 42 years.  William died April 10th 1890 aged 19 years, Charles Wainright died Feb.3rd  1892 aged 18 years, eldest son of William Carleton M.B.  David E. Charleton died 20th Jun. 1940.  (68 Headstone)

CARLETON – Erected by the Parents, to the memory of their beloved children whose remains rest here.  Joseph Carleton, departed this life on the 16th October 1856, aged 11 years and Jane Carleton on the 29th May 1858, aged 21 years.  They have been called away young and happy in their Saviours love. Good is thy will O Lord.

Here also rest the remains of Ellen Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher and Ellen Carleton who died March 21st 1878.  Aged 1 year and 9 months.  Also Ernest George Carleton who departed this life May 21st 1892 Aged 12 years & 11 months.  At home with Jesus.  (69 Headstone)

CARLETON – Erected in memory of Richard Carleton, died Nov. 23rd 1901 aged 32 years. William Alfred Carleton died Nov. 12th 1903 aged 31 years . Ellen wife of Christopher Carleton died Feb. 27th 1910, in her 73rd year. Christopher Carleton died Sept. 7th 1914 aged 79 years. James Alexander Carleton died Dec. 13th 1913 aged 13 years.  (66 Headstone)

CARLETON – This…tomb……… by…Mr Christopher………… In the memory of

his……..Uncle……………..Carleton who……………………………… ………………………………………………………….Carleton…………………wife of………….who…….departed……………30th……………..  (70 Table Slab)

CARLETON – See Harrington (60)

CARLETON – See Niblock(67)

CARROLL – Here lies the remains of John Carroll EX. SCH. T.C.D. and of his wife Margaret Carroll (nee Morres).  The former died July 1831.  The latter August 1835.  And also of their son Raymond Harvey, for many years surgeon in the Royal Navy who departed this life 10th Feby 1875.  This stone also commemorates their son John who had  been 20 years surgeon Superintendent in the Government Emigration Service.  He was truly remarkable for his fraternal affection towards his father’s family.  He died on his passage through the Red Sea to India July 1873.  Also of Carroll died Dec. 10th 1890 aged 66 years.  William Carroll, died Jan 21st 1892 aged 78 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  (100 Headstone with  surround)

CARTER – In Loving Memory of Lilian Maud Carter died 20th Feb 1939 and of her mother Catherine Agnes Carter died 28th Dec. 1967 and father Henry William Carter died 6th Aug 1985.  The Day thou gavest Lord is ended.   (144 headstone)

CARTER – Right Hon. Thomas Carter M.P., Master of the Rolls, Chief Secretary of State for Ireland and Privy Councillor 1732 A.D.  – Born 1690 A.D., Died Sept 3rd 1763 A.D.

CARTHORE – See Sargent (5)

CHAMBERS – Sacred to the memory of Edward Elliot Chambers Esq who resided in this parish for about fifty years and who was formely well known as the Captain Commandant of the Trim Yeomanry Corps.  And likewise as the Clerk of the Peace for this County of Meath.  These and many other duties of both public and private life, he discharged with courage, ability and singular success.  He was born in Trim on the fourth day of August 1772 and died at Southmead near Westbury on Trigue in England on the twenty fifth day of January 1857.  His mortal remains repose in a vault underneath his tomb in Horfield Churchyard in the county of Gloucester, England.  This tablet was erected by his eldest son Edward Elliot Chambers as a small token of filial affection and respect.  (172 Tablet on internal wall)

CHAMBERS – Treasured memories of Herbert Chambers, Pike Corner, Kilmessan, died 28 nov 1988 age 71 yrs.  Also his wife Elizabeth died 27th Nov 1992 aged 72 yrs.  In His love I rest.  (116 Headstone)

CHAMBERS – Here rest the remains of Joseph Chambers who died the 7th October 1775?  Also his wife Dorothea Chambers who died the… May 1805?  (29 Slab)

CHARTERS – To the glory of God and in loving memory of John Charles Charters, M.A. died 29th March 1957 aged 32.  Presented by his father, The Very  Rev. R.J. Charters M.A., Dean of Clonmacnoise 1958-1961.  St Patrick Cathedral 1965.  (Cross behind alter)

CLARKE – In memory of Gertrude Dorothy Clarke, Lambay, Trim. died 15th Jan. 1974 aged 92 years.  Her daughter Mary Owen Barbara died 23rd Nov 1980 Aged 67 years.  (93 Headstone)

CLARKE – In loving and devoted Memory of William Albert Clarke died 24th April 1954 aged 73 years and of Fanny Elizabeth Clarke, his beloved wife, died 12th June 1965 aged 83 years.  Reunited With Jesus which is far better.  (138 Headstone with surround)

CLIFFORD – Sacred to the Memory of Henry Clifford Esqr. M.D. who by his medical skill benevolence and liberality gained the esteem, gratitude and affection of all classes of people in this parish during a residence of 28 years spent in the indefatigable discharge of his profesional duties and in the unostentatious exercise of Christian virtue.  He died lamented as a friend by every person in this neighbourhood on the 2nd day of February 1847, aged 56 years.  This tablet is erected to his memory by his children who pray that they may be like him in life and in death.   (167 Tablet on internal wall)

CLIFFORD – (Centre) Sacred to the Memory of Henry Clifford M.D. died Feb 2 1847 and his wife Letitia  died Jan 25 1890.  (South side) and their children Letitia died Oct 15 1833, Eleanor died Aug 24 1834, William Henry died Jan 26 1838, Henrietta died May 3rd 1854, Maria Letitia died Nov 21st 1872, Susan May 5th 1885, Edward Wilson Oct 15 1893.  (North side) Also their third son Henry A.S.R.H.A. Died at Meerut, India June 16 1866.  (98 Headstone with surround)

COFF – In memory of Rev Edward Coff… …. Dean of ….. Kells aged .. years, Rector of Trim parish …… Intered into …… Aged 85 years   (Edward Coff was Rector of Trim from 1898 to 1928)  (148 Headstone with surround)

CONLIN – Fell asleep in Jesus on the 10th June 1892.  James Macklin Conlin in his 20th year. “With Christ which is far better”  (33 Headstone)

CORRY – Erected by the children in memory of their dear Father, Mother & Sisters.  William Corry died April 1st 1871 aged 69.  Anne Corry died April 8th 1884 aged 75. Jane Corry died Sep. 1858.  Anna Maria Corry died Nov. 1858. ROM. XIV. 8 

(76 Headstone with surround)

CREW – Sacred to the memory of John Crew & James Page both natives of England and soldiers in his Majesty’s Eighth Regiment of Foot who in the honorable discharge of the duty to the king and to this country were on the 30th of May1793 cruelly murdered by a vicious mob in the town of Athboy.  (136 Headstone)

CUPPAGE  – In memory of Florence Cuppage died Novr. 25th 1868 aged 4 years and 8 months.  (Font)

DANE – To the Glory of God.  Erected by Anne G. Dane in loving memory of her father William Thompson of Rathnally who died Dec 5th 1892 aged 91 and her brother William Thompson of Rathnally who died Nov 5th 1901 aged 36.  (Alter stained glass window)

D’ARCY – Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Margaret D’arcy, wife of the Rev.S. Thompson, who departed this life 24th September 1860 aged 46 years.  To those who knew thee stone could never tell one half the reasons that we loved thee well but this mute witness daily shall attest, That by thy life some others have been blest Like a rich perfume from the unseen flowers, thy duty done pervades this world of ours, from loving hearts pure holy thoughts Arise, to bless thy Spirit happy in the skies Good Traveller, Go, But going bear in mind this record, faithful hearts have left behind.  And when life’s sands like mothers are outrun, May Christ reward thee with a  like well done.  Violet D’arcy Thompson died 17th April 1977.  (63 Headstone with surround)

D’ARCY-THOMPSON – See D’arcy (63) and Thompson (164)

DARLING – Erected to the memory of Eliza Jane Darling who died 9th May 1846 aged 41 years and of her husband Job Darling who died 11th October 1856 aged 52 years.  Also their daughters Harriette and Eliza Jane.  Here also rest the remains of Arther James Darling who died August 15th 1893.  Also his daughters Matilda Elizabeth died January 10th 1885.  Alice Amy died August 6th 1894.  (9 Table Tomb)

DAVIS  – In loving memory of Robert Ormsby Davis, Lackanash, Trim, passed away 12th Feb. 1966 “With Christ which is far better”  (111 Headstone)

DEVEY – This stone was erected by Margaret Devey in grateful rememberance of her beloved husband, Thomas Devey of Trim, who departed this life Nov 3 1845 aged 50 years.  He was an affectionate husband, a tender Father, a sincere friend and conscientious Christian.  (36 Table Slab)

DODWELL – See Wentworth.

DOIDGE – See Hardy (139).

DOUGLAS – In loving Memory of Kate Douglas died 18th Feb 1966 also her husband George William died 17th Oct 1968.  In heavenly love abiding.  Erected by her loving husband.  (141 Headstone)

DOUGLAS – In loving Memory of Harold J. Douglas, 96 Cedar Grove, Avondale, Trim who departed this life 23rd March 1986 (his birthday).  “The memory of the just is blessed.”  Erected by his wife Jeanette.  (Headstone127)

DOUGLAS – Erected by John, George, Richd Douglas Memory of their father Daniel Douglas of Rainstown who died Jany 16th 1834 aged 72 years.  George Douglas died 10th March 1862 aged 63 years, Mary Jane Douglas died 16th May 1878 aged 30 years. Richard Douglas died May 2nd 1860 aged 59 years.  Mary Douglas died March 10th 1864 aged 80 years.  Anne Douglas died March 30th 1868 aged 10 years.  Maria Douglas died Feb 16th 1876 Aged 76 years  (51 headstone)

DOUGLAS – In memory of Richard Douglas of Rahenstown died May 2nd 1860 Aged 55.  Also to the beloved children of Daniel Douglas of The Stocks, Athboy.  Anne died Jan 9th 1868 aged 10, Maria died Feb 16th 1876 aged 16, Elizabeth died April 12th 1880 aged 14, George died August 4th 1890 aged 26, Richard died Nov 25th 1891 aged 29.  Also Maria Douglas, wife of the above Daniel, died Aug 9th 1898 aged 61.  “For if we be dead with Christ we shall also live with him” II. TIM IIc IIv.  (49 Headstone)

DOUGLAS  – See Woods (128)

DRUM  – Here Lieth amongst her ancestors the body of Jane Drum, Maiden, who departed this life 22nd of March 1758 aged 67 years.  (81 Headstone)

EDGEHILL – In loving memory of John Thomas Edgehill (Jack), late of Ballykelly, Monasterevan, Co. Kildare, Laid to rest 8th Oct. 1956.  Your loving friend Ella Penn nee Young.  Late of Fonstown Co. Kildare.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  (101 Headstone)

ELLIOT – George Augustus Elliot ………(rest of stone buried).  (Headstone 80)

ELWES – In loving of Major R.P.H. Elwes MBE. MC., Formerly of Ennistown.  Born 13th Oct. 1917.  Died 29th March 1976.  (178 Tablet on internal wall)

ELWES – In loving memory of  Major Robert P.H. Elwes M.B.E. M.C. 13th Oct. 1917 – 29 March 1976.  (133 Headstone)

EVANS – Here lieth the body of Letticia and William Evans.  The former departed this life the 25th of August 1752 aged 2 years.  The latter the 29th of August 1756 aged 5 years.  And also Elizabeth Evans, their sister, who departed this life the 24th July 1770 aged 8 years.  Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Evans who departed this life the 19 October 1771 aged 28 years, and also the body of Walter Evens Esqr., her husband, who departed this life the 13th November 1797 aged 78 years.  Here lieth the body of Joshua Evans Esquire, who died 6 March 1806 aged 73 years.  (77 Table Slab)

EVANS – See Goodman (21)

FEENEY – In memory of Mary Feeney died 10th January 1884.  (131 Headstone)

FOSTER – And now Lord who is my hope …… here lieth the bodies of (Andrew) (William) (John) Foster great grandfather, grandfather and father of John Foster who departed this life 1st August …… 96 aged  .1 years.  Here lieth the body of Mrs Jane Foster who departed this life 21st of August 1.01 aged 81.  She was living, dying and an example of …… Christian ….. Where is thy sun o …… where is thy victory. 

(134 Slab)

FOX – Underneath lie the remains of George Fox Late of Castletown in the county of Westmeath, Esqr.  Who died the 5th of Feb 1819 in the 71th year of his life and of his son William (John) who died in the ….the ……    … on ……………his ……on ………….. the widow of …..    memory of ………….husband who died

…………. should he depart in his ………  (18 Table Slab with panel sides)

FRANKLIN – Here lieth the body of the Rev Joseph Evans Franklin A.M. many years Master of the Diocesan School of Meath who departed this life 17th march 1788 aged 42 years.  To whose memory this stone was erected by his affectionate widow.  Here also are deposited the remains of two of their infant children. Here also are interred the remains of his wife, Mary Franklin, who died on the 16th day of February 1818 aged 70 years  She was exemplary as a Christian. Valued most by those who knew her best.   (120 table Slab with panel sides)

GOOD – In memory of John Good, Glebe House Ballivor, died 30 Dec 1967 aged 70. God is love.  (123 Headstone)

GOODMAN – Here lieth the body of John Goodman who departed this life the 1st of July 17.4 in the 67th year of his life.  Also the body of Mary, his wife, who departed this life on the 11th of July 1715 in the 66th year of her life. .. the memory of his son John’s …. body….. Here lieth also the body of their son, James Goodman, late of Trim who departed this life the … of May 1707 in the 61st year of his age. Also the remains of his wife, Mary Goodman, otherwise Evans? Who departed this life on the 13th of January 1801? In the …. year of her age.  Also the body of the … James Goodman who departed this life15th of December 1818 in the 91st year of his age.  Also the body of Walter Goodman who departed this life on the 10th of May 1850 in the 54 year of life.  (21 Slab with Railing).

GRAHAM – In loving memory of Pamela Elizabeth Graham 1919 – 1970 Requiescat in pace.  (119 Headstone)

GRIFFITH  – Here lie the remains of Mary Ann Griffith who departed this life Jany 18th 1851 aged 42 years.  Erected by her husband, Henry Griffith, Printer, Trim.  Also the above H.Griffith who died March 22nd 1852 aged 50 years.  (104 Headstone)

GUN – Sacred to the memory of Frederick Gun who died on the 16th of Sept 1827 aged 16 months.  (8 Headstone)

HALE – (First part illigible)   ……………………October 20……………………  Aged 6…  To the memory of one of the best of parents.  This stone is affectionate ……. ……. of the  …… by the children.  Eldest son of the ……. …….. of this life Oct. …… 1855 aged 42 of the Torture he endured O Lord.  Thy mercy on him free whilst in the concrated Deliver.  William second son of the JHA who departed this life aged 16.   Here lies intered the remains …  who departed this life 13th … 62 aged 29 years named William Hale.  (6 Slab Badly Broke )

HAMILTON – To the dear memory of the Rev. James Hamilton and his wife Elizabeth who with many of their children rest within this church’s shade.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Rev XIV. 13”  (173 Tablet on internal wall)

HAMILTON – Here rests the beloved Sydney Hamilton.  She fell asleep May 21st

1892.  Psalm XVIL 15   (90 Tablet (Railing))

HAMILTON – See Butler (91)

HAMILTON  See Reynolds (117)

HANBURY – In loving memory Samuel Hanbury who died 1889, aged 67 years.  Margaret Hanbury who died 1920 aged 78.  Also their daughter Katie who died 1916.  Erected by their devoted children.  “Thy will be done”.  (183 Tablet)

HANBURY – 1st Stone (South): In loving memory of Hubert J. Hanbury of Efferknock and Sommerstown who died 28th January…11 aged 79.  “Do justice for love …..walk…..  2nd Stone (North): Amelia K. Hanbury wife Hubert Hanbury died …….June aged…..  (46 Headstones)

HARDY – In cherished memory of Frances Hardy (nee Doidge) born 1858 died 1935.  Her beloved daughter Elizabeth Jane Hardy born 1887 died 1958.  At rest.  (139 Headstone with surround)

HARPER – In memory of Peter Kenneth Harper of Kilcarty.  Born 20th July 1925 died 5th March 1987.  (174 Tablet on Wall)

HARRINGTON – This stone was erected by Mr James Harrington of Grafton Street in the city of Dublin in memory of his beloved wife, Mrs Hannah Harrington nee Miss Carleton, who dep this life the … day of July 1779 in the 61st year of her life.  And also the body of Mrs Hannah Carlton mother of the above Mrs Harrington who departed this life 30th day of May 1801 aged 61 years.  And also the body of John Harrington, Mr Harrington who departed this life  … day of July 1701 and the body of the son of M. Harrington … this life … the above M. Harrington who departed this life the 3 day of September 18 … aged …  (60 Table Slab)

HEWITT – In memory of very dearly loved parents Anne Isma Hewitt nee Parsons died 24th Nov, 1971. & her darling husband John Henry Hewitt buried in Singapore.

Neither death nor life nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God, that is in Christ Jesus our Lord, Rom viii, verse xxxix (84 Headstone)

HICKMAN – See Stopford (177)

HIGGINS – In loving memory of James Arthur Higgins, Higginsbrook died 22nd March 1973, and also Eleanor Derenzy Higgins of Higginsbrook died 31st Oct 1982 aged 83 years.  (114 Headstone)

HIGGINS – Here lieth the body of Mr Ralph Higgins who departed this life the 26th of  December 1800? aged 7? years.  And also the body of Sarah Higgins Relict of Mr Ralph Higgins who departed this life the 10th day of September…. aged .0 years. 

(20 Slab)

HIGGINS – See Swayne (113)

HITCHCOCK – Blessed are the pure in heart.  In loving memory of John Alexander Hitchcock of Gore Port Co. Westmeath, born 22nd June 1863, died 9th March 1911. 

(42 Headstone with cross)

HOPKINS – In loving remembrance of the Revd. Francis Hopkins, M.A. for 6 years Rector of Trim parish.  Died 19th Decr. 1891, aged 64 years.  “His servants shall serve him and they shall see his face”.  Rev.xxii. 3.4. Harrison Dublin.  (Francis Hopkins was Rector of Trim from 1885 – 1891).  (23 Headstone with surround)

HUGHES – Sacred to the memory of Allen Hughes who departed this life the 3rd July 1855 aged 47 years.  (55 Headstone)

HUGHES – In loving memory of Nancy Hughes, Trim.  Died 5th Sept. 1970.  Erected by those who loved her  “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  (35 Headstone)

JACKSON – See Alexander (157)

JOHNSON – …….p…… In loving …. died …   …. us …. of ….. ….. body ……… Johnson  (45 Table Slab Badly Broken)

KIDD – In memory of my beloved wife Elizabeth Frances Kidd who died 9th

December 1893 aged 32 years.  Thy will be done.  (53 Headstone with surround)

KIRK – Albert Kirk Pvt. US Army World War I.  Jan 22 1890 – Feb 22 1970.

(Internal Memorial)

LANG – In loving memory of William Lang late of Crossdrum, died Nov. 1964 also his wife Sarah died June 1983.  At rest.  (102 Headstone)

LATHAM – See Pendelton (169)

LEDWIDGE – See Tew (121)

LEWIS – Erected to the memory of John Lewis of Mowntown who departed this life on the 18th March 1874 aged 32 years.  (16 Slab with railings)

LEWIS – Sacred to the memory of Sarah Lewis, who dept. 8th of December 1884 aged 82 years.  Erected by her affectionate husband, Daniel Lewis.  (122 Headstone)

LIGHTBURNE – Sacred to the memory of Joseph Lightburne of Harcourt Lodge Trim in the county of Meath, Esquire who departed this life on the 6th day of March 1831 aged 73 years.  Also his daughter Ellinor Olivia who departed this life on the 8th day of Nov. 1842 aged 11 years.  (105 Table slab)

LIGHTBURNE – See Potterton (168)

MC ALISTER – Mc Alister.  In loving memory of William – died 31st March 1925 (interred in Mount Jerome).  His wife Elizabeth – died 19th Ferbruary 1942.  Also their children.  Robert – died in infancy.  William – died 12th August 1932.  Florence – died 1st November 1942.  May – died 2nd January 1954.  Henry Robert – died 7th June 1955.  “I am the resurrection and the life”.  (156 Headstone)

MC CAULLAND – Here lieth the body of Alexander Mc Caulland Esq. late of Omagh in the County of Tyrone who departed this life on the 13th of October 1727 aged 45.  (10 slab)

MC KENZIE – In loving memory of Lydia beloved wife of W.J. Mc Kenzie R. I. C. who died 3rd May 1895 aged 27 years.  “Safe in the arms of Jesus”.  (152 Headstone)

MAC LANE – Erected by Allan Mc Lane.  Intered Deb: Tomlinson his daughter.  Died 26th July 1791 aged 25 years.  (125 Headstone)

MAC MANUS – In loving memory of our dear father Geo. Mac Manus L.R.G.P. & S.L.A.H. who departed this life 17th August 1916, in his 76th year.  Until the day break and the shadows flee away.  Erected by his sons George, Robert & Fred.(149 Headstone)

MALONE – See Reynolds (117)

MASON – In loving memory of my devoted mother, Caroline Mason, died 12th July 1935.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Sadly missed by her loving daughter, Ethel.  (32 Headstone)

MAXWELL – See Pendleton (166)

MILLEN – Dr. John C.C. Millen 1931 – 1984.  Peace, perfect peace.  (124 Headstone)

MOCKLER – Erected to the memory of John Mockler Esq.r who departed this life March 18th 1845 aged 72.  (89 Headstone)

MOCKLER – ………. Who departed this life …. Day of August he was …. years of age.  As also his son Thomas Mockler who departed this life 6th day of July 1765………….  (15 Table slab)

MONAGHAN – Absent from the body present with the Lord.  Erected in loving memory by the wife and children of Thomas Monaghan of Trim who died 3rd Augt 1892 aged 75 years.  (154 Headstone)

MONTGOMERY – In affectionate memory of Archibald Veron Montgomery , St. Mary’s Abbey, Trim, born 6 Jan. 1859 died 17 Nov. 1943.  (24 Headstone)

MOONEY – Sacred to the memory of Anna Maria wife of William L. Mooney, Trim, who departed this life trusting in her Saviour June 2nd 1860 aged 53.  Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.  Also the above W.L. Mooney died 4th Novr 1871 aged 75 years.  (11 Headstone)

MOONEY – Erected by George Mooney of Trim to the memory of his wife Margaret Henrietta, who died 12th July 1832 aged 35.  His brother Gerald who died 23rd Feb. 1833 aged 23.  His mother Anne Christan Mooney who died 25th Jan. 1855 aged 85.  His second wife, Margaret, who died 25th Jan 1862 aged 52 and five of their children who died infants.  And of George Mooney who departed this life Augst 9th 1866 aged 64.  (34 Slab)

MORRES – See Carroll (100)

MOSS – Ronald Edgar William Moss 1916 – 1992.  Loves last gift – Remembrance. 

(108 headstone)

MURPHY – In loving rememberance of Susan Murphy, a devoted mother, who departed this life 30th January 1880 in the 80th year of her age.  “Who so ever liveth and beliveth in me shall never die”.  John XI. 26.  (96 Headstone)

NIBLOCK – In loving memory of John Niblock, Little Rath, Trim, son of John Niblock, Carvagh, Grandson of the late Christopher Carleton, died 15 May 1919 aged 28 years.  Jane Niblock died January 12th 1934.  John Niblock died 1st July 1939.  Ellen Niblock died 6 Sep 1959.  I’ve had my share of pleasure and I’ve done my share of toil and life is short the longest life a span.  I care not now to tarry for the corn or for the oil, or for wine that maketh glad the heart of man.  For good undone and gifts misspent and resolutions nain tis somewhat late to trouble this I know.  I should live the same life over if I had to live again and the chances are I go where most men go. 

(67 Headstone)

NIXON – This monument was erected by the officers of the Meath constabulary as a token of their esteem and regard for their late brother officer Lieut. Humphry Nixon, formally of the 95th regiment, who departed this life on the 16th of July 1825 aged 35 years.  (170 Tablet)

NUGENT – In dear and revered memory of Garrett Nugent A.M. Archdeacon of Meath and Rector of Trim for 6 years.  Died 7 March 1898 aged 76.  “Faithful unto death”.  (147 Headstone)

NUGENT – In loving memory of  Grace Myra infant daughter of Wilson M. Nugent, surgeon, Vryburg, South Africa who died at St. Patricks, Trim 8 Dec. 1896.  “Suffer little children to come unto me”.  (153 Cross)

O’BEIRNE – Near this place are interred the mortal remains of the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Thomas Lewis O’Beirne D.D. Lord Bishop of Meath.  The chief objects of whose life were to promote happiness in his family by affection & benevolence and to diffuse piety and holiness thro his diocese by guiding & directing his parochial clergy in the performance of the awful duties incumbent on them as ministers of the United Church.  During the 25 years that he presided over this see there were erected in it, 72 glebe houses and 57 churches.  He died February 17th 1823 aged 76 years.  (160 Tablet on internal wall.  Moved here from Ardbraccan)

ODLUM – Underneath this stone are interred the mortal remains of Elizabeth Odlum, the beloved wife of Richard Odlum Esqr of Newhaggard House, Trim, who departed this life the 29th October 1878 aged 56 years.  “My trust is in the tender mercies of God, for ever and ever”.  Also the above Richard Odlum Esqr who departed this life 26th December 1889 aged 77 years.  (22 Slab)

ORR – In loving memory of David Orr died 26th October 1982 aged 83 years and his dearly beloved wife Wilhelmina died 22nd April 1987 aged 89 years.  “The Lord is my Shepherd”.  (129 Headstone)

ORR – In loving memory of the Most Reverend John Orr D.D. Lord Bishop of Meath 1927-1938.  “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”.  This tablet was erected by clergy and laity of the diocese of Meath.  (158 Tablet on internal wall. Moved here from Ardbraccan)

OSBORNE – ……are thy days and full of woe……man of women born ……ris written dust tho art shall to dust return ….this stone are deposited the remains of ……… Osborne Esq. for many years ……. The resident Burgesses and …… …. …… qisuate of …… …… life the 13 day of Nov. …… …… …… …… .  (106 Broken Slab)

PAGE – See Crew (136)

PALLISER – HICKMAN – See Stopford (177)

PARSONS – In loving memory of our dear son Charles Edward Parsons whom God called home 13th November 1951 aged 25 years.  Also in loving memory of his dear brother John Fredrick called home 20th June 1958 aged 26 years.  Very dearly loved sons of John and Florence Parsons.  – Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live”.  (74 Headstone)

PARSONS – In loving memory of Florence Parsons a very dearly loved and loving wife and mother whom God called home 23rd January 1961.  Also in loving memory of her devoted husband John Henry Parsons whom God called home 13th April 1970.  Very dearly loved parents.  “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”.  (75 Headstone)

PARSONS – In loving memory of Frederick Parsons called home 16th Jan. 1974. At rest.  (85 Headstone)

PARSONS – In loving memory of our dear parents Frederick William Parsons who died 25th August 1940 and Margaret his beloved wife who died 21st October 1944.

“In heavenly love abiding”.  (73 Headstone)

PARSONS – In loving memory of our dear father Henry Parsons who entered into rest 10 Aug. 1902.  Also our dear mother Anna Maria Parsons called home 8 May 1924 and their infant son Edward James.  Also in loving memory of their daughter Laura Eunice Parsons called home 12th October 1950.  Also in loving memory of their daughter Miriam Parsons called home 19th April 1961.  “Until the day break and the shadow flee away”.  (71 Headstone)

PARSONS – Erected by Robert Parsons of …… In grateful memory of his father? the late Wilm Parsons who departed this life Aug. 3rd 1805 aged 49?  Also of his wife the late Jane Parsons who departed this life Nov. 4th 1834 aged 34 years.  Also of his brother the late John Parsons who departed this life Octr 2nd 1839 aged 42 years.  (72 Headstone)

PARSONS – See Hewitt (84)

PENDLETON – The east window in this church was erected in 1869 by Alan G. Pendleton.  In loving remembrance of his parents Henry Latham and Jane Pendleton, whose remains are interred in this churchyard.  Also in affectionate remembrance of his sisters, Anna Dorothea who died April 4th 1856; Matilda Mary, died November 24 1868, both interred in this churchyard; Jane (Wife of William Maxwell C.S.), died June 9 1867, interred at Prestwich near Manchester and his brother Edmund Brougham died  December 13 1866, interred at Queenstown, Co. Cork.  (166 Tablet on internal wall)

PENDLETON – Here the remains of Anna Dorothea Elizabeth, eldest and beloved daughter of Captain Pendleton and Jane his wife, died 4th April 1856 aged 27 years.  Also Jane, the dearly beloved wife of Captain Pendleton, died April 1st 1865 aged 56 years and to the memory of Capt. Pendleton who died 7th Dec. 1866.  Also Richard Warren son of above who passed to his rest 4th March 1899, buried in Brighton.  (109 Headstone with railings)

PENDLETON – Erected by Captain Pendlton, Louth Regiment.  To the memory of his beloved sons Samuel Henry and Henry Latham.  Samuel Henry, aged 20 years was drowned in Simons Bay 22nd May 1851, whilst serving as midshipman on board the H.M.S. Orestes.  His remains are interred at Capetown, where the Commodore and officers of the fleet on that station erected a tablet to his memory.  Henry Latham died at Beechworth, Australia 12th of May 1854 aged 18 years.  His remains lie interred at Beechworth where his Commanding Officer and comrades of the Colonian Mounted Police in which force he was serving as cadet, erected a tablet as a token of the affection and esteem in which they held him.  “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord”.  (169 Tablet on internal wall)

PENDLETON – The window which was erected to the memory of Captain Pendleton was removed by a resolution of the Select Vestry and with the approval of Alan Pendleton and placed in its present position in the West.  At the same time an extra lancet was added. 1906. Edward Coff  Rector.  (165 Plaque)

PENN – See Edgehill (101)

POTTERTON – To the glory of God and in loving memory of Elizabeth Mary & Adelaide Potterton.  Also of their dear friend Jemima Lightburne who all were devout worshippers in this church for many years and were greatly beloved.  Erected 1904.

(168 Plaque on internal wall)

POTTERTON – In memory of Thomas Edward Potterton, Rathcormick, died 28th OCT. 1960 aged 64 years.  Also his daughter Rosina died 16th Nov 1961 aged 26 years.  His beloved wife Eileen Catherine died 10th May 1990 aged 86 years. A dearly loved mother and grandmother. “In thy presence is fullness of Joy”.  (130 Headstone)

QUAIL – In loving memory of Hugh Alexander Quail who died February 17th 1924 aged 54 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  (86 Headstone)

RALPH – Here sleeps in Jesus Eleanor Ralph the beloved wife of the Rev. S.K.F. Ralph, Rector of Kildalkey, Co. Meath. She died on June 12th 1892 aged 65 years.

“For so he giveth his beloved sleep” PS.CXXV11.2  “A hope full of immortality”. WISD.11.4  “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Yea savth the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them”. Rev. XIV.13.  (41 Obelisk)

RATCLIFFE – Sacred to the memory of Mary Anne, the beloved wife of John Ratcliffe of Newtown Park who departed this life 3RD May 1856 aged 29.  Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth came. Matt 24C.42  (97 Headstone)

REYNOLDS – This stone and burial place belongs to Mr. Henry Reynolds & his family. …..P.u.l Reynolds, his brother died 9th March 1792 aged 65 years.  Edward Malone, his brother in law, died the 1st Feb 1794 aged 86 years.  Maria daughter of Edward died the 13th Jany 1800 aged 21 years.  Margaret wife of Mr Reynolds died the 13th Jany 1803 aged 61 years.  Here also lies the remains of the above named Henry Reynolds who departed this life the 6th day of Decr 1807 aged 76 years.  Here lieth also the body of Mary Hamilton the daughter of the said Henry Reynolds who died Jany 17 1814 aged 32 and Henry Malone his nephew died April the 25th 1816 aged 32 years.  (117 Slab)

REYNOLDS – In loving memory of Mary Reynolds, Dalystown, born 30 Aug. 1835 died 27 Jan. 1912. Also her husband William Reynolds died 28 Dec. 1916, aged 86. Adelaide Victoria Reynolds died 28 Sept. 1940 and her husband Charles Mayfield Reynolds died 15 Nov 1944.  “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death I will fear no evil for Thou art with me”. PS.23.4  (44 Headstone)

ROBINSON – In Loving Memory of Frances widow of S.N Robinson who died at her residence Boyne Cottage, Trim, April 28. 1904.  “Come unto me ……, and I will give you rest”. St Matt XI, 28.  (107 Headstone)

ROSS – Annie beloved wife of William F.H.Ross C.I. R.I.C. died 16th December 1889 “Absent from the body present with the Lord”  (28 Raised Slab)

RYAN – Cherished memories of our daughter baby Avril Ryan, born and died 16 Nov 1992.  Her brother Shane Ryan born and died 21st June 1993.  Children that bud on earth and flower in Heaven.  (New monument to the north of 116)

SARGENT – In Loving Memory of Eric Scott Sargent who died 5th of November 1936 aged 40 years.  Also his daughter Eileen Elizabeth Anne died 26th of February 1946 aged 15 years and his wife Wilhelmina died 2nd March 1966.  (142 Headstone)

SARGENT – Here lieth the body of Mrs Jane Sargent who departed this life the 27th of April 1783 aged 76.  As also the body of Miss Jane Margret Carthore daughter of Mr William Carthore who departed this life the 23rd of July 1797 aged 20 years.  (5 Slab)

SCOTT – Here lies the remains of Heph….. Scott wife to Samuel Scott of Trim, who departed this life October 24th 1779 in the 47th year of her age.  (47 Headstone)

SHIERSON – Erected by Ellen Shierson in memory of her beloved husband William Shierson who died 6th May 1893 Aged 78 years.  Trusting in Jesus. Also her father David Abbett who died 3rd July 1886 aged 96 years.  (58 Headstone with railings)

SINGER – Phillippians. I,XX1, In Memory of Joseph Henderson Singer, D.D., Bishop of Meath, who entered into rest, July 16th, 1866, aged 80 years.  A faithful servant of Jesus Christ, He laboured successfully for many years as Fellow and Regius Professor of Divinity, in Trinity College, Dublin for the Advancement of True religion and all its attendant blessings.  With an intellect unimpaired, he was patient, vigilant, and faithful to the last.  His mourning widow and children have erected this tablet in the Church, which, in the close of his honoured life he assisted to restore.  (175 Tablet on internal wall. Moved here from Ardbraccan)

SMARTT – In Memory of William Smartt died Sept. 1849 aged 63.  Thomas W. Smartt died June 1858 aged 38.  William T. Smartt died Dec. 1864 aged 10.  (176 Tablet on internal wall)

SOMERSET – In loving memory of William John Somerset darling son of Charles S. and Audrey Seymer, Rock Lodge Trim, Accidentally lost his life 6th July 1957, aged 6 years.  “In the Heavens High above us he is with his faithful friend”.  (135 Headstone)

SPEER – Here lieth the body of William Milling Speer MD who departed this life 1st Feb aged ….  Also the body of Amelia Speer beloved wife, who departed life, 17th August 1845 aged 86.  Also the body of their only daughter Frances Jane Speer who departed this life July 29th 1863.  (3 Slab)

STEPHENSON – In Memory of William Stephenson born at Cowling Yorkshire on 2nd December 1886, died at Trim 23rd December 1964.  (118 Headstone)

ST. GEORGE – See Ashe 169

STOPFORD – A lamp unto my feet a light unto my path. In memory of Edward Stopford, Bishop of this diocese, who ceased from his labor in the 78th year of his age Sep 17th 1850 being suddenly removed after having discharged his Episcopal duties on that day. And of Catherine Reddish Stopford, his wife, who entered into rest June 2nd 1856 aged 75 years. “Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him”. And of their grandchildren Edward Stopford Hickman, Hugh Palliser Hickman, James William Stopford   “See that ye despise not these little ones”.  (177 Tablet on internal wall. Moved here from Ardbraccan)

SWAYNE – In Loving Memory of Georgina Emily Swayne (Nee Higgins) Higginsbrook died 18th September 1972. Her husband Frank Hugh Fitzgerald Swayne died 8th March 1986.  (113 Headstone)

TALBOT – Erected in memory of Hannah, the beloved wife of Richard Talbot, who departed this life on the 29th day of March 1877 aged 38 years   (94 Headstone)

TAYLOR – In loving memory of Joseph B. Taylor died 16th Jany 1948.  His wife Agnes Elizabeth died 16th Feb. 1982.  Their daughter Muriel Beryl Mary 26th Jan. 1962.  Blest are the pure in heart. HYMN. 521.  (137 Headstone with surround)

TAYLOR – In memory of Mr Thomas Taylor who died 11th June 1805 aged 51 years.  His daughter Caroline who died 4th February 1808 aged 6 years and his grandchild Elleanor Taylor who died 19th January 1846 aged 21 years.  (59 Headstone)

TEW – Sacred to the memory and here lies the body of Catherine wife of Ralph Tew Esq.  She was the only daughter Thomas Ledwidge by Margaret his wife both of whom are interred with their grand child  Margaret Elizabeth in the body of this church.  She was a true Christian a most affectionate wife and the best of mothers.  Died the 5th day of April 1837 aged 75 years leaving one son and one daughter surviving.  Here also lieth the body of the above named Ralph Tew  Esq. late of Raddinstown in the County of Meath who departed this life at Tymoole on the 27th day of March 1845 aged 82 years.  (121 Headstone)

THOMPSON – Presented to St Patrick’s Cathedral Trim in memory of Charles Edward Thompson, Rector of Ballivor, Co Meath 1915-1955.

THOMPSON – This monument was erected to the memory of Skeffington Thompson Esq of Rathnally, Co. Meath who departed this life on the 5th day of January 1810 aged 68 years.  Also of Anna Maria his widow who died 27th March 1843 aged 79 years.  Also of their son William Thompson Esq J.R. who died 5th December 1892 aged 91 years.  And of Annie Eleanor daughter of William Thompson and widow of Francis D’Arcy Thompson who died 30th May 1952 aged 88 years.  d’A Thompson Major K.S.L.I. of Rathnally aged 73 years.  (62 Table slab with railing)

THOMPSON – Presented by Skeffington Thompson, in affectionate remembrance of his cousin William Thompson of Rathnally who died Nov. 5th 1901 aged 36 years.  (Eagle Lectern)

THOMPSON – In loving memory of William Thompson J.P. of Rathnally who died 5th Decr. 1892 aged 91 years.  Also his son William Thompson J.P. of Rathnally born Feb. 3rd 1865 died Nov. 5th 1901.  And his daughter Annie Eleanor Thompson of Rathnally born Jan. 1st 1864 died May 30th 1952. d’A. Thompson Major K.S.L.I. of Rathnally died 21st Feb. 1973 and his wife Violet died 17th April 1977.  (164 Tablet on internal wall)

THOMPSON – (South face) In loving memory of William Thompson who entered into rest 5 Nov. 1901 aged 36 years.  “For so he giveth his beloved sleep”.  Psalm EXX V.II.2.  (North face) Also of Skeffington Thompson born 27th Nov. 1836, died 27th Jan. 1907 aged 71 years.  (61 Coped tomb (railing))

THOMPSON – See D’arcy (63 Headstone)


THORNBURGH – In the memory of Thomas Thornburgh Esq of Trim who died April 3rd 1832 aged 55 years.  Also the remain of Eliza who died March 1 1825 aged 7 years, of Harriet who died July 1 1824 aged 2 yrs, of John who died October 9th 1825? Aged 1 yr.  Children of the said Tho. Thornburgh & of his widow by whom this stone is erected.  Whose remains now lie interred in Kidderminster where she died January 31st  1858 aged 74 years.  (112 Table slab with panel sides)

TOMLINSON – See Mc Lane (125)

WAINWRIGHT – Here lieth the Body of Miss Anne Wainwright who departed this life the 12th of August 1796 aged 12 years.  Also the body of Mr. Wainwright  who departed this life 28th March 1801 aged 72.  Also the body of Mrs. Wainwright Snr. wife of the Revd. Mr. Wainwright who depd this life the 6th June 1805? Aged 59? Years.  Henry Wainwright who depd this life the 31st of Jan 1820 aged  ..1.  Also the Revrd Mark Wainwright who depd this life the 9th Novr 1820 aged .6  (1 Slab)

WAINWRIGHT – See Carleton (68)

WALSH – In ever loving memory of William Walsh, late of Kiltale, Dunsany. Died 5th April 1961 aged 87.  (57 Headstone)

WARNOCK – John Warnock died 4 March 1923 aged 66.  In grateful memory.  (43 Headstone)

WENTWORTH – Under this stone is interred the body of D’Arcy Wentworth Esq.  He departed this life in the 70th year of his age.  April ye 29th Anno. Dom. 1710. And under this stone and near to it is interred the body of Mrs. Mary Dodwell.  (beside 88)

WILEY – Sacred to the memory of Lucinda Wiley daughter of the Rev.C. Ormsby Wiley, who died 4 March 1864 aged 3 and a half months.  (110 Headstone)

WILLIAMS – Here rest the remains of James Williams Esq who departed this life on the 11 April 1808? aged 6. years.  (39 Slab)

WILSON – In loving memory of Charles Wilson died 21st April 1965 aged 65 years.  His son Harry interred in Cheltenham died 13th Sept 1986 aged 50 years.  “The Lord is my Shepherd”.  (132 Headstone)

WILSON – See Clifford (98)

WINTER – Here lieth the body of Thomas Winter who departed this life Nov. the 4th 1739 aged 79. Erected by Thomas ……   (65 Headstone)

WOODS – In loving memory of our parents Richard & Marion Woods.  Also their children.  Also their Grandparents James and Jane Douglas, Navan Gate.  Also Uncles and Aunts.  (128 Headstone)

YOUNG – See Edgehill (101)

YOUNG – ………. Body of Mary Young who departed this ……..Novbr the …… 1749 aged 7.  (34 Headstone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – Fallen over. Cannot read inscription.  (4 Headstone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (12 Stone Cross on ground with surround)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – ……… kler …….. Tribute.……… affectionate …….

……… respect to the memory of the best of parents.  (14 Headstone)


NO RECORD OF NAMES – In memory of the …….. …. Harriett …….(26 Coped Stone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – Rob …………… memory of his …. …… who died the …….. April 1841 aged 64 years.  (37 Headstone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (38 Headstone Fallen Over)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (40 Headstone Fallen Over)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (48 Marker Stone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (50 Headstone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (52 Headstone Fallen Over)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – ……. …… …… THE …… …… his life for ….. …. …. …..  (54 Table slab)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (56 Headstone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – Here li …..eth the ……………… Trim …………….. aged …………… years  (79 Tablet)

NO RECORD OF NAMES  (82 Marker stone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (87 Table slab with panel sides)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – (103 Broken Headstone)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – Written on the bottom “Peace, Perfect Peace”  (140 Headstone fallen over with surround)

NO RECORD OF NAMES – In memoriam ……… Rector of Trim ……  (155 Headstone with surround)