Recorded by Dr. Beryl F.E. Moore & Ml. Kenny.


Agher Church consists of Nave, Chancel, Porch and Vestry. John O’Donovan visited this small Church and met the then Rector (The Rev. John Kellett) and remarks in a letter that ‘the Church has neither tower nor steeple’.  The present Church is on the same site and has a small tower.  There is said to have been an earlier Church in the S.E. corner.

East window portrays St. Paul preaching to the Athenian Philosophers (Acts XVIII. 19-34) on top of Mars Hill outside the Court of Areopagus.  It is by the Irish born stained glass painter Gervais or Jarvis who died in 1799 and he copied it from a cartoon of Raphael.  Jarvis has a window in Oxford and two in Windsor.  This window was commissioned for the newly built Chapel in Dangan Castle and when that castle was burnt to the ground on Christmas Day in 1807 (or 1808) this window was practically the only thing which survived and was given by the Connor Family (who then owned Dangan) to Agher Church which was at the time in the process of being built.

Tablets on South wall of the Church.

1)  PRATT 1706-71 . . . dark grey marble with coat of arms at top showing a shield with 3 birds (2 above a chevron and 1 below), and mantling around the shield.  “Under this floor are Interd Benjamin Pratt of Agher Esqr who departed this life the 3rd day of June 1706 aged 67 yrs and his wife Margaret eldest daughter of James Mortimer Esqr who died the 26th of Novr 1713 aged 58 years.  Also Benjamin Pratt of Agher Esqr son of the former who departed this life the 14 March 1771 aged 82 yrs and Jane his wife younger daughter of Jams Nugent of Clondost in the County of Westmeath Esqr.”  This inscription is given in the Memorials of the Dead Vol. V. page 235 and the notes were supplied by J. F. Fuller Esqr in 1910 and he suggested that Clonlost might have been the place of Jane Nugent’s birth as Clondost is unknown.

2)  WINTER 1854 . . . White marble tablet with ‘Virtute’ at the top, then a small shield with 3 birds around a chevron (2 and 1) and at bottom a skull and crossbones with 2 lances crossed each with its 2 pennants.  On viewer’s right is an early sabre and on viewer’s left an early musket or cannon.  Below is ‘or glory’.  The Lancers were an early regiment and rode into battle with a lance but fought with a sabre. Their motto was ‘death (skull and crossbones) or glory’.  At an earlier period they were called dragoons and used an old type of musket.  “Sacred to the memory of John Pratt Winter Esqr Captain in her Majesty’s 17th. Regt. of light dragoons (Lancers).  He fell gloriously leading the second squadron of his regiment in the heroic but disastrous charge of the light cavalry brigade on the Russian army at Balaklava before Sebastopol in the Crimea 25th. October 1854 in the 26th year of his age leaving no blot on his name, looking proudly to Heaven from the deathbed of fame”.  R. Kirk RHA Sculpt. at bottom.

Tablets on west wall

3)  LARGE WOODEN PLAQUE (about 5×3 ½ ft)      over the west door with ‘0 give Thanks unto Lord for he is good.. For his mercy endureth for ever’.

4)  ROWLEY 1917 . . . Brass tablet with “In memory of Honble George Cecil Rowley 2nd Lieutenant King’s Royal Rifle Corps Son of the 4th Baron Langford killed in action near Miraunmont 17th Feb. 1917 aged 20.  Buried near Miraunmont”.  Below Sawier Dublin.

5)  ROWLEY 1916 . . . brass tablet similar to No. 4.  “In loving memory of the Honble Noel Maud Rowley daughter of the 4th Baron Langford.  She passed away Jan. 28th 1916 aged 22.  ‘I go to prepare a place for you’.  St. John 14.2”. Below Sawier Dublin.

6)  SMALL STAINED GLASS WINDOW representing Charity and 2 angels dispensing Largesse.  “In memoriam Baroness Langford OB 16 Dec. 1901”.

On north wall

7)  LANGFORD 1901 . . . brass tablet larger than the other two on the W wall.  “In loving memory of Georgina Mary wife of the 4th. Baron Langford who died December 16th 1901 aged 35 years.  But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace; longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.  Against these there is no law.  Gal. V. 22 & 23”.  At bottom Gawthorp SC. London.

Tablets in porch

8)  STONE TABLET . . . “This Church was built in 1803 and finished in 1804.  Church wardens Saml. & Jno P. Winter Esqr. Superintendd by Jno Murray,”

9)  STONE TABLET . . . “This Church was rebuilt 1901 and 1902. J S W”.

THE PRATT WINTER VAULT is in the S.W. corner of the graveyard and is an ornate structure of about 24 ft wide and 18 ft deep, but is in poor repair and beginning to be invaded by ivy.  A space over the door was designed for a plaque giving name and date of family but the plaque has disappeared. The vault has a rounded ceiling and 4 graves on each side and a tablet opposite each for 3 names.  Only one sex went into each grave.  The earliest in 1735 and the latest in 1925. . . . . . . . . . so the vault was in use for 190 yrs.

Left hand side beginning at far wall

1)  Samule Winter born 2nd Aug 1796 died 6th Novr 1867.  John Pratt Winter born 31st Octr 1800 died 11th Novr 1864.  Samuel Winter born . . . . . . . . 1741 died 19th May 1811.

2)  Lucy Winter (Sanderson) born 18th Octr 1800 died 11th Novr 1864.  Anne Winter (Gore) born 26th June 1771 died 28th Aug 1848.  Margaret Winter (Robbins) born 21st Septr 1735 died 17th Novr 1814.

3)  Francis A.Winter born 18th February 1836 died 26th August 1883.  Francis Pratt Winter born 4th July 1771 died 21st July 1847.  Samuel Pratt Winter born 25th February 1779 died 11th December 1831.

4)  Mary A Winter born 7th November 1839 died 17th December 1906.  Lucy A Winter born 13th June 1830 died 22nd January 1906.  Anne Maria Winter born 10th Septr 1773 died 22nd Janry 1837.

Righthand side of the vault from far wall

5) James Sanderson Winter born 15th Feb. 1832 died 10th July, 1911

6) Samuel Sanderson 3rd son of Samuel Winter born 2nd May 1834 died 12th December 1905.

7) Ann E Sanderson wife of Samuel Sanderson born 25th March 1834 died 13th June 1925.

8) Blank.

Tombstones on east side of graveyard in rows or groups from north to south.


1)  FERGUSON 1849 . . . . This plot (about 15 ft square) is surrounded by a wall some 3 ft high and the Ferguson Family are said locally to have died as a result of the famine and been buried inside this enclosure.  A Tombstone which refers to the death of 2 Ferguson Children 1849 has been built into the top of the front wall and reads “Erected by John Ferguson Summerhill in memory of his sons Robert who died 19th June 1849 aged 3 years 6mths.  Edward Magill Ferguson died 14th July 1849 aged 6 yrs and 4 mths”.

2)  FERGUSON 1844 . . . .  large plain stone wider than most and tilting forward.  “Died on the 3rd of December 1844 aged 47 Robert Ferguson third son of John Ferguson late of Sumnerhill County Meath”.

3)  ORME 1923 . . . plain stone “In memory of Annette Mary Orme died 22 July 1923.  In thy sight we shall see light”.  At bottom . . . .  . . Burnell Edenderry.

4)  RICHARDSON 1805 . . . Plain large stone, the Upper two thirds of which has broken off and slipped behind the lower third which is still in its correct position. A large beautifully carved Chalice is at centre top with a handle on each side and a very ornate lid.  “Hear lies the body of Mrs Margaret Richardson who departed this life 13th of July 1805 aged 21 yrs”.  Here is spelt hear.

5)  NORTON 1810 – 21 . . . . . A fancy round design in centre of top which looks like a sun with rays radiating out from it and a wreath of bluebells around it.  “Erected by Jane Norton in memory of her beloved husband Malachi Norton who depd life 27 of Oct. 1819 aged 74 yrs.  Also his son Edward Norton who depd this life Novbr 21st. 1821. aged 30 years”.

6)  TROTTER 1838-60 . . . a large high iron railing surrounds this big plot which is completely filled with briers.  The headstone is surmounted by an urn and the inscription is carved on a tablet inserted into the base.  “Sacred to the memory of Maria the beloved wife of David Trotter Esqr M D of Summerhill in this County who departed this life 26th June 1838 aged 34 years.  Also to the memory of Katherine third daughter the beloved wife of Samuel Smith Esqe of Kyle House Tullow Co. Carlow who departed this life 29th January 1860 aged 27 years.  Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of Man cometh Mat. XXIV. 44”.

7)  TROTTER 1921 . . . small cross on a granite base inside a stone curb.  “In loving memory of Major W.J. Trotter R A M C 7TH Nov. 1921 aged 62.  I will trust and not be afraid”.

Row 2

8)  PURDON 1877 – 1948 . . . There are 2 plain tombstones and a small slab on the ground between them and all are within an iron curb.  We begin with No. 8 which is nearest the north.  “In loving memory of Edward Magill Purdon youngest son of Bartholomew Purdon of Ardrums who died October 18th 1877 aged 22 years.  Also of his eldest daughter Maria Letitia Purdon died June 24th 1890 aged 38 years.  And his eldest son Henry David Purdon M D died August 24th  1890 aged 41 years.  Also his youngest daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Purdon died 8th June 1927 aged 68 years.  Also of his second eldest son Bartholomew Richard Purdon R M who died 1st March 1934 aged 84 years.  And his wife |Margaret Lambert who died 26tn April 1932 aged 78 years.  Also in remembrance of Colonel David William Purdon C M G Indian army of Ardrums who died 31st January 1948 aged 94 ½  years”.

9)  COUPER 1944 . . . This is the small slab on the ground between Nos. 8 and 10.  “Kathleen Mary Ireland Couper dearly loved wife of Major J R Couper D S O, A and S H, and daughter of Col. B R Purdon R N . . . . . . . 8.1.1882 AND 30.5.1944”.

10)  PURDON 1903 – 4 . . . This is the other headstone inside this curb.  It is darker in colour than others.  “In memory of Bartholomew Purdon of Ardrums who departed this life on 29th October 1904 aged 86 years and of his wife Maria who departed this life on 7th January 1903 aged 75 years”.  At bottom . . . .  . C W Harrison and Sons 178 of Brunswick St. Dublin”.

11)  PURDON 1856 . . . A tabletomb on 6 pedestal stones but unfortunately this great stone is broken across the middle.  “In memory of Bartholomew Purdon of  Clonymore in the County of Meath Esquire who departed this life the 6th July 1856 aged 45 years.  This stone has been erected by his widow as a testimony of her love and esteem”.  Lower down . . . “ Awake and sing ye that dwell in dust.  Isaiah 26 Chap. 19 v. “At bottom . . . R Balleatine and son 11 Upr Dorset St. Dublin.

12)  PURDON 1821-54 . . .  A very large sarcophagus on top of a base which is 4 ft high and stands on it by means of 4 lion’s paws ( 2 on each side ) and it has 2 lions heads (1 on each side) but the head on the left has disappeared.  On the urn we get the following inscription “Sacred to the memory of Henry Purdon Esqr of Hotwell in this County who departed this life 25th March 1845 aged 66 years.  Also to his wife Catherine who died 18th February 1821 aged 35 years.  This tomb has been erected by their sons Henry Edward and Bartholomew as a small token of Filial love and respect.”  Lower down we get “ also to the memory of Bartholomew Purdon Esqr brother of the above named Henry Purdon who died 2nd September 1854 aged 78 years”.

13)  PURDON 1862 – 1920 . . . Plain granite stone inside a curb.  “Sacred to the memory of Henry Purdon of Hotwell in this County who died 14th March 1873 and of Sarah his wife who died 17th Dec. 1874. This stone is erected by their children in loving remembrance.  ‘Make little weeping for the dead for he is at rest’.  Also Edward D Purdon son of the above died 11th Sept. 1862 aged 6 ½ years.  Also of James Ebsery Purdon third son of the above who died 23rd March 1891 aged 32 years.  A man greatly beloved.  Also Henry Bartholomew Purdon eldest son of the above who died 23rd January 1909 aged 59 years.  Also of Katherine Frances Purdon 2nd daughter of the above who died 29th June 1920 aged 68 years.  ‘She hath done what she could’.

14)  TROTTER 1913-4 . . . A narrow stone which goes up to a point in the centre, inside a curb.  “In loving memory of Elizabeth Catherine dearly loved wife of David Trotter M D Summerhill died May 15th 1913 aged 91 years.  ‘Thy will be done’ also of David Trotter M D died Oct. 2nd 1914 aged 88 years.  ‘Peace perfect peace’.

15)  TROTTER 1856 – 1912 . . . Similar to No. 14. “In loving memory of Kate Maria Trotter born 11th. January 1858 died Easter Sunday April 9th 1871.  ‘Behold he taketh away, who can hinder him, who will say unto him, what doest thou’?  Job IX C 13 V, Also of David North Trotter born 24 May 1856 died St. Patrick’s Day 1912.  Dearly beloved children of David and Elizabeth Trotter. ‘Thy will be done’.”

Row 3

16)  BOMFORD 1899 . . . Small cross on 3 steps and some inscription on each step. “In loving memory of Eleanor Louise dearly loved daughter of George and Maud Bomford died 13th Sept. 1899 aged one year.  ‘Is it well with the child?  It is well’.”  2 King’s IV 26.

17)  BOMFORD 1854 . . . Small red sandstone monument of a heavy type rounded at the top.  “Sacred to the memory of Arthur Chichester Bomford younger and dearly beloved child of George and Arbella Bomford of Oakley Park who departed this life on the 14th October 1854 in the 4th year of his age”.

18)  BOMFORD 1837 . . . Small limestone headstone notched at top.  “Here lyeth the body of Arbella Anna infant daughter of George and Arbella Bomford who departed this life February 1837 aged 3 months.  ‘Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven’”.

19)  McKAY 1928-35  . .  . Upright white marble stone with cement curb.  Design of fruit and flowers at centre top.  “In loving memory of our beloved mother Elizabeth McKay Moy Summerhill Co. Meath died 12th February 1932.  Also our beloved father William McKay died 11th April 1935.  ‘Blessed are the pure in heart’.  And their darling granddaughter Elizabeth Jane McKay died 17th April 1928.  ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me’”  At bottom .…. Robins Bros. 260 Harolds X RD Dublin.

20)  SEATON 1770-87 . . . This big slab lies flush with the ground and measures 35 ins wide and 70 ins long and 4 ins thick.  “Here lies the body of Charles Seaton of Trim who died the 31st day of May 1770 in the 56th year of his age.  An honest man, respected by the great, humane to the poor and sincere to all.  Here lies the body of Elizabeth Seaton his widow who died the 19th June 1787.  Respected  and lamented by all her friends”.

21)  MARTIN 1741 . . . A very large slab measuring 42 ins wide by 83 ins long and 8 ins thick which rests on a much bigger setting of dark coloured carved stones: the whole monument being 2 ft above ground now that we have dug away all the grass and clay that had covered it.  “Here lies interrd Mrs. Elizabeth Martin who died the ninth day of December 1741 aged fifty eight years.  In memory of her faithful service for twenty eight years to Clotsworthy Upton Esqr and his daughter Mrs Elizabeth Rowley this tone is inscribed”.

22) . . . . . . . . . . . . . This large slab was completely underground and has no inscription. It is of a poor quality of stone and flaking badly.

Tombstones on the south side of the church.

Row 4

23)  SKEATH 1773 . . . A low thick stone notched at top, with a stylised rose design in centre.  “This stone was erected by Mrs. Ann Kelly in memory of her mother Mrs Ann Skeath who departed this life September the third 1773 aged sixty three years”.

24)  BRADLY 1746 . . . Very thick old stone notched at top and flaking very badly. “Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth Bradly who departed August 1746 aged 19 years”.

25)  SEATON 1735 – 6 . . . Old stone with domed top and in centre a skull and crossbones with deep sockets for the eyes and nose. The upper jaw and teeth appear to be bitting on the crossed thighbone.  The skull has a wreath of leaves around the brow (laurels) perhaps to suggest death triumphs as a victor.  This stone is much sunken in the ground.  “Here lyeth the body of Mrs Elizabeth Seaton wife to Mr Charles Seaton who departed this life Ye 26th of Feb. 1735 aged 35 years.  Also Hercules their son died July Ye 4. 1736 aged 21 months”.  

Row 5                                                                                                  

26)  BORNE 1760 . . . Inscription on this stone faces west.  It is very close to the wall of the present Church and perhaps it was lifted when that Church was built and replaced facing the wrong way.  It is a plain stone domed at the top without any ornamentation.  “This stone was erected by Elinore Bourne of Summerhill in memory of her father and mother-in-law Anthony and Mary Borne.  Also in memory of her found husband Anthony Junr their son with three more of his brothers he departed April 17th 1760 aged 35 years”.

27)  CHANDLER 1805 . . . This stone is tilting forward and had an urn carved in the centre of the top and a fancy round design on each side.  The top is broken off. “Erected by Robt and John Chandler in memory of their respected father Jno Chandler  who departed this life the 3rd day of March 1805 aged 70 yrs.  Here also interred Elinor and Jno Chandler children of Jno Chandler”.

28)  CHANDLER 1911-65 . . . Modern narrow stone of plain type.  “Erected by Elizabeth Chandler in loving memory of Robert Chandler died 28th March 1941.  Also his daughter Annie Forbes died 24. April 1944.  Also Thomas Chandler died 5. Nov. 1946.  Robert John Chandler infant son died Oct. 1911.  Thomas Smyth died 22nd Feb. 1965 aged 76 yrs.”  Below ‘thy will be done’.  Burnell Edenderry at bottom.

29)  DENNIS 1734-1800 . . . Recumbent slab 6½ ft by 3½ ft.  “Here lyeth the body of Mr George Dennis who departed this life the third day of March in the year of Our Lord 1734 aged 64 years.  Here also lyeth the body of his granddaughter Elizabeth Bryan of Springvalley who departed this life the 17th of Feb. 1800 aged 76 yrs”

Row 6

30)  WOOD 1729-52 . . . A recumbent slab with an oldfashioned type of lettering which is very difficult to read.  It is the oldest stone in the graveyard.  “Here is interred the body of Alexander Wood M A 37 years Pastor of the Church of Protestant Dessenters at Summerhill.  A man of approved integrity, a judicious and useful preacher, his conversation which happily varied the profitable and pleasant was Universally acceptable.  He died Feb. 8. 1747 in his 64 year.  Here are likewise interred the bodies of Hercules who died July 25.17 29 in his second year and of Anne who died May 26. 1732 in her second year children of Mr. Wood”.

31)  CHANDLER 1908 . . . 17 . . . Plain modern stone with a peaked top and foliage.  “In loving memory of Edward Chandler who died 22. Oct. 1909 aged 75 years.  Also his son Edward J. Chandler died 13 May 1908 aged 21 years.  Also his wife Charlotte died 3 Oct. 1917 aged 61 years.  ‘Until the day break’s’.” Burnell Carrick at bottom.

Row 7

32)  MURRAY 1759 . . . Very wide low oldlooking stone with a notched top.  “This stone was erected by Mrs Elizabeth Pratt daughter of Arthur Judge of Mosstown in the County of Westmeath Esqr in memory of Honora Murray the tender nurse who died Septr Ye 11th 1759 aged 82 yrs and lies here intered with her two sons Dennis and Daniel”.

33)  MC NABB 1796-1804 . . . Large plain stone with a rounded top.   “Erected in the year 1804 by Saml McNabb of Summerhill to the memory of his wife Mrs Elizth McNabb died Novbr Ye 16th 1796 aged 36 years and also to the memory of two of his children Marcella aged 9 years and William aged 1 year and 5 months who both died in the same year and month of their mother”

34)  McNAB 1754 . . . Small old stone with a skull and crossbones in centre of top.  There is a wreath of leaves (laurels?) around the brow of the skull.  The teeth are biting on the crossed thigh bones.  “Here lyeth Ye body of Elizabeth McNab wife of David McNab of Ye city of Dublin clothier who departed this life 4th of Janry 1754 aged 74 years and 3 of her grand-children died young”.  The name is spelt with one B on this stone.

35) WEEKS 1756 … Small low old stone.  “Here lys interred Joseph Weeks who dyed Ye 20, Novr 1756 aged 69 years”.

36)  SHANNON 1747 . . . . Very small  uncarved stone much sunk in the ground.  “Here lyeth the body of Christopher Shannon who died May 27th 1747 aged 9 months”.

Row 8

37)  BLACKBURN 1843-57 . . . Old Stone with domed top, full sunburst, cross IHS and heart inside and a larger heart below the above motif with 2 barbs and a cherub’s head on each side.  This grave has a stopper stone on each side with a Maltese cross carved on each.  There is some foliage around the inscription.  “A D 1843. Erected by John Blackburn in memory of his father who departed this life Jany 30th 1843 aged 64 years.  Also his mother who depd this life July 25th 1857 aged 75 years”.

38)  BLISS 1757 . . . A very thick old stone with no ornamentation.  “Here lieth the body of William Bliss formerly of London builder who died at Dengan 10th Octr 1757 aged 35 years”.  The first s in bliss is an f and likely Dangen is meant.

39)  BUTLER 1894-1948 . . . Celtic cross with heart in centre.  “Erected in loving memory of Richard Butler died 10 June 1936 aged 68.  John Butler died 26 Jan. 1910 aged 16.  Matthew died 25 May 1907 aged 20.  Margaret died 27 Dec. 1894 aged 2.  Rose Butler died 12 August 1948.  R I P”.  At bottom Burnell Edenberry.

Row 9

40)  FITZSIMONS 1775-85 . . . Half sunburst at top with cross and IHS under it.  “Here lieth the body of Joseph Fitzsimons who died Jan 20th 1775 aged 57 yrs.  His brother Thos Fitzsimons died Febry the 3. 1783 aged 70 yrs.  Also his brother Michl Fitzsimons died Novr 23. 1785 aged 76 yrs.  Erected by Ther Three sons”.  The i has been left out of ‘their’.

41)  SEYMOUR 1886 . . . Simple small stone going up in centre in a peak.  “In loving memory of Godfrey Seymour second son of the Revd Robert Seymour and Frances Jane Seymour.  Born 25 March 1885 died 11 March 1886. ‘We asked life of thee, and thou gravest him a long life, even for ever and ever’.”  Below Harrison & Son Dublin.

Row 10

42)  DIVINE 1793-6 . .  . Small heavy stone tilting forward.  Cross IHS and a small heart under a half sunburst.  A row  of lozenges over the inscription.  “This stone was erectd by Michl Divine in memory of his father Richard Divine who died May the 16. 1793 aged 56 yrs.  Also his uncle Andw Divine May the 1. 1796 aged . . . . . yrs”.  We can’t read the age.

43)  FANNAN 1771- 3 . . . A very thick old stone with inscription facing west.  Cross IHS and pierced heart within a sunburst and ferns carved on each side.  “This stone was erectd by Patt. Fannan in memory of his father Michael Fannan who died the 18 of January 1773 aged 50 years.  Also his brother James Fannan died Ye 17 of Septr 1771 aged 24 yrs”.

Row 11

44)  EARLS 1884-1920 . . . Plain modern type of stone peaked at top, cross in centre of top and shamrocks on each side.  “Erected by Laurence Earls Agher in loving memory of his father James Earls died 21 Sept. 1894 aged 55 years.  Also his mother Anne Earls died 16 Aug. 1906 age 69 years.  His brother James died 8 Aug. 1884 age 22 years.  His sister Lizzie died 10 July 1906 age 35 years and his sister Kate Cribbin died Dec. 25. 1920 age 45 years R I P”.  Below Burnell Carrick.

45)  HIGGINS 1802-5 . . .  Tilting forward, a dark stone with full sunburst around a cross IHS and heart.  A daisy carved on each side of above motif “This stone was erected by Thos Higgins in memory of his mother Mary Higgins who departed this life on the 5th of August 1805 aged 46 years.  Also his grandmother Catherine Higgins who depd this life the 3rd of Octr 1802 aged 72 years.  May eternal bliss be their portion.  Amen”.

46)  MAGILL 1805-10 . . .  This large recumbent slab measuring 10 ft by 4 ft is by itself in the S.W. corner of the Churchyard near the Pratt-Winter vault and is being interfered with by an elderberry tree.  “In this place is interrd the remains ofMessrs. Jas. Jno and Richd McGill late of Summerhill in the Coy of Meath.  Jas died 9th Decemr 1805 aged 25 yrs.  Jno died 1st. March 1808 aged 22 yrs.  Richd died 29th Apl 1808 aged 19th yrs.  Also the body of Richd Magill of Rathrone in the Co. of Meath Esqr who departed this life 6th Decemr 1809 aged 60 yrs.  Here also is interred the rems of Mrs Elizath Magill relict   of the above named Richd who departed this life 18th Sept 1810 aged 59 yrs.  A kind and tender parent.  To whose respected memory this stone has been erected by her most affectionate and dutiful daughters.

Tombstones on west side of church in rows from north to south

Row 1

47)  ROE 1872-1966 . . . Plain stone inside a curb, peaked at top and inscription on a marble inset.  “Erected in affectionate remembrance to Thomas Roe of Athboy who died on 5th July 1875, and his wife Margaret who died on 5th July 1872 by his own son Joseph and his brother Joseph Roe of Stokestown.  Joseph Roe died 21 Mar. 1888.  joseph Roe died 31 Dec. 1904.  Also Daisy Roe died 7 Nov. 1950 and Annie Douglas died 5 April 1959.  Also Thomas Albert Roe of Stokestown died 5 Oct. 1966”.  Below ‘Into thine hand I commit my spirit.  Thou hast redeemed me O Lord God of truth’ Psalm 31. 5.

48) ROCK 1889-91 … Tall peaked stone.  “In loving memory of Alex Rock late of Agher who died 29th Decr. 1891 aged 60 years.  Also his daughter Katie wife of Fredk Perry who died 20th Sept. 1889 aged 26 years.  ‘Take ye heed, watch and pray, for ye know not when the time is’ Mark X111. 33”.

49)  ROCK 1937-65 . . . Small stone rounded at top. “In loving memory of Thomas Rock who died 11 Nov. 1949.  Also his wife Letitia died 20 Nov. 1937.  Also her daughter Annie Elliott wife of Edward Elliott died 29 March 1965.  ‘Your Heavenly Father Knoweth’.”

Row 2

50)  KELLETT 1848-76 . . . A Large tabletomb standing on 4 very large granite blocks.  The inscription is very worn and difficult to read.  “Blessed are the dead that die in the lord. This tomb erected by A D Kellett to the memory of her beloved husband the Rev. John Kellet who departed this life July 20th 1848 aged 87.  He was 61 years in the Sacred Ministry 39 of which he was rector of Agher. Nought can disturb this heir of life, his worldly cares are fled, to be with Christ was his desire, and he is now perfected.”  Lower down “Here also rest the remains of Mrs Anne Dawson Kellett relict of the above named Rev. John Kellett who departed this life May 23rd 1876 aged 73 Yrs”.  At bottom . . . M. Kirwan 17 Bolton St. Dublin.

51)  BROWN 1971-2 . . . Modern white limestone headstone.  “In loving memory of Robert Brown who died 12th July 1971 and his wife Elaine who died 8th April 1972”.

Row 3

52)  HALL 1883-1965 . . . In a curb.  A white marble stone.  “In memory of William Hall of Aberdeen who died at Sumerhill 12th August 1883 aged 54 years.  Also Marianne  wife of the above died March 11th 1934 and their daughters Mary Jane died 26th August 1937.  Wilhemia died 23rd November 1953.  Agnes Ellen Hall died 28th September 1965”.

Row 4

53)  DOUGLAS 1934-58 . . . Modern stone with same design as on the George stone on the north side of the Church.  “In loving memory of John Douglas Rahinstown died 13th Feb. 1934. aged 74 years.  Also his sister Annie Douglas died 21stNov. 1958”.  At bottom ‘because I will do this unto thee prepare to meet thy God’.

54)  LAUDER 1870 . . . Plain stone with some rounded carving at the top on each side. “Sacred to the memory of the Reverend Robert Lauder for twenty one years Rector of this Parish died July 23. 1870 aged 68 yrs.  Also to the memory of Albert Bernard Lauder oldest son of the above died at sea February 6. 1870 aged 25 yrs”.

55)  REID 1879 . . . Tall monument with an urn and flames on top.  Inside an iron curb.  “Erected by Mr. John Reid of Summerhill in this County in memory of his dearly beloved daughter Elizabeth Reid who departed this life June 18th 1869 aged 20 years.  Anne Reid born 1813 died 27th November 1879.  John Reid born 1805 died  11th December 1882”.  At bottom . . . Wade Berkley St. Dublin.  On north side of the monument we get “Margaret Reid born 1850 died 1st. April  1885.   ‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints’. “116 Psalms 15 verse”.

56)  VANCE 1844? … A very large headstone of a plain type and stone has worn very badly and it is flaking and cracking, and at some period some one seems to have painted it over with liquid cement; it is in consequence very difficult to read.  At top is a knob which may represent the sun and rays proceeding from it inside a circle.  “This stone is erected to the respected memory of Mrs. Martha Vance late of Summerhill who on the 15th Febry 1844? to her redeemer in her 80th year.  This stone is erected by her affectionate son.  Rest in peace”.

Row 5

57)  HOBIN 1890 . . . Very plain stone. “Erected to the memory of Elizabeth Hobin who died at Agher 3rd February 1890 aged 85 years.  A faithful servant and trusted friend for more than 50 years in the Family of the late Samuel Winter of Agher”.

Tombstones on north side of church in rows from north to south.

Row 1

58)  DUNCAN 1908-12 . . . Modern plain stone going up to a peak in centre top. “In loving memory of Charlotte Duncan who died July 30th 1912 in her 75th year.  Also of her dearly loved adopted child Faith Thomas who died Sept. 20th 1908 in her 15th year. Rest in the Lord”.

59)  LAUDER 1906-51 . . . Plain modern stone with rounded top in a curb.  “In loving memory of Barbara Ellen infant daughter of William and Margaret Lauder who died 12th Dec. 1906.  Also of their only son William David who died 15th June 1939 in his 27th year.  And of their daughter Euphemia Margaret who died 28th Sept. 1941 aged 33 years.  Also in loving memory of Margaret Lauder who died 7th Feb. 1951 aged 73 years.  Also the above William Lauder who died 24th Dec. 1951, aged 83 years.  Reunited”.

60) WILLOCK 1929-54 . . .  Modern stone with a peaked top. Some ivy leaves and lilies.  A cement curb.  “Erected in loving memory of my dear wife Esther V. Willock called Home 2nd January 1954.  Also my dear father Benjamin Willock called Home 5th January 1929 and my dear mother Frances Willock called Home 22nd. September 1931”.  Lower down ‘Safe in the arms of Jesus’.

61)  MARSHALL 1783 . . . Plain stone completely covered with white lichen and some of the top broken off.  “Here lies Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall who departed this life the 27th Novr 1783 aged 6- years.  Erected by Willm Marshall”.  The second numeral of the age can’t be read as a piece of stone has chipped off just there.

Row 2

62)  BARNARD 1956-74 . . . Modern stone with peaked top and ivy design of ornamentation.  This stone and the next one are within the same curb.  “In loving memory of James Barnard Summerhill died 8th January 1956 aged 62, late R F A 1914-1918 war.  George Barnard late Northumberland fusiliers died 1st April 1964 aged 77.  Hannah Barnard beloved wife of Thomas Barnard died 24th Feb. 1964 aged 71.  The above Thomas died 8th April 1974 aged 83”.  Below ‘We will remember’.

63)  BARNARD 1915-33 . . .  The other similar type stone within the same curb as the last one.  “In loving memory of my dear brother William Barnard Northumberland Fusiliers killed in action 11th March 1915 aged 19.  My dear parents Thomas Barnard late Northumberland Fusiliers died 21 May 1919 aged 69.  His wife Sarah died 30th July 1929 aged 68.  My dear husband William Widdis late Rifle Brigade died 6 Jan 1933 aged 49”.  Below ‘Not my will but thine be done’.

Row 3

64)  GEORGE 1924-66 . . . A plain stone with a little leafy design on each side within a curb.  “In loving memory of Susan E. George who passed away at Agher 4th April 1924 in her 17th year.  Also Margaret E. George who passed away 2nd Aug. 1933 in her twenty first year.  Herbert George who passed away 2nd April 1935 aged 55 years.  Isabella George who passed away 28th March 1956 aged 51 years.  Margaret George wife of Herbert died 4th October 1966 aged 89 years”.  Below Burnell Carrick.

65)  GLANVILLE 1956-67 . . . A small low white marble stone with vine leaves and grapes carved at centre top in a curb.  “In  memory of my beloved husband Thomas Albert Glanville, the Glebe, Agher died 31st August 1959 aged 66 years.  Also his wife Phyllis Marjorie died 21st January 1967 aged 67 years”.  Below ‘At rest’.

66)  BOOTH 1947-62 . . . White marble stone with grapes and vine leaves above.  “In memory of my beloved wife Elizabeth Booth who died 27th June 1947 aged 50 years.  Also her husband John L. Booth died 15th March 1962”. Below ‘Thy will be done’.

Row 4

67)  MC DERMOTT 1965 . . . No curb, black marble.  “In loving memory of Robert McDermott Ardrums Agher died 25. May 1965”.  Below ‘In Heavenly love abiding’.

68)  LANGFORD 1919 . . . In curb.  Cross on 3 steps.  “To the beloved memory of Hercules Edward 4th Baron Langford K C V O.  B. Ist June, 1848 D. 29th Oct. 1919”

69)  ROWLEY 1916 . . . In curb.  Similar to the last stone but a bit smaller.  “In loving memory of the Honourable Noel Maud Rowley daughter of the 4th Lord Langford who passed away on the 28th Jany 1916 aged 22 years”.