Batterstown, Dunboyne

Recorded by Michael J. Kenny. From Riocht na Midhe 1994/1995

Bennett – Erected by James and Mary Bennett in memory of their children, Christopher, James and Thomas. Also their son-in-law Mathew Moran, died 25th April 1872 aged 29 years. RIP.

Bruton – Erected by Elizabeth Bruton of Cornelstown in memory of her beloved husband, Mathew Bruton, who died 29th March 1852 aged 60 years. Her son, Patrick, died 8th April 1849 aged 26 years. Her daughter, Julia, died 3rd October 1852 aged 25 years. Her daughter, Catherine, died 13th May 1858 aged 24 years. May they rest in peace.

Bruton – In loving memory of Mathew Bruton of Ravensdale, Leixlip, Co. Kildare died 20th April 1935 aged 65 years. Also his brothers Richard Bruton of Daleview, Palmerstown, Co. Dublin, died 18th October October 1935 aged 63 years. John Bruton died 12th February 1955 aged 76 and their sisters Elizabeth Bruton died 24th August 1955. Both of Cornelstown, Dunboyne and Mary Bruton died 21st October 1957 aged 77 years and his wife, Eleanor Teresa died 30th April 1973 aged 93 years. RIP.

Bruton – Erected by Mathew Bruton of Cornelstown in memory of his beloved father John Bruton who died 20th August 1894 aged 65 years. Also his beloved mother Catherine Bruton who died 2nd April 1884 aged 39. Also his beloved aunt Mary Bruton who died 26th May 1913 aged 81 years.

Caffrey – This stone was erected by Patrick Caffrey in memory of his deceased son, Christopher Caffrey who departed this life April … 1766.

Carpenter – Erected by Michael Carpenter of Maynooth to the memory of his affectionate wife, Mary, who died 29th May 1850 aged 39 years. Also his father, William Carpenter, who died 13th December 1841 aged 91 years. And his mother, Mary, who died 8th October 1848 aged 90 years. Also four of his children who died young, Michael, James, Patrick and Mary. Requiescant in Pace.

Coffey – Erected by Mrs. Alicia Coffey of Kilcooley to the memory of her beloved husband, Michael Coffey, who departed this life the 8th July 1829 aged 52 years. Also her beloved children who died. Maurice who died 22nd December 1825 age 22. Edward 8th November 1827 12, John 13th September 1835 aged 17. James decr 1838 32.

Daily – This stone was erected by John Daily in memory of his deceased parents. Here lieth the body of William Daily who departed this life June the 14 1766 aged 64 years.

Daley – This stone and burial ground belongeth to Nicholas Daley of Queene Street, Dublin 1785 and his posterity.

Daly – In memory of Robert Daly, Grange End, Dunshaughlin, died 26th February 1932 aged 65 years. Erected by his loving wife.

Davidson – John Henry Davidson – for 33 years rector of this parish. Died 13th February 1905 aged 67 years. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Duffy – see Marmion

Flanagan – Erected by Mary Flanagan in memory of her beloved father, Bernard Flanagan, died 24th Jany 1881 aged 68 years. And her mother, Catherine died 22nd June 1892 aged 70 years. RIP.

Gaisford – Sacred to the memory of Cecil Henry Gaisford 72nd Highlanders. Born 20 September 1856. He served through the Afgan Wars of 1878 and 1879 and fell in action before Cabul 14 December 1879. A loving son and an honourable gentleman and gallant soldier, he died as he lived in the noble performance of his duty. (White tablet in the church)

Gaisford – Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Colonel John William Gaisford, late 72nd Highlanders & of the `Grove in the county of Meath. He was a tender and loving husband and father. An honourable soldier and a steadfast friend. Born 10th June 1820, died 13th May 1869. Beloved and regretted by all who knew him and of his wife Jane Vaughan Gaisford, daughter of Archdeacon Cotton and granddaughter of Archbishop Laurence born 15th March 1824, died 18th October 1903. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. (White tablet in church)

Gernon – This stone was erected by Mr. James Gernon of Cookstown in memory of his deceased parents. Here lieth the body of Mr. Richard Gernon who departed this life January 3rd 1741 aged 66 years, also Elinor his wife who …1762 aged 84 years.

Gorman – See Rogers

Gray – Erected by Wm Gray of Blackhgall, Coi. Meath, in memory of his beloved wife, Ann Gray, who departed this life 16th October 1826 aged 40 years. Also his son, Thomas, who departed this life the 19th of February 1826 aged 9 years. Also his daughter, Mary, who departed this life 26th March 1830 aged 15 years. Also their son John Gray and his wife Annie Gray. Also their sons, Conrnelius Gray, who died 18th February 1917 and John Gray who died 3rd November . RIP.

Gray – In loving memory of my dear husband, William, Gray, died 20th March 1895 aged 42. RIP.

Kelly – Erected by Thomas Kelly of 21 Lr. Mercer Street, Dublin, in memory of his beloved mother, Margaret Kelly, who died 11th September 1872. Also his uncles James and Christopher Kelly who died respectively on 7th April and 10th June 1884. And also his beloved father, John Kelly, who died 8th November 1884. RIP.

Lawless – see Masterson

Lonergan – In loving memory of Edmund Lonergan who died 19 October 1917. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul.

Mahon – Pray for the repose of the soul of Andrew Mahon who died 11th October 1931. RIP.

Marmion – This stone was erected by Mrs. Rose Marmion to the memory of her beloved husband, Mathew Marmion, who departed this life on the 19th of June 1831 and also two of her beloved children John and Catherine Marmion.

Marmion – Erected by his affectionate wife, Bridget, to the memory of Sylvester Marmion, Derrypatrick, whose remains lie beneath and who departed this life on the 15th day of October 1856 aged 6? years. Beneath are also deposited the remains of James Marmion, who died on the 14th of June 1836 aged 75 years. Of Mrs. Duffy who died on the 22nd of November 1836 aged 25  years. Of Patrick Marmion who died on the 27th December 1837 aged 27 years and of Mrs Marmion who died on the 28th of October 1851 aged 67 years.

Marmion – see Merryman

Masterson – Erected by Mary Lawless in memory of her husband, Laurence Masterson, died November 15 1783 aged 44 years. May he rest in peace.

Mathews – Here lieth the body of Martha Mathews, third daughter of Christopher Mathews of Baytown Park, who died the 9th of December 1805 aged 12 years. Also his second daughter, Anne Mathews, who died the 2nd of May 1807 aged 15 years. And also of his third son, Christopher Mathews, who died the 9th of June 1810 aged 15 years.

Merryman – Erected by Essy Merryman in memory of her beloved husband, John Merryman, who died 26th December 1872 aged 47 years. RIP.

Meryman – This stone was erected by Mrs. Rose Meryman of Gaulstown in memory of her beloved husband, Patrick Meryman, who departed this life 23rd September 1817 aged 54 years. Also her beloved son, Mathew Meryman, who departed this life 25th October 1836 aged 27 years. Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

Moran – see Bennett

Morgan – In loving memory of Mary Morgan died 12 January 1933. Joseph Morgan died 25 December 1916.

Morgan – see Murphy

Murphy – Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Bridget Mary Murphy who died February 12th 1874 aged 38 years. Also of William Murphy of Dunshaughlin died December 20th 1855 aged 73 years. Angela Murphy died 4 February 1923. RIP. Erected by her husband William Murphy who died 6th February 1882 aged 50 years. Also his son, Patrick, who died 22nd July 1907 aged 27 years.

Murphy – Erected by Mary Murphy in memory of her father, Christopher Murphy, who died July 26th 1878 and her mother, Julia Mary Murphy, who died July 18th 1884. And her sister and brother, Jane Frances who died March 8th 1874. Joseph Patrick who died January 8th 1876 and Michael Alphonsus who died March 27th 1892. Also her aunt Anne Morgan who died March 7th 1800. RIP.

Murphy – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of our beloved parents, Patrick Murphy, Dunshaughlin, who died 24th July 1907 aged 27 years. And Anne Murphy, who died 2nd February 1933 aged 55 years. Erected by their loving children. RIP.

Murphy – This stone and burial ground belongeth to William and June Murphy and their posterity. Here lieth the remains of Alice Reilly, daughter of the above, who departed this life 30th June 1830 aged 44 years.

Reily – see Murphy

Rochford – Here … Mrs. Ann Rochford … of Ba… ..parted th.. aged 36 years 1764.

Rochford – Beneath this slab are deposited the remains of Simon Rochford of Ballymaglasson and of Anne, his wife, who died January 6th 1747, also of many of their children. To mark the place of internment and to preserve the memory of their virtues this monument is erected by their relative Thomas Swords of Crewhill.

Rogers – Erected by Michael Rogers, Blackhall, in memory of his father, Christopher, died 20th November 1860. His mother, Catherine died 15th March 1855. His brother, Christopher, died 8th September 1889. His sister, Kate, died 14th July 1883 and his sister, Anne, died 25th April 1891. Also his niece, Teresa Gorman, died 24th November. The above Michael Rogers died 4th July 1901 aged 64. His wife, Martha, died 20th August 1913 aged 45. His son, Thomas, died 26th January 1928 aged 31. His son, Christopher, died March 17th 1937 aged 35 years. Also his son, Michael, died March 7th 1972 aged 73 years. RIP.

Swords – see Rochford

Tyrrell – As a small tribute of filial affection this stone was erected by Edward Tyrrell of Hanbury Lane in the City of Dublin in memory of his mother, Eleanor Tyrrell, who departed this life the 21st day of November 1769 aged 50 years and his father, James Tyrrell, who departed this life the 20th day of April 1784 aged …

Wallis – Erected by his parents in loving memory of Thomas Wallis died 19th May 1928 aged 33 years. RIP.