Gravestone Inscriptions in alphabetical order. Noel French.


BANNON –  James Bannon of Bolaykigh in memory of his father and mother. Brothers and son.

BIRD – With love we remember Johnny Bird, Ballyconnell, died 3rd April 2009 aged 72 years. Rest in Peace. Bird.


BRADLEY – In memory of the Bradley family, Dalystown, RIP. (Two stones with same inscription in two different places)

BYRNE –  Byrne (cross)


CORCORAN – This memorial was erected by David Corcoran and his wife, Catherine, in memory of his father, Denis Corcoran and his mother, Judith. The former died April the 14th 1779 aged 60. The later January the 4th 1780 aged 80 years.

CORRIGAN – In memory of John Corrigan, Robinstown, Ballivor, died 7th November 1922. His wife, Jane, died 14 August 1932, interred in Killaconnigan.

CORRIGAN – Erected by Mrs Nora Corrigan in loving memory of her husband, John Corrigan, Carnisle, died 10 May 1921 aged 64. 

COSGRAVE – In loving memory of Edward Cosgrave died 28 October 1917. His wife, Elizabeth Cosgrave, died 10 January 1940. Their children, Thomas, died 16 September 1936. Katie died 16 April 1916. RIP. Erected by Peter Cosgrave.

DALY – Sacred to the memory of Mr Edward Daly of Inchamore who departed this life on 22nd of January 1852 aged 76 years. Also in memory of his son, Patrick Daly, who died November 30th 1856 aged 28 years. Also Anne, wife of the above Edward Daly, died 3rd May 1874 aged 87 years. RIP.

DALY – Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Edward Daly of Clonee who died 11 September 1882 aged 23 years. Also his father, Edward Daly, who died December 28th 1888 aged 69 years. RIP.

DALY – Of your charity pray for the soul of Peter Daly of Kilglynn, Co. Meath, who died 31st August 1864 aged 52 years. Also his wife, Mary who died 16 March 1862 aged 43 years. And also four of their children, Anne, Mary, Kate and Lizzie who died young.

DONLY –  Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Erected by James Donly in memory of his father, Patrick Donly, who departed this life July the 13th 1839 aged 50 years.

DUNN –  This monument is erected by Thomas Dunn in memory of his beloved wife (Rest of inscription buried)


ENNIS –  In memory of John Ennis died 9 August 1914. His wife, Rose Ennis, died 28 May 1929. Their son, John Ennis, died 15 March 1947.

FARRELL – In loving memory of Pamela Farrell, Kilmurray, Trim, who died 16 March 1984 aged 16 years. RIP. We loved her in life, let us not forget her in death.

(FITZ?)SIMMONS – Bridget ….simmons… of her husband (?) who departed this life …. 1834 aged 48 years. (Broken headstone)

FOX – Fox family. Newtownmoynagh.

GALLAGHER – In loving memory of Thomas Gallagher, Carnisle, Kildalkey, died 18 May 1962 aged 79. His wife, Mary (Molly) died 28 May 1979 aged 73.   Their son, James, died 11 April 2004 aged 67. Interred in England. RIP.


HARNAN – Erected by Anne Harnan in memory of her beloved husband, James Harnan of Rathmolyon who died February 13th 1904 aged 55 years. The above, Anne Harnan, died April 25th 1949 aged 90 years. Also her son, James Harnan, who died November 12th 1965.

HARNAN – In loving memory of Richard Harnan, Clonee, died 18 January 1880 aged 67. His wife, Alice Harnan, died 3 January 1903 aged 79. Their daughter, Mary Lynam, died 16 September 1893 aged 35. Their sons. Richard Harnan died 16 September 1908 aged 61. Michael died 15 July 1916 aged 62. Hubert died 13 June 1931 aged 69. Brian died 30 September 1934 aged 74. RIP. 

HESNAN – In loving memory of Thomas Hesnan, Moyrath, Kildalkey, died 16 August 1936. His wife, Anne, died 10th October 1945. Their son, Thomas, died 8 January 1975. Elizabeth Hesnan died 18 December 1990. Rose Hesnan died 26 June 1999.

HUGHES – Erected by Patrick Hughes in memory of his parents, Patrick and Catherine. Also their sons; John and Matthew. The above Patrick Hughes died 29th November 1906 aged 67.

KELLY –  IHS. Have mercy on the departed friends of Bryan Kelly.

KELLY – Erected by Michael Kelly in memory of his father and mother. Also his brothers James and Brian. His nephew, Michael, died 29th October 1943. And his wife, Ann, died 27th February 1927. In loving memory of Thomas Kelly, Dalystown, died 11 December 1947. His wife, Margaret, died 1 December 1923. Mary died 26th March 1939. And Nancy died 5 November 1988. And pray for the souls of Sister M. Lucy Kelly IBVM. Nellie Myland nee Kelly. Catherine Reilly nee Kelly.

KELLY –  (Large wooden cross) In memory of all who rest here, known and unknown. May God grant them peace with Him in Heaven. Erected by Tony Kelly. July 2009.

KIERNAN – Of your charity pray for the soul of Francis Kiernan of Ballinadrimna, Co. Meath, who died 28 January 1879 aged 94 years. Also his beloved wife, Catherine, who died 28 January 1879 aged 77 years. Also his two children, Francis and John, who died in the year 1863. Mother of Sorrow pray for the soul of Catherine Kiernan, Ballinadrimna, died 25 June 1899 aged 70 years RIP.

Dear Kate is gone but not forgotten,

Never shall her memory fade.

Fondest thoughts shall forever linger,

Around the grave where she is laid.

Erected by  her loving sister, Bridget.

KIERNAN – In loving memory of Peter Kiernan, Rathkeenan, died 17th October 1959. His wife, Elizabeth, died 23rd January 1950. Their daughter, Margaret, died 20 August 1941.  Their son, Peter, died 11 February 1976. Rest in Peace. Erected by their loving family.

KILKENNY – Erected by Catherine Kilkenny of Branoxtown in memory of her beloved father, Patrick Kilkenny, who died March 27th 1858 aged 40 years. Also her beloved brother, James Kilkenny, who died April 3rd 1862 aged 27 years.



MC LOUGHLIN – In loving memory of Edward McLoughlin died 28th January 1938 aged 75 years. Dalystown, Longwood. His wife, Elizabeth died 3rd June 1944 aged 73 years. RIP. Erected by the McLoughlin family.

MC LOUGHLIN –  In loving memory of Peter McLoughlin died 23rd August 1936. His wife, Mary, died 15th August 1950. Son, Edward, died 22nd January 1969. Daughter, Mary, died 2nd November 1972. Rest in Peace.

MC MANUS –  In memory of the McManus family, Donore.

MC MANUS – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick McManus, Dalystown, Longwood, died 14th October 1976 aged 81 years. Also his parents Patrick and Ellen and their grandson, Thomas (Tom) McManus, late of Canada and Batterstown, died 19 June 2019 aged 92. RIP.

MIGGIN –  In loving memory of Christopher Miggin, Kilmurray, Trim, died 27 February 1990. His parents, Anne and Tommy. Also brother, Tommy. And grandparents, Eleanor and Patrick. RIP. Miggin.

MIGGIN –  In memory of Dennis Miggin, Corballis, who died 22 April  1901 aged 70 years. Also his son, James, died 15 August 1886 aged 19 years. And his son, Patrick Miggin, died 18 April 1908 aged 45 years. His sister, Mary Miggin, died 8 February 1909 aged 79 years. And his wife, Bridget Miggin, died 22 March 1921 aged 89 years. John Miggin, Kildalkey,  died 18 December 1922. His wife, Roseanne, died 19 July 1954. Their daughter, Mary Bridget McAuley, died 13 June 1976. Their sons Charles died 7 January 1966. Dennis died 13th July 1943. His wife, Catherine, died 13 July 1939.

MIGHT – IHS. This stone was erected by James Might in memory of his father, Nicholas Might, who departed this life March 6th 1806 (?) aged 76.

MITCHEL – Erected by John Mitchel in memory of his grandfather, Thadeus Enis, departed April the 16th 1781(last digit unclear) aged 71 years.

MOORE – Filial affection endeavours to commemorate John Moore who departed this life the 12th June 1789 aged 81 years. He was a loving husband and a ardent parent. At his right hand lies his son, Michael, intered in the year of Our Lord 1800 aged 22 years. By his left side lies his eldest son, Lewis, who cut this memorial in the 80th year of his age. Forgive him his sins and be merciful to the souls of the departed. Amen. 

MOORE – Moore and Conlon.

MORGAN – In loving memory of Patrick Morgan, Dalystown, died 18 October 1935 aged 57 years. Also his wife, Julia Morgan, died 7 October 1979 aged 89 years. Their son, Peter Morgan, 4 June 1940 aged 18 years.  James Morgan died 13 November 1981 aged 58 years. Anna Mary (Bunty) died 30 May 2007 aged 72 years. RIP.

MORGAN – In loving memory of Philip Morgan, Doolistown, Trim, died 17 June 1958. Also his loving wife, Marcella, died 1 November 1974, interred in Trim. Also his parents, grandparents, relatives and family who are buried in this graveyard. May they rest in peace. Erected by their loving son and daughters.

MORGAN –  In loving memory of Robert Morgan, Kilmurray, Trim, died 4 March 1969. His wife, Mary, died 6 May 1952. Their children, Roseann and Brian. Their son, Frank, interred in Leicester. Pray for Rita Gurney died 2 January 2014, interred in Leicester.


NEIL –  IHS. This stone was erected by James Neil in memory of his mother, Margaret Neil, who died February 14th 1830 aged 64 years. Also his father, Thomas Neil, who died March 13th 1830 aged 69 years.

O’RAFFERTY –  In loving memory of Thomas O’Rafferty, Ardenew, Longwood, died 16 March 1948 aged 70 years. Erected by his wife, Julia Anne.

RAFFERTY –  In loving memory of the Rafferty family. May they rest in peace.


REYNOLDS – Erected by Charles Reynolds in memory of his son, Frances Reynolds, died May the 2nd 1770 aged 21 years.

REYNOLDS – Erected by William Reynolds in memory of his mother Ellenor Reynolds, alias Blades who departed this life September 21st 1789 aged 66 years. Also his father, Charles Reynolds, who departed this life  March 16th 1797, aged 71 years. Also in memory of his wife, Elizabeth Reynolds, alias Bagnal, who departed this life August 12th 1824 aged 61 years. Also George Reynolds, Moydrum, died 14th July 1863. And his wife, Anne, died 4th November 1860.

RYAN –  In loving memory of Matthew Ryan died 20 April 1930.

SHERROCK – Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Robert Sherrock died 20 February 1934 aged 75 years. Mrs Marcella Sherrock  died 25 March 1945 aged 80 years. Their son, Patrick, died 17 March 1962 aged 58 years. Their son, John, died 10 September 1976 aged 75 years. RIP.