Girley parish borders Athboy, Rathmore, Courtown, Kells parishes and Co. Westmeath. Girley (R.C) Parish is now joined with Kells.

Girley is rendered as Greallach in Irish which means a muddy or marshy plain.

Its patron saint according to tradition is St Raed who is mentioned in the book of Kells as he and his crozier are sureties in one of the charters recorded there.  St Raed built a monastery at Girley but nothing now remains of that establishment.  St Raed ‘s holy well is situated in front of the Motte.

Girley graveyard contains the remnants of an old church.  The west doorway is all that remains.  Some years ago while diging a grave the diggers came upon a portion of the paved floor of the original church.

The society for the Preservation of the Memorials of the dead recorded a stone here with a date of 1717 which was in the western side of the graveyard but it is no where to be found today.

The graveyard here is still very much in use as can be seen from the numerous modern stones recorded.

The graveyard itself is situated along the road from the new Catholic Church on the road from  Fordstown to Drewstown.


ARMSTRONG – See Moorehead.

BARRETT – In loving memory of John Barrett Martinstown Athboy  died 4th May 1947 aged 78 years and his brother Joseph died 20th March 1949 aged 68 years.   Also Elizabeth wife of John Barrett died 8th Nov 1957 RIP Erected by his wife and family.

BENNETT – Erected by William Bennett in memory of his father James Bennett who departed August 26th 1805 aged 67 years.  Also Matthew Bennett who died 10th August 1928 aged 90 years.

BOHAN – This monument was erected by John Bohan in memory of his father and posterity.   Here lieth the body of Patrick Bohan aged 86 yrs died 30th of June 1773.

BRADLEY – In loving memory of Evelyn Bradley Jamestown Bohermeen died 26th Dec 1984 aged 77 yrs RIP.    Erected by her husband and family (Stonemason – D Rennix 34I57)

BRADLEY – In loving memory of Luke Bradley, Newtown Girley died Nov 3rd 1976 aged 83 years.  RIP.

BRADY – IHS Erected by Elizabeth Brady, Blackwater House, Kells in memory of her beloved husband Thomas Brady and also her dear son James Brady who died 10th December 1897 aged 31 years.  Also for the repose of the soul of Elizabeth Brady who died 9th Aug 1909 and of her daughter Rose who died 18th October 1926.  John Brady died 7th February 1934 R.I.P.   J.C. Brady April 1914 – October 1965.  Mrs J.C.  Brady April 1920- April 1978.

(Side of headstone) Also Mrs Helena Brady who died 25 Nov 1948.

(Footstone)  From the staff of Blackwater stud Farm and Kells Livestock Market.

BRADY – In loving memory of James Brady, died 20 Sept 1917 aged 88 also his wife Bridget died the 5th May 1919 aged 75 and his son James died 19th Dec 1944 aged 66.  Also Patrick Brady died Oct 11th 1950 aged 75 and Thomas Brady died 2nd January 1958 aged 69.  Ellen Reilly died 10th Jan 1963 aged 80 and Phillip Brady died 16th July 1967 aged 92.  R.I.P.

BRADY – See McMahon Bryan

BRADY – See Moorehead

BREADY – Here Lyeth ye body of Patrk Bready who departed this life Septr ye 15th 1777 aged 66 years.  Erected by his wife Mary Bready alias Reilly.

BYRNE – Erected in memory of James Byrne who died 26th May 1907 also Hanna Byrne who died 25th June 1929.  Richard Byrne died 8th April 1957.  Interred at Kells.  RIP.

CAHILL – Gloria in Excelsis Deo    Here lie in hopes of a glorious Resurrection the remains of James Cahill late of Rosmin and son-in-law of Mr Thos Tobin, Kilmainham who departed this life Novr 19th 1842 aged 77 years

CARRY – Erected by Matthew Carry in memory of his father Owen Carry who departed this life 5th May 1880 aged 56 years.  Pray for the soul of Mrs Eliza Carry died 12th Jan 1894.  Matthew Carry died 27th Oct 1907.  Ellen Carry died 17th April 1934.  Eugene Carry died 23rd Feb 1945.  Mary Carry died 17th Sept 1954.  Patrick Carry died Feb 11th 1964 aged 63 yrs.  Matthew Carry died 14th July 1965.  Catherine Carry died 19th March 1973.  R.I.P.

CLARK – This stone was erected by John and James Clark in memory of their father Owen Clark who depd this life Nov ye 15th 1787 aged 60 years.  Also their mother Mary Clark alias Cumasky who depd this life Aug’t the 10th 1781 aged 52 years.

CLARKE – Erected by Mathew Clarke in memory of his mother Mary Clarke who died Dec 25 1893.

CONLON –IHS This stone was erected by Luke Conlon in memory of his wife Jane Conlon alias Reilly who departed this life August the 25th Anno Domini 1776 aged 45.  His son John Conlon who departed this life Sept the 9 Anno Domini 1788

CONLON – IHS Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Sacred to the memory of William Conlon of Crowenstown the beloved husband of Mary Conlon who died 20th April 1888 aged 37 years.  Also his father Patrick Conlon who died 16th Dec 1877 aged 72 years and his mother Margt Conlon who died 21st June 1883 aged 65 years.  (Stone Mason –TH Dennany Glasnevin).

CROSBIE – This Monument was erected by William Crosbie in Memory of his brother Patrick who died the ……

CUMASKY – See Clark John

DELANEY – See Moorhead

DILLON – Erected in loving memory of Bernard Dillon, Creevagh, Girley died 24th Aug 1908 aged 85 years.  Also his wife Elizabeth Dillon died 16th May 1927 aged 84 years.    Also their children James Patrick died 26th Sep 1877.  Annie Josephine died 27th Oct 1880. R.I.P. (|Right Hand side of Monument).  Dr Thomas Dillon died 31st March 1939 aged 70 years.  Bernard Dillon died 18th June 1955 aged 83.  (Left Hand side of Monument).  And Mary Frances died 21 Dec 1901.  Elizabeth Mary Dillon died 16 Sept 1932.  Also Teresa F. Dillon died Nov 14 1946.  R.I.P.

DILLON – Sacred to the memory of James Dillon of Rodstown, Co Meath who died 22nd of October 1867 aged 47 years.  May he rest in peace.  Erected by his affectionate wife Catherine Dillon

DILLON – Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  IHS  Pray for the soul of Patrick Dillon of Girley who died Dec the 1st 1849 aged 6 (1?4?) years.  Also for the soul of his beloved wife Mrs Ann Dillon who died the 23rd of May 1871 aged 80 years.  Also their son Thomas Dillon who died Sep 22 1856 aged 31 years and Christopher Dillon Girley died 16th March 1900.

DILLON – Erected in loving memory of Patrick J.  Dillon, The Grove, Girley died 14th Nov 1944 aged 77 years.  Dorothy Dillon died 31st 1947 aged I year.  Also Annette wife of the above died 23rd Dec 1974.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason- J.  Rennicks  Navan).

DOLLARD – In loving memory of Laurence Dollard, Drewstown. Fordstown who died 7th Feb 1980 aged 55 years.

DORAN – In loving memory of Patrick Doran, Drewstown who died Dec 11th 1882 aged 87.  Also his wife Rose who died June 9th 1899 aged 92  Beannacht De le n-anam.  Sighle Bean Tomais Ui Deorain a fuair bas 19 Meadon Fogmair 1922 i  N-aois 65 bliain.  Joseph Doran died 6 Mar 1953 aged 63 years.  His wife Brigid died 30th July 1978 aged 87 years.  Patrick Doran died 18 Jan 1930 aged 42 years.

FARRELL – See Smyth Mary

FARRELLY – See Moorhead

FITZSIMONS – IHS Underneath lyeth the body of Morgan Fz Simons who departed this life Anno 17(2? 3?)0.  Also the body of John his son aged 23 years who died 3rd ……

FITZSIMONS – In loving memory of Peter Fitzsimons, Drewstown, Girley died 23rd August 1936 also his son Edward died 8th Dec 1979 RIP.

FLANNIGAN – IHS  This monument was erected by Patrick Flannigan in memory of his father John Flannigan who departed this life March 1738 aged (5?)0 years.  Also his mother Eliza’h Flannigan alias Monagh’n who departed this life the 19th of May 1780 aged 80 years.

FOX – Gloria in Excelsis Deo IHS   Erected by James Fox of Mooneystown to the memory of his father Michael Fox who died 12th Sept 1831 aged 74 years. Also his mother Bridget Fox died 17th May 1836 aged 76 years.  Also his wife Anne Fox who died 6th August 1864 aged 60.

FOX – Jesus Mercy  Mary Help.  In grateful memory of my dear parents James Fox, Moate View, Girley died 20th Jan 1947 and Mary E Fox died 29th Aug 1947.  Their son Mattias J Fox died 30th Dec 1964.  R.I.P.  Erected by their loving daughter Elizabeth Hogarty Dublin (Stone masons- Crow, 17a Berkley St).

FOX – Erected by Michael Fox in memory of his beloved mother Anne Fox of Mooneystown who departed this life 6th August 1864.  Also his beloved son James who died 10th February 1880 and of his beloved father James Fox who died 11th August 1887 and also his beloved sister Catherine who died 9th August 1889 and his beloved daughter Kathleen who died 17th June 1891.  Michael Fox died 22nd May 1901.  May they rest in peace.  (Stone mason –  Farrell and son Glasnvin).

GANTLEY – In memory of John Gantley died 1889 aged 95 years.  Eliza died 1903 aged 68 years.  Michael died 1950  aged 75 years.  Mary died 1953 aged 74 years.  Thomas died 19th Nov 1984.  R.I.P.

GILSENAN – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Christopher Gilsenan Lisclogher  (Died 1921)  and on the souls of his parents and relatives  Also his sister Anne O’Brien died 23rd June 1928 aged 86 years.  R.I.P.

GILSHINON – This stone was erected by Christopher Gilshinon in memory of his father……who departed this life ……7th 1826 aged …… …… his uncle Philip Gilshinon died May 20th 1820 aged 86 years.  May they rest in peace   (This stone is leaning up against the ruin of the church).

HALPIN – My Jesus mercy HIS.  In loving memory of William Halpin, Chamberlainstown died 8th March 1934   His wife Mary died 23rd July 1945.  Their son James died Sept 1949.  Also his wife Mary died Nov 1964.  Patrick Halpin born 1903  died 1974.  Edward Halpin born 1899 died 1979.  R.I.P.

HOGARTY – See Fox James

HYLAND – In loving memory of Thomas Hyland, Fordstown died 12th Sept 1943 aged 54 years.  R.I.P.

JONES – In loving memory of James Jones 1913 – 1983.   (Stone mason – P Bennett Kells)

KELLE – See Tobin Chris

KELLY – Erected in loving memory of Edward Kelly who died January 28th 1884 aged 71 years.  Also his wife Mary who died January 19th 1888 aged 70 years.  Also their son Michael aged 17 years and Edward who died Sept 29th 1906 aged 52 years.

KELLY – In loving memory of Margo Kelly, Girley died 27th March 1981 aged 22 years.  Erected by her friends.

KELLY – Pray for the souls of Simon Kelly, Ethelstown  his wife Elizabeth and their deceased children.  Also his parents Michael and Mary and their children.  RIP  (Modern stone).

KIERNAN – In loving memory of Jane Kiernan, Fordstown.  Died 7th Aug 1986.  Her husband Michael interred in Cortown died 23rd Jan 1950.  R.I.P.  Erected by their family.  (Stone mason – F. Rennicks)

KILLEASH – This stone was erected by William Killeash in memory of his father Mickhael Killeash who died May the 26th 1778 aged 56 years and also his son Michael who (died in ? ) his minority.

KILLEEN – IHS This stone was erected by Simon Killeen of Kells.  Sacred to the memory of his mother Mary Killeen aged 70 who died in the year 1808.  His brother John aged (46?) who died in the year 1826.  His bother James aged 50 who died in the year 1836.

LENEHAN – In loving memory of Edward Lenehan died 6th Dec 1968.  Also his parents Thomas and Mary Lenehan.  His brothers William and Thomas.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason-Cullen, Naas).

LYNCH – In loving memory of Catherine Lynch died 1st April 1937.  Her husband James died 12th March 1948.  Their daughter Kathleen Smith died 1st of March 1970.  William McCormack died 5th Sept 1954.  Gretta Lynch died 20th April 1983.  R.I.P.  Peter Smyth died 7th Dec 1983

LYNCH – This stone was erected by Francis Lynch in memory of his wife Bridget Lynch otherwise Reilly who died 10th  February 1780 aged 51 Years.

MC  CORMACK – In loving memory of Brian McCormack 10.9.1931.  His wife Brigid 28.12.1943.  Infant grand daughter Ann Bernadette Sheridan 13.10.1933.  Julia McCormack died 13th June 1973 aged 72 years.  R.I.P.

MC  CORMACK – Erected by James McCormack to the memory of his parents Laurence and Rose.  His wife Kathleen

MC  CORMACK – See Lynch Catherine

MC GUIRE – Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  This monument was erected by John McGuire and his brother Patrick to the memory of their father Bryan McGuire of Drewstown  who died May 1829 aged 76 yrs.  Also in memory of their uncles John James and Patrick McGuire.  Also his wife Mary McGuire who departed this life Septr the 4th 1838 aged 55 years.  R.I.P.

MC MAHON – In loving memory of Bernard McMahon, Portanob, Kildalkey died 17th June 1971 aged 65.  His wife Rose died 9th Sept 1954 aged 47.  His father James died 19th March 1946 aged 79.  His mother Mary Ellen died IIth Jan 1965 aged 82.  His brother Thomas died IIth Dec 1940 aged 30.  Christopher McMahon died IIth Oct 1973 aged 64.  R.I.P.  (Stone mason – S. Gibney Mullingar).

MC MAHON – This Monu’t erected by Bryan McMahon in memory of his father James McMahon dep’d this life dec 2(5?3?) 1806 aged 66 yrs.  Also his mother Rose McMahon alias Brady depd this life Feb’ry 9th aged 37 y   Like wise…… of their children ……

MC NAMARA – See Moorhead

MARTIN –  Johnie Martin.  R.I.P.  (Modern metal cross).

MARTIN – In loving memory of  Joseph  Martin (Fordstown) died 3rd March 1985 aged 76 years.  R.I.P.

MONAGHAN – See Flannigan

MOORE – In memory of our father John Moore who died 26th July 1912 aged 77 years.  RIP

MOORE – Erected by Mathew Moore of Navan in memory of his father Patrick who died June 4th 1869 aged 72 years.  His brother Patrick who died Sept 17th 1884 aged 50 years and his mother Margaret who died Janry 19th 1885 aged 82 years.   R.I.P.

MOORE – This stone was erected by Matthew Moore of Fordstown to the memory of his father Thomas Moore who died 22nd day of December 1882 aged 87 years.  And also of his daughter Elizabeth who died August the 15th 1847 aged 5 years.  Also of his mother Elizabeth Moore who died 4th of May 1904 aged 97 years.  Also the above Matthew Moore who died March 4th 1906 aged 60 years.  Inserted by a loving sister,  Dominican Convent, Albany, USA.  R.I.P.

MOOREHEAD – R.I.P.  Fred Moorehead 1905 – 1947  Newtown, Girley.  His wife Philo Brady 1901 – 1972.  (Stone masons peter Horan and Sons Tullamore).

(Reverse side of Moorhead Stone)

Here lie Richard Brady 1840 – 1907.  His wife Rose Delaney 1859 – 1931.   His father Richard Brady 1786 – 1844.   His wife Elizabeth McNamara I8II – I899 and children.  His grandfather Richard Brady 1750 – 1808.  His wife Catherine Tyrell 1760 – 1826.  Their children and Ann Armstrong her niece.  His great grand father Richard Brady 1702 – 1774 and his wife Anne Farrelly.

MYNES – In loving memory of Thomas Mynes, Chamberlainstown died 2I Feb 1941.  His wife Margaret died 20 Dec 1949.  R.I.P.  Erected by their family.

NULTY – In loving memory of Thomas Nulty (Girley) died 26th June 1950 his wife Kate Nulty died 10th Dec 1967 Their children Bridget died 2nd July 1926  Thomas died 17th April 1952  Michael died 18th Feb 1985.  R.I.P.

O’BRIEN – See Gilsenan Christopher

O SHAUGHNESSY – In loving memory of Kathleen O’Shaughnessy who died 4th June 1956.

REILLY – IHS Erected by Andrew Reilly, Dublin in memory of his beloved wife Eliza Reilly who died 9th May 1862 aged 37 years.

REILLY – In loving memory of Delia Reilly, Girley died 28th Dec 1974 aged 76 years.

REILLY – In loving memory of Joseph Reilly, Drewstown died 12th July I953.  His wife Mary died 25 Feb I96I.  Their sons Terence died Sept I953  Joseph died 4 April I977.  R.I.P.  Erected by their family.

REILLY – In loving memory of Patrick Reilly, Rathmore died 9 Dec I9I7.  His wife Bridget died I2 Jan I96I  Their son Edward died 23 Sep I963.  William Casserly died 30 May I936.  His wife Bridget died 4 Mar I923.  Their son James died 27 Nov 1929.  His wife Teresa died 2 Nov I920.  R.I.P.

REILLY – See Brady James

                 See Bready Patk

                 See Conlon Luke

                 See Lynch Francis

RISPEEN – This monument was erected by James Rispeen in memory of his brother  Thos Rispeen and his wife Judyeth  (Moon?……..)……..Rest in Peace.  Thy will be done.  (Late I700s early I800s?).

RISPIN – Erected by James Rispin of Kildalkey in memory of his father Andrew Rispin who died the 16th of March 1860 aged 73 years.  Also of his mother Marcella Rispin, of his  grandfather and grandmother James and Elizabeth Rispin.  Also his three sisters Julia Mary and Anne Rispin aged 20 years.  Also in memory of the above James Rispin of Ballybrittas, Kildalkey died 19th March I90.  His wife Rose and their children Ellie and Rosana also interred here.  Also Mary who died young.  Katie died 22 Jan I928 aged 5I years.  Andrew died 6th Dec I933 aged 62years.  R.I.P.

SHERIDAN  – In loving memory of Christopher Sheridan died 6th Dec I936.  Also his brother Philip died 3Ist Dec 1966.  Also his wife Eleanor Sheridan IIth  Jan I973.

SHERIDAN – In loving memory of James Sheridan Clonleason Fordstown died 2nd  February I979  Aged 89 years

SHERIDAN – IHS In loving memory of Michael Sheridan died 24 Jan I960.  His wife Sarah died I8th Jan I96I  and his brother Thomas died I954.  R.I.P.  Erected by their grandson Michael

SHERIDAN – IHS In loving memory of Patrick J Sheridan died 8th June 1969 aged 69 years.  R.I.P.

SHERIDAN – See McCormack Brian

SLEVIN – In loving memory of John Slevin died 26th  June I956.  His wife Rose died 26th March I962.  R.I.P.

SMITH – Here lyeth ye body of Thom’s  Smith aged 60 Years.

SMITH – See Lynch Catherine.

SMYTH– Erected by Mary Smyth in memory of her husband Bryan Farrell who died May the I8th I772   aged 60 years

SMYTH – Here lieth the body of Patrick Smyth of the City of Dublin who departed this life the ……aged  (30? 50?).   James who …….the 25 March I76I ………..who departed this life ……brothers of Patr .  This stone was erected ……. Patrick and Ed ……..above city.  (This is an old stone in front of which is erected a new gravestone obscuring nearly half the inscription)

STANLEY – Erected by Christopher Stanley.  (In memory of his ? )  father…… Stanley who ……the 22nd I774

SWEETMAN – In loving memory of Michael Sweetman,  Johns brook 27th June I935 – I8th June I972.   Also Mary E.  Sweetman I5th March I907 – 6th Oct I973.  Patrick J Sweetman 2nd Aug I906 – 9th March I98I.

TIMMONS – Pray for the soul of Patrick Timmons who died 31st  May I902 aged 72 years.  And of his brother Thomas who died 1st I899 aged 74 years.  And of his wife Julia who died 20th June I923 aged 75 years.  Also her son Patrick died 29th July I950 aged 66 yrs.  His wife Bridget died 22nd April I978 aged 88 yrs.  R.I.P.

(At side of Monument).  Pray for Thomas Timmons died the 7th March I948 aged 66 yrs.  R.I.P.

TOBIN – IHS This stone was erected by Chris  (Tobin ) in memory of his wife.  Here lieth the body of Easter Tobin alias Kelle who departed this life the first day of Jan I7(59?)  aged 33 years.

TOBIN – See Cahill.

TYRELL – See Moorhead.