Recorded by Tony Coogan and Gerry Mahon

September 2003

O’REILLY – In loving memory of John O’Reilly, Teltown, died December 18th 1925.  His wife Margaret, died 5th January 1940.  Their daughter Ellen, died 5th November 1903.  Their son Patrick died 26th June 1934.  Michael died 11th March 1964.  Brigid died 11th July 1964, interred in USA. Erected by their son John.

SMYTH – (Broken stone with Latin inscription.) “Here lieth the body of Oisin Smyth, departed this life year.  Erected by their son Thomas Naulty.

FLOOD – Pray for the soul of Thomas Flood of Oristown, died 14th December 1868 aged 78 years.

NAULTY – Erected by Thomas Naulty of Oristown in memory of his father Matthew Naulty who departed this life on February 7th 1778, aged 79 years.  Also his mother Mary McGlew who departd November 9th 1786 aged 67.  Also his wife Mary Guillard who died July 20th 180?, aged 66 years.  Also his daughter Catherine Naulty who departed this life March 22nd 1808 aged 30 years.

FLYNN– Erected by Matthew Flynn in memory of his children, two sons and one daughter, that died young.

SPRINGAN – Erected by Pat Springan, in memory of his father James who died February 1842. Also his brother Mike who died October 9th 1872, also his mother Mary, died June 19th 1874.

MURRAY – “Here lieth the body of Patrick Murray who departed this life, December 23rd 1737, aged 63 years.  Also his son Bryan who departed May 1769 aged 38 years.” This stone was erected by his son Laurence Murray.

MURTAGH – Erected by Mrs. John Murtagh in loving memory of her husband Matthew who died 29th December 1892. Also George Murtagh died 11th May 1913, and her son Matthew, died 16th February 1898, aged 29 years.  Brigid Murtagh, died 29th April 1952.  Mary C. Burke, Teltown, died 18th May 1959.  Patrick Burke, died 24th November 1964.  His sister Jane died, 14th August 1955.  Patrick Burke died 29th April 1977.

WALSH – This stone was erected by Matthew Walsh in memory of his wife Mary Walsh, alias Smyth, departed this life March 19th 1813, aged 67 years.  Also his mother Catherine Smyth, nee McGlew, departed this life, March 20th 1806, aged 67 years.

KENNEDY – Erected by Richard Kennedy, in loving memory of his wife Kate, died 7th July 1944.  Her husband Richard, died 14th February 1970.

LYNCH – In loving memory of Rose Lynch, Bog Road, Oristown, died 4th October 1952 and her husband Thomas, died 24th August 1950.  Erected by their loving daughter.

GERTY – “ Here lieth the body of Thomas Gerty who died AD 1789, aged 80.  Also Anne Gerty alias Clarke, his wife, died April 1784.”

MC GLEW – “Here lieth the body of Mall McGlew, died 27th  June 1752.”

REILLY – Erected by James Reilly, in memory of his father Bryan Reilly, who departed this life, January 16th 1789, aged 69 years.  Also his mother Madge Reilly, alias Carlon, departed this life December 5th 1792, aged 70 years.  Also his beloved daughter, Anne Reilly, who departed this life on August 16th 1818, aged 16 years. “Here also lieth interred the mortal remains of his affectionate wife, Mary Reilly, alias Carroll, who departed 12th February 1832, aged 61 years”.

REILLY –  Erected by Anne Reilly of Teltown, in memory of her father Bartle Reilly, departed this life July 25th 1773, aged 57 years.  Also her mother Elizabeth Reilly, alias Markey, departed this life January 31st 1795, aged 87 years.

REILLY – 25013 Driver J. Reilly, Royal Field Artillery, died 24th November 1917, aged 35 years.  “Ubique quotas et Gloria ducund”.

SHEPPARD – In loving memory of John Sheppard, died 31st July 1894 and his wife Margaret.  Baby Veronica Sheppard died May 1911.  Her mother, Mary Sheppard died July 1911.  Her husband Michael died 20th May 1913.  Daughter Mary Bridget, died 5th April 1927.  Son Patrick died 10th June 1927 and Michael died 11th July 1933.  Erected by Bridget in memory of her father.

HALLIGAN – Erected by Thomas Halligan in memory of his father and mother.  Also his daughter, Eleanor Halligan, who departed this life July 24th 1830, aged 24 years.  Also his son, James Halligan, who departed this life January 3rd 1833, aged 22 years.

DARCY – Erected by Patrick Darcy, in memory of his brother Thomas, who died February 20th 1784, aged 43 years.

GUGERTY– This monument was erected by Margaret Gugerty of Navan in memory of her beloved husband James Gugerty, who departed this life 7th July 1845, aged 62 years. Also his son Charles, died 13th January 1829, aged 4 years.  Also of his son George, died 6th September 1867, aged 28 years.  Also the above Margaret, died 12th June 1872.  “Of your charity, pray for the soul of Margaret Tormay, departed this life June 26th 1876.”  “Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of Charles Gugerty of Firmount, Navan departed March 25th 1881.”

GUGGERTY – “Here lieth the body of John Guggerty of Oristown who departed this life, July 15th 1764, aged 68 years.  Also Elizabeth Guggerty, alias Gregory, his wife who departed this life, September 12th 1763, aged 72 years.  This stone was erected by his sons Nicholas and Philip.

SMITH – Lamb of God, in you we hope.  Ellen Smith, 9 Burgh Quay, Dublin, in memory of her beloved husband Thomas Smith, departed 9th November 1857, aged 56 years.  Also of their beloved children – Stephen who died 11th December 1836 and Patrick who died 8th January 1849, aged 19 years.  And also of his father, Patrick Smith who died 29th December 1847 and of his mother, Anne Smith, died 1818.

CASSERLY– Erected by Patrick and George Casserly in memory of their father Thomas, who departed this life March 29th 1806, aged 63 years.  Also his son Matthew who departed this life February 7th 1791, aged 20 years.  Also his daughter Anne who departed this life October 28th 1800, aged 27 years.

CASSERLY – This token of filial love was erected by William Casserly in pious memory of his deceased parents.  Here lieth the body of his father Thomas Casserly, aged 72 years.  Also his mother Judith Casserly who departed this life 18th March 1808, aged 46 years.  And also his brother John Casserly who departed this life 23rd April 1820, aged 46 years.

REILLY – “Here lieth the body of Hugh Reilly late of Oristown who departed this live 10th day of February 1730, aged 59 years.  Also Catherine Reilly, alias Lambe, wife to the above Hugh, departed this life 13th day of May 1770, aged 65 years.  This monument was erected by their son, Mr John Reilly.

SMYTH – This stone was erected by Henry Smyth of Queen Street, City of Dublin in memory of his beloved father Nicholas Smyth, who departed this live, September 20th 1825, aged 69 years and three of his children who died young.

SMYTH – This stone was erected by Patrick Smyth in memory of his mother Judith Smyth, alias Hamilton who died March 14th 1773, aged 60 years.

MAHON – Erected by Thomas Mahon of Cypress Grove, Co. Dublin for him and his posterity.  “Here lieth the body of his beloved mother Mary Mahon, who departed this life 20th June 1829, aged 60 years.  Also his beloved grandson Thomas Fox, who departed this life 24th March 1830, aged 21 years.

CLARKAN – “Here lieth the body of Matthew Clarkan who departed this life February 15th 1776, aged 60 years.  Also Brigid Clarkan, alias Reilly who departed this life March 12th 1755, aged 35 years.  Also the body of Mary Clarkan, alias Kelly departed this life June 24th 1781, aged 34 years.”  Erected by John Clarkan in memory of his father and mother and ??

SMYTH – “Here lieth the body of Michael Smyth, who departed this life December 1757, aged 87 years.”  Erected by his son Owen.

SMYTH – Erected by Owen Smyth of Fullarstown in memory of his father Nicholas Smith who died April 20th aged 92 years.  Also his mother Catherine Smith, alias Neale, died May 1st 1810, aged 63 years.  Also his wife Anne Smith, alias Jackson died January 1812, aged 49.  Also his daughter Mary Tobin who died August 6th 1829, aged 21 years.