Recorded By Noel E. French

Tullaghanogue  graveyard  is  situated three miles from Athboy just beside the Athboy – Trim road.  Tullaghanogue  parish consisted  of only two townlands and has long ceased to exist as a separate entity.

Tullaghanogue means the hillock of the young and O‘Donovan says “Near the centre of this townland is an old church or chapel built by three pious women commonly called the three sisters”.

The rectory of Tullaghanogue was appropriated to the priory of St. John the Baptist, Newtown, Trim.  In 1641 it was the property of Patrick Browne.  Only two Protestant clergy are recorded for the parish –1666 John Crookshank DD and 1670 John Harper- before it was united with Trim parish in 1732

On the Roman Catholic side the parish was united with Moymet and the Church in this parish is now at Kilbride.

All that remains of the old church is now part of one wall.  The graveyard itself is surrounded by mature yew trees and is situated in the middle of a field adjoining the Trim – Athboy road


ALLEN – Of your charity pray for the soul of  Mrs Bridget Allen ( Fox )  who died 7th  February 1866 aged 68 years. She hath opened her hand to the needy and stretched out her hand to the poor.

BEATH – Here lyeth the body of Frances Beath dec’d Jan ye 1st  1768 aged 63 years.

BONYNGE – (Grave slab) Erected by Mrs Bonynge of Tullagho – town County Meath in memory of her husband John Boynge Esq.  Also her brother James Plunkett Esq. and her daughter Anne ….. underneath also lieth  ……… remains of Mrs Bonynge …..  of her daughter  ………. 18( 2?)6.

FAY –  Erected by Edward and Joseph Fay of  Clonfain in memory of their beloved father John Fay died 7th Oct 1865 aged 81 years.  Also their sister Alicia Fay died 11th Dec‘r 1860 aged 21 years.  And also their sister Catherine Fay died 6th May 1846 aged 9 years.  Also their mother Eliza Fay died 29th April 1881 aged 79 years

FAY – In loving memory of Margaret Fay, Clonfane died 16th  September 1965.  Her parents Edward and Mary Fay brother John sisters Mary and Bridget.  RIP.  (Stone Masons – T and D Rennicks Ardbraccan).

FOX – See Allen.

GRIFFIN ? –  This   stone was erected by Frances (Griffin? Gulfin?) in memory of her husband Daniel ( Griffin ? Gulfin ? ) died May ye 29 174(7?) aged 60 years.  Also their son……… ( Griffin ? Gulfin ? ) died March ye  20 (1758 ? 1738 ? )……. His son Daniel died in……. year of his age.  RIP.

HALTON – Erected by Michael Halton, Clonfane in memory of his wife Bridget died 7th Nov 1882 aged 28 years.  His son Matthew died 6th Aug. 1916 fighting for his country.  His grandson Michael died 24th Feb 1919.  His son James died 2nd Feb 1920.  Also James’s wife Margaret died Mar 1922.  The above Michael Halton died 5th March 1927 and his son Patrick died 16th Mar 1941 also Patrick’s wife Mary died 1st Sept 1944.  Sacred Heart Of Jesus Have Mercy on them.  RIP.  Also Kathleen Halton died 22nd Oct 1979.

HALTON- Erected by Patrick Halton in loving memory of his parents Mrs Mary Halton, Moymet died 6th May1918 aged 44 years.  His father Andrew died 13th Jan 1936 aged 74 years. RIP

HEALY – In loving memory of my dear husband James Healy, Tullaghanogue, Trim who died 13th January 1950 aged 40 years.  RIP.  Erected by his loving wife.  (Stone Masons – Farrell & Son Glasnevin).

HERBERT – In loving memory of Edward Herbert, Castletown, Athboy died 6th Aug 1933.  Mrs Bridget Herbert died 21st Feb 1937.  Patrick died 5th Sept 1958, Minnie died 17th Nov 1948.  Agnes Herbert died 21st April 1966.  Annie Herbert died 6th Oct 1969.  RIP.

HESNAN – IHS In memory of Margaret Hesnan died 7th April, 1953.  Her husband Thomas died 13th April 1961.  RIP.  Erected by their daughter Annie.

LYNCH – In loving memory of Thomas Lynch died 9th March 1956.  Kathleen Lynch died 18th Jan 1970.

MURTAGH – Erected by Edward Murtagh of Moymet  in memory of his beloved father Edward Murtagh died 3rd Dec’r 1863 aged 66 years.  Also his mother Anne Murtagh died 30th March 1875 aged 86 years and also two of his brothers John and Thomas. May they rest in peace.

PLUNKETT – See Bonynge

SMOLLAN – This stone was erec’d  by Thomas Smollan in memory of his father David Smollan who depr’d this life the 19th  of Feb 1775 aged 48 yrs also his aunt Cathrine Smollan died March ye 21 1797 ag’d  76 yr

TYRRELL – This erected by Philip Tyrrell in memory of his brother Jo’n Tyrrell who died Au’st 28th  1740 aged 40 yrs.  Also his son Edward Tyrrell who died 7th…1762.